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By Kieran Fitzgerald :  02/10/2007 :  Comments (16) :
Ask yourself this: How positive are Man Utd fanzines and websites right now? Second in the league they might be, but after the money they spent in the summer, and after some of the poor performances they have put in so far this season, would you be 100% happy as a Utd fan right now, especially considering their standard in recent seasons? Should you be expected to be 100% happy in general, just because you're a Utd fan? For me the answer to both questions would be a resounding no.

Given that this is the best Everton squad in several seasons, and given the length of time Moyes has had in the job, this Everton team should be playing better and doing better this season. They are not, and we as Everton fans have a right to complain and vent our frustrations. Being fifth in the league shouldn't cut it with fans when we could and should be higher up. Just because we're Everton, and not Utd, doesn't mean that we should be meekly accepting of the fact that we're not just being crap anymore.

Look at it this way. Why should Utd fans be accepting of being second but crap just because they're supporters of a hugely successful club? They want to be in their current league postion but doing so with the style of previous seasons. They want to be first in the league, doing so again with the style of previous seasons, regardless of how much recent success they have had. If they don't get that they have a right to vent on their websites and fanzines.

I'm not saying that fans of successful teams are better than us, not for one minute. All I am saying is that all fans of all clubs should only ever accept the best from their club. It's a natural thing, part and parcel of being a fan. If the club gives its best, be it at conference level or top of the Premier League, then that is all you can ask of your club, and you will be happy with that. If your club is not hitting it's potential, then you as a fan have a right to ask why, be it in the pub with your mates, in front of the TV after a game, or on websites like this one.

Reader Comments

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Kevin Sparke
1   Posted 02/10/2007 at 14:45:25

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So, what you are saying is you feel like having a moan???

Go ed then...
Richard Dodd
2   Posted 02/10/2007 at 15:33:20

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I am delighted that we are fifth in the league and proud of the great improvement in our fortunes since David Moyes took over. Far too much is made of the style in which we play but needs must and unless and until we have the resouses of the mega clubs I will be happy to see our team doing well. Long may it continue.
David Barks
3   Posted 03/10/2007 at 00:08:03

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So we are 5th in the league without Cahill, Vaughan figuring at all. We have only had Gravesen for one 20 minute spell, and our first choice keeper missed a few games. So all in all, I’m pretty pleased with being 5th currently. We got hit hard by injuries to significant players, but came through that and currently sit 5th in the league. Just stay nice and close, get Cahill back in about 2 weeks time and Gravesen should be back within that time as well. We could be looking at a full midfield for the first time this season for the Derby.
Jarrod Prosser
4   Posted 03/10/2007 at 00:10:24

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So should Hereford United fans be pissed that they’re not challenging Arsenal at the moment?

Maybe you should temper yout thoughts to being happy with ’the best the club can do’.

At the moment, with no midfield to speak of, and bugger all depth in the squad, we aren’t doing too badly (1 shocking week aside).

I contend that winning football is more important than ’pretty’ football. If you’re lucky enough to combine both then best of luck, but if i had a choice, i’d take a 1-0 win over a 3-2 loss any time.

We should be careful what we wish for:
For every Klinsmann’s Germany, there is an Ardiles’ Tottenham.
Steve Pugh
5   Posted 03/10/2007 at 08:46:50

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Try telling any team managed by Kevin Keegan that good football is better than good results. He lost nearly every game 5-4.
Dave G
6   Posted 03/10/2007 at 11:04:34

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5th we may be at the moment. If we’re still 5th after the games against Newcastle and the Shite and still in the UEFA Cup, then I’ll be happy.
Lee James
7   Posted 03/10/2007 at 11:08:38

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I can’t believe what I’m reading next you’ll be saying sack Moyes and bring in Peter Reid. Progress is progress and in doing it on a shoestring I’m more than happy.
Chelsea have spent about 200m and still not made a Champions League Final, the RS have spent about the same and not won the league for 20 years.
Let’s get a grip on reality,
I’m pretty embarassed when I read comments like this!!!
David Childs
8   Posted 03/10/2007 at 12:23:33

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He has a point though...
We are fifth in the league, in Europe and have a much better squad.

I do get a bit sick of the non-stop moaning on this site.

Yes, all fans like a moan, but come on lad!!!
Chris Briddon
9   Posted 03/10/2007 at 14:19:57

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By this argument, we have license to moan constantly every week. Because by the nature of the game, there will always be games we could have won but didn’t and points we could have won, that’s football.

Every team can point to 10 points they could have had at the end of the season.

People seem to believe that they are entitled to expect a team with limited resources (in comparison to its competitors) play entertaining, free-flowing football and WINNING football every week.

I will settle for a decent run of results and signs of improvement on a regular basis thanks and be happy!
Anto Doran
10   Posted 03/10/2007 at 15:31:17

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Utd were there for the taking at Goodison and this Ukraine side are a team we should be walking over but we are on the edge of a deep bottomless european pit at the moment, if thats not worth moaning and being unhappy about then what is? yes we are 5th in the table, big deal, if we are really happy with that then we are settling for fifth best!
John Maxwell
11   Posted 03/10/2007 at 16:53:04

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The problem is there too many website forums where anyway can post their view, the blue room is full of dickheads, mostly under 16, who post any old crap.

