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It's squeaky bum time...

By Nigel  McDonagh :  01/08/2008 :  Comments (15) :
I?m a regular Toffeeweb reader and I often find myself rolling my eyes in disbelief at the number of doom-mongerers and their depressingly repetitive whinging about Moyes, Kenwright, Neville (well that one?s understandable!) etc. But that was when times were good and I felt we had plenty of reasons to be optimistic about Everton?s future ? which wasn?t that long ago.

Now I don?t blame anyone for being depressed. The events of the last few days have left me increasingly frustrated and fearful about what lies around the corner for our great club and the mixed messages we fans are getting is making it worse.

Up until this week I was pretty confident that we will be signing new quality players and the only thing that niggled me was why Moyes hadn?t signed his contract. Then the announcement that Wyness had resigned coincided with comments from Moyes assuring fans he will sign the contract within a few weeks and intimating that new players are just around the corner. I thought that seemed like a deliberate ploy to take the edge off the Wyness situation, but relaxed a little as Davey put my mind at rest.

Fast forward just 24 hours and things are very different. Another poor team performance and clear indications that Moyes is getting downcast and frustrated. Lescott?s comments today highlight that it?s also getting to the players ? even the bookies are smelling blood!

The Johnson sale is also worrying. I know there are many better strikers out there but he?s a good, effective player ? not someone a club supposedly strengthening for the future should be selling.

I won?t get started on the ground move as I?ll be here all day but it appears to be having an impact on things. It?s all very gloomy and harks back to that horrible build-up to the 2004-05 season. Blue Bill has attempted to allay our fears but those comments will be meaningless until we sign someone of significance.

None of us have any idea how this is going to play out: I guess it?s time to clench our buttocks and hope for the best.

ps: Due to the uncertainty surrounding Everton, I arrived home from work yesterday evening in a sombre mood after spending the day trawling the web for some good Everton-related news. My girlfriend, who knows absolutely nothing about football, greeted me excitedly with ?Congratulations! I heard Everton have signed a new player from Sporting Lisbon for £16million.? For a few seconds my mood is lifted, and I feel like dancing a joyous jig around the room. Then I asked where she heard about the signing, hoping it was breaking news report on the radio. ?I read it in The Sun this morning,? she replied. I immediately plummeted back into the depths of despair. Bloody women.

Reader Comments

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Sean McKenna
1   Posted 02/08/2008 at 21:10:03

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LOL that's women for ye mate!
Keith Glazzard
2   Posted 02/08/2008 at 22:26:53

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The darkest hour is just before dawn.

We do not go from 5th, beating the Russian Champions and Uefa cup winners and Fiorentina - to nothing, in the few weeks of the close season.

When I went to Goodison as a teenager in the late 60’s I knew who the players were (as now), who the manager was (as now) and who the chairman was (as now). Didn’t seem to do us too much harm.

Now because something called a CEO has resigned, and the bookies don’t fancy us - possiby something to do with with redtop illiterate journos looking for a story encouraging generous punters to give their money to the turf accountants - we are in meltdown.

Well lets leave it to the Sun and the bookies shall we, and not to Moyes and BK. I’m sure that the gentlemen of the press and the turf have our interests close to their hearts, unlike DM and Blue Bill.

How do you do a little text sign meaning irony?
Trevor Lynes
3   Posted 03/08/2008 at 09:22:14

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I must say I feel a trifle better after reading DM?s vow to remain and complete his aims with EFC... However, I must reiterate my earlier comments that actions speak louder than words. I still feel that DM would be better served by being at home vetting the supposed transfer influx; by the time he is back from the USA there will be just about 10 days to plug the glaring holes before we start the new campaign.

I desperately hope we sign Moutinho as the fans really need a star player to whet the appetite and create some optimism at Goodison Park. I'm desperately hoping that he can be the missing spark to bring back the good football days when we kept possession and entertained the crowd. If AJ stays then better still... he might get some decent service and show some real ability in the box and not out by the corner flags. We need two scoring strikers and a supportive midfield scoring goals too.......:))))

Laurie Hartley
4   Posted 03/08/2008 at 10:02:11

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I like what Keith Glizzard had to say - its based on fact and sound logic. Yes I would like to see a couple of players come in and believe it will happen before the deadline. I prefer to stay optimistic. It doesn’t matter what the papers say, or the knockers of Everton Football Club. What matters is the state of mind of the Manager, the players and us (the fans).
Keith - I too started watching the blues in the (early)60’s - this is the sign you are looking for - ;)
We will be great again - ;)
Brian Donnelly
5   Posted 03/08/2008 at 10:53:19

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When DM says he is staying, he is telling the truth, but it means absolutely nothing. He has 12 months of his existing contract to serve and he is not the sort of person to walk away from a contract.

