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My Thanks To Mr Rooney

By Charlie Percival :  29/11/2007 :  Comments (41) :
Dear Mr Rooney,

I'm awfully gutted you left our club when I thought you were the best thing to happen to us (and the world of football) for a long time.

But can I also say if you had of stayed playing with us, the opposition would have stuck 3 players on you per game ? killing our main threat. We can't rely on players like Campbell, Gascoigne, Ginola to provide the goals.

Thank you for leaving us and helping putting us in the position you said you would. When you had the press conference you stated 'this would help Everton be back where they belong', I know we're not there yet (and you may not have thought it would come to fruition) but we are nearly there.

Although I'm not allowing you to take all the plaudits as there are other factors (I love you David Moyes).... the £20+ million you gave us was a fantastic return for 2 seasons and for being a two-faced git. If it wasn't for you, as you are the main reason we are here now in this position, we may have been in a lot of trouble.

I don't want our fans to get on your back because that will only inspire you and most important of all, it shows we still care about you. When I see you play, I know you're a blue deep down; I never boo you as we don't even remember or care about you anymore, we're looking forward not backwards (Arent we!!!!) and your agent obviously protracted your transfer to make a bit of dosh and in a way brainwashed you away from your roots.

Anyway, I don't care about you any more. I prefer watching Arteta, Cahill, Vaughan, Anichebe, Yakubu, AJ, Yobo, Lescott. These are the players that matter to me now, not you and the Manc scum bags.

Thanks again Mr Rooney ? it's very much appreciated. I hope you're glad of what you have helped us achieve through your greed. Most of all I think you were a better player with us than you are now. Moyes looked after you and used you sparingly; now you're burning out.

Reader Comments

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Sunny Li
1   Posted 30/11/2007 at 03:41:12

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If you don?t care about him anymore why you waste the time and the space of TW to write this artile to thank him?
Dave Wilson
2   Posted 30/11/2007 at 03:57:32

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He’s ourra the family his choice

Pompey game tomorrow chaps, cant wait !
DM’s been critisized for his style of play in the past -rightly so - but efforts to reconvene the school of science, has got universal backing from Evertonians everywhere,when I’m sitting in traffic , I keep catching myself singing "Evertons the team thats plays beautiful football "
Only the family matter Charlie
Dean Johnson
3   Posted 30/11/2007 at 08:18:29

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I wonder why we get the nickname "bitter blues"? :)

I personally think that selling Rooney was great business, he didn?t want to play for us anymore, and the special treatment he received from Moyes alienated the other players.

At least he actually gave us some amazing moments, unlike other "blues" who went and played for the shite
Rich Jones
4   Posted 30/11/2007 at 08:37:36

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Wake up, you idiots ? we were trying to sell him all that summer.
Tony Williams
5   Posted 30/11/2007 at 08:50:31

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I agree with your sentiments and the one thing that pisses me off more than anything when we play ManUre is that the more the fans get on his back, the better he seems to play.

He is that dense and arrogant that he sees nothing wrong in punching his fist in anger after scoring to the family enclosure and kissing (spit) his badge.

I honestly think the worst thing we can do to him is simply blank him, do not pay him any attention at all
Chris Masey
6   Posted 30/11/2007 at 08:57:29

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Let me tell you this. I am more bitter than anyone about the whole Rooney thing. But this really is taking things to a new low. Try and concentrate on our great recent form, not someone that left us years ago. Having said that, I?m still going to boo him and call him a fat little cunt.
Alistair Ford
7   Posted 30/11/2007 at 09:12:19

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One thing I do agree with is that I don’t think he’s improved as a player since he left.

Look at his performances for the England team. His best showings for them were during the Euros in 2004 and he hasn’t performed consistently for England since.

What he has managed to develop though is his whinging, arrogance and big-headed ness. Kiss the badge all you want Mr Rooney, you and Man U were made for each other.

