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By Glen Strachan :  28/07/2008 :  Comments (73) :
The postings over the last few days suggest some kind of frenzy among Blues who feel that Everton is unprepared for the season ahead. Is that really true or just pre-Premier season jitters ?

Think of it this way: our first choice keeper , back four and the Yak up front are (injuries apart) carved in stone as are Arteta and Pienaar in wide midfield. That only leaves three first choice spaces ? Cahill will surely fill one of these........I would like to see him play 'in the hole' behind the Yak as a second striker but we'll see where DM fits him in.

The two remaining places are in centre-id and it does look as though we have an agent who knows what he is doing and who is also working for the player so a little bit more money should bring him in and if the worst that we can find for the other place is young Rodwell I don't think we are looking too bad.

Sure the squad needs to be 'filled out' but not with garbage players so a small squad it will probably have to be. With Vaughan close to fitness and Victor back after the first few league games, the sale of Andy Johnson looks like truly brilliant business and means that we have now sold three reserve strikers in the past twelve months for a total income of over £20 million.

Even in a worst possible scenario nobody surely thinks we will be relegated and it is just about equally unlikely that we will break into the top four or win a cup so business as usual then with probably seven other clubs jostling with us for top half places while the others fight out the three relegation slots.

I don't see any outstanding side there! I think we will be just fine!

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Michael Kenrick
1   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:01:28

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Well said, Glenn. I think the wailing and gnashing of teeth has gone way too far from the sackcloth and ashes brigade. Wiser souls are counseling patience as we move toward the final month (yes... that’s a whole MONTH!) of the transfer window. Panic after the season has actually kicked off, if you really think it will help, as at least there would still be time to find more players if we haven’t signed any by then, but unless you really have something enlightening to say, can we please, please have a moratorium from the Worrywarts and the Prophets of Doom?
Dave Williams
2   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:05:31

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Some good points Glen, I agree with what you say, except I was hoping for at least a good go at 4th and we need more bodies for that than we look like getting.
Marc Williams
3   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:12:16

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Glen did you always want to be in Frankie Goes to Hollywood ?
Steve Pugh
4   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:18:06

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Even if we don’t get all the players we need now, maybe Davey could buy some in January. After all, tiredness doesn’t usually kick in until February so, injuries aside, we only need to definitely fill that one midfield berth Glen mentioned, either with Moutinho or Manny or whoever DM thinks will do the best Job in that postion.

No I don’t mean Nev, he stays at right back.
Steve Mink
5   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:38:59

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Well said, Glen. Fist posting in a while I’ve found myself agreeing with.

Selling AJ was good business. Now need to concentrate on buying quality. If we can’t get it, give the young ’uns a run.
Martin Lucas
6   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:45:36

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Good post Glen, now if everyone else can just take a chill pill and let whatever happens in the next 5 weeks just happen - it will be a lot calmer around here, we might even just some sensible comments about our club.

We’re not going to turn into a bad team over night, just because we haven’t added to the squad - Johnson is probably going to be the best player we are going to lose and we did alright last year with him sitting on the bench for most of it.
Stuart Atherton
7   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:35:53

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The way you’ve set that out seems logical and is reassuring, subject to no injuries (of which we have plenty!). I agree that the squad needs ’filling out’, but it’s needs to be done by quality additions and not just quantity. Only then will we have the strength in depth needed to maintain our position, and hopefully make a sustained challenge for a CL spot.
Dave Wilson
8   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:46:59

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I think a lot of us were labouring under the misapprehension that we were to try to take the step to the next level

If we’re now lowering our sights and want to settle for top half, we may well be fine . . . . . . I’m begining to despair
Mike Kennedy
9   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:27:56

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I haven?t posted my concerns to date about the squad but prompted by Glen?s complacent posting. I feel the time is now. Going by the OS squad numbers we have 3 keepers, 1 of which is a kid,
7 defenders 1 of which is a kid,
8 midfielders 2 of which are kids and
4 strikers 3 of which are kids.
Stripping ot the newly promoted from the Academy and the yet to mature we have 15 players of proven Premier League quality. 5 of those players are currently injured.

So yes I am concerned. I?m not writing off the kids for the future but I don?t want to have to rely on them to get us into Europe or progress significantly in any competition. Each year our squad gets that little bit smaller if we get further injuries it is going to be a very disappointing season I feel.

John Maxwell
10   Posted 28/07/2008 at 20:55:10

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Ahhh bliss.

A cheerful toffeeweb post full on sensibility..

Great piece of business today and I cant wait for the season to start.

A few words for all those worriers, take a holiday, enjoy the hot weather, buy an outdoor fridge... Chill out, everything will be fine before 16th.
Andy Burke
11   Posted 28/07/2008 at 21:29:18

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Top Bannana Glen

I was begning to get a little bit too influenced by the doom-mongers. I am not yet feeling totally positive but it?s nice to get a sensible perspective on things on the very good but at times very frustrating TW.
Michael Wylie
12   Posted 28/07/2008 at 21:35:52

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I don?t give a shit either way, I have a life, if we do well... great; if we don?t, then so be it. Long gone are the days when Everton losing spoilt my weekends.

There really is no point worrying about who he's going to sign or not because you can?t change it anyway.

Enjoy your summers everyone!
Jeremy Benson
13   Posted 28/07/2008 at 19:45:28

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Its a seller's market for transfers in the Premier League this closed season. Despite the doom-mongering, even a casual glance at the minimal transfer activity amongst the top English clubs shows that we aren't alone in hiding the family jewels under the bed rather than spending them on some random hopefuls this year.

