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The Ticketing Boomerang

By Karl Masters :  02/11/2007 :  Comments (36) :
Can somebody somewhere please explain to me why Everton FC cannot seemingly organise anything to do with ticketing in a clear, fair and effective way?

When you look back over the years there have beem numerous instance of problems and in nearly all instances these problems were caused by bad judgement, stupidity or incompetence.

We all remember some of them, many more have been forgotten, although the 1995 Cup Final queueing fiasco will always linger in the memory. You actually wonder what would happen if we were successful on a big scale again.

Anyone remember the Leyton Orient FA Cup Tie ( in 2002 I think, all those Smith seasons seem the same to me! ) when the Club made it all ticket for some god forsaken reason? This limited the capacity to 36,000, but thousands more turned up, but could not get in because of this restriction and 5000 empty seats were left inside Goodison!

Moving to more recent times are told we have a new system that is 'state of the art' where you can swipe your ticket or plastic season card and stroll in and yet many of these cards don't work and have to be over-rdden on the gate. The added insult is that us fans are then told to 'go and sort it out' by a steward who has 'done us a favour' and let us in. Excuse me, but isn't the failure of the system or cards down to the Club to sort out? The card even tells you that it is the property of Everton FC etc, etc! We are threatened with not being allowed in next time even though we have paid our money and been sold a faulty product. The Customer Service is an utter joke.

This season started badly and it just gets worse. Pre-season friendly at Palace, kick off 3pm. A crowd of around 10,000 turned up and should have got in easy enough, but no! Palace weren't expecting more than 800 from Everton ( a figure given to them by Everton apparently ) yet a couple of thousand turned up ( not so surprising when you see how many Blues are in and around London now ) and many did not get in till 3.30pm.

Since then we have had the great Metallist Ticket Mystery where 5,000 tickets simply vanished and a live TV audience had to wait half an hour for Everton to get everybody in.

We've also had the Sheffield Wednesday debacle where we couldn't get anything like enough tickets when a 40,000 capacity stadium was packed to the rafters with 16,000 fans!

Anybody ringing Everton's ticket office sits in a 45 minute queue racking up the charges and then gets cut off just as they get to be next to be dealt with.

The on-line service is prone to failure at the drop of a hat.

It has been admitted by a woman in the ticket office that they keep names of people interested in away tickets for Cup ties in a brown envelope and might contact you if they have some tickets.... if they remember.... if they can find the envelope! 21st Century technology there!

Now we have the absolutely scandalous treatment of 200 fans who paid out a lot of money in good faith and have been jettisoned with a week to go as 200 match tickets are now suddenly 'unavailable' . And yet overpriced tickets are openly available on Merseyside despite the fact that Orders from this country can only be collected in Germany on the day of the game. I have friends in Germany and sure some have been mailed over, but where have these other tickets come from? .It just makes you wonder!

When added to the fact that the Club only obtained 2,700 tickets when they could and should have pushed for a lot more, we have been let down big time yet again. If this Club is ever seriously successful again, would you trust these people to organise anything? Stranded at airports, ticketless at the 11th hour, messed about, blamed by them when their equipment fails, forced to queue up and buy a ticket for a second time.... it's all happened in the last couple of seasons. And meantime the declaration that we are the 'People's Club' flutters mockingly above us. You couldn't make it up could you?

The Club's defence is that it's impossible to keep everybody happy all the time with thousands of tickets and the supply is often beyond their control. True to some degree, but hang on a minute. Every season Everton FC knows it will have ticketing to organise. This is no great shock, no sudden surprise. It's what Entertainment Venues all round the world do. It's basic stuff. In May they knew there would be European games to organise. They had all Summer to recruit a few extra staff, review their procedures and personnel, upgrade computers etc. The Club is a multi-million pound business. Cost is not an accetable excuse really, is it? Invest properly, gain the rewards from a more efficient business. Do nothing and be caught with your pants down and piss off your customers.

Sadly it was all predictable when the Club took till August to even set up the Evertonia scheme - too late for the first game v Wigan. Why? Nothing about it had changed from last season. Sheer laziness. Incidentally, 3 months later and we still haven't even received our cards in this house!!

