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Direction, what Direction?

By Mick Stanley :  18/07/2008 :  Comments (55) :
I am a 50+ year old Evertonian. After years of seeing the club in the doldrums, I was as excited and euphoric as anyone when we qualified for Europe for a second successive year (and the third time in four years). Like many, I wanted to see the club show ambition and a belief, in the form of appropriate backing, that the manager could take us to the next level. But nothing of the sort has happened.

While I accept that we should not believe all that we read, the press have linked us to a myriad of good, even top, players so far this summer, but one by one they have disappeared without the club apparently making any noticeable effort to capture them. Players such as Arshavin (why did we wait so long?), Moutinho, Joaquin, Huddlestone, Aimar, Milito, Topal, Michael Johnson et al had most of us salivating, but I suppose we should have known better.

So, where are we now? With no specific news emanating from the club itself, we only have the press to guide us. It would appear that we have now lowered our sights to basement level with a Papa Bouba Diop look-alike, a striker who, looking at his record, could not hit a barn door from ten paces. And a petulant French right-back who regularly throws his teddies out of the cot. Wow!! We do need a replacement for Carsley, so I can accept M?Bia although I know very little about him.

Historically, with the obvious and unfortunate exception of Torres, strikers out of Spain or Italy have had very little impact in the Premier League. Given that his scoring record is not the most impressive (26 goals in 149 appearances), Riki would appear to be a very poor substitute for AJ.

Chimbonda raises two questions. Firstly, why Chimbonda? and secondly... why, when the club does not appear to have any significant money, are we looking to spend £4M on a right-back? Is this the clearest indication yet that Phil Neville is being touted as our ?saviour? in centre midfield?

While many Evertonians have been and remain divided on certain issues (stadium, enough said), most of us instantly agree that any money that is available should be prioritised in centre midfield. I?m sorry, but if you play a right-back in midfield, then that is exactly what you get. Phil Neville, for all his qualities as a right-back and captain, could not spot a defence-splitting pass if it slapped him in the face. Anyone (DM included) who believes that this is the answer that will see us challenge the top four is being seriously delusional.

We are now just four weeks away from the start of the new season. An already thin squad has been further depleted by the departures of Carsley, Fernandes and Gravesen (not a great loss I?ll admit) and the impending sale (inevitable?) of AJ. Worse still are the reported comments of DM that we are almost certainly going to start the season without Cahill, Anichibe and possibly Vaughan, Baines and Hibbert as well. Not looking too promising is it?

So, where is the money? How is it that a club like Portsmouth (and I mean them no disrespect) that average less than 25,000 per home game, can spend £11M on Crouch, around £10M on other players and possibly another £10M on SWP, while we have nothing and couldn?t even capture a freebie like Mehmet Aurelio?

Ian Ross released a statement that the stadium issue is not impacting on transfer funds. Anything that man says should be reversed through 180 degrees, then you might get somewhere near the truth. He is a pathological liar although I accept that he is merely a mouthpiece for the board.

Still we await a Government decision on Destination Kirkby and the clock continues to tick. It would be wrong to pre-empt the decision, but my opinion is that it is nigh on inevitable that the stadium proposals will be called in for public enquiry, despite the last minute writings of Peter Kilfoyle MP. If that proves to be the case, where does that leave us?

Let?s be honest, we fundamentally have a good squad of players but it is terribly thin. The end of last season proved that conclusively. The manager needs full and unequivocal backing if he is to maintain the club?s progress. So, to the board of directors, I simply say? start directing, and quickly.

Reader Comments

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Brian Williams
1   Posted 18/07/2008 at 14:06:49

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Firstly Mick (and I don’t mean to be disrepectful) but when are YOU and many others going to stop taking what the papers say as "Gospel"?..

FFS..... this is how it works.Everton need several players. Journalist-"Hmmm I think I’ll put a tentative link on a site or in my paper that Everton could be interested that’ll keep up the interest a little, throw in Villa, Spurs, Newcastle and see where it goes.

Do you HONESTLY believe we’d even shown an interest in ANY of these players, let alone enquired about them? You should surely know that if Moyes WAS interested the last thing he’d do is tell the papers..

And now my second point: When are people going to accept that the reason so called "smaller" clubs make bids for players we can’t afford is that 1) They dont have the debts we have 2) They have a well run "profitable" business.

Surely we all know know that we’re losing money, have few (if any) real investors, and have no real hope of any in our present predicament.


Having said that: Main reason why no approaches yet? Could it be that Moyes will decide who he wants dependant upon the sale of Johnson, when he knows how much he’ll have. What I mean is that if he knows he’ll have another say £10m then his targets may change.

