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Squad report card

By Conor Waters :  30/03/2009 :  Comments (27) :
I know we still have 8 games to run in the season, with a few things yet to be decided, but I thought it was time to review how our boys have performed up until now. As ever, I expect many may not agree but this is simply my opinion. Ratings are out of 10.

Tim Howard: A relatively good season with only one real howler vs Liverpool. Tim is as good a 'keeper we've had since Nige. He suffered a shakey start, suspiciously conceding 3 consecutive own goals, which all showed a real lack of commanding his area. But he has since recovered and very often come to our rescue. 7

Tony Hibbert: Personally I don't don't rate him. But he always gives 100%, especially in the tackle. He enjoyed some great performances this season, notably at home to Chelsea. I just wish he could improve on his awful distribution, he has virtually no assists and I'll eat my hat if he ever scores a goal. Unlucky with injuries like many this season, Tony finally faces some competition with Lars now having made his debut. 6

Leighton Baines: Finally we are seeing more of this lad. A very gifted full back who is starting to fulfil his potential, thanks to a consistent spell in the starting line-up. An England call-up a sign of his progress. Most improved player by a mile. 9

Joseph Yobo: Plagued by injuries and strangely upsetting the formation since his brief return to the side. We all know Joey is a class act, but he is in danger of losing his place to Jags and Roger. A stalwart in the side since DM arrived, this has not been one of his best seasons. 6

Joleon Lescott: Got off to a nightmare start, it seemed he could do nothing right. Confidence shot to pieces. But has shown real character to bounce back. He has the knack for finding the net, but has recently shown an improvement in one-on-one clashes. 8

Phil Jagielka: What can I say, except potential legend. Think back to last year when he was awkwardly being employed as a defensive mid, he was so out of his depth. The gift to Ashley Young in November could've rattled others, but just like after the Fiorentina penalty miss, he came back stronger. Torres in his pocket on two occasions. He actually made the Spaniard look like a League Two player. My player of the season, and a future Toffees legend. 10

Mikel Arteta: Cruelly had his season taken away by yet another injury. Still our best creative player but I feel he only showed his true ability midway through. Has honed in on his free-kick accuracy, scoring more this season than ever before. His talent and ability is unquestionable, which can often make it frustrating when he doesn't deliver, but is still the best little Spaniard we know. We are sorely missing him. 7

Andy van der Meyde: A lot of people have a ridiculous soft spot for Shandy, myself included. The fact is he has never delivered on the pitch and at this stage will never. Nothing more than a blight on our wage book. 3

Phil Neville: We get jeered for having a Manc as captain, but frankly if somebody is good enough, man enough and a true leader, then it doesn't fucking matter where he's from or who he's played for. Pip isn't a great player, but this season has seen him grow into the captain's role. Every side needs a player who can dish out a rollicking and never accepts defeat. Can still do a job at right full, but I think we're all agreed that centre mid suits best. The closest thing to a Carsley replacement, an increasingly regrettable loss. In a time of hairband wearing, Bentley rolling and whinging fannies (cr7), Phil is a model pro who has become a valuable squad member. 8

Segundo Castillo: Touted by David Moyes as the Carsley replacement. Thank fuck this wasn't a permanent deal. Not good enough. He lacks pace, composure and simple passing accuracy. Hopes were high after a Uefa Cup goal but, despite a lack of games and regular involvement, I seriously doubt we'll be seeing this Ecuadorian next season. 5

Marouane Fellaini: Big transfer fee, big pressure... even bigger hair. Nobody can honestly call this one yet. He has shown glimpses of great skill, towering strength and signs of a real talisman. Flip the coin and it's: 12 bookings, suspect lack of pace, language problems etc etc. All I know is that we paid big bucks for this lad, and we have got to give him time to settle. A player at that price-tag comes with a heavy burden of responsibility. All the more difficult when you throw in his inexperience and cultural differences. A definite one for the future. Inspiring or insipid. I'll go with the former. 7

Tim Cahill: I watch this guy week-in, week-out. All my non-Blue mates saying how he's the one they'd want in their side. I watch him... like player cam. And he defies logic time and time again. Tiny really isn't the greatest passer of a ball, his tackling is rough at best, in fact there are times when entire games can seem to pass him by. Any yet, without question, the first name on the teamsheet. He is like some kind of wonderdrug. No player has ever come up with so many vital goals this or any other recent season. He leaps like a bleeding salmon and is Everton through and through. Niggling injuries, particularly this year, are beginning to worry me though. Tim remains our main match-winner. 8