I'll be in Nuremberg, luckily for me I have contacts over there, but I feel so embarrassed for those 200 and I really don't think the Club gives a toss at the end of the day. On the pitch we're going places. Off it? Well you don't need me to tell you, do you? It's time something changed.

Reader Comments

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Stefan Tosev
1   Posted 03/11/2007 at 08:20:09

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Sooo true...
Arthur jones
2   Posted 03/11/2007 at 08:24:52

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Kieth Wyness is the person to blame for a lot of thr recent fiasco , In his cost cutting exersize many staff from all parts of Everton have been made redundant . Those that remain are inexperienced , not well trained and not supervised sufficiently due to lack of experienced staff . A totally counter productive cost cutting measure . If Bolton Wanderers can adequately administer their box office , a team who’ve never been in European competition until 2 seasons ago why can’t we ?
John Kelly
3   Posted 03/11/2007 at 08:43:09

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This is Everton we’re talking about here,why are we surprised?
Its been going on for many many years.
I’ve watched Everton for 48 years and my Dad,God rest him, used to say about Evertons organisation skills was
"The only thing you can gaurantee about Everton is they’ll always let you down"
Mike Kennedy
4   Posted 03/11/2007 at 08:53:26

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I couldn’t agree more. I live in London and wanted a ticket for the Spurs game. They didn’t go on general sale until a day before the game and even though I sent a fax in well in advance on the hope there would be tickets available, It took them till late Monday afternoon to confirm I had a ticket. In my job I am on call and I need more than 24 hours to change my roster. I took that night off on the hope I would get a ticket and luckily I did.
It is no way to run a business. Everton should put their tickets on weel in advance and let people have chance to make arrangements. What also pissed me off when I rang the box ofice for updates I had to listen to a pre-recorded message about tickets for pre-season friendlies that had been and gone. Piiss poor Everton
Tony Wilkinson
5   Posted 03/11/2007 at 09:10:50

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totally agree its a fiasco..I complained directly to the idiot Wynessabout how I was treated when trying to buy 2 season tickets and he forwarded my mail to some woman asking stating ’’Another one for you to sweet talk’’ ....he is so out of touch.

I rang nurnber direct for my tickets and their organisation and customer service skills were fantastic.

Next time you buy a ticket at the park end see if the rep even says hello or thanks you for spending you well earned money on tickets....IT WONT HAPPEN
Lue Glover
6   Posted 03/11/2007 at 09:18:22

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You’ve said everything I have wanted to say for weeks, no years.
The club just appears to sit there and wait until the last minute to arrange anything and then wonder why it all goes bosoms up? I don’t leave my Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve, I know it’s going to happen so I prepare in advance.
I am one of those 200 (perhaps we should wear a T shirt ) but I have not seen nor heard anything in my dealings with Everton Travel (and they are a seperate company from EFC) that suggests that they are nothing other than unfortunate pawns in EFC’s inability to handle basic day to day workings of a football club.
It seems like EFC are taken by surprise everytime there’s a game - ’oh, panic panic, people will want tickets, better set up a stall outside then and take their money’.
I don’t know why they don’t just give us cloackroom tickets and tear them in half as we go through the turnstile!

We should count our blessings though, just imagine if the team played football (yes, I know, open the floodgates for abuse) the way the management of the club ’manage’, we would be the only team in the Conference North playing in a 50,000 seat stadium.
Daviey Millitich
7   Posted 03/11/2007 at 09:55:57

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Everton fc remain light years behind other premiership, and even some championship division teams when it comes to off the field activities. When attempting to book the suites within goodison, or hosting corporate events the teams behind the scenes are just not pro-active enough.
We tried to book our staff party at goodison last year and the cash to pay for the party up front. I called initially to enquire about the availability and was advised to "call back later when Ian is in". I called back later and was again met with the most unhelpful div this side of the atlantic who advised me that they couldn’t help me.
My Colleague rang again two days later, money still in hand and had to stay on the phone for over an hour and twenty minutes for them to organise accpteance of payment and to confirm the booking.
Compare this to a year previous when we booked at anfirld, the whole thing was done and dusted within ten minutes.

