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Our Pride in the Blues

By Derek Wadeson :  03/06/2009 :  Comments (16) :
Beaten at Wembley but not defeated seems to be the theme coming out of the FA Cup Final. It was a day that, wherever you where in the world, at 5pm Saturday 30th May 2009 you were proud to be a blue.

We can go over the game until we are blue in the face, one fact over all others is clear: the money men won the cup but the football purist was the real winner. I am taking great pride in the fact that the broadsheets, redtops, radio & TV media are all praising Everton Football Club for what we are, a real Football Club.

Wembley Way was blue on Saturday, Everton blue, Evertonians wherever you looked; the stadium was alive to the sound of ?We Shall Not Be Moved? and the 2nd half rendition of ?We?re By Far the Greatest Team? even had Clive Tyldsley on ITV commenting about the magnificent support that Everton were receiving. On the same channel, Andy Townsend talked about Everton being ?a proper football club?.

On the radio, the likes of Adrian Durham on Talksport spoke about a club breaking the Big 4 monopoly and as that club would not be his beloved Peterborough, he wanted it to be Everton ?A club I now hold in very high regard, a proper chairman, manager, captain, players & supporters?.

Pat Nevin was on Radio 5 Live last week and made a comment about how many ex-pros he comes across who ask him ?What?s it all about, this Everton thing? You played for other clubs as well...? Pat pointed out that he tells them the Alan Ball story, ?When Everton has touched you, nothing in your life is the same again?.

I was most proud on Saturday when, after the final whistle David Moyes made a point of going over to every Chelsea player, even the one?s that did not play, and shaking their hands. Our entire team stood and applauded the Chelsea team as they walked down the steps with the Cup in their hands; it was even picked up by Oliver Hart in his column in today?s Daily Mirror.

We are beginning to get noticed once again and we must use this as a driving force to improve and try and break the stranglehold of the four that finished above us. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that we were runners-up may spur the club on to do better next season; a victory may have had a feeling of job done, and once again we would rest on our laurels as we did in ?95.

Let?s leave the recruitment to David Moyes; he has stood behind Osman, Hibbert and others because in the main they have done what was asked of them. I thank them for that but now is the time to bring a quality that has them fighting for the right to wear the shirt. Let?s not lose them ? just improve.

I got a feeling that before the Cup Final, on weighing up his options, David Moyes was tempted to go 4 ? 6 ? 0 and try and stifle Chelsea and nick a goal. He didn?t thank goodness, he gave the Cup Final the respect it deserved and went for it; it weakened our hand and played into theirs, but it did show that the gulf was not a far as we once felt it was and in doing so it is gaining Everton Football Club a platform to build upon.

One sad comment I have to make is this, our well respected within the game Chairman spoke on Talksport last week about the 3am death threat phone calls he receives about the planned Kirkby move. Whatever your thoughts on the matter that is not right; let?s debate, let?s be angry, let?s demonstrate, but please let?s be above that.

Reader Comments

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Dave Wilson
1   Posted 04/06/2009 at 14:16:23

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You raise my spirits, Derek.

Nice one!
Julie Naybour
2   Posted 04/06/2009 at 14:24:20

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Derek ? lovely article ? all of which I totally agree with 100% (including about the death threats to BK). I wanted to write an article about pride but I am glad to say many have done it before me, not least yourself. Has any other club lost a cup final only to have instilled so much pride in their supporters? It give me a warm glow to see how many times the word has been used since saturday.

And that?s not because we?re happy with 5th or will settle for runners up of a final. but because we?re on the up, building each year and we?ve done it on a shoe string budget, dsepite crucial injuries, with a work ethic and team spirit to be envied and with a manager who has so much integrity and sportsmanship he stands out amongst all the greats.

I also wonder if on another day the gap between the two sides (injuries, weather etc etc.) may not have seemed quite so big. Who knows. But at least we?re going forward and we?re going forward with our heads held high and hearts full of pride. Congratulations to players, manager, supporters and chairman and here?s to an even more successful season next year.

