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Sweet Smell of Success

By Tony Marsh :  13/12/2007 :  Comments (53) :
WOW, the past few months of this season have been nothing short of miraculous in terms of results and the change in playing style. What's happened to us? I can't believe it's the same squad and manager. Sometimes I have to pinch myself in case I am dreaming but it's a great feeling all the same.

No doubt we all have our own theories as to why the sudden transformation has occured and it could well be that so many different factors have gelled together and created what we now have ? an Everton side capable of competing with the best of them and playing sexy, shagalicious football (at times).

Cahill coming back from injury has helped, Pienaar is looking better each week, the defence looks a lot tighter and maybe Irvine leaving has been a blessing in disguise as the claustrophopic football seems to have disappeared since his departure. Preston NE are stinking the place out each week, so I have been told.

If you were to ask me what I thought the main reason was for the turn around in our fortunes since the Derby defeat at Goodison I would tell you in one word...Yakubu. This guy is the real deal when it comes to goal scoring. Make no mistake about it he is a real snip at £11 million when you consider some of the shite knocking about the Premier League these days at much bigger prices. Shevchenko anyone?

I said before the season kicked off that give Yakubu time to bed in and get fit, then given the right service he can become a Goodison legend. The response I got from the usual suspects was what I expected. I can still remember the howls of derision from so many Everton fans at my comments.

"Too fat, too slow, waste of money, worst Everton buy ever, Marsh has lost the plot," etc, etc. Well what do you Yakubu knockers and doubting Thomases say now?

Shame on you for slaughtering the lad before he barely had a chance to put his boots on.

I must also eat a large dollop of humble pie myself as I have been Moyes's biggest critic over the years and wanted him out on several occasions but maybe he is getting it right after all. I hope so because all I have ever wanted is a team we can be proud of and a team we enjoy watching. That's what we now have so its a big thanks to Moyes and the lads for giving us some pride back and making it all worth while for a change.

Wembley is now well with in in our reach after last night's terrific win at West Ham and I can almost taste the £8-a-pint, watered-down lager as we speak. My only fear is with so many games coming up in the coming months and the African Nations around the corner that we crash and burn and miss out on the lot. We need to do some shrewd buisness in January.

I would definitely offload McFadden for the right price in the window (Rangers will buy any old shite) and add a bit more steel to the midfield. We are still a bit lightwieght in the middle of the park when we play the big boys so it needs sorting if we are to maintain this fantastic momentum we now have going at the club.

My ideal 2008 would be one were Everton meet Liverpool in the League Cup final and kick the crap out of them. I want revenge for all those years of pain and misery we suffered at the hands of our horrible nieghbours. I have watched Everton play the Shite in 3 cup finals ? 4 if you count a replay at Main Road ? and we didn't win any of them. The 1986 FA Cup final was the hardest of all to take as we were leading in that one through Lineker and still lost .Big Nose Bastard Rush again.

So come on, Moyes, keep it going and carry on with this non-dithering style and attractive football you have recently acquired for yourself. You never know, I might just be converted to the ranks of Dodd and Dutch if this carries on... Nah its not that good yet, is it?

Reader Comments

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John Ferguson
1   Posted 13/12/2007 at 20:13:27

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Fully agree and great post but have you been taking too many happy pills!!
Dave Jeanrenaud
2   Posted 13/12/2007 at 20:24:17

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"Shame on you for slaughtering the lad before he had a chance to put his boots on"

This from the same Tony Marsh who labelled Lescott the new Kroldrup after 45 minutes on the opening day of last season against Watford.

Other than that minor gripe it is good to see you back. By far the most entertaining contributor to this site. Great post as always.
Desmond Prosper
3   Posted 13/12/2007 at 20:30:08

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I was wondering what you would have to say about the upswing in Everton’s fortunes, Tony--and I am pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t agree more! More of the same please, Mr. Moyes!
Ajay Timothy
4   Posted 13/12/2007 at 20:31:53

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Tony - Well said. I just like you are prepared to eat humble pie if our team is doing well. I dont think that many people realize that as die hard fans we are entitled to give our opinion - good or bad. We are not being divisive but sometimes frustration, especially after all these years of derision from the shite, comes through. Long may this spell continue
David Moyes
5   Posted 13/12/2007 at 20:41:49

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I love you too Tony,

Merry Christmas!
Robert Poots
6   Posted 13/12/2007 at 20:47:37

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Tony, like you I’ve watched Everton loose to Liverpool 3 times in finals against Liverpool. However I’d still be optimistic about facing them in the Final. Give me them in the semis anyday.

