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AZ v Oldham

By Art Greeth :  06/01/2008 :  Comments (48) :
The team that played against AZ Alkmaar that ended their record-breaking unbeaten home record in Europe was the following:

Wessels Hibbert Jagielka Lescott Valente Pienaar (Vidarsson 68) Graveson (Rodwell 79) Carsley McFadden Johnson (Vaughan 67) Anichebe

The team that played against Oldham yesterday that, for some people, is proof concrete that we have a ?crap? squad with no depth: Wessels Hibbert Jagielka Stubbs Baines (Lescott 73) Pienaar Graveson (Anichebe 62) Carsley McFadden Johnson Vaughan (Yakubu 63)

A comparison of the two games?

Defence: three out of five who started yesterday played against AZ. By the end of yesterday?s game, four of the five defenders who played against Alkmaar were on the pitch. Given the fact that Yobo is both injured and leaving for the ANC shortly, it made perfect sense to afford Stubbs and Barnes a run-out against Oldham after their injury lay-off to improve their match fitness. Taking a straw poll from this website, Baines is the preferred left back over Valente.

Midfield: player for player, exactly the same.

Attack: Vaughan for Anichebe ? both are highly regarded, so nothing too traumatic there.

As I?ve repeated elsewhere, the team sent out yesterday was more than capable of getting a result against Oldham. The changes were not so drastic as some have tried to claim that it completely disrupted the team?s cohesion. They have played together before and would have done so in training during the week. They simply didn?t perform to a standard one could have expected.

Before the AZ game, with the group secured, people on this site called for Moyes to give the second string and fringe players a run out. He did. The team won. Yesterday?s home tie offered Moyes the opportunity in our busy schedule to do the same. He did. The team lost.

People have every right to be disappointed at such an embarrassing loss, but I think too many are using it as an opening to condemn Moyes and the club, attributing to both qualities I do not recognize in either. It is as if there is a competition amongst some fans to be the most indignant as a means to demonstrate your ?True Blue credentials?. For me, it is nothing less than hysterical over-reaction.

Reader Comments

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Brian Waring
1   Posted 06/01/2008 at 11:11:19

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I can't believe how some fans can readily accept the defeat to Oldham as just one of those things. Well lads it's not just 'one of those thing's. We were beaten by a mid-table 1st division side, and at home as well. It will go down in the history books as another giant-killing cup defeat, along with Shrewsbury and Tranmere.

Also,why are the fans who have vented their anger on ToffeeWeb over this defeat getting slaughterd if they have a go at Moyes for it?At the end of the day he sends the side out, so in my opinion the buck stops with him.

Moyes has been excellent so far this season, and has deserved all of the praise heaped on him. But he should not be immune from criticism when he fucks up and, in my opinion, he fucked up big-style yesterday.

John Crawley
2   Posted 06/01/2008 at 11:45:28

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I can't believe that no one is really having a go at Stefan Wessel's performance yesterday. For me he was responsible for Oldham's goal.

Sat behind the goal, I couldn't believe he didn't get a hand to the ball. I have since watched the goal on TV and he hardly gets his feet off the ground. Top this off with dodgy kicking, flapping at crosses, and generally looking ill at ease. I've got to say that on this performance and the others I have seen I'm not sure who is worse ? Richard Wright or Stefan Wessels!!

Definitely David Moyes made a howler by not playing Howard. If he had of done I'm convinced we would still be in the cup.

James Scofield
3   Posted 06/01/2008 at 12:37:48

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I don?t think I am exaggerating to say that the performance against Oldham is one of the worst I have seen at Goodison, in particular the second half. I am a massive fan of Moyes, however, I think he appeared clueless yesterday.

To simply throw on all our strikers leaving only Carsley in midfield on his own was ridiculous. Could you imagine Manchester Utd or Chelsea in a similar situation?? I would imagine they would keep their shape and keep attempting to pass their way through a team, not simply hoofing the ball up to four strikers. Let's hope we get back to winning ways against chelsea.

