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By Simon Grant :  12/11/2007 :  Comments (15) :
Ok, this has been irking me for a little while now...

Why are we still doubting Faddy? Hasn?t he started to prove the critics wrong? Am I the only one who thinks that, apart from Manny v Utd, Ossie v Larrisa, Rooney v Arsenal, the lad?s gifted us with some utter brilliant finishes?

For me, James McFadden is maturing into a big-game player ? probably one of our most reliable 'big game' players 'un all. Arguably, had it not been for what we all know *was* the real goal of last season v Charlton, we'd probably not be in Europe. Add to that other moments of inspired, creative brilliance (the goal v Metalist away, the second-half display v Chelsea, Old Trafford a few seasons back, having the temerity to spank one in from close range infront of the adoring Stretford End) the boy's finally coming of age into a top class player.

Oh don't get me wrong, I haven't always had this opinion. Indeed, my last viewing of Faddy at a game was our last ever game at Highbury when I bemoaned that "he just won't cut the grade. Too lightweight. No pace. Always picks the wrong ball/trick too many." How I was wrong! He may frustrate at times but I'm finding these moments less and less consistent ? more often replaced with "fuckin' get in there Faddy!" moments.

Seriously, I think we have a gem here, buffing up to shine... so maybe we should cut him some slack? I mean, just taking a look at the forum... talk of swapping our mercurial wonder for an inept player, a so-called winger from the Boro. Do me a favour! Let's get behind the lad!

Seriously, I can see big moments on the horizon from him: maybe a cameo in Manchester next spring? I think for his exploits over the past year or so, he probably deserves a fairer crack of the whip.

And that was my first, and last rant! COYB!!!

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Kevin Campbell
1   Posted 13/11/2007 at 05:00:35

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Simon, I?m with you on this.

I seriously think that Faddy has matured and the best thing about him is his "unpredictablity". He is confident and he "dares" to shoot.

This season he will prove to be a very important player for us. I dare to say this.
Idal Tal
2   Posted 13/11/2007 at 08:46:35

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He is infuriating and unpredictable with the odd flash of brilliance, would those qualities merit a regular starting place?
Out of the 5 strikers that we have he would be my 5th choice!. We have had him long enough now, its time for him to move on and prove himself to be a more consistant performer elsewhere.
Neil Bennock
3   Posted 13/11/2007 at 09:14:41

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The truth is that Moyes has completely failed with this young man.Unlike with his other young talents,Rooney,Osman,Anichebe and Vaughan,he has seemed not to know what to do with the most precocious talent to leave our country in years.Faddy only comes into his own when he is back among his ’ain folk’.Most up here are predicting he will be in a different shade of blue come January!
Peter Pridgeon
4   Posted 13/11/2007 at 08:59:08

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I sort agree with our legend Idal (why the fuck don’t you use your real name I bet you have a restricted mobile number as well)

Last season until that goal (or piece of genius) against Charlton I would have gladly paid the fare to transport him back from wherever he came, however this season he seems to have changed his game or more to the point Moyes has changed his game.
Prior to this season Faddy believed he could beat every player in every team, generally he seemed to believe that he could do this all in one easy movement.
This season Faddy has been a bit more of a team player and it is starting to show.
That goal a Chelsea was product of McFadden vision, first time I saw it I thought he had gone for the shot because he hit it so hard, but after watching it again and again and watching where Victor tracked in. I realised the move; he hit it so hard so Tim could pass it back to Vic by just putting his foot out, Vic would receive the ball 10 yards away and take a shot probably even score, however, the ball took an unexpected bounce slowed down and the Chelsea defender took all the sting out of the ball, well, the rest is history. The summary of this is; With vision like that shown are we seeing McFadden develop into a great player? the jury is out here, but I do hope we witness an Everton legend in the making. It was said amongst Evertonians of a certain vintage that Alex Young went missing for long periods and then would pop up out of nowhere and score or provide the killer pass. Who Knows what Faddy may offer
Peter pridgeon
5   Posted 13/11/2007 at 09:36:27

