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Say No

By Dwayne Perkins :  09/08/2007 :  Comments (16) :
What is it with these Everton supporters who take what I would call the company line (Jamie Rowland & others). Why can you not see that only fools rush in? We have been given no alternative to Kirkby; as far as I can see, KEIOC are only trying to put alternatives in the fore front. Love them or hate them, at least they are trying to offer different solutions.

Yes, we need to move, expand, and develop the business side of Everton FC, I just don?t see why we have to take the first offer on the table. Use your common sense, are we really likely to have a stadium that resembles anything like the glossy picture that came with several ballot papers when KW is holding the purse strings? I doubt it.

This current Board have done nothing to make Everton attractive. I was in JJB with my lad to buy goalie gloves, and I asked the manager where the training tops were. ?We had to ship them over to the Everton shop as they had run out.? For fuck's sake, we can?t even supply our shops with Everton merchandise... what chance have we got that these jokers, even if we move, will be able to make a success of Everton FC?

Don?t be so easy led; Kirkby just isn?t the land of milk and honey. Refer to Dylan Young's letter, what if the shoe was on the other foot. God I would probably get lynched by my red mates for the stick I would give them.

What we Evertonians should be doing is uniting and telling BK, KW and the Board to piss off. What does it take to get us, the fans, to actually start marching, banner waving and shouting? I just cannot fathom why there are Evertonians out there who trust this shower, even after the Kings Dock, Fortress Sports Fund etc. Christ, you guys must be easy picking for the folks who knock on the door to sell you a pile of shite.

Do me a favour, just go to the nearest mirror and try to practise the word NO. If you find it difficult, sound it out (it help my little lad learn to read) NnnnOooooo... now, while it still in your mind, transfer it to your hand and put a cross on that piece of paper in the NO box.

When our current owners get things right on the pitch, in the shops and stop the Day at the football in an effort to sell seats, raise revenue etc, then it might be time to follow when they lead but not before.

Fans are saying there is more of a chance of an investor coming in if we have a shiny new stadium... Let's think about that for a second: Kirkby or Liverpool City? You guessed it: Liverpool every time ? it has the bars the hotels and the infrastructure. How long do you think it will take Kirkby to catch up? How long has Liverpool taken to clean its act up and then it's still got a hell of a long way to go. Christ, by the time Kirkby gets the investment it needs, I?ll probably be dead!

Let?s have success on the field which will bring the fans which in turn generate the money. If BK is unable to achieve this then it's time for every Everton fan to put pressure on him to step down, and to find an investor who can take Everton forward.

There is a investor out there for Everton FC, new stadium or not ? don?t let the BK?KW Board tell you different.

Reader Comments

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toffee rapper
1   Posted 10/08/2007 at 04:40:15

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Here we go again...

Your line "What we Evertonians should be doing is uniting and telling BK, KW and the Board to piss off."

Why? This groundless hatred of the board is getting very old now.

And this: "There is a investor out there for Everton FC"

Where? You know something we dont?

And of course: "Do me a favour, just go to the nearest mirror and try to practise the word NO. If you find it difficult, sound it out"

No post from the KEIOC support would be complete without some smartarse arrogant put down now would it?

And as a final thought, you attack the everton board in your tirade because your local shop runs out of training tops for your nipper! My god what incompetence! Almost as bad as LCC fcuking up the Mathew St Festival hey...almost, but not quite as bad.
2   Posted 10/08/2007 at 07:30:46

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well said toffee rapper
3   Posted 10/08/2007 at 08:27:44

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Say yes
Kevin Sparke
4   Posted 10/08/2007 at 08:58:16

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Toffee rapper, dean, Andy

Why do you feel it necessary to hide behind pseudonyms and partial names?

Why have you not engaged with Dwayne’s points?

