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Decision Time For Moyes

By Tony Marsh :  16/04/2009 :  Comments (97) :
We decided to hold off on this latest piece from Tony Marsh ? you'll see why when you read it ? posted a couple of days before today's match... ? The Editor

Joe Jennings posted an article last week titled Tony and Leon. I can't believe how many of our fans back these two players up ? no matter how shite they are.

I was at Villa Park on Sunday and I must say Tony Hibbert was not only an embarrassment to Everton but also to the Premier League itself. Unlike some, I don't judge Hibbert on the few decent games he has played in the past few weeks but on the amount of terrible performances he has put in over the last four years. If a circus act like Luke Young can tear Tony Hibbert to shreds and leave him in bits, what will the world's number one do to him on that big pitch at Wembley?

Leon Osman... where do we start. Invisible for the entire second half at Villa yet some on here say he played a stormer???? Did okay-ish in the first 45 but that's about it. If you watch the game again, just look at the space Leon leaves down the right flank as he wanders in-field doing fuck all. Hibbert was continually left one-on-one with Young as Osman deserted his duties.

We cannot afford to carry passengers in this Sunday's semi-final and putting Osman and Hibbert in the same team both on the right handside of the pitch is a recipe for disaster. We all know Osman can put in a shift against the likes of Wigan, Sunderland, WBA or Macclesfield but when will he put in a shift against a decent side?

I know I will get slaughterd by those who don't really understand football over these comments but, in my honest opinion, neither Osman or Hibbert deserves a shirt this weekend. Argue all you want about suitable replacements: Gosling, Rodwell, Shandy ? I don't care as I think a Burton's dummy could do a better job that Leon in midfield.

Moyes needs to start getting tough with the slackers and stop this favourites nonesense. If they can't maintain decent levels of form, why should a player be selected week-in, week-out? Doesn't make sense to me...

What ever happens on Sunday, you know the likes of Cahill and Jagielka will be running through walls for the cause and the rest need to follow suit. Those who want to hide can fuck right off this is war.

This is the biggest test to date for Moyes and tough decsions will have to be made. Can DM make such decisions? I am not so sure he can. If he allows players Like Osman to coast through the match, like he did in the derby trilogy, then we will get battered.

Drop Hibbert and drop Osman and we will stand a fighting chance; play both and we are FOOKED!!!

Reader Comments

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Michael Kenrick
1   Posted 19/04/2009 at 18:59:28

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Tony, Tony, Tony. Did you really, honestly think for one nanosecond that David Moyes would not play Osman and Hibbert for the entire game? Perhaps your silliest post ever.

Oh, and his name is Ashley Young, not Luke Young.

Jimmy Rimmer
2   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:03:23

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"I know I will get slaughterd by those who don?t really understand football over these comments....."

Don?t need to slaughter you Tony, you just need to look at the result, admit you were wrong and we?ll move on shall we to save you further embarassment!

To be fair though, it was a smart post from you. You knew Hibbo and Leon would start, so if we had lost, you could have said "I told you so" and look really clever which you like to do... and if we win, you get to dance around like a nutter, well up with pride and sing "We shall not be moved" until you can sing no more! Thankfully, you and all fellow blues will be doing the latter, and doesn?t it feel good?! Enjoy the moment Tony... Enjoy.....
John Sreet
3   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:08:18

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Tony, seems to me that you have hate (using the word in its mildest form) tinted glasses. Despite the fact that many folks think Hibbert is greatly improved, your mind is set, and nothing will change that... perception becomes truth to us all, what we percive to be true is true!

Osman, I thought he was pretty decent against Villa, and I think he has stood up to be counted since Arteta?s demise. He?s not a genius, no Deco or Arteta, but I don?t think he?s anywhere near as pathetic as you suggest.

However, I respect you and your views as you undoubtedly are a great Blue travelling to home and away games, and that for me entitles you to be as provacative and as hard biting as you wish.

Jason Broome
4   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:17:54

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Whatever! As the pimp said to his bitch... "You need to stop player hat’in!" Hibbert & Osman ran their legs off. We get a Cup Final! Everything else is just crap!
Paul Chew
5   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:30:22

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Well, Tony, despite your negative thinking, Moyes has led us to the Final. I hope you are happy eating your words.
Neil Humphrey
6   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:31:00

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Tony, how about you get behind the team for once? The fact that such a dreary, hate-filled piece was written just a couple of days before such a big game says everything about you. Whilst others have been posting brilliant anecdotes about their Wembley memories, expectations et cetera, you come on only to slag off our players. Well, we won, with both Hibbo and Osman running their legs off as usual. Its about time the TW editors exercised some discretion when deciding whether to post Marsh?s bile. COYB!!!!!
James Smith
7   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:31:02

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Osman is the last player in the squad who can be accused of hiding. Keeps on running even when his legs can’t take it anymore, and will always try and play the right away, no matter if it doesn’t come off. He’s not trained for more than a day a week all season long, and is playing out of position on the wing, yet still gets picked and still tries his heart out. And when you get down to it, is a very decent player who gets us playing the right way.

As for Hibbo, that yellow card for nothing killed him against Young, especially given the little cheat was diving every time he got near him.
Michael Kenrick
8   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:37:43

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Er... Neil ? that’s the point: we did exercise our discretion in not publishing this ahead of the game, for the reasons you have cited. Of course, you probably think we should never publish Tony’s contributions... let’s see... when did we last have something original posted from you?
Kevin Sparke
9   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:22:12

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I know what you’re thinking. I’m going to wade into Tony Marsh both barrels blazing and come up with remarks like - "you’ve proven time and time again that you’ve as much knowledge about football as Gordon Ramsey has of diplomacy, Jordan has about quadratic equations... or Gordon Brown has of running a country"

But, fair do’s Tony does have a point as neither of those players covered themselves in glory today - though Hibbert was in the right place at the right time on numerous occasions and Osman, though ineffective was out on his feet towards the end of the game... and still he gave everything, and never stopped trying.

The truth is we were shite, rubbish, flat, out of ideas, not making enough passes, incoherent, nervous with and without the ball, not on song, not firing on all cylinders, not good enough....

.... and we won... and we are at Wembley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh fucking yesss!
Steve Green
10   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:33:56

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Thanks so very much for informing me that I don't understand football after attending Goodison since January 1969. Know that you mean well in your postings in attempting to raise standards... good position to operate from. But with Rooney being Once a Twat Always a Twat, I just hope that you are only a twat on this occasion.
Celebrate! COYB.
Tom Brown
11   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:43:41

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I came on to Toffeeweb to respond to Tony?s comment on another thread a few days ago where he called Osman and Hibbert "clowns". There was another clown comment by another blue in the past week, referring to Osman that time.

Look, we are all fans, and we are all entitled to our different opinions but I just don?t understand the need to insult our own players. Frankly, until Tony apologises for calling our own players "clowns", I will not think of him as a blue. I know he doesn't give a shit if I think he is a blue but there you go.

Ultimately, for me, an essential part of being a blue, is that you always ?support? the blues. This doesn't mean you can't criticise them but insulting them is too far.

Tony. Start acting like the fan that you know you can be and the rest of us deserve. You are an intelligent independent thinking guy. I rarely agree with you but would always be happy to hear your views expressed in the right way.

(I would have posted this regardless of the result today and will probably post it again.)

Kurt Knight
12   Posted 19/04/2009 at 19:55:42

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Who among us kept their confidence after Cahill’s miss? This is a day to remember and cherish. GO Blues, Go People’s Club. They don’t give up.

Tony, there is a Scottish lass that is suddenly famous with her voice but claims to "have never been kissed", perhaps she can cheer you up?

Everton is Team!
Pete Lego
13   Posted 19/04/2009 at 20:32:46

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Now isn?t the time for petty sniping and infighting between blues.

