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The Truth was out there...

By Tony Marsh :  16/03/2008 :  Comments (77) :
So there we have it; another season over and once again when it comes to the buisness end of things we have come up short... if only just.

Having said that we have done a whole lot better than I ever thought possible 5 months ago but at the end of the day its the same old story isnt it?

I must hold my hand up here by the way and give David Moyes a lot of credit. Moyes has done a fantastic job this season and its a shame its had to end in this way. The Champions League next season is all but a dream now but I think it always was somehow dont you?

What I will say though is that the poxy Uefa Cup has almost certainly cost us the chance of finishing 4th in the league this season as it has drained the life out of us.. Like I said way back in September the sooner we get Knocked out the FUCKING THING the better......If only Mentalist had done us a favour way back then it might of all be so different in the PL now.

The only real purpose that the Uefa Cup has for Evertonians is that it gives some of the our fans a chance to get to a forgeign country to watch the footy and escape the wife..After that its a case of getting bevied ,singing and visiting the various pleasures of the night. Usually these pleasures have a red light outside and open later than boozers back home with scantilly clad females on offer. Say no more.

Basically the Uefa Cup is a dead loss and has has zero credibility with the big clubs or big time players. I hate the fucking thing and hope it gets disbanded very soon. What other competition can you play in and lose two games and draw one in the group stages and still go through???? Fucking joke if you ask me. Show me the money.

What has pleased me most about the second half of this season though is the way in which both the team and the manager have managed to transform themselves in to a completely different animal. It's amazing when you think about it..

What has happened and what's changed that has turned Everton from a boring ale house side with a manager who should be carrying coffins in to a vibrant energetic team with a rejuvenated Manager who actually looks like he is enjoying foootball?

My theory is that once Alan Irvine left for PNE the penny finally dropped and David Moyes had to do things on his own. Having the son of Lon Chaney pushing pieces of white paper under your nose every few seconds during games must of been a real ballbreaker for DM. How much influence on team affairs did Alan Irvine have I have often wondered?

I reckon that Alan "The Werewolf" Irvine had far greater a say in things than we ever thought possible. Since his departure Moyes has become his own man. I even started to think hoofball was dead and buried but sorry its not. Its back or it never really went away. It still rears its ugly head from time to time but then again they are all at it arent they?

Anyway forget todays result at Fulham and dont use it to gauge where we are now. The big four were always going to be the big four come the end of the season and its just one of those things. We came close and had a good go but it wasn't good enough.

We never ever get the better of the RS so I supposse we just have to take it on the chin again like we always have to do. The Frank Bruno off football is what we are.

Even during the glorious 80s we couldnt beat them when it mattered most and nothing has changed since then. Any of you out there thinking DM is capable of taking a side to Anfield in two weeks time and coming away with a victory... dream on. Our record at Anfield under DM is nearly as bad as our record at Craven Cottage under Moyes

Even Wally Smith managed a win at Anfield with the crap sides he used to send out. In fact the last time I set foot in Anfield was the Campbell game in 1999 and I refuse to ever set foot in that Kharsi again. Norwiegan Brummies do my head in.

The sad truth is we are a long way behind the big guns in the Premier League and that is proved by our record against them this season. Add to that the abysmal showing in the away leg away against Florentina [the first decent side we faced in Europe this season] and you can see where I am coming from. We are still miles off the pace.

I would honestly rather take up an invite to a Micheal Barrymore pool party than watch the RS finish in 4th again but what can we do?We didn't strenghten in January window unless Anthony Gardner is going to grow a couple of new legs this week.

Is stem cell replacement therapy use still banned in the PL or what??? If not get Gardner over to Holland now.

On the subject of the wounded and the needy where the fuck is ADVM? Are we really paying out £20k plus a week for this waste of fucking space? Please tell me he won't get any more lap dancers pregnant and use it as an excuse to bunk off training. That's an old one that ? worse than the getting spiked bullshit. Rio Ferdinand's to blame.

Its a disgrace that an Everton footballer is more famous for shagging, taking drugs, bunking off training and taking the piss out of our great club than he is for his on-field activities.

I never for a minute believed Mo Johnson was the one who recomended ADVM to David Moyes as the next Peter Beagrie but then again Beagrie couldn't half drive a Moped couldn't he? What the fuck is ADVM good at????

What's required next by DM is a totally ruthless culling of the deadwood if the mythical next level is ever to be reached. Osman, Neville, Carsley, ADVM etc need to be shown the door. Nothing personal mind you it's just that they are not good enough for where we want to be in the coming seasons. No doubt they are good servants of the club but as footballers they dont cut the mustard anymore. Watching these play together in midfield is like wacthing your 4th selection in a yankee dip when the other three have won. You get more money back than you originally staked but if only that 4th Bastard had won it would of been happy days.

What a twat; if it wasn't for bad luck Evertonians wouldn't get any luck at at all . COYBS.

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Peter Bourke
1   Posted 17/03/2008 at 01:46:10

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Tony, the last time i checked the season hadn?t finished. Lucky you have a crystal ball and are able to predict what will happen in the future. I would be interested to know if you follow the horses as my bank balance is a little low at the moment.
But other than that your post had some good points. I think there are some players that have had their fair chance to show if they are good enough and maybe it is time to show them the door. I agree with you about Shandy Andy.
Alisdair Denny
2   Posted 17/03/2008 at 04:47:55

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So it wasn’t Moyes fault after all, it was Alan Irvine. I’ve heard it all now.

By the way, have you looked at Liverpools next 3 games? Man Utd, us and Arsenal. We have WHU and Derby - both at home.
I am confident of at least 7 points, Liverpool will be lucky to get 3. Puts us back in the driving seat and we only have one game a week until the end of the season. I know you have been waiting patiently for us to lose a game so you can post again (I thought it would have been after the Fiorentina game) but to say our season is over is stretching things a bit. Just a little bit.

Here’s a thought - I believe you are a season ticket holder. Since you reckon our season is over, why don’t you offer it to the person who (in your opinion) comes up with the best response to your post?
Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
3   Posted 17/03/2008 at 06:27:44

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"Another season over"?

Sorry, Tony, I stopped reading after your first sentence. Yes, we were shit yesterday and, no, we haven?t played consistently as well as we did during that 13-game unbeaten run since before Christmas but to say the season is over after one bad game is ridiculous.

You could well be proved right come the end of the season and we could "only" finish fifth but we?d all have taken that at the start of the campaign so in what context is the season "over"?
Jason Lam
4   Posted 17/03/2008 at 07:24:08

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Bloody hell you give auditors a good name. Good try with the ADVM but no sympathies from this blue.
Jay Campbell
5   Posted 17/03/2008 at 08:23:56

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Moyes made a total fuck-up of that yesterday. Bringing on Hibbert when Johnson had to go off was a fuckn disgrace in my book.

Don?t want to hear those sort of comments from a Everton manager either "Liverpool are favourites and always were"

Shithouse attitude if you ask me.

