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Loan Signings

By Matthew Lovekin :  24/05/2009 :  Comments (31) :
Despite one game of the Premier League season to go and the FA Cup Final to look forward to, David Moyes MUST also be thinking about summer transfer targets and looking to next season.

However, despite a few high-placed league finishes in recent seasons, journeys into Europe, new kit deals, and reaching the later stages of Cup tournaments, the news coming out of Goodison Park is that we still do not have a pot to piss in. The last few transfer records have been broken due to increased borrowing and it seems the Club is more in debt than ever. Add to this a year of recession and hiking top players wages to keep hold of them, it would be a good time to take stock.

Agreed, we need to keep hold of our top players to remain where we are as a Club and it was good news that Yobo has signed for another five years.

However, we are now at a stage where we need top, top quality players to make that leap into the top 4. Unfortunately you can't buy these cheaply. Therefore, add these two situations together and I feel that Moyes should be using his expert knowledge and experience of the loan market again, but this time looking at the top sides in Europe. After all, they all have squads of lots of world class players and often their squad lists total 40, 50 or even 60 players.

I'm not sure the exact rules on loan signings, e.g. how many a season or how many for the entire season; however, there are some real quality players 'apparently' going to be available for loan next season.

Mancienne (Chelsea). Can't get into the Chelsea team but so highly rated earned an England call-up. Apparently available for loan also due to another summer of transition at Stamford Bridge. Would provide cover especially whilst Jags is still out injured.

Quaresma (Inter). Not involved in Mourinho's plans, so much that he has been on loan to Chelsea since January. Despite not getting a look in at Chelsea, still a real quality player in the right winger mould that we need. Valued around £15m so out of our price range but possibly out on loan again.

Nani (Man Utd). If we could get an out-and-out left winger to match Quaresma on the right, we could be a really attractive team to watch. Despite obvious ability and a £17m price tag when he moved to Utd, has only made about six starts this season. Would provide competition for Pienaar and with our links to Utd's reserves could prove to be a deal.

Bojan (Barcelona). The hottest young prospect in Europe. Still only 18 having been around for three years now. Promises to be a great goalscorer and all round game getting better. Barca obviously won't sell but apparently looking to loan him out for a season due to his lack of minutes at the Nou Camp. Would be an incredible signing and definitely worth trying for.

Jô (Man City). Done good and bad things in the last six months but definitely not worth £18m. Could be worth another year on loan and definitely a possibility due to Man City looking at bringing in about 50 players this summer.

These players would all make great additions to our squad in areas that we need. Add to this the Bosman market. Daniel Sturridge of Man City is out of contract this summer and although under-age for a free transfer would only cost about £2m at a tribunal.

There are plenty of options for Moyes to look at if you know how to use the market, which I'm sure Moyes does. Even if we do have a small transfer budget, say £5m, then Tuncay of Middlesbrough would be a good signing and should be cheap and available when they get relegated.

Homework time for Moyes, I think.

Reader Comments

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Vijay Nair
1   Posted 24/05/2009 at 18:08:04

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Totally agree about Quaresma.. Moyes might just be the man to get the best out of him.

Also might be worthwhile having a look at Damien Duff seeing as Newcastle are now relegated..
Richard Parker
2   Posted 24/05/2009 at 17:59:41

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Very much doubt that Moyes has been giving much time to the transfer market just yet. With 5th place just in the bag (well done lads), Yobo's and Jagielka's contracts signed, and the biggest game of Moyes?s career next weekend, he?s had a fair bit on his plate.

I would presume that Davey?s been doing his homework throughout the season but, for now, that shouldn?t be his priority until he wakes up with a banging head after celebrating his first silverware.

We need £20M in order to stay 5th I reckon, Spurs, Man City and Villa will all invest and I can see all three being decent sides next year (maybe less so Man City). Gonna need 4 players in, as an absolute minimum, with Shandy, Jo, probably Castillo, Jacobsen and perhaps Valente on their way out.

So by my reckoning, as a minimum, we need a good striker, top winger, world class CM and cover at left-back.

On top of that, the nice-to-haves would be a decent young right-back and good cover for Tim Howard.

Plus ideally, a couple more decent squad players, if we?re realistically going to try and compete for the Europa Cup and the top-4 spot we all crave. Someone?s gonna have to pull rabbits (or half the Brasil squad) out of hats this summer.

Anyway, have faith, we still have a Cup Final to enjoy after an enjoyable last 2/3rds of a season. 5th spot, whilst not the top-4 spot we really want at the moment, is a cracking result all things considered.