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This you tube link shows the goal look for the Everton fan in te corner on the replay
Ian Tunny
6   Posted 13/11/2007 at 12:35:39

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I went to Faddys first ever start for Everton in the league cup i was opptomistic and excited atfter watching his 1st sub appearance at borugh. Bearing in mind Rooney was in the side but i watched something i had never seen before except from archive footage of players like George Best beating 4,5 and 6 players at a time for fun it was unbelievable. I thought ok not the best opposition and still the need for end product, then Leeds in the league he picked up where he had left off i think we won 4-0 and Faddy must have had 4 assists. Rooney missed a sitter, i thought this lad is so erratic and unpredicdable but he could be better than Rooney. Since then he has never been able to reach those heights only in small glimses. The reason for this i think is that for some reason Moyes felt the need to ease him in and kept playing Kilbane over him, aswel as having a dip in form which perhaps led to a drop in confidence and so not being able to live up to the high expectations he had set himself. People expected him to beat 5 players and when he wasnt doing it people began to lose patients i think he started to try too hard to impress from then on an would miss the easy pass. I dont think the injuries and the fact that we had another genius to compare him with in Rooney who tended to play it more safe less eratic and the fact that he was one of our own. We forget how awful Rooney was at times in his final season i remember the stinker at Man City were he was hauled off at half time when Moyes said it was for tactical reasons. I think we just need to have more patients with Faddy like the Scots and we will reap the rewards as they have just get behind him at all tmes. Even Ronaldo was frustaitng for Man U early on for his unprdictability but that has become his strength and now look it him outshing Rooney just like Faddy did in those early games.
Joe McParland
7   Posted 13/11/2007 at 13:30:44

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To all us scotsman Faddy is already a hero,in the long term he has the ability and attitude to make himself a hero to us blues as well.
Faddy is one of those players for whom the phrase "Horse for courses" could well have been coined.
Gez Frinton
8   Posted 13/11/2007 at 13:41:28

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He?s a gifted player, no doubt, but (as with all our strikers) he doesn?t have an all round game like a Shearer for example.

He?s a superb finisher, but he lacks pace
He?s got great dribbling ability, but is easily knocked off the ball. etc.

The Yak is strong, but can?t head a ball, he has good close control and first touch, but is lazy.

AJ has pace, lacks a finish.

Anichebe has strength, lacks ball control.

Vaughan - Maybe he?s the shining light. What doesn?t he have in the locker?
Sean Rico
9   Posted 13/11/2007 at 17:33:34

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Com on lads, talk sense!! I agree with one of the other comments faddy is our 5th choice..while he has some brill moments during a 90 minute game he just dosnt cut the grade....if we can get 4 million and buy stephen appiah in jan i would be more than happy... and i cant believe im saying this but we have TOO MANY STRIKERS. 5 strikers fighting for one place faddy wont get a looking, someone has to go iand i think its time for faddy to move on
Jimmy Blake
10   Posted 13/11/2007 at 20:22:57

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He makes too many wrong decisions and loses possesion far too much and he’s slow ! Still think we should keep him though as he can you win a game and that’s what it’s about !
John Andrews
11   Posted 14/11/2007 at 00:51:47

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I have to imagine that the author of the above is on some form of medication !
I believe McFadden has now been at Everton for four years in which time he has shown next to nothing.
He had 29 games to show us something the season before last and didn’t.
Get rid and the sooner the better !
Iain Thomson
12   Posted 14/11/2007 at 10:31:26

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Hes been played wide left the majority of the time.