Tony as you said he needs to be ruthless now, all top managers are. Wenger, Taggart, Mourinho just fucks anyone off if they are not up to the job simple as that.

Moyes has been great this season but I thought that he had sacked those daft decisions like the one he made yesterday.

Neville, Hibbert, Carsley, Osman should all be shown the door in the summer coz if you think these players belong at a club like Everton then i?m sorry you don?t know fuck all about football. You will never do anything as a football team with those type?s of player in your side. God knows what Moyes see?s in them.

Totally pissed off again!!!

At the time when we needed players to stand up an be counted they have bottled it again end of story. Too many of them go hiding.

Peter Clarke
6   Posted 17/03/2008 at 08:32:29

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You?re only allowed to critisize the team or the manager if you do it ceaselessly Tony, you have to do it after ever game. Then and only then will your points be valid.

On a more serious note I think TM was trying to say that we are not in the race for 4th after the pathetic loss to fulham, and he is absolutely right. Bring on next season, a few quality signings could and should bring us a trophy then.
Chris James
7   Posted 17/03/2008 at 08:38:49

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Wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start, but I’ll just pick up on three points.

Firstly it’s been abundantly plain to every pundit, reporter and indeed Everton staff member that success in the UEFA cup has gone hand in hand with our impressive league form, allowing players a little more freedom to try stuff, allowing Moyes to vary set ups and rotate players and generally breeding a massive amount of confidence. Sure the defeat against Fiorentina clearly affected our performance against Fulham with players mentally and physically exhausted, but you surely have to equally consider how our stroll against Brann put us on a high to help overcome City a few weeks back.

Secondly, as Lyndon pointed out, the season isn’t quite over yet is it? Sure Liverpool are in great form and it’s no longer solely in our own hands, but with 8 games to go there’s still a decent opportunity, it just means we have to beat them at Anfield.

Oh and to say that Alan Irvine was effectively running the squad is quite frankly nonsense. Moyes isn’t perfect, but he certainly knows his own mind.

As you managed to temper your return rant with some mildly positive points I’ll return the favour and stop short of labeling your doom-saying as self-agrandising, I told you twaddle.

Whilst it is oddly reassuring to have you back and your controversy-baiting forthrightness can certainly be entertaining, considering the way that your expert opinions only seem post-worthy when we’ve put in a bad shift, I hope you’ll forgive me when I say that I’d rather we didn’t hear from you again till the end of May.

COYB, it’s not over yet!
Michael Hunt
8   Posted 17/03/2008 at 09:03:14

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Your ’I told you so’ rant wears pretty fucking thin Tony. We were shite at Craven Cottage, but since the little curly one (greatest of them all) scored our last winner at that game we always have been! Not that I like it anymore than you though, and next season (if they are still in the prem) I’m confident we’ll win there. It was no surprise really yesterday though as Fulham are fighting for their lives and had a fitter and fuller squad at their disposal (in what was a ’do or die’ game for them arguably moreso than for us).
To call the season over with 8 games to go is a disgrace, it actually looks like your prophesing doom is gleeful in order to vindicate your constant fucking pessimism.
Thank fuck you ain’t going to the anfield derby, the boys will need voiciferous and optimistic passion from the blue hordes urgiing us on to a crucial victory! Belief is half the fucking battle Tony, that fuck you are nowhere near the boys in the royal blue jerseys. COYB!
James Corbett
9   Posted 17/03/2008 at 09:44:48

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You are off your head, Tony.

I was wondering why we’d heard nothing from you in 2008; could it be because we were undefeated in the league?

No one is making excuses after yesterday’s rubbish performance but you.

As for your comments about VDM: most of them are libellious. I hope he sues your miserable ass.
Colin Grierson
10   Posted 17/03/2008 at 08:55:42

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I’m as disappointed at our terrible display as everybody else. However, I must give credit where it is due. As poorly as we played yesterday, there was another team involved and despite their league position I think their players showed what a bit of organisation can do to a bottom have PL team.

Bullard, konchesky and in particular Andreasan played with more guile and determination than any of our players. They were first to the ball and did an excellent job of organising their midfield defensively. At this stage of the season in particular, players of lesser clubs start playing survival football. Fair play to Fulham and their supporters (who made a lot of noise). Wasn’t it a fuckin nap that McBride would get his first goal since August against us!

Look around at the other results from the so called big 4. No convincing wins even though they too played lesser opponents. Its the business end of the season and it gets tough for everybody.

That said, I agree about getting rid of some of our consistent non-performers. Neville simply isn’t good enough at the very top level. As far as Hibbert goes, you can only have potential for so long and his chance has come and gone. Carsley is knocking on a bit. We need to replace him with someone who can do the same role as far as breaking up opposition play, but can also lay the ball off to ball players and collect it from our defenders so we can stop Jagielka, in particular, from wellying the fucking thing, Peter Kay style, ’down the channel’. AJ occasionally makes it look like a decent ball but its shit really and we all know it.

Osman however, I believe doesn’t deserve to be grouped with the others. I think if he is given the chance he could be a valuable part of the squad. I agree that there are better players around in his postion than him but I am also aware that if we have to replace the other three that this will cost a few bob. We dont have the money to make wholesale changes Bringing in quality relpacements for all of those that leave will be costly. On this basis Osman should be the last to be replaced.

The season is not over yet FFS! Even when it is and whatever the outcome of the remaining games its been a good one as far as I’m concerned. I for one think that the UEFA cup is a valid competition. In some ways its more valid than the so-called Champion’s League with the 4th placed PL team involved. If we finish 4th what the fuck does that make us Champions of?

Anyway, keep positive. Some things in life you can be excused of. One bad game doesn’t always equal shit team, you can play like we did at home to Fiorentina for the rest of the season and its all forgotten. However, if you suck just one cock...
Dave Whitwell
11   Posted 17/03/2008 at 09:33:45

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Where has all the criticism of Osman come from, he was outstanding on Wednesday as he has been on a number of occasions this season, to say he needs shipping out is ludicrous, yes maybe we need more midfielders to challenge the first team but surely he still has an effective place in the squad.

With regard to Hibbert this lad is a great defender all be it he can?t pass and is shit going forward, however there are games i.e. both games against Man City where he can be really useful, so again I would agree that he shouldn?t start every game but he should remain part of the squad.

The problem with Phil Neville is that he is the Captain, and that?s why Moyes won?t take him off or drop him, not that being captain should stop that but until he is relived of these duties he will never be dropped, unlike Hibbert though I?m not sure where he fits in. He does have a wealth of experience but then most of our guys are getting that now. He is better than Hibbert going forward although not much and I would say that Hibbert is a better defender, therefore I would argue we need an attacking RB, keep Hibbert for those defensive requirements and get rid of Neville. Potential Captains: Carsley, Lescott, Cahill although my shout would be Jags.

I think the biggest problem for Moyes is not the individuals but the correct mix, clearly we can all see that there are a number of players we have that can?t pass, whilst you might be OK with one or two of those when its more than half the team you are always going to have a problem. On that note though there were a number of times yesterday when Yobo and Jags were on the ball and clearly looking for a short pass, but no one was offering so in the end they went long.

