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Best Of The Rest ????

By Tony Marsh :  23/03/2008 :  Comments (20) :
If yesterday's game against West Ham proved anything it was that we are nowhere near good enough for the Champions League just yet. In fact we are not good enough for the Uefa Cup on this showing.

I know the referee fucked us over once again but that's nothing new these days is it? It's becoming an absolute joke and none of the muppets running the game in this country seem to give a fuck about incompetent officals ? unless they are spoiling the weekends of Sir Alex or Arsene Wenger that is. It's enough to put you off watching the corrupt fucking thing any more and we are getting shafted more times then Elton John's husband and no one gives a shit. What the fucks going on?. Having said that we deserved everything we got in the West Ham game and blaming the ref is the easy way out. We were shite and that's the truth.

Am I the only Evertonian who thinks Arteta is getting worse as time goes by? He looks lost, disinterested and way out of his depth these days. I can't remember the last time he took a free kick and actually got it past the wall or found a team mate. He scored a great goal against Fiorentina but in all honesty he has been crap for the the best part of a year now.

The result and performance at Fulham last week was terrible but this latest one is even worse. I mean West Ham are the league's favourite whipping boys on the road these days and have lost thier last 3 games away 4-0. They out-played us most of the second half and could have scored 4 them selves.

Where was our central midfield or did we even have one? It would not have mattered anyway as we reverted back to hoofball for most of the match and midfied was by passed in favour of the rocket launcher.

Can someone please explain to me what Phil Neville is doing plying his trade in the Premier League? I know he is an honest lad who loves the club but so am I and I am not getting £40k for doing it. Neville is the most limited player I have seen at this level since Stephen Hughes pulled on a Blue shirt and that's saying something. I reckon Neville is the luckiest player in the country at the moment. Captain of a team who are in 5th place in the league and not being able to pass aball 5 yards... it's unbelievable really.

After the last two performances we have inflicted upon our fans I find myself scratching my head and asking myself.. "How the fuck are we in 5th spot playing the way we do?" This Premier League might have the most money swilling around in it but it's a fucking joke in terms of quality if you ask me. If West Ham and crappy Fulham can piss all over the team in 5th spot on consecutive weekends then it doesn't say much does it.

I am not having a go at Moyes or the players here by the way. The simple truth is we are just not up to scratch and all the dreaming and kidding yourselves won't change a thing. Having watched some of our recent performances over and over again I am now really fearing the worst for next week. I hope I am wrong but I can see us getting trounced at Anfield if we turn up with the same game plan as we did yesterday. You know the one: the old lump it and leg it tactic we always return to after a defeat. Liverpool will lap it up if we give them as much cheap possesion as we gave the Hammers.

One bright note in all of this though is Yakubu. Another fantastic goal and a great finish chalked off. The man is pure class but my worry is can we keep him next season if the vultures start circling? I hope so because, without the man many of you labelled a fat waster earlier in the season, we would be fighting relegation just now. His goals have kept us going and no-one else in this squad can come close to the class he has.

Oh sorry, I forgot: ADVM is back next week... COYBs

Reader Comments

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Michael Hunt
1   Posted 23/03/2008 at 16:53:07

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IF we are best of the rest, it is 4th best i.e. best other than the BIG3. backs that up. Further, we were never outclassed Vs ManU this year like the RS just were. Rooney should have scored a hat trick, Carragher gave two pens away that he got away with and only Reina, the post and the cross bar kept it below 6 nil at least. We may be some way off winning the prem, but I honestly believe we are at least as near as the RedShites are. Roll on 3PM Sunday and may justice have been served come 5PM. NSNO, COYB!
Paul Tran
2   Posted 23/03/2008 at 16:53:48

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Don’t panic, Tony. With this squad, being ’the best of the rest’ is as good as it will get. Just bear in mind that we have made some genuine progress this season. I think we need more genuine class to move further up the table

The most positive thing to come out of this season is that we’re bringing in players like Yakubu and Pienaar, who have a bit of skill and class. Interesting that many regarded Yakubu as ’not an Everton player’. Too much time watching athletes rather than footballers, methinks.