But after all the stick Moyes took in the first eight-ten weeks or so of the season ? some of it undoubtedly deserved, considering our performances at the time, but a lot of it frankly gratuitous, spiteful, ill informed and of a personal nature ? it?s lovely to see him get the club to it?s first cup final in fourteen years. I?m really pleased for the man that his hardwork, loyalty and talent over the last seven years has been rewarded.

That goes for all of our players as well, some of whom might not be the most talented in the world, but who almost always give their all. Not least among them Tony Hibbert and Leon Osman, Moyes era regulars, grafters, first class pros, smashing performers on their day, and local lads who were brought through our academy to boot. It doesn?t have to take endless millions.

Well done all at EFC.
Luke Berry
14   Posted 19/04/2009 at 20:20:46

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Tony I read what you post in a bid to try and understand your reasons for barracking our players/manager so often. For somebody who claims to be such a footballing intelligence, I think half of what you say is utter rubbish.

Previous posters have claimed on numerous occasions that Ossie has been playing through the pain barrier this season, which quite clearly he is and to berate him whilst in this condition borders on the disgusting. Ossie is one of our most technically gifted footballers and once fit will be an integral part of the team.

As for Hibbert I have gone from being a fan to thinking Moyes vastly overrates him and back to being a fan again. Both of these boys deserve our respect as they would die for the cause (as Ossie looked like he might today) so maybe its time to give the lads a break, they?re not half as bad as many make out.

Any division on the subject aside, let's just say a big thank you to Moyes and the lads and a massive COYB?S.

Alan Kirwin
15   Posted 19/04/2009 at 20:35:14

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I?ve (half) defended Osman in the past, mainly on the basis that he gets incredible stick on here, doesn?t pick himself, usually runs his arse off and quite often is one of our more creative outlets. But yes, not much against the Sky 4.

Today I thought we were poor & heavy. I?d exclude Pienaar & Fellaini (and Rodwell) from that as I thought these boys ran themselves into the ground, but more importantly they wanted to play football. Quite hard when most of the rest of the team insist on wellying it upfield or floating it to your head when you have two defenders in your shorts.

So a poor performance overall for me. We didn?t really turn up. But I also have to agree with Tony on Osman & Hibbert today. Osman in particular was invisible and I nearly fell over when I saw Fellaini?s number come up ahead of Osman. Cahill was also invisible before extra time, which was the biggest surprise.

On to Jack Rodwell. I thought after he settled in he rather bossed our midfield and looked very strong on the ball. Given his freshness and the fact that we?ve now qualified for Europe, perhaps a little run in the side till end of season might be to everyone?s benefit.

And finally to James Vaughan. After what this kid has been through in his short career it was fantastic to see him on the Wembley pitch. That he also took an excellent penalty to boot is just terrific. I expect to see a few of the young boys against Chelski on Wednesday. I really don?t see the point in sending out the first team after the trials of today and a game on Saturday (for a change).

Never for one second thought we?d win a penalty shoot out. On that basis, might risk a dabble on 4th place if Arsenal lose this week & we don?t.
Mike Price
16   Posted 19/04/2009 at 21:08:33

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Fantastic result and well deserved when you think of our road to the final.

Tony?s post was obviously written expecting a full strength United side so today we were arguably lucky because we played poorly and Osman and Hibbert were shite against average players. Hibbert especially is always too far off his man and lets them get control, turn and run at him... it was Welbeck today, Rooney or Ronaldo and it would have been different.

Anyway we won, we deserve it and I?m sure Tony is celebrating just as much as any other Blue around the world tonight!

Kevin Egan
17   Posted 19/04/2009 at 21:23:49

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I thought Hibbert was back to his old shocking self today, confidence shot to pieces and exposed all the time. He'll have to play a lot better against Chelsea...
Richard Parker
18   Posted 19/04/2009 at 21:20:12

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Ossie and Hibbert, good squad members, but let’s be fair, they will have to be upgraded if we want to break the sky-4 monopoly.

I like them both, they give it all, but even when they are playing well their limitations are still too great to seriously expect a challenge to the sky-4 with them starting week-in, week-out.

They’re not as bad as Tony says. But nothing is ever as bad as Tony says. If Tony "knows about football", Moyes would’ve dropped Osman and Hibbert today, without caring about who to replace them with. And we’d have been bottom 3 by xmas.

Hang-on, we’re 6th and in a cup final. Imagine if Tony was in charge... we’d have been top and in the Champion’s League semis.

Matthew Lovekin
19   Posted 19/04/2009 at 21:28:14

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Tony Marsh... There is one thing that I would like you to come onto TW to admit. That is Hibbert and Osman give everything to Everton Football Club. They may not be the most talented footballers in the world, they may not be even the best players in the Premier League in their positions, but they give 100% commitment to the cause for EFC, and I?d like you to admit that.

I probably don?t want Hibbert and Osman in the team any more than you do. I think that their level is average Premier League players at best. Ideally they are only squad players for us. Unfortunately we are not in an ideal situation. We can?t go out and spend hundreds of millions on players. We have to make do the best with what we have got. For Moyes to be getting Everton regularly into the top 6 and now a Cup Final with basically average Premier League players and a consistent relegation fighting team when he took over is a remarkable job.

Give Moyes credit, and give Hibbert and Osman credit for 100% commitment every game. That is what Everton is built on, 100% commitment.
John Morgan
20   Posted 19/04/2009 at 22:06:50

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Tony Marsh, take a look in the mirror... slap yourself... who do you think you are? No-one cares about your self-scented remarks... this is all about a TEAM called Everton Football Club. You are a joke... I would love to see you face to face with the likes of Hibbert or Osman.
Ed Casey
21   Posted 19/04/2009 at 22:29:37

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Toffeeweb does hatchet job on Tony Marsh shocker!

Lol - well after that really good post a week or two back its business as usual from Mr Marsh. Pity he comes up with lines like ’will get slated by people who don’t know anything about football’. How self-serving and arrogant!

Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see if the two shittest players in the universe get chosen by the world’s shittest ever manager to play in the FA Cup final, against Chelsea, after they beat Man Utd, Villa and Liverpool to get there.

What a load of rubbish!

Christopher Mowll
22   Posted 19/04/2009 at 22:27:10

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Well done TW for not publishing this pile of negative crap before one of our most important games of the season.
I’m too happy to even care what the negative Tony Marsh has to say tonight.
No doubt he will be on his way back from Wembley on the coach - citing how he is such a true blue because he went the game, but still moaning all the way home ? with no one listening to him due to the singing, chanting and ale swilling that will be taking place on the best bus ride home this evening!
I’m off for another bevy - COYB!
Terry Maddock
23   Posted 19/04/2009 at 22:26:39

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"I know I will get slaughtered by those who don?t really understand football over these comments ...." ? That for me sums it up. Tony Marsh is that person.....

We have players who give 100% without having the class of a Scholes, a Fabregas, or a Ronaldo. We have a manager who gets the best out of them... and we have an arsehole called Tony Marsh..who can't see further than the end of his nose... If he is so knowledgable... then why are we not blessed with his wisdom during good times?.... If he is such a great supporter... then why never a positive word?

Rather, it would seem, a sad, very sad old git, with nothing better to do than come on here and drop his bile where some fool might actually listen... I mean..stating the obvious that we were shit when the season started... OMG... genius!

The fact is we are the most consistent team outside the rich 4; WHY? ? D Moyes... P Neville.... in a nutshell. Leadership, discipline, continuity...

ANYBODY WHO UNDERSTANDS FOOTBALL... (this would exclude the NUFC board, the THFC board and of course Mr T Marsh) would realise this.

TRIPE... again and again. and even any "senbsible" observation is written with so much hatred it detracts from the actual subject. In future, as I will... just ignore him... don't respond... leave him be... don't react. He will then just crawl away... and hopefully disappear up his own hoop.