Therefore if it were me I would get rid of Neville but keep the rest and add another 2/3 players (but the new guys must be ball players!)
Andy Morden
12   Posted 17/03/2008 at 10:34:46

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Wow, I knew the crack heads would be out after today! 1 poor result and the vultures are circling. Irrational, totally irrational reactions. Nothing is said when things are going well, but once a dip occurs the detractors are out waving the "I told you so" flags. This to me suggests an axe to grind rather than there being a degree of constructive criticism. Perhaps we should wait until the season end before declaring this season a failure?
Dan McKie
13   Posted 17/03/2008 at 10:33:08

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What a crap and defeatest article once again from Tony Marsh who has said sod all for months but then says "I told you so" after 1 bad week! We have not lost the race for 4th, in fact next week I fully expect us to be back level with the shite!

I didn't agree with the sub yesterday of bringing on Hibbert, I think Baines left, Pienaar right and Arteta centre would have been a better option but with the way most of the players were playing yesterday, that probably wouldnt have made any difference! Back on track next week with us doing West Ham and Man U doing us a favour! COYB!!

Damian Wilde
14   Posted 17/03/2008 at 10:26:49

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I am astounded at that post. You?ve got some thinking errors going on there e.g. catostrophising, generlisation, filtering. I completely agree that yeterday?s performance was disgraceful. I was furious. It was one of the worst displays I have seen in a long time. Osman, Yak, Piernaar, Arteta were dreadful. It was beyond believe. They gave away so much possesion and created nothing. But to say the season is over is just ridiculous. It does not look as good now, but we still have a chance. All we can do is wait and see what happens.

As for the Uefa Cup, I don?t know about the rest, but I have really enjoyed the competition this season. It?s added a bit of variety and excitement to the season, rather than just the usual cup games. I went a number of the games (many home, one away - Alkmaar) and enjoyed most. And I didn?t visit a brothel, so don?t try to label us all. Ye, the odd one was crap e.g. Zenit, but you?ll always get that. It hasn?t made us much money, but every penny counts to a club that isn?t that well off! I think it has given us good European experience. You say we should get rid of it, where would Everton be then? This season we would not have been in Europe. Would you rather sit at home and watch Correy then be involved in European competition? If we?re good enough for the Champions League, great, if not, then the Uefa Cup it is. I?ll tell you what, let?s not bother entering the League or FA Cup so then we can concentrate on 4th.

You mentioned that Fiorentina played us off the park, is that the same Fiorentina that we absoluely battered over 120 minutes and were unlucky not to beat 3 or 4 - 0?? Anyway, if we are so shit why would you have wanted us to finish 4th?? We?re way off the pace remember???

Some of the players mentioned (to get rid of) - fair enough. Osman, I?m sorry, but I think he is a good player and I want him to stay. So Jay, does that mean I know fuck all about football? I could say you know fuck all about football and many other things, but I don?t, so ease off on your forceful views.

I tell you what, I was really down after yesterday?s game, but I?m glad I wasn?t in the company of certain people! FFS.
Paul Niklas
15   Posted 17/03/2008 at 11:05:21

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To be fair to Tony, the only part of his comments that are wrong is the season is not over.

We beat West Ham, need everyone available. and they lose to United we go to the derby with a chance for all including Moyes to really prove we are a top team.

So lets hope.

Will Cahil br there is my question, last time he went same thing happened injured for a couple of games prior to leaving got himself fit for us for one game before leaving and went to Quatar.

Same again missing for two games will be fit for saturday then go off to Australia with a mad rush to get back in a week that preparation is fundamental to beating them.

The game could be saturday yet which will make it tougher for him.

Tony, bang on re the rest, Neville, carsley, Osman and that idiot Hibbert need to be removed asap.

sorry your wrong about the euefa cup also, we did well unfortunatley due to the creative and forcefulness of our wonderful central idfield ( Carsley and Nevile) we lost it in Italy.

Plus hibbert and his pass to them that started the attack for the first goal.

As yesterday when he was totally out of position for their goal.

What the Fuck was he doing in their penalty box when they were flying down the wing to score.

He is good defensively and shocking going forward, so why is he up there.

why because he thought he was a winger yesterday due to Artetas absence from the game.

We can still get 4th but we need the second raters to step up to the plate particularly when the so called stars are missing or shit on the day.

Cahil, arteta, Pienaar, even lescott has notplayed well for a couple of games but he is allowed a couple.
Peter Bourke
16   Posted 17/03/2008 at 12:03:43

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@Paul Niklas.
Get your facts right. Cahill went to Australia to play against Qatar, not to Qatar. If he goes this time it is to China not Australia.
And to say Cahill,Peanut, Arteta and lescott have not played well for a couple of games is the most ridiculous statement of all time. What planet are you on?? Did you watch those mentioned against City and Portsmouth or Fanta. Obviously not.
Have your opinion sure, but get your facts right and don?t make a complete goose of yourself with statements that are total crap.
Paul Gladwell
17   Posted 17/03/2008 at 12:21:19

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Our run in the UEFA Cup has done us a load of good in terms of experience and confidence, so to say we should of went out against Kharkiv is utter shite, yes looking at the injuries now may be a blessing in disguise in our bid for fourth, but that run has made our players have a bit more belief in themselves.
Damian Killikelly
18   Posted 17/03/2008 at 12:30:09

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Good post Tony. Disagree with the vast majority of it but you’ve put some balance into it which is what most people have been calling for from you so fair play.

The joy of forums like this is that it is allowed for people to have totally different opinions.

Am a bit conflicted at moment as want us to finish 4th obviously but would prefer to be in the UEFA cup partly because I think we can win it and partly because I despise everything the "Top 4" League stands for.

Think that either we have to win the derby now to get 4th or hope that Torres and or Gerrard gets injured (both still possibilities). Without those two players they are mid table at best.
Brian Williams
19   Posted 17/03/2008 at 13:05:32

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I totally agree with Ryan Jones..and....Tony you should be a RS supporter..........there, can’t think of a worse insult to give him!!!
Paul Caslin
20   Posted 17/03/2008 at 13:33:43

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Utter nonsense as ever Tony!!

The Uefa Cup does wonders for any club who's in it, it puts them on the European map. Attracts players, more fans etc etc etc.

Peter Roberts
21   Posted 17/03/2008 at 12:59:34

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Sorry Tony, but you?re once again way off the mark here.

I want to draw on a particular line in your argument that goes along the lines of devaluing the UEFA Cup "What other competition can you play in and lose two games and draw one in the group stages and still go through"?

Well, Tony, to answer your question, it?s called the Champions League. Just take a look at Liverpool?s results after three games in their group, and now look where they are. Your devaluation of the UEFA Cup has bordered from the sublime to the ridiculous.

