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We Are Everton, A Rally Call

By Gareth Cooper :  07/08/2008 :  Comments (52) :
I wholly believe that Everton FC must be the worst marketed team in the entire of English football. The ridicule which we receive in both the written media and via tele-visual broadcasting is nothing short of disgraceful. In the most part we are a laughing stock and it is something which we aggressively need to stand up to and fight against.

I have read before on forum pages, in mailbag postings and by word of mouth the outrage of fellow blues at how we are portrayed by various media. I have also heard and seen much of it myself as I avidly keep up to date with anything about Everton, something I think many of us do, REAL fans of a REAL, passionate football club. It fills me with anger when our name is repeatedly dragged through the dirt with every piece of news, positive or negative. Something we have seen more than ever over the last 3 months. Speculation, drama and down-right lies.

Sarcastic MoTD comments from scum like Mark Lawrenson, completely biased match commentary by cowards like Alan Green and patronising portrayals of our club by various faceless SSN presenters. These are all a mouthpiece to the general public which is slowly brainwashing the country into believing there are only 4 teams worth knowing about in England. Worse however is the brief coverage that we do get, which in comparison to our current competition (team s like Tottenham, Villa and Portsmouth), is terrible. We are made out to be a shambles on, and more topically, off the pitch. This has implications on our affairs not only in the minds of other teams, but when purchasing players and looking for investment we need to progress in this modern money sucking game.

It is sad to see that a team with so much history have such little respect from supposed ?football people?. Recently we have been the only team to break the Sky4 monopoly, yet every year we are overlooked, looked down on and discarded as unworthy adversaries. We deserve better than this. We are a club on the move, looking forward at beating Arsenal and Liverpool (the next step), not floundering and settling for 5th and the futility of the Uefa Cup.

This is something that needs to be addressed by the club. Our recently appointed head of marketing has a huge job on his hands. We need to lose the ?chats? with Bill Kenwright sat on his sofa waxing lyrical about transfer targets and ?being confident about signings?. We need to stop the ?only a fan? comments and take a more professional stance.

Bill?s public, relaxed persona is harmful to our reputation. We need to exude confidence, which borders on arrogance. We need to GET our transfer targets whatever the cost, not ?TRY?. We were the 5th best team in the highest quality league in the world last year, we need to strive for better, demand respect and challenge those who with the help of this spin are becoming comfortable. This is not blind optimism, this is the attitude we need to win.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum? That is what we are all about. We need to send out the message. We won?t just roll over and die. We are Everton.

Reader Comments

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sean mckenna
1   Posted 07/08/2008 at 17:06:17

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Gareth just to make your day that little bit worse our first signing is alan smith, yes that twat that cant get a game at the barcodes, thats why we are a laughing stock!!
James Cadwaladr
2   Posted 07/08/2008 at 17:22:31

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I think Smith would turn about to be a decent little buy for the money.

In lehmans terms would you rather him or the Swedish international Noah Baarde?
Anthony Jaras
3   Posted 07/08/2008 at 17:35:13

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Why do people keep saying he is our first signing, there has been no confirmation either way whether he will be joining or not.
Andy Crooks
4   Posted 07/08/2008 at 17:47:47

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Sean.don’t start me about Alan Green.I ,believe it or not ,.once had respect for the man.He is a fellow countryman who used to be a fearless journalist who spoke his mind.Last season I was reduced to listening to our games on five live and the bias of this man was frightening.Can anyone tell me why he hates Everton so much?
Also ,Alan Smith has a lot to prove and I think DM is the man to help him.
Tony Marsh posted a pretty dispargaging comment about him.Tony I agree with you most times but I must disagree this time.I f we had fifty million to spend then it would be a bad move.As we seem to have fuck all he is a steal.
Andy Crooks
5   Posted 07/08/2008 at 17:59:43

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Apologies,Sean I meant Gareth.
Daniel Howard
6   Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:05:22

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Here we go again, bleating on about our ’history’ and demanding respect because of it. It only matters what happens in the present, and the reason we are belittled in the media is because we are poorly run now, with little or no commercial nous. DM is a miracle worker in the circumstances. Any club that relies on former glories to feel good about itself is on a slippery slope.
Keith Glazzard
7   Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:39:33

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Daniel - totally agree. I love our history, and it riles me when people who ought to know better in the media forget it. But the hacks who are paid to glorify the Sky 4 are arseholes, hqppy to take the money. Ignore them.. Anyone who pays for Sky or buys the Sun is paying their wages. Don’t ddo it.
Jay Campbell
8   Posted 07/08/2008 at 20:00:09

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Kenwright "Watch this space"


