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Double Standards

By Tommy Hesketh :  23/10/2007 :  Comments (9) :
Compliant in respect of Mr Mark Clattenburg Premier League Referee Sent to FA HQ & Preimer League

I would like to register my utter disgust and disbelief that a Premier League official whom is considered to be at the top of his profession can be allowed to get away with absolutely shocking decisions (listed below) and bias towards Liverpool Football Club. These decisions have been played out over the last couple of days since the Merseyside Derby (21/10/07) in the national media, however the lack of information that has came from yourselves and the FA is scandalous.

1. Sending off of Tony Hibbert after words from Steven Gerrard, Q is it not against the rules to sway an official?s decision??

2. Penalty Claim(1) Steve Finnan manhandles(bear hugs) Joleon Lescott, no penalty.

3. Tackle by Dirk Kuyt on Phil Neville ? Q ? What is the difference between the tackle made at Old Trafford by Jon Obe Mikel who received a straight red, or was it because Dirk Kuyt said I quote ?I did not mean that?, the player was over 2½ feet in the air whilst making that challenge, again this is indirect conflict to your refereeing rules.

4. Penalty claim (2) Jamie Carragher assault on Joleon Lescott ? The referee was no further that 10 feet way and gave no penalty, however he gave the penalty on Tony Hibbert from at least 3 times that distance!!

I refer to the Liverpool vs Chelsea game, Rob Styles gave a penalty against Liverpool that day and was rightly castrated in the media and by his own organisation (Keith Hackett), he was forced to apologise to Liverpool FC. If indeed their is no bias towards the so called ?Big 4? why has no action been taken against Mr Clattenburg or Steven Gerrard. If these incidents had have happened at Anfield and towards the Liverpool team, I and possibly the majority of Everton FC fans and neutral supporters would be in no doubt that action would be swift against the official in charge.

If the EPL is to be transparent and not be classed as the same as the Corrupt Serie A League, then blatant mistakes should be punished, if it happened to the Big 4 this matter would have been dealt with swiftly as per the Liverpool vs Chelsea Game.

All I ask for (and I meaning the entire Everton Supporters) is that you provide answers on why no action has been taken against the referee.

His non inclusion is nothing to do with the game last weekend but due to a UFEA Game on Thursday 26 Oct 07.

Yours Sincerely

Reader Comments

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Peter Smith
1   Posted 23/10/2007 at 20:23:39

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Nobody can moan like an Evertonian-I’m almost ashamed to be one.For gawd’s sake grow up and realise we’re a crap side who never carve out a decent chance form open play.
Bet it will be the same on Thursday-every ref in the world is against us!
Sam Arless
2   Posted 23/10/2007 at 20:27:52

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I guess you are right,peter.the rcord is wearing a bit thin!
Peter Fearon
3   Posted 23/10/2007 at 21:56:19

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Every world of what Tommy says there is true. What happened in the derby went far beyond trhe usual incompetence and well into inappropriuate and illicit influence. Ig Gerrard feels secure enough to influence the referee in front of a global tv audience and a capacity crowd, what influence is being brought behind closed doors? It’s a legitimate question. However, that having been said, the real reasons we lost on Saturday are that, (1) even after spending 25 million on first Beattie, then Johnson and Yakubu, we still have no-one who can reliably score goals. Yakubu was AWOL for most of the game. And (2) There is very little creativity in midfield. Osman has no business in the side.
tony heslop
4   Posted 23/10/2007 at 22:36:21

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Peter (Smith) you’re in a minority here.
We have genuine grievances and if we don’t make a fuss, who will ? Call it the straw that broke the camel’s back if you like but there are serious questions to be answered by the authorities and the last thing I expect from an Evertonian is "gedoverit and move on", not till next week anyway. Thse things matter and there’s plenty of neutrals on our side in this battle.
Dave Sheedy
5   Posted 24/10/2007 at 09:31:12

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peter smith,

what a load of crap!!!