And I?m not even going to comment on the knee-jerk reaction of the "Season?s over" jibe - because we all well know it?s not. If it was, we?d be in Europe once again, but we?re still not certain of that with Pompey and Villa breathing on our neck-hairs.

That?s all I really want to say - anything else would be regurgitating the same old, same old. But I?d also like to know where you sit so I can avoid the surrounding ten seats in future and thus not be within earshot of you.
Wayne Smyth
22   Posted 17/03/2008 at 13:22:00

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@Paul Niklas:

Carsley has been the bedrock upon which our good season has been built; consistent performances every game. Got us out of the shit so many times. If hes not played well, its usually because we have another defensive midfielder playing next to him. He will be important to us again next season.

Tony Hibbert has rightfully taken criticism in the past due to his performances, mainly because his passing was shit. However, on the basis of the last couple of games hes played, he actually looks a much better player, passing accurately to feet and trying to get forward more.

For the fulham goal, yes he was out of position, but at the time we were attacking and we had carsley covering. Sadly cars didn’t have the pace to keep up and stop the cross, but I dont see that as hibberts fault.

If he didn’t get forward he’d be criticised for being one-dimensional and only good at defending, and when he does get forward and is at the by-line people give him shit because they score from a counter attack when it plainly can’t be hibberts responsibility to be defending.

Leon Osman I’m starting to think is probably more suited to European football than playing in a midfield 4 in the prem as the vast majority of his good performances have been in Europe. Probably not strong enough to be in the 1st 11 if we want to be regular top-4 material, but certainly a versatile and willing squad player to add depth.
Paul Niklas
23   Posted 17/03/2008 at 14:02:18

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Peter Bourke.

The geoography lesson I dont need, it is the principal argument that matters.

he will be potentially way and it does not help the team.

watching games well I would like to compare if you like, I was at every one of them home and away.

I said a couple of games ( premiership)
Lescott has not played that well bt his standard.

Carsley has been great all season, but its now we need him to be greater and yes with Neville in midfield its a joke.

What game recently apart from Fiorentina has Arteta played well in.

Piennar has been belowpar.

Its my opinion yes but I am entitled to it.

Wayne smith-" it cant be Hibberts responsibility to defend".. Your having a laugh thats all he can do and he did not do it.

You answered your own question with most of your response.

I dont know what passing your seeing from hibbert improving it just gets worse.

Bottom line- poor performance yesterday particularly as Arteta and Yakuba stated before the game they were well up for the win and not affected by midweek.

We have a major suad problem , midfield is the area that we have lost in europe and yesterday the same, compounded by players who are clearly not good enough. Hibbert. The rest the jury is out.

Cahil we need but again I find myself cinically questioning his motives for being out of the last two very important games.

I pretty much gaurantee he will be fit for Saturday to justify the trip to whereever, only to potentially screw up planning for the derby.

James Marshall
24   Posted 17/03/2008 at 14:29:43

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Awful piece Tony, really mate, one of your worst. To say that the only thing Evertonians got out of travelling arounf Europe was ’time away from the missus’ is really only a small window into perhaps your own life - some of us love spending time with their other halves!

Can I also point out that the RS next 3 games are Utd away, us at home and Arsenal away - we have West Ham at home, RS away and Derby at home - now correct me if I’m wrong but that gives plenty of scope for us being 4th after that sequence of games don’t you think?!!
Paul Niklas
25   Posted 17/03/2008 at 14:38:55

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By the way Peter, you must have forgot, Arteta did not play against Man City or Portsmouth.

Pedantic, I know, but no more than the geographical distance between Quatar and Australia and China.

Tony Williams
26   Posted 17/03/2008 at 14:37:43

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How do Tony!

Shock to see you here but I am more shocked at your article. It is quite mild for you and does have some valid points.

I worry that the season is over but if it is, I will settle for 5th place as it is still an improvement on last season and we have had two decent cup runs.

I disagree with the stick that HIbbert is getting and I asked in another thread if anyone has the sats for his successful passing yesterday, as I reckon it will be a lot higher than anyone thinks.

I used to have a go at Carsley a few seasons ago but what do I know?

Yestday was down to fatugue and once again Lady Luck pissing on our chips.

If only Vic wasn’t injured, if only Johnson’s groin was ok, if only we got the penalty for the eugby tackle on Lescott, if only Yobo would have issed the cross, as Jags had it covered...if only.....if only.

There are plenty of excuses for yesterday but in the end we were poor yesterday and Fulham wanted it and more importantly needed it more.

Tony possibly you are mellowing in your old age but you still get the board buzzing...keep it up.

Tony Waverleas
27   Posted 17/03/2008 at 14:39:21

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So, on the one hand the Uefa Cup is a dead loss yet on the other even Tony Marsh acknowledges the transformation ot the team during our great run in that very competition; although quite how he fails to see the connection between the two (or simply chooses to ignore it) I do not know.
Although maybe when you only choose to see the things that confirm your worldview perhaps it shouldn’t surprise me.
A thoroughly mean-spirited and meritless article from you Mr Marsh and one that I’ve no doubt you’ve been hardly able to contain yourself from posting for months.
kev prytherch
28   Posted 17/03/2008 at 15:11:50

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Anyone else wish we still had Mcfadden. Why exactly did we need that £5mil?? If we were serious about the champions league we would have made that from the tv revenue, instead we’ve pocketed money and left us with a depleted squad. Even Anderson Da Silva would have been an option, fresh legs at least. We’re never going to challenge consistently and in more than one competition unless we improve the squad, not deplete it.
James Crolla
29   Posted 17/03/2008 at 15:03:15

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I know Tony gets stick on this site but I applaud his passion.

Lets face it every one feels down after the Fulham game but the run couldn’t last for ever considering the size of our squad, and here lies the problem and where I fully agree with Tony. Our inability to strengthen in Jan will probably cost us in the race for 4th - not definitely Tony but PROBABLY!

I do think one of your most controversial comments was suggesting Osman is not good enough, despite previous posts in recent weeks I have to agree - he is just not strong or quick enough in todays game.

Can we win at Anfield, I doubt it but I’m still dreaming! COYBs

By the way still laughing at your suggestion that watching Liverpool getting 4th would come second to an invite to a Barrymore pool party - BRILLIANT!
Stefan Tosev
30   Posted 17/03/2008 at 15:42:35

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"We never ever get the better of the RS so I supposse we just have to take it on the chin again like we always have to do. The Frank Bruno off football is what we are.

Even during the glorious 80s we couldnt beat them when it mattered most and nothing has changed since then. Any of you out there thinking DM is capable of taking a side to Anfield in two weeks time and coming away with a victory... dream on."