Oh, and by the way....Moyes himself hasn’t signed yet.......
Jay Harris
2   Posted 18/07/2008 at 14:14:05

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like you I have had the roller coaster ride of the last 50 years and have to say I totally agree with your points.

My opinion however is that the club started dying on its feet the minute Kenwright took over.

Nice guy (my arse) Blue Bill and all that but has?nt got a pot to piss in (not his fault theoretically speaking)and couldn't run a sweet shop to save his life.

He has been kept afloat by the success of Moyes on the pitch and the SKY and Rooney money together with mortgaging/selling every asset EFC has got.

He is now only left with the players which is why he wants to sell AJ.

The sooner all fans wake up and see this man is far more dangerous than Peter Johnson because of his incompetence, the sooner we have a chance of saving the club.
Connor Rohrer
3   Posted 18/07/2008 at 14:22:48

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I’m confident we’ll get the players we need. I’m expecting us to get around 5 players. A back up centre half, backup keeper, two centre midfielders and a winger. If AJ leaves then a striker instead of a winger.

Gavin Ramejkis
4   Posted 18/07/2008 at 15:09:11

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Got to agree with Mick and Jay on this one, how we can expect five players to appear having been forced to sell one is beyond me unless we find utter dross or journeymen. An average player now appears to cost £4m and it’s a given that any team/agent would hear an EPL club is interested and add at least one or two million on the deal as everyone knows the EPL is the golden goose flush with cash at the moment. We need numbers quickly and not those of the Eddie Bosnar or Guilllaume Plessis splinters in the arse type, lads that can give the team something when we get more injuries and suspensions. Now if AJ was going for £17m we might have a chance but not for the 9 or 10 being reported as that will get us maybe two players plus wages. What happens next season or in January if we need more players and DM goes to the potless fraud Bill, will he be forced to sell Yobo or Lescott or Arteta or Yakubu to fund the next player? Everything’s looking particularly poor on and off the pitch.
Gus Lemming
5   Posted 18/07/2008 at 15:16:11

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In spite of Ross?s pronouncements, I have said all along that nothing will happen with transfers until the outcome of DK is known. I also agree with you that much as Moyes would like to keep AJ,he will be forced to sell if he is aiming for anything more than one or two journeyman signings.

I have no worries about Moyes putting pen to paper as he knows full well that if it all goes shit shape it will be Kenwright who will get the flak-and who would turn down a chance to double their money overnight?

Paul Thompson (Edinburgh)
6   Posted 18/07/2008 at 15:19:36

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’With no specific news emanating from the club itself, we only have the press to guide us’.

Mick: I know the transfer situation is frustratng, but how about letting your own common sense guide you?

Telling the fans = telling the press and every agent/manager in the land.

Would any sensible club announce what its transfer budget was?

Would any sensible club announce which players were its targets?

No and for the same reasons in each case - the price gets hiked. This has nothing to do with Bill Kenwright or any other whipping boy that the deluded perist in blaming for all pur problems.

Now some clubs do announce budgets and targets - that’s usually because they are awash with money and can ignore the consequences.

We aren’t, so we can’t.

It may be that even within our restricted budgets that club fails to land the kinds of players in the kinds of positions that we need. Then we can stick the boot in. Until then, get real and/or learn to meditate.
Brian Williams
7   Posted 18/07/2008 at 15:37:25

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...or get real !
Tony Williams
8   Posted 18/07/2008 at 15:41:51

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Mick, you have seemingly fallen into the "media trap", as someone has already said, the names you have mentioned, how do the papers know we were after them? Simple answer is that they don?t and therefore the same shitty papers who are now linking us with "lesser" players are still no closer to knowing who we are after.

Stop reading the papers mate, you will feel better for it in the end.
Kevin Tully
9   Posted 18/07/2008 at 15:47:13

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Arshavin wants to play for Barca. Zenit want £23 million for him. He will command at least £60k a week (he is on £50k now.) Link us with who you like, but is is all speculation, tabloid bollocks, and lazy journalism.
Alan Maddock
10   Posted 18/07/2008 at 16:02:49

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£60K a week,Kevin?Only our manager gets that sort of dough-not the bloody players!
Neil Coleran
11   Posted 18/07/2008 at 15:55:18

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Having read all the transfer speculation in the papers and on the web over the last few month, one thing occurred to me. What a complete mockery Man Utd and Fergie are making of Uefa and of the best league in the world. In one breath he is complaining to Fifa about Madrid's pursuit of Ronaldo (hope he goes by the way) and then he is openly admitting that he wants Berbatov from Spurs. This stinks of one rule for them and another for the rest of us. Yes we may leave transfers late and we never really know whats happening to the last minute but at least we follow the laws of the game.
Lori Fekete
12   Posted 18/07/2008 at 17:24:53

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I wish this weather would change because we all need to get out more! instead we?re all desperately checking every available source of media every 5 mins. Even on the rare occasion we are mentioned, we still know it's complete bollocks, and we still get upset when this fiction player goes elsewhere.