5   Posted 10/08/2007 at 09:02:28

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"We have been given no alternative to Kirkby; as far as I can see,"

This is true: we have not...not by KEIOC, not by the club and most definately not by LCC..
And in that I include the uncosted , unproven..middle of a roundabout site..
I am a scouser, and many Evertonians are..equally many are not,but if viable I think all of us would prefer to stay as close to Goodison as possible..but if its not possible , be that for financial reasons..or timescale reasons ..or any reason..then we must move forward..
Apart from the virtually threating behaviour from"some" of the KEIOC mob at the Werder game..( being told to go F**k yourself if you refused a sticker),most of the NO side have tried to put forward rational arguement why we should not move..but unfortunately they have failed..while a lot of work was put into the Georges hall still looked amateurish..and most investors,sorry but faceless mystery men dont count,and smacked of desperation..reason being given by some amounted to little more than, " I’ve drank in the Wilmslow for 30 years , why should I change now"?

Well Im sorry but we are a buisness,and we are simply moving to a bigger and better shop window a few miles away..BUT..if somebody does come up with a viable, costed, well financed alternative..that shop window may end up a bit nearer..but at the moment that simply has not happened
Dan Mckie
6   Posted 10/08/2007 at 10:02:07

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This board has done a fantastic job in making Everton as competative as possible on the pitch with what they have and now they want to take us a step further with a new ground and better income! Whats wrong with that? As for people constantly mentioning the Kings Dock,BK inherited that deal and clarly didnt fancy putting the business he had just bought £300 million in debt when stability is what was required and more importantly is what he has delivered!
Barry Bragg
7   Posted 10/08/2007 at 12:04:30

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Dwayne I have read some shite on this site from the Anti Kirkby brigade but your effort takes the biscuit. Do the KEIOC a favour and keep your trap shut. Its ignorant misinformed tripe like yours that is encouraging more and more people to vote yes.

For your information the club haven’t accepted the first opffer they have accepted the ONLY offer. There is no other VIABLE, DELIVERABLE alternative on offer just a coiuple of desperate pipe dreams
David C
8   Posted 10/08/2007 at 11:16:18

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I’m not going to knock anyone for having an opinion. But I find myself agreeing with much of what Dwayne Perkins has written above.

The facts speak for themselves. There are dozens of examples that parallel his inabilty to get an Everton training top for his boy. And those examples span the breadth of the business. Flights cancelled, lines for pies, inabilty to sign up for Evertons online video - and the laughable billing and technical support for those lucky enough to sign up. How much does the club piss away each year by the simple inability of it to adequately provide the services it claims to offer?
In light of that, why should I trust them to suddenly become the world class developers and administrators they’ll need to be to turn an instant ten million quid profit each year?

I don’t trust BK at all either. Don’t you think if he’d been willing to dilute control of the club then Paul Gregg wouldn’t have delivered Kings Dock? {Rendering all this bollocks redundant} And don’t give me the "no investor" bollocks. Whatever BKs motivations and intentions - whether nefarious or well meaning - if he agreed to move on for what he paid plus even a nominal five million, don’t you think a buyer could be found?

I think the Kirkby project - like much that has happened in our recent history - will directly benefit BK and further cement his control of EFC. Certainly the collapse of Kings Dock, and subsequent departure of Paul Gregg following the very odd Fortress Funds episode would seem to indicate BK trying to maintain his control of EFC. And of actually directly workong against the best interests of the very thing he tried and succeded in maintaing control of. Everton Football Club. The departure of Wayne Rooney raised and raises questions that were never satisfactorily resolved. Trevor Birches six week stay as our chief executive is exactly the same. I’ve too many reservations about Kenwright to support his blueprint for Evertons future.

But - as Michael Kenrick might say - Bill Kenwright is going NOWHERE.
Barry Bragg
9   Posted 10/08/2007 at 13:37:44

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David C can I ask you why, if you don’t trust Kenwright to deliver Kirkby do you imagine he will be able to deliver The Loop?

I have never had a problem with obtaining the items I want to buy from the club. Some people do and boy do they just love telling the world and his dog about it. I could name you a dozen companies I regularly receive worse service from than Everton.