Mick Simo
4   Posted 06/01/2008 at 13:39:04

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I agree this was an unacceptable defeat, I for one is from the old school, you play your best eleven, don't start with a weakend side, only to bring on your best players when your chasing a game. Start with your first choice eleven, then after an hour if your in a winning postion then bring your squad players on.

And I agree our first eleven is a match for anyone but a sqaud are not, Moyes needs to get some quality in, what happend to this Vogel?

If anyone needs a rest its got to be Carsley. I don't actually blame team selection on this defeat, I blame the players and manager for not taking this game serious enough against a team who couldn?t believe their luck when they was handed our team sheet, so I suppose team selection does come into it. But these Premier League players just don't give the respect to players in the lower leagues and putting weakend teams out will only serve to see more upsets in domestic cups. That is were I put the blame ? big time charlie Premier League players who can't get motivated against first and second division players. Pick your strongest team and have respect and you rarely see these cup upsets, maybe one but not four on the same day and still five ties to play today.

Tommy Banks
5   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:04:13

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There are two things what a pissing me off today, the first is when I hear Moyes saying he will only bring players in who are better then what we have got, bollocks Moyes, are you telling me that we cant find players better than Hibbart, Neville, Graveson, Carsley and Valente. Good servants but in my opinion not good enough. Of course there are players out there go and get them instead of making comments like that. The other thing which even pisses me off is knowing we dont have a dogs chance of winning the league, so why do we play a weakend side, because of this league cup? Come on David get it sorted, because we could be out of both cups, and a few defeats slip down the table, have you seen how tight it is from 10th up to fourth, two midfielders and a right back will do for a start oh and a winger
John Sreet
6   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:08:13

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So what?s the point of all the ?slanging? and ?whingeing?..........maybe it makes y?all feeel better....we?re out, that?s it........someone said ?how easy some of us accept it?, well if like some of you I decided that can?t accept does that help anyone!
Moyes played a decent side, good enough for the premiership........the cup throws up huge shocks always has always will, maybe it?s the ?we don?t have to try too hard? subconcious mentality of some players versus the ?chance of a lifetime? adrenalin rush of the Oldham boys...........I?ve got two words for some of you......GROW UP!
Terry Lloyd
7   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:19:25

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No John you grow up, Shrewsbury and now Oldham. Sorry mate the FA Cup was the last piece of silver we have won 13 years ago yes 13 bastard years without a sniff of a cup and if you think the league cup will cushion the blow get real, this is Chelsea not been beating in a 100 years at home. It just is not good enough for a team like Everton and unless you think the season is only 20 games, we have achieved fuck all, no top 6, no cup finals so you grow up mate and get real we have won nothing.
Jay Campbell
8   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:17:39

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Art are you at the wind up. No excuses for that yesterday no excuses. I agree with Moyes in saying that the side put out should have been good enough to win yesterday but i am annoyed that he never publicly critisied his players for that piss poor showing yesterday and he should have apologised to the fans for that defeat yesterday.

OLDHAM at home, the draw couldn’t have been kinder for us and with another 7 premier sides going out it could have been another good chance for a decent cup run.

Embarassing display from Everton Football Club and a big let down to the fan’s.

Hibbert MOM!!! What plantpot came out with that one??? The knowledge of the game from some fan’s is awful!!!
Art Greeth
9   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:03:37

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Brian Waring, I don’t believe fans are "READILY accepting the defeat to Oldham as just one of those things". Yesterday hurt. It still hurts today. But... it IS just ’one of those thing’s’. Shit happens and it happened to us yesterday.

The point I was making is that the circumstances of the AZ and the Oldham games were similar - and the teams that lined up in those two games were also similar - in that it afforded Moyes the chance to give much needed run outs to fringe or returning players. It worked against AZ. It didn’t work against Oldham.

It was totally, totally legitimate - expected
even - that Moyes would send out the line up he did yesterday. Yet in the aftermath of defeat we have had extreme postings from MANY posters questioning Moyes competence, integrity and lack of respect for supporters and the competition itself which I consider hysterical overreaction. And sorry Brian - bu I am as much entitled to that opinion as you are to rebut it.