It's not anyones fault, it's just the way we are made. After the whole Sissoko farce, DM does all his deals under the radar anyway.

Right I?m off, I haven?t checked Sky Sports News in 10 mins and might have missed something...
Dave Southword
13   Posted 18/07/2008 at 18:29:29

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The simplistic way in which many minds work is a source of constant amusement.

QUOTE " by one they have disappeared without the club apparently making any noticeable effort to capture them. Players such as Arshavin (why did we wait so long?)"

Unless you are Bill Kenwright, David Moyes or Keith Wyness then you have absolutely no idea what the club has been doing to try to secure players. Anything you say is pure guesswork.

Once again I read nonsense. Criticising the club for not buying the good players we are RUMOURED to be interested in whilst at the same time criticising the club for being about to buy bad players that we are RUMOURED to be interested in.

Get out in the fresh air, read a book, do some DIY. Ignore all stories about Everton transfers that do not have a picture of a player holding a scarf above his head smiling in the Gwladys.
Jay Campbell
14   Posted 18/07/2008 at 21:25:04

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We have about 4 weeks to go till the season start?s you don?t have to be clever to work out that we are gonna struggle.

What a way to repay a man who has given the club European football 3 seasons out of 5.

Jim Lloyd
15   Posted 18/07/2008 at 22:27:52

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As much as I criticise Bill Kenwright for fending off investors because he wants to stay on as chairman (only my view!), I think we ought to just learn a bit of patience here. If, in two or three weeks, we have not added any quality or squad (or both hopefully) players, then we?ll know we?re goosed. Until then, let?s make the most of our wonderful Summer weather!! And charge our batteries up for when the fray starts.
Trevor Lynes
16   Posted 18/07/2008 at 23:27:55

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Wyness publicly announced that he would see that DM had money for concern is that we should have the players at Goodison now familiarizing with our squad and blending in. If we have players missing with injury eg; Vaughan, Cahill, Hibbert, Baines and possibly Arteta, how can we make a decent start?? DM must feel he has his hands tied behind his back. He has a couple of loaves but where are the FISH??
Gavin Ramejkis
17   Posted 19/07/2008 at 00:18:46

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Maybe for the simplistic Dave you care to enlighten us on the following mathematics:

Last two seasons the squad has reduced in size and not grown, unless our few new signings are now paid significantly more money, then where has the reduced wages for released players and the income and reduced wages for sold players gone exactly?

We have again qualified for European football and despite the £400k notion of prize money from the Uefa Cup games, this doesn?t take into account gate receipts, so where has the money gone from our league positions for the last few seasons?

Paul, care to enlighten us to exactly who is to blame in your eyes for funds coming into the club if not the Board and CEO or do you think the Sky Fairy comes while DM is asleep and leaves piles of readies under his pillow to buy players?
John Hall
18   Posted 19/07/2008 at 04:09:44

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Yawn Yawn.

If I have read stories like this once on toffee web then I have read them a million times.

Lighten up lads and just wait and see.

BK owns EFC and nothing we do or say will alter the way he runs his ship.

Christine Foster
19   Posted 19/07/2008 at 05:35:58

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John Hall..a torpedo is in the water about to blow the ship apart. Captain Pugwash (BK) and Master Bates (KW) will look at each other as Pugwash says, "Don?t look at me, I am only the Captain!" and Master Bates has a liferaft over the side ready for his escape. The Good Ship sails on to oblivion...

Ok, yeah I know, get a life, it's all good fun.. need fresh air, need some leadership!!!

Truth is as so many people have said we have no money, well if we have nothing in the coffers whilst other smaller clubs have, perhaps we should be asking the question WHY??

Could it perhaps be directly resulting from the way the ship is managed? We have a great crew, but someone lost the compass.

Message from Crew:

Captain! Where are you Captain?? Hello.. is there anyone there?

Master Bates, where are you going?? How come we only have one lifeboat and your the only one in it?

Bosun to Crew: Keep pulling men, I can see Europe but it seems to be fading in the mist..

Oh well... let's just wait to see who picks up the survivors.

That torpedo must have a Bullshit seeking warhead, we can't lose it.. too late...
Mike Prendergast
20   Posted 19/07/2008 at 06:02:55

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Since the transfer window has been enforced, paper talk/BS is all we have to go on.
I hope its true that DM is getting more than the players as its the only piece of news (speculation) I believe.
Until the player is pictured holding a blue shirt ignore the rest of the garbage in the rags.
Stephen Stuart
21   Posted 19/07/2008 at 07:35:02

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"This club is dying on its feet."

