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Now Finish Them Off

By Tony Marsh :  22/01/2009 :  Comments (41) :
Liverpool 1 Everton Reserves 1

Yes, that's right ? a patched-up Everton side travelled to Anfield on Monday night and dared to come away with a point. These gobshites that fill Anfield every week make me laugh, they really do. The only atmosphere being created in the ground came from the Everton end while the gormless kopites just sat there and stared at us.

Just as Highbury was known as the Library, maybe Anfield should now be christened the Morgue... How quiet Anfield was untill Stevie Bud Bottle scored, it was frightening. I swear I heard a pidgeon fart on the main stand roof.

The only thing the tossers kitted out like Father Christmas seemed to care about was getting photos of players taking corners and throw ins. You can imagine them at work the next day in London, Bristol and Yorkshire... "Here's one of Stevie G tying his bootlace... Oh and here's one of Carra scratching his balls as Cahill buries his header.... Oh and here's poor Rafa having another nervous breakdown." Fucking arseholes the lot of 'em.

As for the game itself, I thought we played very well in our half of the pitch but we lacked a little when going forward. Once they scored, I felt it needed freshening up at that stage as Osman had become a spectator ? as he often does in big games. I know many of you think Leon is a great player but at the same time you point to the Fiorentina home game as his finest hour. That was 12 months ago, guys. What since then??? Not much really is the answer.

It worked out in the end and none of us can moan about a 1-1 draw and stopping them going back to the top of the table. LOVELY!

Tim the legend Cahill is now offically a God after his goal and must go down as our most influential player since the glory days of the 1980s when the likes of Trevor Steven and Reidy strutted thier stuff. I never though we would find someone to carry the club on his shoulders like Big Dunc used to but I was wrong. Tim Cahill is the man these days and must be worth at least £30 million if Robbie Keane is worth £20 million.

If Cahill scores again on Sunday, we should erect a statue of him in the car park behind the Park End Stand. It should read... "Tim Cahill ? the Man, the Player, the God".

What we now need to do is maintain the same tempo and desire that was shown on Monday night. Get into the twats from the word go and don't let them settle. I can't see them playing the same team again but whether this works in our favour or not remains to be seen. I mean they beat Man Utd this season without Gerrard or Torres in the side so we need to be careful. No thinking the job's already done if they do drop players.

Liverpool may not play Gerrard or Torres in this game but they will have an ace up their sleeves in the shape of Steve Bennett. This prick will give them everything they tell him to. We need to keep our cool with this clown in charge.

My main concern now is that, if we do knock them out of the cup, that will give Kenwright justification not to allow any signings before the end of the window. We are desperate for a striker to come in and I can't believe a chairman, who is constantly telling us what a great Evertonian he is, allowing this farcical situation to continue.

If it ends up we get knocked out and they go through, then expect some fireworks from the fans. It's all good at the moment but if the unthinkable does happen, both Kenwright and Moyes will get slaughtered for the inactivity in the transfer market this January.

For many of our fans and players, this game on Sunday will be the biggest they have ever been involved in. We must not fail. With 6,000 mad Evertonians behind the lads this weekend, I don't think we will. Taking the bastards back to Goodison will do for me but a win will see me dancing until my broken foot falls off.

See you there Sunday lads COYBS

Reader Comments

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Ciarán McGlone
1   Posted 22/01/2009 at 14:26:51

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Well Tony,

You’ve got it all....having a go at foreigners, referees and even pigeons.

The most interesting point you raise is about the continued good form and the impact this has on transfers...I think the impact of this is overated..having a look at the forums - most fans are having their bi-annual moan about the lack of a transfers - and waiting for one to appear out of nowhere...

It won’t happen...and a quick look at Joe Beardwood’s synopsis of the acounts tells us why...

I for one am willing to forgo my usual transfer window moan about signings...because for once...I actually believe we are as financially perilous as we’ve ever been...
Dave Charles
2   Posted 22/01/2009 at 14:41:49

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Well said, Tony. There?s nothing wrong with showing a little passion for the team under the current circumstances. God knows what follows if we win but I will certainly enjoy it, if it is done with the same passion.
John Sreet
3   Posted 22/01/2009 at 15:11:09

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Excellent article Mr Marsh, pretty balanced and I have to say I agree with all you have said.
Mike Hughes
4   Posted 22/01/2009 at 15:25:43

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Firstly, it?s unfair to criticise kopites for their lack of chanting / support as, to be fair, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finn are all distinct and separate languages.

