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Time to show togetherness

By Jay Harris :  07/08/2008 :  Comments (25) :
I read with dismay all the carping and bitterness on the KIrkby call-in threads. At the end of the day we all love the blues some more than others which means we all wear our hearts on our sleeves sometimes. So the outpouring of emotion was always going to happen in some form after the events of recent weeks.

But I have to put out a plea to stop the in fighting. We are all Evertonians, we have been through tougher times than this but WE ALWAYS PULL TOGETHER.

I remember the Hillsborough disaster so well. After a fine 1-0 victory against Norwich to take us to Wembley again there was an eerie hush towards the end of the game and when we were walking back to our car Blues supporters were sitting on the roadside crying. When we asked them what's wrong they told us what had happened at HIllsborough and as soon as news spread there wasn't a dry eye around Villa Park. But then we rallied around the deeply upset and gave them a dose of scouse camaraderie and that togetherness got quite a few people through their trials and tribulations that day.

I get the same feeling this week. I really feel for the guys who believed Kirkby was our salvation even though I vehemently disagreed with them; I always thought Kirkby was a half-baked cheap idea that would give short-term benefits to some people but would cost EFC big time in the medium to long term. I also know that many took the opposite view, which I and many others found difficult to understand... but hey everyone's entitled to their view.

There are many other matters which cause rifts between the fans, such as "Black Bill": Do you love him or hate him? Believe him or disbelieve him? You will know from my description and previous postings that I personally have no time for the man. I see him as a conniving lying charlatan who would stab his own mother in the back to get his way.

I also hold him responsible for so many things that have caused rifts between the fans: Kings Dock, NTL fund, Fortress Sports Fund, Rooney, Wyness, NO funds and now No new ground. I personally think if he was a man of honour he would offer to resign as chairman but that is not the purpose of this post.

I really feel that with everything that's been thrown at us this close season, no matter how difficult it may be, we all have to learn from the Moyes example and show some unity behind Moyes and the team but most of all with each other. Let's forget the innuendoes and brickbats we threw at each other and unite for the good of the team.

Let's not look for recriminations because the guilty will be found out. Let's show others that in the face of adversity we unite and get behind the boys in the "Royal Blue Jersey" because we are EVERTON.

Reader Comments

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Victor Johnson
1   Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:17:27

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The reason it is difficult for us to pull together is because we all know that arses like you would never have penned such a post had the decision gone the other way...
Tony Henry
2   Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:31:58

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Funny Jay,

I was at Villa Park that day and remember none of this ’weeping at the roadside’ business. Just happy blues who had heard that something terrible had happened at Hillsborough. This was pre the mobile phone/internet era and news didn’t travel as fast.

Seems like a bit of revisionism here. I wonder if your memory will be as hazy in 20 years time about your Kirkby views and why you were ’right’ all along.....

’Wasn’t a dry eye around Villa Park’? Sanctimonius, self-serving crap.
Pat Domingo
3   Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:50:00

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Jeez, Jay you make my skin crawl. Seriously. Your the man, possibly foremost amongst many others, who for the past 18 months, with the OK of this website, has been calling ’Yes’ voters, scabs, traitors, scum etc etc.
Now you call for togetherness. It’s beyoned belief really. Your either completely up yourself or on another planet.
I think the latter. Like Tony Henry I too was at Villa Park that day. All we heard in the ground was there was no half time score from Hillsborough and, later, the game had been abandoned. People assumed it was hooliganism not deaths. It was only several hours later the enormity of what had happened became clear. All that ’scouse camaraderie’ cuddling crying fans on the kerbside, as if that was going to get them through the day. Didn’t happen mate. Not at Villa Park. You mustn’t have been there. Therefore, as I suspected, your just full of shit.
Jay Campbell
4   Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:56:55

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Victor Johnson how I love to hear the likes of you spitting feathers.

Best news of the summer by a mile.
tony henry
5   Posted 07/08/2008 at 20:17:05

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See Jay, here’s a namesake promoting ’togetherness’ right now.

Well done.
Tony Waverleas
6   Posted 07/08/2008 at 20:53:27

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"...I see (BK) as a conniving lying charlatan who would stab his own mother in the back to get his way..."

Jay, you use language like that to describe a fellow Evertonian yet you simultaneously make a heart-string tugging plea for unity.

Neil Pearse
7   Posted 07/08/2008 at 21:13:04

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Sorry Jay, but after the abuse I have suffered at the hands of you and others over the past year, your plea now is completely dishonest and hollow. You should have thought about unity and fellow feeling a little earlier perhaps?
James Tunstead
8   Posted 07/08/2008 at 20:57:51

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By the responses so far to Jays post I doubt if the Yes camp are ready smoke a peace pipe at a pow wow with the No?s!
Good try Jay. I think that as the truth about each lie came out, one by one about the farce that DK was going to be. Many who originally voted Yes realised they had been had and that the whole proposal was in reality, utterly dreadful. What we are left with are Yes voters who simply cannot admit when they are wrong and have made a mistake, they are lashing out and blaming everyone else for their own failings.
David Kiely
9   Posted 07/08/2008 at 21:36:51

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Even with the decision going the way of common sense regarding the call in, I can’t say I’m feeling too fraternal toward the supporters who were willing to march us over the cliff because they couldn’t grasp the long-term damage that would be done to the club.

