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The Close Season

By Steve Stobie :  10/06/2009 :  Comments (14) :
God, I hate the close season... no football for a whole three months and only the internet and the papers to keep my interest going until the season starts over!!! I'm one of those people that believes that there is no point reading or indeed believing any of the transfer rumours that are circulated daily until you see a picture of said signed player on the official website with the scarf held above their head, but, is it really that simple?

You know that it is the only way to find out if there is any truth in the speculation that surrounds us, but you just can't help it ? you have to be the first to know who we are going to be signing and for how much... but why!?!

I, like every other contributor to this site (I suspect ;o) )spend at least a quarter of my day at work trawling every half creditable football website and ToffeeWeb (in a league of its own, if I may say so) for the tiniest snippet of a rumour that we will be signing x or y, or selling w or z, and all to the detriment of the amount of money I can potentially earn. (I get paid partly on a commission basis!!) So again, I ask the question ? why?

It just cannot be explained; football, and indeed if I may be more succint, Everton are in my blood ? that's why!!!

I have to know!!! I have to know if Pienaar's injury really is that serious (Sky Sports News last night at about midnight); I have to know if Man City really are going to offer us £15 million for Joleon Lescott (just about any red top paper that is published) ? and my two pennies on that one is tell them to fuck right off!!! If we sell our best players, then that says to the rest of the league that we almost did it over the past couple of seasons, but that's as far as we're gonna go, we've got no more oomph and our best players actually want to play elsewhere!! Not exactly the kind of picture that Everton wants to be showing the outside world at this point in time, I would say!!!

But I digress... I may not be able to say that I get up to a home game at least once a season (I should, I know, and if I really think about it, I can't come up with a viable excuse as to why not, other than the missus might not like it, and that's not good enough in my eyes, but she's the boss!!! ;o) ) ...

But to put it bluntly ? and let's pray she never reads this ? I LOVE Everton.

I want to know every last bit of information I can get hold of about the team and I will cherish that information until it either becomes true or it just tails off into the bottomless pit of endless trash that is continually published on a daily basis to fill some space on the back pages of newspapers!!!

So I guess in a nutshell, that's the reason why: I love Everton, and I tell you what ? I'm fucking proud to say so, and if I'm going to be late for work to say so (it's 7:45 am as I write this and I really should be getting ready for work!!), then I don't care, or if I'm gonna earn a bit less to know everything I can about them, I don't care (although I might have to start thinking a bit more rationally about that one!)... I just love Everton.

So, to everybody out there who finds themselves in the same boat as me, enjoy the rumour and the speculation and enjoy the "Will he sign or won't he sign?"... and never let anybody tell you that it's not worth it, coz I tell you what, I love it !!!

ps - Cracking season, wish we won the Premier League and the FA Cup, but it was fun while it lasted, and there's always next year!!!

Reader Comments

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Stewart Littler
1   Posted 10/06/2009 at 10:54:26

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You need to sort the wife out Steve - mine is also the boss, and she’s a red (armchair at best, and that’s stretching it!), but she actually bought me a season ticket 2 seasons ago, and convinced me to renew last season and then again this season (money and then a baby on the way being the stumbling blocks). She can be the boss every day of the week apart from when Everton are playing, simple as!

I too hate the close season, but I suppose the players need a holiday?!
Kevin Jones
2   Posted 10/06/2009 at 12:05:18

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Spill the beans Steve who are these X and Y blokes we’re signing, and how much ?
Phil Bellis
3   Posted 10/06/2009 at 12:59:14

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Welcome to the Pantomime Season, Steve. Just look at this morning?s ?news? about the lad from Leeds. The deal went from ?set? to ?done? to denied to clinched to rejected in the space of 45 mins on NewsNow.

Oh no he isn?t...oh yes he is!

Even the LFC Echo has us ?linked? then ?understands no bid has yet been made? in the same sentence. Total bollocks reading the crap!

It?s like picking a scab ? you know you shouldn?t do it but...

David Ellis
4   Posted 10/06/2009 at 16:31:42

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I trawl the internet (well actually ToffeeWeb and BBC Sport is enough) every day.