If you construe that (as you do) - "why are the fans who have vented their anger on ToffeeWeb over this defeat getting slaughterd if they have a go at Moyes for it?" - that is your right. It is not an opinion I subscribe to.

Let me ask a rhetorical question of my own: "Why should I passively accept the extreme abuse being directed at our manager and club which I consider unmerited?"

Yes - he is the manager and yes - the buck stops with him. This he has already acknowledged, being the only representative of the club to face up to the media in the wake of the defeat.

And whilst you and others may disagree, I fully concord with his assessment (which is why my original post was written): the team he sent out yesterday should have been more than enough to beat Oldham. It wasn’t.

And as I wrote yesterday, let’s give SOME credit to Oldham on their victory. I could only follow the audio commentary of the game yesterday and at no stage did it sound as if we really got up a head of steam and really troubled Oldham. And THAT more than anything else surprised me. Given the personnel and how Moyes has set up the club these days, I don’t expect ANY Everton team to be anything less than 100% committed on the pitch... but yesterday, evidently, too many of our players simply didn’t turn up.

It was an awful defeat. But a terminal one that undermines all our season so far, that will also guarantee the remainder of our season will collapse...? Nah! I’m not prepared to subscribe to such extreme hysteria myself.
Art Greeth
10   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:32:32

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So Jay... you agree with Moyes that the side he put out yesterday should have been good enough to beat Oldham, but because I endorse exactly the same sentiment you accuse me of being on a wind up..?

Hmm... have to agree with you... "The knowledge of the game from some fan?s is awful..."
John Sreet
11   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:38:45

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Terry....I?ve supported everton for 55 years......seen a lot of stuff, small teams do this...I?m watching Burnley match Arsenal should have been one up before Arsenal always happened in the cup always will stop yer griping and get real yourself, move on man.......the team moyes put ours well capable, Man utd have been beaten by bournmouth Arsenal by yeovil.........these things happen in the cup, dunno why but they do
Trevor Thompson
12   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:38:48

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A shit result yesterday. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Oldham had a few players missing from their squad too; so we really should have won. A lot of people on here are getting moaned at for their negative remarks but I'm sure our club badge says: nothing but the best is good enough; and yesterday was surely not our best. If we had put in a good performance against them and won convincingly, then I'm sure there would be fans writing in saying what a good performance we had. So why can't we express our disgust when we have a bad result that's what football's about. Opinions.

I'm pissed off but at least we're in the Uefa Cup, Carling Cup (though I'm a little more nervous now than I would of been before yesterday) and doing well in the league.

Stefan Tosev
13   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:51:17

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you are waisting your time here, the guys have been waiting one month and 13 long games winning streak to some here and spout the usuall shit, about how mediocre Moyes is and how he has no clue,etc.

Its not worth explaining they will not get it, a game every 3 days for the past month, injuries,suspensions,fatigue - it all doesnt matter the fact is Moyes "once again fucked up".

Ah and not to forget the FM stuff with sign x,y and z player or our season is over, where the money to sign these players comes from? They dont care - expect in the of January "The Ditterer strucks agian" article here

All in all knee jerk ractions - nothing new
Lue Glover
14   Posted 06/01/2008 at 14:50:29

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Why are we all at eachothers throats? Each and every one of us saw some things from the game that others maybe didnt. I have my opinions regarding the players’ attitude, some of you might agree with them, others not. One thing everyone agrees on is that we played badly. Unable to string two passes together. Unable to cope with the constant attention of Oldham’s midfield and defenders.
I too think it’s one of the worst displays I’ve seen at GP for many a long year but it is probably due to a combination of events rather than just DM’s selection, fatigue, Olham’s excellent performance or the players performance.
I said in a response to Ken’s report of the game. The back four looked like they’d never played together before. Who was the best of a bad bunch?Possibly Hibbert but he only looked good because everyone else was so bloody awful. Pienaar looked shattered even when he was warming up. Carsley, well, if anyone deserved to be rested it was him.
I’m sorry but I’m struggling to just brush it off as one of those things, I hate my team to lose and to lose without a fight, it’s not acceptable to me but hey, I’ll get over it. I’m not blaming anyone, like I said, for me it was a combination of factors that brought about our downfall.
I tossed and turned in bed, going back in mind over the events of the day, I wonder if any of the players who took part in that show of mediocrity yesterday had trouble sleeping? They damn well should have.