Dave Worrall
24   Posted 19/04/2009 at 23:17:15

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Incredible. Not the shite posted by Tony Marsh (who cares?), but the muppets who seem to think that Osman had a poor game today, despite running himself into the ground. Utter, utter bollocks. Anyway, I?m going to continue enjoying the moment for some time to come.
Chris James
25   Posted 19/04/2009 at 23:00:24

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We all know that Osman and Hibbert aren?t the most rounded players in the league and they probably can?t cut it against the very best, but that also goes for at least 75% of the Premier League?s players (including more than a smattering at the Sky 4 clubs ? take away Ferdinand and Vidic and Utd?s squad didn?t exactly shine today ? Tevez and Berbatov included).

Hibbert is a bloody good defender who always gives his all. Yes, he got skinned by Ashley Young, but then so have most of the rest of the Premier League?s defenders earlier this season. His distribution and wingback play are still poor to average, but both have improved dramatically this season and ultimately you only have to look at the mess our defence was in when he was injured to see how valuable he is. Defensively we were solid today and Hibbert was part of that defence.

Osman is an enigma certainly. Clearly he lacks enough pace to play the wings or stretch opponents and also he lacks the physical presence to impose in tackles and boss the play. Then again he undeniably has good ball control, can pick a pass and looks to create play and he will keep trying. That in itself can count against him because the problem with ALL flair players/playmakers (including the greats) is that when it goes right they look brilliant, when it doesn?t come off it just looks poor.

I think he also needs players around him on the same passing wavelength for it to work ? when the rest of the midfield have been in the mood and have had some space this year he?s looked as good as everyone, when game?s have been tighter, we?ve been more destructive or lacking a balance he?s looked more isolated. There?s also the injury problems which can?t be ignored.

Today he was pretty average, but no worse than anyone else in the midfield, although it seemed to me that he was dead on his feet later in the game. But then what exactly was the option? Gosling (patchy performances, still learning), Rodwell (best as a defensive midfielder) or Castillo (proven he?s not up to it).

Ultimately if Ossie is a squad player who does a decent creative job only against 10-15 of our Premier League opponents (plus cup opposition at home and in Europe) then that?s good enough for me. If he?s the back-up/rotation option to Arteta and Moutinho next year then what?s the problem?

Martin Phillips
26   Posted 19/04/2009 at 23:35:07

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I've read absolutely none of this thread because Tony Marsh completely bores me. I just wanna say this... Davey Moyes, you are absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to this club and I wanna say thanks.

You are already too good for the Celtic job and I'm completely convinced that one day the general opinion will be that you will be too good for the Utd job, you are destined for total greatness with your current club, Everton Football Club!! God bless you.
Steve Green
27   Posted 19/04/2009 at 23:44:19

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Alan Kirwin, we won an FA Cup Semi-Final against the reigning European Champions (who were chasing a pedruple) even though ? WE DIDN?T REALLY TURN UP?

Are you never satisfied!!!!!
Let?s hope we ?Turn Up? against Chelsea and give them a game eh!

Andy Crooks
28   Posted 20/04/2009 at 00:13:29

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Alan Kirwin, we did turn up today. That?s as good as we are and it was good enough. If every player gives 100% then the reason we didn?t play flowing incisive football is a debate for another time.
Tony Williams
29   Posted 20/04/2009 at 00:20:49

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"I know I will get slaughtered by those who don?t really understand football over these comments ...."

Says it all really.

How was Hibbert poor today? Was his defending off? Did ManUre score and I missed it? Granted I was watching the match from the side instead of behind the goal but I still recall not many passes getting past Tony.

Osman was out for the count and I was shouting for Moyes to being on Gosling, as Ossie looked knackered, I am glad to say... What the fook do I know, hey?
John Maxwell
30   Posted 20/04/2009 at 00:35:41

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Where are you today Mr Marsh?

Tony... Moyes has proven what most of us have known for months, he?s a top manager and is good for Everton Football Club..
Steve Pendleton
31   Posted 20/04/2009 at 01:21:23

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Unbelievable result. Bloody brilliant. But let?s be honest here, Man U made most of their attacking runs down Hibbert/Osman?s wing and we got nothing from them going forward down the right.

How the fuck Moyes doesn?t see it has got me baffled. I know Tony gets fairly negative at times, but for shit sake, how can Moyes not see we get nothing down the right.

Would've liked to have seen Gosling get a crack at some point yesterday as at least he?s got some balls to take players on. Osman and Hibbert put the hard work in but the likes of Malouda et al will tear us apart down this wing if nothing is done about it.
Andy Reddish
32   Posted 20/04/2009 at 07:10:10

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Take a big plate, a knife and fork and print this article off. Eat those words!!!
Dominic Duerden
33   Posted 20/04/2009 at 07:53:00

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Hibbert had another nightmare, how he can play in an FA Cup semi Final when he is that poor is beyond me.. What does Moyes see when he watches a video of the game afterwards?

Osman was ok but looked so knackered at the end
Steve Collins
34   Posted 20/04/2009 at 08:19:55

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YAWN!!!! Yet more Tony Marsh drivel. Do us all a favour and shut up please.

We get it: you hate Moyes, Osman and Hibbo.

What will it take Tony for you to be positive about our beloved blues?

Moyes has built a team that works well. Yes ok we could do better but be realistic ? how do you see that happening?? Look at the other candidates for the job, they have all spent fortunes of their club's cash.

No manager including Moyes likes being in a situation that the club is in.

But guess what, Tony, he is dealing with it the best way he can with the average players we have. An FA Cup final and most likely a 5th or 6th place finish is damn good.

Most importantly though... stability in the league.
Mark Stone
35   Posted 20/04/2009 at 09:31:39

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You must feel like such a tit.
Michael Evans
36   Posted 20/04/2009 at 09:08:06

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Perhaps this should be retitled "Decision Time for Toffeeweb Re:Tony Marsh". My Father supported Everton (home & way) for 74 years and I saw my first game at Goodison in 1974. With regard to Tony?s "those who don?t understand football..." comment - I think I UNDERSTAND something about the game!

For me, SUPPORTING the Blues is the greatest love and the greatest cross you will have to bear. I have tried to read TM?s many, many posts with objectivity and against the criteria of "everyone is entitled to their opinions". However, I have often struggled to ever find any sense of his LOVE for the club. His posts are dripping in vitriol and bile about all things connected with the club including its supporters (who apparently according to TM are ignorant).

Is Tony just a very bitter man ? Or being cynical, is he a "Shock Jock" fictitious creation under whose name posts are submitted that are so OTT that they generate far greater comments than anyone else? Because TW is such an excellent site, I would like to think that everyone who posts are genuine fans who are paid up members of the "EFC Band of Brothers".

John Burgess
37   Posted 20/04/2009 at 10:03:50

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Tony, it is time to hang your pen up and give up your totally negative drivel against David Moyes and a few of his players. Tony Hibbert and Leon Osman, our two honest professionals who whenever they put on the blue shirt give 100 % for our great club and I am pretty sure have when they have not been fully fit.

Don't get me wrong, they both have weaknesses in their game but give me these two in my side everytime before some of the more talented mercenaries out there who don't realise how special it is to play for our great club!!!

Ciaran MacGiollaEoin
38   Posted 20/04/2009 at 10:31:45

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Osman eh... I think the main problem is not with Osman but with the fact that he hasn?t been substituted all season while putting in displays like yesterday. One minute he?s Maradona beating 4 players, and the next he can?t pass it 4 yards.

I though Hibbert played pretty well, as he has done all season; both his passing and crossing have improved immensely... And a big shout to Neville who I though was our best player (apart from Howard) today.


ps I know Fellaini doesn?t speak much English but someone should really get a dictionary and show him the word ?sprint?... and that goes for most of the team yesterday as well... standing off players and giving them far too much room.
Chris Williams
39   Posted 20/04/2009 at 10:44:29

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I don?t think Tony Marsh has embarrassed himself here. We won and probably deserved to. I think everybody but Fergie has agreed that in the press and on television. Great day for EFC no question and my poor aching head testifies to that this morning.