Also, well done on finishing that big plate of Hat & Humble pie. You have had your fair share from the lynch mob of late on here but as ever you come out and say it as you see it. I admire you for your honest opinions.

Now’s the time(isn’t it always) for us to get behind the team as much as ever. While Moyes can control the on the pitch action and motivate the players for the forthcoming fixtures, only we can raise the roof for them and keep Goodison a fearful place for opposition teams to come to.

As alays, Come on you Blues!
mike price
7   Posted 13/12/2007 at 20:51:11

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Tony over the years we tend to agree on most things and I too am elated with the emergence of our current style. Moyes is finally doing what we have been advocating for years, in terms of playing style and sorting through crap players like..Beattie, Davies,Wright and hopefully Hibbert. The so-called apologists are screaming at his doubters but what they fail to see is that whats happening now is all we ever wanted, and what we were advocating, Moyes is finally applying...we’re all Evertonians and want the same things at the end of the day.Maybe we were too impatient and this was his long term plan all along or maybe he has finally learnt his lessons through trial and error. Whatever...its great to be a Blue right now even though I’m sure many of us are pessimistically waiting for what usually happens to us. Lets pray that we finally get the little bit of luck that we are so, so owed!
Alan Clarke
8   Posted 13/12/2007 at 21:17:50

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If this is Tony’s reaction just imagine how Richard Dodd must be feeling!
joe mcparland
9   Posted 13/12/2007 at 21:38:38

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Must Be xmas.
Brilliant post Tony.
Proves how much you really care.
guy hastings
10   Posted 13/12/2007 at 22:01:11

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Can’t wait for Marsh’s next u-turn.
Mark Perry
11   Posted 13/12/2007 at 21:52:11

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Dear Lord, its the greatest conversion since St Peter on the road to Damascus - praise be!

I believe that DM is able to get the team to play the football we all love as he now has the team to do it with. I defy anyone to play sexy football with some of the players he inherited.

Now he has a smallish but quality squad - that was evident by the bench last night. With some astute additions in January I believe we can achieve much this season.

The roar of our fans shows the belief and support we have for our team, and their performances and never say die spirit shows their commitment to the team and us.

COYB - I know we can do it - I believe!
Keith Harrison
12   Posted 13/12/2007 at 21:57:23

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Out of order there Bill I feel.

I would state there has been more of an about turn by the team than Tony, and in fairness, he is probably only responding to tongue in cheek goading in earlier articles on the site today.

The team are obviously playing more to Tony’s and I feel certain everybody’s liking. I went to Nuremberg, and had a fantastic time, but as well as the beer-fuelled euphoria, there was a gut feeling, now growing weekly, that this team can finally go places.
We have had false dawns in the past, but this is the nearest feeling I get to ’86 in that I am confident we can beat virtually anyone on our day, and if things are going wrong, we now have both the manager and the personnel to change things. Methinks that Clattenberg’s bias has actually galvanised the club - we haven’t lost since then.

Give Tony the break he deserves for a - by his occasional standards - a very reserved peice, and wish all Blues a blue Xmas.
Jarrod Prosser
13   Posted 13/12/2007 at 22:08:45

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Welcome back, tony!

I’ve always through you make reasoned arguements - even if i didn’t always agree with them.

My criticism of you has always been that you are always so blinded to any side of the arguement that doesn’t corrospnd with yours.

This however, is a great peice. It’s reasoned, it’s humble, and most of all it’s balanced!

Fantastic work, TM. Again, welcome back.
david pilling
14   Posted 13/12/2007 at 22:11:13

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I think its the first time in years that we go to old trafford and actually have a good chance of taking all 3points. That alone shows how much improvement
James Byrne
15   Posted 13/12/2007 at 21:44:37

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Mr Marsh, great post and if you’re happy then I’m fukin ecstatic!

I think I have to pinch myself on the recent success of our team, no doubt like many other blues.

