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A Season In The Sun

By Nick Entwistle :  29/01/2009 :  Comments (18) :
No, not this year, its not going to happen is it. If we were topple Arsenal come May, we?d still have Aston Villa spoiling the fun. Good for them though, they?ll have their moment. I don?t begrudge them the luck they?re having. But I just want that moment to be ours. That moment when the season is done and we know we?re in the Champions League? I?ll ignore the qualifying rounds for now.

Special games, nights and victories are one thing, like it would have been last night. But I want a special time. I want a time where I can enjoy it before it happens, enjoy it when it?s happening and enjoy it long after the players have hung up their boots.

Is it possible to win the league again? Really, will we? Do FA Cup wins mean anything nowadays? Hardly ranks now does it? Not the special cup of old. ?95 was one of the last great days of FA Cup history before it was all sold away. And that was for me a special time. Kanchelskis and Limpar, Amokachi and Ferguson pushing on the following season. Bloody Bergkamp had to spoil it all on the last day with 10 minutes till the holidays. 10 minutes from Europe we were. Big Joe was soon to go.

Ahh the Uefa Cup when that was something of value in its own right. And now? Now its viewed as ?Progression in the Uefa Cup will raise our profile for future signings?. Bullshit? since when did trophies become a PR exercise?

A special time now is for a Champions League group stage to come our way. How else is it to happen? Our boys playing at Juventus, Barcelona, Milan, Madrid? Did you read those names? Did you? Take your Metalist Kharkiv and SK Brann and shove them up your arse. Stop the pretending that?s ?on the up? when we?ve been given nothing more than a box to play with in the corner of the room. The Big 4 (and lets be honest, they are Big) get to take out the train set and play among themselves.

Just one season in the sun. Just one season! After last night?s game it is now clear we now need to go through all of next season to entertain the possibility of taking that step up to a fourth spot. Life is short and there?s always this waiting with Everton. Always waiting for something to come along. Hope, that?s always what gets you in the end.

I?m 31. I don?t want to keep this yearning when I?m 40. I want something tangible now. I want Clive Tyldesly to commentate on a James Vaghan hat-trick on an evening?s glory from the Bernabeau in Spring 2010 and have David Pleat say the boy done well.

My mate lives opposite. I can go and stay there and just walk on over? just once. I won?t bother him again. I?ll explain it?s my time in the sun and for one night I?ll sleep on some cushions in his tiny flat and not care that in 2011 we aim to improve on our mid table finish from the season before. That won?t matter. That wont matter at all as the sun was on my face for just one small but special time.

Reader Comments

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Damian Kelly
1   Posted 29/01/2009 at 16:32:42

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Nice post and love the sentiment Nick and hope it happens - I?d have treasured the 80s more if I?d known what was to follow but as an 18 year old I assumed that dominance would be forever (my dad did warn me).

However, I would much rather be in the UEFA Cup than the "Champions" League purely because I think its something that we have a chance of winning. I don't want us just to earn some money, play some glamour fixtures and get knocked out before the sharp end.

For me, Carling Cup and FA Cup are also more important than the league as again we can win them ? if anything would rather win the Carling Cup so we finally have the full set. I dont buy the fact that they arent as important any more ? that's just "Sky4" arrogance that they have grander aspirations ? if we were in the final it wouldn't mean any less to me going to Wembley now than it did in the past so bollocks to them.
dennis stevens
2   Posted 29/01/2009 at 16:55:19

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you should know, iykyh, that we will be champions once more 2010/11.

stephen stuart
3   Posted 29/01/2009 at 17:05:13

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is there something in the water?
Ben Polak
4   Posted 29/01/2009 at 17:20:59

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I couldn’t have put it any better myself. Us "younger" fans who just missed out on the glory days of the 80s are starving for just one season in the sun. We ll keep hoping and enjoying little moments of glory, Im hoping for one more come Wednesday. COYB
Tony Marsh
5   Posted 29/01/2009 at 17:34:22

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Nick while Doctor Death BK still controls this club we will never amount to much ever again.i said last season that a space in the big fours league was possible this season as I felt Arsenal are to erratic to maintain a challange.What was needed was bit of vision and ambition from the chairman.That along with some investment in new players.