I too was gutted at the time when he left - heartbroken. But you look back now and think it really was the best thing that it really thing that could have happened. I honestly don’t care about the granny shagging pervert anymore and anyone who says we should simply ignore him is totally right.
Nick Entwistle
8   Posted 30/11/2007 at 10:16:56

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Didn’t we play him in midfield? That’s where he’s best for me, coming from deep... non of this up front bollocks.
Harry Dean
9   Posted 30/11/2007 at 09:52:01

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Charlie Percival.

Your post sums up all the dangers of people thinking trheir thoughts and words are prophetic (pathetic).

Rooney was born a blue, comes from a blue family and will die a blue.

Rooney was a great player at the wrong place at the wrong time. Had he come through now, it might have been a different story. If Baxter turns out to be half as good, he will be joining a team that has moved on a long way.

Rooney was and is the hottest property in English football and we could offer very little to him at the time.
The kid wanted to win things, he had idiots whispering in his ear, and some of his dreams have come true.

I still believe, for what it?s worth, had we offered a chance of success and the world stage he would have stayed, but who knows.

Why anyone hates him is beyond me. He is a professional footballer who wants to win everything going. It?s all a bit of a panto. Boo him and we all feel a bit better.
Would any of us done it any differently.
What is your piece? Some ode that you hope Rooney will read and realise the error of his ways.

Grow up.

Rooney is proof that we are doing things in the right way. Look at the kids coming through. If Moyes were to go know, he?d leave us in a very strong position. More than can be said when he arrived.

Instead of one star in the juniors we have lots.

Why is he greedy? If someone comes up to you after having read your post and offers you a kings ransom to write a book on Wayne, because he has noticed you are a rare writing talent indeed, are you going to say no.

I?m with Sunny Li.
If you have nothing better to do, go and mow your lawn into the shape of an Everton crest. That is until you get the book deal to write Wayne?s life story so far.
About as much chance as Rooney coming back to play for the blues, until he has a beer gut that is and tells us he always dreamed of playing one last game before he hangs up his boots.
Paul Gladwell
10   Posted 30/11/2007 at 10:30:04

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As commented before, why post about him if your not arsed about him?

As for he was born blue and will die blue, take a look at Gary Speed: this fella has been slaughtered by us yet kept shush when it was his pisshead manager who was the disgrace, yet he kept his dignity when he could have had a field day.

Compare this to the little rat whom even though his move was instigated by the club has never said ond nice word about the club he allegedly loves, from badge kissing to sliding into the turf after scoring against us (Paul Power, anyone?) Without doubt the stick would be nothing now if it was not for him fuelling the flames with his bile.

One thing I do know is he has not progressed to what we thought he would since leaving the club he loves! Another thing I know is, if he does retire and become one of us again he will sit there with his kids or grandkids read a book about our history with Dean, Lawton, Ball and Co and he will be a little snippet amongst giants. I know how I would feel if it was me, but then his actions over the past couple of years prove he could not lace mine or my blue mates' boots when it comes to being an Evertonian.
Lee Mandaracas
11   Posted 30/11/2007 at 10:47:21

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Can I plead with Chris Masey to read the submission directly above him from Tony Williams? Tony says exactly what I have believed since the moment he left us and decided ?Once a blue, always a red?. The best displays he has shown against us are when the crowd get on his case and vent their spllens to him.

All you acheive when you do that is to reassure him how badly missed he is and how hard-done-by we feel to have lost his talent. I?m sorry but that is pure bullshit! We are in an infinitely better position now and have eleven players on the field instead of one (or nine versus twelve if Twattenberg is officiating!)

Please don?t feed his ego any more and play into his team?s hands. I would just love the opportunity to test the theory and next time we face them to hear a pin drop whenever he is near the ball, whinges to the referee, is taken out/takes out one of our players in a challenge, etc. He should be absent to us and the only thing to shake him would be to be less noticable than anyone else on the entire pitch.
Paul Gladwell
12   Posted 30/11/2007 at 11:40:19

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Lee, could not agree more, the little twat would be gutted and could you imagine if we did this at Goodison live on telly.
Steve Jones
13   Posted 30/11/2007 at 11:51:46

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"But can I also say if you had of stayed playing with us, the opposition would have stuck 3 players on you per game ? killing our main threat. We can?t rely on players like Campbell, Gascoigne, Ginola to provide the goals."