"no one can moan like an Evertonian" cast your mind back to the one bad decision that went against Liverpool v Chelsea. Whole chat shoes on radio were dedicated to how unfair this was on Liverpool. The Echo run pages and pages on how bad the referee was. it was in the national media for weeks, Keith Hackett apologies, Rob Styles apologies.
Compare all this to how the most incompetent refereeing display ever witnessed has been brushed under the carpet with no comments from Hackett or Clattenberg I think this entitles US to have a little moan don’t you?
The one thing that has really infuriated me in all this is people like you (anti Moyes) trying to airbrush the referees performance to justify how poor we were.
I thought allthough not a fantastic performance we were totally in control untill Clattenberk took over that is why I and thousands of others are entitiled to moan and won’t get over it!!!
Walter Peck
6   Posted 24/10/2007 at 13:28:41

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Leave it dave, another individual trying to provoke a reaction. - Similar to yesterday if memory serves -. Anyway, ashamed to be everton? What rot. As anyone is aware, this club has not lived up to its assumed high expectations in the last twenty years going back through the catterick and dean years. We are a massive club in terms of name, but sadly success in the recent past has been hard to come by. I no longer live off the years of the golden harvest of the mid 1980s., i moved on long ago, but i will support the side even if i never see another piece of silverware in my lifetime. (I am 34)

As for everton being crap that simply is not the case, ANY team that comes away with a win from goodison sees that as a more than creditable achievement. others who take a point will tell you its a result.

And whatever referee we end up with against the greeks no one could be as possibly bad as the shithouse we had to endure at the weekend.
Tommy Hesketh
7   Posted 24/10/2007 at 14:57:21

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Peter, How often do Evertonians moan about not getting decisions? Answers on a postcard!!! Its not a case of moaning its all about fairness, if it has happened the other way, the Echo and probably every other National paper would carry the story until the FA buckled.

I agree with you the performance on Saturday has been masked by the incidents regarding the offical however, the sending off happend at 54 mins gone. The game was being controlled by us and was turned on 4 very dubious decsions.

If all your interested in is moaning about other Evertonians speaking their mind fine but what are we to do just say yeah were Shit and that’s that?? If nothing is siad after the events then it is likely to happen again
Tommy Hesketh
8   Posted 24/10/2007 at 15:29:15

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Reply from the FA Premier League:

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 3:28 PM
Subject: RE:

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your email regarding the referee’s performance at the weekend fixture. We are sorry that you were disappointed with the performance in that match.
There is not a formal mechanism for individuals to complain about referees? performances and decisions. However, I thought it would be helpful for you to know the process undertaken by the Professional Games Match Officials, the body which employs all the referees, to monitor, scrutinise and improve the referees performances throughout the season.
Please be assured that the performance of the referee in this fixture, together with all performances by the Select Group Referees, will be reviewed with him in detail in a number of different ways. There is constant monitoring of referees? performances, with a view to improving their performance from week to week. Referees are given both positive feedback and are appropriately criticised if it is felt that decisions were wrong.
The referee?s technical performance in a match is assessed by the Independent Assessor, and their overall handling of the match is reported on by an Independent Match Delegate, who is often a former player, manager or coach. These reports focus on the referee?s fitness, his control of the match, the way that he deals with key incidents as well as the way he communicates his decisions. These reports are shared with the referees on both a formal and informal basis. The aim is to help the referee to improve his performance, taking into account the scrutiny of each performance.
There are a range of tools available to help referees, including coaching, fortnightly feedback sessions and technology. In addition, the Select Group of Referees meet on a fortnightly basis, giving all the referees an opportunity to communicate and discuss issues of concern and ensure a greater consistency of performance.
The aim of the Professional Game Match Officials is to help referees to improve their performance from week to week.
I do hope the above helps clarify how we are constantly trying to improve and maintain standards of refereeing.
Thank you for taking the time to make us aware of your views.
Kind regards,

Communications Team

In other words not interested!!! was it a waste of time, yeah but it made me feel better!!!
joseph maguire
9   Posted 28/10/2007 at 20:13:31

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how many times are refs allowed to get away with poor liverpools match today carragher was at it again in the box.andy gray commented on it durring game but never mentioned it after game why.also macheranos lunge with both studs showing only gets a yellow how is that

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