Should I say more...that goes along the lines "I hope we get relegeated" when we didnt use Howard against MU and his Euro predictions
Jon Wallace
31   Posted 17/03/2008 at 16:25:31

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That is worst article I've ever read! Get a grip Tony lad. Moyes is giving us the best seasons we've ever had. And the likes of Carsley and Osman are a credit to the club.
Paul Daly
32   Posted 17/03/2008 at 16:26:18

Report abuse the webmaster I stopped reading after the first paragraph. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re complaining. If that what makes you happy fine. Such a miserable quiter’s attitude with 8 games to go is not what most Evertonians or Everton Football Club are about. If David Moyes or the players subscribed to this attitude we’d want them fired, but I guess we can’t fire a fellow fan, however morose and wrong-headed. I’m not a medical man but you check and see if you aren’t clinically depressed. Seriously.
mark lyth
33   Posted 17/03/2008 at 16:58:44

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Where have you been? Just shut the fuck up and go back to where you’ve been hiding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Eastoe
34   Posted 17/03/2008 at 16:55:06

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A defeat and you spring out of the woodwork like the aroma of a decaying corpse !
Spouting your usual shite of course. don’t like the UEFA cup. We do. By WE I mean 905 of Evertonians. Watxhing is win 7 straight games in Europe was fine by me. I would probably be happy again the the UEFA cup next season as I don’t think we’d get far in the Champions league yet.
Alan Irvine is a shite manager then. Funny how Preston have pulled away from the bottom 3 since he took over ?
Why don’t you do us all a favour Tony and take your gloom and doom to some other forum ?
Tony Marsh
35   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:13:55

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Oh Dear a few dummies being spat out because I dare to question the credibilities of our side of actually achieving anything.This is the best side we have had for over 20 years and yet we are no nearer winning anything as we were under Wally Smith.Barnsley and Cardiff have more chance of liftng sliverware than us at the moment and that just about sums it up.All I was trying to say is we blow it big time when the real buisness starts.Chelsea inthe semis,Florentina on pens and now a feeble capitulation aginst the leagues whipping boys.The trouble is I get as carried away as some of you lot when we roll over some Norwiegan pub team 6-0.
Its 6 years and counting for Moyes and his team to deliver.It will soon be 7
Ajamu Mutumwa
36   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:10:39

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So here we go again.

Another defeat, another Tony Marsh knee jerk article. How fucking predictable.

Our season is over so Tony says, so we are playing the last 8 games for fun then?

I have to say once again, constructive criticism I can take. This personal wank fest I can’t.

Tony, for someone to accuse you of being a RS fan is an insult to the RS. It really is.

Only one club is fit for your type of "analysis" and that has to be Newcastle. Their fans invented the word fickle, and you opitomise the sort of self important, beer belly no nothing that opitomises their typical fan base.

You are an Everton fan, I just wish you weren’t.

Arthur Seacrest
37   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:31:29

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Bi-polar disease is a serious condition that affects many people in different ways.

Most familiar is the experiencing of dramatic highs and exasperating lows.

I could never regard myself as anything more than a cod psycholoist, but is anyone else seeing a pattern here.

I think people should be a bit more considerate to Tony and his potential afflictions.
Jon Wallace
38   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:37:53

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Tony you are a complete and utter bellend! We havent blown 4th just yet if you would like to check the league table i think you would see there is 8 games left.
We lost on pens to an italian team who we played off the park for 120 minutes aint no shame in that.
Do everyone a favour Tony and F*ck off!
Paul Niklas
39   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:32:23

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Now guys lets stop all this, some of you are accusing Tony of things most of you at some time have said or thought.

His post is at best ill timed or maybe exactly the right time.

Some points are valid some not and some ludicrous, but in the main no worse than I have seen from others at times including points I have made that I am happy to be proved wrong about if it means Everton improvement.

We Hvae had a relatively tremendous season.

We can improve with more players and more money no doubt.

We can still get 4th spot, I was pissed after yesterday and felt it was all over but lokk at the position we are in, Liverpool will slip up also, we have to capitalise when they do starting this weekend.

The Derby might give a phycological benefit to one team but it wont settle it.

I have visited a few sites before a wrote this to look at what others are saying about their teams including one awful RS site.

They have nothing to say worth reading with certainly no depth or passion to it.

So lets give Tony a break, he says what he feels and good luck to him because he has this wonderful forum to do so.

I now hope that by the end of the season Everton and Moyes prove to him that he is wrong, like we all do.

This site would not be the same without wrong, right,ludicorus, silly views.

What threads would exist without them.

Fourth is for the taking, how often have we been ablet o say that of late.

Hibbert still has to go though or we are all doomed.

leave you with that.
Tony Waverleas
40   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:38:36

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Tony, you say you want progress and success, well good for you - it’s what we all want, my friend, so join the queue.
The difference between you and the rest of us is we can all see the progress being made by David and his players. You, on the other hand, see only failure and the subsequent confirmation of the negative view you take. Your glass, to use a cliche, is always half-empty, isn’t it?
And the really sad thing, Tony? I suspect you’d rather see us fail than succeed because it then validates the way you perceive Everton.
Sad, Tony. Really, really sad.
Tony Marsh
41   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:44:23

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Jon Wallace why the hostility mate.I was told time and time again before this season kicked off that this would be Moyes,s defining year.Yet again we fall at the final hurdle and yet again the trophy cabinet is bare.Mickey Mouse teams willbe running out at Wembley next month why arent we?If any of you are still deluded enough to think we will over haul the RS now then you might as well carry on singing Were Going To City Twice.
Thom Coleman
42   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:51:58

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Tony, you say it’s 6 years and nothing delivered!
Are you really that dense?
The first 2 years were spent trying to overhaul a weak and aged squad. Journeymen galore springs to mind!

Unfortunately, it has been a rocky and bumpy road at times, but the squad is much better than it has been for a long time and that is a fact!

If you think we have not progressed, I suggest you take up another sport pal, as your whining about our current predicament is wide of the mark and ill informed.

Were have you been since 1995? In some sort of coma?

Why do you bother? If you cannot realise that luck plays a massive part in any cup competition, then you are even more stupid than your nonsense rants suggest!

We have gone from being near certain relegation candidates every season, to one that has actually qualified for the CL tournament, and look very close to doing it again. How many other clubs can say that in the premier league? A big fat none!! Spurs got close, but no dice.

Stop using any old tired excuse for a pop at Moyes. It is tiresome and boring.

Paul Niklas
43   Posted 17/03/2008 at 17:54:45

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Tony, it might not be a defining year for Everton.

I for one had no belief we would win one of the cups that feeling only comes after a win and who you think you might beat after the draw.

Europe: we did well, could have been better, tactically lost it in Florence ? simple as.

League: I would have taken the chance of getting 4th at this stage particularly a two-horse race, when everyone else was predicting the other great pretenders Spurs to be the main challenger.

I say all this despite my already made feelings about the likes of Hibbert.

Defining year for Moyes... definitley so, everyone else will have him up there as potential manager of the season and believe he has the potential to manage the likes of Man U.

So for him its defined, on that basis will he want to plough his trade somewhere else. There will be plenty of takers.

How is that for definition of this season?