I am going to stick my neck out now and give one particular reason for the changes in our fortune this season - Steven Pienaar!

As well as the superb Lescott and the consistent performances from Arteta, Cahill now he is back and the likes of Carsley, Yobo (although he still makes me nervous!), Pienaar has been the difference for me and his link up play between Osman and Yakubu is just great to watch. Yakubu scores goals for a laugh but his strength, vision and distribution are something else.

In January McFadden will go and he deserves a chance at first team football even though I think he’s shite! AJ will go in the summer for a huge fee to some southern outfit; best of luck to him.

My only concern is injuries (Baines etc) and the loss of our African mafia in the coming months.

Best goal this season, Osman against Larissa; absolute class.

COYB’s and lets see more positive thinking from Mr Marsh!

Dave Roberts
16   Posted 13/12/2007 at 23:01:40

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Pseudonym alert!

This Tony Marsh can spell.

Check the e mail registration! ( Mind you it could be his mum)
Rob Hollis
17   Posted 13/12/2007 at 23:00:47

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I despaired of Moyes. We seemed frightened to attack many teams and staying up seemed enough. I think the change is due to the fact that he has had some money to add to the squad. Not a fortune but a decent level. DM and the board seem to be a great example of a Manager prepared to work within a budget unlike O’Leary and a board who have made as much available as they could when they could.
We have scored some fantastic goals and played some great football since the Derby. It all seems worth the wait. There is not one reason. Yakubu, Cahill, Pienaar, Carsley, Osman, Lescott and Arteta. It is no suprise that any of those can score during a match. I think that is the difference. Goals!
jim mcmahon
18   Posted 13/12/2007 at 23:16:08

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Well done to Bill Kenwright for appointing Moyes and sticking by him.
John Carlson
19   Posted 13/12/2007 at 23:31:23

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Well well your tune has changed, so fair credit to you. However I?d like to make the point that it is difficult to be sucessful in football. It is 11 men against 11 men afterall and it takes time to change things. It takes time tpo gradually get rid of the players you dont want and gradually bring in the ones you do.

I am happy to say I have always 110% backed Moyes, even through the bad patches... so lets all remember, there will be good times ahead but also difficult times, if we all stick together, players, management and fans we cant go wrong.

p.s.. Taffy?s team talk?s are legendary within the club... I reckon Taff at half time definatley has added some believe to the dressing room.
Tony Marsh
20   Posted 13/12/2007 at 23:35:14

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John and the others my point is that for years I have been asking whats the point in turning up for games if all we do is hoof it forward. It never worked and it never will so this change in style really pleases me. Why it took so long for the penny to drop I don't know but hopefully this can be a springboard to better things.

Regardless of what players you have at your disposal as a manager, I believe you should try to play the game in the correct manner. Pass and move, ball to feet etc ? hoofing as a last resort. Gradually we are turning the corner but it's no U-turn by myself. This is the way I have always said we should play.

Peter Laing
21   Posted 14/12/2007 at 00:28:39

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Great post Tony, your acerbic wit and sharp tongue has served well in days of despair - driven by your desire to see us do better and play it the Everton way. Hopefully times are a changing and we can continue to ride the crest of the wave to great thing’s al la Kendal Mk1. There is undoubtedly a great sense of optimism, pride and renewed kin-ship as we continue to battle on all fronts. COYB FTRS
Vincent Siow
22   Posted 14/12/2007 at 00:44:48

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Tony, glad to see you so positive.

I do agree with you strongly one one point-the African Nations cup will severly impact us.Our chances for cup glory this year may well depend on whether Yobo and Yakubu can play for us in the first leg.

To be honest, Yobo has been extremely underrated because of the form of Lescott and Arteta. But I think he has been argubly our best player this season.