Jack Rodwell: Blooded last season, young Jack has impressed me this season. Doesn't do a whole lot when he plays, he keeps things simple and uncomplicated, but does it with a composure way beyond his tender age. He has shown enough this season to give me hope for the future. 7

Dan Gosling: Will forever be remembered for the derby cup goal. Burst into life with a great display at Boro. Had a chance to cement a place in the side following the endless list of injuries, but perhaps it's all still a big step up for him at this stage. I do think he'll prove a great purchase. 7

Leon Osman: Leon, Leon, Leon.... you drive me bananas. I know you're small but fuck me can you not hold off a challenge??? A player with natural talent and an eye for goal, but far too often this season he has disappointed. Really should've been dropped on a number of occasions, which I think would've given him the kick up the arse he needs. I fear he has reached his peak, and it certainly wasn't this season. 5

Steven Pienaar: We all cheered when we finally secured the permanent deal for peanuts. But in truth it's been somewhat of a clichéd "difficult second season" for the South African. Like Ossie, he has wasted possession too often this season, often downright careless and casual. He wants everything to be a free-flowing classy move with flicks and neat touches, but invariablly ends up in a broken-down move. Maybe he can prove me wrong in the run-in. 5

Louis Saha: I would've put my house on this rating being n/a, due to lack of appearances, but Louis has surprised me. Imagine if we had him a few years ago? I've seen enough of him this season to show me he is a class act. The goal v West Brom alone was born out of pure natural skill and striker's instinct. Saha's presence on the pitch tends to bring out the best in other players also. He could just be the one to nick the cup for us. 7

Victor Anichebe: Big Vic lacked the explosive sub appearances this season and in truth is starting to look more like recent cast-offs Jeffers, Cadamarteri etc. A training-ground bust up, whatever the truth of the story, displayed a real lack of respect. And a horrific lunge from Nolan really only compounded what was gonna be undoubtedly a bad year for Vic. A fleeting glimpse of his potential came in the league match at Anfield, and that was about it. 5 Jô: Let's not kid ourselves, we needed a striker and we're stoney broke. He fit the bill. Popped up with a few goals. He's Brazilian, so of course he has some innate natural flair. But if I see him milk one more bloody challenge... It's embarrassing, a grown man hitting the deck at the most minimal of contact, sad. Thank god we didn't pay the big bucks City did. In saying all that, he was needed. 6

Yakubu: I don't think it's fair to put a rating on the Yak considering his early departure. He got off to a blinder with a well taken goal on the opening day, a few more bundled in along the way. He will forever look like he couldn't be arsed, but a proven goalscorer. Get well soon lad. N/A

James Vaughan, Jose Baxter, Lukas Jutkiewicz: All N/a. Carlo Nash, Lars Jacobsen, Nuno Valente: All N/A

Well there it is...

My prediction for the remaining fixtures - doubt we're gonna catch anyone above us (unless we get 3pts at Villa Park) and, barring a total collapse, we ain't gonna be caught. 6th And as for the cup - I see a rallying performance to see off Utd in the semis with a scrappy 1-0 win (rooney seeing red again!), but a step too far as Chelski will turn us over 3-1 in the final.

Reader Comments

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Joe johnson
1   Posted 31/03/2009 at 08:41:03

