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Glass... Half-Full or Half-Empty?

By Roy Masey :  15/07/2008 :  Comments (21) :

I?ve just inserted all of the 2008-09 fixtures into my Work calendar, so that anybody who cares to look, can see exactly when I will be otherwise engaged watching ?the Blues? next season and will also understand why Thursday afternoon meetings will have to finish no later than 3pm when we are in Uefa Cup action.

It?s now the 15 July and it?s only 32 days and a few hours until my son & I arrive at Lime Street for the first home match of the season. How I?ve managed to get through all these summer weekends without the footie and still remain even partially sane, is completely beyond me? Reading TW has filled a gap and the various threads and postings, have made me wonder whether I?m approaching the new season with my glass half-full or half-empty? The line as always is incredibly thin.

The half-empty approach would suggest:
? Still no definitive decision on the proposed ground move to, at best, a medium quality ground on the outskirts of Liverpool. In any case, it?s going to get called in, so we?ll have to make do with peering round a pillar at Goodison for a good few more years yet.
? I?ve still got to suffer massive queues to buy a sausage roll that doubles my cholesterol level in 30 seconds flat and swill it down with warm Chang beer which even before the Credit Crunch was vastly overpriced!
? DM yet to sign a new contract.
? AJ being sacrificed to raise funds to buy a guy who made his name singing in Fiddler on the Roof, a new striker called Riki (hopefully not married to Bianca!) and a young Swiss lad who plays at right back and is supposedly a steal at £300k, even though I thought we?d bought a young signet from Plymouth who was going to turn into a perfect Gosling for this position in the future?
? Can?t get a new shirt because JJB /Umbro/the tea lady et al, haven?t managed to deliver the stock yet as they?ve all been preoccupied in kitting out Liverpool?s 15 new City Centre outlets, while we make do with a guy with a stall outside Lime Street, who may or may not have a 1984 Everton scarf, somewhere in one of his boxes!
? My season ticket has actually arrived but they haven?t included me in the auto Cup scheme (even though I clearly ticked all the boxes except for the FA Cup away matches) and now I?ve got to send them another signed authority form, for them to take my money off me!
? Bully is getting even fatter and Billy even poorer and we?ve appointed a No 2 from the Barcodes, who?s only claim to fame is that he worked with Sven and the Umbrella Man in the England set up ? whoopee!

However, the glass half full approach gives a slightly different perspective:
? Whatever happens about Kirkby is completely outside of my control and although I voted ?yes? because we do have to eventually have a better ground, for all the reasons that have already been fiercely debated until all the cows have gone to bed, I still love Goodison and can?t wait to take up my usual seat behind the goal in the Gwladys Street. I can almost now, feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, as Z-Cars starts playing...
? Bring on the sausage roll and Chang ? it means I?m at Goodison and I?ll be that pissed already that Chang tastes bloody marvellous!
? DM will have signed his new long term contract and we?ll have a couple of new players we can argue about plus some kids moving up to the first team squad. Alonso is staying at Anfield because Juventus are not stupid enough to part with £16M, so Arteta is made up that his best mate is still around and decides that going home to Spain is not all that it?s cracked up to be. Timmy finds some new metatarsal proof boots. The sun is shining so the Yak, Joey and Peanuts think Christmas has come early and we go on to beat that pub team from Blackburn, managed by a guy who?s only badge came from a painting he submitted to Blue Peter in 1977, with a hat trick from Lescott and assists from Baines, Jags and Gosling.
? I don?t have to queue at the box office before the game for my season ticket, as it?s already arrived, which means that before kick off, I can get even more cheap beer down my throat at the St Francis.
? Bully is still getting fatter but is head hunted by Luton to manage their descent into the Conference.
? Billy eventually sells his shares to an unknown Nigerian oil mogul, and transfers his seat on the board to his better half, who frankly is much easier on the eye.
? Steve Round turns into the most attack minded No 2 in the Premiership and confounds all of us who have written him off before a ball has been kicked.