Also, Yakubu seems like the only striker who can score, though I’ve not lost faith with AJ. Fingers crossed!
Danny ONeill
23   Posted 14/12/2007 at 00:39:46

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Tony,Good article but I can’t help commenting on your opinion of Moyes. This site in general tends to slate the man at every opportunity. I for one think he has worked wonders since at the club given the constraints he has worked under. Yes its been up and down and sometimes unattractive but ultimately we are getting there and over time are a far better prospect than when he took over. I much prefer the long term approach of rebuilding and developing a squad that will compete over time (Ferguson/Man Utd model) rather than a "quick fix no end result" (Newcastle type scenario). Sorry guys but I think you are over-critical of Moyes on this site and rather short-sited. I for one am enjoying the recent success having loyally stood by everything he is trying to achieve to lay foundations for future develpment and long-term success at the club. Patience pays!
Keith Harrison
24   Posted 14/12/2007 at 08:11:09

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Shouldn’t you be concentrating on coaching and team matters instead of goading the only unbeaten in Europe Merseyside team this season, who will be level on points with you tomorrow night ??

Please don’t worry about your job, because 40,000 of your Blue betters will campaign furiously to keep you at Analfield as you are the best thing that’s happened to us for years.

Enjoy your xmas dinner at the Clattenbergs while one of your Norwegian fans is breaking into your house and returning your razor blades you scruffy bastard.

Hasta Manana Max.
Ed Casey
25   Posted 14/12/2007 at 08:25:39

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Lol - good read!

Long may the run continue. Hoping for some additions in Jan and kicking on on all fronts. Only concern - didn?t Boro always complain about Yak drying up in the second half of the season. Hopefully with the regime Moyes has got him on that won?t happen here.

Rafa, I?d love to be a fly on the wall in the boardroom next week when your bosses are giving you a dressing down for having a public tantrum and you have to go squirming to the press again to say how much you love everything about and suck up to your paymasters. If there is an award at the end of the season for immature, snivelling, grovelling weasel then you are a shoo-in. You whingeing shitbag!
Mark Dodds
26   Posted 14/12/2007 at 09:00:09

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Your fickle you lad.

What happens if you do crash and burn in Jan/Feb? Moyes out again?

I’ve got about as much respect for your football-related opinions as I have for Anthony Newell
Terry Maddock
27   Posted 14/12/2007 at 09:52:59

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Tony.....thought you had emigrated..

Nice to have you see the light....Lets hope you can retain some belief and optimism thru any bad patches...they happen to all teams , even Barca + co.
As long as the board allow Moyes to continue to build,,he will do a great job..
In all things he now has more experience,be that how to play in europe, cups, or aginst your Chelsea?s and Arsenals...dont look down..we will all have nosebleeds soon...Happy Christmas
Brian Baker
28   Posted 14/12/2007 at 10:27:08

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Good post Marshy. I ’ll have some of what you have had .

Where do you get the £8 a pint from? I am in the south and its still under £4 even in the expensive places.
Dave Lynch
29   Posted 14/12/2007 at 11:29:31

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Mark Dodds.
What are your opinions. It’s ok to play shite hoofball week in and week out is it ?
At least he and others on this site have an opinion.
Early on this season we where worse than shite at times, what should we have done.
Football fans are fickle and long may it remain so.
Remember also, yes we are playing great football. But let’s see what we have got at the end of the season in terms of silverware etc.
Chris Masey
30   Posted 14/12/2007 at 12:36:52

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Completely agree with the Yakubu comment, he is the difference, so strong and confident in front of goal. I also agree with the pinching myself comment.

Any of our teams in the last ten years would have lost in the quarter final on a wet wednesday in london, and if anything, I think this west ham result is our best of the lot. Proves we have a killer instinct and can now win big games.
Fosu Gharban
31   Posted 14/12/2007 at 12:49:18

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Getting a little too carried away for me, don’t get me wrong I really am enjoying this unbeaten run, and as a lad in his mid twenties we?ve at present the best squad and team and are playing the best football that I can remember. HOWEVER, before our unbeaten run I would have expected us to beat. Larissa, Derby, Luton, Birmingham, Sunderland, Fulham, get at least draws at Portsmouth, Nuremburg and West Ham (and at home to Zenit) and only lose to Chelsea i.e. my expectations have been exceeded but only just.

For me the main reason for our turnaround is the number of players playing well, it?s not just Yakubu and Cahill, every single player is, with special mention to the less popular Osman, Carsley and Neville at RB.
Lee Robinson
32   Posted 14/12/2007 at 13:03:02

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Can I just say with things going so well at the minute why do people want to pick out bad points?

