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Be Optimistic Please

By Charlie Percival :  05/10/2007 :  Comments (14) :
I'm a 22 year old Everton fan and this is the best European result I can remember we've had since I've been born. We always struggle against teams we should be beating (expected to beat) 3 or 4-0. Look at our cup form over the past few years and even league form..

Yobo can be a great centre back but like all players he can have off games. I didn?t think Stubbs was anything special last night. Yobo will come good again he has been playing through an injury I think. When he?s on form he can be one of the best in the league. But I think we need to buy cover or even a challenger to Yobo to make him perform to his potential.

Moyes is a good manager, maybe he needs to sit down more often and even take a view from the 2nd tier during a game and come down when necessary. Maybe the players have to second think what they are going to do or they think he may do bark instructions at them because they?re not good enough to be on their own and make there own decisions?

I think although Moyes wants to play a certain style, he can only tell them so much, then its on player ability. You could tell me to do 200 kickups, but my ability wont let me.

We have too many defensive minded players and attack minded, from one extreme to another and nothing in-between ? so there?s no balance. Maybe Gravesen & Cahill give us that. Pienaar, Osman and Arteta CANNOT be players you rely on to defend, then again nor Neville or Jagielka. Neville is definitely there on reputation rather than ability.

I will judge Moyes at the end of this season. We?re in all competitions. We?ve had our a ?bad patch? which every team goes through and are still 5th in the league. I think we will play better against better teams and especially in the group stages.

Last night our team looked lost and the worst they?ve played in a long time, but it still takes something to beat a good team that Metalist showed. When we were losing I wasn?t happy because we were awful I still said if we lose I have faith in Moyes just because he?s brought us this far.

Also if he can get a bunch of pub players which we had when we finished fourth for the champions league qualifier, maybe barking instructions at the players isn?t such a bad thing? Remember Sven!

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Anto Doran
1   Posted 05/10/2007 at 15:26:03

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Bad patch? actually this has one of the best starts to a premiership season if no THE best start! and after watching last nights game I dont know how a team can play so much rubbish and still manage a win! we should have last night ANNOUNCED our intention to the rest of Europe by whipping these mentalits boys instead we look like easy picking for the big boys in the group phaze
2   Posted 05/10/2007 at 16:04:50

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3   Posted 05/10/2007 at 15:52:35

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find it very hard to be optimistic with the lack of quality right through the squad,there seems to be an opoinion that once Gravesen and Cahill are back things will be hunky dory,Cahill is definately not a creative ,mobile midfielder and i saw enough of Gravesen first time around to realise that he is not the answer to our weak midfield crisis,we need a player with both ability and an engine to move the team around the park,i think Barton would’ ve been ideal or even Rio-Coker,the technical abilities of last nights opponents put us to shame with our inability to pass,control and move the ball about constructively.We are also desperate for a ball carrying winger,cant see the point in shandy if hes not gonna be given a chance,the keeper last night was poor and very vulnerable from crosses yet do we employ a tactic of getting it wide and testing him,no it was beyond DM to realise this.The top clubs are those with the best technical ability and valid tactics,we have neither in depth.Sorry Nil Optimist!
Al Dugan
4   Posted 05/10/2007 at 16:13:11

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We have advanced to the group stages in the Uefa did Blackburn do? Oh, they lost....most have been the tactics of the manager, and the quality of the players...I read a post on this site that said McFadden’s goal should have gone wide, it was lucky it went in....Can you believe that? Now that Beattie is tearing up the Championship do we want him back? It was all Moyes fault he couldn’t score, you know. Yobo is horrible, Yobo is great...Why was Hibbert left out, why did he come on as a sub? Jags was a good signing, Jags is crap....The Yak saved us from oblivion, Moyes is an idiot for signing him...Why is Carsley not playing, who needs him....

Bi-polar diagnosis, anyone? You have to stop thinking about every single player and how one performance over 90 minutes is the be all and end all of his career. Last week, someone was complaining that Lescott had a horrible game, and yet he has 5 goals!!! And we needed an upgrade! We have the most cover we have ever had up front in ages, in midfield in ages, in defense in ages. We are through to the next round of two cup competitions, and are 5th in the Prem...but we suck, and we need a new manager and a new team and new tactics. Last year your lot complained all year about the same exact things, but we got into Europe and fininshed with a strong record in the Prem. which included a 3-0 pasting of the clowns from across the Park. Is there something that I am missing about all of this because I am at a loss to see what you would be complaining about if we had fallen out of the two cups and we had Martin Jol in charge or we had spent twice as much money to secure Darren Bent’s services...Most of you are truly scary posters who wouldn’t know a good side from a bad side, don’t know the least about tactics or players, have never stepped foot in a clubhouse, don’t have any inside information, but if you had it your way, every player who ever miskicked a ball would be sent packing for the trip to play in the MLS. Your wives and girlfriends msut really hate when saturday comes because you don’t have a friendly sympathetic bone in your body.
Russell Shoult
5   Posted 05/10/2007 at 16:49:06

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Couldnt agree more. As the saying goes there is no easy game in european football nowadays but this is what we have wanted for the past few seasons and its terrific to see the Blues in Europe again. At the end of the day, Metalist were a very good time who with more clinical finishing would have had us (and many other teams) dead and buried. We got the result, were not playing well and still winning. Given Evertons heritage I would like to see us playing terrific fast tempo passing football and walking all over teams but at the moment its not to be. If we dont progress or do ourselves justice in the group stage then it might be time to start asking questions but as it is, were through, we witnessed a couple of great games and the Blues are mixing it with some of the best teams in Europe again! Good times!
6   Posted 05/10/2007 at 17:07:00