However, ignoring the natural exuberance and euphoria, let's be absolutely clear ? both Hibbert and Osman were poor ? our worst performers on the day. Had United not played a weakened team I reckon Tony today would be saying ?I told you so? because these two make us extremely vulnerable down the right hand side and either Rooney or Ronaldo could have made us pay in spades.

As it is there is not much we can do about it because of lack of options, but you would ask if Osman would be a regular if Arteta was fit ? who would we leave out of midfield? Neville has been a revelation there recently, leading by example and Cahill has also played well in a more conventional midfield role.

Jacobsen must be lousy at training because he rarely gets a call but he?s looked competent when played although no world beater...

So Tony is right but currently we?re stuffed but we do need to change them to step up to a different level. Saha was a waste of space and we should all be hoping that Vaughan gets his full fitness back asap.

Paul Joy
40   Posted 20/04/2009 at 11:13:12

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I have always said one thing about Tony and he never fails to prove me right.
He talks absolute shite
Not occasionally - but every single time.
What was your motivation 2 days before an FA Cup semi in blathering on about your 2 pet hates again.

You are an embarassment. The "celebrity" moaner on Toffeeweb

Whether I get edited again because of what I say about you or not I repeat -
You talk shite
Tony Williams
41   Posted 20/04/2009 at 11:21:41

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Your usual posts about Hibbert playing sjite, yet again we haven?t conceeded and we have beaten the reigning champions (League and CL) to get into the final, yet all some people can do is say how poor some players are.

We won, I?ll say that again, we won with these "poor" players in the side. As I asked before, explain how Hibbert had a "mare", what specifically did he do so badly?
Kevin Gillen
42   Posted 20/04/2009 at 11:28:26

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I hate to say it but Tony is halfway right. It?s a bit unfair because it seems to me that Hibbert is clearly still carrying an injury. What is entirely depressing is that DM would choose to play Tony and Leon when they are clearly not fit, or in form. What does it say about Jacobsen or Gosling? or Van der Meyde?

I can?t get caught up in the euphoria of the cup win knowing we were so poor against United?s second team. I know history will record a famous victory and the details will be lost and I?d much rather be in the cup final than not but I should feel euphoric and I?m not.

Ferguson should be brought up on a disrepute charge for fielding that team in an FA Cup semi-final. It?s all because of that ridiculous cartel that is the Premier League and the Champions League, it seriously needs breaking up. My God, I sound like Tony Marsh, I?ve become such a Cassandra.

Ray Robinson
43   Posted 20/04/2009 at 11:37:06

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It probably isn’t the best time to highlight the negatives after we’ve just won our way through to the FA Cup Final but in a way TM has a point. Anyone who saw Hibbert at Aston Villa would have seen how piss poor he was and it definitely was a good reason for Jacobsen to have started yesterday.

I think the point is that TM is making is that Moyes must start to identify those positions that need improving to take Everton to the next level. I think he has already done that and Jacobsen probably would have been first choice RB this season but for his early season injury. However, the other side of the coin is that you do not spend £5m of a precious transfer kitty on a right back when other areas need greater attention.

Moyes knows the limitations of the squad, I’m sure - it’s having sufficient funds to do anything about it.
Peter MacFarlane
44   Posted 20/04/2009 at 12:11:49

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Tony Marsh you are a complete idiot mate, at least you?re consistant though because you always talk absolute garbage. You are a bitter hate filled pathetic excuse for an Evertonian Do everyone a favour an crawl back under that rock you hide under when Everton do well, oh yeh except from when you had an executive ticket ? you were happy then!

Need scum bags like you to stay away from Goodison and Wembley ? you don't deserve to be an Evertonian. Try backing our players instead of slating them at any opportunity. Oh and Hibbo an Osman were excellent yesterday.

Howard Don
45   Posted 20/04/2009 at 12:26:04

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Tony you’ll never be anything other than a person who wants to spout hate filled bile given an opportunity. And of course there will always be plenty of oppotunities won’t there? Every player has a bad patch , loss of form, injury etc. so there’s a never ending production line of targets for you to pour out you nonesense. The arrogance of your "people who don’t understand football" comment is breathtaking Tony,
Peter Lynch
46   Posted 20/04/2009 at 12:31:10

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I think Moyes made it perfectly clear in post-match interviews that it?s all to do with gradual improvement ? let?s get top 10 finishes, then consistently qualify for Europe, then improve Cup runs ... (assuming the league and top 4 is the next step in that order).

It?s just unacceptable for people (Tony Marsh) to criticise without understanding that being successful in the modern, Sky era of football is totally dependent on finance. Happily, Everton have bucked this trend and have their best squad since the 80s.

How people can criticise individuals at EFC when the likes of Fabregas, Adebayor et al were all made to look ordinary by a pudding of a pitch is beyond me. It?s time for celebration not recrimination!

Up the toffees!
Stan Sheppard
47   Posted 20/04/2009 at 12:42:36

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Despite the great result, it is fair to say that we were weak down the right side yesterday. However I don’t think Tony and Leon were ever going to be dropped as they have been with DM from the start of his tenure and are always regular fixtures in the side. Perhaps their toil over the years have earned that loyalty? If they didn’t start who would take their place? Jacobson? Gossling? ..... VDM!

Right selection, right result.

Lets hope for another good result on Wednesday nights dress rehearsal.
Connor Rohrer
48   Posted 20/04/2009 at 13:01:11

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It’s a repetitive post, he’s said it so many times to be honest. I think everyone knows that Tony Marsh hates Leon Osman and Tony Hibbert.

I respect your opinion but after a while it just gets very boring.
Peter Corcoran
49   Posted 20/04/2009 at 13:09:46

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Tony Marsh ? I agree that Hibbert and Osman are two players whose place in the team would be in serious jeopardy if we had enough money to buy good replacements for them ? obviously Jacobsen is no better that Hibbert.

I have blown hot and cold over Tony Hibbert for years, I get annoyed with his poor distribution and lack of ability to jump for headers in our penalty box, but recently he did have his first assist for a goal in years and he has been in good defensive form since he came back from injury apart from the last few games. But one thing you cannot call him is a slacker!

I have defended Osman even though I agree he is lightweight on the ball, by highlighting his ball skills and the fact that you never see him strolling around the pitch, he is always running and giving his all. Here is a bit of a lesson to the football sage that calls himself Tony Marsh, running around for 90 minutes is not slacking even if that running is not very fast.

I try to read your articles with a degree of objectivity. I no longer get mad with your constant crying, instead I feel sorry for you. You never ever see anything positive in anything and I wonder what sort of sad little life you have that makes you so negative? You are definitely a 'glass half-empty' sort of person: we win 4-0 and I can almost hear you moan that it should be 6-0. You probably complained that Tim Howard should have caught Ferdinand?s penalty instead of parrying it.

But the worst thing about you, TM, is that you are an arrogant little shit to suggest that other fans with their opinions ?don?t really understand football? if they don?t agree with you.

I don?t know how old you are but you act like a big baby when things don?t go exactly how you want them to and you never show any appreciation for when they do, although to your credit you did post a decent article and positive about your Goodison tour, perhaps the strain of having to write something positive has taken its toll on you and you have expired your whole lifetime?s worth of positivity?

Here is a little bit a challenge for you ? for every four negative things you see in EFC try your best to think of just one positive thing and ensure that you mention it in your next posting. I bet you can?t do it!
Dave Wilson
50   Posted 20/04/2009 at 13:15:00

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Since Hibbert returned, we?ve played the shite three times without losing, we?ve played Chelsea, without losing, we?ve played Villa twice without losing, Arsenal without losing, we?ve beaten the Mancs, and it took a penalty at OT to finally crack us.

Osman and Hibbert played in all the above games. If they are merely passengers, how come some of the best teams in the fucken world can't beat us?