What is the harm of McFadden being at the club? He isn?t a first team regular! He is used as a sub or in Cup/European games and is an excellent striker to have in reserve, especially with the games coming up. I?m sick of people getting on his back, more so than we ever did with Bent or Beatiie who were awful.

Technically McFadden is one of the best at the club; yes, I agree he has poor games but I see no harm in having a striker of his quality on the bench. By the way, who was it who got the goal in Kharkiv to send us through? McFadden, we may not have been in this position in Europe now had he not scored, we were against the cosh.
Who was it who grabbed 2 goals in the second half against Sheff Wed? McFadden, again we may not of been in the semi?s now!
Who was it who grabbed a last minute winner against Charlton last season, which were much needed 3 points for our european qualification? McFadden!

Yes I know he can be frustrating, but at times he can also be amazing, he is still relatively young and I don?t see the point in moaning about selling him, its not like he is our only striker or first choice, I love having him on the bench to bring on, it's not like we're losing games.

He has been a scorer or wonder and valuable goals over the years and I can see him improving if people give him a chance.
Dawson Boyle
33   Posted 14/12/2007 at 13:14:39

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We’ve played some good football every time we played 4-5-1

The only differences are that Arteta relaced Tommy as playmaker, Steven Pienaar replaced Kilbane and Yakubu is a ridiculously better fininsher than Marcus Bent.

When Pienaar goes to the ANC, there’s a chance we’ll play two up front and go back to the hoofball tactics you so enjoyed.

Please don’t complain. It’s only temporary. Moyes will make do, like he did at the start of the season while he waited for players to come back from injury.

There has been no mystical epiphany. Brought about by the collective weight of Toffeeweb contributors. He only played with what he had in the best way he could.

Like all good managers.
Gary Keey
34   Posted 14/12/2007 at 13:48:05

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Takes a strong person to admit they were wrong.....should we draw comparisons between you and Moyes?

Not yet im afraid, you called the Yak situation correctly, but Moyes had his reputation on the line so the credit lies soley with him.

Its great you see what DM is doing but i hope you also remember that this style of play can also backfire. Be prepared to give him a break when our attacking football causes us to loose games.

Weve a long way to go, but Moyes has the directions and the map and will lead us there, provided we are all patient enough to allow him.
David London
35   Posted 14/12/2007 at 13:45:03

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DM has not just chosen to play good football.When he joined us we had a poor squad and no money.
DM played it tight to keep us in the prem.In an open game we would have been well beaten
Now with a better squad he can open the games a bit.
Neil McKinney
36   Posted 14/12/2007 at 13:38:31

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Well said Dawson. There was no amazing magical secret to the team’s improvement (and I don’t see it as a turn around, we weren’t playing well but the results were enough to keep us in there). Players returned from injury and new players settled in, allowing Moyes and the team to be more adventurous with their football and actually entertain us!

One thing I will say about Marsh, at least he came on here to write something positive. Many of the doom mongers just stay silent when there is no doom to monger.

I think Tony’s views are often over the top and reactionary, but often entertaining to read, so I certainly hope he keeps on posting, whether it is positive or negative. However, my belief is that even the strongest teams go through tough periods and lean times, so to jump straight onto the team, club and manager at the first sign of a dip in form is naive. In the same way that talk of winning the league after a couple of wins would also be naive. Statements like the one about Irvine sum Mr Marsh up for me though.

Here’s to continued success for the team and more U-turns and amusing articles from Mr Marsh.

David Graves
37   Posted 14/12/2007 at 15:04:54

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Credt where it is due & Moyes deserves all the praise he is currently getting. But the criticisms levelled at him earlier in the season were justified - considering the performance against Metallist at home & the desperate Neville/Jags midfield partnership in particular .
For people to now claim that they’ve always supported him ’100%’ over the last 5 years no matter what he team was turning out is just too sycophantic for me. We should of course support during the difficult times but we are entitled to a reasoned argument aswell.
Neil McKinney
38   Posted 14/12/2007 at 15:25:51

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David Graves - "We should of course support during the difficult times but we are entitled to a reasoned argument as well."

Absolutely, but I would still argue that Moyes was often forced into the "negative" team selections. I find it hard to believe it was a coincidence that the upturn in form came along just as he had a full squad to select from. Nobody likes hoofball, but we didn’t do too badly out of those games points wise. As soon as he got key personnel back the football improved and the results started to roll in.

