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A Generation thing?

By Iain McWilliam :  25/09/2007 :  Comments (8) :
I'll be honest, I hate watching Everton these days. I've said it before on this site, but I'm embarrassed to be associated with the Wimbledon-esque style of play we so often revert to under Moyes. I've lived down South for nearly 10 years now and at first I was quite of proud telling people I supported Everton ? not because we were successful (because we haven?t been that good in the past decade) but because of our traditions of trying to play good football no matter how poor the players were. I can't honestly say we do that now.

Of course, you could say that they are playing the best style of football they can given their lack of talent, but then I start wondering why has Moyes spent so much money on this small collection of workhorses when surely he could have plucked any old player from the championship or Spanish 2nd Division side (a la Da Silva) and spent half as much for the same end-product.

However, in this day and age I'm not allowed to say these sort of things as I'm being a bad Evertonian. Someone else mentioned the word 'Jihadist' to describe some of our supporters ? the ones that will not allow any dissenting voices to be heard ? and I think its a very apt description. None of us are bad Evertonians, but some of us certainly expect more from the club. As far as I know, the club only has one 'commandment' and that is roughly translated into 'Nothing but the best is good enough'.

To me, this not only applies to the standard of football produced, but also to the standards that we as Evertonians should accept. In my eyes, its what made us different in the past even when our neighbours were winning everything. It's tough being an Evertonian, and it probably always will be but just because the Manager and Chairman have let standards drop it doesn?t mean we should also drop them.

Some of you might not have been lucky enough to see us win the title in the past but I don?t really think that matters, you should still expect more from this club at the moment because, if you accept what?s on offer, nothing will improve.

There is a lethargy about Everton FC which is spreading throughout all facets of the organisation including David Moyes himself. We accept second best. We can't even organise our own post and if you do get inside the ground the catering is a shambles and that's because we have outsourced just about everything. How can Wyness, expect to create a brand 'The Everton Way' if the club is just a collection of self-serving outsourced business units?

Moyes has stabilized the club, there is no question about that, but despite getting the club into a position of strength to allow him to improve the quality of the squad and dramatically change the style of the team he has failed... twice... despite spending what for us is now a considerable amount of money. He has proved that he learned nothing from his last venture into Europe and he proves it season after season that his tactics are still as Neanderthal as Graham Taylor?s back in the 80s.

To sum up, I suppose the big question is, 'what do I want from Everton?' If you want to keep the status quo and finish mid- to upper-table two seasons out of every three and cringe every time we appear on national TV, or maybe you just like hurling abuse at Neville and Hibbert at Goodison because it makes you feel better, then continue the Jihad. However, if you want to have an enjoyable experience when you go to Goodison or watch them on TV and you want to be able to get back some pride and actually look forward to watching the team have a go at out-THINKING the opposition or using a bit of creative guile from more than one player, then perhaps.... you need to take up Buddhism, because it maybe along time coming.

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Neil Mumford
1   Posted 26/09/2007 at 09:12:49

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I made most of these points in a piece I did a couple of weeks ago and got absolutely panned for it.But we looked like a good side then-someone even said the best in twenty years- so it will be interesting to see what ’the experts’say after recent events!
Steve Syder
2   Posted 26/09/2007 at 09:21:08

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Of course fans are right to complain and criticise if things aren’t right - isn’t that exactly what Irvine praised Baines for with Yak on the official site today.

It makes us part of the wider team.

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that all the comments coming out of Goodison at the moment are from Irvine?

Moyes feeling beleaguered, or has my conspiracy theory tendency just gone into overdirve?
Steve Lyth
3   Posted 26/09/2007 at 09:28:36

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When was the last time anyone was confident watching us on National TV ? Well ?
Iain McWilliam
4   Posted 26/09/2007 at 10:18:07

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I suppose instead of saying, ’confident in watching us on National TV’, I should have said ’confident of seeing an entertaining Everton performance’.

You are quite right though, I think apart from one result against Derby years ago and a few in ’84/85 we have always been diabolical on TV :)
Steve Lyth
5   Posted 26/09/2007 at 10:41:59

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1987 was not bad either Ian, thought your post was great mate as well. Its definately a generation thing fella and I for one have obviously been spoilt over the years,however, payback time is starting to really grate.
Robin Byrne
6   Posted 26/09/2007 at 15:35:59

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We werent half bad against the RS or Arsenal last season on the box if I recall, but I think they’re the exceptions to the rule.
Ray Said
7   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:18:46

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I wrote similar comments a few days ago(Transition and what it means to EFC under Moyes) and got slated by some the Moyes apologists.
It may well be a generational thing and i admit i am old enough to have seen great Everton teams but substantial number of supporters of ALL ages have come to believe that 4th,5th or even a top ten finish is good enough for us.
In the past, managers would have been rewarded with the sack not a rumoured huge, new contract for settling for 7th place.
We need to raise our expectations and demand more or we should change the motto.
We dont have to spend fortunes either, just employ a manager, coaches and youth system that leads to us playing passing, winning football-thats ’The Everton Way’ not the mediocre shite that Kenwright, Moyes and co have inflicted on us for the past few years.
mike smith
8   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:50:00

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I can’t believe that there is still a debate going on or that there are people out there still defending the man...Moyes must go...anyone who knows anything at all about football could tell from the Thursday night formation alone just how bad this manager is..I am a true supporter but I can never go to another game until he has gone...I can’t take anymore pain.

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