Greg Murphy
15   Posted 06/01/2008 at 16:13:37

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Instead of responding with "hysterical over-reaction", I’ll let Howard Kendall - from Friday night’s Echo - do the talking for me.

"EVERTON have two significant cup ties looming in the next four days ? but there?s no doubt in my mind which is the most important . . . the first one.

"Tuesday?s trip to Stamford Bridge could put Everton on the brink of a first Wembley appearance for 13 years, but you can?t afford to think ahead.

"The next match is always the most important and Everton can?t allow the semi-final with Chelsea to divert their attention from the visit of Oldham in the FA Cup.

"David Moyes may mix his side up a little, but he can?t afford to take too many liberties against a League One side which has won its last seven away from home, including a very impressive victory at Leeds this week."
Jay Campbell
16   Posted 06/01/2008 at 17:21:13

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Art it?s the way that you portray that result as one of those thing?s so we have to accept it. No chance it was totally unacceptable. It would be wrong to condemn Moyes I think the blame lies at the feet of the players. Don?t make comparrison?s to the AZ game to that shambles yesterday. There is no comparisson.

When I was refering to fans knowledge I meant it to the one?s who say Tony Hibbert was man of the match. He was shite and offered us nothing again. Don?t twist things mate.
David Barks
17   Posted 06/01/2008 at 17:44:12

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It’s really sad how many people on this site sound exactly like those Newcastle supporters who feel they are entitled to trophy’s and it should happen now!!! It was a major upset, the team played like shit, we were missing our 3 best midfielders but still should have enough to beat Oldham. But there is a reason we actually play these games instead of just letting the media rate the players on the team sheet and decide who the winner is. Upsets happen, Blackburn got beat 4-1 yesterday, it happens. It’s terrible when it happens to your own team but for God’s sake grow up and deal with it. We have a tough first leg against Chelsea in a few days, lets hope that this loss can light a fire under the team and get them motivated to get a result in the away leg to give us hope in the return fixture. We don’t need to beat them there, another 1-1 draw would do quite nicely.
Paul Lenehan
18   Posted 06/01/2008 at 16:44:39

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I recall after the AZ match a post on this website asking for perspective and basically making the point that we have won nothing and all the optimism is unwarranted and over the top. I remember thinking it was a slightly negative post and that our optimism was justified.

Now after yesterday's debacle I again see fans going over the top. All I would ask for is a little perspective from all sides.

We have won nothing yet, but I think we all agree we have the best squad we have had in a long time (and this is not accepting mediocrity as I expect this squad to be built upon). We are still some distance off the top four but it looks like we are closing the gap. We are doing well in Europe but again its only the last 32. We have a great chance of silverware in the form of the League Cup. And yesterday was an awful result.

I think we can all agree on the above. Things are improving but defeats such as yesterday should not happen.

However, we need to try and take a step back after wins but also after defeats. It's too easy to go over the top and over-react. We have had some excellent results and yesterday was awful. I think all concerned should now focus their energy on Tuesday's game and hope the boys do the business.

I believe they will! COYB!