Good job to Moyes and the lads for their job in the league and 90 more good minutes is all we need!
Jason Broome
3   Posted 24/05/2009 at 18:45:07

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Fully agreed - especially Quaresma. He would be perfect for us.

You haved confirmed what we are all thinking just hope Moyes is one step ahead.
Stephen Williams
4   Posted 24/05/2009 at 19:50:52

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Vijay Nair, Duff couldn't beat my gran to the ball, he's finished and was when he left Chelsea. No pace... reminds me of Kevin Kilbane. Oohh no... we need a player like Young of Aston Villa.
Gaz Davies
5   Posted 25/05/2009 at 00:22:48

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Agree with the areas that Richard has highlighted. I think Chris Brunt from West Brom would be a good option. An out-and-out winger who has a few goals in him too.

Jo would be a decent bet on loan ? he?d definitely benefit from a full pre-season with us.

Mind you, whoever we?re after, winning the Cup next week would make it that little bit easier to attract top players.
Vijay Nair
6   Posted 25/05/2009 at 04:23:32

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Stephen Williams - Would love to have Ashley Young in the squad. However a sad reality is that even if Villa were looking to offload him (which they are not), we could not afford him anyway.
Eric Myles
7   Posted 25/05/2009 at 06:27:32

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besides the players likely to leave we also need quality cover for the AFCON players that will depart in December (?), Yak, Pienaar, Yobo, Anichebe.
Richard Parker
8   Posted 25/05/2009 at 07:36:48

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Very true Eric, forgot about the bloody AFCON. It should be every 4 years, like normal competitions.

There is the quite real possibility that we could be without Jags and Yobo at that point. No telling when Jags will be fit enough to play again, especially if there are any complications.

Despite the fact that the bottom 3 sides were so poor this season, there are some fairly decent players to be had out of them.

And despite what is written above, I reckon Duff would be an improvement down the right. Also Martins, Lovenkrands and Bassong from Newcastle would be worth a look. Not sure how much any of them would improve the starting XI, but we’re gonna need competition for places at least. There’s the controversial subject of Owen, who, if he ever gets fit again is class, despite being Redshite. Maybe we could get 1/4 of a season each from him, Saha, Vaughan and Anichebe - then we’d always have a partner for the Yak...

Then from Boro there’s the obvious shouts of Downing and Johnson. Maybe Greening from West Brom would make a decent squad player.

Anyway, I’m sure Moyes will have some targets in mind and I really hope he unearths some more little know players. But I think there’s some pretty decent squad players to be had from the 3 teams relegated.
Dave Hadwin
9   Posted 25/05/2009 at 09:03:17

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I wouldn?t go near Owen. He?s been awful for Newcastle and really wouldn?t add anything to our team. In fact, I wouldn?t touch any Newcastle players. None are good enough for us.

I would seriously look at Adam Johnson from Middlesbrough; he lookds a real prospect and the type of player Moyes could bring on.

As for Sturridge, he looks a prospect but is apparently asking for 75k a week at City ? this is a player who has started only 3 league games all season. Clearly his attitude is not right for our team.

Whoever Moyes does go for, the key decision will about whether the player will fit into the team ethos that has been created.
Andy Crooks
10   Posted 25/05/2009 at 10:30:28

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Richard, I wouldn?t touch any of Newcastle's lot. Lovenkrands wasn?t good enough for the SPL. How about Tuncay? Good player with a competitive attitude.
Gerry Allen
11   Posted 25/05/2009 at 10:47:47

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Despite our biggest week for 14 years, it is right we turn our thoughts to next season.

I?m in agreement with a few of the names mentioned here who could do a job for us and may fit within our budget ? Tuncay, Duff, Moutinho. I want to post one name that I think will guarantee a response from everyone: Joey Barton.

I think the price will be right and the club will be right for this deal. If any club can protect him from the media limelight, and convert him from "potential" to world class then it?s Everton. It would surely be the last chance saloon for Barton and a controversial transfer (and that?s a mild definition) but I honestly believe its players like this that will help us kick on.

Forget Bojan, Quaresma et al ? if these were interested I?d cut to the chase and try get Rooney back ? they WILL NOT come to Goodison Park at the moment. To attract these players we need to be serious CL challengers and a squad with Arteta, Rodwell, Cahill, Pienaar, Duff, Tuncay and Joey Barton in the middle would get us through the 60+ games we hope to play next year.