Kenwright is a spiv waiting for a big pay day from his Tesco paymasters and doesnt really give a fuck were we end up in the league or we we end up playing our footbal.Kirkby or Kendall
it wouldnt matter to Bill as long as he gets his golden hand shake.

Moyes is being denied funds to reinforce his depleted squad and untill someone injects some cash you will dream about CL for ever mate...FOOK OFF KENWRIGHT.
Beth Carter
6   Posted 29/01/2009 at 18:01:14

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We last saw our name as champions in 1987, and while not that too long a space of time, to me it seems like an eternity, and the title will not be coming to Goodison this year.

The FA Cup, however, can be achieved, and there is a real possibility of the euphoria of 1995 being repeated, although if we are to do it this year, we will have to do it the hard way!

We had the chance to establish ourselves as a leading domestic force going into the Premier League era (1992), but was taken away from us by the Heysel incident, the leaving of Kendall, break up of the great side etc. At least now, we have the right calibre of manager to take us onwards. Maybe even in years to come we can once again be top dogs on Merseyside. On recent evidence you would not bet against it.

My thanks to Senor Benitez.
Richard Dodd
7   Posted 29/01/2009 at 18:31:31

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Whatever the detesable Tony Marsh may say, Bill Kenwright is just about the only honest to godness chairman left in the Premier League! Even Arsenal?s Tony Hill-Wood has begun the sell-out process to the Russians and Yanks but Blue Bill has stood his ground-prepared to surrender control ONLY to someone he knows for certain will maintain the standards and traditions of our great club.

OK, he may not be the richest chairman in the land but unlike the Ashleys, Hicks and Gillettes, he knows his ?istory and would NEVER do anything to besmirch our great club?s reputation.

Do you know, Mr Marsh, there are a great number of Evertonians like me that hope the day when BB has to give up the reins will never come. As so many of them have said, ?Be careful who you wish for!?

Beth Carter
8   Posted 29/01/2009 at 18:52:25

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Whatever is said about Kenwright, he has the best interests of the club in mind.

The Peter Johnson era put the club on the back foot in terms of progression, and now we are seeing, at last under him and Moyes, some stability being achieved.

Much rather have Kenwright than some foriegn owners who are more interested in profits and what they can garner in terms of cash and who have little or no knowledge of the club they are associated with and then bugger off when the going gets tough - or bored.
Richard Harris
9   Posted 29/01/2009 at 19:05:06

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I love Bill Kenwright, David Moyes, Tony Marsh and Richard Dodd. Do you think I should keep taking the happy pills ? :0)
Dave Wilson
10   Posted 29/01/2009 at 20:41:29

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I would snatch your hand off for the FA glory cup this year. It would mean a memorable win against the Gobshites, we settle a score with those jammy twats from Birmingham, we?d enjoy riotous piss-ups after the semis. unbridled joy at Wembly as we lift the famous old trophy.

And best of all, the sight of half a million people turning out to give the team a tumultuous reception as we parade the cup around the city.

Jamie Crowley
11   Posted 30/01/2009 at 06:08:53

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Nick - I?ve said this before. I?m a Yank. Life-long Red Sox fan. It took from 1918 until 2004 for those great fans to finally reach the peak. My dad was 60 when it happened and I was 35. My Grandfather never saw it happen.I have a silly amount of patience when it comes to waiting with my sports teams...

The one thing that catapulted my beloved Sox was new ownership. I see parallels here. Pray for new ownership. I like BK but he doesn?t have the resources.

Things change. You never know. Keep the faith and try to be patient. It?s impossible sometimes ? the Sox were 1 out away from a World Series in 1986 and it broke my heart. It only took 18 more years....

I can tell you one thing, Heaven?s a lot sweeter to get to if the road traveled to get there is Hell. My Red Sox are living proof of that. That was one of the greatest moments of my life - October 27, 2004 ? and it took 86 years for my team to be champions.

Let?s hope it ain?t that long for EFC to reach the pinnacle. But I?m afraid it?s going to be quite a while before that happens.