Mick Gallagher
19   Posted 06/01/2008 at 18:43:52

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The team that was put out should have been good enough to beat Oldham. The thing that pissed me off most was that their keeper was hardly tested. I can only remember him making one save and that was in the first few minutes from Vaughan. Shows how much we miss Arteta...
Eric Holland
20   Posted 06/01/2008 at 19:30:48

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What is wrong with these highley paid players?
Can't they play twice a week?Start your best eleven every time and then if you are in front make some changes. Just common sense me thinks.
Now if we loose to Chelsea, the last 32 of the Uefa Cup is all we have left to play for.
Art Greeth
21   Posted 06/01/2008 at 20:22:19

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Jay? since yesterday?s defeat where in ANY of my posts do I portray the result as acceptable? NOWHERE!!! That said, it is rather pointless of you or anyone to indignantly say it was ?totally unacceptable?. Jay? it is now a cold stone FACT, etched large in the record books. We lost to Oldham 1-0. We HAVE to accept that FACT.

I have clearly stated more than once that IMO the issue was not with the team selection as some have charged. My comparison to the AZ game is a legitimate one because the two starting XIs were very similar, as were the circumstances. The point of such a comparison is that yesterday?s team had more than enough quality in it to comfortably see off Oldham. What was clearly different between the two games was the performance ? or lack of ? by the players.

I continue to say that ? yes ? it was an awful defeat. But a terminal one that undermines all our good work and season so far, that will also guarantee the remainder of our season will collapse...? Nope! I simply do not accept or subscribe to such hysteria and pessimism.
John Sreet
22   Posted 06/01/2008 at 20:51:13

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The article was fine.......well written, you have to expect criticism because often positive spin is greeted and rewarded by the negatives.....those that believe we have a divine right to be succesful and never have an off day, make a pigs ear of things or just be out of sorts.......remember those last day escapes, wish I had been a visitor to this site in those days, the mails must be classics! Forget trying to justify your can?t win man!
Dick Fearon
23   Posted 06/01/2008 at 20:52:05

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If any good is to flow from the Oldham debacle it can only be a reality check for players that are a bit up themselves.
That might keep their wage demands in check but unfortunately will not improve their onsale value.

When some fans decide to vent their spleen on a particular player there is nothing that player can do to change their mind. That is why I gave up debating the merits or otherwise of individual players.

For example, Our only proven world class player is Tim Cahill.
Not long ago on this mailbox there was dozens who would have ’bit the hand’ off any club that bid for him.
Jimmy Crack
24   Posted 06/01/2008 at 21:28:19

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True that
Steven Mills
25   Posted 06/01/2008 at 21:51:23

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Granted the players picked should have won the game but take into account that about 6 or 7 players of the starting 11 have played next to no football recently!

Wessels, Hibbert, Baines, Stubbs, Graveson, Mcfadden, Vaughan and to a certain extent Johnson, have barely been in the side in the last few months for one reason or another.

They clearly werent match fit and up against a side who wouldnt allow them to ease back into the fold!

Moyes should have played Lescott instead of Stubbs or Baines and even Valente may have been a better option!

Midfield to be fair he was very short of options but it looked to be a perfect time to give Da Silva his debut! Even Neville in there would have been a better option than Graveson who should be sent back to Celtic because he’s clearly going to offer little!
John Dela
26   Posted 06/01/2008 at 23:01:48

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Pleas do not compare the AZ game to yesterdays debarcle of a lack lustre performace with bad tactics frm DM! One thing is we did not have to win at AZ, ae scored early, we were never behind! Why play Stubbs & Graveson niether match fit! Why have Anderson de silva on the bench & never used as he has been out on loan & fit. All credit to Oldham, but I am afraid we made it easy on the field & poor team selection & substitutions ending up with a 4 2 4 line up was misguided panic stricken & what a very poor no 2 Keeper we have in Wessels he flapped, his kicking was poor & was too far off his line for thier chipped goal & why did we need to rest Tim Howard? Its a big blow but hopefully a learning curve & BK needs to realise we need a winger & midfielders asp!
Les Smith
27   Posted 06/01/2008 at 22:50:48

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A good call Steven Mills

Probably the most significant factor in the way we played yesterday was the lack of match practice most of the players selected have had.

I also agree with your comment about Graveson. I am still wondering why he was brought back to the club in the first place since clearly he was going no where fast at Celtic.