Charlie what are you on about? Gascoigne left in March 2002, Ginola left in May 2002 & Ronney didn?t even make his debut until August 2002!
Charlie Percival
14   Posted 30/11/2007 at 12:06:48

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Sorry I may have got those players wrong as i was guessing but all these posts have been how I feel so dont give me bullshit. I want us to concentrate on Everton not HIM! I mentioned this post - not because I miss him - but because I believe we should be happy the situation we?re in now and this is in part due to him. So let's not give him grief when we play them next, let's vent that energy into singing Everton songs. If he heard silence when he was on the ball ? he?d be so pissed off!
Steve Ryan
15   Posted 30/11/2007 at 12:55:57

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PAUL GLADWELL, how do you know Gary Speed left the club because of Kendall's problem....did he tell you personally or do you believe that all gossip is fact. You should be banned from this site for calling our clubs greatest ever servant a ?Pisshead?. Alcoholism is a disease; often incurable.
Steve Jones
16   Posted 30/11/2007 at 13:18:14

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re; "Sorry I may have got those players wrong as i was guessing but All these posts have been how I feel so dont give me bullshit."
You don?t know yer history mate, simple as. If you just guess about who played alongside Rooney then how do feel qualified to pass judgement on his time at the club or his departure?
Andrew Brown
17   Posted 30/11/2007 at 13:25:04

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I agree, let?s just ignore the prick! As far as I?m concerned the likes of Barmby deserve more stick than Rooney. Fatboy only went to the mancs, Barmby ASKED to join the dirty cheating red shite. THAT is by far the worst thing you can do!
Neil Styles
18   Posted 30/11/2007 at 14:12:55

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Charlie, wonderful article with a sentiment that has made me personally remember that there was a time when young Wayne was just a nice lad with a passion for the Blues. I think youre right, he would ultimately have been marked out of the game if he had stuck with us.
Jay Campbell
19   Posted 30/11/2007 at 13:59:58

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I?ve never seen "Monkey Head" have a better game for Man U than what he did for Everton.

The prick had a swellhead anyway and thought he woz better and bigger than Everton.

He?s hardly losing count of the medals is he??? 1 he?s got. He?ll never win more than Phil Neville, end of. Crocky scruff!!!
Neil McKinney
20   Posted 30/11/2007 at 14:01:26

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I refer everyone to Harry Dean’s post. Spot on Harry!

Go ahead and hate Rooney if you want, it’s your right as a bitter blue, but our club was the wrong place for his talent (at the time). There is little place for loyalty these days in professional football and with short careers players have to grasp opportunities with both hands. He didn’t exactly shoot up in my estimation, but it is no more than I expected.

I won’t bother rambling on, because for me Harry said it all above.

Let’s look to the future!

Paul Gladwell
21   Posted 30/11/2007 at 14:35:24

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Steve cheers aye!
Not going to get involved with aggressive arguements with someone I will have no chance of meeting.
Its my opinion and dont deserve responses like that.
Believe me I Know what a horrible illness Kendall has OK. The term pisshead Is just a word we all use end of, or is this site been taken over by the pollitically correct brigade.
I Know the joy HK brought to me lad and will never ever forget it OK and I would never try and tarnish his memory as a great man .
I Wont bother reading any reply as I will be honest , internet hard knock mouth merchants sitting at home with mummy do wind me up.

Jon Green
22   Posted 30/11/2007 at 15:21:50

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The thing that needles me the most is all the Manc scum singing "Once a Blue, always a Red". We should sing back "Once a Blue, now he?s a Red, Fuck Off Wayne Rooney, we?ve got Artetta instead".
David Mills
23   Posted 30/11/2007 at 16:01:25

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I am bored of booing him, would much rather save that for carragher, gerrard and battenburg.