When he signs the new contract we will know that DM sees a future for EFC. Until then be worried, be very worried!
Tony Marsh
6   Posted 03/08/2008 at 11:56:05

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How many of you out there were so convinced that Uefa Cup qualification would lead to the floodgates opening for masses of quality players to come streaming through the door this season?

Answer: Plenty of you. What has happened though is none have signed and AJ would sooner play for the mighty Fulham than stick around here. Fulham FFS. Yep that Uefa Cup sure pulls 'em in alright.
Neil Humphrey
7   Posted 03/08/2008 at 12:06:30

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Congratulations on your usual idiosyncratic spin on the situation. AJ would not ’sooner play for the mighty Fulham’ - he was told he was to be sold because it was good business. Also, I firmly believe that you can judge the quality of a player by which clubs attempt to sign them - see McFadden for example. AJ is a Fulham, West Ham et cetera type of player. He will be missed, but not for long.
Phil Taylor
8   Posted 03/08/2008 at 17:51:19

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Oh no...its the negative spin again from the "county road" set ! In 10 days time we will have a manager on 5 year deal, 5 new players, go ahead for Kirkby and a new chief exec. And you know what.....people on here will still be moaning, threatning not to renew their season ticket in 2009 and asking for the head of Bill, the man whos brought us most stability in 25 years.....some yourself fans........
Rob Bentham
9   Posted 03/08/2008 at 18:03:16

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Phil call yourself one? Eh?
the "county road set" What?
Our recent history is boom 'n bust that's what we?re worried about. DM gives us a good season and then we don?t build. If you can?t sense the manager's frustration and the chairman?s lack of action, the fans? frustration and just follow blind faith that everything will be alright. God help you!!
Phil Taylor
10   Posted 03/08/2008 at 18:48:44

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A Fan... yes, all my life... I live 200m from ground and trying to spread some positive vibes. God help us ? some on here love the "grim reaper" visits and are predicting gloom and doom before the season starts! Just chill and see what happens... you never know... we might do well, but if you're like this now, god help the players coming onto the pitch. I for one am positive and will be cheering from the first whistle. I hope you either stay away or put on a positive from for Blackburn. Fans ???... you make me sick!!!!
Eric Bristow
11   Posted 03/08/2008 at 19:46:37

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Phil ?the sheep? Taylor, the close season has been an absolute disaster for us. If you think we will have 5 new players in 10 days time then you are seriously deluded. And I personally couldn't give two fucks about a new CEO, I want to see some money in DM's hand and some quality players strengthening our squad.

And could you drop the patronising ?County Road Set? labelling of anyone who is not a blind follower of the spin the club dishes up? I have blue friends from Speke to Crosby and they are all opposed to the Kirkby shambles.

Phil Taylor
12   Posted 03/08/2008 at 20:06:54

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Oh dear, Eric...
I think you missed the double there..

1. Moyes does have the money, hasn?t he said he's trying to bring in players??? Have you not been listening to our manager, or just what you want to hear???

2. So you have friends form Speke to Crosby... how cosmopolitan of you... they oppose Kirkby ...and??... I got a 10-year-old lad who doesn't believe in Father Christmas but we?re all still having Christmas Dinner...

Eric, just chill and see what happens... what else can you do???
phil taylor
13   Posted 03/08/2008 at 20:12:56

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Eric..this is off the official calm down....and be patient...some fans ..I dont know !!!!!

Moyes confirmed his intention to bolster his squad, and echoed the sentiments of chairman Bill Kenwright by pointing out that signings won’t be made for signing’s sake.

?I will not bring in just for the sake of it,? said Moyes.

?We need to bring in three or four main players that are going to cost big money and my standards are that high that I?m not going to bring them down.

mike jones
14   Posted 03/08/2008 at 21:34:26

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Your missus shouldnt be reading the sun newspaper anyway....scum newspaper!!!
Peter Howard
15   Posted 04/08/2008 at 12:42:10

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Rob B:

isn’t God blind faith ?

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