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Tim Howard: A great season. 8
Tony Hibbert: Class defensively but limited distribution and height. 7
Leighton Baines: Gives that extra dimention going forward, reasonably defensively.8
Joseph Yobo: Injured. Needs to get his confidence back a bit. 7
Joleon Lescott: Poor start, skilled but occasionally loses concentration.7
Phil Jagielka: Keen. Good 1-1 marker. Poor distribution 6
Mikel Arteta: Class act. Vision and skill on the ball. sorely missed 8
Andy van der Meyde: No hoper. 2
Phil Neville: Got better during the season. Good positionally . limited distribution. 6
Segundo Castillo: Has looked over awed. Still hard to tell if he can step up a gear. 4
Marouane Fellaini: Skilled , aware, but raw. May be a great player if doesn?t get too injured. 7
Tim Cahill: One of the all time greats. The player most other team supporters want in their side. Plays like a defensive sweeper in the forward line. His moderate control is more than made up for with his anticipation and awareness. 9
Jack Rodwell: Can look a bit slow . neat passer. Early days 6.
Dan Gosling: Aware and skilled but can disappear.. 6
Leon Osman: Buckets of skill. Doesn?t score as much as he might. Real team player. Doesn?t seem to cope with 2 games in a week. Should be considered for the England squad. 7
Steven Pienaar: Makes things happen. Skilled and positive going forward but sometimes a liability in loosing the ball.7
Louis Saha: A class act. But will he ever get fully fit again? 7
Victor Anichebe: Seems to have turned into a big girls blouse. Plenty of raw talent ? and has been given opportunity. Not goal aware, Hopefully his approach will change. 5
5 Jô: Has done well. Skilled, but suffers from the premiers poor refereeing standards for skilled players. 7
Yakubu: Started the season well. Scores goals 7
Dick Fearon
2   Posted 31/03/2009 at 08:36:52

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Howard 7: Few better.

Hibbert 5: mastered all his direct opponents.

Baines 6: crosses only marginally better than Hibbert.

Arteta 6: Pienaar 5: Osman 4: None produce the goods against top sides.

Yobo 5: International duty then brothers kidnap plus injuries made this a season to forget.
Lescott 7: Bad start, improved as season went on.
Jagielka 7: Defensively very good. Distribution very poor.
Neville 7: Does the business wherever he is played. A good captain.
Fellaini 6: Always presents for the ball.
Castillo 4: Jacobson 4: Not enough games to prove their worth.
Jo 5: Hard working, could pleasantly surprise.
Anichebe 5: Big strong lad not particularly good in the air or on the ground.
Rodwell 5: Gosling 5: Show signs but too early to judge.
Saha 6: A touch of class.
Vaughan, Yakubu, Valente Injured and Missing
ADvM -0: Total waste of space.
Cahill 10: It gets a bit tiresome to read that Tim can?t do this or that etc. I wish people would open their eyes to the fact that he is the one world class player on our books.
Blair Johnson
3   Posted 31/03/2009 at 09:32:14

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I agree with Conor regarding Osman and Pienaar ... they must be knocked off the ball more than any other players in the Premiership. Hard to argue with the comments or marks ...but 6s rather than 7s for Saha and Fellaini may be more appropriate. Each player should get a bonus mark if we finish in the top 6 though ... great effort from a threadbare, relatively cheap and injury prone squad and testament to the skill of Moyes.
Mike Jovic
4   Posted 31/03/2009 at 09:18:17

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Joe are you on the wacky backy or something ? - Hibbert 7, Baines 8, Lescott 7, Yobo 7 and Jags 6 - ie Jags is our worst defender ? I accept we are all entitled to our opinions but you couldn't have been watching the same performances as me this year - Jags is a definite 9 for me and would be pushing a 10 if it were not for his isolated mistake against Villa.

I thought your marking couldn't get any worse after that but then I got to..... Osman - should be in the England squad! For what exactly ? bringing the oranges into the dressing room at half time ? Whilst i like Ossie?s commitment and agree he shows glimpses occasionally of being a good player he has been absolutely hopeless this year, constantly giving the ball away and rarely contributing anything positive.

Personally I think Connors marks are quite accurate although i would have Tim Cahill as a 9 - he is the heartbeat of our team and despite his limitations in basics such as passing and tackling (I know, fundamentals of the game) we are simply not the same team when he is not playing. His attitude has driven this team forward at a time when we had NO fit strikers ? he is a legend in my view.
Stan Sheppard
5   Posted 31/03/2009 at 09:51:22

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Interesting posts guys. There?s no doubt that a few good performances before the end of the season could see some marks change.

I liked Conors overview but I think Dick was maybe a bit closer to the mark. VDM definately a 0. However I think he was maybe a bit harsh with Baines? crossing ability and I?d have given Arteta a 7 at least.