The more inane the comments the less likely there will be an Everton FC after Kenwright and Wyness have had their feed at the trough. Even the fans are split about any vision of the future.

What the fuck do you guys want?
Mick Stanley
22   Posted 19/07/2008 at 09:38:29

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In response to the ’get real’ or ’simplistic’ merchants, let’s look at reality...
1. The squad is smaller by 4 (not just 3 as the original, I forgot Wessels). While not all regulars, they were nonetheless squad members. So far we have not replaced any of them.
2. At least one player (Anichebe) and almost certainly more (Cahill, Vaughan and possibly Baines and Hibbert) will miss the start of the season. From this season, 7 substitutes can be named in the EPL giving a total matchday sqaud of 18. Can you name a ’realistic’ squad of 18 for the opening day? I would suggest that you GET REAL!!
3. I know perfectly well that most of what appears in the press is crap and I do not need you to tell me such. But I make the point that if the club truly has ambition to break into the top four then we surely MUST be interested in the kind of players that I mentioned. Whether we have the money to turn interest into reality is another matter. If we are NOT interested as some of you suggest, then explain your interpretation of ambition. Explain how you think our current brand of ’hoofball’ will see us break into the Champions League.
Christine Foster
23   Posted 19/07/2008 at 10:15:15

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Mick, the truth is it won?t break into the Champions League. We ran out of steam last season by January, it was compounded by injury and the African Nations Cup, but the simple truth was we didn?t have the numbers then to seriously challenge Liverpool.

That's the simple truth, so to go one better this season with a smaller squad and an injury list before we start?

If you look at Sky Bets you will see we are behind Aston Villa and Man City in the race for 5th spot ? never mind 4th.

Moyes has been brilliantly astute to get the best he can with what he has. We have some good quality players who, when playing at their best can perform against any club in the league but the trouble is we only have a few of them when the top four could turn out two teams with players of at least as good or better.

Is it Moyes who is not buying? Or is the money not there? If we are looking to strengthen the squad with squad players then we will have a fight on our hands. If we are to improve the squad quality, that costs and at the moment we have already started pre season warm ups.. time is not running out, time has just about gone.

I think we are the only club in the Premier League not to have bought another player. Is it faith in Moyes? I hope so and it will need a few more Hail Mary's before I go to bed tonight.
David Marsden
24   Posted 19/07/2008 at 10:36:48

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I worry about all you guys' health!!

For starters, if the stories are true then Moyes wanted re-assurances before signing that the club met his ambition!! So if he is signing then it a pretty good sign that they are ready to met his ambition. Considering the job at Utd, which I would assume he is all too well aware of.

It's not worth worrying about at this stage.. it's all ifs and buts.
Tony Waverleas
25   Posted 19/07/2008 at 10:33:52

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With respect, Mick, I think you?re a little too harsh with your ?hoofball? comment. Like yourself, I?ve put in decades? worth of service at Goodison and in that time have seen some utterly woeful Everton teams and managers (and Chairmen). True, even the most optimistic of fans would be hard pressed to describe DM?s brand of football as rivalling Barcelona in full flow but he surely deserves some credit for dragging us from where we?ve been to where we are now. And it?s not like we?re alone in favouring a pragmatic style of play ? sometimes when the stakes are high you have to maximise your resources.
However, like yourself it?s precisely the ?where we are now? that concerns me because given the lack of incoming signings it is a worry that we?ll let this opportunity for further progress disappear.
BUT I?m a tad more optimistic than you sound; DM earlier this week made encouraging noises about his contract and an assistant has been appointed, neither of which, I believe, would have happened had DM not been fairly certain he will be allowed to bring in the players he really wants.
I also suspect (and it is only a suspicion) that there?s a certain amount of news management going on at L4 4EL right now; with a decision soon due over Kirkby it may be the club want to announce a whole lot of ?good news? stories at once or even that they may want some good news to minimise the bad.
Yes, the season starts four weeks today but the window won?t close until six weeks tomorrow. Which, if you think about it, last season?s window was the difference between us signing David Nugent or Yakubu. Squeaky-bum time indeed but if it means getting the wrong players in early or the right ones in later, well, which would choose?
Brian Williams
26   Posted 19/07/2008 at 11:04:52

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Now I know it?s been stated that the outcome of DK has no bearing on transfer funds...but if you believe that then you want your head examining IMO. It simply HAS to have a bearing, common sense says as much. How can any business say that the liklihood of a £78 million pound outlay (at least) will not have an impact on other areas of the business? Of course it will for God?s sake.
But I understand why the club said it because to say nothing or confirm that it DID have an effect would explain exactly why there?s no movement on the transfer front !!!!