Reading through the diatribe formed by the bulk of contributions posted before yours everyone appears to get blamed for our defeat by Oldham except the fans who attended the match ? that is everyone except Keith Wyness; though why he should escape I don?t know since to blame him would be no more hysterical than most of the criticism.

From my seat in the Gladys Street end of Lower Bullens all that I could hear for most of the match were the chants of the Oldham fans who did their team proud. There was hardly a peep from our fans except for one brief period in the second half.

Get real those fans who are ready to blame anyone but themselves - how much vocal support did you give on Saturday?

Our players are entitled to be given the best vocal support through every game and not just when we play Liverpool, Manchester or Arsenal.

Accept your part in last Saturday?s failure and in future give the team on the pitch your vocal support during every match.
William Golding
28   Posted 07/01/2008 at 01:27:25

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Everton need a new CM, and a new RB. We should play a 4-3-3.
Lue Glover
29   Posted 07/01/2008 at 07:20:03

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Les Smith - I pretty much agree with your comments re support but just to clarify, I sit in the LGS and at the end of half time almost came to blows with a numpty who sits a row behind me. He had given the team some terrible abuse all through the game.
I was one of the few who actually shouted encouragement and clapped as the lads went off at half time and there were a few others who did the same.
I come back from every game with virtually no voice because I DO vocally support the team from start to finish.
You’re right, there was little in the form of singing/chanting from the LGS but was there from any other part of the ground? Most people were too busy chewing their nails or developing nervous ticks to think about singing! I sit on the Church side of the LGS and notice when we’re all making a racket, those in the family enclosure look at us like we’re animals in the zoo, hardly ever join in at all. When I sat in the Paddock it was the same thing. No one joins in except on very rare occasions. The Park End has become a great place for vocal support and goodness knows, I never thought I’d be able to say THAT!
If we want to lift the team, everyone has to join in, not just the GS and the Park End. When it does happen, there is no better place and no better feeling.
We have a very hard task tomorrow and possibly an ever harder one in front of the home crowd on Saturday.
Now really is the time to get behind our team and stop all the bickering. What happened v Oldham has gone now, we need to move forward or we’re in danger of talking ourselves into being Everton FC supporters circa 2000!
Art Greeth
30   Posted 07/01/2008 at 08:15:35

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Steven Mills, you really stretch it when you claim 6 or 7 players against Oldham have played ?next to no football recently?. That can only be legitimately said of Wessels (because Howard is always going to be ahead of him), Baines and Stubbs (due to injury). Hibbert and Johnson have been regularly starters in recent games, never mind just coming on from the bench. Graveson, Mcfadden and Vaughan have also had run outs in the last couple of weeks, be it as starters or from the sub bench, so your claim is greatly exaggerated.

Given the upcoming ANC and the recent welter of fixtures, it was perfectly legitimate for Moyes to select the likes of Wessels, Baines and Stubbs to give them exactly what you say they lack ? match fitness.

Like many others, you display perfect hindsight with who SHOULD have played, criticising Moyes? selections but then playing the game yourself ? ?it looked to be a perfect time to give Da Silva his debut - even Neville in there would have been a better option than Graveson?. Is this the same Phil Neville many never wish to see play in midfield again??

John Dela, I am NOT comparing the performance or the result of the AZ game to the Oldham game? I am pointing out that the circumstances were similar, as were the team line outs. The point of my post is to refute the many suggestions on here that we fielded an under strength side. We did not. It was a side full of players capable of getting a result. During the game we field seven full internationals, for heaven?s sake.

It was perfectly legitimate of Moyes to send out the team he did, given the hectic fixture congestion we have had recently, given the upcoming ANC and given the need to freshen up the squad and give fringe and returning players the chance to gain some match fitness which you and Steven rightly point out some lacked. Or would you both rather throw them in cold at Chelsea or next weekend at home to City??