I dont know all the stats but how many times has he been played up front, how many games ina row has he started up front. You cant slate the guy when he has been mismanaged. Also he scored the goal that got us past Metalist. Anichebe scored and rightly so has taken some praise. But MacFaddens excellent strike put us through. Beatie and AJ both had long scoring droughts but played regardless. MacFadden has never been given a decent run up front. The Charleton goal wouldnt have been attempted by any other striker on the books. He is a huge talent that has been played out of position, been turned on by the fans and had his confidence eroded to the point where his whole demeanour seems different when in the scotland team set up where he is accepted as the talent he is. You dont score against France in Paris and against the Ukraine if your shit.
Duncan Lennard
13   Posted 14/11/2007 at 13:35:43

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Never been Faddy?s biggest fan, but for the first time in ages I?d rather not get shot of him. I agree he?s probably 5th choice striker ? so why not groom him as a Cahill understudy, linking midfield to attack when Tim?s injured? 4-4-1-1 seems to be our best formation yet it worries me how we only seem to be able to make it work when Cahill?s fit. I think Faddy?s got the creativity and goalscoring for it ? maybe needs to work on ball retention ? but if he improved here, we wouldn?t have to revert to 442 every time Tim gets a knock or suspension.
Joseph Fong
14   Posted 14/11/2007 at 14:14:17

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Among all the postings, I find Iain Thomson?s most significant and he couldnt have said it well anymore. I come from Malaysia and I have been an a toffee since I knew what football was all about and I see great talent in faddy. Iain said it so precise, that he is being played off his desired position. He has been saying to everyone in the world that he wants to play a striker role and see what support he gets from moyes? How can someone score brilliantly againsts france, ukraine and other major team when he is playing upfront and not in everton? Dont you think the answer lies with our manager and the tactics he plays? Someone mentioned he cant score and will never form a good partnership upfront, come on....remember faddy-beattie partnership few seasons ago when they were scoring for fun in many games before he got injured? If you people would like to have a go at someone, have a go at moyes for god-knows-what-reason for spending 12mil for yaks when its so clearly that we needed a box-to-box midfielder and maybe another central defence? And who dare says that yak is playing better than faddy at the moment, dont compare the period these two are at the club - know that we took faddy in when he was at young age and yak came in as "proven striker in the epl"..... COYB!!
Connor Rohrer
15   Posted 14/11/2007 at 14:42:32

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Joseph Fong, Great talents aren’t inconsistent and can usually pay whatever the situation. Wayne Rooney for example was a great talent whereas Faddy is not. Yes he shows flashes of good technical ability but that means fuck all in my book.

He is as immature as Anichebe in terms of playing style. He’s good at Goodison or from coming off the bench but if its an away game then he’s so infuriating. He touch is poor no matter what the pass, his shots are wayward and his decision making is awful. But the difference between Victor and Faddy is one’s 19 whereas the others nearly 25. Anichebe has the right to do this whereas McFadden should be experienced enough not to.

A big game player for me is someone that puts in a big performance in a big game. Mcfadden has never done that. Against Metalist he scored but his general performance was poor. He couldn’t control a ball, he gave it away and his decision making was poor.

It has nothing to do with Moyes tactics. Mcfadden is a player that likes to drop deep and collect the ball from midfield so really he should flourish more than the likes of Johnson, Yakubu and Vaughan. To get the best out of these three you need through balls but faddy is not that type of player. And to my knowledge he hasn’t started a game on the wing this season. He’s filled in in the latter stages of the game but for the majority of the games he’s played in his natural position.

International football is completely different to the Premiership and just because your are successful in one does not mean you are going to be successful in the other. David Healy scores lots of goals for Northern Ireland yet he couldn’t get into the Leeds team struggling in the Championship a few months ago.

I dont want to see him leave now as we need him for a backup but I’m not going to wait for this so called special talent because up to now he looks an average player with a few skills. He’s fifth choice for me until he starts showing it on a regular basis when he’s given a go. The Beattie-Mcfadden partnership was frustrating. Every pass had to either be to there feet or a cross because they just didn’t have the pace to go behind. Yakubu is twice the player Faddy is and I have seen this in about 8 games.

Moyes tried to buy a midfielder and his name was Manuel Fernandes. Yet we had problems and it was called off which leaves Moyes with three days to sign a midfielder which isn’t long enough to get quality in. Thomas Gravesen has come in until we have the time to get this man.

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