Another Brett Angel nice one Bill

sean mckenna
9   Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:46:02

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Reasons why we will buy alan smith, hes cheap, can play in 2 different positions which moyes likes, always gives 100 percent, now moyes talks about moving to the (next level) buying someone who is jack of all trades and master of fuck all aint going to get us too far!! if alan smith is so good why would newcastle with a small squad let him go?? face it were shopping at oxfam again, be prepared for a long season, hope im wrong
Adrian Arnold
10   Posted 07/08/2008 at 20:24:04

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I agree that signing Alan Smith is not making my pulse go any faster, but if we do sign him, if everyone is fit and available would he make the starting 11, I dont think so but as a squad signing he could be a good buy. I dont think we should all be so negative, we have a great manager and the spine of the team is as strong as its been for along time. Bring on the season and lets prove all the so called pundits we are a good side which will win more games than lose. FOREVER EVERTON
Marco Bonfiglio
11   Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:24:18

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Guys: if I can steer a middle course through this debate - with regard to the constant belittlement in the media, I believe we did OK in the press last season; I remember at least two op-ed articles (in the Times & the Telegraph, if I remember correctly) which held EFC up as an example to the rest of how to keep house and maximise resources. It was broadly acknowledged that the refereeing against Liverpool & Blackburn deprived us of valuable points. The whole world isn’t against us - just that rump of pothunters in the media, Berkshire, Surrey & Dublin (who dread every derby match because this might just be the one that makes the rest of the season unbearable).

Admittedly Alan Green is a disgrace - but those five words say it all. It’s universally acknowledged that as a commentator the man has the credibility of Jeffrey Archer. So, in the words of Peter Cook, "why bother?"

As to what I think is the Great Debate: Grand Old Team vs 21st Century - that is, and is going to be the question we should be considering for the next few years. I’m ancient enough to remember the glory years of 1970, and the mid-Eighties, and immature enough to bitterly resent the consequences of Heysel. But we move on.

And since the advent of David Moyes, we have. (I’m still coming to terms with the fact that he’s the first Everton manager younger than me - but that’s by the by) I think his presence is paramount to Everton’s progress, and I’m concerned that that contract is sitting unsigned on a desk somewhere. People have said "where would he go?".

Well, Carlos Quieroz is now installed in Portugal, and Sir Ferg is hunting for a 2iC, with a view to that 2iC taking over when Sir Ferg falls off the perch. I know Rooney’s presence might make this a little awkward, but hell, time heals all wounds (and wounds all heals, for that matter), so I’m sure something could be arranged. Which is my nightmare.

It IS a Grand Old Team, and a Grand Old Club, and after the Agent Johnson years I was pleased when it was taken over by a fan, but Mr K has now blown the gaffe by admitting that he’s a guppy in a piranha tank. The question hanging in the air is do we want to be our club to be a guppy or a piranha? Do we want our club to be a Rottweiler or a Labrador? Do we want our club to be Chelsea or Charlton? Do we want our club to be Thaksin Shinawatra or John Moores?

I don’t know, folks. Is there a middle route out there?
Mark Williams
12   Posted 07/08/2008 at 20:39:05

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Spot on Gareth Cooper....
This is the way ALL us blues should think...I am sure most do...lets knot roll over and die...we are THE PEOPLES CLUB....Dixie, Bally, Labby...etc...Would not stand for this!!!!
Nick Entwistle
13   Posted 07/08/2008 at 21:01:38

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I think you’re living too much through the media...
Marco Bonfiglio
14   Posted 07/08/2008 at 21:09:33

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If that’s aimed at me, Nick, this is the media, and this site seems to be all about media perception,
Steve Grimshaw
15   Posted 07/08/2008 at 21:12:49

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All I know is I check Everton related web sites every chance I can, and it just seems to be bad news or no news. We are the only team in the premiership to have not signed anybody whilst losing several players. Even Stoke and Hull have money to acquire new players! Where?s all the sky money and premiership money gone? So far this has been a pretty depressing close season and if things don?t improve I shall be digging my old rugby boots out of the cupboard, because even I will be able to get a game this season what with the paper thin squad we have!!!
Paul Maguire
16   Posted 07/08/2008 at 21:46:15

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Alan Smith COULD be a good signing - I remember being very impressed with him when he was at Leeds - but only time will tell (seems only to be a rumour so far).
Does anyone know if Manny is coming back or is that dead in the water as well. Listened to Claridge on Mondays Football Daily and he reckons while EFC have great fans (and stadium!) theyre over achievers. Well we’re going to have to over achieve this season I reckons....
Alan Wainwright
17   Posted 07/08/2008 at 22:34:41

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I can?t believe my club is supported by whingers such as Gareth Cooper.

We have progressed from a club that battled against relegation each season, to a club that is respected as a consistent top six contender.

What do the whingers want BK to say. "We have shed loads of money and we?ll pay anything".