I believe once DK has officially been announced as being"called in" then the club will be able to tell Moyes exactly how much he has to spend, then we?ll see some movement.
Tony Waverleas
27   Posted 19/07/2008 at 11:34:20

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Brian, I’m sure you’re right - a huge financial commitment on a new stadium may well mean that there is less money to spend on players.
But would the effect be so sudden and so dramatic? I mean, it’s hardly as if Bill is going to have to sign a cheque for £78m five minutes after Hazel Blears gives him the news he wants to hear.
Or is he?
Oh, dear. Speculation, speculation....I’d get outside in the fresh air if wasn’t like January out there...
Brian Williams
28   Posted 19/07/2008 at 11:50:10

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Tony, no he wouldn’t have to write a cheque immediately.....BUT, accepting the theory that DK being called in would actually scupper the plan completely.....the fact that it WAS scuppered would actually mean MORE money available short term..i.e for transfers !!!
Tony Waverleas
29   Posted 19/07/2008 at 12:38:23

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I would have thought it could actually mean the reverse. If the accepted wisdom is that we are up to our earlobes in debt (and whilst my only concern is Everton I’d say every other club in the league is in a similar position) then I doubt the banks would suddenly say, "Oh, well, Kirkby’s gone tits-up but just use the money anyway on players instead". Or would they?
Is it really so simplistic? It’s a frustrating time and like everyone else on here I’m guessing in the dark and hoping for the best.
’Twas ever thus at Everton...
Jay Harris
30   Posted 19/07/2008 at 13:10:11

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It's all only speculation but my bet is they are absolutely potless, Phil Green has jumped ship and they now have to rely on Kirkby to get further borrowings.

I think Kirkby could be used as a smokescreen to get funds from the bank early under the guise of "pre-build costs".

However, Kirkby is so wrong I hope it gets called in and BK is forced to sell and KW has to find another mug to employ him ? even if it means we have one bad season before rebuilding again.
Steve Jones
31   Posted 19/07/2008 at 17:37:12

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I just read that Man City won a game in Belgium, and their entire team were recognised first teamers along with 5 equally credible subs. It just seems that toady we were preparing for the toughest league in the world with only 3 or 4 recognised players in the entire 16. It does make you worry...

Another thing is that on our squad list we have 23 players from which 6 are youngsters. Tottenham have listed 36, all recognised first team players, and Liverpool have at least 35 recognised first team players... Is this a sign of the haves and have-nots???

John McGill
32   Posted 19/07/2008 at 17:23:41

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Personally I think our midfield is down to the bare bones, we have 5 midfielders (Phil ain't one of em!!)... DM must be crazy to think Phil Neville can do a job there. He?s a good captain and pro an all that but his passing isn't the best to say the least! We need Manny back plus another 2 top class central midfielders asap! And cover for Arteta and Pienaar!!

We have come so far under Moyes and he should be given the cash he needs. We need to move now, time's running out!! If we are to play 50 games this season again we just do not have a squad to do it. In Moyes We Trust!!

Colin Taylor
33   Posted 19/07/2008 at 18:26:30

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Why do we all panic as Evertonians? You should be used to these summers of discontent. Let DM and BK get on with the job of making Everton great again. I reckon Moyes has got a few signings up his sleeve... we all know he keeps things close to his chest. We will all be smiling again by September when were above the red crap from across the park. Remember, in Moyes we trust and give Kenwright some credit ? he is a blue like all of us and wants the best for EFC.
Rob Burns
34   Posted 19/07/2008 at 18:49:21

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The Kirkby Calamity has got to be the main factor influencing our inactivity in the transfer market. There will be a decision on DK next week, sadly it will get the go ahead I think and the cogs will at last begin to turn but don't expect any major incomings. I think DM will get around £10M to spend plus the money from AJ's departure to reinvest which will see a desperately inadequate Premier League squad bolstered by 3 average players, just when we need that extra investment, which if it had been forthcoming last January would have taken us further in Europe.

I fear we will stop treading water and start to sink... sorry for the pessimism but we are becoming a laughing stock due to the shambles that is our boardroom .

James McGreevy
35   Posted 19/07/2008 at 19:50:53

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I?ll bet Moyes is looking at the reserves today and thinking he?s royally fucked!!!! They can't even beat Cambridge! But I don't fancy the start of the season anymore as my appetite has slipped behind the sofa!
Paul Rimmer
36   Posted 19/07/2008 at 20:28:11

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There are too many pessimists on here. It was pretty much the same last year when all we?d bought was Jags (£4 mill and a bargain) and people were fretting. Get a grip. Ignore the speculation. In 3 weeks we?ll have signed a few players and in 6 weeks we?ll have a squad capable of doing well this year.