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Al Dugan - completely agree with your sentiments. The more people complain when we’re in our current situation, it shows the more brilliant the job Moyes has done by raising fans expectations to such an extent. Forget the glory years in the 80s or before, when Moyes took over we had finished in the top 10 only once in about 10 years (under Royle). Moyes has done it 3 times (and an 11th) in his 5 seasons.
White stick
7   Posted 05/10/2007 at 17:11:02

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The Blind shall lead the blind.Martin Jol is a much better manager than moyes and spurs a much superior team,technically and tactically.The only optimism i could take so far this season would be in the progression of Lescott.As for Beattie suddenly scoring of course his lack of goals at EFC was down to DM his negativity and hoofball would destroy any strikers confidence,Yakubu is a qualified goalscorer yet our tactics have made him look shite already.I’ve been following the blues nearly 40 years and the football under DM and before him Smith was and is the worst i’ve witnessed as a supporter,we will never win anything till we have a clean sweep and go back to our roots,The School of Science.
Al Dugan
8   Posted 05/10/2007 at 18:03:57

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Well then let’s bring ’ol Martin over to Merseyside today...Spurs don’t need him anymore...

White Stick, my friend, I respect your 40 years of support, I really do...and our roots are....translatable to football in the year 2007 exactly how?

Are Arsenal true to thier roots right now? Is Newcastle? Chelsea?

Moyes tactics were responsible for AJ’s two penalty misses because why exactly?

And Spurs play brilliantly at the back? Are you mentally ill? Was there a reason they signed Darren Bent for 28 million pounds??? Is there a reason Jol left Keane on the bench for major stretches of games last season? Is there a reason why they no longer have a decent ’keeper?

I want you to know that your superior tactics team has conceded 16 goals in 8 games this season, but they have scored 14.

This is exactly the kind of crap that you folks spout for absolutely no good reason with nothing to back it up....Martin Jol is a tactical genius....HE CURRENTLY HAS HIS DEEP IN THE DROP ZONE.....but our manager needs to be replaced because we are fifth. It’s bizarro world.
White Hot Stick
9   Posted 05/10/2007 at 18:57:38

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Al Dugan you have now made two offensive references with regards to mental illness,who the fuck are you Freud.If you cant see DM has taken us as far as we can go and are prepared to put up with the shite we’ve been getting dished up week in week out well you are blinkered and obviously a pupil of the sky sports school of soccer,you are welcome to it,oh and by the way for the relevance of The School of Science in the modern game just take a look at Arsenal its text book you philistine!
Al Dugan
10   Posted 06/10/2007 at 00:10:50

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Dear Stick....Let me ask you a question...if you have been watching for 40 years.....why can’t you explain a simple tactic...what do you want them to do...

You told me Spurs were far superior...And I told you they were currently stuck in the zone...

You’re obviously stuck in the early ’60’s, mate.

And what does Arsenal have to do with our roots?

C’mon...have a go. Tell me something that makes sense.
11   Posted 06/10/2007 at 03:23:34

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I think Moyes should play me as a striker.
alan barry
12   Posted 06/10/2007 at 08:22:43

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i’m just wondering if all other teams supporters sites are as negative as our its quiet sickening to be frank, eight goals in three games and we can’t score, down two one and surely out of the uefa with fifteen minutes to go, we come back to win three two and qualify and moyes hasn’t got a clue about tactics, we beat spurs good and proper and they are in the bottom three a, and they are better than us. if you were in school and you said things like this you’d be pit to the back of the class and called a dunce, take a look at the facts people before you write in
arthur jones
13   Posted 06/10/2007 at 08:51:50

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Martin Jol better than Moyes ? Tottenham technicaly superior ? You must be joking.. I too have been watching the Blues for 40 years and have seen both sides of the coin , bad to good , from the greatest to the poorest , I’d rate this team at about half way but rising , definately getting better .... David Moyes is the best manager we’ve had since Howard’s First spell and even he took 4 years to get it right , when our " loyal " supporters were sending leaflets around demanding his head .... The same ones whse kids are now probably polishing their dad’s printing press down to berate David Moyes for having the barefaced cheek to get us to the lowly position of 5th in the prem , the group stages of the UEFA cup and the last 16 of the carling cup , Get real , Chelski and the RS aren’t exactly wowing everyone at the moment and Manure are scraping 1 - 0 wins , We know we’ve got a solid defence and a good keeper , Mikel Arteta , AJ (who’ll start scoring again ) , Faddy (playing out of his skin now he’s up front getting a run in the team ) , TC , Vaughany , and Tommy Grav To return , Vic and Pienaar starting to show how good they can be ..... Try being a real fan and SUPPORT YOUR TEAM , not a wingeing old git who I suspect has found fault in every team we’ve had for 40 years
Tom Martin
14   Posted 06/10/2007 at 12:56:18

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Carbon/Silicone if you’re really that negative, you should shoot yourself now because you’ll never be satisfied. Ok we’re not playing well, but we’re still eeking out results - something Man Utd are getting great praise for (It’s what champions are made of you know!), As long as we keep getting the results the perfomances will follow. And remember that we’re currently missing 3 great players in Cahill, Gravesen and Vaughan. When they come back we’ll have a much better squad.
And by the way if you don’t Cahill is a mobile player you obviously know nothing about football. Gravesen will bolster th midfield too, you obviously didn’t see any of him last time around!

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