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Who's gonna sing that song?

By Paul Traill :  04/08/2008 :  Comments (10) :
So the boys are all away seemingly having a lot of "downtime" with some occasional training out in the States. The "team bonding" is working a treat! Can't you tell? The pre-season results and performances have been fantastic!

Every season you hear a story about the players all going out one night and all the new players having to get up and sing a song. I just wonder when they look around, who they'll be looking at to sing the song! Sure, the players seem a good bunch and all seem to get along pretty well; however, I can't help but think they must be getting a bit ticked off with things.

I'm hopeful they'll all pull together pretty well and all will be OK, but just a bit of perspective... I've worked in enough different jobs now to know that things can start to annoy you at work and this can have a knock-on effect on confidence and moral in a working environment. Whether you work in an office, on a construction site, at a factory or in a bar, there's always bitching and moaning somewhere and the more shit that goes on at a place the more people start to talk... people start to gossip... people start to moan. Here's just a few things which may be getting to the players right now 'cos it's certainly getting to me and I'm not an employee of Everton Football Club:

  • One of the lads they love having around (at least according to Neville, Cahill and Pienaar in recent interviews) and rate on the football pitch is getting sold (or is he?)... this might not bode well for the camp.
  • New players are supposedly coming in but nothing seems to be happening when its obvious the players themselves need and want more people about... this might not bode well for the camp.
  • Since 2008 they've lost some of the apparently more popular players at the club with Stubbsey, McFadden, Carsley, Gravesen and now probably (possibly?) AJ all moving on and have seen no new faces to replace them (Anthony Gardner's stint aside!)... this might not bode well for the camp.
  • Word is (despite Kenwright's protestations) that no money is available. Maybe a few of them are getting a bit edgy wondering if they too may be sold to free up some cash... this might not bode well for the camp.
  • There's still no guarantee at all that your boss is staying on. It becomes a bit harder to take someone seriously if you don't even know if he'll be around for much longer... this might not bode well for the camp.
  • The CEO has resigned. Perhaps something which the players feel may have an affect on any possible incoming transfers... this might not bode well for the camp.
I don't think Pienaar, Yakubu and Baines were around in time for the tour last year so perhaps they haven't sung their song just yet, so maybe they have their turn this time. I don't know how it works! But this sounds like clutching at straws to me!

Hopefully I'm writing complete nonsense and the players are all a fine happy bunch and all getting along ruddy well but I just wonder if outside influences may be having an effect on things. Internal communication is crucial at any organisation. I don't know how well they communicate internally at Everton Football Club but I do know how badly they communicate at the Box Office (due to their countless cock-ups for me), and if the external communication from our club is anything to go by then I feel we may have a problem.

God I hope they're all getting along looks like we're gonna need them to stick together for this season!

Reader Comments

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Irvine Washington
1   Posted 04/08/2008 at 01:55:33

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That IS complete nonsense.

Ciaran Duff
2   Posted 04/08/2008 at 07:24:26

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Hey Paul,

Apparently this is what is holding up the Moutinho transfer - he doesn’t know any songs in English. Same reason that AVdM pulled out of the trip. Nothing to do with his hammie or fear of flying. he was bricking it that they’d start slagging him about being a new signing and he’d have to sing "In the port of Amsterdam" again!
Paul OHanlon
3   Posted 04/08/2008 at 12:42:50

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Regardless of the comments you’ve received so far Paul I think you’ve got a point.

One of the main reasons Moyes likes to take the squad over to the States is to bed new players in and encourage team bonding. There’s no better way to do this than to take the lads away from home, away from the spotlight and living together for a period of time. But any new players we sign now have missed this!

He said himself in an interview last night that ideally he would’ve liked to have new faces over in the States, but now we’ve left it so late to bring players in they may not be ready for the start of the Premier League campaign.

Let’s just hope when players are finally brought in they’re the right quality. Although I wouldn’t expect any arrivals in we hear about DK.
Steve Jones
4   Posted 04/08/2008 at 17:02:47

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Remember the season Rooney left ? Hardly any signing during the summer - only a few on deadline day and the team eventually got 4th spot.

There is actually an advantage limiting changes - at least in the sort term, and we certainly will have the team spirit which comes from adversity to hopefully group together as a close knit team and get off to a flyer. August has been one of our best months in recent years, with or without new players ? and there is still time to bolster the squad to compete on a number of fronts this season.

