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Bring on the EGM

By Peter  Laing :  30/07/2008 :  Comments (4) :
Whether your for or against DK, at this moment in time, your opinion is likely to be all but academic. Judging by the protracted delay from the GONW and Hazel Blears's eagerly awaited decision, it would appear that the decision continues to remain on a knife edge,

The resignation of Wyness merely serves to raise the question that the proposal is dead in the water and therefore his position remains untenable. Last week, I posted about the scenario of pulling a white rabbit from the hat more out of blind optimism than any great conviction knowing that for all the Club's spin and PR soundbites that the decision on DK will be the defining factor.

One thing for sure, DK and its fiasco is now becoming the catalyst for some seriously needed business of putting the house in order at Everton. The guys who put the petition together and raised the necessary support for the EGM should be congratulated because the time has come for answers.

Answers to why we have these shady figures in the form of Earl and Green?

Why Kenwright despite his 24/7 search for investment can only find the backing from his bullet-proof friends who have absolutely no interest in Everton per se?

Why do we have politicians in the form of Peter Kilfoyle meddling in Everton's affairs?

And who is Gerry White the Wirral-based businessman with more than a passing interest in Everton should Kenwright give up the trainset?

David Moyes is doing the right thing and holding back on signing the contract... all said and done would you seriously want to work for an employer that is so conceited in its business practices?

Reader Comments

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Karl Masters
1   Posted 31/07/2008 at 21:46:43

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The most intriguing part of the leaked ’ Kilfoyle papers’ is the reference to this Gerry White.

There’s a lot of stuff still to come out I think.
Steve Smith
2   Posted 01/08/2008 at 00:47:12

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Gerry White, if memory serves, was and maybe still is a shareholder at LFC and at one point was part of a consortium proposing a takeover of LFC a few years back.
Derek Thomas
3   Posted 01/08/2008 at 06:13:50

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Whyness has voted with his feet.

After hitching his horse to the DK and no plan B wagon, BK should at a minimum offer himself up to the shareholders for re-election, should a seconder, or for that matter a proposer be found. Though I don’t hold out much hope of that, given his previous record.

SHOULD a new relatively untainted Chairman be found his first job is to give us all the facts re who did or didn’t say or do what. ( well I can dream )

His ( or her ) next task should be to explore all the other Plans B, be it revamp over time Goodison or where ever.

Like I said I can dream.
Alan Willo
4   Posted 01/08/2008 at 17:53:50

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Don?t understand most fans who post these articles. Why do you think EFC Ltd need to share its decisions with its fans all the time? Tell me what other business or club does this other than Ebbsfleet United. When the controlling shares are owned by pro DK people then how the hell can any decision be changed? They had an AGM since the bid for Kirkby has been done, why not do something then? I understand the reasons why some don?t like the move but unless you have capital to oust the shareholders then you?re all pissing in the wind. Just because we hold season tickets and the odd sentimental share doesn?t give us the right to kick out the chairman, who do you suggest takes over? Maybe that self made spokesman Ian MacDonald???the Manager of the Wimslow or if we are lucky the cleaner from the blue house. Please, please get real, its money and lots of it to make yours and my dreams come true and even then you have no guarantee we will get what we all want. Stop jumping on the negative bandwagon and look how the whole picture of modern day Premiership works, it?s a billionaire we need so unless we have one accept our failings as the norm. EFC is no longer part of the upper tier both off and on the field, I don?t like it any more than you lot but the big difference between me and others is I?m a realist. Seems to me certain people think they can do a lot better with the backing of idiots like Bradley, in practice I would imagine the reverse so I?m content if not ecstatic to keep with BK and others. COYB

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