Anyway, it?s not a day to be critical of anything to do with Everton. We have overcome some enormous setbacks this season and we?re still there, I?m worried my chest is going to burst open I feel so much pride...

Tony I'Anson
51   Posted 20/04/2009 at 14:54:22

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I thought we looked stretched at times during the match and can be particularly exposed down the flanks, especially on longer/wider pitches where players with pace can really expose full backs. But are any statistics out there of the number of times a Utd player got past Hibbert and put a cross in? (I don?t recall) How many times did Osman get beaten to leave Hibbert with a one-on-one with a flying machine? I can guarantee Gus Hiddink will know by now. And he?ll know that it happened more in the 3-3 game against Villa.

And I also know that many moons ago during my amateur playing days at full back, the worst thing you hate is a pacey winger and a lazy midfielder in your team, who can both make you look like a total donkey at any moment. All I can say is Osman is not lazy. And I would also like to say that football is a game of attack and defence. In this modern day, the art of defence is too under-estimated. Again, how many goals in all games have come down our right, and given the posting, what are the figures when Hibbert and Osman are playing? I guarantee DM has these facts over the last 5 years. And they don?t lie.

On to the Cup Final preparations: How much longer/wider is the wembley pitch than Goodison (with exact replica at Finch Farm)? Our players at times didn?t seem to appreciate the extra time that they had on the ball with too many rushed passes being intercepted. (any stats?) Maybe the occassion got to them.

I must admit I wasn?t a fan of Wembley semi finals before yesterday, but I?ve had a change of heart for one simple reason ? our lads have been there now and won and this will give us more of a chance at winning the Cup. We know what it?s like now with the build up, the bigger pitch, the extra split second on the ball, not leaving full-backs exposed, not giving neck passes to "elbows" Felliani, not letting the gap between forwards/centre backs get too big or Lampard will take the piss, keep the ball more, be a bit more patient and confident and don?t give the ball up too cheaply.

Roll on the last league games of the season, and I think a wee flutter on a Champions League spot and FA Cup win may just be on the cards. Wouldn?t you just love it if Tony Hibbert scored a last minute winner from outside the box, set up with a magestic run by Osman to go down in Goodison history. If this happens I would also love to see a photo of Tony Marsh with a big cheesy grin holding the FA Cup with Hibbert and Osman either side of him. If that ever happened, a dedicated Toffeeweb page is an almost certainty. A picture says a thousand words and all that....
Karlos Wendermier
52   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:07:45

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"I know I will get slaughterd by those who don?t really understand football over these comments but,"

You sir are arrogant, deluded and have written quite possibly the biggest load of tripe my eyes have ever seen. I?ll be sending you the optician?s bill for damaging them.
Tony Marsh
53   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:08:17

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I was at Wembley yesterday and was elated as the next fan about result. The performance didn't matter as long as we got through but let's be honest it was the Man Utd Reserves we beat on pens and Osman was fucking awful again.

I know it's not the time to nit pick as we have reached a major final but don't try to tell me I am wrong regarding Hibbert and Osman. We have made it to the FA Cup Final despite these two, not because of them, and I won't let this great achievement yesterday cloud my judgement.

Hindsight is a wonderfull thing and if we had lost on pens yesterday I am pretty sure there would be plenty of finger-pointing today. Anyway, I will be at Stamford Bridge Wednesday night regardless of yesterday result. How many slagging me off will be there???
Paul Gayler
54   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:13:05

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I agree with all the people above about talking positive, for chuff?s sake we won!!! And as my old CO (commanding officer) used to say "for all those who done well, well done, and for all those who didn?t do well, well done anyway"!!! Plus I think Baines and Peanuts are the best left-sided duo in the league but then I know nothing about footie Tony!
Rob Davis
55   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:31:29

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From the Guardian: Tony Hibbert Made countless vital tackles inside his area, none more so than on Macheda with 12 minutes to go. Injured in the process. Rating: 7
Peter Corcoran
56   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:22:16

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Message removed for abuse of fellow Evertonians ? The Editor
Mike Green
57   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:30:58

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Has anyone considered that being local lads who have been with the club since the year dot might be one of the reasons Moyes sees their value in more than just footballing terms?

No one gets more frustrated by Osman than me ? or shits himself more when I see the oppositon bearing down on our right back, but you can never doubt their commitment.

Some things can't be put on a balance sheet and these are the things that help create team spirit, which spreads through the team and has been the root cause for all the success we have had.

The isn?t Championship Manager lads. Give them a break.
Ben Hubbard
58   Posted 20/04/2009 at 09:42:12

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I've noticed a distinct lack of posts from Tony Marsh recently and I'd like to take the opportunity to highight how wrong he has been about Moyes. his main complaints being Moyes is not capable of winning cup matches and playing passing football. Two things Everton have done superbly this season.

When Everton are struggling he liked to post every week to remind us how right he was. Now Everton are doing well I'd like to remind him are wrong he is.

COYB!!! Love the site

Dave Brierley
59   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:37:23

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Tony, as so often, you miss the point of being a supporter. It?s not just about going to games home and away. I hazard a guess that you do more damage when you?re at a game than you do on here. You're a whinger and a moaner. Right now you?re unable to continue your obsessive rants about Moyes so you perservere with your negative attacks on Hibbert and Osman.

I don?t doubt that your heart's in the right place but with your attitude you?re never really going to enjoy any sort of success with Everton. As Jackie Charlton once said about the 66 winners "we are not the 11 best players in the world but we are a very special team."

I strongly suggest that you do a bit of coaching at a junior level and learn the basics of team building. Boy would that open your eyes. Osman and Hibbert have a role in this team whether you like it or not and there have been occasions when they have more than compensated for other players' shortfalls. For God's sake man on a day like this, give them a break.
Tony Marsh
60   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:47:19

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Peter Corcran its you who is the tosser mate as your response proves. Who was it the scored the goal at Macclesfield you ask. Fucking Macclesfiled. Who are they?Y ou reply is just what I have been saying for years. Osman does well against crap sides but goes missing against better teams.

Your Macclesfield defence is pathetic and I would be embarrased to use that game as a way of defending Osman. I can't be arsed arguing with tossers like you as rose-tinted glasses cover you eyes. If Ronhaldo would've played with Roonay yesterday, do you really think Hibbert and Osman would be drinking champagne in the bath last night?
Dave Wilson
61   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:23:07

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Tony, you're still talking shite lad, if you think any team in the world, let alone one shorn of its best players, can carry TWO players while beating Europe's finest, then your judgment is already clouded. No fucker went past Hibbert yesterday ? just like the other rounds.

And what's all this about Man U reserves? They played without Rooney, Ronaldo and the Goalie, we had more players missing than they did.
Patty Beesley
62   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:45:08

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Why do you all rise to the bait... it?s just what Tony Marsh is after. Ignore the bastard... or better than that, make sure he misses the train home from Chelsea on Wednesday night.
Patty Beesley
63   Posted 20/04/2009 at 16:02:27

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Oh and by the way, Tony... do you put Wigan on a par with Macclesfield? Wigan were having a good run in the league and a couple of weeks ago we beat them 4 - nil. Oh yes, who was it made two of the goals and scored one himself.... that?s right.... Leon Osman.

Now go jump off Wigan pier!!!
Tony Marsh
64   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:54:42

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Dave Brieley, I posted this article 3 days before Wembley and I had concerns about Osman and Hibbert getting roasted on the big pitch by Ronhaldo after the horrible showing from both at Villa. I think it was a fair point but had I known we were playing the Manc Reserves my fears wouldn't've been the same.

As it turned out, Alex Ferguson drooped nearly all the side that played Porto and we got through. It's all well and good Evertonians jumping on their high horses and calling me a tosser but who could've predicted the side Man Utd put out yesterday?

I don't want to go any further with this arguement because the point of the arictle became meaningless once Sir Alex dropped his super stars. Those that can't see this and continue to pillory me are just plain daft.

