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Looking on the bright side

By Kieran Kinsella :  06/03/2008 :  Comments (3) :
Think back to 1994 and our miracle comeback versus Wimbledon. Think back to the sad broken figure that Howard Kendall had become doing his best to sound optimistic about the future after we narrowly avoided the drop in 1998. Think about the mediocre flops like Radzinski, Short and Tyler who ridiculed us when they left to find fame and fortune elsewhere. Think of 40 year old Richard Gough's stark analysis of our predicament when he hung up his boots. Think back to the team of aged injury prone has beens named Ginola, Gascoigne and Ferguson getting thrashed in the cup quarter final by Boro. Think back to the aftermath of the first leg versus Metallist this year and all the people (myself included) clamouring for Moyes dismissal.

We have come a long way. If anyone had said to me after the first leg against Metallist that we would go on to win 7 straight and along the way beat the champions of Russia and Norway, the German cup winners and a very good Dutch team coached by the mighty Van Gaal ... I never would have believed them. If we lose this tie we will end up playing 54 games this season. When was the last time we were competitive enough to play 54 games in all competitions? For that matter when was the last time we had one player on track to score 20 goals and at least 3 others heading into double figures? Into the month of March we are level on points with the RS and serious contenders for the Champions League for the 2nd time in 4 seasons. We have done this without selling our souls to the highest bidders. Despite derision and criticism from people like me, Bill has hung onto the club and kept it in hands that care about it. Whilst people like me have demanded investment from a rich benefactor, Bill has scraped his pennies together and entrusted the team to a modest hard working Scot who has worked wonders. We all have seen what Risdale did to Leeds and more recently Cardiff and no one regards him and his chums as a goods thing any more. Al Fayed has lost interest, Shephard and Hall have packed their bags and Walker is dead. Rich benefactors don't last forever and as we have seen with the RS these days they don't even last 6 months.

I am glad that stubborn Bill kept the club in the hands of a fan. I am glad that defensive minded Davie has been given the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and gradually put a good team together. Sometimes we lose because of individual errors or corrupt referees but tonight we lost because our best players had a bad night and because we were up against a very good team. It is not over. If the RS can comeback from 3-0 in Turkey in one half then we can comeback from 2-0 at Goodison in 90 minutes. If Michael Caine and a crocked Pele can overcome a bribed referee and the might of the German nation then "we can win this" too.

Good job Bill. Good job Dave. Don't listen to miserable gits like me and just keep doing what you are doing. Is what they have achieved thus far enough? Was it enough when we won the League and CWC in 85 ? NO! It is never enough. We want more and that is what drives us and them on but let's take a moment to say "bloody good effort lads, just keep at it and you'll get there."

Reader Comments

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Paul Hardcastle
1   Posted 07/03/2008 at 15:04:16

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Really, what a load of sactimonious nonsense. We fucked up on the night and that’s all there is to it. If we are going to learn anything from it, all well and good. But to go into self-congratulatory mode at the moment of our greatest disapointment, to dwell on "The Journey" and all its lows and highs that have preceeded this for god knows how many years ? as if that somehow more than comepensates for a lousy performance in our biggest match of the season so far... well, sorry, but I say bollocks to that.

Your lame attempt at compensation is tantamount to a denial of our inadequacies ? something which most fans at least seem to recognize were cruelly exposed in this game.
Peter Radford
2   Posted 07/03/2008 at 09:04:35

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By any standards, this has been a good season for Evertonians. Apart from the FA Cup shock that was Oldham, David Moyes has provided us with some sparkling football that has brought (comparitive) success in three major competitions. Most Mondays we`ve travelled to work with a smile, more than able to counteract the barbs of our RS workmates. In all truth until very recently they`ve had little to crow about!

Last night the Euro dream all but evaporated or, at least , took a good kicking and the priority now is to cling to that fifth Premier League place come hell or high water. If that can be achieved, there would be few of us who would go into the summer without a smile on our faces. But can we expect to do better?

Given that improvement under the present regime (Moyes and Kenwright) has always been incremental, I do think we shall have to be patient. For me, the always achievable (realistic) fifth place is a must but the icing on the cake would be a domestic Cup. We all know that like Europe, these trophies rely more on the luck of the draw than real quality (Millwall got to a Final, for gawdsake!) but if Moyes can only add some nouse in `one-off`games to his already considerable tactical armoury,I`m sure it`s achievable.

Next season will be the Moyestro`s seventh in charge ? not too much to expect is it?

Neil Riddell
3   Posted 08/03/2008 at 00:40:33

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Thanks Kieran, what a great article, all true.

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