There is something definately wrong with the way we are doing things behind the scenes, and it doesn’t bode well for the future-Kirkby for example-when we have such an unproffessional team behind the scenes.

That aside I must give credit to Evertons charity activities, they are always willing to give a lot more support than most teams.

8   Posted 03/11/2007 at 10:10:33

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I agree that we are generally a joke when it comes to tickets, with yesterdays Nuremberg disaster pretty high up the list, it is harsh to blame the club for the allocation the club gets for away games. It is not up to us, simple as that.

Those who had "bought" tickets yesterday will be distraught, and quite rightly, absolutely fuming.
Matthew Thompson
9   Posted 03/11/2007 at 10:08:26

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and don?t even get started on the marketing side of things...
Tom Hughes
10   Posted 03/11/2007 at 09:55:27

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The thing is, these people need to be taken to task over this properly..... there have been far too many instances of total incompetence and shambolic organisation over the years for this to be allowed to pass without investigation. I also booked the "official" package with the "official" travel partner because I had very limited time to organise it, and because I was also buying for mates who were working away at the time. I have been informed that I am OK, however I still feel seriously agrieved that my fellow blues have been let down in this way. The thing that really annoys me is the way in which they continually attempt to worm their way out of every disaster they have orchestrated themselves. One example to go with all the ones highlighted in the article: A few years ago we played Preston in a night match and thousands were locked out despite there only being less than 34,000 in the ground. They hurriedly fabricated the excuse that it was the revised capacity for a non-all ticket match with additional segregation due to large number of Preston fans, and was laid down by new FA rulings. I contacted the FA/FL, and they had no idea what I meant, and certainly refuted any claims that there was any such ruling from themselves. The whole episode was the fault of the club, but they never owned up to it, and the club lost thousands of pounds of revenue and serious disgruntled fans, probably several of whom have never been back since. There was/is no ruling enforcing a capacity reduction the equivalent of a totally unused Park end.... yet they got away with it. Is it any wonder we struggle to sell out these days despite the best team we have had in years..... people have just given up with the "people’s club". Is it any wonder they want someone else to build them a stadium, they can’t even organise a day out!
Alex May
11   Posted 03/11/2007 at 11:04:46

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You forgot to mention the Villareal at home fiasco where the tickets went striaght on General sale for our first match in Europe’s premier competition for 35 years.

Wyness then had the audacity to say it was something to do with security issues brought into place following the July 7th bombings! Apparently, there was no time to sell tickets as normal although, following criticism, this is precisely what went on to happen.

If Bk cared about things other than self interest, he would’ve sacked this bullying buffoon long ago.
12   Posted 03/11/2007 at 11:34:52

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As far as I remember the Orient game was pay on the gate, with a reduced ticket price.
When I arrived at 2.15 it was sold out, making me miss Gazza’s best game for the blues.........
Nothing changes, the club do not give a fuck about the fans!
Lloyd Grundy
13   Posted 03/11/2007 at 11:21:51

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Agree with the article above, unfortunately me and my dad were let down by everton again, and yes, it is time that things changed in the ticketing area (at least), I’m 16 and haven’t had the chance to go and watch our team in Europe away and i was devastated when my dad told me what had happened. We had booked with Everton Travel, and to find out where our details were, we had to phone them, great service isn’t it? Then they told us that because of ticketing issues we couldn’t go. Ian Ross tells us that "we were all on a waiting list and tickets were not guaranteed". I was told over the phone that tickets were guaranteed 100%.
Everton Travel were emailed by a certain Gary Wilton (who’s he?) to start taking orders for another 200 people (which we were amongst). This same man then informed everton travel later that they couldn’t have the tickets. This is very reliable information so Ian Ross is actually a liar. The question everybody seems to be asking is Why are we the ’People’s Club’ When the people are treated like shit?