Most of them dont have a clue about running a football team, motivating players and tactics..

All they can come up with are sensationalist dummy spits !!!

How fans can call for Moyes to be sacked is beyond me.. Guess some people are just thick..

Too many opinions !!!
Steve Lyth
12   Posted 03/10/2007 at 19:22:42

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I guess some people disagree with you John, I think some pro Moyes fans are downright stupid at times.
Two of the stupidest being Dodd and Barks, when Richard shouts, I think you will find Dave always Barks.
Mark Pendleton
13   Posted 03/10/2007 at 23:21:18

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A maximum of 3 teams can win the domestic trophies in a season. Assuming they’re all won by different Premier League teams does that mean that 17 Premier league teams have failed? Therefore should 17 Premier League bosses face the sack? If not, which ones deserve to stay in their jobs - ie what criteria should be applied? Fans’ expectations? History? Funds?

Taking all into account, and the crooked nature of the Champions League set-up (and no, this isn’t sour grapes) where self interest is promoted to such levels where the monopolies and mergers committee should really be bought in.

Ok, bear all of the above in mind....

Everton under Moyes have progressed. We have a younger, far better squad. Top class players, and i mean the likes that we can’t afford, are often such because they are more consistent and can pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, produce that moment of magic to change a game. Wipe the odd Faddy goal for the Scots and be realistic about Arteta and admit we haven’t REALLY got anyone of that calibre.

So, we’ve a team who on their day can beat almost anyone. Work hard. Are committed to the club. Function as a team. And haven’t cost a fortune to assemble. Oh, and we’ve a manager who is committed to the club too, so we’re stable and aren’t likely to have to start the process again anytime soon.

Bear in mind the above and look at all other teams in the Premier League. Man City were something like the 7th biggest spenders in Europe this summer, Fulham have spent a fortune, Newcastle yet again spend like there’s no tomorrow. Villa have thrown some cash about. We’ve literally spent less than Anderson cost Utd on our team this summer!

A bit of a ramble i know and i’m sorry but the facts speak for themselves. We don’t know when we’re well off some of us. Moyes knows Neville isn’t a midfielder. He brought Jagielka in to add cover to the defence. The fact is we have players who play out of position as we haven’t a huge squad. And at the moment that’s hit our midfield and we’re not playing our best players there. This evening the guys on Sky were saying how Chelsea are innefective without Drogba and Lampard. TWO players and they’ve spent HUNDREDS of million on that squad. We’re missing Cahill, Vaughan and Gravesen and have been without Arteta. Not many teams in the Prem can cope too well without 2 of their best players. Most need their best players and can beat others "on their day".

5th position at present? Still a chance of progressing to the UEFA group stage? Still in the League Cup after a potential banana skin?

It’s not all that bad surely?
Anto Doran
14   Posted 04/10/2007 at 11:01:46

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dont call me shirley ;) if we dont win and progress tonight then Moyes has a lot to answer for on the European front IMHO! we should be going into this game with a comfortable lead and be able to field some youngsters like Vic A
Paddock Boy
15   Posted 04/10/2007 at 15:38:01

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Come next Summer I’ll be rating the season like this:

League (60% weighting):

1st-4th - Dreamland! Give Moyes that contract extension
5th-7th - Well done - steady progress against the rest of the Premier rabble
Mid-table - Average. Must look at what went right and wrong
Bottom Half - Poor - Last chance saloon next season
Relegation (or a relegation battle) - I’ll get your coat, David. Can you find Bill’s for me - I think it’s behind yours on the hanger.

UEFA Cup (20% weighting)

Winners or Finalists - Excellent work lads! We might sell a few shirts on the continent now!
Through to the knock-out stage - Well done - progress at last!
Failure in the Group Stage - hmmm...well the extra money will help, I suppose.
Out tonight! - Poor, very poor - hide that cat, love, otherwise it’s over the fence drop-goal fashion!

FA Cup (15% weighting)

Winners - Excellent, lads - have a picture of ’Queen Victoria’, David? (an old Goon Show gag for you youngsters!). Let’s hope Michel Platini’s still in charge in Europe!
Semi-Finalists/Finalists - Well that’s what a cup run feels like (I’d forgotten)
Limited Progress - hmmm, very average
3rd Round Exit - Very poor...again

League Cup (5% Weighting)

Winners - well done lads...but make sure you give it back to Mickey Mouse when he lift a proper one next year!
Anything else - it didn’t affect our League form!

Seriously...I’m looking for Moyes and the team to progress to some extent beyond anything we achieved the last season or two in all competitions. Otherwise we need to think whether the manager and many of the players have found their true level! I’m not in the ’Sack Moyes’ brigade if we don’t get any silverware or finals (which is the approach the likes of Spurs seem to be following), but this has to be the season we progress and start to be seen as one of the bigger boys in the UK! Let’s make tonight’s game that Kendall/Heath/Stoke-type game on which the rest of our season turns for the better - COYBs!
Paddock Boy
16   Posted 04/10/2007 at 16:10:18

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A full selection of my toffeeweb comments (including the classic ’50 Uses for Peter Crouch Outside of Football’ and ’Great After Match Comments by Phil Neville - Volume 1’ can be found on my brand new website - www.wishiwasintheukraine/

God, I hope we win tonight.........! The tension is killing me and it’s only 4pm!

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