Secondly, they would have wanted 3 points over an FA Cup win so, in many ways, we?ve put a bit of a spanner in their works. And the timing of Cahill?s goal was perfect ? 87 mins.

Finally, there?s two sounds I love at this time of the year. The birds are starting to sing early in the morning as spring approaches and the other is the sound of kopites whining and whinging on the Radio Merseyside after match phone-in. Why are they soooooo bitter?

Robin Finlay
5   Posted 22/01/2009 at 15:35:10

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The way we?ve been going on, people must think we got a win. It was a great result but it shows the difference between us and the top 3/4.

I reckon they?re gonna pack the midfield in more of a 4-4-1-1 formation with Keane dropped and Mascherano replacing him. Moyes will probably name an unchanged line-up hoping for the same result. Call me a pessimist but I can?t see us getting a result this time.

Shaun Brennan
6   Posted 22/01/2009 at 15:49:37

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I?m a firm beleiver that, if we got a win this Sunday, their season would crumble and fall... the wind will have been taken out of their sails. Come on blues.

One thing, Tony, if we win, imagine me the next day in work darn sarf in Lundin, COYB
Mike Hughes
7   Posted 22/01/2009 at 15:48:13

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Robin ? "the way we?ve been going on" ? actually I thought we?d beat them on Monday night so was a little disappointed. However, the timing of Cahill?s goal made it feel like a winner ? especially with the effect on their fans ? and especially with our poor recent record against them.
Anthony Dyer
8   Posted 22/01/2009 at 15:55:39

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I also thnk it will be more difficult on Sunday, due to the fact that we will be hard pressed to put in another demanding physical game and we will have to tread carefully with Mr. Bennett.

Robin (I apologise in advance if this is your real name) but isn’t your name a Saints day in some of the less lawful areas of Merseyside?
Sonny Phillips
9   Posted 22/01/2009 at 16:01:47

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??These gobshites that fill Anfield every week make me laugh, they really do??.

I wholeheartedly agree, go on the whenskiesaregrey website for hilarious confirmation.
There is a pathetic rant (That?s Us Told) sent in by some redneck about why they?re better than us.

So funny.
Alan Codd
10   Posted 22/01/2009 at 16:11:09

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Got to agree Tony,
Kenwright and co have sat on their arses once again when it comes to getting much needed reinforcements in.
Luckily AGAIN for him , is that the boys have been tremendous enough with what we have
But this shouldnt detract away from the fact that we knew in early december , the situation with our forwards and should have been doing something then to get someone in.
Cant help but think the man is all talk and ultimately as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. Yes we got felli for 14 and peanuts for 2.5 in the summer BUT we also sold Johnson for 12/11 million and before him Mcfadden for 6 million, so that covers Felli and peanuts.
Where is the cash? oh yes KIRKBY
Micky Norman
11   Posted 22/01/2009 at 16:22:21

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Spot on Tony Marsh. I would actually prefer a draw on Sunday just to bugger up their preparations for CL games, then do them at Goodison. I’d also like to see Gosling given a go in this one to give Osman, who I do rate, a kick up the arse to show him there’s competition for his place. I can see this one being more of a blood and thunder game and Bennett will play a big part. pity we can’t have Webb again as he was excellent on Monday.
Tom Campbell
12   Posted 22/01/2009 at 16:52:51

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Cahill for statues
Ralph Wetzels
13   Posted 22/01/2009 at 16:56:52

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Great article, Tony!
Chris Jones (Wakefield)
14   Posted 22/01/2009 at 16:58:23

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Is there an imposter posting under Tony?s name? I actually found myself sympathetic to this post. Thank you Mr Marsh, I enjoyed that.

I think DM will have to find a different way to play things this time round. He threw the RS off balance with his dispositions on Monday night; perhaps this time round he?ll shock us all... by playing AvdM?