I still have this little idea (you could call it a dream even) that once Rooney has got us all of the added extras out of his contract, he will let it run down and then return on a free.
By that point we will be a consistent top-4 side, and Wayne will be the one to make the difference and push us on to title #10!
I really think he would have stayed if the club wasn’t in such a state at the time that the board needed to seel him to stay afloat.

Dave O'Brien
24   Posted 30/11/2007 at 16:35:10

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How embarrassing to go on about it - who gives a stuff now. Please move on - even The Yids weren?t this anal about Sol Campbell
Tony Gee
25   Posted 30/11/2007 at 18:02:14

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I cant work out if Phill Neville has more or less natural talent than Coleen....
Matty McKeown
26   Posted 30/11/2007 at 18:26:22

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Paul Gladwell: What do you know about the Gary Speed departure? Gary Speed didn?t need to say anything because the bullshit passed down the grapevine by whoppers like you pushed all the blame onto Howard. That man is a true great. I could never bring myself to disrespect HK and neither should any true Evertonian.
Josh Bernard
27   Posted 30/11/2007 at 18:38:10

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The only thing Rooney was good at was finishing IMO. Tom McCann you speak the words of a god am glad we dont have him. Gutted at first but in the end it doesn’t even matter!
Charlie Percival
28   Posted 30/11/2007 at 19:11:52

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Why F & Blind at us fellow Evertonians?. Everyone has an opinion. Appreciate it - debate it but don't discriminate it. Yes I guessed those players as I was in a rush typing this post in work. I did try to find Moyes first game against Fulham at home on the internet and the squad but struggled. Sorry maybe I did get them wrong but the players we had at that time werent any better than the ones I mentioned or any younger!
Alan Armstrong
29   Posted 30/11/2007 at 20:55:52

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Aharlie, the song is not "And If You Guess Your History" nor is it "and if you rush your history"... the operative word is KNOW, thats why we're a class above. Let's have it right! Oh and the £20+million simply paid off that year's debt ? it?s currently £66 million. Lescott, Arteta, anyone?
Peter Bell
30   Posted 30/11/2007 at 21:20:43

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Fed up with these 1980s Blues blindly singing the praises of Howard Kendall.... I am also a 70s/80s Blue but, having read the biographies of Kendall, Lineker, Harvey and Venables, it is quite clear that HK sold Lineker (who didn't want to leave) but Kendall sold him to Barcelona thinking he was going there himself. Some Evertonian!
Paul Higgs
31   Posted 01/12/2007 at 18:24:31

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Forget Shrek.

The kid Jose Baxter looks like the next cracker coming through the ranks. Watched him for the Engalnd under 16?s in the victory shield and he was brilliant. Already broken youth goalscoring records set by Patrick Kluivert, Michael Owen and Shearer. He scored for Everton?s under 18?s at the age of 14.
Trevor Powell
32   Posted 01/12/2007 at 19:07:39

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Master Rooney was a little boy and plaything of a tenth rate gaent, Stretford. Stretford is the only agent to be labelled a liar by a court judge and yet the FA stll allow him to practice. Stretford must have seen the, shockingly undelivered, FA axe coming and agitated this succeptable young boy into leaving the club he loved. Stretford’s motive was simple. He had only one pay day left... sell Rooney before the FA ex-comminicated him... and the dopey Rooney Family fell for it!
David Cornmell
33   Posted 01/12/2007 at 20:31:21

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[David's comment has been converted into a Fans Article here ? Ed]
Peter Hall
34   Posted 01/12/2007 at 23:09:31

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I think Rooney has been nurtured well as a financially useful talent by ManU, but isn?t close to the player he looked like being. He was the best thing since George Best in those early games for Everton, now he?s just a good quality cog in a good quality machine, special inspiration gone.

Not close to what he could have been, or even was when he was with us.

