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Let's Get It On

By Thomas Butler :  24/03/2008 :  Comments (20) :
Hope, fear, nerves, depression, awkwardness, passion, belonging, all feelings that you go through once Derby day is imminent.

If it's at Goodison, if you haven?t got a season ticket, you have queued up for hours and spent nearly half a week's wages on your ticket. If it's at Anfield, you?ve been stalking the postman all week for that precious ticket.

If you don?t have reds in your family or worse in your house, you?ve probably been ?bittering? yourself up and shouting insults about that red shower all week. If you DO have reds in your family, like I do (my dad), you?ll go through a week of awkwardness and that look in your eyes that wants to come out on top. Best friends (My best mate included), Father, brother, it doesn?t matter ? this is one issue you can?t agree on, and one week you just won?t be comfortable around each other for.

One memory that springs to mind of how the derby is just more than a football match is this: I remember sitting at a derby game at Goodison, getting beat 3-0 after Kewell scored, with a young lad a few years older than me, early 20s, literally inconsolable and crying uncontrollably, admitably a bit forced by drink but not even a drunk cried that much. So I enquired ?Are you ok mate?? The answer? ?No lad, Thanks anyway, but I?m the baby of 6 of my brothers who I live with, all Liverpudlian, and when I get home they?ll all be sitting there in wait?. It really does mean that much to people; people get to the point of feeling uncomfortable with their own family.

The rivalry as everyone knows is intense. This is especially evident, if you live in Liverpool, so for this reason let's just cheekily surmise that Evertonians and not Liverpudlians know the meaning of the derby game better, because we only speak one language - it's not Brummy, it's not Norwegian, it's Scouse. In Liverpool we, and I myself, only have to walk around the corner to see a dad and son with conflicting team jerseys on, or (like me) go round the corner for an argument and some banter with a mate who supports ?the other? team. Naturally living here you come into contact with all this.

It's for this reason that, when Everton do lose, especially at Anfield, and I get some whopping Liverpool fan with a Brummy accent goading me with shouts of ?We beat ya, we beat ya!? I become angry, because what would this man know about a derby game, the whole baggage that goes with it through the whole week leading up to it? Nothing is in my opinion the only answer.

Your thoughts throughout the week are of course of only one thing. Winning. Being victorious. Getting one over on them. If it's away from home, watching the home fans silent and stunned also comes into that. You want your team at Anfield to give a good account of themselves, to show that they want it.

Nothing is more annoying, especially when you?ve gone through minute after minute of attending every game, to get and have the right to your precious Anfield Derby ticket, to see an Everton side put out 4-5-1. Appear all too cautious and de-motivated and reluctant to take the bull by the horns and create something for themselves rather than waiting for the that team in red to make a hash of things. I feel that Liverpool this time, with Mascherano suspended, are nowhere near as strong in midfield as usual, which gives us the temptation to go 4-4-2 and really get ?up em and at em? and shake them up. Silence the crowd, and let the Liverpool team not know what?s hit them.

I don?t just want to beat them this time, I want to bury them. I want David Moyes to show the who Liverpool FC establishment that he sees them as nothing to be scared of, nothing special, nothing enough to warrant special focus, and concentrate on showing what we can do. It's been 9 years and 5 visits to Anfield for me now since our last derby win, I?ve lost 4 (my first one was a loss- Dacourt goal, 40 seconds) and drew one, and I want it bad.

I want to put those pompous, over zealous and arrogant Liverpool fans ? many of whom still insist on ?emptying their lungs? spitting saliva from above in the direction of the away tier with 4 scarves wrapped round their necks even though its summer, unfamiliar accents and generally ?whopping? behaviour ? in there place. Bring them right back down to earth. They really do need a reality check after all, what was it at the start of the season ..."ey lad, werr gunna win darrrrrr la--eee-ga- yano" which went from delusion to desperation and a futile attempt to convince themselves that second best, despite it not being what they wanted, was good enough: "werr gunna win it 6 times baby yano cock" (wool accent obviously). Let us give ourselves a lot to shout about and them a big piece of humble pie.