John Charles
44   Posted 17/03/2008 at 18:00:56

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Tony, the Uefa Cup run could prove invaluable. If we go make the champions league this seaosn or the next couple then we have now DRAMTICALLY improved our uefa co-effificient rating meaning we have a good shot at being a seeded team in the qualfying round draw.

It also means that if its Uefa cup next season again we get an un-seeded team in the first round.

This season's Uefa Cup run has been invaluble both in terms of experience, knowledge and co-efficient.

Your opinions and views are ? as ever ? severely limited and over the top.
Tony Marsh
45   Posted 17/03/2008 at 18:09:07

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OMG cant you people read? I am not having ago at Moyes here I am simply saying that we are not good enough and we are definetly not as good as some of you think we are. We have a lot of mediocre players who get carried by the decent ones. Too much deadwood and too many lightwieghts to push on with. What the fuck is the problem you bunch of whinging girls. No one is allowed to post unless they live in cloud fucking cuckoo land in which Everton will beat Liverpool 4-0 next month finsih 4th win the CL next season blah blah fucking blah.


James Corbett
46   Posted 17/03/2008 at 18:33:18

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Tony wrote: ’This is the best side we have had for over 20 years and yet we are no nearer winning anything as we were under Wally Smith.’

Oh yeah?

Walter Smith had a load of over-the-hill cronies after one last pay packet; we have a hungry young team, who are still learning, still improving.

Okay, no excuses for Oldham, but bit by bit we’re getting there. The days that bad sides became good overnight are long gone. It takes years to evolve a decent side. We’re getting there, we will get better.

Knee jerk morons jumping up and down every time a result doesn’t go our way is not just counter productive, it’s RS behaviour of the worst sort.
Paul Gladwell
47   Posted 17/03/2008 at 19:01:11

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norwegian pub team taking Rosenbergs place in the champions league next year with Kharkiv and St petersburg .
Connor Rohrer
48   Posted 17/03/2008 at 18:34:39

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"I am simply saying that we are not good enough and we are definetly not as good as some of you think we are."

Not good enough for what Tony? We’ve had an excellent season, we’ve kept close to Liverpool all season and there are still 8 games to go. Did you expect us to win the League? If you did then your the one living on cloud cuckoo land. The fact is that if we finish 5th its a sign of progression. We finished 6th last season without having any cup runs whatsoever. This season we could finish 4th/5th, we’ve been to the semi finals of the carling cup and we’ve also progressed well in the Uefa cup. Thats progression mate whether you like it or not. Rome wasn’t built in a day and things take time. The fact that we are getting better is an encouraging sight to see.

"We have a lot of mediocre players who get carried by the decent ones.To much deadwood and to many light wieghts to push on with."

Of course we do but so does every team. At the end of the season if given money Moyes will improve on some players and we will hopefully push on even more. But at the moment we’ll have to continue with what we have and finish the season strongly.

Those so called lightweight players have been key this season. The likes of Osman, Pienaar and Arteta have improved the football dramatically. Its still not perfect obviously and we still need to cut out the odd long ball but its alot better than the shite we had to watch for 3/4 of the season last year. Again progression on the football pitch.

The fact of the matter is where doing alot better than the teams we are supposed to be competing with. The likes of Portsmouth, West ham, Aston Villa, Man City etc are all behind us despite spending more money than us and not having the distraction of European football on there hands. The fact that the red shite actually believe there competing with us shows how much we’ve improved this season. Hearing the likes of Jamie Carragher, Ian Rush, John Aldridge, Steven Gerrard and Phil Thompson admit this brings a smile to my face.

Why do you thing people are acting bitchy with you and moaning? Your posts are a load of negative bollocks and they only come after a loss. If your posts where more balanced then maybe you’d get some respect but the fact of the matter is you don’t.

When I read your posts all I see generally is a person who has a problem with Everton football club and David Moyes.
Tony Marsh
49   Posted 17/03/2008 at 19:48:22

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The trouble is Connor we have too many fans like you who actually think Osman is a good player. He can't tackle, has no pace, can't beat a man, gets pushed off the ball easier than a 10-year-old and against the big teams is totally anonymous buts that's ok as long as he can pass 4- and 5-yard balls every now and again.

Neville is another waste of space who is woeful when on the ball just like Hibbert but still you think they are good enough. Is it any wonder we are failing to take advantage of Liverpool's average season and claim 4th place? Hey but who cares ? we are improving year by year the only problem with that scenario is that the RS wont be shite much longer and we will get left behind. I dont think there are many of you out there who if there life depended on it would pick Everton over the RS finishing 4th this season 8 games left or not.

Liverpool have this horrible knack of getting results when they matter and bet against them getting something from Old Trafford at the weekend. Its frustration that's doing me in, knowing full well we have left a couple of shots out on the course to use a golfing term.

John Charles
50   Posted 17/03/2008 at 20:26:52

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So Tony,

may I ask in regards to a situation like Osman what do you propose?

Who should we buy?
For how much money?
For how much wages?
and where is the money coming from?

I think its clear we needed to add two more midfielders on top of Pienaar this summer - and in my opinion one in the top notch yakubu-money bracket. .. These things take time, Moyes has redeveloped the squad piece by piece - I am certain he knows we nee dto add quality and depth in this area - it is frustrating tough when morons like you come on here spitting your dummy out.

Its almost like you are pleased.. "I told you we were shit" as how you come across - hence you get the negative response from your fellow blues.
Connor Rohrer
51   Posted 17/03/2008 at 20:38:01

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Tony Marsh, I agree with you on Neville and Hibbert but not on Osman. Osman isn’t perfect but he’s a good player to have. He should be a squad player next season but as a stop gap this season he’s played well and actually given us a little creativity in the middle of the park something we have lacked since Gravesen of 04/05 and Fernandes’s short spell at the end of last season.

You’ve mentioned his weaknesses now I’ll mention his qualities. He’s technically gifted for one, he’s excellent at finding space despite his lack of pace and he has an excellent footballing brain. He also chips in with goals and assists and is versatile. On the wing he’s average but in the middle he’s a good player to have without a doubt and would be an excellent squad player.

In terms of big games on the wing he isn’t one for shining but in the middle I think he’d have impact on games. Fiorentina was a big game and he was our best player whereas the Derby at Goodison he was the only midfielder actually trying to make things happen.

I don’t see why you have a problem with the likes of Pienaar, Osman and Arteta. Your always banging on about our lack of good football and if you want good football players like these are the players you want in your team. I’m surprised a supposed football purist like yourself doesn’t appreciate really footballers like Osman, Pienaar and Arteta who despite there lack of stature also graft hard also.

There is no proof that Liverpool are actually having a shite season. Could it not be possible that the likes of Everton, Portsmouth, Man City, Aston Villa etc have improved and are closing the gap. Why not? there was alot of money spent in out side the "big four" last season and that could very well be the case.

The red shite could very well get the points they need but what pleases me is that we are actually giving them a go for once instead of finishing 4 or 5 places behind them. There is no way anyone would have predicted we’d be anywhere near them this season so that fact that we are must be an improvement.