Again, as Dick said, Cahill, in his position as a 2nd or main striker, does what he does, ie. score goals better than almost any other player in the league. A definate 9 or 10 out of 10. I think all the fans who point out his failings as a central midfield player will only realise what a gem he is when he eventually moves on.
Ciarán MacGiolla Eoin
6   Posted 31/03/2009 at 09:46:25

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How can you give Jags a 10, whenever he can?t pass! Great defender, not much else. 7

I certainly don?t think Neville?s best position is midfield... unless Arteta is playing and we?re playing a 5 man midfield, he?s lost. This has been quite obvious with Neville?s recent performances. 7 for effort.
Chris Briddon
7   Posted 31/03/2009 at 11:03:01

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Some people are very judgemental. How can you give Andy Van De Meyde a ridiculously low rating given his 2 or 3 10 minute (if that) cameos, then say that Yakubu was injured so doesn’t get a rating, Jacobsen (who played more minutes at Portsmouth than VDM has all season) doesn’t get a rating, and Baxter etc who have played as many cameo appearances as VDM also gets N/A
I know you have your opinions, but really can we have a bit of perspective & fairness please!
Richard Parker
8   Posted 31/03/2009 at 10:17:35

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Jags definitely player of the season. AVdM must get a bonus point for that cross against the shite. Other than that, Pip and Cahill have been the outstanding performers who really stepped up when we needed them most.

Just hope that Arteta is back fighting fit and that Yak hasn’t got any heavier for next season.
Tony Williams
9   Posted 31/03/2009 at 12:45:36

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I am with Richard on this one, Shandy Andy gets one point for his cross to Gossling against the Shite (not the greatest of crossing mind but it will do)

I still chuckle when I see the comments about Cahill being unable to pass.
Gareth Humphreys
10   Posted 31/03/2009 at 13:20:17

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Joe Johnson, Jo better than Jags ?
Wake up lid
Si Harwood
11   Posted 31/03/2009 at 13:01:48

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Joe, Joe Joe......have you WATCHED an game this season?!?! Jags - 6?!?! You must be having a laff - and Osman for England.......sorry but he is poor - far to light weight and would never cope with the worlds best!

And to all - Howard is a great shot stopper but he seriously lacks authority in his area, his positioning can be very poor and some of his desicion making is woeful- 6 at best!

Howard - 6 - great shot stopper, but woeful area comand

Hibbert - 5 - Injured, great defensivley but will never improve now on woeful distribution

Jag - 8 -Solid, dependable and resiliant - What a great buy!

Lescott - 7 - Poor start, great return to form

Yobo - 6 - Injuries did not help, but did seem to unbalance the side when he came back in.

Baines - 7 - Gald to see him get a run of games, great going forward.

Osman - 5 - Disapointing, lacks pace, lightweight, and at times very wastful with possesion.

Pienaar - 5 - Same as Osman, but does have more skill, just so frustrating when he gives possesion away so much!!

Arteta - 8 - Massive loss, keeps the side ticking over, great vision and work rate when needed.

V der Medye - 0 - Soooo wanted him to do well, but what a shocker - massive shame.

Castillio - 4 - Great goal in UEFA cup, but other than that seems utterly out of depth, no perm deal here!

Fellini - 7 - Big, tough, and has ability, and can score, but is slow, seems to switch off at times and has a long way to go to prove the £15m......but I will give him time.

Neville - 8 - slated many times, but does the captains role with the heart of a true Evertonian. Not pretty like his football but does a job that is needed

Rodwell - 6 - young, confident and looks good, next season will see him step up another level.

Gosling - 6 - neat passer, I see good things for this boy again next season will be a big step.

Big Vic - 5 - such a shame, has the attributes to be a great player, but just seems to have stuck and not progressed - questions abotu attitued
have not helped.

Saha - 7- Knew we would not get too many games, but when he playes he knows where the goal is, natural goalscorer and I would give him another 12 months.

Jo - 6 - Scored but can look lightweight, goes down like a prossie on a fiver - far to easy. But has done a job for us at a very low cost!

Yakubu - 6 - Looking forward to having him back!

Cahill - 8 - Got the goals when needed and has done well up front, but is a poor footballer at times, however I can forgive that, well done Tiny!
Sean McNally
12   Posted 31/03/2009 at 13:56:38

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Joe Johnson - madness mate. Leon for the England squad????