If I?m wrong then we can all blame the board as much as we want with justification. However all you bleaters should realise that when we do sign players (and I think that we?ll break our transfer record again), you are clearly lacking any real knowledge of how the transfer window operates or how budgets are managed. Our team has improved year on year for the past 6 seasons. Be patient and behave like real men!

Tony Cee
37   Posted 19/07/2008 at 20:26:38

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I'm sick of hearing support for BK. Generally speaking, he has failed the club. If David Moyes ran the team like BK runs the club, theoretically he would have gone long ago.

I think his only ambition was to see us stay in the EPL. I've said it before, I don't think he envisaged the team actually doing well and is so out of his depth, the club is now a total burden to him, because now it has become a very serious game.

Everton set a standard last season for better run and better financed clubs to rise to and they will go for it big time. I fear it will take a miracle for the team to maintain 5th place, never mind breaking the top 4 and this will be solely down to the Board. David Moyes has more than proved himself. I also fear for the morale of the players and the extra pressure it puts on them with no (as yet) extra strength in depth within the squad. Though I have no doubt they will give it a real go.


Jay Harris
38   Posted 19/07/2008 at 21:12:48

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real men PLAN and ACT on those plans.

The big difference this year is we?re starting with a number of key players injured and/or doubtful to be fit for the start of the season and we no longer have Carsley, Fernandes, McFadden, Stubbs, Gravesen, Wessels etc.. from an already small squad last season.

Nobody is suggesting panicking but a bit of action from the club with only 3 weeks to the START of the season would not go amiss.

Steve Green
39   Posted 19/07/2008 at 22:54:08

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Connor Rohrer, Sorry to be behind the times but have just noticed your comment from yesterday on this thread. I can?t wait to meet you before some home match. Don?t get me wrong. This is not an advance. I?m just curious to see what somebody from another planet actually looks like!
Tommy Gibbons
40   Posted 19/07/2008 at 23:04:33

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How does having one less player of 1st eleven quality (currently) make us a mid-table team rather than 5th best in the league?
And have you noticed, the negative vibes are coming from the No voters..well theres a suprise then... They state they want more cash for transfers, state that it's all tied up in Kirkby but want Kirkby to fail so we have less. Can anyone tell me the logic of that?
Steve Ryan
41   Posted 20/07/2008 at 00:33:42

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Connor Rohrer can you please explain how you are able to predict that we will sign 5 players. Do you have a sixth sense or something?
Tony Part
42   Posted 20/07/2008 at 08:15:27

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I have come to terms with the fact now that we are extremely unlikely to sign any players or at least any that will make a great difference to the first 11 (whatever first 11 that is).

If we are lucky we may snap up the goalkeeper Stojkovic on a season loan and that will just be as cover for Howard and he will probably play no more than three or four matches that mean little.. But then again we haven't even signed him yet and he has been here at the club for a week now on trial.

I find it all dissapointing that we may have to go with such a smalll and let's not forget inexperienced squad next season. It's all well and good talking up the young players but I remember the 1997-98 season when we almost got relegated, the team was littered with young inexperienced players like Ball, Oster, Cadamarteri, Branch, and players we had signed like Farrelly were also young with no experience.

I am not saying we will nearly get relegated but Moyes put the club in a position last May to really sustain a challenge on the top four and he did that by signing some genuinly quality players last summer. The likes of Yakubu, Pienaar, Jagielka and Baines (who we need to see more of) were all good proven players.. Ok Jagieka didn't set the pulse racing but I think we have seen now why he was so valued by Sheff Utd.

Yak?s goalscoring record before joing us was second to only Henry over the last four years so we knew the only problem with him would be his workrate and that has been sorted now.. 21 goals from him was a valuable contribution. And then Pienaar who made a great difference especially before Xmas to the better style of play on show, a style not seen at this club for too long.

The Board should have really backed David Moyes this summer after the position we are in. I am not interested in hearing that crap about no other clubs doing business, I only care about who Everton sign and I wanted us to push the top four even closer, I wanted us to push for silverwear that bit closer... But, unless there is some sort of avalanche of signings, then I think we may be overtaken in fifth and perhaps even sixth next season as I think the writing was on the wall in the last two months of last season, especially in the home game against Derby ? we looked like a team dead on our feet ? and we struggled over the line on the last day to get the fifth spot we should have wrapped up five weeks before that.