Howard Don
3   Posted 04/06/2009 at 15:26:38

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Nice article Derek. Only downside is the mention of Adrian Durham, if he likes us I’m seriously worried, the man has to be the most irritating pratt on British radio.
Patty Beesely
4   Posted 04/06/2009 at 16:32:09

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Makes me extremely proud to be an Evertonian that David Moyes shook the hand of every player and our lads applauded them with the Cup. Could you see them doing that to us if the shoe had been on the other foot? No, I can?t neither. Drogba would have probably thrown a tantrum!!
Paul Hardcastle
5   Posted 04/06/2009 at 16:45:32

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Good god, Derek, I’m sorry but what a load of fucking shite.

Pride?!? I was totally gutted. WE LOST!!! I hate the phrase coz it’s so stupid but most of our players didn’t turn up! They froze in the Wembley heat, failed to perform anywhere near the potential they have shown this season, and resorted to horrific hoofball. How the hell can you take any pride in that?

It was a totally disappointing performance ? and to do it in a Cup Final... Well, we are now the confirmed experts at losing Cup Finals ? EIGHT!!! ? yet another unwanted record under David Moyes, who once again was in awe of mighty Chelsea.

This soft and fuzzy feelgood crap in the face of a dismal defeat may be your Everton but it certainly is not mine. NSNO!!!

Steve Connor
6   Posted 04/06/2009 at 17:24:27

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Because David Moyes is obviously to blame for the other seven defeats too.
Karl Parsons
7   Posted 04/06/2009 at 18:03:31

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Let me echo Derek’s sentiments and ring-fence Paul’s zealous rant. I too was immensely proud to be a blue on Saturday, even though I have to admit we did not display the true quality football we are now capable of playing - we nevertheless showed the world what a magnificent football club we are.

From each and every vocal fan who managed to get a ticket into Wembley, to the thousands packed into the Silver Spoon and surrounding London pubs, to the many watching back at Goodison and to the loyal blues of Merseyside and beyond watching the game wherever they could we demonstrated a real united spirit.

I have watched Everton win the FACup but never felt the kind of real camaraderie that last Saturday delivered and I saw more to make me convinced we are gaining real respect outside of L4 and for that I am truly thankful.

What Derek has paraphrased reinforces the fact that even though we came away empty our cup is still full of promise. Well done Derek!
Steve Williams
8   Posted 04/06/2009 at 19:42:46

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I was one of the many who stayed long after the final whistle to not only appluad our players for their efforts (although in the end we came up short), but also to congratulate Chelsea on the win. Although we were all so desparately disappointed, we still knew how to behave - with respect and dignity.

It is this that has been noticed throughout football and the media and in the long term can do us nothing but good.

In the evening, my son (14) and I visited Covent Garden and were so chuffed to come across a huge Everton party in full swing. All were celebrating playing a full part in a wonderful occasion. Later, at about 11pm, two Chelsea supporters turned up and asked, very politely, if they could join the party! They were made to feel very welcome. Apparently the Chelsea celebrations they had come across were like a wake in comparison and they just had to experience the joy of being with true football supporters. They were also hugely complimentary about the atmosphere we had created inside Wembley.

Now, believe me, when you here this from non-Evertonians, it really does make you swell with pride.
James Boden
9   Posted 04/06/2009 at 22:07:15

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Have to agree with Paul I am afraid. I did not take any pride on Saturday when I was mightily pissed off in scorching conditions at the fact that we had just lost the FA Cup Final and in the process gone yet another year without a trophy ? 7 of which have been with Moyes in charge.

Now you and many others may think the sun shines out of Moyes's and indeed Kenwright?s arses but I however do not. Call me negative but I believe that was our one shot at glory and it is gone. And at the moment, I just cannot see when our moment will finally come.

Hugo Myatt
10   Posted 04/06/2009 at 21:45:09

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It didn’t take until a few days before the fixture even started at Wembley until I realised that we were actually even in the FA cup final, well, not to that extent, but the Semi came and went, there was the allocation fiasco, and before the next thing the final was here, and it did feel a tad strange to be in such a position after so many years in the wilderness.

It feels so soon after Everton FC participated in an FA Cup final for the first time in so long that it seems to a degree that it was someone else in our place who were the opposition at the weekend.