Let's get one thing straight: I am absolutely overjoyed at the result at Wembley and the way we have turned the season around but we have won nothing yet, so it's a bit to early to start letting off the fireworks and popping corks. If we beat Chelsea then the party can begin and Moyes will be a winner after all.

As for Micheal Kenrick, I am sure you said after the Portsmouth game you where about to boot fuck out of the Telly because of the way Osman performed... What's changed your view mate????A semi-final win glossed over things for you as well???
Dave Brierley
65   Posted 20/04/2009 at 16:05:48

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Patty you just rose to the bait like the rest of us! You’re absolutely right about Marsh though - he must love all this. Whatever we say about him he certainly spices things up.
Peter Corcoran
66   Posted 20/04/2009 at 16:02:06

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Tiny Marsh
If you can’t arsed to respond to my posting why did you bother to do so?

You are all mights, ifs and buts.

Let me make this clear for you Rooney and Ronaldo did not play so we cannot possibly hypothesize what the outcome could have been, well we could but it would be like your rants - pointless.

You obviously did not read my posting properly - except what you wanted to read - as there was no hint of rose tinted spectacles, anyway better that than shit tinted ones like you obviously wear.

You should have gone to specsavers.
Shaun Sparke
67   Posted 20/04/2009 at 15:55:09

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Tony that depends on whether the Yak and Arteta would have played. Its all ifs and buts so you cant really say that. After all didnt Rooney and Ronaldo play at Goodison earlier in the season when we were unluky not to win the game?
Tony Marsh
68   Posted 20/04/2009 at 16:39:18

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OMG... how hard is it for you to grasp, Peter? My point was if Young could rip the right flank to shreds for Villa, what would the world's number one player do at Wembley? Ronhaldo didn't play so my point ended up being moot anyhow FFS.

Shaun, we all knew Atrteta and Yakubu were out, didn't we? In fact we knew his months ago... but we didn't know Rooney, Ronhaldo etc would all miss yesterday game did we? So why play smart arse.
Ciarán MacGiollaEoin
69   Posted 20/04/2009 at 16:40:40

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Peter, Is the suggestion that we wouldn?t have won in Maccesfield without Osman a similar ?hypothetical? to Tony?s?

People are going over the top here... Osman is not a very consistent player. Should we ignore this until we lose? Or should something have been done yesterday?

I couldn?t believe that Fellaini was hauled off before him. However, it?s a great day to be an Evertonian... the excuses are flowing in work ? and my sides are splitting.
Tony Williams
70   Posted 20/04/2009 at 17:02:05

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So Tony, Scholes, Vidic, Ferdinand, Park, Berbatov and Evra are ManUre reserves now are they? Also I thought this new 17-year-old was the new wonderkid, who has played their last 3 games, some reserve.

Pack in with the Man Ure reserve bit or you?ll end up sounding like a Manc or a Kopite.
Kev Sparke
71   Posted 20/04/2009 at 17:03:28

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Tony, do you still think we should sack Moyes and ask Steve Coppell, Glen Hoddle, Roy Keane, Terry Venables, Martin O’Neill or Phil Brown to be our manager?

All people who you’ve recommended in the past and assured us people who don’t have your unique insight and understanding of football, would do a better job
David Foster
72   Posted 20/04/2009 at 18:12:13

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Hibbert and Osman are not bad players; they are just squad players. But until we buy a bigger and better squad, they shall play.
Franny Porter
73   Posted 20/04/2009 at 18:14:36

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I've started calling my boss Tony Marsh as he?s a moaning bastard as well....
Tony Marsh
74   Posted 20/04/2009 at 18:36:59

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Franny I may be a moaning BASTARD but at least I care. Some of our lot walk around with their heads up their arses as far as players' ability is concerned. I know it's a fantastic achievement getting to an FA Cup final but this article was posted last Wednesday and all the big mouths and the band wagon merchants don't seem to realise this.

I made what I consider valid points regarding how the match might pan out but all of these fears I had dissapeared as soon as I saw the team sheets. Even so, Osman, who every man and his dog seem to be defending, did nothing yesterday against Man U's second string to make me believe my original statement is flawed.
Michael Evans
75   Posted 20/04/2009 at 19:04:19

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Tony, I’ve decided to take my head out of my arse long enough to be able to see the keyboard and type

As I stated earlier, my Father supported Everton for a 70 year period from the early 1930’s onwards. We would discuss the merits of players in specific positions from the various decades. For example, how Dean compared to Lawton,Hickson,Royle,Gray etc. I and I’m sure many other blues are FULLY aware of the limitations of Osman and Hibbert. Do they compare favourably with famous Everton right-backs or midfielders of the past - NO. Hibbert is an honest, hard-working "water carrier" and Osman has aspirations to be an "artisan" but frequently flatters to deceive.

However, both players have my respect because they give 100% commitment. As a SUPPORTER of the team they therefore have my SUPPORTt

Your problem is that you’ve been found out. You wanted the post submitted on Wednesday because it would have attracted some debate and then the fervour of the approaching game would have taken over. We win - your post would have been long forgotten and you would have slipped under the radar to join in with the TW celebrations. We lose - you would have said "I TOLD YOU SO" That’s not being a supporter Tony. That’s just being calculating and cynical. But what do I know about football ? Time for my head to go back up my arse.

James Tunstead
76   Posted 20/04/2009 at 19:36:15

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I have to agree with the Tony on this and the game proved his point with two woeful performances from the players he mentioned. Osman is far too slow and on a big pitch like Wembley you need people who can run, he could barely retain possession and played a stinker. I would retain Osman as a squad player though, he plays better at home and has some decent games.

I?m forever getting told that Hibbert is a great defender, he isn't. He is a very good slide tackler when someone tries to run him on the outside but that's about it for the positives. Terrible passer, positioning, heading, negative, tentative going forward... I could go on and on he was utterly pathetic on Sunday and I cringed when the ball came near him.
Contrast the inept displays of Osman and Hibbert with Baines and Pienaar who were superb.

Michael Kenrick
77   Posted 20/04/2009 at 19:35:46

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Tony, you said yourself your piece was pointless once Sir Alex played his reserves... For me, it was not worth publishing ahead of the game because it just repeated the same old diatribe about Hibbert and Osman that we had already heard a good few times. No-one in their right mind wanted to hear, read or discuss anything like that ahead of such a massive game, no matter how right or wrong your critique of those two players.

And on that point, I think you’re generally right about Osman, and generally wrong about Hibbert. Young was the toughest player Hibbert has met this season and I actually thought Tony did pretty good against him. He was stretched, definitely, but he kept at it, he never gave up, despite Young’s less than legal tricks and ploys. But I look on Hibbert as a full back there to defend and for me, he does a really good job at that.

Osman.... I have two memories of him on Sunday ? the fabulous technical footballer who’s magical first touch, vision, ... blah blah blah...

He was all alone, a high ball comes to him, but instead of trapping it and attempting to play football, he does a huge wellied vollied hoofball to nobody (in a blue shirt... somebody in a red shirt of course).

The other occasion was again a high ball that he just watched bounce in front of him. No attempt to trap and control the ball despite him being under no pressure. And of course, he lost possession of it.

I believe I see what you see with him: there are countless other special Ossie moments that frustrate the hell out of me. However, to come out with shite like you did ahead of the game that David Moyes must choose not to play either/both these players was absolute nonsense. If you are watching as many games as you claim, you should at least know by know that, provided they are fit enough to crawl onto the pitch, David Moyes will pick them and play them, without question. To suggest otherwise is simply absurd.
Tony Marsh
78   Posted 20/04/2009 at 20:19:51

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Agree with most of that Micheal but what I dont understand about Moyes is his reluctance to drop players who under perform each week. When Hibbert was hauled off at Villa Park I thought DM my give him the bullet for the semi-final, I mean it's not the first time Tony has played terrible and then kept his place in the side but at Villa he looked shot.