Valuations are quite frankly ridiculous; players that were valued at £10 million last season have suddenly jumped nearly 100% ? Keane, Arshavin, Barry... Even we can get £11 million for a striker who didn't score 20 last season (my own personal benchmark - if you pay more than £10 million for a striker, you expect 20 goals for a mark of quality - and that's league goals too - not all competitions).

So, I'm not too despondent on our lack of transfer activity so far. I expect most clubs will only do 1-2 key signings. And mostly, so far, they've done so only when getting income from sales back in, unless you include the richest amongst them. Why is this? Well, I think TV has a lot to do with it. Last close season, the influx of new TV money (or borrowing against it..), made for a very buoyant transfer market, and all the clubs spent it gleefully. So did we, with a new record signing. We should all expect some financial prudence this time round.

As the spin goes (and don't we hear the soundbite every single day...)...we're all "feeling the pinch". Premier League football is no different.

Chris Brown
14   Posted 28/07/2008 at 21:47:38

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Agreed. Well said. I’ve thought the same thing, while I’d love to bring in a top notch starter or two (like Moutinho or Arshavin), I’m happy with our starters, so I’d rather see us pick up some young bodies with potential.

Personally, I’d still really like to see Michael Bradley. I bet we could unearth some gems in the sub 4million price range, and since we are largely just talking about injury coverage, let’s start pulling the trigger on some smaller deals.
Sid Beddow
15   Posted 28/07/2008 at 22:08:51

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Amazing! Everbody seems to be forgetting we were shit for the last third of the season. Why should you all assume that all our players will come back fighting fit, be on top form and never suffer any injuries? Moyes said loud and clear we were half a dozen players short and now he?s got three or four less than then!

Personally I shall not be in any way confident until we?ve brought a few in rather than made silly bids for players we?re never going to get!

Tony Rice
16   Posted 28/07/2008 at 22:09:06

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Sensible post! I find this time of year the most frustrating.... constantly checking the computer to see who we have brought in etc. I am disappointed so far though.... It was apparent last season that the squad was too small and we have yet to address it. I would have hoped that we would get people in early and be ready to hit the ground running. When the fixtures came out, I fiqured 14 out of the first 18 points was a prioirity if we were going to challenge the Top 4. While I am desperate to remain positve, EFC never make it easy!

Moyes actually signing his deal would go a long way to allieviating some of my other worries.
Terry Smith
17   Posted 28/07/2008 at 22:27:49

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Well said Glen BUT: This team can't do what they acheived last year. Villa seem to have kept hold of Barry and have added Sidwell & Freidel. The same with Pompey & City... We do need to strengthen and I do think we need 5-6 quality players like Moyes has mentioned to give the other squad members competition plus a healthy squad for hopefully a long haul of league, cup & European competitions.
Kevin Mitchell
18   Posted 28/07/2008 at 22:36:43

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Let's be totaly honest, Kenwright and Wyness will try to keep any good news about signing new players for as long as they can so they can reel them out if DK gets the go ahead. As sure as light is day ,within 24 hours of this disaster being anounced, Moyes will have signed up and we will be linked with half a dozen superstars which will delight all fifteen thousand Yes voters.
Steve Ryan
19   Posted 28/07/2008 at 23:21:03

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What a stupid, naive post. Do you really think that if he doesn?t replace Johnson during the next few weeks the £12 million quid will still be available for the January transfer window? How many times have we waited for the big January signing only for Moyes to say that his current squad is good enough??? Furthermore, to simply ignore the impact of injuries when we have such a small squad is absolutely ridiculous; remember we ened up with Lescott playing up front last year. Get real mate.
Ste Northern
20   Posted 28/07/2008 at 23:28:29

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Our quality players:
Yobo, Lescott, Valente, Pienaar, Cahill, Arteta, Yakubu.

That?s it really, Arteta was crap for most of last leason (set peices, freekicks, corners, lack of goals). Cahill spent more than half the season less than fully fit, as did Valente.

I think we need:
1 keeper (substantially better than Howard)
3 defenders (right back, two central)
4 midfielders (one defensive, one attacking, two central)
1 striker (replace AJ)

Nine more players is what we really need. Howard, Osman, Jagielka, Neville, Osman, VdM, and Vaughan are squad player-standard and should fill in for injury/suspension/internation duty. After this upcoming season I think there?s going to be eight spaces on the bench available as subs (like UEFA cup is).

Our squad is nowhere near quality. It is a very thin veneer of decentness at the moment. (Iain Turner, Baines, Hibbert, Anichebe simply not good enough for the Premier League. Other youngsters should be out on loan to lower league until they are deemed good enough?) Unless we sign players very quick we are going to struggle.
Ann Adlington
21   Posted 29/07/2008 at 00:00:49

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For the benefit of the thousands who renewed their season tickets in April. can somebody explain "Where?s the money gone?"
Neil Quinn
22   Posted 29/07/2008 at 00:10:28

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I wasn’t panicking earlier in the Summer when many were distraught because we hadn’t made a major signing.

However when you step back & count the number of players who have gone since we started last season’s UEFA campaign, you’ve got to admit, it’s worrying. That cup run together with the League Cup exploits, completely drained our squad.

I agree with the original post that our keeper, back four and main midfielders + Yakubu are fine. They need supporting and resting though. We need some numbers as well as some extra quality.
John Charles
23   Posted 29/07/2008 at 03:10:19

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The problem is Glen that we are hoping to play over 60 games and did you really think having a good first 11 is good enough for 60 games?

When we get suspensions and injuried (which is a certainty for any team) we?ll be knackered.

What concerns me most is we have a bid turned down for Moutinho THEN wwe sell AJ, that tells me they can't afford to up on Moutinho without having the AJ money.

My question is with £10m for AJ and £5m for Faddy not spend, what was our budget going to be before this?