Kevin Quinn
12   Posted 25/05/2009 at 11:00:30

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Agree about Tuncay he has looked a quality player in a bad side. I wouldn't mind us trying to sign him plus he can play in different positions, which Moyes likes. Just read Moutinho has agreed personal terms... not sure how true that is but it would be great if he signed.
Alan Doyle
13   Posted 25/05/2009 at 11:11:09

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Unfortunately, Duff is past his best and his pace which was his biggest weapon has departed. He would also still command a vastly inflated price in the £5-6m region I reckon.

As an alternative, and a comparative bargain, I would suggest another Dubliner in the shape of Keith Fahey at Birmingham. He joined from Dublin club St Pats in January and settled in straight away scoring a number of key goals in the run in. Birmingham paid, as far as I know, £350,000 for him so a fee of £1m or so should be enough to tempt a sale.

A very similar player to Arteta so would provide cover in central midfield as well as out right. Also a very good dead-ball striker, which I?m not sure we have once Arteta is missing.

Nick Marsh
14   Posted 25/05/2009 at 11:36:31

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I think Harper from Newcastle would be great cover for Howard.
John Vanderwerff
15   Posted 25/05/2009 at 11:27:44

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Joey Barton - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This guy should not be on anyone’s shopping list with Everton’s best interest’s at heart. His attitude is all wrong. Not sure either about taking players from relegated clubs; one or two have some pedigree but in general they aren’t good enough. It would be nice to see some more additions to he squad and some of the youngsters who have made peripheral contributions this year will have matured even more. If we really are looking for a winger I wouldn’t mind Chris Eagles from Burnley.
Jason Broome
16   Posted 25/05/2009 at 13:37:25

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Gerry Allen - Joey Barton!? The man is a racist, obnoxious arsehole. Maybe on arrival he could stick a lit cigar in Rodwell?s eyeball.

If we want to be the best, we have to buy the best and we have outgrown most of the mid-table mediocrity (including Barton) being mentioned on this site. Barton gives us nothing but headlines & headaches. He is an attention seeker who would sacrifice our focus and team spirit for his ego.

It is NOT our job to handhold arseholes. The man is an embarrassment to the City of Liverpool and will never deserve to wear our beloved blue. Next thing you?ll be advocating the arrival of Alan Smith!

If it isn?t right for the top four, it isn?t right for us! It is time for Everton kick on and treat themselves to world-class quality. Anything else is simply treading water!
Michael Ward
17   Posted 25/05/2009 at 15:18:32

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I do think that we should take advantage of some of the players available from the relegated clubs, these players could come cheap and I believe there are some that would add to the squad. Look when we brought in Jags, I doubt there was anyone who would have expected him to be Player of the Season a couple of years later, but he was always a solid signing and good value for money.

Looking at the teams who have gone down, there are some players who could potentially fit into our team who Mr Moyes may be keeping half an eye on;

West Brom:
Chris Brunt ? The lad is 24 years old so still quite young, looked to be the Baggies' greatest threat when they played us, was not short of pace and ended the season West Brom?s top scorer with 8 league goals.

Scott Carson ? 23-year-old England international. Would be good cover for Howard if he was willing to take that role.

Boro ? Tuncay, Boro?s Player of the Season and someone with definite quality, should be seriously considered.

Stuart Downing ? A winger so just what we need; if he came into the left-hand side, Pienaar could move to the right. Would bring some width and pace to the team.

Other players like Johnson, O?Neil, Wheater or others from the younger players could add something.

Newcastle ? Harper, again would provide some quality backup to Howard.

Stephen Taylor 0151 England U21.

Others that could be worth a look; Martins, Gutierrez and (dare I say it) Owen, but based on recent performances he could be better off retiring!

Overall, I think the standard of player in the relegated clubs is higher than usual and if we have got a tight budget there could be some potential bargains there.

Daniel Howard
18   Posted 25/05/2009 at 16:26:41

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We should never go near Joey Barton. If we want success, we have to remain a class act, on and off the field, and signing Barton would be a big step in the wrong direction. I would be embarrassed if we did this. This is the kind of thing Newcastle does and look at them now.
Fran Mitchell
19   Posted 25/05/2009 at 18:54:55

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Michael Owen will end up at celtic or somewhere, maybe Milan or if its wages that he see as prime imporatance (he has lost his love of football, thats for sure, he’s only in it for the money) then Australia. He has a massive gambling problem and thats why he commands such high wages. We dont want him anywhere near our club, we need players with desire.