We shall see. COYBB
Steve Edwards
15   Posted 22/01/2009 at 16:42:16

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Enjoyed the comment about the gobshites being dressed up like Father Christmas... they really are a strange lot. No wonder they have a big sign on the kop telling them that this is the kop! Most of them are quite simply tourists. Bill Shankly must be spinning in his grave. If I were a red shite supporter I’d be doing my nut at the way the club is pushing tickets at the expense of Scousers.
Phil Bellis
16   Posted 22/01/2009 at 17:04:50

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Well said, Tony - the bastards don’t like it up em, do they?..
Ciarán ... our lack of finance is a buggar - if only we had the resources to compete with the Mighty Wigan and their world-class scouting team we could’ve made a few bob this week
It’s not always about having money, is it, if you’ve got other attributes at your club’s disposal?
Alan Smith
17   Posted 22/01/2009 at 16:53:59

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What I don?t understand is that their supporters call their "derby" with Manchester United as their biggest fixture of the season, and Benitez labels us as a small club, then what the hell were they (their supporters, players, management) doing when Gerrard struck in the 68th minute and Anfield erupted in euphoria as though they had won the World Cup never mind a belated attempt on a league title for the first time since Margaret Thatcher was in office.

Cue Red Shite dancing and jigging about, and Gerrard behaving as though he had got off scot free in his upcoming court appearance. I thought we were only a small club and did not deserve this level of adulation when an opposing team scores against us.

When Timmy did his mandatory late heroics in front of the travelling support the Red Shite went down as one, as though their title aspirations were already hanging from a thread and no doubt Mr Ferguson was as pleased with it all as much as any Blue Nose making the journey across Stanley Park or beyond.

I was at Goodison way back it seems now in 1991 when Dave got the only goal after Dalglish went on his way and with it, a league title with Blackburn. That was a great night, although back then the 90s (FA Cup victory aside) were to be a barren spell and with hindsight the appointments of Messers Walker and Smith (no relation) from Norwich and Rangers respectively were ill-advised and took the club two steps back rather than one forward.

The cup fixture on sunday will be pivotal to both Merseysiders hopes for the rest of the season. I will not say we will win, but I will say that we can win and with it , go into the fifth round and maintain a push for wembley and our first FA Cup success since 1995. Fourteen years without a sniff of anything is a lousy non-achievement for our great supporters. Let?s hope we can deliver something worthwhile in 2009 with this FA Cup trophy, but Sunday first!
Kevin Quinn
18   Posted 22/01/2009 at 17:24:58

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No Tony, no draw please just a win ? I've got flights hotel and ticket booked for Old Trafford away. As far as I'm aware, if its a draw the match will be moved from a Monday night leaving me in the shit. So please just WIN coyb!
Nick Harthill
19   Posted 22/01/2009 at 17:56:19

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Best Tony Marsh post ever - by a distance. Excellent stuff.
Tony I'Anson
20   Posted 22/01/2009 at 18:10:25

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Hi fellas, Below is not really related to this debate, but thought it might bring a smile as it?s just popped into my inbox.
To be sang to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody!! This is classic stuff!

Is this our Stevie?
Captain of LFC?
Arrested in Southport
All caught on CCTV.
Open "The Sun"
It?s there on Page One, you?ll see.
I?m just a Scouser
I need some help
Because I?m Huyton-born, Huyton-bred
Once a Blue, now a Red.
Whatever the truth is, it doesn?t really matter to me.

[Piano: Dumm di dum dum, dumm di dum dum]

Rafa! It?s Stevie here.
I?ve just twatted a DJ
And they?ve taken him away.
Rafa, we were four points clear
But now I fear we?ll throw it all away!
Rafa! Ooooooooooh.
Didn?t mean to make you sigh
If I?m not back in time to play at Preston Tinker on, tinker on, my
career is all in tatters....

[Piano: Dum di dum di dum, dum di dum di dum]

Too late! It?s Walton Jail.
I don?t think that I can cope
I can?t bend down for the soap.
Goodbye everybody - I?ve got to go
Gotta leave the Kop behind and face the Bench.
Rafa! Ooooooooooo! (Anyway the sh*it blows) I don?t want to go to jail I
sometimes wish I?d never joined Liverpoo-ool!