Colin Potter
12   Posted 30/01/2009 at 09:13:41

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Wake up Doddy and Beth, as long as that smarmy slimey bastard Kenwright has his hands on this club of ours, we will never win anything again. Unless he takes his ill-gotten gains and fucks off as quickly as he can, he is an albatross around our necks!
Phil Bellis
13   Posted 30/01/2009 at 10:52:30

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"....would NEVER do anything to besmirch our great club?s reputation".... as the premier team in Knowsley?
Ian Hollingworth
14   Posted 30/01/2009 at 13:33:30

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Excellent article Nick. Those of us a little older than you had our day in the sun during that magnificent spell in the 80?s. The only problem we have is that we never got to find out how sunny it really was thanks to events outside the control of EFC. I find myself constantly wondering where we would be today if that magnificent team had been allowed to go and conquer Europe.

All this dreaming doesn?t chase the clouds away but it is what supporting a football team is all about. Keep the faith, the sun will shine again and when it does make sure you enjoy every single moment.

George Sedlak
15   Posted 30/01/2009 at 17:25:56

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Couldn't agree more with you, Nick. I'm 20 years old and have been following the Blues ever since I was old enough to understand the game of football. In this time, I have seen one cup win in 95 (which I can barely remember) and not a lot else.

However, for me the closest thing to a season in the sun was the Rooney season, when I was lucky enough to go THAT Arsenal game, Leeds away, as well as Villa and Blackburn at home, when the little fat one got crucial winning goals. For me, nothing before or since (apart from being at the 1-0 Man Utd game when Fergie scored) has come close to that. But being an Evertonian like you say, the hope is what kills you. Who knows, one day we may reach our former glories but, regardless, we'll all still keep supporting them with the same passion I'm sure...
Beth Carter
16   Posted 30/01/2009 at 19:13:31

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I am too young to remember the Catterick years, the 1963 Title winning side, the lazarus like comeback in ’66 against Sheffield Wednesday, the defeat to West Bromwich two years later or even the title win of 1970.

However, I was fortunate enough to be present on occasion, and see the glory years of the mid 1980s, when for a short spell Everton could consider themselves as the best team in Europe. Sadly, due to events beyond our control, our chance to take on Europe’s elite was snatched from us by the moronic idiots in Belgium that fateful night.

James Boden
17   Posted 31/01/2009 at 13:27:38

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As a young lad unfortunately I wasn’t around to witness our great team in the mid 80s. Its arguable I would have witnessed success anyway if it weren’t for the twats robbing us. Of course we’re just bitter. The Gobshites said so! And sadly I was too young to remember the Cup win in 95 so ive been yearning for success for years.
Trouble is I honestly can’t see where our next success will come from. I honestly don’t think Moyes has what it takes to take us to the next level, and our loveable chairman is denying him funds. Richard Dodd how the heck could you call Kenwright honest. This guy spent all summer lying to us, saying to watch out for a major signing and what did we get? Now the likes of you can continue to kiss his arse and pretend that everything is going great but us realists see the bigger picture.
Much like Tony Marsh I too was saying to anyone who was listening that Arsenal were there for the taking and that this was a major chance to break into the top 4. But our allegedly great chairman who loves the bones of our club remember, stood still. The guy has no vision or ambition. He is clearly waiting for his big pay day and because of this we have blown it.
Its also worth mentioning that Tony Marsh the supposed Closet Kopite/Everton Hater made another good point that until we inject some cash we will be dreaming about Champions League/European Cup football whatever you want to call it forever. Oh sorry Tony i forgot you say this because you’re a pessimistic and full of shit, whereas the likes of Richard Dodd know it all, and are convinced our next great era is upon us thanks to having such a smashing manager and a wonderful honest chairman. Get real lads! The likes or Marsh and I say this because we know it’s not all rosy in the garden and before you know it we will collapse. So im afraid we will not be playing in the Big League anytime soon, if ever.
Derek Thomas
18   Posted 01/02/2009 at 02:48:25

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If we believe in dreams and most of us must or we wouldn’t keep on keeping on. I falls to me to be the bearer of sad tidings.

Like Mr King, I also had a dream.

There I was standing on the corner of Horricks Ave Garston outside the job centre ( hey it’s a dream logic need not apply )with Ray the Brother in law, top bloke but RS. there you go he says plonking a pound coin in my hand, don’t say I never pay my debts, you won that European cup fair and square. I look down and what do I see on the coin??? Charles’s head. THATS HOW LONG WE HAVE TO WAIT.

And for some one who saw Bobby Collins in his full glory ( and I don’t mean leeds) time is not on my side and it might be a close run thing.

I keep having these treasonous thoughts to the health of Her Majesty.

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