Martins I would also say no to. He looks good at times, but will command a high fee and wages, Newcastle may be relegate but I reckon a lot of clubs will be in for him and we van get better for less. Again, not a player with enough passion.

Guitierrez hasn’t looked like much, but I dont know much of him and havnt seen him that much. If available for cheap he maybe a decent option, but I doubt it.

Taylor would be a good back-up defender, but he aint gonna want to be back up. Villa are looking for centre back, as are city and pobably spurs, so it aint gonna happen.

Barton, Just no, end of discussion.

Downing is out injured for all of pre-season, so that a no-go.

Johnson I would like to see come in, if cheap then could be a real coup.

Tuncay also looks a quality player, would offer something different and fits into our style. 5-6million then i’d say go for it. But alot of clubs will be in for him

Wheater looks good, but will he accept being sub? also boro apparently demanding 9milor so. also alot of clubs in for him

O’Neil. if cheap then a good squad bulker, quality back-up in the middle. No more than 2.5mil

Greening, a good quality central midfielder, good back-up for Arteta and can play wide. probably same ability as Ossie so not a step up, but a squad bulker.

Brunt, Moyes wanted him before he went to Brom, but didnt want to pay 3mil. Quick, can cross and score. At 3-4mil a decent signing, but not exactly a step up.

So the only possible ones would be Taylor, Wheater (CB) Brunt, Johnson (LM), Greening, O’Neil (CM) and Tuncay (SC).

3/4 of these, plus 1or 2 loans and 1 high quality signing (10+mil) would be a decent effort. But this aint Football Manager, and it wont pan out liek this.
Stewart Littler
20   Posted 25/05/2009 at 21:00:01

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Jo, Castillo, VdM and Anichebe (3-4mill) out. Valente and Jacobsen will stay. Despite what some people have said, we have coped with nearly 50 games this season despite a load of injuries, so I feel we need 3-5 in, with quality and not quantity being the priority. 3 midfielders - Maniche on a free would be good back up for CM, nobody’s mentioned David Bentley, who is majorly out of favour at Spurs, and who Moyes wanted last year, and who was settled in the North West - not worth 15mill to anyone so defo a loan possibility, for RM and A.N.Other - forget Moutinho, he’d cost too much, as would Downing - but like the noises re Ledley. And then a striker. Now if all the above were to happen, we still wouldn’t have spent anything, and we MUST have at least 10 mill, which I would like to see spent on either Darren Bent or Carlton Cole. Michael Owen on a free on 25 grand a week would not be sniffed at either (if he’s shit, it ain’t too much of a risk to take)
Richard Porter
21   Posted 25/05/2009 at 22:53:44

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For decent back-up players from the relegated clubs, you could do a lot worse than Julio Arca. A player who can play as a defensive or attacking midfielder, left winger or left back, he’s not the best player in the world but is quite skilful and has a fantastic attitude and effort. When I lived in Sunderland, I saw him play for them a few times and have always thought I’d like to see him play for us. He also probably wouldn’t cost a bomb.
james stewart
22   Posted 25/05/2009 at 23:51:18

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i couldnt agree more. fantastic post!
i agree with all the players you mentioned and they would make amazing loan signings.

sadly not the other responses people suggested....

barton owen downing duff etc jesus christ!
they were all relegated for a reason!!!!

at least mathew spotted the exception in tuncay.
Sam Higgins
23   Posted 25/05/2009 at 23:54:57

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Joey Barton is sub-human scum, and Michael Owen is a has-been greedy twat - he lost his love for the game the day he left the shite. It is ridiculous to be even discussing these 2.

We need to be looking at Moyes type players. Lionel Messi. Can but dream. He probably would be no better than Arteta you know. all these players reputations are ingflated to the max.
Simon Jones
24   Posted 26/05/2009 at 09:00:40

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The only player from the relegated teams I think is worth a punt is Tuncay. I have a sneaky feeling that most of the West Brom players will stay at West Brom. I can?t think of a single barcode I would take. Did anyone actually see them play last year? Martins FFS? Look where most of shots end up. He might make a useful addition to London Irish.

Keeping most of our squad is important and I guess Moyesie will bring in a couple of players we won?t have even thought of who will turn out to be world class. So business as usual.