Tony Hibbert better than Jags?
Leon better than Jags?

I think your a redshite.......
Brett Bradshaw
13   Posted 31/03/2009 at 15:46:43

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I feel Neville should be getting a higher rating, in the same manner as Cahill does. Agreed, Cahill does not possess buckets of skill or great passing / tacking, BUT what he does... - he is world class at. Same goes for Neville.

Taking individuals out of the team, I think Neville would be up there with Cahill where our results would be seriously damaged.

The only reason I didn?t mention Jags as a trio is because I think we would have coped. Yobo.
Michael Dawson
14   Posted 31/03/2009 at 15:55:07

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Sorry to add to the slagging of your ratings Joe Johnson, but marking down Tony Hibbert for having ’limited height’ seems a little harsh... I don’t think there’s much he can do to improve that part of his game..?!
Dennis Stevens
15   Posted 31/03/2009 at 16:20:12

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Seems a bit premature with about a fifth of the season to go...
Scott Gemmill
16   Posted 31/03/2009 at 19:23:06

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How anyone can slant any of our main squad is beyond me!!! Look at how much they cost. Look at the squads of practically every other Premier League team and how much they cost ? for better and worse.

Look at how many professional players we have on our books. Everton are a tight unit with a squad that largely works its bollocks off and adapts to the REALITY of having a small squad and far less money to spend than most of the teams who aspire to finish in the top half of the league.

This is something to be proud of. It?s as close to an anti-thesis of the septic money rules all doctrine that has taken over English football as you?re going to get. But no, people here would rather we were Spurs or Newcastle throwing cash around and acquiring inflated squads full of over-hyped and over-paid flops so we can challenge for, erm, staying in the league!

Sadly the "Hibbert/Osman aren?t good enough" campaign will run on here until they retire, regardless of whether they are still at Everton. God help Rodwell, Gosling, Baxter, et al in 5 years if they aren?t complete players and all-round mega-stars!

Sean Patton
17   Posted 31/03/2009 at 19:36:54

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It?s only fair Van der Meyde gets one for his cross in the derby. The trouble is he was on minus four already...
Keith Glazzard
18   Posted 31/03/2009 at 20:37:23

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We all have our opinions and I’m glad we express them.

One note of caution I want to add. Players can change. Lee Carsley is my best example in recent memory, and Moyes likes to work this way. (Mark Hughes would as well but has sold his footballing soul). So, for example, Fellaini is work in progress. And the same applies to Tony Hibbert. All the makings of a top flight full back, and might yet be that. The failings we all see will not be ignored by the boss.

This coaching staff seem to me to be committed to the basics - play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses. This contrasts to what Benny the Fat does (and Fat Sam did at Bolton) - buy players and expect them to be a good team.

For such a small squad, we have a high level of quality, and it is rising.

James Stewart
19   Posted 31/03/2009 at 20:51:22

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Lescott 8! Are you mad!!!

I simply stopped reading after that.
Andy Crooks
20   Posted 01/04/2009 at 00:49:37

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I think that Tim Howard is no more than ok. The signing of Nash must have been a hell of a blow to Turner and Ruddy. A mate who supports Sheff Wed tells me that Turner is top class. I think DM has destroyed his confidence.
Jamie Crowley
21   Posted 01/04/2009 at 03:05:48

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Howard 8
Hibbert 6
Baines 8
Yobo 6
Lescott 8
Jags 9 the backbone
Arteta 7 poor first few months. Please get well soon FFS
Ozzy 4 - has been woeful this season
Neville 8 Captian, my Captain
Castillo 4
Fellaini - 7 I think he’s going to learn and only get better
Cahill 9 Can my 5 sons please approach sports and life in the same manner - and for the record thusfar they do :)
Rodwell 6
Gosling 6
Pienaar 5
Saha 6
Jo 5/6 - needed him, back to City
Big Vic 4 - most frustrating by a mile
Steve Carter
22   Posted 01/04/2009 at 08:08:29

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I’m with the first two posters, Joe and Dick, on Tim Cahill. Is there a more menacing EPL player in and around the 6 yard box - particularly in the air - than Tim? Personally, I’d like to have Rory Delap in our team just to see to oppo having to deal with Tim’s guile not only on corners but everytime we won a throw in the last third of the field.
Stewart Littler
23   Posted 01/04/2009 at 14:46:23