I believe Everton have conducted an excellent PR campaign to convince selling clubs that the finances are dire, in a bid to deter them for bumping up the prices.

Look at Liverpool. £19 million for Keane and the same for Barry. Neither are worth more than £10 million.

We?ve bought shrewd and we?ve bought well to get us where we are.

So stop the whinging and have trust and faith in the management team that has taken our club to the brink of the Champions League.
Alan Wainwright
18   Posted 07/08/2008 at 22:45:15

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Alan Smith is a prime example and could just be a decoy leaked to the press to throw them off the scent of DM?s real targets.

I hope so, as the useless fucker hasn?t scored in his last 37 outings.
Gareth Cooper
19   Posted 07/08/2008 at 23:01:26

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Alan Wainwright:

I don?t really see what I?ve written as whinging. I applaud DM for what he has done for the club and if you read again, I am very positive about our club, just not how we are portrayed to the rest of the world.

I think this is my main point. We are proud fans, we should act like it. If we do and the club does, and conducts itself in a professional manner we are doing the best we can. We are in every competition to win, something DM referred to recently, to my delight. If we do this and strive for success rather than whinging, we may get better media coverage.
Dave Gerrard
20   Posted 07/08/2008 at 23:48:48

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I think this article is bang on the money. I think we all sometimes forget that we are a FOOTBALL club, and no matter what goes on behind the scenes we were the fifth best team in England last season. This isn?t living in the glories of the past, the truth is we aint too bloody bad right now and we deserve some respect.
Jason Lam
21   Posted 08/08/2008 at 02:14:36

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Look, I’ll tell you why:

The media hate Everton because we’re honest and we’re winning games without having to splash megabucks on superstars, whose private lifestyles fill the tabiods. Our style of play is effective, efficient and bland. It works. Against the more glamorous clubs. We consistently place top6, taking a European spot with us, where the media would rather see Spurs, Newcastle, Villa who have ’star’ players.

We place other teams/managers that spend vasts amounts of money in a bad light, as we consistently beat them on a shoestring budget. Playing good old fashioned football.

We are a threat to the sky4 and preceived image that the Premier League is the most exciting and glamorous product in the world.

Dave Johnson
22   Posted 08/08/2008 at 03:30:04

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Moyes could revive Smiths career and the bite will give us another option.Well worth the risk at 2-3 million,If there are other quality signings he will be most welcome.
Peter Bradshaw
23   Posted 08/08/2008 at 03:52:04

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Man Utd havent signed anyone yet either, they have the same quality in their squad as ours whats the problem, we are doing the duracell approach wait till everyone runs out of money to pounce..... on Alan Smith, Stephen Carr, Freddie Ljunberg and Lily Savage, oh and I went to the local Tescos and Brett Angell said he was free next week onwards as long as we put a bell in the ball
Colin Grierson
24   Posted 08/08/2008 at 07:35:44

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Any player who doesn’t want to come to us because the likes of Green, Hansen, Lawrenson et al don’t show us respect we are better off without IMO.
As for Alan Smith, if we do buy him, give the lad a chance before you start slagging him off! He has been playing in a woeful side so there’s no surprise that he hasn’t done too well there.
I can’t believe how negative some of you are. Is it any surprise that the media are negative when our own fans are.
Lets wait and see what happens with regards to transfers and then get behind the team (Smith and all if he arrives) come what may!
Chris Kennedy
25   Posted 08/08/2008 at 08:21:57

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Completley agree with you Colin. It is more worrying to me how negative our own fans are being. What do you want guys? Lets sell the the club to a bunch of foreigners to wear as a status symbol, mortgage the club to the tune of billions and when the premiership bubble does burst (and it will), be left in the shit like the red scum will be? Not for me fellas. We are doing fine just as we are. We have a team which has improved season on season. A manager who has bought astutley and has turned a parenial relegation battling team into a consistant top six side. We ARE pushing to break the monopoly of the so called top four and will continue our progress this season. We have some great youngsters coming through the ranks and DM will bring in players which he believes will make a contribution to, and improve the team before the deadline. Others have spent big and will no doubt improve but so will we!!! The doom merchants among you will be singing to a different tune by Christmas I assure you. We have proven already that you do not have to put the club into debt in order to improve. Look at Leeds!
4th this season. onwards and upwards.

Shaun Brennan
26   Posted 08/08/2008 at 09:26:32

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Lets, all wear badges, ring bells and wave our flags and scarfs. that will get us noticed. Tongue in cheek.

But to be fair your right. we do suffer from poor publicty and negative comments etc...

But sod all that, we are Everton and let?s not give a toss about what other people think.