But I need to. I run radio commentary in my head of future matches next season. And to do that I need to know who is going to be available for selection in the team.

Tell me I am not the only moron who does this????
Tony McNulty
5   Posted 10/06/2009 at 16:53:14

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I concur with the amount of time wasted is on this stuff. I am supposed to be: (1) drumming up business; (2) finishing a book I?m writing. You check your email and then think .. well let?s just see what the latest is. If you want to waste even more of your time go to the escla website (Everton Supporters in London - where you will find links to even more interesting sites - like News now - full of even more speculative piffle from around the globe. And if you are London based, you can join Escla. Great AGMs - next one soon. We?ve had Blue Bill and David Moyes at the last two.
Colin Callaghan
6   Posted 10/06/2009 at 17:10:07

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David ? every day of my life.
Peter Laing
7   Posted 10/06/2009 at 17:30:39

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X and Y was a good album by Coldplay, some say better than Viva La vida. Suppose what I am saying is get a life, we all love Everton but enjoy the summer, get out more, take a holiday, enjoy a festival or two, the great British summer, and by the way I would take £15m and Micah Richards for Lescott right now !
Robert Poots
8   Posted 10/06/2009 at 23:00:36

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As its silly season, hers how I see we could possibly go forward with our squad + lack of cash.

£15m-£18m + Micah Richards for Joleon Lescott (Oh and a loan of Jo for a seaon as a sweetner)

£20m-£22m for Mickey Arteta

That would give us £35m at least on top of maybe £7m - £10m to spend on players as well as a new, and fast, RB. £50m-ish.

Now could we get a replacement for Lescott and arteta and strengthen the squad with quality for that? Surely we could.

I do worry about the Yak’s knee injury. Afterall, 26 in Nigerian terms could be 30 for all we know so if Spurs come in with a big money deal then I’d snatch their arms off too.

Incidently, I know Lescott and Areteta are imense players for us but you need to speculate to accumulate and I think now is the time for some wheeling and dealing. All hopefully before mid July so we can get any new signings into ’the Everton way’ before the hard long slog starts again.

Jamie Crowley
9   Posted 11/06/2009 at 04:40:40

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Sell Arteta, nevermind Lescott. Put the crack-pipe down.

Insofar as the close season is concerned, I have a suggestion:
Move to Florida (where I live). Work all week. During the weekdays, until you have to get up and do it all again, troll for transfer rumors.
Come Friday, go to the beach and check out until Monday morning.

That’s a great summer. You don’t miss the lack of football so much. Trust me. I live it.
Kevy Quinn
10   Posted 11/06/2009 at 12:27:32

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Robert Poots, il have what you are smoking please. Sell Arteta? How can any sane person justify that, it would be virtually impossible to replace a player of his class. Sell Lescott 18 million + Richards get real and personally I would rather keep Lescott as he is proven quaility. The Yak didnt injure is knee it was his achilies go easy on the funky stuff lad.
Tony Williams
11   Posted 11/06/2009 at 13:16:58

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Robert, remember Zammo! - Just say No fella!
Rob Hollis
12   Posted 11/06/2009 at 13:44:36

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Best transfer news ever!!!! It seems that cheating, petulant tart has gone from Man United which means the TV screens will not be clogged up with his diving, posing before free kicks and sulking if they have a tough game.

Worst advert for football there has ever been and NO I WOULD NOT SIGN HIM ON A FREE!
Stewart Littler
13   Posted 12/06/2009 at 10:58:27

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David Ellis - thank god someone else does!
Tony Lynch
14   Posted 12/06/2009 at 10:50:51

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A mildly enjoyable read until you mention you don?t get to games because your wife won?t like it!!! I accept that Evertonians are still Evertonians whether they go the game or not because not everyone is fortunate enough to live locally or has the funds to get to Goodison or whatever. But your excuse is the most embarrassing, pathetic excuse ever. I wouldn?t contemplate marrying anyone who ?wouldn?t like? me to go to the match. Fair enough you can?t shag other birds but to not go the match. I?d reconsider just how much you do ?love? Everton.

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