DM’s not perfect, but he has made a lot of people rethink their stance.

Rafael Benitez
39   Posted 14/12/2007 at 15:49:08

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You better believe it! I ( the almighty, some may add twat ) got it wrong. Everton are not a little club they are huge, much better than the shite I manage ( sorry try too), it’s just soooo hard, i dont get much cash to spend an dwhen i do i buy shite then whinge about it. OOOOH i would love to manage Engerland, I am soooo much better than that Italiian, just ask my mum, she said so. Any way what are you boys up to over the weekend? I am going out do dinns with Clatts, we became great friends before the Derby in Oct, infact its a 4 some with sweet stevie G and Cags ( he never shows off his muscley arms, not even in summer, I dont know why?), clatts is cool, lovely and ever so helpful. oooh do you like my goatee? its cool all the fans love me and Uncle Tom does. Anyway back to it the blues for a top 4 finish, but not if clatts refs you!
Phil Jones
40   Posted 14/12/2007 at 15:51:14

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Nice post, Tony. Yakubu is obviously hugely influential, and you were right in sayign that once he’d settled in, he’d net us a stack of goals. To me though, the biggest difference between last year and this year is Pienaar and Osman playing consistently well. I have been unkind to Ossie in these pages (I don’t post many replies, but I have been unhappy with him a bit), but he’s made me shut up. He’s playing some fantastic ball right. Having Cahill back is so important too. He just makes things happen, he’s a legend in my book. I hope Andy Johnson can find more than a bit part in this squad. He’s a good, hard working lad, an it kills me to see him on the sideline, but just now the first team is looking inpenetrable. I agree that we need to release McFadden. Honestly, it feels wrong to have him ride the bench all these years. He’s hugely gifted, if completely inconsistent, and ought to be getting regualr first team football somewhere. I swear, last year at this time I would never have imagined we’d be talking in these terms. What an amazing year we’ve had so far.
Tom Davies
41   Posted 14/12/2007 at 17:11:04

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I still can’t decide on Yakubu though, will he continue to score after the African Nations Cup, will he score as many next season or will he fuck off for more money in a season and a half’s time if his growing success continues?
Terry Downes
42   Posted 14/12/2007 at 17:22:22

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Welcome back tony lad

Can never fault your comments but did wonder where you were...
Peter Eastoe
43   Posted 14/12/2007 at 18:03:17

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Jesus loves a repenteth sinner !

Please Mr Marsh.If Everton lose two games on the spin then will your new found optimism waver.Or will you join the ’Moyes apologists’ in taking the long view that’s it’s an evolving process with the right man in charge ?

Brian Denton
44   Posted 14/12/2007 at 18:32:32

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I am not convinced this is Tony Marsh, actually. The writing style (never mind the content) just doesn?t feel right.somehow.

[Brian: that may be because it has been "cleaned up" for publication by the Editor (somebody has to maintain standards around here!) I can assure you it was from Tony. Please desist from this kind of silly speculation as it only encourages others. Thanks! ? The Editor]

Mark Perry, in my bible it was St Paul converted on the road to Damacus, not St Peter!

Mark Perry
45   Posted 14/12/2007 at 19:05:41

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Briqan Denton - The shock of it all got to me! Have appologised to the man upstairs.

I still think that DM played the system to fit the players. Some of the hoofers we had when DM came in would of been unable to play the football we enjoy now.

Now that we have the players we are using the ball better and playing with verve and a style that gets better and better.


Noman Merrill
46   Posted 15/12/2007 at 06:51:03

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It must be that time of the year thing, when Christmas spirit (vodka, scotch, gin etc) kicks in, but nice to see Tony have a Scrooge-type change of heart, in his opinion on Moyes, and our style of play.
Long may it continue.
Brian Noble
47   Posted 15/12/2007 at 09:48:13

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I can’t believe that Tony is so easily swayed! Sure we’ve gone eleven games without defeat and things have greatly improved but my own ’conversion’ to the Moyesistas will have to wait until we’ve beaten a few of the top-half teams in the League. A win against West Ham this afternoon would be the first, remember ,and I shall keep my champagne on ice until
well after Christmas.
Unless Moyes has really turned the corner we can expect a depressing New Year as ’feast and famine’ has been symtomatic of his rule to date.
I hope I’m wrong and that come February,I shall be seeking forgiveness like Tony but somehow.........
Brendan McLaughlin
48   Posted 14/12/2007 at 17:00:51

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Where?s that fatted calf ? the prodigal son is back.