Anyway it's done and dusted now and we are through but the guy above who asked me would I say these things to Osman's face must be having a laugh. What's Ozzie going to do... bite me on the leg??
Tony Williams
79   Posted 20/04/2009 at 20:46:19

Report abuse

So Tony, Young has consistently dived and managed to get you on a yellow, what would you do? Would you continue to play your normal robust game but fear that the next challenge will cost you a red card or do you try and adapt you natural playing style to accomadate the cheat?

"Hibbert’s worst game" since he has come back into the team was down to simple reasons, Young is fast and a cheat, the three goals conceeded against Villa had nothing to do with the right side of play and ManUre did not score in over 120 mins of play, so why then Tony is Hibbert being singled out for having a "mare". There are so many posters saying this but have yet to identify any reason why they are stating this.
James Boden
80   Posted 20/04/2009 at 21:48:04

Report abuse

Correct Tony Marsh Correct!
If there are 3 things that Wembley taught me Yesterday it was that Osman is always shite in the big games, still love Vaughan and finally Evertonians are the world’s greatest fans bar none as was proved by the noise we made in Wembley.
Oh and I almost forgot to say best of all-
Stuart Duncan
81   Posted 20/04/2009 at 22:24:52

Report abuse

Whatever we all think of Tony’s piece, the point surely is this.

Moyes wanted a new right back at the beginning of the season and signed Jacobsen. Either because of his injury or because Moyes found out when he had him up close that he wasn’t good enough, Hibbert stayed in the position. Because he’s the best right back we have. Moyes himself surely wants better, but he’s the best we have.

Same with midfield. Moyes went after some big names, but we couldn’t get them. Neville has had to play in midfield because we are short. Gosling and Rodwell look like great prospects, but Moyes is limited for choice and he’s going with Osman. If we had Arteta, would Osman be in the first 11? Who is fit that’s better?

Let’s hope next season we have more options, but don’t kid ourselves that we are going to have lots of cash for the Summer’s transfer window.
steve walmsley
82   Posted 20/04/2009 at 23:09:37

Report abuse

Never mind moyesy dumping hibbo and ossie toffeeweb need to dump marsh the muppett . i’m all for people having an opinion but there’s a fine line between that and slagging off your own players, when so called evertonians do that then all respect is lost. suggest you move over to anfield tony as they know loads about respect, or lack of it ....
David Wallbank
83   Posted 20/04/2009 at 23:26:47

Report abuse

Tony Marsh HAHA what a joke. You must be the worst Everton Fan ever!!!!!! HA HA HA
Jimmy Rimmer
84   Posted 21/04/2009 at 01:03:28

Report abuse

Tony, if you really understood football you would have seen that Ashley Young had to resort to cheating to get anything out of Hibbo at Villa Park.

Diving to get him booked and then constantly diving in an attempt to get him sent off seemed to be his one and only ploy and it worked to a degree with Moyes making the right decision to substitute him. Hibbert was quite rightly cautious as he knew if he got too close to Young (who is a very quick and skillful player by the way) the prick would cheat and dive again = red card = miss playing at Wembley. What the fuck do you expect?

I know Hibbert has his limitations, but he is a great defender which is his primary job. I don’t recall Ronaldo getting much joy out of him last time they went head to head and in fact when the opposition has a winger of that quality, Hibbert would definately be my first choice. It’s when there’s less attacking quality from the opposition down that side I would be tempted to drop him for a better ball player.

As for Osman, please change the fucking record will you? I can see he’s not the best player in the world, but your attitude towards him stinks and it has made you very very boring of late. Try making a post without referring to him and freshen things up a bit eh?! Cheers!
Paul O'Hanlon
85   Posted 21/04/2009 at 08:46:24

Report abuse

Let?s get one thing straight about Hibbert against Villa... he was booked in the first half, so of course he was ripped to shreds by Young because he couldn?t tackle him!!!

Young proved once again what a diver he is, not only going down at every opportunity but imploring the ref to take action. Once booked, Hibbert should?ve been brought off as he wasn?t going to risk a mis-timed tackle and therefore a suspension for the Semi-Final was he?
Dave Wilson
86   Posted 21/04/2009 at 10:51:02

Report abuse

Tosser? Bastard? Worst Evertonian? Moaning bastard?

I think TM is talking shite - on this occasion - I?ve even said so, but what the fuck is going on here ?
This guys passionate enough to post on every and anything to do with Everton, no one will agree with him ALL of the time.
I think he?s right far more often than he?s wrong and his articles are hugely entertaining. Argue your point, by all means, but stop the personal abuse of please.
john schrempft
87   Posted 21/04/2009 at 11:02:50

Report abuse

Well one thing you can say about Tony, he certainly gets a huge response with his less than diplomatic descriptions of Hibbert and Osman. Every man and his dog like to put a word in.....
Ferguson’s choice of team on Sunday was clever to say the least.
How many of us expected Everton to batter Man Utd when they learned about the team sheet?
I did, and I’ll bet a few others did too.
Reaction: why aren’t we scoring yet against their "alternative" team ?
It isn’t that easy whacking a lesser-rated team, so in a way, we were on a hiding to nothing.Tranmere, Oldham ,Arsenal’s youngsters anyone?
Tony said in his article Hibbert and Osman don’t play well against the top 4. but then it wasn’t really a top 4 last Sunday, so on this occasion, I think they were caught napping by the Utd selection as other team members were.
I think most of us were a bit let down by the blues performance as a whole
but then we won, in spite of Ferguson picking the most experienced players to take Utd’s penalties. Maybe, Sir Alex was hoping for extra time all along.....
Well, I’m glad it backfired and that Hibbert and Osman could celebrate
at the end with their first-team mates.
After all, they worked hard enough and Man U didn’t score in open play
Ok, so they didn’t haveone of their best games in a blues shirt but a few others didn’t either......

John Morgan
88   Posted 21/04/2009 at 14:20:01

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"What?s Ozzie going to do... bite me on the leg??" ha ha ha... you wish Mr Marsh, you?d love that far to much...

No, he would laugh in your face, turn his back on you and rejoin his beloved Everton, leaving you out in the cold, mumbling to yourself which is what I think we should all now do...

Everton into the FA Cup Final: HAPPY DAYS!!!

Tony Marsh
89   Posted 21/04/2009 at 16:31:41

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Yes, John, beloved Everton indeed. I to would love Everton if I was Osman seeing how we pay him £35k a week for playing like a twat every game.
John Martin
90   Posted 21/04/2009 at 18:45:09

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I bet the editors took great delight in being able to post this after the Semi?s. Tony Marsh wrote this before the semi-final it was his opinion but to put it up now just so fans can have a go at him for sharing his opinion which is what this site is about is a disgrace.

I don't agree with Tony over Hibbert, I do agree with him over Osman who delivered the type of performance I expected from him in a big game. No decent shots, no decent passes. No crosses. People will no doubt point to the fact that he ran about a lot and put the effort in but as 1 of our 2 supposedly most creative players he once again failed to deliver any creativity. Keep saying what ever you like, Tony, it's a free country we all get it wrong at times, The Editors of ToffeeWeb do it a lot.

Dave Jeanrenaud
91   Posted 21/04/2009 at 19:54:51

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Give it a rest or at least change the record. You used to be very entertaining but these days you are just boring.

The very idea of leaving Osman and Hibbert out at present is a joke. Who would you play instead. Gosling and Jacobsen? Give me a break!

To be honest, Tony I (and many others I suspect) cannot take you seriously after you have spent the last 5 years slagging off Moyes at every opportunity. You must surely now recognise that David Moyes is the single best thing to have happened to Everton in the last 20 years?
Tony Marsh
92   Posted 21/04/2009 at 21:01:20

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Dave Jeanreaud I like any other Evertonian want the Lads to go and lift the FA Cup in May. The fact that we have now reached the final is somehow blurring people's vision. There are a lot out there who think the job is already done when there is the small matter of Chelsea to get past.