We have now booked with sport options (yesterday) tickets arrived this morning. Quality Company, Quality Service. Any other fans let down can book with them, about 25 seats left (yesterday). Call 0207 976 5600. (Cheaper than the peoples club!) 279 quid with tickets next to the everton section.
Mick Davies
14   Posted 03/11/2007 at 11:39:19

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Will you please stop moaning we already have enough stick about complaining blues all the time ... get a season ticket !!! if you cant afford one then thats unfortunate ...if you can but you dont bother and you try to pick and choose your games then you have absolute no right to moan

I have been a season ticket holder for 20 years and although I miss out on a few away games I never have problems with home games and if i cant make a game then give it someone else!

Also i can tell you from the a reliable source the 200 or so supposedly let down on the everton travel package is not correct, the travel company were hoping to put an extra flight on but couldnt get the tickets for the match from the club (which is wrong) so didnt go ahead these people never had their cards charged and were told it was subject to ticket availability and quite frankly should have got in earlier ... these negative comments which are also appearing in the local and national press are not helpful ...again a shame but i reckon if the club had got 6,000 tickets this would not have been enough ... give them a break heh?

Would you be happier ir we were out of all the cup competitions and hovering near the relegation zone and therefore no demand for tickets from the fair weather fans? all clubs have problems including the shite and manure ... think it goes with success and i would rather have this!
Lloyd Grundy
15   Posted 03/11/2007 at 11:59:32

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F.A.O Mick
Do you work for everton? Because it seems to me that your giving everton a get out of jail card. Ive been going the match for nearly all my life (season ticket holder) and my dad has been going since 1972 (season ticket holder) so don’t give me that rubbish. Hes been to follow them everywhere, anyway, its not about where you have been, i’m on about the clubs service to us fans. It is about time things were dealt with correctly, EVERTON TRAVEL are not responsible for this fiasco. They have emails from sources (ring them if you wish) that they were being given the extra 200 tickets and to take bookings, why the sudden change? I bet you theyve gone to people in suits mate. If they gurantee 200 tickets then thats a promise, and yet again the’ve crossed the border with us loyal fans. If we continue to let our club get away with errors like this, god help us if we get to the final because its now we should be making clear their inexperiences to deal with such a demand for tickets.
Mick Davies
16   Posted 03/11/2007 at 12:08:58

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no Lloyd i dont work for the club and you are missing the point.... i know the club are not perfect ... like i said ALL successful clubs have problems ... we just might be going in that direction ..
Steve Pendleton
17   Posted 03/11/2007 at 12:10:10

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Reading articles like this Karl has me worried as I live in Perth, Western Australia and I’m heading out your way with my dad and brother to see my beloved team verse Arsenal, Midlesbrough and Man City in Jan. Can’t book tickets yet as you well know as it’s a while off but I’ve been told to join Evertonia (which I have) as this is the best way of accessing tickets. Am I on the right track or is there a surer way to get the tickets?
Tony Miller
18   Posted 03/11/2007 at 12:51:02

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Steve P.

You should be okay as long as you have an Evertonia membership for each ticket.

To be honest I have had no problems getting tickets or in fact booking this years x.mas party. One blip being Metallica.However I do not go to away matches(money).

It is like everything in life you remember more and shout louder when things go wrong,not when they go right.
19   Posted 03/11/2007 at 12:52:29

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Mick, fans have the right to moan, I bet you moan if you bought a car and the company or staff didnt give a toss, if it broke down when it was in warranty and you had to phone for hours to get it looked at or serviced ?
The problem is are fat mate Wyness and mr pr Ross. When are they going to take a small portion of blame for any of these ticketing fiascos (too many to mention) who are these baboons accountable too ? They get away with it everytime. Do us a favour Fatty and resign, or stop hidding and tell us why you cant organise anything.
Paul Okell
20   Posted 03/11/2007 at 13:08:56

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My son failed all his GCSE’s and applied for a job at the Everton ticket office. They wrote back and said he was overqualified
Tom Davies
21   Posted 03/11/2007 at 12:57:00

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To be fair, yes, there are tickleting problems on occasions, but if you check the website everyday it is updated on tickets, give them a ring and they can inform you, alot of this is people expecting the club to do everything that they should be doing themselves. How many people bother to check the ticket news as often as they can? I check every day on cup games and league games and have never had a problem with tickets, i even managed to get my mate a ticket fro the derby, i had to queu up for 2 hours but that is just what you expect to be perfectly honest (with any club).