So, because of this, I urge David Moyes, please, Sir, give it a REAL go. I beg you. Be bold. Let's get at them and hurt them, worry about ourselves and don?t worry about them. Watching a derby game is unbearable enough without having to watch endless surges of a Liverpool attack which gives you the horrible sickly ?edgy? feeling that the worst is about to happen. Derby games are hard games to watch anyway, even THINKING about watching them gives you an unpleasant tingle, this feeling usually comes an hour before kick off with all the Everton boys congregated together in the pub, nervously necking a rather strangely unsatisfying pint before they all join themselves in the fateful walk through Stanley Park, past all that shower's coaches that go round the corner with company?s spanning Crewe to Dover supporters clubs like its some sort of away game, not a home match for them, until you finally all end up together at ?that place? where Duncan?s pigeons apparently still defecate over to this day.

You?ll get in and the bitterness really sets n. You won?t buy a pie, a programme or anything that goes towards that sodding club. It's usually at this point I get annoyed - not just at seeing a host of Liverpool fans who think their ?top notch? just because they have a load of scarves, badges and hats and general fancy dress clad all over them, jeering you despite the thought that going to away games and not dressing like a loon is what makes a good fan having never crossed our minds.

What also comes to my attention is the various flags from our fans, my team, Everton, directed towards our unwanted Liverpool cousins. Again, I will plead to people's better judgement here. PLEASE ONLY bring banners that are relevant to Everton. We're good enough without having to mention them or wave American flags or throw Tesco bags round or parade ?Oe City One Club' banners (wish pro-Kirby voters had seen that, but hey, I don?t know any who bother with away matches) like they do.

Knock it all in the head, display something to do with the vastly improving team we have now or from the past about our glorious history. That way, we?ll do ourselves proud, especially if we manage to marry together the practice of all standing up generating a good atmosphere and lots of chants whilst also managing to watch the game instead of sitting there like a theatre-watching audience and getting laughed at by our foes.

A lot lies on the outcome of Sunday, my first away derby win for example (just kidding). Advantage Everton if we win and get in 4th place. Also, a lot can be gained, so instead of hoping Liverpool hand it to us, let's go ahead and grab the opportunity and actually take on Liverpool themselves with both hands and knock them for six. Nil Satis... COYB!!!!!!!!

Reader Comments

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David Gee
1   Posted 25/03/2008 at 03:53:19

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Thomas - could not agree more. Liverpool are there for the taking, One thing Liverpool have show this season is that teams that get in their face beat them, and with our squad, I think that as long as Mr.Moyes shows ambition, and the team perform, 4th place will be ours.

Martin Cutler
2   Posted 25/03/2008 at 08:22:23

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Good posting Tom.
All I can add is that I do truly wish, like you, that Moyes goes for it.....let’s pretend that this is Fiorentina (if Fiorentina were Spanish one could be forgiven for thinking they were!)...lets hope Torres is missing or better still..he’s there and our defense clamp him as tight as tight can be.....lets hope Gerrard thinks he’s playing for England and therefore he’s crap....a red card for him would be sweet too!

I don’t live in Liverpool (I’m a Brummie living in the States) so I can’t even pretend to know what it’s like for most of you as derby day approaches but I can assure you I WANT THIS WIN MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW, I want Moyes to go for Rafa’s throat (not literally) and tear him a new one, show him up for the fat git that he is.......I want to win just because Mascherano had the fucking cheek to say he didn’t know why he was red-carded.....the arrogance just drips off that team.........


Tony Marsh
3   Posted 25/03/2008 at 11:26:44

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Moyes wont go for it, that's the trouble. I know exactly what DM will do and it wont be attack-minded. We will go 4-5-1 and launch long balls down the channels in the hope of nicking a free kick or a corner. Then we rely on a set piece to snatch a goal and defend it the rest of the game. It's what we always try to do at Anfield under Moyes and it just doesn't work. If we know the plan then so does the fat waiter.

I really wish I could be upbeat for this game but I fear the worst. We have gone in to decline at the wrong time and its just our luck we couldn't play the RS when we had a fully fit squad and were playing well.

If any one thinks that Osman, Neville, Arteta and Carsley can match the RS in the middle of the park on Sunday then they need to wake up. It was nice while it lasted but it hurts me to say the final nail will be put in our Champions League coffin at the weekend. We have never come close to beating Liverpool at thier place under DM and I don't see it changing this week.