I want to see progression at my club and at the moment I am seeing it. Why will Liverpool leave us behind? In your opinion they will but your obviously negative. If we get the right players in the summer and BK gives us some money then we’ve got every chance of staying with them and hopefully pushing them.
Peter Jones
52   Posted 17/03/2008 at 21:21:02

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"This is the best side we have had for over 20 years and yet we are no nearer winning anything as we were under Wally Smith"

Absolute rubbish.

Last time I checked, we never got to a semi final under Smith, never qualified for Europe under Smith, nor did we ever finish higher than 13th under Smith.

Sorry Tony, you?re talking absolute nonsense. Your version of reality is totally detached from fact.
Sean McKenna
53   Posted 17/03/2008 at 21:50:12

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As normal you make some good comments followed by some poor statements. Neville Cars Osman and Hibbert should all be sent packing in my view as well. While they have done a decent job just not good enough for us to break into the top 4. I think all Everton fans believe a couple of quality singings i.e. the MIDFIELD we wont be far away.

Just to pick the bones out of your comment, i think the Uefa Cup is VITAL to clubs like ours, reason being that it gives us European experience, playing a different type of football and you have to remember you have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk Tony. I dont think we are ready for Champions League matches YET. another season or two in the Uefa Cup would do us no harm at all, one of our main problems is holding onto the ball, in Europe I think you would agree is vital and as a complete team we are not to good at that.

Our season is far from over, Tony; Liverpool's fixtures, Man Utd, Everton, Arsenal 3 times and Blackburn away are not easy... its bound to take its toll on their team while we should be fresh!!! COYB

Paul Daly
54   Posted 17/03/2008 at 22:09:37

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...........let’s get this straight- you shout "WE HAVE FUCKED UP AGAIN BIGTIME AND NOTHING ANY OF YOU MOANING TARTS SAY CAN CHANGE THAT.dreamers"........WE’RE the ones moaning...’scuse me???....... and since when is having goals and ambition and dreams a bad thing?????? And what’s all this about Walter Smith---- you’re really Archie Knox using a pseudonym aren’t you??????
Brian Richardson
55   Posted 17/03/2008 at 22:26:41

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What a fragmented and bizarre article from a man who has forgotten what his point is. The only real message that comes out of this truly appalling post is that being an Everton fan is pointless. Well hundreds of thousands of us disagree. We are much closer to winnning a trophy than when Wally Smith was managing us, and I think you know that Tony. And to bring Alan Irvine into it - when you know nothing about the role he played at the club is utterly ridiculous.

Maybe, just maybe, you were wrong Tony when you claimed David Moyes was a joke of a manager, a man with no bottle, a man with no tactical awareness and a man unable to control his squad. Maybe, as the rest of us have said all along, David Moyes is an extremely talented manager who has transformed our club from a national laughing stock to a respected European name.
If you wanted people to respect your opinions, Tony, you shoukd have tried posting from time to time during our 2 and a half months unbeaten.
Eric Holland
56   Posted 17/03/2008 at 22:20:58

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Tony I have to agree with a lot of what you said.
But for one, the season is not yet finished.
The deadwood 1 Carsley not a creative bone in his body, couldn’t hit a barn door from 5 yards, cant pass to one of his own,to slow and clumsy.
The same applies to Neville.
Hibbert championship defender at best.
Osman to inconsistent and lightweight.
I still think we could sneak fourth from the RS as they do have a more difficult run in than ourselves.
Being an Evertonien for forty years you come to expect the worst when it comes to the wire.
Dutch Schaffaer
57   Posted 17/03/2008 at 23:08:56

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"Another season over" was as far as I got. Funny how we never hear from Tony Marsh when Everton are winning (which has been most of this season) but as soon as we lose out from under his rock he crawls.

Tony Marsh clearly has no fight in him. I guess its up to the rest of us to support Everton in their fight for 4th and a Champions League place. Tony Marsh has given up the fight and gone home like a baby.

"Another season over" if Everton do finish 4th then people like Tony Marsh should be ashamed to call themselves supporters.

I once claimed Everton would lose to Spurs (they didn’t) and Michael slammed me and nearly banned me. Now here we have Tony Marsh claiming the season is over and giving up on the fight for Europe.

How long is TW going to allow the ever tedious Tony Marsh to post his defeatist and annoying views here?
Kevin Sparke
58   Posted 18/03/2008 at 00:02:18

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Christ on a bike, he doesn?t mix a metaphor for months - have we lost or something?

Thing is, he has a couple of valid points amongst the bullshit bollocks and bluster.

Like, we?ll never be a credible challenger for the Premier League with players like Neville and Hibbert as first team regulars.

A bit harsh blaming Irvine for hoofball though - where?s your evidence... all I can see is 2 and 2 making any number you feel like.

Rob Jones
59   Posted 17/03/2008 at 23:21:09

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Fuckin hell Tony I’m starting to get jealous, nearly everyone on here thinks you talk complete rubbish and yet for every mailbag post or article you write you get over 100 comments for spouting a load of ridiculous pessimistic crap (I can see why MK wraps you in a protective bubble) whereas I post cautiously optimistic/very optimistic mailbags and they get either rejected or they get 4-5 comments :( Now excuse me while I go and sulk in a corner.

Oh yeah on the post - Osman - leave the lad alone, Pip and Hibbo - fair point, Cars - hmm admittedly over the hill but good back up next season, Our season is over - Shut the fuck up 8 games left! 24 points to play for ffs and you are saying its over and we cant qualify for CL? BULLSHIT!, UEFA cup is a wasste of time? pot kettle black if it was true, but its not, we have gained invaluable European experience and we could be seeded if we were to qualify for CL. once again your article has been a waste of space and once again a waste of mine and 20+ other fans. Now I’ve gotta figure out why the hell I’ve spent 10-20 minutes responding to MKs baby boy. COYB!! keep on winning
Eric Myles
60   Posted 18/03/2008 at 02:28:05

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Hibbert seems to be damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

He’s forever criticised for ONLY being a defender and not going forward and then when he does against Fulham AND beat a man to the touchline AND got a cross in the likes of Paul Niklas criticise him for it.

What was he doing there? Following the manager’s orders no doubt.

But I do agree it was wrong for him to be there as he IS a good defender as has been shown on many occassions this season and would certainly have blocked that cross of Davies which Carsley failed to get near.

So don’t be blaming Hibbert for their goal it was Carsley that didn’t make the sort of effort that Hibbert always does.

Bob Turner
61   Posted 18/03/2008 at 08:29:30

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Dutch, this wind up merchant will be allowed to post as long as he wants - controversy sells, after all!! Just look at the number of people who feel compelled, myself included (!), to reply, against their better judgment I would imagine.