So, which approach do you want? Is your glass half full or half empty? For me, it?s always half full as watching ?the blues? is my only true obsession in life. COYB. IMWT.

Reader Comments

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Arthur Jones
1   Posted 16/07/2008 at 06:54:31

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I hope I?m a "half-full" type of guy but in some of my more ?downer days? I look at the half-empty glass. Then I get onto youtube and watch Ossie?s goal against Larissa yet again and TC?s v Chelski and watch the best little Spaniard's goal v Fiorentina and listen to the crowd again by which time I?m thinking without injuries and bent refs we could be knocking on the door of Old Trafford and Moyesy is on the touch line snarling at SAF putting him in his place ......... oh well, 1 month to go !
Adam Bosworth
2   Posted 16/07/2008 at 08:42:48

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Admire your optimism but it looks like you were well pissed by the time you got to the bottom of that half-full glass!
I don’t give a fuck about all this DK shit but just hope we can kick-off from how we were playing January rather than last May.
Moyes had a lot of work to do this summer and he’s leaving it mighty late to make a start. A case of Dithering Dave or Bankrupt Bill?
Lori Fekete
3   Posted 16/07/2008 at 09:13:45

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I refer the right honorable gentleman to my previous comment.
Mark Perry
4   Posted 16/07/2008 at 10:01:30

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Glass half full - very much so.

I have it on very good authority that DM will sign his contract and the go ahead for dKirkby will be announced in the next 48 hours in a press conference.

The board have received the good news at the end of last week which is why DM has started his contract negotiations now and there is expected to be no complications.

Moyes's transfer budget will be sizable ? one of the conditions of his signing ? but "not in the region of the big 4". He already has his targets and will be working to sign them in the next 2 weeks.

The current loans that have been talked about are bridging loans to cover the arrival of the Sky money due after the start of the season.

The new stadium money is already in place; apparently Tesco Terry was prepared to call off the whole thing during the negotiations unless he saw the money was there or would be there for Everton's financial contribution ? he did not want Tesco associated with another Kings Dock fiasco (fearing that Tesco would be blamed).

This caused quite a huff between Bill and Tesco as Bill didn't like have his "word" doubted. As a result LCC and Bestway saw an opportunity to move in and present their own ideas.

But Bill was "persuaded" that Kirkby was the only viable solution and the differences were patched up as Everton's financial contribution was guarenteed and planned to Tesco?s requirements.

The Bellefield development will be put on hold for at least 2 years to officially "concider all options" realisticly Everton have been advised that the current economic climate will mean that its 2 years at least before it becomes viable and maximises revenue. In the meantime a PR campaign is to be launched slowly to persuade locals the the development of the site is a good idea and won't stretch local resources.

And re the Fernandes saga. The reason why there are many stories are about it is because Moyes stated that he definitely wanted Fernandes for next season. Two plans were drawn up. If Kirkby fell through he would be loaned for a season with an option for about £6 - 8 million.

If Kirkby did go ahead then he would be purchased for £6 million as a "I told you this was a good idea look at what we baught" gesture to fans.

Valencia are aware that we want him and want rid of him themselves so are happy to wait 2 weeks or so for us to decide if we want him perminantly or on loan. They reduced his price from 8 to 6 to persuade us to buy him.

Can't say how I know and if you want to treat it as BS that's fine, I understand. All I can say is that it,s not a tea-lady, groundsman, or mate's cousin's girlfriend's cat!
Carl Wright
5   Posted 16/07/2008 at 10:34:37

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Well am a bit of both, does that make me a realist?

Looking forward top the start of the season, cos we stil have the same side that did so well last year. And quite confident Moyes will sign a new contract.

But fully believe we’re skint. And contracts arent worth the paper they’re written on, Moyes will finally get fucked off with that wanker of CEO and Chairman and jump ship.