Seriously good to see you posting again Tony. Whilst I have disagreed with almost all of your previous submissions I must admit that you certainly were one of the most readable contributors and one of the more controversial judging by the volume and emotion of responses which your articles provoked.

I have often wondered how the ?anti-Moyes? brigade would handle our turn around in fortune. Would they hold their hands up and admit they called it wrong? Would they simply go quiet or would they try and imply, as some have done, that they were right all along and it?s Moyes who has finally seen the error of his ways.

But I am pleased that you have admitted that you owe Moyes an apology and I smiled when you threw in the Yakubu line. Of course you called that one right!!
Dutch Schaffaer
49   Posted 15/12/2007 at 19:48:42

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How does Tony Marsh find the front to insult the people who doubted Yakubu when he himself claimed this season would end in disaster and the Euro Campaign would end before it began.

Tony Marsh spent all summer shouting his mouth off because Moyes wasn’t signing enough players to have a successful season.

Marsh was completely sure that the Euro campaign would be a non-starter because Moyes didn’t know what he was doing and failed to sign Nugent, Koumas and Richardson.

I admit I’ve never rated Yakubu and was disappointed when Moyes signed him but I have to admit so far the lad has done pretty well.

Moyes appears to be getting him fit and getting great form out of him but for £11 million we should expect 20 goals a season.

Yakubu is on his way to proving me wrong but there’s a long way to go yet before I accept him as an Everton legend.

I want 20 goals this season and the same next season before I admit Yakubu is worth £11 million.
Dutch Schaffaer
50   Posted 15/12/2007 at 19:56:17

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Tony Marsh predictions:-

Lescott is the new Kroldrup.

Moyes made a massive mistake when he didn’t improve the squad this summer with players like Nugent, Koumas and Richardson.

The Euro Campaign will fail at the first hurdle and another season of disappointment is beckoning.

Yakubu will become an Everton legend.

Well Tony there’s a chance that you may finally have predicted something right, just posibbly. Long way to go yet though.
Chris Gail
51   Posted 15/12/2007 at 19:57:40

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Amidst all the hype....I'm sorry but let us all not forget what happened with him at Boro last year....never scored in 10 months after December....just a thought anyways.
Connor Rohrer
52   Posted 16/12/2007 at 03:12:03

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Dutch, I still can’t believe you have doubts over Yakubu. So does 11 million guarantee a 20 goal a season man in this day and age? No it doesn’t. Its big money by our standards but you only have to look at Liverpool’s 10 million signing of Kuyt aswell as Spurs’s 16 million signing of Bent to show you are talking bollocks. Both players where bought for around the same amount of money as Yak yet they dont score 20 a season.

So Yakubu has to score 40 goals in two seasons to repay his 11 million price tag? Are you serious? Our highest goal scorer last season was Andy Johnson with 12 and Yakubu is already on 11 goals in 16 starts. If he beats 15 goals I will be pleased because thats an improvement on last season and with the African nations coming up his season will be disrupted. Obviously I think he could get 20 this season but there is every chance he couldn’t and you would call him a failure. Too harsh in my opinion.

What is it with you and strikers? Yakubu offers nothing, Vaughan’s injury prone and a liability and Anichebe is the next Heskey. Get a grip lad and be realistic.
David Jones
53   Posted 16/12/2007 at 06:56:48

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I think your implied criticism of Alan Irvine is in very bad taste Tony, I rally couldn?t be bothered reading the rest after that. Yes, Preston are poor... bottom of the league prior to their win at Burnley. I think that is why he got the job Tony, are you aware how few games he has been in charge for, what do you expect?? The results have come becaue we are playing fairly well and we have had a good run of winable games, it?s no black magic. Personally I think Alan Irvine did a superb job for us and he left with my very best wishes. I have no doubt at all that he will turn around Preston?s fortunes.

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