Shouldn't we be adding to our squad?

What if Yak gets injured Wednesday night or in training?? We?ll have ZERO strikers for Blackburn, ZERO!!!
John McGill
24   Posted 29/07/2008 at 02:48:32

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As an Evertonian I'd have to say there are dark clouds over Goodison at the moment!! Why hasn't Moyes signed that cotract by now?!! The smallest squad in the league and getting smaller all the time?? Surely the board could cough up £20mil plus the sale of McFadden and Johnson (combined £17.5 mil) gives us £37.5mil!! We need another stiker plus 4 midfielders. Defensively I think we?re ok.
Peter Bradshaw
25   Posted 29/07/2008 at 04:07:19

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Only Rodwell is good enough to come off the bench in cameo roles this season and maybe Gosling in the Carling Cup. The rest are not good enough.

We are saying that all is well, in Moyes we trust and all that bollocks. Moyes hasnt signed, we have bid on a great player who we where told would cost around £16million; we bid £11 million, Milito was ours for £5 million so bid for loan, it's the normal Everton bullshit because we have Dumb and Dumber running the club. If we don't act soon as in before season starts we won't be looking at 4th we could be the wrong side of 14th, the side is not good enough.

Also the talk of playing Jags, Neville, Yobo or Lescott in the Carsley role is downright dumb. Come on Moyes and crew pull the fingers from your arseholes and start getting busy; we cannot afford to lose many games at the start because as you all know we stink in the last 5 to 10 games.

Mark Cassin
26   Posted 29/07/2008 at 07:56:10

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Some bizarre replies to Glens post here;

GK - Howard /
LB - Baines / Valente
CB - Lescott /
CB - Yobo / Jagielka
RB - Neville / Hibbert
LM - Pienaar / FERNANDES
DM - TOPAL / Rodwell
CM - MOUTINHO/ Gosling
RM - Arteta / VDM
AM - Cahill / Osman
ST - Yakubu /

We should be signing Moutinho and Topal soon and still keen on Fernandes. That leaves us with 3 more squad players to sign.

Not NINE or whatever some doom mongers are saying !!!
Gavin Ramejkis
27   Posted 29/07/2008 at 08:14:43

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Mark bit naivity in your line up, yes 4-5-1 is DM’s preference but why play it every game when a decent manager would be able to swap things around such as a 4-4-2 or even shit or bust 4-3-3 to save a game we still need numbers and quality to do this and some sort of miracle that the players we do have don’t get injured or suspended - 60 games is an awful lot to get away with injuries and suspensions and exhaustion as last season showed and the squad is smaller now!
Mark Cassin
28   Posted 29/07/2008 at 08:47:02

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@Gavin--Couple of points;

1- The squad is only smaller in names, Wessels/McFadden/Gravesen/Stubbs were all crap and very rarely even got onto the pitch. I would suggest that in midfield only Carsley has gone who would get game time and we have brought up Rodwell and Gosling as squad players (who Moyes has said will get games). Fernandes may yet return,

2-As for the formation, I agree that we require players to enable us to either rotate/cover injuries and to change tactics--which is why I added that we should sign 3 squad players also. Also several of the players listed (Moutinho/Arteta/Pienaar/Cahill/Osman/Rodwell/Gosling/Lescott) can play in various positions--also not counting Anichebe and Vaughan.

Erik Dols
29   Posted 29/07/2008 at 09:00:10

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Mark Cassin, I totally agree with you. I can’t believe that people seriously add the likes of Gravesen, Stubbs and Wessels in the equation. They hardly played last season and when they played they were no better than youth would be, so we need not replace them. I agree with your assesment that outside the obious midfield reinforcements we only need about three squad players. The type of players you can pick up on a loan or a free at the end of august.

Just hope we’ll sign Topal (or someone alike) and Moutinho, that would make me excited about the coming season....
Nick Dobson
30   Posted 29/07/2008 at 08:45:42

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I?m amazad more people haven?t shot this post down in flames. Sure the transfer situation is bad, but yes, don?t start a riot, there?s still a month left.
But this post is accepting another season of coming nowhere and that?s all fine because hey, why would we come fourth anyway. I?d think this supporter is of the younger age group where the club moto has never been lived up to in his lifetime and has little understanding of it.
Sure Glen, yeah, another year of coming in as best of the rest. Why would a football club try and acheive something when we can just be greatful for relaxing in the cool shade of the big 4. Away with you.
Dave Lynch
31   Posted 29/07/2008 at 08:59:58

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Trouble I have with the post is ..............
Glen has already settled for mediocrity by stating we won?t get relegated etc.
I was of the opinion that we where trying to improve on last season ?
I hope Moyes is not of the same frame of mind or it wil be a dull, frustrating, long hard season.
Lori Fekete
32   Posted 29/07/2008 at 08:51:08

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Nice try Glen, you relaxed for a few seconds there, then reality kicked back in.

4th was there for the taking again last year but fell down to our tiny squad and not replacing Faddy. Since then we?ve lost even more players and picked up a few injuries to boot.

I?m confident we?ll start to make a few signings soon and £12M for AJ is good business but at best we?ll just bring ourselves back up to the original small squad numbers that cost us last year.

The 7 on the bench rule that comes in this year will highlight this to one and all. 18 on the teamsheet? We only scraped together 15 to go to the U.S!