I look forward to the summer where we will hopefully buy more footballers rather than athletes. We need them if we want to progress further.
Seamus McCrudden
3   Posted 23/03/2008 at 16:54:47

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Tony, have to say I agree with most of what your saying. Yesterday we were absolute shite, I couldn't believe how bad we were and deserved to be beaten in the end, even the reliable Jags was awful, totally losing his concentration and composure at one stage....

Although Baines did ok, we had totally lost our shape with Yobo out of the back four and Lescott not playing at left back. Cahill going off early was a blow, but what concerns me is how we couldn't kill off the game when in the ascendancy. I know we scored a good goal that was chalked off but we had other chances and I always thought we were going to rue the missed chances.

And then of course when they equalised we totally fell apart. Neville was useless, his distribution rubbish, and on your point about Arteta I think he has been carrying that injury for a while to be fair so that may be affecting him. However, what I do notice about him is that when we go behind or lose a goal he looks totally uninterested in the game. He's a nightmare for drifting out of the game when this happens, head down and losing the ball when trying to beat the pitch etc.

I can only hope we havent run out of steam and with the RS getting hammered by Man Utd I suppose we are still in with a shout of fourth, but if we play like that from here on in for the rest of the season I can't see us winning another game.....

If you can't pass the ball with no idea or clue as to what you are going to do with it, then resorting to the hoof, we are fucked. Heads dropping all over the place reminded me of the 4 - 2 vs manure, it's a major wake up call I hope.

ps - I think we really missed Peanut.

Connor Rohrer
4   Posted 23/03/2008 at 17:47:31

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Pretty much spot on to be honest. Couldn’t argue with any of it. We should give the Champions League a go and I’m sure we will but we should also makes sure 5th place is seeled so where atleast playing European football next season.
Cape Smith
5   Posted 23/03/2008 at 17:56:59

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The officials this year have kept us off Liverpool?s backs and now injuries will ease them over the line to 4th place. However I doubt if even the conivence of all the officials in the Premier League will stop Tottenham next season from ousting Liverpool and even pressuring the main 3. Unless there is some significant movement in the transfer market for the blues in summer, we will be well off the pace.
Sug Pikken Din
6   Posted 23/03/2008 at 19:03:36

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Who cares if we’re good enough for CL, if we get through the qualification we stand to make £10 million. Can’t believe people are saying they wouldn’t want us in the CL, some of our fans are retarded.
Bill Welsby
7   Posted 23/03/2008 at 19:21:29

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Why not try Fernandes in the middle again? I would go for a Fernandes, Carsley, Arteta midfield for the deby as without Cahill this will give us the best chance of holding onto the ball and releasing the rest.
Mark Perry
8   Posted 23/03/2008 at 20:13:22

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Arteta has been playing with injuries for the last 3 months, even so he is still one of the best players we have and would walk into any club in the Priemer League outside Man Utd. Ozzy, Peanuts and Tiny have made our midfield one of the best in the Premier league - don't believe me then check Opta out.

We have had a long season and the effects physical and mental are taking their toll. First half yesterday we played well, should of scored 2 or 3, we didn't and the legs went.

With a couple of quality buys next year we can improve again, like have done for the last 5 years. I?ll take steady improvement over Spurs and Leeds ? spend spend spend / it all ends in tears approach.
Ben Polak
9   Posted 23/03/2008 at 20:17:29

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I agree with you to an extent. Yes, yesterday was appauling but it didnt leave me scratching my head asking myself how we are 5th. From October until late January this season we were consistently playing most teams off the park. This was when we had a fully fit squad to choose from. Not just fit but match fit and in form. Yesterday we were without Pienaar, Yobo, Johnson, Vaughan etc and in my opinion without Arteta, Osman, Cahill, Fernandes because they are all clearly not even close to being match fit.