Paul Lenehan
4   Posted 25/03/2008 at 13:40:13

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Poorer teams than us have gone to anfield this season and caused them all sorts of problems. So why not us? I truely hope we go 4-4-2 and as Thomas says have a real go at them. We showed what we can do against Fiorentina if we are positive and aggressive in our tactics. I know an away derby is totally different, but I still think it is an example of what we are capable of that should not be forgotten at Anfield.
Connor Rohrer
5   Posted 25/03/2008 at 13:42:40

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We’ll have less of a chance if we go 4-4-2. We just can’t play the formation and it doesn’t suit our players. We don’t have the width, the stature or the players comfortable on the ball to make it happen. We’ll get overrun and when you think about it Liverpool play a 4-5-1 system so they’d have the extra man in midfield.

4-5-1 for me but a positive 4-5-1. A midfield 5 with players comfortable on the ball who are actually going to show some attacking intent and feed the Yak. My midfield would contain Arteta, Carsley, Fernandes, Pienaar and Osman. Thats the way to go for me. We’ll have the extra midfielder in there but we’ll also have the players comfortable on the ball so we don’t surrender possession like we usually do at Anfield.

If we play Neville in midfield alongside Carsley with Hibbert at right back then we may aswell not turn up in my opinion. Be strong and compact obviously but actually have a go.
Michael Hunt
6   Posted 25/03/2008 at 13:46:40

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A lot of this game is psychology, if we think we are beat before we start and sit back then it is like a red rag to a bull (spanish word Torres). However, if Johnson and Yak are unleashed and supported with attacking midfielders like Pienaar, Arteta, Ossie/Manny (Carsley to complete the midfield four), then I think we can scare the fuck out of them and penetrate their creaky defence (it IS creaky without the protection of Mascherano). We lack the quality and depth of Manure going forward, but could have scored a hatful on Sunday and we can bag plenty as well!
Sitting back will play to their strengths but if we go for it I think we’ll pull it off. I’m hoping Moyes springs a surprise and goes for it big time. COYB!!!
Phil Bellis
7   Posted 25/03/2008 at 13:46:58

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Agree with the 4 and also the 4 but...where the hell are we gonna get a 2 from?
and Tony, remember 19 September ’64? - there’s always hope, sunshine.
Make ’em have it..they don’t like it up ’em!
Tony Connor
8   Posted 25/03/2008 at 13:52:08

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The RS are a team set up to play on the counter...that?s why they?ve been successful in Europe but drawn so many games in the EPL. If we go gung ho, we?ll get stuffed.

Play the 4-5-1 but get plenty of support up with the Yak... that?s the only way we?ll win it.
Mike Hughes
9   Posted 25/03/2008 at 14:08:56

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Great post and here?s the start of my "bittering-up" as the build-up to Derby Day.........Heysel...Mascherano..."Going Down Parties"...Cheating Stevie G...the stoning of Alan Smith?s ambulance outside never their fauit...Michael "Don?t Drop The Soap" wasn?t his fault...Athens and thieving off their own kind....the worst fans in Europe (it wasn?t their fault) ...Clattenburg ... Fred and Rose West... McAllister?s last minute goal... those "One Club-One City" banners... Cheating Torres... Gary Glitter... Rafa Beneathus... Geoff Nulty?s broken leg...Carragher... the Stanley Park issue... no-mark scum fans... Cilla "Gobshite" Black... Hutchinson?s goal that wasn?t... the Istanbul Deal with the devil...Clive Thomas...the 1986 league run-in...RS fans abusing passport officials at John Lennon Airport (March 2008)... Lescott?s pen that wasn?t... Rick "Parry Out!" Parry... the "Kop" (worst fans in Europe and a skidmark stain on the city)...Jimmy "Same Old Crap" Tarbuck... Ringo "No-Mark" Starr.... P.S. COYB. Get into them.
Tony Williams
10   Posted 25/03/2008 at 14:22:14

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Just as long as Anchovy doesn?t start.