I don?t won?t to be this pessimistic but I am, please please please prove me wrong
Richard Harris
33   Posted 29/07/2008 at 09:12:16

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I’ve ceased to worry as it makes no difference and just raises my blood pressure !! Not that it means I’m in denial of what needs to be done or have blind faith in the custodians of our club but we have no control over who signs and who stays. Like many of my generation, my youthful innocence was crushed when we sold Alan Ball. I couldn’t understand why the best club in the land would sell one of my favourite players. As I look back in our history the failure of the club to build on success and to move on to the next consistant winning level are always a theme. I don’t want just top ten, I’m not satisfied just with fifth place, a cup final is only worthwhile if you win it.
Nelly Blythe
34   Posted 29/07/2008 at 09:29:33

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If any of you seriously believe that Jack Rodwell is the answer to our central midfield problems the you are SERIOUSLY DELUDED...!! As for ?Fiddler on the Roof? many of you have seen him play. I watched ALL of Turkey?s Euro 2008 games and cant even remember if he was in any of the teams... that?s how good he was.

Once again we have been totally let down by this joke of a board. The season starts TWO weeks on Saturday FFS and we?ve less players now than we had May. Don't think that we?re going to miraculously produce six... yes six QUALITY players by Aug 16th cos it just aint gonna happen!! This is Everton people and every year they promise us so much but EVERY year the kick us in the bollocks...The thing that hurts the most (pardon the pun) is that each time they kick us it?s harder than the last time.

Explain to me how the likes of Portsmouth & even Fulham FFS can bring in players and pay big transfer fees but we cant. It?s a FUCKIN JOKE!! You just watch, come deadline day we?ll end up with the likes of Sean Davies and some other no-marks who can't find a club and get told ?these are the players we?ve been after all summer..?

Those people who keep telling us not to panic need to pull their head out of their arses and get real. I don?t blame Moyes for not siging a new deal, I really wish he would tell Kenwright and Wyness to ?fuck off? and then resign because that might then cause some reaction and SERIOUS protest from the fans. Those two are taking the piss out of each and everyone of us because they know at we?ll turn up home & away every week in all weathers no matter what !!....We are Evertonians and that?s what we do. They must be laughing their heads off.

No new sigings whilst all our nearest rivals strengthen their squad, failed kit launches the list could go on and on... This club is a laughing stock, we all know it, it?s just that the majority won't admit it. I really do wish I could make a stand and boycott the games ? yes I?m one of those who travels home & away week-in, week-out ? but I cant.... ?My name is Nelly and I?m an Everton junkie? ....but I?m sick to fuckin death of the hierarchy at the club taking the piss out of me and the tens of thousands of others who show unreserved and blinding loyalty year-in, year-out. They say we?re the best supporters in the world but they treat us like shite... NIL SATIS NISIOPTIMUM??? I dont think so.

Anyway, not to worry; just read on the OS Osman & Vaughan have returned to full training .... be like having two new sigings on board.... soon to be followed by two more new sigings... Baines and Cahill... dont worry, we?ll be ok....yawn !!

Neil Verdin
35   Posted 29/07/2008 at 09:59:37

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Mark Cassin, are you for real????
your squad list... VDM @ RM... it's people like you who let the fuckers who run this club get away with what they do. Also Mark (and Glen), have you never watched Everton in the last 5 years after Easter??? I have never heard so much shite!
Mark Cassin
36   Posted 29/07/2008 at 10:15:06

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@ Nelly-- I haven’t seen a post on here saying that Rodwell is the answer to our centre midfield.

You say Everton disappoint every summer? So last season we brought in Yakubu/Jagielka/Pienaar/Baines and Fernandes, and that disappointed you?

Are you disappointed that we are in for Moutinho?

"Shakes head"...
Mark Cassin
37   Posted 29/07/2008 at 10:19:51

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@Neil (don’t you have a surname?)

Right midfield could be one of;

VDM - as you stated.

It’s called a squad. Don’t you understand?
Mark Cassin
38   Posted 29/07/2008 at 10:23:18

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Furthermore if you don?t want to include VDM then you shouldn?t include;


As ?lost? players ? or for that matter Johnson.

So actually we have only ?lost? Carsley. Hardly a crisis when we are in for far superior players.
Nick Entwistle
39   Posted 29/07/2008 at 10:45:40

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I want a personal response too!
Nelly Blythe
40   Posted 29/07/2008 at 10:31:11

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Sorry Mark but ?being in? for Mouthinho doesnt push my buttons in any way , shape or form...So far we?ve ?been in? for Arshavin, Veloso, Joaquin, Engelaar, Aimar et al... where the fuck are they !!
Being ?in? for a player means absolutely NOTHING until he?s actually signed....I remember us once ?being in? for Shearer!!...need I say more.

Regarding my comments on Rodwell I think you?ll find numerous references to playing him in midfield on this SITE... perhaps not under this heading... but definately on this site.
As for last pre-season..surely the exception that proves the it not !! ( oh what a short memory you must have)

Neil Verdin.... I?m with you mate..!! If Mark (and people like him) wishes to continue to delude himself then that's up to him. It?s his opinion and he?s entitled to it.
However unlike he appears to be, I?m just not one of those people who accepts mediocrity as success!!

Mark cassin
41   Posted 29/07/2008 at 11:07:49

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Nelly--as far as I am aware (and you may very well know different) we have not put in formal bids for any of the players you have listed.I know that we have put in a bid for Moutinho (knew we were going to last week) as it has been confirmed by all involved (other than Everton ironically!!).

Listing Shearer is imo pathetic as that was a different chairman/owner and manager so how you can compare that to now is extremely bizarre.

To quote you "If any of you seriously believe that Jack Rodwell is the answer to our central midfield problems the you are SERIOUSLY DELUDED...!!" --now you state simply about him being in midfield -- I repeat it is called a squad and if you go down your route then we only lost Carsley from last year not the ’squad players’ of which I believe is what myself and others believe Rodwell is.