Furthermore the likes of Jags and Carsley are completely jaded now. This is the reason for the dip in form and unfortunately that is why 5th is the best we can hope for now. The squad just isnt big enough.

Another point I must make and that I have thought for a while now... Anichebe just isn't good enough for the Premier League let alone Everton. Not enough ability I'm afraid... we need another striker this summer as well as those two central midfielders me thinks.

Nick Toye
10   Posted 24/03/2008 at 00:05:40

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Ok, I believe we have a squad capable of being built upon, that is we have a nucleus that with support from players who can pass well, tackle well, and last the 90 minutes.

I have to agree though that Arteta is looking very poor at the moment. Perhaps it's the injury he is carrying, perhaps it's a mental issue with the fact that when he was playing well he was not getting in the Spain squad. Either way, he needs to sort it out or we should perhaps cash in. I prefer that we keep him, but he has to perform, and not allow us fans to suffer his autonomous selections.

What we need is a player like Yakubu in every position. I?m not talking about build, pace, strength, workrate. I am talking about what they produce in the role they are selected for.

For example, Tony Hibbert. If he is playing as a fullback, support winger, he really needs to be providing overlaps and good crossing ability, as well as positional play and a good sense of tackling. I don?t think there are many boxes we can tick with this guy.

Same with Lee Carsley, he can tackle, or put a boot in, but half the time he flukes a clearance, and luck is no substitute for quality.

Anichebe, well I have been saying this since the start of the season, and I have been saying it on GoT before I got turfed out. This lad has no ability. He can?t pass, he has no football brain, he has little pace and desire, can?t control the ball, and has no composure. These are elements needed to be a successful striker. But he has become a favourite because of his late goals and ability to walk through defenders. I?m sorry, that isn?t enough to push Yak for a place up front, and to be honest if he is to have any kind of future at Everton, he needs to be doing that.

Now I will agree with Tony Marsh here, and this is where I believe he makes sense, criticising the side when they bloody well deserve it. I would like to see a positive spin though. Yakubu for me is that positivity, cut out the mistakes at the back and sort out a decent defensive midfielder, and we can make another small step to success.
Alex Pat
11   Posted 24/03/2008 at 02:22:54

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Well, aren?t we the best of the rest?!
and why will we be well off the pace next season then?

This season it was said Spurs, Villa, Geordies, Portsmouth etc were all gonna challenge the Sky4. Guess who is the only team to challenge...

Everything comes to those that wait, and we?ve waited long enough... Let's get the move fron GP progressed to start reaping the investment to give to Moyes to move us in again.

The RS are shittin themselves...
Robert Jones
12   Posted 24/03/2008 at 04:20:09

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Shit, Crap, Bollocks, this goes against my TW principles but I’ve gotta say I agree with you 100% we’re not good enough for CL yet but I think once we get another top class striker, a new Defensive Midfielder and flair midfielder I think we’ll be more than ready for the CL.
Michael Hunt
13   Posted 24/03/2008 at 10:29:54

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Lads, it looks to me like recent results have swung opinions more than they should. The season is over 38 games and we are where we are because of what we?ve earnt over 31 games. By and large, other than versus the Big 3, we?ve been very consistent... until the last two games. I really think it is just a case of a downturn due to mental and physical excertions taking their toll lately. The fact we have one game a week now though means we can actually recover from our recent ills.
I believe the performances in the last 7 games will be worthy of a Top 4 finish. Bring them all on. God willing our key players will be fit and on form to get what they are capable of.
I also have no doubt that, with summer strengthening assumed, we can justifiably expect to not embarrass ourselves in the CL. Bring it all on. COYB!
Steve Guy
14   Posted 24/03/2008 at 11:12:17

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Have to say I agree with the sentiments concerning the last couple of games. But this is essentially the same bunch of players (minus AJ and Pienaar true) that battered Fiorentina and a few others this season.