Jack Lavery
25   Posted 26/05/2009 at 10:42:20

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There are a number of players knocking about that Moyes could pick up on the cheap or on loan. I feel the first priority is getting cover, so the likes of O’Neil, Brunt and Taylor would do the job. Tuncay is a classy player who could be a regular starter. I think Moyes good relationship with Fergie could prove to our advantage. Man U are bound to strengthen again in the summer, especially around midfield with Giggs and Scholes legs creaking. Is there potential for the likes of the young Tosic or Darren Gisbon, who has been playing regularly for Ireland under Trappatoni, to be brought in for a season.

There was talk of Alan Smith last year, but please don?t DM, please don?t?..

Looking outside England, Valencia are set to have a fire sale in the summer, there has got to be potential, given the Spanish contingent living on Merseyside that someone like Joaquin would be interested in a move to England. Real Madrid are also set for a massive clear out, he may be able to tempt one of the Dutch contingent into a loan deal, maybe Drenthe, who I think could be suited to the English game.

I have a feeling some of the other big clubs around Europe, particularly those that have under achieved, will be looking to trim costs down in the tough economic climate, which could see a lot of solid players knocking around on the cheap. Hopefully this is the type of market Davey Moyes will thrive within.
Gary Knox
26   Posted 26/05/2009 at 21:18:24

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What about the relegated teams from the 2007-08 season, who havent got back at the first attempt and will be looking to make further cuts. Reading have maybe a few worth a look, such as Kevin Doyle up front, who is quite useful and was a target for a few Prem teams this season, and Harper would add some cover in midfield. Not sure who Sheff Utd could add though...

As for Tuncay, if available at the right money, he would be a great option, whereas most of the Barcodes are overpaid and not worth a second look.

Brunt lacks pace, but as a fellow Norn Iron man, I think he would add additional cover and width. I also like James Morrison from WBA; he has a bit of pace and can add width, whereas Olssen has been mooted in some press circles as interesting Moyes.

Other possibilities: Steven Davis now at Rangers and Tom Huddlestone from Spurs, if available at the right money.
Anthony Lamb
27   Posted 26/05/2009 at 22:12:30

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When one reads some of the suggestions coming through on this post, it makes Everton Football Club seem like some kind of scavenging hyena ? raiding the rotting carcas of what remains of a once proud club like Newcastle ? and having the arrogance to think it can take its pick of those from other clubs recently relegated. is this the attitude that finishing 5th brings?

Joey Barton? Have people lost all sense of a moral compass? Have they not noticed the single greatest contributor to Everton?s relative success these last years and particularly this year ? namely the absolutely tremendous team spirit that has been induced by the manager and people like his team captain Phil Neville?

Would any sane person even dream of someone as unfit to grace a football field as Barton? Would any sane person tolerate the thought of him wearing the shirt worn by Ball, Harvey, Kendall, Gabriel, etc?

Looking at some of the other recommendations one can only say ? thank God David Moyes is the manager and we do not have an outbreak of democracy at Everton with a consortium of fans directing transfer policy! Nice way to pass the time but if we do, let?s please get real and have some sense of perspective.

Kevin Gillen
28   Posted 27/05/2009 at 09:49:31

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I?m not going to torture myself by daring to think about summer signings, last year I nearly topped myself and still couldn?t believe I was alive after the news of the Fellaini signing.

In truth Elstone has already pointed out that there will be no big money signings over the summer, much to Moyes?s obvious annoyance. I?m just hoping we can get everyone fit for next season and hang on to our best players and our manager considering the Celtic job is open.

I think if we are to prioritise then a wide attacking player with some pace wouldn?t go amiss. What about that Nigerian lad we were tracking last summer? I?m also not convinced we have the goalkeeping cover we need. One bad injury to Howard and we would be in trouble.

It is dangerous to speculate about transfers and, as Moyesie says, the most important players are those already at the club, not the next bloke you?re likely to sign.

Michael Ward
29   Posted 27/05/2009 at 16:15:28

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When did Elstone say no big money signings? That's the first I've heard...
Monty Carlo
30   Posted 28/05/2009 at 09:25:14

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I know he shows signs of being a knob, but Bentley is the type of player that could flourish under Moyes. Great potential and gagging for games. We may even get him on a season long loan - especially as ’Arry Redsack will already have his football equivalent of an Argos catalogue open and will be marking all the ones he wants with his little stubby pen
Mike Allison
31   Posted 28/05/2009 at 16:59:30

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This got silly when someone mentioned Scott Carson. After Joey Barton that’s got to be the worst shout in the history of FM-style speculative transfer threads. Nash and Turner are both better than Carson, have you not watched West Brom at all this season? I reckon I’m better than him, and I’m not a goalkeeper.

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