Do you not agree that Moyes has signed some great players and also others who have done a job for a season or two--EVERY SUMMER ?

I don’t mean this personally but from your post it seems like you take the newspaper gossip too literally. Do you know that Moyes enquired about Arshavin during the season only to be quoted a high price? Engelaar had already agreed to follow his old boss and to my mind of the others listed only Aimar has moved with no bid from us. Veloso would be an either/or with Moutinho coming and clubs looking at Joaquin may well play the same game as we are doing over Fernandes.

Transfers are not easy--lots of things come into play--take the keeper we had on trial, he had to wait for clearance just for a trial -- even then it seems it was a waste of time.

To conclude I would say that NO CLUB has signed anyone spectacular as yet. Do you disagree?
Steve Green, Southampton
42   Posted 29/07/2008 at 11:45:40

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Mark Cassin - yes would have to disagree.
That Croatian in midfield for Spurs, Modic or Moderic or whatever his name is. Got some quality about him.
Robbie Keane at the unspeakables - got quality about him, knows where the goal is and finds the net very regularly.
Crouchy - like him or not - and I don’t as it happens - but he scores enough goals in any company, England inc - and whilst may not be spectacular to us, another Prem rival has spent a club record on him which is a figure higher than we have ever spent. Which for them, is spectacular.
Jo at Man City is spectacular enough to warrant comment.
All this without checking any sites or papers - just coming immediately to mind.
Mark Cassin
43   Posted 29/07/2008 at 12:07:14

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Modric -- unproven and I’d say Moutinho is a far better player (though different styles of play).

Keane--28 and bought for 20million??

Crouch--understand your point though as you say not a top 4 type.

Jo-- same as Modric.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t like Modric or Jo but I’d say they are not the type of players to push us onwards. Jo imo is not better than Yakubu (proven scorer in league) and Moutinho is a better bet than Modric.

I have the feeling that Moutinho signing will make everyone more calm.
Mark Cassin
44   Posted 29/07/2008 at 12:07:14

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Modric -- unproven and I’d say Moutinho is a far better player (though different styles of play).

Keane--28 and bought for 20million??

Crouch--understand your point though as you say not a top 4 type.

Jo-- same as Modric.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t like Modric or Jo but I’d say they are not the type of players to push us onwards. Jo imo is not better than Yakubu (proven scorer in league) and Moutinho is a better bet than Modric.

I have the feeling that Moutinho signing will make everyone more calm.
Nelly Blythe
45   Posted 29/07/2008 at 12:39:08

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Mark... you?re not seriously suggesting that you wouldn?t want Robbie Keane are you??

He is at his peak and is PROVEN at this level. Might just be my personal opininion but anyone who knows me will tell you that I?ve been wanting Robbie Keane at Everton for the last 3 seasons... £20 mill well spent in my opinion (and makes me hate them even more).

What makes you say Moutinho is better than Modric?? what way is HE proven??

....and yes I too would have had BFG which would have allowed us another different option. I would also have SWP... or would you not want him either...( too small, couldn?t get a game at Chelsea...whatever !!). All of these players are being courted by our nearest challengers/rivals from last season and our name?s not even being mentioned.

One signing will not make me more calm ? I don't want players who ?do a job for a season or two?... I would like PLAYERS (notice the plural) who will actually give us a chance to WIN a trophy ? something which may have been achieved last season with a little more foresight and planning in January.

But if you are happy with the Sean Davieses & Steven Carrs of this world (you know players who can "do a job for a seaon or two") then so be it... as I?ve said that?s your opinion & you?re entitled to it,

Unfortunately I?m NOT and there are THOUSANDS of others out there like me!!!

Mark Cassin
46   Posted 29/07/2008 at 12:52:39

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Cheers Steve;

Just to add to my previous post-- I WOULD have been happy to sign Modric but not the others listed. He does look special though time will tell if a playmaker is suited to our league.

I would also add that Spurs have lost Keane so that really sums up their transfers.

Reds--Keane in / Crouch out of course different styles but again imo not really adding a massive amount. What they need imo are fullbacks and wingers.

Man City- Jo again is unproven. They have let go a heck of a lot of players too.Also lets not forget that their drop in form last season was (perhaps) due to new signings being found out --Hibbert for all his faults did a number on Petrov ending with him lashing out.

For me it hinges on the fact that we have made bids for players who I believe are more relevant to what we require. Moutinho and Topal are ideal for the general 4-5-1 system that we play and I would welcome Moutinho far more than the signings of the above players
Neil Humphrey
47   Posted 29/07/2008 at 12:55:42

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Finally, some sense!

What the doom mongers fail to realise is that the outgoing players were all either too old and/or shit - Carsley and Stubbs in the former category and Wessels, McFadden in the latter. Gravesen fits both.

As for Fernandes, although he hardly set the league on fire I would have liked us to hang on to him - but there are indications that we might, so no need for mourning just yet.

Finally, AJ - 1 goal in 4 (thats about his average since joining us) just doesnt cut the mustard I?m afraid, especially when mugs like Fulham are prepared to pay £12.5 million or whatever it is. ?But he?s so hard working!?. Yes, but if he isn't scoring goals or setting them up, he isn't doing his job. I can't remember the exact figures, but I don't think he got a dazzling number of assists last season either.

So, as others have stated, the only real loss so far is Cars...
Nelly Blythe
48   Posted 29/07/2008 at 13:05:37

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I am totally HORRIFIED to read quotes from David Moyes stating that Jose Baxter..a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD kid...will not be playing for England U17?s in the Nordic tournament next week becuse he had to be drafted into our 1st squad for USA because of ...what for it...LACK OF NUMBERS!!