On the other hand, he?s no Gascoigne either, his personal life hasn?t self-destructed. So you tell me what?s best ? but don?t tell me he?s Best£
Philip Curbishley
35   Posted 02/12/2007 at 06:02:21

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Master Rooney is not a club player he is only in it for himself. The only good thing to come out of his leaving the Toffees is the filthy lucre from man utd. I remember when loyalty amongst players was commonplace now it is a thing of the past.
Garry Martin
36   Posted 02/12/2007 at 10:13:19

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For 2 years I got upset & would go mad when ever the little ugly shits name was mentioned , so deep was the pain at him leaving, all the shirt kissing etc. It was all bollics on his behalf. I know better now and, believe me don?t get upset about him, the more we talk about him the better he feels. The squad & charactor of players we have now are far better .
Steve Jones
37   Posted 02/12/2007 at 20:30:42

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Charlie, firstly I didn?t F & blind the only foul language was in your sentence I cut & paste in to my reply.

Secondly I am an evertonian so I don?t have to guess players. I know when Moyes took over, I know Gascoigne left at the same time, I know Ginola was released at the end of that season and I also know (Without looking on the internet) that looking up the team for Moyes first game in charge in March 2002 (Something you said you tried to do) has no relevance to your article as Rooney left Everton two and a half years after Moyes first took charge!

IAs far as 2004/05 (Our first season without Rooney) goes, just before he left we signed Cahill & Bent (Little more than £2m for both so not down to the Rooney Money) then in Jan we signed Beattie (Who didn?t add much to that season) and we finished fourth with virtually the players that you said "werent any better than the ones you mentioned"
Basically my point is as it always has been you are ill informed. Everton have progressed despite losing Rooney beause Moyes has got rid of a lot of deadwood and brought better younger players in (Yes some came from the Rooney sale money but certainly not all).
Michael Brien
38   Posted 03/12/2007 at 12:23:37

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I can understand the frustration of a lot of Evertonians regarding Wayne Rooney’s departure. Personally I think the booing etc whenever we play Man Utd has only served to motivate Rooney even more and to give the Prawn Sandwhich Brigade some vocal "ammo" to taunt us with.
I was at the Spurs game in August 2002, when added to the eager anticipation of the start of a new season was the expectation of the debut of an exceptional talent. I was also present when Roonet scored THAT goal against Arsenal. Seeing him now in a United shirt I don’t know whether to feel angry or saddened !!
Perhaps it’s time we moved on and instead of jeering him when we play United we should get behind the boys in Blue even more passionately. After all given the lack of atmosphere at Old Trafford - we should be able to outshout the Prawn Sandwhich Munchers !! Remember that banner at Wembley ’95 - " Man Utd may be an institution - but Everton are a Religion" !!!
I was sad to see Rooney leave- but just as sad to see Peter Beardsley leave in 1993. In my opinion he was one of the most talented players of his or any other era. And what made it all the more sad was that he himself wanted to stay at Goodison.
Let’s hope that we can keep hold of the likes of Arteta and Cahill, to name but two. And whilst Rooney is very much part of our past- and perhaps always a figure of controversy for Evertonians - the future is with Vaughan and Anichebe - and hopefully others of their ilk.
Wavertree Blue
39   Posted 03/12/2007 at 16:22:39

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[Wavertree Blue: your message removed; please contact us at ToffeeWeb Towers. Thanks].
William Sadler
40   Posted 05/12/2007 at 11:27:05

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I think the club has improved after the sale of Rooney. I would rather have half a dozen, exciting, hard working, no thrills players at the club than one outstanding talent.

Newcastle moved on after the sale of Andrew Cole, Leeds with Cantona and Arsenal with Vieira. And those aforementioned clubs did tend to do just as well, if not better when those players departed.

Even if rooney was still here three years on from the sale, does anyone really believe that we would be doing any better wih him on board.

The truth is, you cannot honestly say. It would be easy to assume that we could have been going places but hes no longer with us so lets just get on with what we have.

A promising side with potential, while although not world beaters, have a realistic chance of doing something maybe not this year, but under moyes, in the near future.
Michael Kenrick
41   Posted 05/12/2007 at 14:25:38

Report abuse

"William Sadler" - Please stop posting under different names. Thanks ? Ed

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