I have never known a more unfit 19 year old striker in my life.
Dave Wilson
11   Posted 25/03/2008 at 14:46:48

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Mike Hughes
Do I detect a soft spot for our neighbours there?
Fred n Rose West? Fucking brilliant mate!
Paul ONeill
12   Posted 25/03/2008 at 15:28:35

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First of all my plaintive bleat that I’m actually from Manchester, but my dad is from Liverpool and I have lived there-right, that’s out of the way (not that it really matters if you’re not Scouse Thomas as I’m sure you appreciate, any real fans are appreciated regardless of where they come from, we’re not I hope unwelcoming ’are you local?’ bumpkins at Goodison)
Second of all I think we’ll struggle with our injuries but up and at them, no fear, positive play is the way to go, absolutely agree there.
Mike Hughes. When Skies are Grey used to do a ’Celebrity Reds’ item, which turned up another ultra cool Koppite..Chris DeBurgh! Classy. COYB
Colin O'Keeffe
13   Posted 25/03/2008 at 17:19:02

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I fear the recent reverses we?ve had will encourage Moyes to go with the ultra-cautious and play two holding midfielders (Carsley and Neville). Personally I think this will be committing suicide as neither is comfortable enough on the ball and possession will be squandered too easily, resulting in Liverpool gaining the upper hand.

The only way we can get a result is to play aggressively and in an attacking manner in my opinion. 4-5-1 is fine as long as it can become 4-3-3 quickly and effectively. In order to do this at least one of your holding midfielders needs to be able to pass it. I?d be tempted to go with Gravesen just in from of Carsley to feed balls through to the likes of Arteta and Pienaar so we can hurt them in the final third. Just my opinion but we?ll see...

Jimmy Fearns
14   Posted 25/03/2008 at 18:35:13

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Mike Hughes, any chance of putting a tune to those wonderful lyrics?
Kevin Tully
15   Posted 25/03/2008 at 23:23:52

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Mike Hughes,

What about the majority of kopites who think Anfield is a big plasma screen! !

Oh how I Iaughed watching my local empty on Sunday 10 minutes before the end of the match. The deluded bastards were still talking about winning the Pemier League this game. Half-wits would call them village idiots.
Sean Condon
16   Posted 26/03/2008 at 01:27:40

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Uhh, Tony... we came pretty darn close to winning at that shithole last year. We weren?t the better side, but AJ really shoulda put that chance away instead of shitting in his shorts.

I agree with Phl Bellis re: where are we gonna get the two upfront from? As much as it sucks to watch at times, Moyes?s teams do seem more suited to 4-5-1. I don?t think we have enough pace or steel in midfield to succeed week-in, week-out with only 4 in the middle. Maybe if we had Essien on the team sheet instead of Osman or Carsley.

I just have this feeling that our time has come as far as the away derby is concerned.

Martin Cutler: I WOULD like to see DM go, quite literally, for the Fat Tit?s throat.

Thomas Butler
17   Posted 26/03/2008 at 03:32:51

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Tar lads
Santosh Benjamin
18   Posted 26/03/2008 at 13:22:56

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Thanks, Thomas!
Your article summed up the feelings and emotions that most Evertonians feel. I am not from Liverpool... I am Indian but lived in Liverpool for 1½ years as a kid (when I became an Evertonian!)...but I feel every loss to the RS just as much here. All the football fans I know here are RS/Man U fans.They dont hesitate to rub it in even if they win unfairly!

The build-up to the game is always nerve-wracking and the pre-match "punditry" leaves me in a terrible state. I also want us to play an attacking game and Neville and Carsley together in the centre of midfield is not in accordance with that. Let's go out and shock em... like you said ? not just beat em but whip em. I really hope AJ, Pienaar and Yobo are back for the game.

Its almost as if us winning equates to good triumphing over evil. Let's forget all our differences this week and join together in supporting the lads and the gaffer.... COYB

Jonathan Tasker
19   Posted 26/03/2008 at 14:59:52

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Nobody hates those gobshites more than me but I?m not expecting a fair match on Sunday.

Who is performing the Clattenberg role?
Michael Hunt
20   Posted 28/03/2008 at 17:15:47

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Howard Webb is the ref, fewest cards per game so hopefully no daft sending offs. Cowardly stamps by Stevie Me, Carragher wrestling manaouvers and Kuyt kung foo lunges can be penalised accordingly though! COYB, give the arrogant, deluded, cheating red bastards the twatting they deserve!

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