One more thing John. You tell me not to compare the AZ game to the ?Oldham debacle?, but you do just that: ?? we did not have to win at AZ, we scored early, we were never behind?. Your point being? what, exactly? Do you think if Vaughan had converted the chance in the opening meeting we would be having this inquest??

No? the team selection on Saturday was a legitimate one. Sadly, the team simply didn?t perform. And painful as it is, I am not going to get into the same boat as a few doom merchants on here who wish to say that the Oldham defeat undoes all the good work of our season so far, that it is a precursor for a total collapse for the remainder of the season, that Moyes is incompetent. It does not. It will not. He is not.
Jay Campbell
31   Posted 07/01/2008 at 08:48:31

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Art, I apolgise then mate.

The way i was translating it was you were accepting that this defeat was one of those things.

I do feel though regardless of how good our season has been so far there is no place for that kind of showing on Saturday and how can footballers on 40k grand a week lose to players on £300 a week??

I still feel that we can achieve sucess this season no problem but Moyes must let the players know that performances any where near the standard on Saturday will not be tolerrated at any point in the future.
Arthur Jones
32   Posted 07/01/2008 at 09:59:40

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The Oldham game was a poor performance and a bad result, there?s no excuse, but the worst thing we can do is to condemn our great start to the season to death on the back of one poor game. The time to judge the manager, players and the Bard will be at the end of the season. Right now we have 2 games coming up which could go a long way to decide the ultimate path our season takes. We?re capable of remaining unbeaten against these 2 opponents, the Odham game will be history by then and a springboard for the season finale.
Art Greeth
33   Posted 07/01/2008 at 10:22:13

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Jay and Arthur... agreed and agreed!!
Andy Ellams
34   Posted 07/01/2008 at 10:19:47

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What Saturday showed is how desperately short we are in midfield and I genuinely fear for us tomorrow night. It could get ugly. Gravesen is finished at the top, McFadden isn’t good enough and Carsley looks knackered. We need two more players. God I hope Cahill is fit.
Alex Richards
35   Posted 07/01/2008 at 10:31:43

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They wanted it more than we did. Repeat until Blue in the face.

Patty Beesley
36   Posted 07/01/2008 at 10:59:28

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Lue - You're a girl after my own heart. Love ya and your knowledge of the game. Who says women don?t know anything about footie!!
Stu Junno
37   Posted 07/01/2008 at 12:28:51

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DID we need to beat Alkmaar? NO
did we need to beat oldham YES

Thanks for your pointless article. Moyes needs a dose of reality ? the dickhead thinks he's Arsene Wenger all of a sudden.

i wasted another 50 quid on that shite so don't you dare defend the fucker! His tactical awareness is absolute rubbish ? Sunday league!
Benji Learman
38   Posted 07/01/2008 at 14:12:30

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The team that Moyes put out, I think everyone was excited that Johnson and Vaughan were playing; I think most people were excited to see the side play. The only thing I disagree with is he should of started Howard and Neville, we needed their experience.

I sat in the Main Stand and after the game there was some knobhead shouting for Moyes to be sacked. Anyone for shouting that after the game needs their blooddy eyes testing.

Moyesy has done amazingly this season. Since he arived, he's put us back up there, he's got the papers and pundits talking about us, leaving them thinking, "wait there Everton look a quality team now" and they're right, we are.

Saturday WAS one of those games, you cannot win them all; yes, the performance was woeful, but surely we have to give Oldham credit, they went about the game terrificly, anything can happen in the FA Cup! Come on boys, were in the semi final of the Carling Cup, we could finish top 4, and we are defo goona be in Europe next season!

I can't say I'm not upset about the game, cos I am, but there's more to the season, and we have to thank Moyes for what he has done to our club, he's put excitement back into us and I am really looking forward to the next few months! Come on you blues!