I really did have my doubts before Sunday but, as I have already said in the comments which you appear not to have read, once I knew the teams I wasn't as concerned.

What I don't understand is the mentality of some Everton supporters who think this is as good as we can possibly be... IT'S NOT.

There is always room for improvement and WE are no different. Players come and go for one reason or another and if you and others think Osman and Hibbert are the best two right sided players we can get then you are deluded beyond belief.

I don't rate either of them; you do and that's that... but if the shoot-out had of gone the other way on Sunday then you and many others would not be so cocky with your comments.
Dave Jeanrenaud
93   Posted 21/04/2009 at 22:47:48

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Cheers for the reply Tony.

I agree with you that Osman and Hibbert could be improved upon but i see no improvements within the present squad. Hence a post attacking said players on the eve of a cup semi being somewhat futile.

I realise we have won nothing yet and i suspect that will remain the case after May 30th. We are heading in the right direction however and for my money you owe David Moyes a huge apology for the shit you have written about him on these pages over the years.

John Maxwell
94   Posted 22/04/2009 at 05:31:59

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Tony, I think people just want you to look at the other half of your pint for 5 minutes ?

We are far from the finished article, yes much improvement is needed for us to become a great side again.

But collectively we are moving in the right direction.

Can you not see that Moyes is a good manager ? Can you not admit what he has achieved this season ?

Things are stirring up niceley down Goodison Road..

What would you of said about the 84/85 team.. ? The league was shit ? John Bailey should be in the 2nd division ? Alan Harper shouldnt be in a blue shirt ??

When will you ever be happy ?
Derek Wadeson
95   Posted 22/04/2009 at 12:50:11

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I fully agree with you Moyes, Osman and Hibbert not fit to manage or wear the shirt.

If these daft bastards had not tried to so hard on Sunday the likes of you and me could of been celebrating now the fact that Utd would be in the final and we could get more money from them from the Rooney payment plan.

For christ sake Kenwright please do Tony and me a favour and sell out to Mike Ashley now, as Tony says 24/7 my arse.

Tony if you give me your mobile number I will pass it on to Gordon Brown and you can no doubt get the country out of this credit crunch mess, as I sure your knowledge with politics is superior to the vast majority of the people as well as football.

Finally Tony, yes I am taking the piss. Everybody else will get it but I am not sure about you, you will probably think ’at last someone with the same intelligence level as me’
Sandra Bowen
96   Posted 23/04/2009 at 13:21:16

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Utter tripe, drivel, clueless, nonsense.....Par for the course really!!

All of the above comments are directed at you and those who agree with you. This is up there with a post you wrote some time last season when you said that you didn?t want us to qualify for the Uefa Cup again. Why a fan would want their club to deprive them of qualifying for Europe thus having great trips abroad and memorable midweek nights at Goodison is beyond me and just about sums you up. Anyway, that?s beside the point of my response.

I think a lot of what has been said already in this thread says a lot more about who knows a bit about football and who doesn?t. We fans all have our opinions but let?s be honest, a good 75% of yours aren?t just wrong, they?re just laughable. You do serve a purpose though, I?ll give you that, every forum needs a clueless pantomime villain and you fit the bill just perfectly and fair play, you always prompt a response which is what it is all about.

Believe it or not a certain Mr David Moyes knows a thing or two about football, a lot more than me and a without doubt a lot more than you. That?s all that matters!!!

He knows that these two players are good players and that?s why he plays them every week... Simple, simple, simple. You call them favourites, you are right!!! What you need to ask yourself is why they are favourites, maybe it?s because they give everything and do everything that their manager asks of them which is what every manager in any organisation wants from his staff. Just a thought!!!

Is it any coincidence that Everton stopped shipping goals when Hibbert came back into team or is it purely all down to the other three of our much envied back line? Does he really contribute as little as you say?

Is it any coincidence that Hibbo has looked a much better player after coming back from injury earlier in the season and finding Osman in front of him every week rather than Arteta?

Maybe Ossie offers more protection than Arteta did? I couldn?t tell you the answers to some of the questions because I?m happy to admit that I don?t know enough about organising a Premier League defence against some of the best players in the world week-in, week-out!!! Neither do you, someone who does is... yep you guessed it, our manager. There is no doubt that Ashley young got the better of him last week, you saw it, I saw it, we all saw it but guess who else recognised it by replacing him? You know the answer don?t you......

Tony Hibbert is a good defender, he?s not crap, he?s not brilliant but he does his job and more often than not he does it well. This is not only my opinion but the proof is there in his appearance record for Everton. Nobody plays that many games in what is regarded as the best league in the world if they are as bad as you say. Fact!!!(sorry for the Benitez like statement there).

Onto Ossie, if you really did know anything about football like you clearly think you do whilst also suggesting some don?t, you wouldn?t come out with such ridiculous comments. Leon Osman scores a few goals consistently every season, he gets at least 5 assists. That?s quite a few contributions to actually sticking the ball in the net which is the object of the game, it seems to pass you by a lot of the time. Again, these are not only my opinions but facts. Do you know how he scores and how he gets his assists? It?s because he?s a good little footballer, again not brilliant but a good player and a very important player in our team, certainly no clown. He plays pretty much every minute of every game, he never shirks a tackle, he?s brave and he runs his bollocks off. Yes, he gets knocked off the ball, yes he scuffs some of his shots but he always finds space for himself, he creates space for others, has a good football brain, good touch and ability and he seems to be loved by not only his manager but also by his team mates too. Again that?s more than enough for me.

If you can?t see any ability in him fair enough, it?s your opinion but again you?re wrong! Anyone who rates Osman knows he has his faults but for you not to see any good in the little fella tells me a lot about your opinion on football rather than those you say don?t have a clue.

Some people ask the question of why he goes missing against the better sides and why he only looks good against a Wigan or a Macclesfield. The answer is pretty straight forward as far as I?m concerned and lies within the question, we are playing better sides!! Of course he?s not as effective against better teams, they are better with better players.

Our approach to playing the Top sides is generally more defensive. Our stand-out performers against these sides are invariably our defensive players just like yesterday and in the semi final. You always notice these players a lot more than the Ossies and the Pienaars out wide running their hearts out all across the first defensive line because they?re generally shutting down space rather than winning headers and blocking shots.

To me, like all good teams our side is all about getting the balance right. These two provide a steady effective balance on the right hand side, not very exciting I know but certainly effective. There is no doubt that our left hand side is better and surprise surprise, we tend to play to our strengths and attack more down the left than we do the right. Maybe our manager actually knows what he?s doing and instructs the team to play this way.

Yes we?d all love to have a pacy right winger with all the tricks and an amazing overlapping right back flying forward at every opportunity but we haven?t ? they cost rather a lot of money that we haven?t got, we?ve got two good players who provide balance to our team and guess what, it seems to be working.

People in the professional game that really do have the knowledge we don?t constantly recognise and sing Evertons praises for their organisation and work ethic. I put it to you that these two are at the forefront of this massive factor in our team and I for one certainly acknowledge and applaud them for it. Every team has their unsung players with their main attribute being work rate and discipline!!

You go on to point out all the changes to Uniteds team in the semi as the only reason we didn?t lose. Behave yourself!! Your arguments are pathetic, you can only beat what is put in front of you. We got through and your two favourite players played a massive part in that as they have done in all we?ve done over the last few years. There is no denying it however strong your opinions towards these two.

Tony Marsh, do me a favour!! I?d have more respect for the footballing opinion of Jodie Marsh.

Nick Lewis
97   Posted 23/04/2009 at 10:34:33

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I can't help but notice the absence of Ossie bashing today. Funny, as there has been an unseemly plethora of this recently. Possibly down to as sublime a piece of skillful creativity as played by any Everton player this season, when he released Jacobsen for Peanuts' late chance. Not even mentioned in the match report. Shameful.

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