Bilic anyone?
Brian Noble
6   Posted 16/07/2008 at 10:36:51

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Almost certainly total bullshit but if it turns out to be true a fairly cynical placement of good news by the Ian Ross machine.He’s obviosly lost faith in Doddy’s ability to break it to us gently!
Lori Fekete
7   Posted 16/07/2008 at 11:12:28

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Mark Parry - glass half full? with go ahead for DK to be announced?!

thats more like someone Glassing me in the face!
Mark Perry
8   Posted 16/07/2008 at 11:26:28

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What I was told makes sence to me, it is believable. The person who told me I trust as he was right about the Yak and a couple of other things. He/She is a friend who i see occationaly throgh work in the financial sector.

He/She is not an Everton fan but knows I am and as they are somwhat involved not necessarily from the Everton side I tend to believe what they say.

But we shall see

I hope its true
Karl Masters
9   Posted 16/07/2008 at 11:52:39

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Personally I am both half full and half empty.

Half Full with regards to Moyes and on the pitch activities which are still running well and to a professional standard with optimism for the future.

Half Empty with regards to off the pitch antics. DK is a disaster waiting to happen in the long term and they couldn’t even get your season ticket right could they?. Says it all. Kits, Shops, PR, Commercial sense - clueless.

’Don’t ask me I am just the Chairman!’ Mark Parry: Even if BK himself told you the above list, could you really believe it?

Karl Masters
10   Posted 16/07/2008 at 12:20:40

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New Everton Kit Delayed - Marketing Fiasco

Everton have just announced that there has been a delay in production of the new kit for season 2008-2009. Thousands of kids were waiting to get their hands on the new strip when it was promised for Thursday 10th July. Now we?re told it won?t be available until Thursday 24th July, 14 days late. We?ve been inundated with complaining emails and they’ve got a point.

This looks like yet another commercial cock up in a series of similar cock ups by the club. Over the Summer Evertonians have seen the team across the park selling their new strip for six weeks while we?re telling our kids, ?Ours is better so it takes longer to make.? You can only fib to the kids for so long before their disappointment gets to you. Can?t the club get ANYTHING right on the commercial front?

All of this was supposed to change when the club made an agreement with a new partner JJB who were supposed to be expert in the sports retail field. Well we all know what that means after walking around their Queen?s Square city centre store. JJB couldn?t give a rat?s arse about Everton merchandise and it shows, because what little they have on show is stuck at the back of the store. Anyone seeing it would think the so called flagship store is nothing more than an extension of the pinkies place next door.

We have had to bite our lips as we saw giant advertising hoardings all over the city advertising the fact that there’s was going to be out before ours. We?ve also had to stand and watch while the biggest new shopping development in Europe opens with Everton Football Club nowhere to be seen while our biggest rivals opened a second shop there and with the city crawling with foreign visitors during Capital of Culture 2008. The lack of any presence in the city centre by Everton Football Club is scandalous. It just isn?t good enough for a club that?s supposed to be restoring itself at every level. How can they hope to encourage more Evertonians to buy merchandise with such an inadequate inept display? Surely a shop in the City centre is a necessity. Even the little store near Central station was something. Even a paste table next to the fella selling the Echo at Lime Street station would be better than nothing.

It?s long overdue for the club to get its commercial house in order and the sooner the better. We?ve waited long enough. Get it sorted, Bully
Alan Semper
11   Posted 16/07/2008 at 12:36:51

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You are a bit behind the times,Karl! Haven’t you heard we’ve given up on Liverpool to become the ONLY club in Kirkby. Soon we’ll have our own mega aisle in Tesco and the world will be flocking to our door.
Or not.......
Mark Perry
12   Posted 16/07/2008 at 13:11:46

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To be honest there have been cock ups galore at the club especialy over the merchandicing front and the Chang Deal which was sold way to low compared to what our rivals get money wise. Our club shop (no disrepect to staff there) and the range of stuff they sell is pathetic compared to the RS where I had to go under protest to get my brother his Birthday present.

Did get my season ticket through tho - batter than last year.
Jay Harris
13   Posted 16/07/2008 at 13:23:36

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Most posts seem to be saying we are going to rely on Moyes to work his magic again on bargain basement players while the board sit on their arses and mismanage every aspect of EFC.