As far as I’m concerned, those of us campaigning for a call in saved these people from themselves.

No thanks needed, by the way.
Dave Moorcroft
10   Posted 07/08/2008 at 21:13:37

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I was at Villa park that day, and there was a guy standing behind me who had a radio. He told me and everyone who would listen that "people had died at Hillsboro just after half time". So to say "happy blues leaving the ground happy that something terrible had happened at Hillsboro" shows what fucking twat you kind of people are!!! I didn't see anyone crying but i saw a lot of EVERTONIANS who, considering we had just reached the FA Cup Final, were not celebrating as they should have been.
Tony Henry
11   Posted 07/08/2008 at 23:10:47

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Dave Moorcroft,

I didn?t mean to infer that some Evertonians knew of the deaths at Hillsborough and were happy. I simply meant to say that we (the lads I was with) knew ?something? had happened (we immediately thought crowd trouble) but certainly not deaths. We never had a ?guy with a radio behind? us. We found out on the journey home. I apologise if my post read that way to you. However the rest of my sentiment stands.
Jay Harris
12   Posted 07/08/2008 at 23:55:44

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Tony Henry, if you didn't see or witness what I and many others saw then I pity you.
Many blue scousers had relatives there that day and we came across many inconsolable blues on the way back to our car.
If you think that statement is full of shit then the whole article was wasted on you.

Pat Domingo, I defy you to turn up a single post of mine where I called anyone a scab or traitor or scum and for your information the news was going around the supporters at the end of the game. So where you really there?

Tony Waverleas, I make no excuse for my opinion of Bill Kenwright and have always posted to that effect.I do not consider him a true blue and my message was aimed at supporters not the person I hold responsible for the majority of the division.

James Tunstead, I guess you are right somne people will take a long time to "Get over it" and it looks as if my plea for togetherness has fallen on deaf ears.
John Roberts
13   Posted 08/08/2008 at 06:10:22

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Real togetherness should now be shown. By that I mean togetherness between the two teams in Liverpool. This togetherness should result in a stadium, built in Stanley Park, owned by both teams.
Neil Pearse
14   Posted 08/08/2008 at 07:05:02

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No James, you are completely wrong. It has in fact become increasingly clear that, without DK, Everton is in a dreadful crisis - with financial backers such as Earl and Green backing away, the prospect of a major new owner receding, a manager who is now probably unwilling to sign a new contract, and severe difficulties in signing the new players we desperately need.

After all the so-called ’lies’ that you continue to throw your tantrums about, Kirkby remains the best deal for a brand new stadium that this club is ever likely to see. It was by far the best prospect for major new investment that we had available to us. That is now what we have lost.

You can continue to stick your heads in the sand if you like, but Yes voters such as myself are not going to ’unite’ with you and Jay there. Enjoy the view!
Sonny Phillips
15   Posted 08/08/2008 at 07:51:40

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I went the match with Kenwright once and he really loves his old Mam, he takes her to as many games as she can get to, so saying he would stab her in the back for a business deal is way off the mark.

I am a ’no’ voter (and happy with this scheme being called in) but slagging BK off with personal insults is just ridiculous, it says more about the poster than the intended target.
David OKeefe
16   Posted 08/08/2008 at 12:16:26

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I can only see one person having a tantrum here, Neil and rather surprisingly it is you.
Tony Waverleas
17   Posted 08/08/2008 at 13:06:41

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With respect you can?t have it both ways.
Your opinion of BK is one you?re entitled to hold but when you condemn him with such strong words you are by association also condemning those fans who support what he is trying to do at the club (or the ?Yes Men? as they are forevermore destined to be called). So, far from holding out an olive branch it could actually be seen as you being unable to resist having another little pop.

Like you I also hope we can move on from this unhappy episode in our recent history but I doubt it will happen overnight. What might help is if in a day or two?s time the site?s administrators called a moratorium on any further Kirkby-related articles. Not least because after reading Lyndon?s measured and thought-provoking article I?m not sure much else needs to be said.
Damian Wilde
18   Posted 08/08/2008 at 13:03:46

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I must admit I was flabbergasted to read an articel about ?togerthness? from Jay Harris. Unbelievable. The amount of abuse you have dished out has been immense. I think the ?no? camp have some good points, but it is still egotistical people like you, Campbell and James who continue with your one sided, smarmy views.

Why am I wrong James? What mistakes have I made? I think it is you who is lashing out. If DK was so wrong, please let me have your fantastic alternatives? Ones that will have a supportive council, a billionnaire company on board, and an alternative that will happen now; rather than having to wait a few years with going back to square one (which will probably cost us millions, 30-40??).

We?re already light years behind the top 4, soon we?ll be years behind Spurs, Villa, and probably Pompey, etc. as we have no money. When will people realise we can?t afford (even though we may dserve it) a world class stadium, we can only just afford a mid-level one with support from others! Mid level would be luxury compared to GP though (as mich as I love the place)!