Liam Young
43   Posted 20/07/2008 at 08:28:55

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The simple fact is, we need to bring players in, and quick, it?s important to have your new players settle in early, and it dont look like its gonna happen. I remember wyness at the end of last season re-iterating the importance of beinging in oiur signings early, that sums him and many others up, we dont seem to be getting a clear indication of whats going on at the club. We are told the ground move has no inpact on summer transfers, well maybe thats true, but its hard to beleive it when we still haven?t made a signing, the decision is supposed to be monday.

David Moyes is one of the best in the business, hes proven himself, but if we don?t start matching his visions for everton, he will be forced to leave a club he has worked hard to build, and i can tell you now, we can fall back down the league very quickly, We can debate all we want, but the truth is there for all to see, we need to see more ambition, regardless of who the media link us with, All the signs ar bad right now, and until we see something positive to change our minds, these debates will go on and on.

John McGill
44   Posted 20/07/2008 at 09:27:34

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Can anyone tell me if Everton even have this Stoijkovic fella on trial still?? I've read on onother site he spit the dummy and left on the second day!! Can anyone shed some light on this for me, as the official website hasn't even mentioned him!
John Andrews
45   Posted 20/07/2008 at 09:33:46

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I have now come to the realisation that Kirkby will NOT be called in and that we are about to plunge this club into massive debt. In my opinion this will leave Moyes with next to nothing to spend and, as he has still to sign his contract, may elicit his exit next year... contract or no contract.

There is the possibility that he will sell AJ but with the squad we have at this moment that would be a backward step irrespective of your views on AJ. As for Bent, Darren, does anybody really believe that he is likely to take a 60% wage cut ? In his position I know what i would do.

I can only place the blame for this situation at the highest level. I don?t care what anybody says, this is not the time to consider moving, whether pro or anti the "Tescodome". Depending on which paper you choose to read there is still talk of recession and folks are feeling the pinch at the moment. There may be an initial "Novelty" factor with the new stadium but considering all circumstances I suspect this may wear off. Unless, of course, we have a blinding start to the season in which case this factor may continue for as long as folks can afford it.As we have still to sign a player, or a Manager, for the coming season i am not particularly optimistic at this moment in time.

Mick Stanley
46   Posted 20/07/2008 at 11:54:33

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I am going to take the opportunity to wrap this one up from my perspective. The objective of the original post was to spark discussion/debate and it would seem to have succeeded. Some comments were positive some negative, and that it absolutely fine - thank you all.

I would like to clear up one or two points. Firstly, I am not a pessimist, those that know me would say the opposite. With regard to Everton I am an eternal optimist. I hope that DM signs his contract; I hope that there is a hidden cache of money that we don?t know about; I hope that in the next 4 weeks I will be proved to be conclusively wrong.

But, as in all things, there have to be checks and balances. With time running out to the new season I am genuinely starting to worry. Several of our main competitors have already made significant strides to overtake us and, as yet, we have not responded.

At the end of the season I (eternal optimist!) along with many others hoped that DM would be given the kind of backing that would allow him to bring in at least one major name to the club. A name that would shout from the rooftops that, despite not having the unfair riches of Chelsea (and some would say Thank God), that we mean business. We have worked damn hard to get where we are and we intend to stay there.

That is looking less and less likely and it appears that the moneymen, if that is the right term, are hoping that DM can pull another rabbit from the hat. The evidence from the first two pre-season friendlies is not too encouraging either. Yes, I know that several first team members were not available, but neither will some of them be at the start of the season.

The teams that we have had to put out so far shows just how thin the squad is. It has given us a chance to have a look at some of the youngsters and, while I love to see home grown talent coming through the ranks, I suspect that DM will know that several of those on show thus far are not ready to be considered for first team action in the Premier League.

So, come on BK and Co. If you truly have this great club at heart, give the manager the backing he so richly deserves.

Mark Selly
47   Posted 20/07/2008 at 14:16:04

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I will be happy if before the start of the season Kenwright and Wyness sumbit their letters of resignation to the board, then we will all sleep soundly.
Kevin Horne
48   Posted 20/07/2008 at 13:32:23

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I have just been reading through all the comments and cannot believe what short, short memories all Evertonian?s have. For years and years Everton Football Club has treated us all like mushrooms.

Every year we are lied to about keeping our stars, remember Rooney, it was well known by true blues that he was going well before the end of the season and not a surprise at all when he did go. The club made sure nothing got in the way of season ticket renewals before the news finally came out.

Every year we are filled with crap like, "we will make sure the funds are available to DM in order to break into the top four". We are linked, whether it is by Chinese whispers or fact, with stars then we dither, or do we? Then at the last minute we dive in to the bargain basement, some of which works most of which doesn?t.

Put your hoods up, cover your eyes with dark glasses and keep pilling your money in to whoever?s pocket are getting lined because none of the money seems to go back in to the club.