[Piano, guitar and stuff]

I see a little silhouetto of Hamman
There?s more dosh, there?s more dosh if I sign for Man City But joining
such a shite team is very very frightening to me

Calling Barry
(It?s Rick Parry)
Calling Barry
(It?s Rick Parry)
Calling Barry! He?s Magnific-o-o-o-o

I?m just a poor boy from a Scouse family He?s just a poor boy from a
Scouse family Spare him his job says Co-Coach Sammy Lee

Piano: Tinkle, tinkle tinkle

Easy come easy go! Will you let me go?
It?s me, La!
No! We will not let you go! Let him go!
It?s me, La!
No! We will not let you go! Let him go!
No no no no no no!
Rafa! Sammy! Rafa! Sammy! Rafa! Sammy! Get me out!
A Big House con has a shower set aside for me! For meee!

For meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

[Big Guitar Riff]

So you think you can say my career?s in decline!
So you think you can suggest my kids are not mine!
Oh DJ! Can?t do this to me DJ!
Just gotta get out! Just gotta get right outta here!

[More guitar and then the slow bit]

My career is now in tatters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters! Nothing really matters to me!

Anyway the shit blows!
Paul Joy
21   Posted 22/01/2009 at 19:04:48

Report abuse

Who has kidnapped Tony Marsh ?
Have City bought him ?

You are just trying to get back into everyones good books after you got slaughtered by Adam (aged 14).

You sound a bit rabid - are you ok?

Fuck the sympathy - you still talk shite and always will
Tony Marsh
22   Posted 22/01/2009 at 19:33:27

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I am rolling about in stitches here Mr Joy. You're a real funny guy. Ever thought about taking your show on the road? The Paul Let Me Bring You Joy road show. Fucking cracker that would be. And you think I sound rabid??????. Keep taking the tablets, lad.
Robbie Muldoon
23   Posted 22/01/2009 at 20:06:47

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Moyes you better not fuck this up on Sunday!



I hate these Red bastards. The shit they come out with after that draw was worse than if they beat us... but at least I could buzz off them this time!

Imagine if we had Fellaini instead of Anichebe.

Nice one Davey
Gerry Western
24   Posted 22/01/2009 at 21:01:15

Report abuse

Have to agree with the sentiments expressed. I suspect Mascherano will play in the cup if he does we’re in danger of being overrun in the middle of the park as we were for a twenty minute spell in the second half. However I’m not sure how well we might cope this time. Have to agree Osman was a huge embarrassment and should have been removed, the game simply passed him by. I too was staggered by the fact that Moyes allowed him to see the game out. Whilst our defence stood firm, I’m afraid you simply cannot invite the opposition on to you like that. We simply cannot afford another Osman no show.

We really are limited in our striking options and if a deal is to be done ideally it would have been better to get someone in before the cup game assuming of course they would be eligible to play. I’d love to see us turn them over and have no doubt that if Fellaini were available we most certainly would. Can’t help but feel we will do well to get them back to Goodison and send them crashing out from there.
Kevin Chung
25   Posted 22/01/2009 at 23:19:04

Report abuse

Great read Tony Marsh!

I can’t remember the last time you were FOR the team.

Anyway, does it mean after the Derby this Sunday you’ll be back to your normal self again?
Santosh Benjamin
26   Posted 22/01/2009 at 23:46:18

Report abuse

Wonderful article, Tony. That draw helped me get through a tough week... glad there were people like you at the game to show the lads how much we appreciate their effort. Hope to hear more singing from you and others on Sunday... we can't relax though... we need to stay focussed to beat the slippery devils.... COYB
ps: Lovely version of Bohemian Rhapsody by your namesake...
Stuart Duncan
27   Posted 23/01/2009 at 01:37:39

Report abuse

Two points. I don?t think there are any available loan signings that Moyes likes the look of, so there?ll be no deals in the window. Second, with Bennett and several other refs, Fellaini would not last 90 minutes against the Reds at their ground. Stevie G and Carragher would talk the ref into sending him off well before the end.

Good luck on Sunday.
Gary Hughes
28   Posted 23/01/2009 at 01:57:08

Report abuse

It?s about playing the right players in the right positions. For god knows how long, I?ve been tearing my hair out about Osman in the centre & Arteta on the flanks, then at last Moyes wakes up & switches them & both players seem to have a new lease of life.

I thought we were excellent on Monday but I also think Moyes fucked up putting Osman in the centre & Anichebe on the right. Osman is a very talented footballer but he is ineffective in the centre of the park because he is quite simply not strong enough to hold his own against stronger faster opponents.

I would rather see Osman pushed back out to the right with Anichebe leading the line with Cahill as the second striker so to speak. Play them where they are most comfortable, Osman is no central midfieder & Anichebe is no right midfielder, it?s not rocket science.