The reason we are 5th is because we haven’t been playing like this all season. If we had we would be down the other end of the table.
Dave Wilson
15   Posted 24/03/2008 at 11:46:47

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Agree with most of that, about time something was said about Arteta, I understand he?s been injured but we are told he?s now playing pain free and his form isnt great, I thought the comments on Phil Neville were a bit cruel, but find myself struggling to argue, all his experience and leadership skills must surely be undone by his inability to ever find a blue shirt,
The Yak isn't the only bright note though, we are a very good right back away from havng a top class back five, we have a midfield that can compete with the rest, but lacks both quality and belief against the top teams, if Vaughany is to be regularly on the treatment table - and the signs arent good - we also need another top striker, but have you seen some of the players getting a game across the park? Yes we are still some way from the finished article, but with belief and decent decisions we can snatch 4th spot, only then can we maybe raise the cash to fill in the missing pieces, we are still 4 top players short, that may sound a lot but in recent years we have been about 14 short of a good squad.
Ged Dwyer
16   Posted 24/03/2008 at 11:53:03

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Another spot on article Tony. Just two or three points to add. It’s now obvious that Arteta should be reverted back to central midfield. He’s had enough of being used as a makeshift right midfielder. That’s why he keeps moving into the centre. And that’s were we need some quality.
It’s also obvious to me that there is something very corrupt going on with Sky, the FA and it’s referees and Everton should be getting together with the other ’non big four’ teams to sort this out. ’Grand Slam’ weekend just a fixture coincidence or planned. It wouldn’t have been good to have Everton 4th would it?
And Moyes is starting to crack again. Playing the unfit Cahill on Saturday was plain stupid and there was only going to be one outcome. Proving yet again that he never learns even the most basic of things. And now we have Graveson doing an impression of Shandy Andy on the bench. If you are not going to play him because he’s not fit don’t have him there and give a youngster a chance.
Ian Ankers
17   Posted 24/03/2008 at 12:20:39

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Tony Marsh Wrote: ?Am I the only Evertonian who thinks Arteta is getting worse as time goes by? He looks lost, disinterested and way out of his depth these days. I can?t remember the last time he took a free kick and actually got it past the wall or found a team mate. He scored a great goal against Fiorentina but in all honesty he has been crap for the the best part of a year now. ?

No Tony you are not alone. I agree 100% with this. Some say he?s playing through the injury thing, but I?m not having that. He still enjoys hero status at Goodison and sometimes it grinds me when the chants of ?Nobody better than....? start up because at present, he?s doing sod all to deserve them! West Ham was a particularly bad day for Mikel, ok it was for everyone, but we have come to expect a little more than we are getting from Mikel just now and I for one hope its just a very long blip that is coming to an end sooner rather than later.
Ian Ankers
18   Posted 24/03/2008 at 12:25:29

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In fact Tony, I’ve just read the rest of your thread and i have to say you are 100% spot on with everything you write there mate.Oh and Yak is far and away our most naturally talented player. I too dread to think of life without him now!

Spot on post mate in every way!
Stan James
19   Posted 24/03/2008 at 13:07:58

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"After the last two performances we have inflicted upon our fans I find myself scratching my head and asking myself.. "How the fuck are we in 5th spot playing the way we do?"

Simple - we’re 5th because of the other 29 games we’ve played. I can’t believe that never occurred to you, even in your tiny little brain.
Joe Ludden
20   Posted 24/03/2008 at 17:04:21

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One point missing here: How does a keeper get beaten by a header from the penalty spot? Yes TIm makes some good stops, and made a top save from their "free kick" which never was, but there?s no point doing that if you can?t do it all game. Not a fortnight has passed since we couldn?t score from the penalty spot, and the fodder of west ham are scoring with headers from the same distance?? We are not CL material, but just because I can admit that doesnt mean i dont live and breath for it to happen this year. If England (rugby) can go to France and win at a time of indifference performances, then surely we can go to Anfield and stick one on the shyte this weekend. Whats the betting that if we do finish 4th, that that lot go and win the chumps league.. cus that means 4th = uefa cup. What a shower of shyte they are.

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