Report abuse

Andy, DM didn?t destroy Turner?s confidence, Turner did. He got his chances and never took them ? he?s still a good keeper, which is why he looks ?class? for Sheff Wed, but not good enough for top 6 of Prem. And to all those who claim Tiny is not a good passer of the ball, and I?m sure one poster said he is ?not a good footballer? ? re-watch the first half against Stoke, notice the lack of hoofball, and the player who orchestrated most of that performance, and consider what has happened since (he hasn?t played since).
Ciarán MacGiolla Eoin
24   Posted 01/04/2009 at 16:06:18

Report abuse

One good half of creative football against Stoke hardly makes Tim a great creative midfielder... He simply isn?t. We all know his strengths, and the guy is a genuis at what he does. But he is not a creative midfielder by any stretch of the imagination.
Martin Handley
25   Posted 01/04/2009 at 19:49:08

Report abuse

I?ll keep it simple:

Howard 7 - in top 4 keepers in prem now.
Hibbert 7 - Defensively as good if not better than 90% of prem rb?s.
Baines 8 - Has proved me wrong bigtime! I will gladly buy him a pint!
Jacobssen 5 - Give him the extra year,not fair to judge.
Yobo 6 - Injuries have slowed him down not player he once was.Still solid though.
Lescott 8 - Back to his best,excellent going forward,worth 6- 10 goals a year as well.
Jagielka 9 - Strong, fast, great tackler and reader of game.will get better on the ball.
Neville 10 - most improved player and superb leader sand ambassador for the club
Rodwell 6 - great season, still a lot to learn but well played son.
Gosling 7- see above but slightly stronger on the ball.
Cahill 8 - top man just too injury prone.
Pienaar 7- Technically sound,strenght will improve.
Osman 5 - Squad player, nuff said.
Fellaini 8 - Scores vital goals and is improving all the time.
Arteta 8 - Get well soon.
Castillo 5 - I like the lad but not prem quality,all heart though.
VDM 4 - Just for that cross against you know who !
Yakubu 4- Injured yes,but was playing shite beforehand anyway not missed.
Anichebe 5 - Has all the attributes to be a top class striker just doesn?t use them.
Saha 8 - When fit he?s world class.
Vaughan 4 - The lad?s class just to injury prone.
Jo 7 - Won?t knock the lad played very little football at City, but has done well for us. Permanent deal? Maybe another season on loan first.

As for the rest they?re mainly kids and always have a go so I?ll give them all a 6 for effort. Team to play Man Utd?

Hibbert (Jacobsen)

Connor Rohrer
26   Posted 02/04/2009 at 19:05:18

Report abuse




Joe Johnson
27   Posted 06/04/2009 at 10:42:12

Report abuse

After my comments, Gareth and Si criticised my assessments. Gareth Humphreys said ?Joe Johnson, Jo better than Jags? Wake up lad."

Quote from the Independent after the Wigan Game: ?As Robinho stumbles around the football grounds of England with nothing but his price tag to suggest greatness, Manchester City may have got rid of the wrong Brazilian. At Eastlands, Jo was held up as an example of the folly of allowing a club?s owner, in this case Thaksin Shinawatra, to buy the players. However, five goals in his last seven games for Everton suggest the world?s wealthiest club might have been premature in jettisoning a £19m asset.?

Si Harwood said ?Joe, Joe Joe...... have you WATCHED a game this season?!?! Jags - 6?!?! You must be having a laff ? and Osman for England.... sorry but he is poor ? far too lightweight and would never cope with the worlds best!?

Quote from the Telegraph after the Wigan Game: ?Quicker than David Bentley, more reliable than Aaron Lennon, yet Leon Osman is not even mentioned in dispatches when potential heirs to David Beckham are considered. After he single-handedly orchestrated a ruthless demolition of Wigan, perhaps it is time for Fabio Capello to take note.?

Just for the record, the reason I thought Jagielka was a 6 rating is not his lack of defensive abilities or that he caused a goal against Villa in December ? it?s when you see the opposition mark up Lescott and Baines so that Jagielka is forced to be the person making the pass out of defence. It then often turns into a 50-50 pass.

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