After 43 years as an Evertonian, I am now so disillusioned you would not believe... If the club is as we are being told, going in the right direction, why do we struggle (albeit in friendlies against none league teams) and have come close to winning diddly squat since 1995?

Mike Hayes
49   Posted 20/07/2008 at 23:50:57

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All I can see is this: Manure without a number 2. Moyes without money (so far) and a year left on his contract. Moyes models himself on Ferguson who is looking to retire in a few years who better than to leave a successful club to than Moyes? Balls to Rooney being there, he’d sell that twat who’s done about as much for Manure as he did for us before leaving. If I was Moyes and looking for success and money (albeit already in place) I’d be knocking on Fergie’s door. Moyes has proved he can bring success to a club, and a few years additional tutoring under Fergie will reap its rewards for both him and the club in future. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro Moyes but to see one of the best managers treated the way he has been I wouldn’t blame him if he went. I’d be gutted but I would not blame him for trying to improve himself and move forward.
James Connolly
50   Posted 21/07/2008 at 16:13:14

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The fact of the matter is we do not know who Everton are in the market for. We do not know what the transfer budget is. We do not know the details of Moyes new contract negotiations. So the hersay and rumours fly around for long enough and they become fact to a lot of people. It’s the same every year.

I must be in a minority when I say I have full faith in BK and KW as our club custodians. I mean, what exactly have they done wrong?

These are the facts:

Since BK took over, we now have a manager and a team to be proud of.

The club has a new fab training facility.

The club is on the verge of moving to a new stadium.


I hear other clubs saying that EFC have become a model of how they should operate on and off the pitch.

And yet, people still carry on as if EFC is doomed.

EFC is a pro-active club which is on the up. You doom and gloom guys need to start getting behind the team. Get your EFC tops on, get the stickers in the cars and start shouting from the rooftops that Everton are back!

Colin Taylor
51   Posted 21/07/2008 at 17:02:26

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Well said, James Connelly. I totally agree with you. We have all this doom and gloom every summer ? remember this time last year when everyone was moaning cos we had only bought Jagielka and look at the season we had. Can anyone tell me who would do a better job than BK cos there is no-one. Don't forget he gave us Moyes. We will continue to improve and let's hope the new stadium gets the go-ahead too.
Phil Griffiths
52   Posted 21/07/2008 at 18:54:56

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I despair, I really do!!

Every year we get the doom merchants screaming from the roof tops that we are going to be lucky to make top half of the table just ’cos we haven’t signed 6 players in the first week of the transfer window opening.

Last year all the same people were spouting the same old rubbish and what happened?

We brought in that poor LB Baines as no other clubs were interested and then to top it all off, at the last minute we brought in that panick buy on the cheap - Yakubu, who as we all know had a truly awful season - typical Everton.

We’re going to get relegated if we don’t pull our finger out!!!

Paul Lally
53   Posted 21/07/2008 at 19:14:28

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Yes voters - No voters.
Optimists - Pesimists.
One big black cloud shrouding all of us.
Seeping in to all our thoughts regarding Everton FC.
We need a decision regarding Kirkby.
And I can only see a ’Call in’ as the way forward to unite the fans.
If not, a lot of fans will feel our soul has been lost.
First team in the city.
A ’Call in’ would mean we can all take a step back, take time out and then look forward together, at as many options as possible.
United we stand, divided we fall.
A bit of optimism creeps through. Whoa hoa !
Has an announcement been made yet ?
Will this be the end of the war or the start of another battle ?
I’m cracking up.
Simon O'Brien
54   Posted 22/07/2008 at 09:20:59

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Year after year, we are linked to all & sundry but the flurry always comes at last minute. No doubt we will sign 2/3 mediocre players & 1 star name a week before the season starts & 2 players from the exisiting squad will have a blinding season (my tips are Pienaar & Osman), this is what usually happens on the blue half of merseyside...

Have faith in Moysey he will prevail & as we already know he is the best gaffer in the PL by a country mile!!! We all know in our heart of hearts that unless Goodison can be rebuilt, renovated or extended we were always going to have to move. I for one will be sad to see us leave the old lady but it's called the future & we need to move on, all this bickering, arguing & stalling is pathetic!!!

Richard Johnson
55   Posted 24/07/2008 at 20:45:48

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I couldn?t agree more with the points made in Mick Stanley?s article of 18th July. I know its not been an active or easy transfer window to deal in but facts are facts. Everton did really well last season with a thin squad and it could easily be argued that with one or two quality squad members they may have won the Uefa Cup. The fact is that with just over 3 weeks to go before the new season we are (since Jauary 08) 7 senior players short on last season alone. I refer to Stubbs, McFadden, Gravesen, Wessels, Carsley, Fernandes and Gardner.... Very worrying!

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