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The Most Important Summer in Years

By Jack Kemp :  29/06/2009 :  Comments (14) :
Once the season ends in May, we all have to prepare ourselves for three months of nonsense-filled newspapers and rumours that either make you laugh or worry. However, each summer there are similar traits that appear year after year.

Firstly, someone normally spends big and is linked with just about everyone available or unavailable, this has tended to be United or Chelsea. The second trait is there is usually a transfer that becomes a soap opera and is somewhat conveniently finalised on deadline day.

Since David Moyes assumed control of this great club Everton have gone about their business quietly and professionally. This has somewhat frustrated certain groups and you can see their point. However, ultimately as a club we have benefited from Moyes?s transfer strategy.

This summer, however, I believe that our quiet and slow transfer strategy may ultimately prove to be our downfall. The next step is surely to challenge Arsenal, who I think are the weaker of the top 4. With the barren four years that they have experienced then it would be naïve to assume that Monsieur Wenger will not spend this summer.

Not only that but the clubs who finished directly behind us will not rest on their laurels. Firstly there is the soap opera that is Man City. Today?s reports suggest that they are willing to pay Samuel Eto?o £250,000 a week. Now I fully understand that this is a figure that almost no other club can compete with. Nevertheless, Man City are going to use their incredible bank balance to strengthen their squad. A front six of Robinho, Barry, Ireland, Wright-Phillips, Eto?o and Tevez seems very strong to me.

Aside from Man City, Tottenham always seem to have money available and Harry Redknapp will also spend. Aston Villa, who over-achieved last year, are less of a worry but Randy Lerner has claimed that money is available.

This in essence is proof that football is a changing commodity and that we need to move with the times. I seriously do not want to be left behind because who knows how long it could take to fully catch up?

So, as the title states, this summer is pivotal for Everton Football Club. I fully understand that as a club we are not blessed with a fantastic bank balance which ultimately will see us miss out on certain players. Nevertheless, it does not stop us from buying players quickly and strengthening a squad that can challenge for Champions League qualification.

Hopefully Moyes?s will have already identified his targets and will have offers in place. Assembling your squad a month prior to kick-off is extremely beneficial. I just hope come late August we are not sat here experiencing the same disastrous summer as last year?

Reader Comments

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Alex Baker
1   Posted 29/06/2009 at 20:52:56

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I have to disagree with the comment ?Everton have gone about their business quietly and professionally?. Not last summer, when everything that possibly could have gone wrong did go wrong (CEO leaving, no new signings before the season began, Moyes dithering over his contract). Nor the summer in which Rooney was sold, and we only signed Marcus Bent and Tim Cahill.

In fact, I can only remember one summer in which we have had our transfers lined up and completed very early on, when we recruited Tim Howard, Andy Johnson and Phil Jagielka very quickly, and we did really well that season, finishing 6th in comparison to the previous season?s 11th.

However, I certainly agree that this summer is very important ? everyone knows where the team is weakest, which means that Moyes almost certainly does as well, so targets should be singled out and snapped up as soon as possible.

Paul O'Hanlon
2   Posted 29/06/2009 at 21:17:40

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It?s so important that we get off to a good start this season, we need to secure Moyes?s targets by the time the players board the plane to North America. That?s the time for the players to bond and significantly increase their fitness.

If we?re as under-prepared for this seasons opener as we were the last, Arsenal will embarrass us.
Dennis Stevens
3   Posted 29/06/2009 at 23:25:05

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Every summer is pivotal, it seems. So I guess this must be the must important close season since the last one.
Neil Steele
4   Posted 30/06/2009 at 00:13:00

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I?m with Alex on this one, we are anything but efficient and professional when it comes to transfers. The couple of times we have got people in swiftly and quietly have been the exception ? not the norm. Our usual way is missing out on out first choice targets because either: 1. We offer 50p, some shoelaces and a packet of hubba bubba; or 2. We dither around just long enough to alert other clubs who are willing to pay more than us.

Do you not remember the Arteta deal... I think they were offering him for £2.4M or something and we haggled for a month over £300k... thank God nobody else stepped in!!

I am always hopeful but knowing Everton and the way we usually do our business there will be lots of disappointment ahead and we will all be anxiously watching that camp Andy Burton come midnight on deadline day!

Brian Williams
5   Posted 30/06/2009 at 06:26:33

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I have to disagree with the "we?re anything but efficient and professional etc" comment.

If it hadn?t have been for Sporting?s greed and fucking about last summer, you?d be saying anything but.

I took a fair bit of stick on here last summer as I?d (wait for it) been told that the Moutinho deal just needed to be signed on the dotted line after Sporting got their act together. Even when it hit snags it was expected go through and I still maintained on here that it would (having been told that directly).

I know Fellaini?s not everyone?s idea of a star transfer but the club actually did brilliantly to get him with literally minutes to go at deadline day, all brought about by waiting and waiting for the Moutinho deal to go through.