WHO?S FUCKIN FAULT is that!!!.. They really are taking the piss now!
Jay Harris
49   Posted 29/07/2008 at 12:47:36

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just to correct your earlier post Fernandes was not brought in last summer he was brought on loan in January so did not cost the £12 million that was "ringfenced" for him.

Baines was brought in in place of Naysmith,Jagielka in place of Weir, the Yak in place of Beattiie and Pienaar in place of Simon Davies. Now since then we?ve lost Fernandes (not coming back on loan), McFadden, Stubbs, Carsley, Wessels, Johnson (subject to agreeing personal terms). Now if the rumours are true that we only have £15 million plus Johnson?s money for transfer?s that is outragious. We supposedly had £12 million for Fernandes last August,almost £6 million for Faddy and an extra £15 million from Sky. Plus we let Carsley go on a free knowing we?d have to spend at least £10 million in the current market replacing him.

It looks like (if we?re lucky) we?ll get Mouthino and a striker and the budget will be gone. That is totally ridiculous for a club with any CL ambition. Everton have had more departures than Speke Airport over the last couple of years and have the smallest and most injury-prone squad in the premiership.

No wonder Moyes won't sign his contract.

Mark Cassin
50   Posted 29/07/2008 at 13:05:13

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Nelly to answer your points;

1- Robbie Keane ? NOT a player we need. We have Cahill and Osman who can play ?in the hole?. For £20million? No chance when we should be looking at other areas.

2- Moutinho is one of the best young players in Europe. Blatently proven for both sporting and for Portugal. He is able to play anywhere in midfield and do anything the manager asks of him, he is ?that? good. Modric is a playmaker and whilst he looks good is not a player who would usurp Moutinho other than perhaps being a better passer.

3- SWP - He plays in Arteta's best position so I?m not sure how he would get in the team.

4- We need top players and squad players as I listed above.

5A- If you want a list of players who I would like then it would be the following: Moutinho and Fernandes.

5B- I would have Cana over Topal and then look at reserve positions (as mentioned before).

6- Any Evertonian would be very happy with that 1st eleven and made up depending on the quality of the squad players.
Mark Cassin
51   Posted 29/07/2008 at 13:37:00

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Jay--Agree with half of your post. Which basically says we have improved by bringing in better younger players.The only 1st eleven player we have lost is Carsley this summer.

Don?t know where you get the other figures etc from as I know for a fact we have bid for Moutinho and 2 defensive midfielder, neither of whom would cost £10mil.
Nelly Blythe
52   Posted 29/07/2008 at 13:39:44

Report abuse all about opinions mate...

How you can even mention Osman and Keane in the same sentence is beyond me...but that?s MY OPINION (and that?s not being derogatory to Osman)

The purchase of SWP would allow us to play Arteta in the middle where I believe he would do even better as he would be able to have an influence all over the field and not just down one side...MY OPINION

Moutinho has NOT been PROVEN as ONE OF THE BEST YOUNG PLAYERS IN EUROPE- despit what you how do YOU know ?he?s that good?....MY OPINION

Cana...never even seen him kick a ball so cant comment...Topal plse refer to my earlier posts....MY OPINION

All of the Evertonians I mix with and many who come on this siite (myself included)believed at the end of last season we would need a right back, two central midfield players preferably with a bit of pace ( possibly only one if Fernandes was accuired permanently) a wide man with some pace, the ability to actually beat a man and cross ( hence us being linked with Joaquin) and possibly another striker.This is in addition to the squad we already had. In total at least FIVE new players.
Even Moyes has now said we need QUALITY not just quantity and that?s why he felt we would need at leat SIX new faces. All we appear to have done is allow Fernandes & Johnson to leave whilst giving Neville an exteded contract. Not the way forward for me but again ...MY OPINION

Just to make it clear I?m not against the signing of Moutinho...I just dont think at THIS moment in time he?s as good as YOU believe he is...if he proves to be that can only be good fro Everton. The way you?re carrying on it?s as if we?re signing Ronaldo !!

But we do need more than ONE singing to continue the progress of last season so dont let the crap spouted by Neville regarding the quality of the present squad fool you into believing otherwise.
You say we?ve ONLY lost Carsley... well dont be moaning on 16th August when Neville?s playing in the centre of midfield...the quality of the rest of the current squad should (if you believe the OS spin) surely be able to carry him...CRAP !!....MY OPINION
Mark Cassin
53   Posted 29/07/2008 at 14:29:35

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For me Cahill is better than Keane in our system. Neville and Cahill when playing in their correct positions meant that our results were outstanding last year. When they didnt play or were out of position we were poor.

Why move Arteta from right midfield to accomodate SWP or Joaquin? Makes no sense to me.

Moutinho is the player you described as wanting in your central midfield above--I think he will become one of the best box to box midfielders in the world. His only weakness for is his height. Who knows whether he may become as good a quality as Ronaldo? Moyes obviously believes in him, hence our bid.

I cannot see Neville starting in midfield--can you, or you just winding me up :)
Neil Verdin
54   Posted 29/07/2008 at 14:57:22

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Mark, let me take you back to the Derby County home game last year. The team knackered, squad not good enough. We all thought at the time, 4-5 new players good enough for 1st team not squad - and we would have a serious chance for top 4 (it is my opinion Liverpool only have a better squad not team).

Forget the fact Stubbs and Co have left, worry more about how we faded. Now at this time we have lost 2 first team players (Johnson & Carsley). So it is clear we need 6 new players good enough for first team duty if we are to progress. David Moyes recognises that but it appears your goodself, Billy Liar and Lieness do not!