THe squad last season might have made 4th if we had replaced McFadden in January with a top quality MF to revitalise the team however we crawled over the line with one of the smallest squads in the prem a great achievement but one that was earned in the first half of the season.

Since then we have lost Carsley,Fernandes,Graveson,Wessels,Gardner (Stubbs),

We currently have Arteta,Osman,Cahill (Injured?)and Peanuts as the sum total of our MF cover(I?m not even considering VDM or Neville for obvious reasons).

That to me, despite Moyes magic, is a recipe for disaster.

Put that with DK,"Bankrupt Bill" and I?m fast becoming "Glass totally empty" with a huge crack in it.
Chris Masey
14   Posted 16/07/2008 at 13:38:01

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What the hell dad, you know Chang tastes great! I’m half full myself...
Dave Wilson
15   Posted 16/07/2008 at 13:02:02

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Half of my glass is full
Half of my glass is empty

Half the time I think how close we got to RS
Half the time I think how far away we were

Half our fans want to KEIOC
Half dont

Half the time the club tells us very little
Half the time they tell us nothing at all

Half of us have had delivery of their season tickets
Half havent

Half the things we were promised about DK have proved misleading
Half have proved to be outright lies

After all the half baked, half witted, half arsed excuses we’ve had from the club because half of us cant get half of the merchandise they’re supposed to sell, is it any wonder half of us are half out of our minds ?

Is it fun to be a blue ? . . . not half
Dean Pickering
16   Posted 16/07/2008 at 13:43:11

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A lunchtime pint in a City watering hole favoured by local journos provides the news that ’the pack’have been put on stand-by for a Friday morning press conference at Goodison.Speculation was that it could be ’Double D Day’-announcement that DK has got the all clear and DM has signed up for another five years.......On the otherhand it could just be to tell them that the shirts have arrived!!
We can but hope!
Brian Waring
17   Posted 16/07/2008 at 15:54:28

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Mark Perry, wow, that was some prediction your source got right. Yakubu was to sign, I’m not being funny mate, our pet snake could have forecast that one right!
Mark Perry
18   Posted 16/07/2008 at 17:27:54

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Well he told me before the papers got wind of it. So maybe you should let your snake pick your lottery numbers ;)

My friend knows the financial end of things not the managerial / club end of things. So when large amounts of money are being prepard for transfers etc that sort of stuff.

Trevor Lynes
19   Posted 17/07/2008 at 04:19:52

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I really cannot see how our squad is as good as last season....we have not only lost McFadden, Carsley, Fernandes et al we have once again dumped our youngsters who we will no doubt buy back after some other team has developed them....

Our policy with youth makes my mind absolutely boggle. I think we are talking shot glasses being half empty with the current system we run. We are the least active in the transfer market and even Hull and Wigan are showing some movement. Surely it's better to have a new player sooner rather than later so that he can train and familiarize with our present dwindling squad before the season starts. Why does it always take forever whilst the likes of Redknap takes hours???

Jay Harris
20   Posted 18/07/2008 at 22:32:03

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your 48 hours is well and truly up.

maybe we can follow with "Another 48 hours".
Jim Lloyd
21   Posted 18/07/2008 at 23:07:22

Report abuse

I really hope you’re friend is wrong, otherwise it won’t just be a half empty glass I have, I’ll be looking through the dregs of the glass at my own club committing suicide.
I also hope I’m equally as wrong as your mate by the way; as I want to dream that our club will one day become great again.
Before I witter on any more, Dave Wilson thanks for your post mate, I was even able to laugh while we’re in this nightmare.
We seem to have no clue whatsoever at marketing ourselves, if something is going to go tits up in the premiership, you can almost guarantee that we’re in the middle of it.
Gordon Bennett, honestly, I’m not a manic depressive, I’m just in some dire need of good news about/from our club and that, hopefully, means your mate was totally wrong!

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