Jay Campbell
29   Posted 23/01/2009 at 07:27:57

Report abuse

You forgot to mention it was snowing for a bit on Monday night Tony and that they had brought the good weather from Norway with them.
Trevor Lynes
30   Posted 23/01/2009 at 08:36:29

Report abuse

One swallow does not make a spring...I can remember the blues when we EXPECTED to get a result wherever we played...anyway, back to reality !! If we do not do anything in this transfer window I can only forsee another fatigue and injury fuelled burn out...this would cost us a lot of money so it would be prudent to invest in some new decent squad players to ensure we get at least 6th place and perhaps 5th...its really embarrassing to see our club being the ’old mother Hubbard’ of the division...we must be absolutely threadbare and I for one DO NOT KNOW WHY ???????
Paul Williams
31   Posted 23/01/2009 at 08:50:02

Report abuse

Great article, Tony. This sort of stuff really gets me going, I can picture little Timmy now guiding the ball into the net as I type this, and my heart is pounding blue just like it was Monday night. I really can?t wait for Sunday now.

Before the derbies I was thinking about what would happen if we put a spanner in the works. I had in my head that if we managed to get anything out of the first game, there would be an almighty backlash on the Sunday. Witnessing the game on Monday has changed my mind. I can see us playing more confidently on Sunday, no matter what they throw at us, with no points involved, what do we have to loose by taking the game to them?

We played well on Monday, but to me we still looked nervous, maybe it was to do with the points involved, who knows? I agree with all that has been said about Ossie, he simply wasn?t good enough, but I still expect him to start Sunday because of the limitations on the squad. In an ideal world Gosling would be two years older and Moyes would have no hesitation in playing him on Sunday, this isn?t an ideal world though, and Moyes will stick to what he knows and who he trusts most.

So let's all unite once again and get right behind the team from now until Sunday night, I have a feeling that us Blues are looking forward to this game a lot more than the Scouse wannabe?s from across the water...

Phil Bellis
32   Posted 23/01/2009 at 11:20:17

Report abuse

Trevor... it?s even more galling when Arthur Spokesman of EFC tells us the club can get the £10 miilion to replace the Bellefield knock-back ?easily?. If it?s that fucking easy, give it to Moyes now; as you say, we?ll lose more if we slip away in the League.
Barry Sherlock
33   Posted 23/01/2009 at 11:25:49

Report abuse

Good read Tony.

It’s great that you are able to focus on the positives. But.......
"It’s all good at the moment but if the unthinkable does happen, both Kenwright and Moyes will get slaughtered for the inactivity in the transfer market this January"
We haven’t got any money.

Which is why I’m more appreciatative of Moyes now than I ever have been.

It will not be DM’s fault if we can’t bring someone in during the January window. I’m sure he is trying to get a loan deal done.
Damian Wilde
34   Posted 23/01/2009 at 12:30:09

Report abuse

Good article. Funny too! Osman has scored some decent goals this season and contirbuted well. He gets some unserved stick I think. Good little player.

As for the Bohemian Rhapsody, brilliant, funny as!

I feel there is momentum. I said before the league game, a draw in the league, a win in the cup, so let?s do it boys!! Let?s bury those dirty horrible red shit bastards.

See you at the game guys, looking forward to it!! COYB.
Tony Williams
35   Posted 23/01/2009 at 14:00:01

Report abuse

Good post Tony and I hope you stay as balanced if the worst happens and we have a shocker against them on Sunday.

One point I would raise is about the potential loan signings. It is easy to say get someone in but the question would be who? We can’t afford to buy a star player and if a player is willing to come on loan, let’s face it, he is not going to be that good is he. The only loan deals probably coming would be to bolster the bench, as I cannot see a good player coming on loan.
Paul Joy
36   Posted 23/01/2009 at 15:19:18

Report abuse

Tony Williams, re loan players: we have done pretty well with the try before you buy but not convinced the January window is the best time. It's hard to take seriously any rumours linking Everton with players. But we all live in hope don?t we (except TM)

By the way are you the TW who once worked for MFRS?
Wally Moore
37   Posted 23/01/2009 at 18:03:41

Report abuse

This is my first time on here, and first impressions, pretty good! Lots of topics to keep supporters happy and will have to come back sometime.