Everton are not the complete joke everyone seems to claim, the Kharkiv game was a bit of a joke, but that is what you get when there is a problem in the post and people decide to turn up at Goodison an hour or 2 before kick off to pick up their tickets. I live in Liverpool so I just queu up for my tickets it’s much easier but I know people in Wales who have got tickets with out problems before and they rely on the postal ticketing, the ticketline and the website ticketing.

So get down to Goodison Park (as the song goes) and stand in the queu if you want a ticket because you will get it that way, and if you live too far away, that isn’t the clubs problem, it’s yours!
Tom Hughes
22   Posted 03/11/2007 at 13:27:00

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I can’t believe people are saying this isn’t the club’s fault, or don’t blame the club for this mistake or that....... surely they have been too numerous for it to be excuseable. It’s as if some are taking this as a personal affront to Evertonia. As for telling people to get season tickets or go and queu etc, I know several people who have been affected by these various mishaps who have satisfied both these requirements and much more for decades, it really is no guarantee. People have listed a whole series of cock-ups that in any other walk of life would have led to people losing their jobs for gross incompetence, it is these people that have led to the club being ridiculed, not people’s justified complaints. If people book with the "official" club travel company, and are assured that their booking is valid and inclusive of tickets etc then that is the service they should expect especially as the official package is so much more expensive than all the alternatives. I work with fans of many different clubs, and I’ve never heard any relate so many similar stories except for perhaps LFC last season.
Steve Jones
23   Posted 03/11/2007 at 13:39:03

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I think the on line ticket system has improved things, but its frustarting when things arent set up right. They recently changed the customer reference numbers and my sons wasnt updated - hence I couldnt book 3 seats together for me and both sons for the Larissa game as I had to buy them all seperate and it took 5 phone calls being cut off 4 times as I got to the tope of the phone queue.
However when I did speak to them and got them to go into the database to set things up properly they were vaery helpful so it should work ok now.
Also the tracking of last seasons away game attendance isnt accurate, but you cant have everything - wait till we go to a cashless Goodison Park - should speed up buying refreshments which is totally inadequate, if it works
Peete Stewart
24   Posted 03/11/2007 at 19:02:39

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Having read these mails, and being aware personnally of the extremely poor service provided to its fans by Everton FC - it amazes me that anyone would want to support them anymore. I haven’t even mentioned the football and the manager and the chairman yet. Why put up with such poor service? Either do something about it by challenging the Club or don’t bother anymore - I don’t bother anymore and you know what? It’s okay, there’s a life outside and it’s fun!
Dave Burnett
25   Posted 03/11/2007 at 20:47:19

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fully agree with the article.
My season ticket card wouldn’t give me access for the Lpool game, steward let me in seeing that my 11 year old son had already gained access.
Sensed that it would not work against Larissa, tried to get in touch with the club, no operators available to speak too, had no intention of spending 2/3 hrs in a queue with 2 young children, due to tickets for Larrisa on sale and Nurnburg.
Guess what, turned up for Larissa game, wouldn’t let me in, again turnstyle operator let me in and handed ticket in on the friday.
Picked up new card on wednesday, was okay for today.
What’s the betting that my son’s card will go wrong sometime this season.
Everton have a history of being unable to treat their customers as valued customers, they appear to treat us a nusiance that needs to be dealt with..........
26   Posted 03/11/2007 at 21:47:18

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We have got a lot of tickets for the following Uefa-Cup game of Everton in Nürnberg 8th November to sell.

We have tickets in the south stand an on the long side. On both places everton supporters are welcome.

The prices starts at 60 till 90 euros.

You can order the tickets by telephone and will get them on the matchday in nuernberg by cash at delivery. 100% guaranted!