Things are slow - but all is not lost - let's get behind the team that turns out against Blackburn. Its only a small squad - but its our squad!

Trevor Lynes
5   Posted 04/08/2008 at 17:23:23

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I felt a bit more optimistic hearing DM say he?s staying and bringing in some players of note. Then today I read that he is not so optimistic and talks about the fact that new faces need to bed in.... so why go to the States and now to PSV... surely the priorities were to supervise the bringing in of new players and perhaps leave the overseas jaunts to his 2nd in command. We should have had players at least a week ago... every season it's the same old 11th hour moves... continual brinkmanship.

Every fan could see the team was completely jaded long before the run-in last season, we were lucky that Villa?s equally small squad faltered too ? otherwise we would not have finished as high as we did. We ended the season watching for other teams results instead of finishing with a flourish we finished exhausted. Injuries piled up and the squad was further reduced by McFadden's exit... the money we got for him was not given to Davy boy, it ?er vanished!!

We desperately need a new star player to revive the team and excite the fans, plus a few more decent squad members to push the present incumbents who appear to be able to play if they want.... there are no alternatives. Competition for places breeds success and success brings confidence and optimism.

Richard Harris
6   Posted 04/08/2008 at 17:31:54

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Steve Jones wrote, "Remember the season Rooney left? Hardly any signings during the summer ? only a few on deadline day and the team eventually got 4th spot".

And the following season we finished 11th behind such giants as Wigan, West Ham and Bolton. The club were complacent and didn?t try hard enough to build on the 4th place. Even allowing for the disappointment of the Champions League qualifier, the signs were there in the 7 goals conceded at Highbury in our glorious 4th season. Always excuses every season for not winning anything and if we do overachieve then all of the awful performances are forgotten.

I love it when we achieve more than people give us credit for but I have a reality check remembering how easily it could all fall apart.

Shaun Croker
7   Posted 04/08/2008 at 20:11:04

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Ok,soooo.... If there is no moneyfor transfers!
How’s about..

Fernandes back on loan

Free Transfers... why do we never get any?

There must be plenty of decent players who could fill in till January? I’m not sure who? but somebody must know one or two?
Trevor Lynes
8   Posted 05/08/2008 at 10:33:09

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A short few weeks ago names like Arshavin and Moutinho were being touted as EFC targets in the transfer window... now it's Alan Smith and Darren Fletcher. From caviar to bangers and mash!!

Rooney left and saved the club from soaring debts. I have never called the lad for leaving. He was playing in an aging side in constant relegation struggles and absolutely no ambition in the boardroom. All we got was "achieve 40 points as then we wont go down".

DM has done a very gradual re-build of the squad with small money if you compare his budget with other clubs. We have squeezed the max out of run of the mill players with the odd exception like Arteta, Lescott and perhaps Pienaar who is still improving. Prudence, whoever she is, has been our byword and it is to DM?s great credit that he has achieved wonders under severe monetary restraint. He at the moment is our major asset and he could well be wooed away by a club with more investment opportunities if BK is not careful.

Arshavin is out of reach now and I reckon we missed the boat months ago before the Euro championships threw him up as a class act. Now Moutinho is no longer mentioned... I really hope he is not another out of our means. The EFC fans are amongst the most loyal in the land and they have been starved for years of having real stars to boast about in our team. Almost every decent Premier League side has player/s that are top internationals that the fans pay to watch. We are in the main served by journeymen who DM gets the best out of... think what he could do if he could really buy at least one top player of his choice plus a few other class squad members.

Competition for places should be a given in every team... we have players who can play every week if they feel like because we do not have alternatives. This is a sorry state for a team of EFC stature to be in and I'm ashamed at the way we are becoming the soap opera of the division.

James Power
9   Posted 06/08/2008 at 13:18:40

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Rooney selfless to the last! Saved our club. What a sacrifice he made going to the Glory Glory for loads of cash - maybe he should be Deified... I'm sure he?d much rather be playing for Everton, but there he is having to put up with winning most matches, his face plastered all over merchandise being shipped all over the world, the all-star team lining up beautifully weighted balls for him to rifle into the net. I am sure he is really missing us, but safe in the knowledge that he sacrificed himself for us...
Andy Crooks
10   Posted 06/08/2008 at 19:11:27

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Sylvia, brilliant. By the way, why haven?t you been writing this sort of stuff for years?

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