The facts are that Everton have the opportunity of a new stadium heavily subsidised by its commercial partners. This is not some theoretical satdium this is here and now in black and white waiting to be signed for.
nick harris
10   Posted 10/08/2007 at 14:07:58

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well after the rubbish ive heard from the vote no brigade in the last 24 hours im adamant everyone should vote yes to kirkby.

ive seen a smere campaign against wyness relating to an nothing incident almost 10 years ago , ive seen a lot of responces to wyness open letter , everyone of them has been a lot of talk with out saying anything at all , and anything that is pro kirkby is now being called propaganda.

the no voters and l.c.c have sickened my stomach this week. they have no substance to there romantacist arrogant arguments so they have resorted to flinging as much crap about as possible , they remain blinkered to many facts thats led us to the position we are in, while sugar coating anything that appears to be another option to kirkby.

i can tell you now what will happen if the no vote wins. the loop will turn out not viable , l.c.c will offer us any old junk , the club will have to spend vastly more amounts of money on our next best option, and the no voters will still be on the boards back in 5 years time asking why we are no nearer to having a new stadium .

ps . i also like the way no voters reject kirkby but call stubbs and baines local home grown talent (both from kirkby).

tony ainscough
11   Posted 10/08/2007 at 14:38:24

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Well said Nick spot on
12   Posted 10/08/2007 at 17:10:04

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and Kevin Sparke - put forward some logical arguments and I will discuss them.
John Charles
13   Posted 10/08/2007 at 21:32:32

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"We have been given no alternative to Kirkby; as far as I can see"

Given he has millions and millions of his own money in the club, do you not think he has considered other options? Do you not think they;ve not spent the last three years looking at other options?!


I know, lets just build it on the mersey like someone said, UK’s floating stadium, no, infact fuck oit, lets build it suspended above goodison. yeah, so its like 400 foot in the air so it doesnt have to build over all the houses. it will onyl cost about 600 million quid, but fuck it! nil satis nisi optimum right?!
Kevin Mitchell
14   Posted 10/08/2007 at 20:44:44

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Great mail Dwayne, I’me with you all the way. The Kirkby deal is a nightmare for us real evertonions who are thinking about the long term of the clubs existence for future generations and not just a short fix just so 24/7 bill can stitch us up into a flat pack crap stadium (even in floodlights in a glossy magazine) to attract bidders so he can go back to theatre land with £50 million in his arse pocket. The whole point is, if it was the right deal we wouldn’t need a vote would we. If were having a vote shouldn’t it be for a number of alternatives. I just can’t believe you Kirkby voters refusing to look at the long term. The city of liverpool is on the verge of boom time, so what do we do, have a vote on leaving the city. Tell me this toffee rapper, if you ran a large buisness wanting to get noticed and a higher profile would you plough your money into a city centre, in your face organisation or some place in the outback? The fact kenwright even considered the option tells me everything I need to know.
nick harris
15   Posted 10/08/2007 at 22:10:26

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kevin you ask "if it was the right deal we wouldn?t need a vote would we ? "

well thats just a prime example of a no win situation for wyness.

weeks ago the anti kirkby brigade demanded a say in the move.
wyness gave the fans what they wanted with a vote and now even that isnt good enough and is criticised !!!

hes damned whatever he does !

im sorry but the so called ’real’ evertonians who vote no are living in cloud cuckooland if they think they can afford to turn down kirkby.they are doing nothing but damaging the clubs future for there own selfish reasons.

there is no better site after 5 years of looking , and even if there was we wont be able to afford it.

all this criticism is aimed at the wrong persons. l.c.c have had years to find and help fund a decent area for the new stadium .
as soon as the kirkby move was on , the l.c.c got criticised for there lack of interest and have now thrown a spanner in the works just to deflect this criticism and to make it look like they done all they can to keep us in the city.

im sure if money wasnt an option every evertonian would wish to stay at a redeveloped goodison. but the reality of the matter is kirkby is our only option and is quite literally a god send.
i for one am not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

Steve Lyth
16   Posted 11/08/2007 at 10:35:17

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Top marks Dwayne, the yes voters cant see the wood for the tree,s

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