Nick Entwistle
39   Posted 07/01/2008 at 16:05:26

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The first I heared of the defeat was Motty announcing it during the Aston Villa game.
I had no change of feeling within me what so ever.
The squad is tired, and we got bigger fish to fry. Champions League is on the cards, so is the League Cup and Uefa Cup.
The FA Cup, like the League Cup only becomes important nowadays when you’re in the last 8 for FA and last 4 for the League Cup.
The BBC can preach about how the cup still has its aura of ramance yada yada blah blah but no, it doesn’t does it.
Si Harwood
40   Posted 07/01/2008 at 16:11:18

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I hurt on Saturday, I was livid, the fact that such a strong side did not commit 100% and get the result that was expected really riled me. But then this sort of result is exactly what the FA Cup is all about. Yes we "should" have won easily, but we didn?t, Oldham came with a game plan and executed it brilliantly. They scored a very good, if fortunate, goal which having been a keeper my self was not the fault of Wessels as some have stated.

This is a game that asked questions of our "back up" players, most of whom failed to step up when called up on. but I am not dwelling and reading too much in to this result, over 90 minutes anyone can beat anybody, and that is cup football.

The most important thing now is not to allow this result to undo all the good work so far, semi of a cup tomorrow, last 32 of Uefa Cup and 6th in the leauge! Does this one result mean more than any of that?

Let's keep focused and back the team for glory instead of moaning and whining about a one off game.... I hoped we had stopped that...... obviously not!

And if you know your history!
Tony Waverleas
41   Posted 07/01/2008 at 16:17:52

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" really is the time to get behind our team and stop all the bickering.." Spot on, Lue.

I would hope even DM’s sternest critics (and there does seem to be healthy competition for that particular accolade) will surely concede that so far there are way more ticks than crosses in terms of real and visible progress.

Yes, Saturday was a hefty kick in the nuts but it’s gone and it’s time to put the post mortems to bed. We should have won the game but we didn’t and now it’s history.

Onward Evertonians!
Steve Wolfe
42   Posted 07/01/2008 at 17:03:10

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Just one question for you, Art: how can you comment on a game you didn't see??? You heard it on the radio according to yourself!!!!
Art Greeth
43   Posted 07/01/2008 at 19:08:04

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Stu Junno...

Profund? Incisive?? Eloquent???

Art Greeth
44   Posted 07/01/2008 at 19:11:48

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Keep up at the back there, Steve Wolfe.

My comments were not strictly about the game against Oldham, if you did but pay close attention.

And who the hell are you to say that ONLY match day attending Blues can comment on ANY game any way...?
Steve Wolfe
45   Posted 07/01/2008 at 20:41:28

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If you did but pay close attention also Art, I didn't say go to the match! I said SEE the match!
Sean Roberts
46   Posted 07/01/2008 at 20:30:17

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Well said Art
Everyone is entitled to their opinion thats what makes these forums work!!!!!!
The game has gone now we are all dissapointed but we will all get behind the team tuesday night for what could really be a difining point in the clubs history. We didn't break the cup run record on saturday but how about this team lifting the league cup for the first time!!!!!!
Cmon the blues!!!!!!!!!
Once a blue always a blue!!!!!!!!
Art Greeth
47   Posted 07/01/2008 at 21:53:38

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So much for your hair-splitting, Steve Wolfe. Why should anyone be precluded from making any comment they wish on any topic related to Everton Football Club because they didn’t SEE a game...?

Stop digging, son... you’re already way in over your head.
Godfrey Blumenthal
48   Posted 08/01/2008 at 14:48:06

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I think the team was resting during this game for the Chelsea game. If the manager tells his team that the result of the next game is more important and to stroll in this one, miss out big tackles, pull out of 50-50’s in order to prevent injuey and just try to win a game at a walking pace if possible then the team will underperform. Then if the other team is really up for it and score a great goal just before half-time then its very hard to break them down second half, especially if you are still not getting stuck in.

Looking at the teams that dropped out of the FA cup this weekend I think it shows what little respect (or other greater concerns) teams have for the FA cup. Yes that second string should have been good enough to beat Oldham but only if they played at full steam and won second balls, 50-50’s etc. Their goal saw Carsley out of position and not straining too hard to get back. When do you see that?

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