Are you happy with top 8 or would you like to see us move to the next level? £4M for Beattie, £5.5M for McFadden, Kilbane, £12 M for AJ, Sky money etc. Is it an exaggeration to suggest we should have around £50 mill in transfer funds to spend? I'm sorry but 2-3 players like you suggest and we will be fucked by January (and we all know Moyes hates to splash the cash then - I don't blame him either ... inflated prices etc).

No offence, but you need to wake up to reality, if DM realises we need 6 players surely that should be good enough for you ? because without him I would hate to think where we would be now!!

Mark Cassin
55   Posted 29/07/2008 at 15:19:15

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Neil-- Agree with what you are saying. Though lets not forget the African Nations Cup and Fernandes/Arteta/Cahill/Baines all being out or carrying injuries for long periods.

For me Jagielka was bought as a squad player so when I say squad player that is the level I am looking at--not Stephen Carr standard!

I read Moyes as saying 6 quality players to mean 2 or 3 top class signings:- Moutinho/Fernandes come in that bracket as perhaps Topal would do also. Along with 3 other players: reserve goalkeeper and 2 others ? perhaps a Milito type forward on loan and an other.
Nelly Blythe
56   Posted 29/07/2008 at 16:16:29

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Unfortunately Mark I CAN see Neville starting in midfield...that’s the point.
If we dont accquire QUALITY and soon who else will we play there ??

I would move Arteta to the middle as that’s where I believe he would have the MOST influence on the team. On the ball ability- wise I dont think there are many better when he’s on form...not even your little man Moutinho.

SWP and/or Joaquin are natural wide players, both have pace, both can beat a man and supply and/or score goals...thus making us a bigger goal threat and hence a better team...IN MY OPINION !!

I do agree about Fernandes though !!
Mark Cassin
57   Posted 29/07/2008 at 16:25:55

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If we get Moutinho then you will see how good he is mate. No need for Micky to move.
Anthony Millington
58   Posted 29/07/2008 at 16:43:13

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Nelly, I agree mate about signing someone like Shaun Wright Phillips to play wide right, it would give us some much needed pace, while we could put Arteta in his natural central midfiled position where he could have a greater impact on the game and we’d save a fair bit of money on not splashing out on Moutinho and then we could put that money towards a defensive centre mid and use the Johnson money for another striker. Do we really need Moutinho if we could play Arteta in the middle instead?
Karl Masters
59   Posted 29/07/2008 at 16:34:53

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For all the hot air being spouted on here about systems, merits of various players, doom mongers, Moutinho, etc, etc, one thing is apparent.

Quite simply, all have agreed that we will be playing 4-5-1 next season. If that is indeed true then HALF the outfield players are midfield players - a fact undeniable to anybody. Bear in mind, also, that last season midfield was the area where we had least cover and we paid dearly for it in the closing months..

Looking at our squad we have the following midfield options:

Pienaar - skilful and small
Arteta - skilful and small plus recovering from injury
Cahill - skilful and small plus recovering from injury
Osman - skilful an small plus recovering from injury
Baines - small and skilful and recovering from injury. Really a defender.
Neville - can?t pass and gives away free kicks for fun. Please NO!
Jagielka - ditto Neville, but a superb defender who should play in that position only.
Van der Meyde - never fit and a questionable future in football anywhere.
Rodwell - no League starts and only 16.
Gosling - no League starts in the Prem and really a defender.
Kissock - small and skilful and no appearances in the prem and only 17

DO YOU NOTICE A PATTERN? What experienced players we have are all small, all good going forward but offer little defensively, most of them have been injured or they need playing out of position.

We have lost the only player with any bite from last season?s midfield, a player who marked a big lump like Carew out of April?s game against Villa. We need players with real physical presence and we need numbers urgently. Remember this the position using half of all the outfield players.

Moutinho or Topal would be more of the same, welcome though. We must find a physically powerful deep lying midfielder to protect the defence in the way Carsley did so well.
Mark Cassin
60   Posted 29/07/2008 at 17:29:50

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@ Karl masters -- Moutinho jumps like Cahill -- very high spring.

Topal is 6ft.
Brian Bailey
61   Posted 29/07/2008 at 17:31:27

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The end of another working day and STILL no news on DK or - equally importantly to me - a new signing!

Working my bollocks off in a call centre, I don`t have much time to dwell on my club`s situation between 9 and 5 but when the shifts over it`s down to the rest room and straight on the internet. I`m sure I`m only typical of thousands of Evertonians suffering at the present time but this close season seems to have dragged on interminably.

I know BB is working 24/7, Bully is `pushing the envelope` to the limit to tie up some deals and Davey is trying to make a silk purse out of the proverbial in the USA but can ANYBODY foresee how and when the agony will end and prescribe for me a cure for this anxiety? It just can`t go on!

Mark Cassin
62   Posted 29/07/2008 at 18:40:55

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Just been told that we have gone up to 17mil euros.

Adam Halewood
63   Posted 29/07/2008 at 16:32:14

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You've been smoking the wrong stuff bro, we haven?t signed anyone yet and aren't looking likely to either. We will probably get Gravesen back on a free transfer by 31st August...
James Matthews
64   Posted 30/07/2008 at 02:19:07

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Glen’s made the point that I think everybody needed reminding about. We don’t need small time signings from teams we’ve never heard of from Yarobbedmenan or some other random country, we just need a few quality players to fill the spaces that are left with a very strong squad. With the signing of Pienaar and Arteta and Cahill going nowhere we just need two midfielders and that’s it, we can easily break into the top four again. COYB!
Barry Sherlock
65   Posted 30/07/2008 at 09:42:42

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I?m concerned with your post and your willingness to accept an average season??? We won?t get relegated but we won't get into Europe either. Christ, shall I bother going to watch???