If the club suffer from one thing it?s having principles, the same can?t be said about Sporting I?m afraid.

And I know there?s not a lot of Bill Kenwright supporters on here but NOBODY was more gutted than him that we weren?t able to parade Moutinho in a blue shirt on Deadline Day... though obviously some will maintain that he was only doing that for his own ends.
Peter Rogers
6   Posted 30/06/2009 at 08:30:07

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Firstly, I agree that we have not always been able to do business in the best way and get new faces in early but I do believe we have a chairman and manager who will do there utmost for our club. Before all the antis start ? grow up: if you work for any company, you don't get to know a fraction of what is going on behind the scenes... and if you run your own business, you will know that you don't let your employees know every detail of the company. so why should BK let us know all the details of his business?

Yes, we support our team and we all want what is best for the club but we don't run it and we haven't mortgaged our homes to buy it.

So yes, this is a very important close season and we do need to strengthen the squad but under BK and DM I am sure we will carry on our steady improvement as we have over the past seasons. Have faith, we all want billions but until then we are in good hands. Just look at the facts and don't go on about a few comments made when he thought deals would be done.

Chris Green
7   Posted 30/06/2009 at 09:17:19

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Alex B, I do understand your frustration and I do agree that in the season we got Tim Howard, Jags and AJ we finished 6th. But you said the summer we sold Rooney was not good...we only got Marcus Bent and Tiny Tim... didn?t we finish 4th!? I know it seems like a disaster when we don?t sign people, but like many people on here, I want to see the right person for the club, not some money grabbing mercenary. In the past we have done that. I hope that continues, and the players we sign, show the passion and commitment of Jags, Tiny etc..... all of whom love the club and the fans and run themselves to the ground for us.

I agree this summer is critical, but not for the amount we spend, but what we buy. We need to strengthen in certain areas, but most importantly if we do sell (Lescott to Man City is the biggest threat I think) we need to make sure we get cover that is quality, and quickly and at a decent price.

Moyes is without doubt one of the best man managers about, yes sometimes his tactics are a bit dithery, but he is learning, and we are progressing. I trust his judgement. When you consider the mistakes he has made (AvdM, Krøldrup) compared to the huge mistakes made by others, he is careful and meticulous. Let's back him to do what is right for us, as I truly believe he wants what we want... a successful Everton.
Phil Martin
8   Posted 30/06/2009 at 10:59:13

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If Moyes had the cash that he SHOULD have. I?m sure there wouldnt be "dithering", as some call it. He has to be cautious because Blue Bill?s pocket Money is fit for a Chamionship Club not a Premier League club. Therefore Moyes has to be very cautious that he is spending his pennies wisely. Christ, if DM had £100M to spend, I?m sure we would be going gung ho on several players.

Again you can argue his "dithering" tactics are due to a lack of squad strength. We don't have the money to buy bench warmers of the class as Chelsea, Utd or Arse. We have 16- and 17-year-olds... C?mon Billy ? find this investor we need to continue our revival!

Ciarán McGlone
9   Posted 30/06/2009 at 11:47:45

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"Since David Moyes assumed control of this great club Everton have gone about their business quietly and professionally."

Behave yourself.
Chris Kennedy
10   Posted 30/06/2009 at 11:52:17

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It seems to me that every summer is a pivotal one! What worries me more than bringing in players early however, is keeping the players we already have. In particular the Lescott saga. Although there has been no official bid made by City, the paper talk is adamant that there will be a bid. What I want to hear from the manager and board is an unequivocal ?NOT FOR SALE?!

We are now hearing reports that Arteta is attracting the attention of Athletico once again and now that Pienaar had a good Confederations Cup, he is being linked with clubs all over Europe.

I?m unsure about our links with the likes of Owen, we already have a list of striking crocks! Do we really need to add to them?

I want to see a concerted effort to find an international class right back and a couple more young midfielders before we board the plane to North America and then no more speculation once we have lifted off!

Philip Rowe
11   Posted 30/06/2009 at 13:22:31

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If Moyesie doesn?t do anything else this summer, please, please, please buy Lorik Cana. COYB!
Brian Williams
12   Posted 30/06/2009 at 13:59:46

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From what I?ve seen of Cana he?d spend most of his time suspended should he come to the Premier League.... *L*
Stephen Kenny
13   Posted 30/06/2009 at 15:04:54

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I?d love to see Lorik Cana at Everton, he?s got the lot. Including aggression in spades!

I?d also like to see Jo re-sign on loan. I think that he will develop into a handy player given time, a good pre-season and regular football.

Above all else, as has been stated, the earlier they sign, the better the season usually pans out. COYB
Steve Edwards
14   Posted 30/06/2009 at 15:18:03

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You’ve got to smile, every year is the most important year for years. I understand your sentiment Jack but we had all this last year and the year before and probably the year before that. If we’d finished forth from bottom we would be saying the same because we would be scared of being relegated this next season.

As for transfers... don’t get your hopes up to much. That way your less likely to be disappointed.

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