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Depressed from Dublin writes...

By Kieran Fitzgerald :  13/06/2008 :  Comments (7) :
I haven't posted on the site in months. There have been a couple of reasons. One is a new job with very different hours to the last one, which means I can't skive off in front of a computer long enough to write anything decent. The other reason is that with it being the close season I couldn't think of anything decent to write about anyway.

Now this hasn't stopped me from logging onto the website at every opportunity, as it is still an invaluable source of information as well as making for some excellent and interesting reading. However, over the course of the close season to date, all that has been written about has been either about potential players coming in, the new stadium saga or the reasons as to why Moyes has not yet signed his contract . And to be honest, it has all made for very depressing reading.

I know I should know better than to take any heed whatsoever of transfer speculation but a recent piece in The Times about what each club in the Premier League has to spend over the summer made me look at the speculation in a different way to before. The Times reckoned we had £20M to spend, which was roughly the amount that a couple of the newly promoted clubs had, as well as the likes of Fulham and Bolton. City were expected to have something like £40M, Spurs and Newcastle something in the region of £30M. (It's been a couple of weeks since I read the figures so by all means correct me on some of them but I think they are more or less correct.)

Now, I know that the offer of European football counts for something, and I think that we would all hope that the club has more status and appeal than the likes of Fulham, but money to a player and his agent count for as much if not more in this day and age. Man City might be turning into as big a circus as Newcastle, but if they can offer more cash where would your average player go?

I know that this arguement is nothing new but when I think about how we are still being linked with a certain level of player at this stage of the summer, especially with our success over the last two seasons, I start to get very depressed. How do the press and the media view us? How do players and their agents view us? Has our stock not risen at all despite the apparent progress we have made on the pitch in recent seasons?

Now this leads on to next the main topic of debate, the proposed new stadium. With every new article I read on this, there seems to be some other reason as to why I should think that the club off the pitch is becoming every bit as much of a joke as Newcastle and City. It would genuinely appear that, while Bill Kenwright means well, the Board, with Wyness in tow, are incompetent liars who have handled a very serious and emotional issue very very badly.

With the fact that Bellefield has been refused planning permission being the latest fiasco to appear on the website, what I would presume was the keystone fundraiser for our share of the stadium money has fallen away. All I can think about after reading this is the fact that, while the fabled exclusivity deal has screwed up any other option and back-up plan we could have developed along the way, including any kind of working relationship with other local councils in Liverpool, we certainly would not have had the financial clout to have made a proper go of any other options anyway. If the Board can screw up something as important as a new stadium, what else has it messed up?

Now the third major point for discussion has been the fact that Moyes has not yet signed his new contract. I don't think I really need to elaborate here. To me Moyes is the most positive thing about the club at the moment and if he was to leave, all that he has done would soon follow. Simple as.

And there you have it. The reasons for my depression at the moment, and the reason why I hate the close season with a passion. Too little football to keep me distracted. And if it's not also keeping me preoccupied then also too much time on my hands to sulk.

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Martin Cutler
1   Posted 14/06/2008 at 06:26:34

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Cheer up Kieran! It could be a lot, lot worse!
I know the ground issue is depressing and will drag on and on.... probably way beyond the new stadium (wherever it may be) actually being built!

It would also be nice to hear that Moyes has actually signed his (new) know damn well that would be all over the EFC website if he did so we can only assume that no news is good news.

As to signings and such like, well, regardless of the amount to spend I trust Moyes to do his job .... I?ve said as much in another post.

With some of the stupid money around (i.e. dubious Thai?s and Russian piggy-banks fit to burst) and some of the free-spending habits that clubs have (i.e. Newcastle and Spurs), not to mention The Dark Side and Wenger?s Team of International Tourist Guides (plus Ramsey) it makes you wonder how Moyes can compete but, hey, so far he has... superbly so... which takes me back to my opening could be worse!!! A lot worse!

Tom Hughes
2   Posted 14/06/2008 at 12:59:29

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Spent last week in Dublin. I’m depressed about my overdraft now, that place eats money and my relatives wonder why I rarely visit these days. ;)
Shane Corcoran
3   Posted 14/06/2008 at 13:26:05

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For fuck sake Kieran, didn?t the dubs win easily last week? Take a break from the soccer for a few months and watch a game of amateurs showing some of these overpaid spoofers what sport should be all about ? hard work for the cause of the team. Euro 2008 is good, but not nearly as much fun without England being there.
John Andrews
4   Posted 14/06/2008 at 22:29:40

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I have somewhat grave misgivings about Moyes and his failure to put pen to paper. Something tells me that he wants some dosh to strengthen the team whilst BK and KW are trying their hardest to save up for the "Tescodome".
Just an old fashioned cynic ?
Stephen Williams
5   Posted 15/06/2008 at 09:18:10

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Cheer up Kieran, you could be a depressed Geordie!

Kenny Dalglish once said its not how much you have to spend its what you spend it on. There's no point as you mentioned City Newcastle etc having £10-20 mil more than us to spend when you buy the likes of Joey Barton for £6M and pay him £60,000/wk.

We will get better value than these other teams and you said it yourself: DAVID MOYES ? trust the man, keep the faith. One thing the reds did with the great man Shankly was belief in the manager. MOYES is our Shankly.

Alan Clarke
6   Posted 15/06/2008 at 22:03:14

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To add to your depression, Wyness is the one still going on about this bloody 39th game which threatens to truly rip the heart out of our game.
Trevor Lynes
7   Posted 16/06/2008 at 19:04:59

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A very nice piece voicing the same sentiments as I feel myself. Im a dyed in the wool Blue nose for yonks but I really get depressed when I see the transfer market coming and going season after season with EFC as the divisions tight wads. DM has indeed worked wonders and I would not blame him one jot if he left a frustrated man with the total lack of funds he has compared to virtually every other team in the premier. We are competing with Bolton for one player and West Brom for another as far as the papers say...why are we not competing with teams like Spurs, Newcastle, Man City and the like...our fan base is excellent and we travel all over to watch everton so how is it that wherever we finish in the league or however we do in Europe...the funds are low compared to others. Patience and prudense are preached every year ad nauseum...clubs coming up have bigger kitty’s than we and DM cannot forever work wonders on a shoestring.If I were him I would be totally disappointedoff.He can only watch with envy while others buy top name players and he has to settle for loans and stopgaps like Gravesen.I hope to God Im wrong and we buy a couple of real top players with a couple of other promising youngsters for the future.

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