Oh and Kiely, of course there is no thanks needed, why would I thank you? Oh and cheers for saving myself from myself, nice one Fella, you?re a genius like a lot of others on the site!

Jay, maybe BK thinks you?re not a true blue. I think he is far more supportive of the club than you. All you do is bitch. Do you ever do anything else? Oh and ye, it?s taken me soooo long ?to get over it?. Fallen on deaf ears? You?re just trying to gloat. The first poster had it right when he said you would not have posted this had it gone the other way. Would you have? If you say ?yes?, than you?re a liar (a fav. word of yours, oh and Campbell?s too!)
Neil Pearse
19   Posted 08/08/2008 at 13:43:18

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Fair enough David O’Keefe. I really do believe that the Kirkby call in is a disaster for our club. I think that is already becoming pretty self-evident. So I don’t take very kindly to people saying such things as we Yes Men have been "saved from ourselves".

This is salvation? Financial support backing away, a manager unprepared to sign a new contract, and very little money to buy new players. Thanks guys!
Tony Parsons
20   Posted 08/08/2008 at 13:30:11

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Now you’ve got your own way it’s easy for you to say such things.

The fact is that a democratic process was put in place and has been ripped apart by the likes of you.

So... what I say to you and the rest of the K.E.I.O.C millitants is ’Over to you’. Go and speak to your mates at L.C.C and let us know when you’ve come up with a suitable alternative to the Kirkby project.

Peter Howard
21   Posted 08/08/2008 at 14:46:52

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The people who think the Government call-in had anything to do with KEIOC or any other minor protesters are deluding themselves or worse still, are guilty of self-aggrandisement. They are the same type of people who subscribe to the idea that if all the people in China jump up and down then the Earth will get knocked off its axis. Shit I hope they’re wrong the Olympics has just started ! 1
Keith Glazzard
22   Posted 08/08/2008 at 15:04:45

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The genius who decided to call the anti-Kirkby campaign "Keep Everton In Our City" ensured that Evertonians would look at each other differently in the future. Clearly, there are two classes of Evertonian. Those who can walk to the local then to the match - and the rest.

’Keep Everton in The City’ or ’at Goodison’ would have said so much more to all Evertonians. Clearly the "L word" could never have been used. But "Our City"? Sets the stall out doesn’t it.

And what the hell the Hillsborough disaster has got anything to do with this is beyond me.
Trevor Clarke
23   Posted 08/08/2008 at 16:02:56

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Jay you must be a complete fool to ask for togetherness after slating yes voters for so long, all I can say is that keioc have probably caused Everton FC to tumble out of any possible contention we had for the top 4 spots and nocked Everton Back years in terms of competeing with the so called big 4.

Lets see if you will be smiling in few months when Everton have started to decline further.
Jay Harris
24   Posted 08/08/2008 at 16:57:50

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Let me say right up front I am not and never have been a member of KEIOC although I fully endorse their sentiment.
I did not want this post to denigrate into another slanging match over Kirkby but feel I must respond to those of you who are blaming me,KEIOC and other "No" voters for the collapse of Kirkby,Everton’s financial woes and the lack of new transfers etc.

If Bill Kenwright truly wants to sell EFC for EFC"S benefit he will find a buyer irrespective of Kirkby.

Everton’s financial woes are only down to one thing BAD MANAGEMENT.

The same bad management that went headlong into a "No plan B" exclusivity agreement with Tesco despite being told it was an ill conceived idea.

The same bad management that has reduced income and made continuous operating losses at a time when the prem is awash with money.

The same bad management that has given David Moyes only 4.5 million a year average to spend on new players despite the success on the pitch.

The same bad management that the shareholders are so concerned about they have called an EGM.

Please take off the rose tinted specs and see this board for who they are and as for investor prospects I believe any investor would prefer to buy a top 5 team at GP than a mediocre stadium in the back of beyond with around 100 million debt tagged onto it.

If some of you have a personal issue with me that’s fine but please dont continue the bitterness towards the "No" camp that has been created by Kirkby.
Jamie Rowland
25   Posted 05/09/2008 at 13:43:53

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When Hillsborough sadly occurred, I was 9yrs old. I was at the Villa game with my Dad. We knew what had happened and I can recall the silence as we walked back to the car. I can recall the upset evertonians and I can recall a queue of people trying to get access to a BT payphone to find out what was happening. I was 9 - and I can remember. Nobody was happy. My Dad was trying to make me understand that although we had made a final - the more important issue of people?s LIVES had taken the headlines and our thoughts.
After that event ONE proud moment, that will stay with me for life, was when blues and reds alike came together and tied scarves together to honour the unfortunate. Proud to be scouser.
Then, sadly, came Rhys Jones...and again a city was united (not quite as eagerly but still united) and I was ?pleased? to see the red half honour his wishes as much as we had.
The worst thing of all though is that as Evertonians we already have a involuntary link with each other. A common love for a football club. Yet we argue, abuse and insult each other. Every comment, post or article on this site is immediately met with distaste and often, insult. I?m just as guilty as any other fan but now is the time to get together. Portsmouth game was silent and thats not acceptable.

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