Call us at: 0049 171 520 32 34
micky norman
27   Posted 03/11/2007 at 22:28:56

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We know our league fixtures in July. Yet it’s not possible, other than by season ticket- which we can’t all do, to buy tickets for matches until a couple of weeks before the game. How stupid is that? When a music concert or show tour is announced you buy tickets months in advance. Why can’t we do at least some of our ticket sales like this?
Andy Cope
28   Posted 03/11/2007 at 22:36:53

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One of the biggest frustrations is that tickets go on sale so late. Fans come away from a game fired up with enthusiasm planning their next visit only to find that tickets aren’t yet on sale. As of today, tickets can only be bought for one home game ahead, and even they’re not on general sale yet. Why not put them on sale two months in advance to members and then on general sale one month before the game. That way the club gets the money earlier, members get some real benefit and issues like the postal strike would have less impact. This is not beyond clubs like Arsenal who are also in Europe and have 60,000 every week so why should we find it so difficult.
Lue Glover
29   Posted 03/11/2007 at 22:52:13

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fao. Mick

I AM a season ticket holder and contacted Everton Travel on the day that the ticketing information became available so I did everything I could according to the information I had available at the time. I couldnt have got a chance of a ticket any earlier because I didnt have the necessary away stubs.
I have no problem whatsover with priority systems, it’s right and proper and I have never once said that Everton Travel had confirmed tickets. They didnt take any money out of my account and behaved in a professional manner throughout this sorry saga. I can only judge the situation by the way in which I was involved and what I was told.
I tried to book with Everton Travel because I’m old, I’m female and suffer with arthritis and find travelling sometimes uncomfortable, 30 years ago I would have walked to Nuremberg but not now. I’m gutted not to be going but hey ho, I can watch it on the telly.
Mick, I have been a Blue for over 50 years and have followed them all over Europe in the past - these days I need some creature comforts.
Dave C
30   Posted 03/11/2007 at 23:43:17

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The real reson why the club cocks it up so much is that normally they only sell 5 to 6 thousand tickets per match. The rest of the crowd being made up of season tickets and away support. So when it comes to cup games and they have to handle all the ticketing they seem to be just about to cope with a poorly attended league cup game. Anything more than that and it turns out to be a farce, probably because they dont have the staff to handle it.

To be fair if you look at our cup form of recent years they wont have had too much experience.

Maybe this year they’ll have chance to get it right.

Had a fiver on Vaughan last goal 3-1 today. Happy days.
robert carney
31   Posted 04/11/2007 at 13:03:32

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The only way to address this on-going problem is to sack the fatbastard Wyness and bring in a person who wants to progress this club into the21st century. Wyness was brought in only to set up the Kirkby fiasco. Any cheif exec would sort out this minor problem within a couple of games. The fat bastard is just not capable.
Ged Hughes
32   Posted 04/11/2007 at 19:19:02

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I am one of the 200 people who booked Everton Travel only to be told on
Wednesday afternoon that Everton had only given them 400 out of the 600
’promised’ tickets and I and a friend were two of those unlucky 200 who were without tickets. I had been continually phoning them earlier on in the week in order to ascertain what the outcome would be and also contacted Everton to get their side of the story. I was only able to speak to a girl in the ticket office who took my details and informed me that someone would contact me - needless to say they didn’t. I for one would like a written statement from both parties as to why this occurred and who was ultimately
responsible. Everton Travel is the official travel partner of the club whom have lost all credibility whether it was their doing or that of Everton. Even those who bookings were honoured will think twice in case next time it is them.

I was also one of the unlucky several thousands whose ticket went missing for the Metallist game and in order to avoid missing the first twenty minutes or so left the queue and watched the first twenty-five minutes in a local pub and then collected my ticket and had to find a seat as mine was already occupied as many had been told to sit anywhere. Everton seem able to cope with the premiership but anything over and above is beyond them to organise.

I was able to source a ticket for Nurnberg via a friend whose friend lives there and had a spare ticket and was able to book a flight with ’Bluekipper’ so no thanks to Everton and Everton Travel I am able to go - the friend with whom I had booked with Everton Travel was not so lucky and won’t be going. If this level of incompetence was being shown on the pitch the board would be looking for a new manager and players. What I find most unbelievable is that the chairman organises events all around the world yet the club he loves couldn’t organise a pissup in a bier kellar. Fortunately others can and have !
Karl Masters
33   Posted 04/11/2007 at 22:52:38

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And then you see Bill Kenwright on MOTD 2 bigging it up about how he loves Everton and doesn’t have time to enjoy being Chairman as it’s ’ all too important for that !’