Spot on. Of course DM will play 4-5-1. And yes that means FIVE midfielders. DM said last season that he played Lescott at LB in order to provide height in the team. With no signings so far and only Moutinho looking likely that still gives us midget gems in the middle.

NSNO. Glenn, you know what it means don?t you? Maybe we shouldn?t be expecting to win the PL but we should be looking to win FA, LC or Uefa? We should be going into the season with optimism and belief.

It isn?t all doom and gloom, but it is VERY concerning.
Russ Shoult
66   Posted 30/07/2008 at 18:34:08

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Anyone worrying about the new season need only look at this potential team we could be putting out at Goodison! I know KW has left us in the brown stuff, I know the deals for Moutinho and Fernandes are along way from finished and I know no1 appreciates this champ man posts but read this time and im sure it’ll bring a smile to your face imaging them at the old lady....


Pienaar Cahill Arteta

Moutinho Fernandes

Baines Lescott Yobo Neville

garry martin
67   Posted 30/07/2008 at 18:57:06

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Its only when you sit down and look at the squad that we have got, a squad that got us to 5th place and some decent cup runs, and think yes,in general, we have a good, tallented andcommited side that DM has built. I would trust Moysey to the hilt. Yes we need certain positions filled (midfield & 1 upfront) and we need backfill for injuries, but lets not get carried away and caught up in the preseason (or silly season) antics. Also, remember the youngsters coming thro, I can name 4 of late, Baxter, Rodwell, Gosling & that polish fella Luc !! something.
So come on lets start thinking positive on this coming season - Oh & one last thing to remember, we are not the holders of bags of money.
Andy White
68   Posted 30/07/2008 at 23:44:03

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I honestly believe some people live in the land of fairies where money grows plentifully on trees and where the world is fair...

The reason we can?t crack the ?big 4? isn?t due to the board, or DM (at least not entirely). £15m plus the money from Johnson isn?t a disgrace as mentioned in an earlier post, it?s a fucking fortune. Billionaire backers have ruined the game. Fans don?t matter. The only way to properly crack the big 4 is with a rich benefactor. And I fucking hate that!

Someone asked where all the season ticket money has gone? It pays the players wages. The extra 9??? players some people think we need will add a fortune to our wage bill (aside from the tens of millions of pounds they would cost to buy). Then what happens if we still can?t crack the CL? We turn into Leeds...

I love Everton FC. I don?t want them to go broke. I also don?t have a hundred trillion quid. Maybe we could do a wip round & chuck our beer money in?

`£20m for Keane would be lovely but if we have that much to spend I?d much rather use our brains & get the 2-3 decent players we need in midfield who with the kids coming through would give us a good (but not PL winning) team.

Glen IMO was a bit on the pessimistic side to say that we won?t win a cup. I think there is a small chance we?ll nick 4th. But we shouldn?t gamble everything on it.
Barry Sherlock
69   Posted 31/07/2008 at 12:45:47

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I don?t think too many Evertonians live in the land of the fairies. They just want to see the club/team moving forward. Not signing ANY players is not really moving forward is it? As you quite rightly pointly out £15m plus AJ money is alot of money. And Moyes wants to spend it on the right players. Thus far that would be a total of nil.

I disagree with Glen regarding what the club can achieve (especially with Moyes at the helm). We CAN win a cup. We CAN break the top 4 monopoly. We have to get the players that Moyes identified 10 weeks ago!!!
Dan Walshe
70   Posted 31/07/2008 at 18:29:38

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I hope you are right Glen but I can’t help but wonder who Moyes is talking to when he keeps saying we need 5 or 6 players. The fans know that and he knows that so that only leaves the board. Moyesy actually said we need 5 or 6 before the season starts which is only 2 weeks away so it will have to be frantic between now and then. I would prefer too if the new signings had a pre-season behind them at Everton or else it could be months before they are fully fit
Paul O'Hanlon
71   Posted 31/07/2008 at 21:24:32

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Relax? You?re having a laugh aren?t you?

Take a look at Moyes in his recent interview after the Chicago Fire match, he?s not a happy man with the lack of transfer activity. He?s worked his bollocks off getting us into the position we?re in now and he?s been let down this summer big time in the transfer market. Whilst all of his rivals have been active he?s having to play the kids who either aren?t ready for the first team or simply aren?t good enough.

If you find it easy to relax at this moment in time then lucky you, but stop telling others "don?t worry, it?ll be ok" because none of the recent events back up your theory.
Alan Ross
72   Posted 01/08/2008 at 05:07:08

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Glen, you’re obviously a man in denial. Take it from me -WE ARE IN DEEP DEEP SHIT. The money men will not allow the club to get any further in debt so this transfer window’s buget is sod all. Certain positions in the squad are vacant so any new faces are only going to be loan players if they can be persuaded in the first place. Any money bids or ’interest in any new players has all been a PR exercise, not only for the fanbase but for DM as well. Reading between the lines of Moysies’ interview you could tell the guy was frustrated. I can not see an improvment in this situation and I would not be surprised if Moysie doesn’t sign his contract and leaves at the end of the season. You can bury your head in the sand all you want, this situation is not going to go away. God help us!
Steve Rewth
73   Posted 01/08/2008 at 18:46:17

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It's not just the usual suspects on here thrwoing the usual wobblers, this time its a bit more serious. Even Moyes is expressing publicly his frustration with things. Given previously his willingness to make do and mend I think there may well be something up behind the scenes. Feel happier when Moyes signs his extension, when AJ deal goes thro? and we see a decent replacement for both him and Carsely when Manny is back on loan or whatever. But we still need to be signing the likes of Moutinho. Quite a lot to get done in a month and get a clearly poorly functioning squad to gel to avoid what could be a disastrous start.

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