I guess it’s got nothing to do with the adverts dotted around the site, though...
Jon Wallace
62   Posted 18/03/2008 at 09:29:34

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Carsley and Osman have been quality for us, how can people say we should get rid and replace them with what???
1.We havent got the money to get better
2. I bet you cant name players we could get quite cheaply who are better than Osman

Some of the people on here chat complete and utter shite.
Damian Wilde
63   Posted 18/03/2008 at 10:17:12

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Giving an opion is fair enough, but to say that we are no nearer winning anything than we when we were under Walter Smith is just ridiculous. We were very, very unlucky to go out of the Euefa Cup and had we menanged to get through would have a had a good chance of winning it. Did we get anywhere near the Uefa Cup under Smith? You?re making yourself look foolish Tony, put your spade down...

May I also suggest that people post their opinions but not start calling each other names. We?re lowering the conduct!!!! Let?s leave that sort of stuff to the RS.
Tony Waverleas
64   Posted 18/03/2008 at 10:22:52

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This is the same contributor who’s on record for calling David Moyes a coward and yet he sees no irony in throwing his own hands up in defeat over the rest of the season simply because we lose a game for the first time in an absolute age.

Real fighting spirit there, Tony. Well done.
Jonathan Morgan
65   Posted 18/03/2008 at 11:09:42

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I actually agree with most things in the article, I don't agree about the Uefa Cup though and I think Moyes fucked up against Fiorentina with a few things mainly, keeping Yakubu on who was never going to score that night.

Jon wallace, how can you say Osman and Carsley hae been quality? Carsley does a job most AVERAGE prem players could do and I dont even think he does that well... And Osman has too many touches, and doesn't know when to hold the ball and when to pass it ? big signs of another AVERAGE prem play with BAD decision-making in his game. Not the types of players you should be having in the midfield if you want to challenge the top 4.
Seamus Murphy
66   Posted 18/03/2008 at 11:26:52

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So Tony comes back after we lose our first league game of 2008, and what does he have to say for himself...."See, i told you we were crap, i told you we would never win anything, we cant beat the RS, fourth place is gone, the season is over, i told i told you..blah blah..."

And then accuse’s everyone else of spitting the dummies out!!!
Oh the irony of that!!!
Paul Lenehan
67   Posted 18/03/2008 at 11:58:03

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Talk about setting high standards for the club. Get knocked out of the UEFA cup early and give up on the league with 8 games left. Really raising the bar!
Ian Ankers
68   Posted 18/03/2008 at 13:08:19

Report abuse

If this piece had been written by someone else, I wouldn?t have believed it possible, but hey it?s Tony!

Its not so much the piece you?ve written as some of that is pretty much true, but some of you replies and explanations thereafter!

So we are not good enough and we?ve messed up again???

Depends which way you look at things. We have far from messed up! Yes we messed up on Sunday...ONE GAME! We were unbeaten since Arsenal in the league and with the Fulham result that?s one defeat in the league in 2008! Is that really messing up? I don?t think even the likes on Man U would call Everton?s league form of late a ?mess up?.

What exactly do you want Tony? We are not going to win the league, we never were? Did you really go into this season with higher league expectations than we are currently acheiving? If someone would have predicted our league stats to you before the season started would you truly have said that it ?was not good enough?. Personally if someone had predicted Evertons league stats to me in pre season I would have said they were a ?lost the plot optimist?! I am made up with us! Yes the UEFA was a downer, but we had a good run and we?ll be back. There?s no excuse for the FA Cup, but it happens!

IF this is to be Moyes ?defining season? then I am happy to define it as very good!

We can and will improve further with time and of course there is still deadwood to get rid of and quality to find to come in, but I am sorry, no matter what you people say to me I really cannot for the life of me see how any Evertonian can be disappointed with our season. What the hell were people like you thinking of us in the Walter Smith era...You must?ve been suicide if you think now is a not up to scratch.

Let the good times role, I?m enjoying being a blue so much more than I have done for ages at the moment and long may it continue and dare I say, continue to improve.
David Longmore
69   Posted 18/03/2008 at 13:00:54

Report abuse

Maybe you should change allegance to Bolton who obviously agree with your views of the UEFA Cup. I would have been interested in your comments on the ’rested’ first teams performance against 10 man Wigan. (Never has a result been so deserved!)

As for the Fulham game, we hoped we’d have enough to beat them this time, but the injuries and exertions of the other night did for us. But the season is by no means over. Hopefully the Spanish waiter will mess about with the RS team selection inbetween Champions League matches and mess up again!
Paul Lenehan
70   Posted 18/03/2008 at 13:33:06

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Jay Campbell I think its obvious that in Moyes saying LFC are favourites it is an effort to shift the pressure off our lads and onto Liverpool. Also i would be interested to see what Wenger and Mourinho would've done in light of the current injury problems (even VDM is out). I suggest not a lot different simply becuase attacking players were not available.
Dave Wilson
71   Posted 18/03/2008 at 14:45:54

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Despite all the hostility towards you Tony you?ve always been prepared to say what you think and call a spade a spade, but I?m struggling to understand why you so readily want to throw the towel in. You're right we are second favourites at the moment, by some distance, but anything can happen in football. If Gerrard or Torres should suffer injury ? perish the thought ? the wheels would come of across the park quicker than you can scream "raise the white flag"!
James Marshall
72   Posted 18/03/2008 at 16:09:24

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Tony, read this article on/from Mikel Arteta - I think his comments speak volumes mate.,19528,11671_3311580,00.html
Tony Williams
73   Posted 18/03/2008 at 18:28:53

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"So we have to hope that financially we can keep everyone because he will make us even better. The way he manages is special."

Particularly liked that part.
Ged Dwyer
74   Posted 18/03/2008 at 20:46:50

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We play a team with quality and I have no confidence in our centre midfield or our manager’s tactical ability. We play a team really fired up and I have no confidence in our centre midfield or with our manager’s tactical ability. We play a team from a lower division and I have no confidence in our centre midfield or with our manager’s tactical ability. We have a transfer window and I have no confidence that our centre midfield will ever be strengthened sufficiently. It has been the same for the last 6 years. Nothing will ever change. But well done to the players for doing so well when handicapped by a management that never really gets to grips with what needs to be done.
Micky Norman
75   Posted 18/03/2008 at 21:30:51

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Is this a Toffeeweb record for the greatest number of responses to a post? Tony does it again! If the season?s over can I have the rest of your season ticket please?
Robert Poots
76   Posted 18/03/2008 at 21:42:41

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Well, I could come out and lambast Tony for his views but then why should I. They are his views, not mine! Thankfully.

As an Evertonian, I will be backing the blues to push for that 4th PL spot until it is mathmatically impossible for us to do so. There are potentially 8 rollercoarsters left to ride this season and I for one will be happy to sit at the front to see where this mad rides going next.

PS. If we?re having a cull on deadwood from the squad, where are we getting the funds to get replacements for them AND buy in some extra quality to bulk up our squad a bit? Its not FM08 you know!
Eric Holland
77   Posted 18/03/2008 at 22:03:08

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Jon Wallace

Carsley and Osman CLASS
You will be wanting Gemmill and Pembridge back next.
If you are happy playing them in our midfield don’t expect to be winning anything next season.

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