If ’it’s all so important Bill, how about getting Everton’s Commercial Dept, Ticketing and Matchday catering Departments by the scruff of the neck and sorting them out? If Wyness is worth over £400k to Everton, if he can’t sort this abysmal state of affairs out, Bill should be questioning why he’s there.

Bill Kenwright: You pay yourself nothing for your role at Everton, yet let others take whopping pay packets for cocking it right up! Sort it out - they are making a even bigger mug out of you than us, and that’s saying something!

Ged Hughes
34   Posted 05/11/2007 at 09:20:05

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Don’t get me on the catering! How the ’Peoples Club’ can charge £2.80 for a ’jumbo’ sausage roll that Sayers sells for 59p including profit is extortion! An epicurean delight of a ’pie and a pint’ combo - (warm oriental lager) - will not leave you with much change from a tenner. Whatever your views on the proposed ground move are, Tescos commercial expertise can only improve things !
Chris Masey
35   Posted 05/11/2007 at 12:49:24

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Don’t even need to read this. The ticketing at Everton is a fucking joke full stop. Myself and my dad have repeatedly emailed Wyness to inform him of this, as we are pumping near enough 1000 quid into tickets every year. Its even harder because I live in Leeds, which means I need to call, email or do it online, which takes up half my week, and is the single most painful experience of my life.
Tony Marsh
36   Posted 05/11/2007 at 14:33:31

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Having watched that Coronation Street reject Bill Kenwright poncing about for the MOTD cameras on Sunday night I must say what a 24 carrot prick that man is. I don't give a fuck if he payed sixpence to stand in the old boys pen 40 years ago, what about the real fans who are being kept away from Nuremberg by Kenwright and Wyness who have fucked up the tickets once again?

How any self-proclaimed True Blue like BK can seriously think 2.000 match tickets is enough to satisfy demand for Evertonians wanting to travel to Germany is a joke. Thousands of our lads have been buying direct from Nuremberg's ticket office but will not be allowed in. FFS Kenwright when will you twats learn? Its your club, Billy Boy, so sort the fucking mess out why don't you.

Kenwright is a con artist and a dreamer who makes me sick. when I ever I set eyes on him Whenever I listen to his bullshit I want to strangle the man. Notice on MOTD how BK hammed it up for the telly when Everton conceeded a goal. Pure theatrics. Pity Kenwright didn't get so emotionally involved when he fucked the Kings Dock project up isn't it?

How must all these Everton fans be feeling today when they hear that the tickets they have bought for the match will be worthless? Nuremberg did offer an extra block of tickets and the club knocked them back ? WHY? So much for being one of the lads hey Billy.

BK doesnt give a toss about genuine supporters ? all he cares about is Kirkby and chasing some imaginary corporate types to fill his imaginary boxes in hisTesco-funded dream. Once again Bill Kenwrights club has let down the real fans and another fiasco has followed all the others we have had over the years.

The sooner this clown and fathead are gone the better. Can you imagine LFC treating its loyal fan base the way we do? No I can't either. The way the club is being run is a joke. It's a "fuck the fans as long as we get their dosh" attitude and it stinks.

Dont worry though BK and KW will be sipping fine Cognac and smoking fat cigars with a nice warm blanket wrapped around thier legs in a cosy directors box while thousands of genuine lads will be battling with the police outside the ground triyng to get in for the game. Bill Kenwright has deserted those supporters he claims he loves. Do me a favour, Kenwright, cut out the bollocks will you. You don't deserve the right to be called an Evertonian after this farce.

Any Evertonian who gets nicked outside Nuremberg's ground on Thursday night while trying to get in will be a result of Kenwright and Wyness not understanding the Everton fanbase and under-estimating the desire of Everton supporters to see this game. Bill Kenwright a real Evertonian ... Don't make me Laugh.

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