Now, although originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Everton supporters are few and far between in that part of the world although I am aware of supporters branches in Florida and other states.

I go back to the Gordon Lee era, Latchford, McKenzie, Rioch, Lyons to name a few and with it "that" semi-final against our excellent neighbors in 1977. As any supporter knows to well, Bryan Hamilton scored a perfectly legitimate goal only for our old friend Clive Thomas to chalk it off only reasons known to him. Instead of a 3-2 derby victory and a meeting with Manchester Reds in the final, we went on to lose 3-0 in the replay.

Add to that the 1986 and 1989 finals and sunday represents an opportunity to get back some revenge, we already did their title hopes no favors last week, and I would love to go there on Sunday and put another nail in their coffin this season.

Ever since Moyes came from Preston he has been a breath of fresh air to the club, taking us from annual strugglers to regular top-six material and with it, in with a chance, most seasons than not of a European berth when the end of season honors are handed out. OK, no trophies at Goodison but we are on the right path and I am certain we have the right man at the helm to lead us forward.

Sunday's game takes on greater significance, for both teams, as it represents a last chance for either team to garner any silverware this season, I?m not buying into the fact that Liverpool can duplicate the horrors of 2005, and in all probability will not win the League Title this campaign I am sure of it. It would mean so much to our supporters to beat them at their own stomping ground, there is a certain level of unrest at Anfield that can be taken advantage of, and I am hopeful of an "upset" as some pundits would classify if we were to beat the odds and win over there.

The nerves have already started, OK got a great result in the league game but they will redouble their efforts to best us in light of their recent setback. If we were to win, it?s into the last sixteen and I don?t think any side remaining will favor meeting us in the draw.
Ian Smitham
38   Posted 23/01/2009 at 22:55:57

Report abuse

just to help me please, would it be right to assume that if we win on Sunday that people on this thread will acknowledge the efforts of all concerned? Equally if put up a credittable performance but it all goes wrong will it automatically result in widespread (even focussed) critisism?.

For my view, the result on Monday has damaged their chase for the holy grail and well done to all involved. How scoring in the 87th minute cannot be a good thing is beyond me.

Victor at right wing may have been to take advantage of thier weakest link; Ossie gives 90 minutes as does Tony at RB. Still, none of the three are superstars and seem easy targets for abuse and that is what it amounts to. Trust that if and and when it does go well one day, that some will be ordering humble pie.

In the meantime, talk of Gosling and Shandy as subs is misguided, if YOU were a Manager your job and reputation rested on decisions, would you take a chance away at a top 4 team?

I hope we play 4-6-0 again and battle them for every inch on the pitch. Sadly I have no ticket but implore that each and every one of our heroic supporters enjoy every moment supporting and encouraging our beloved blues.

BTW, the God Tim, the man of stature and all things good, was subject of some critisism on here a few months ago along with the best little Spaniard. I trust that those who choose to critisise so frequently have the good grace to acknowledge what is good as and when it happens.

Here is hoping for Sunday.
Neil Scott
39   Posted 24/01/2009 at 04:09:51

Report abuse

Well I hope Leon Osman reads this, scores a hat trick, rips of his shirt and reveals a "What does Tony Marsh know?" vest underneath.

I really can?t see Moyes changing his team from Monday so in such things must we hope :)
Giles Larkman
40   Posted 24/01/2009 at 06:47:14

Report abuse

Thank you Tony. Best post I’ve ever seen from you.
Dave Whitwell
41   Posted 24/01/2009 at 08:30:54

Report abuse

I find it really interesting reading all the comments about money on this site. Clearly we have none and quite often we see players move to other clubs and feel a little envious.

However, money is not the be-all and end-all. We have something that is priceless and the envy of just about every other team in the Premier League, our spirit. Clearly all of our players want to play for each other and the manager. They are united in there efforts and finally now also seem to have some belief about beating the big teams.

Add too that a number of youngsters with great potential, all in and around the 1st team squad and gaining experience; furthermore big players to come back: Saha, Yakubu, Yobo, Vaughan, Fellaini.

My point being let's not harp on about having no money ? we have many reasons to be cheerful. The team's efforts are not without critisism and good healthy debate from us fans is always good. But if our fans could now show a united front in the same way the manager and players are, I believe that nobody will enjoy playing against us and great things could be achieved.

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