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By John  Hughes :  29/05/2008 :  Comments (9) :
I'm bored...

The takeover talk has gone away, was it just to get us all hyped up, was it to take our minds off Kirkby? Was it real? I've got so many questions I want to ask.

  1. Like from Wyness, I want to know Keith how much you stand to make from brokering the deal to take Everton out of the City of Liverpool?
  2. I want to know that if you are getting paid for brokering the deal why this conflict of interest hasn't been flagged up by the Board?
  3. I want to know if all members of the board are getting a backhander for moving the club?
  4. I want to know why you won't consider re-building Goodison?
  5. I want to know why you won't consider anything else?
  6. I want to know why you can't say deliverable properly?
  7. Does Nil Satis Nisi Optimum not count for anything anymore?
  8. I want to know why the city of Liverpool haven't done enough to keep Everton here?
  9. Where is the School of Science?
  10. Where are those blue tinted shades?
  11. How much debt are we really in?
  12. If we will get £15million from the sale of Goodison and we already owe £13 Million does that mean we have to get £28 Million for Goodison? Do mortgages not work like that in KW land?
  13. If getting a naming rights deal as good as or better than Arsenal's is easy, then why haven't Man Utd sold the naming rights to Old Trafford?
  14. If you are going to benchmark something. It has got to be like for like. Otherwise it is not a true representation. Yes or No? If yes - Should our Benchmark be the Reebok and not the Emirates? If not - Why not?
  15. Is the loop truely big enough?
  16. Do Sainsburys still want to help with WHP?
  17. Do we want a shared stadium? Does a shared stadium make sense?
  18. Why can't we build on the far corner of Stanley Park?
  19. Who are we going to buy?
  20. How much do we have to spend?
  21. Has anyone really wanted to take us over?
  22. How much is "small additional" debt? Does, debt + small additional debt = bigger debt?
  23. How much will DM really have "extra" to spend by moving to kirkby?
  24. Who is going to gain more?
  25. Do you really want to move from Goodison?
  26. If HOK were good enough for BK to design the Kings Dock Stadium then why are they not good enough to listen to regarding the loop?
  27. Who should we sell?
I'm bored... So who's got the answers????

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EJ Ruane
1   Posted 30/05/2008 at 07:18:15

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If you get the answe please let me know.

(and i will bare my hole on route 66)
andy willox
2   Posted 30/05/2008 at 07:50:22

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I’ll just add two questions..

In the exclusivity deal is it a contract or a shake of the hands between EFC Kmbc and Tesco.

Is the exclusivity deal incorporating a wholesale move of Everton Football Club, ground, retail, finch farm etc etc out of the city and to knowsley cutting all ties to this council and borough as a part of a strategy by kmbc to elevate it’s own status?

I won’t be holding my breath.
Chad Schofield
3   Posted 30/05/2008 at 07:47:58

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Firstly, I would love to hear the answers to these questions, but I think I could have a crack at Q12.

Sell Goodison for £15M - debt of £13M = receive £2M, we wouldn’t be borrowing and additional £15M.

However, I don’t even know if those figures are completely correct and as with any sale of property we would not see the whole £2M as much would be eaten into with legal bits and pieces. A better question might be is how much has the land devalued since residential planning permission was refused? Also, what kind of contingencies have the board put in place should (if it does actually get started at all) the project go over budget and/or take considerably longer than estimated? is there a possibility that we could become ?homeless??
Tony Williams
4   Posted 30/05/2008 at 08:54:10

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You know the drill, two Hopes of getting those answers Bob etc etc
Marc Williams
5   Posted 30/05/2008 at 08:18:36

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The following facts have been gleaned from the forthcoming book ’ How not to win friends & influence people in football ’ published by Lardy Arse publications which I beleive can be purchased at Tesco.
1/ As George Cole used to say in minder : ’A nice little earner Tel ’, whoops sorry No comment
2-3/ No Comment
4/ Too much hassle 5/ As Above 6/ Fat lips & too much saliva 7/ Only the best is good enoughh( for me ) still means alot, you should see my car & house etc 8/ They are Redshites 9/ It died in the late 7os when Gordon Lee turned up in his white van 10/ Under my lard arse as I sat om em ! 11/ Loads 12/ You do the math smartarse 13/ Shit, I’d hoped no one would ask me that 14/ Reebok- can’t afford anything better 15/ Not for me to get thru 16/ Yes - they’ve offered that little Pukka Jamie Oliver to make healthy catering
17/ Yes but It’ll never happen
18/ Ducks won’t move off their pond 19/ Jason Koumas, some foriegn alcoholic has been & a selection of miget gems 20/ £14.87 21/ Yes - The Daleks but they were poor payers & very demanding 22/ So big my calculator can’t work it out 23/ 100 extra clubcard points, well every little helps 24/ No comment
25/ Yes 26/ Its cheaper for me to design it out of Lego & Sticklebricks 27/ Me to sex trade people traffickers from Kosovo.

Legal disclaimer : the above does not claim represent the views of any football Chief executive & is pure speculation by a supporter. As until we get genuine answers to the above that’s all we can do speculate.
Brian Hill
6   Posted 30/05/2008 at 17:22:46

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I know you were bored, but now all of us are......
Neil McKinney
7   Posted 30/05/2008 at 17:55:03

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Writing to the people who can answer the questions might be a start. You probably won’t get an answer, but they probably don’t read Toffeeweb so why are you asking on here?

Let’s face it, if they did give you answers and the answers didn’t confirm your opinions of the board, BK, KW, Tesco, KMBC etc, then you wouldn’t believe them anyway.
Matthew Lovekin
8   Posted 30/05/2008 at 22:12:13

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I think you’ve been thinking too much!
Jim Lloyd
9   Posted 30/05/2008 at 22:23:44

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John, a lot of pertinent questions but ones we’re not going to get an answer to. At least not from the club, But a great post by Marc, thanks mate for a very witty and funny post.

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