One thing that hacked me off, and seemed to be rife amongst newspaper and media in general was that no-one seemed to be giving us a chance before the game, I know that the West Londoners were favourites but there was hardly a mention that suggested we even had a chance. In the end it was closer than what was suggested, but the fact of the matter being a defeat it was, but It’s been a fantastic ride to the final, and we did dispose of some high profile names en-route, and thank god for Moyes, I don’t care what people may say but the man has been a breath of fresh air since his arrival from Preston North End and I was thrilled when he eventually signed the contract extension, albeit later than expected.
Julie Naybour
11   Posted 05/06/2009 at 03:10:28

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Steve Williams ? fantastic ? that is what sport is meant to be about and I am so glad your 14 year old son was there to witness just how to behave properly ? especially in the face of defeat.

Sadly sportsmanship has been lost in recent years and lack of it is tolerated and even expected. How brilliant that Everton and it?s supporters are leading the way.

Jamie Crowley
12   Posted 06/06/2009 at 04:57:28

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Great article Derek. The footballing world admires Everton b/c:
- we didn?t buy it
- we got there through sheer determination and effort
- we have and showed class

Paul H. - we had 3 top players out due to injury and the point of the post it would seem is to praise the way the Club go about their business and their approach. Not the result which Derek, myself, and I?m sure everyone is disappointed in, a.k.a gutted. Your sour grapes without any regard to the immense pride you should feel and the way your Club and it?s Stewards handled and purported themselves left me with a bit of puke in the back of my mouth. Find the point of the article and be proud of your Club and what they stand for in the over-all picture.

Of course you, I, and everyone didn?t like the result! But to debase the way our players, manager, owner, and Club handled themselves as "a load of fucking shite" and to say pointing this out is "soft and fuzzy feelgood crap" is pathetic.

Get a grip man. You?re disappointed. Don?t be a grump. There?s a ridiculous amount to be proud of.

Marco Bonfiglio
13   Posted 06/06/2009 at 17:44:53

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Am I alone in thinking that the FA Cup Final of 2009 could turn out to be a new League Cup Final of 1984?

Beaten but not broken.

Realising we were onto something.
Tony Heslop
14   Posted 07/06/2009 at 11:17:58

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This week, thanks to the hard work put in by Paul Wharton, we?ve had the pleasure and privilege of the Cuff family, both at Wembley and on Merseyside. Charlie, grandson of the great Will Cuff, and his son and daughter, flew in from Australia and, in a very emotional week for them, started off completely bowled over by Everton and the fans. "If this is what they?re like when we lose.......".

The dignified stance of David Moyes, the players and the fans, echoes the principles and standards set by the great Will himself, and which are so evident in Charlie et al. At an evening to welcome the Cuffs on Friday, Peter Lupson, a Norwich fan but above all a fan of football and its origins, described Everton as an incredible Club, whose fans embrace all in a true spirit of openness and warmth, something which can?t be taken for granted everywhere. Again, the honest values embodied in Will Cuff and passed down through the generations.

Is this just stuff we want to hear? I don?t think so and I?m as critical as anyone of those who let down the good name of our Club, particularly because I believe we have and should maintain standards of behaviour and footballing philosophy which set us apart from the rest. Will Cuff?s family have a renewed interest in "Grandad", humbled that he is held in such high regard by Evertonians and bowled over by Everton and its fans.

I, like many, see this Chelsea game as the equivalent of the 1984 Milk Cup Final, after which a forlorn Peter Reid gazed longingly at the trophy, vowing to bring home something even better. And how! That?s what we want and, personally, for the first time in years, what I?m starting to believe. For the greats of the past, for my own sake and particularly for those younger fans who?ve never had a sniff until now of any success on the pitch.

And if we do it while maintaining standards on and off the pitch, so much the better.

Tony Heslop
15   Posted 07/06/2009 at 11:41:05

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I know it?s the cricket season, but apart from bowling over the Cuff family twice, I should have mentioned that Friday was the 100th anniversary of the first professional game played in South America, Palermo, Argentina to be precise with Everton and Tottenham drawing 2-2.

Another Everton first, the pioneering Blues encouraged to make the trip by Will Cuff himself, although it was other directors, Wade and Bainbridge, who actually travelled with the players.

That?s the past bit and, this month, a few Evertonians will be making the trip to Argentina and Uruguay as well as Chile, to celebrate the origins and existence of not just one but three other Everton's. Once an Evertonian... article to follow.

Steve Williams
16   Posted 07/06/2009 at 21:11:38

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Keep up the good work Tony, your help with maintaining Everton’s heritage is invaluable.

See you soon, Steve.

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