Those who understand do not need explanation; those who don't understand do not matter.
Gareth Cooper
27   Posted 08/08/2008 at 09:49:27

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Shaun Brennan;

I know what your saying. Along the lines of #we don’t care what the Red shite say....#. To a certain extent that is what we do, but there is a point where it’s like pissing into a stiff breeze. We need to at least to set a precedent for how we want to be regarded. I do like the single mindedness of how you see things, I just feel we as a club need to be a little more pro-active in setting an image others should fear (or have I been watching Batman too closely ;) )

Chris Kennedy

I definitely don’t want us to sell our souls like the red shite etc. I think we need investment, but agree that it should be either from those with a passion for Everton, or those who have an integrity on which we can rely.
I am looking forward to this season, and i’m not being negative about our team. I want us to be proud, to stand up and be counted, to give no one else too much respect. I am advocating Everton and hoping that the rest of us do. Enough of the ’in house’ squabbling about Kirkby, the lack of transfers etc. We need to stand and fight together, in what is a very hostile climate.
Phil Owen
28   Posted 08/08/2008 at 10:18:17

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Great article and discussion... My 2p.... Alan Green is a red, always has been and always will be. That's why he is so biased.... He sums up the saying "has a face for radio"

The BBC (MofTD) is full of ex red-shites and ex-players who mostly hate Everton. I refer you to the treatment Alan Shearer used to dish out (and get away with) when he played Everton. Treatment that was then defended as "good forward play" by Hansen and Lawrenson.

Lineker?s loyalty is to Leicester, then Spurs, then Walkers Crisps the anything else he can think of , followed by Everton. Sky just cant see past the "big 4" most weeks.

To be honest I have given up getting so worked up about it now. What matters is this up-coming season. That we do better than last year and hopefully get a top 4 spot. A team needs to break up this "big 4" monopoly, and I hope we do it.

As for Alan Smith, I think DM could get the best out of him.

Shaun Brennan
29   Posted 08/08/2008 at 10:40:39

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Gareth Cooper,

Your absolutely right. Thats how i prefer to see things as a supporter. but with the increasing negativity towards the club and bias shown against it. is it any wonders why say for instance a investor with no knowledge of the english game would identify everton. From a business sense we do require a much more improved image.
Joe Walsh
30   Posted 08/08/2008 at 10:27:34

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I have just woken from a coma! The last thing I remember is Ratcliff lifting
The championship trophy! ?What?s happened? Is Kendall still the Manager?
Martin Gray
31   Posted 08/08/2008 at 10:56:49

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Why do so many people get hung up on what people think of Everton. I couldn’t care less what Lawrenson, Hansen, Green,Lineker et al think of my club. It is not important now and it never has been.

We have far too many sensitive and precious souls who get upset because we do not get the same amount of coverage as the mancs or the shite. So what?

On the subject of ’another Brett Angel’ maybe Smith might turn out to be another Reid or Gray or Sheedy or Power or one of numerous signings that were riduculed and turned out fairly well. In Moyes (and Kenwright) we trust.
Steve Carter
32   Posted 08/08/2008 at 11:35:54

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In my view, Smith will be an excellent buy. He’s versatile, and SAF had a high opinion of him and didn’t want him to go - said he had played his guts out for them in 2006/07 and it was just too far down in the pecking order, remember? Better player in my view than Johnson and certainly better than McFadden, and better than a number of our existing first teamers (certainly Neville, Osman and Pineaar for starters) - a snip at 2M.
Dave Johnson
33   Posted 08/08/2008 at 12:29:04

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Another thing if reports are correct Smith is willing to take a pay cut to pull on the Royal Blue Jersey.Good enough for me.
Chris Kennedy
34   Posted 08/08/2008 at 12:21:19

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Steve Carter, I agree that Smith will turn out to be a great signing if it goes ahead, but better than Pineaar and Osman? Well I hope he is mate because those two guys have been superb for us so far. Honest, hardworking and skillfull both of them. On the public image debate, I too get angry at times by the negativity of the media towards Everton, but I take solice in the fact that we prove them all wrong every season. Our football has improved no end in the last two seasons, even prompting AG on 5live to comment last season against the gooners at Goodison - "it like watching Arsenal in blue" We will as I stated in an earlier post improve again this season. The news today looks good with the comments of Malito, M’Bia and Mountinio and even the acquition of possibly of Johson from City. Keep the Faith

Steve Ashton
35   Posted 08/08/2008 at 12:26:04

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Jay Campbell

Alan Smith Brett Angell
5’ 10" 6’ 2"
19 Eng Apps None
Leeds Man U N ’castle Stockport S’end
300 ish top flight apps None

Spot on as usual Jay!
Chris Lawlor
36   Posted 08/08/2008 at 12:52:07

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Just to dispel a current myth... We are not the only team to not sign a new player. Man Utd have yet to sign anyone.

On Alan Smith, I can see him being quite effective if he can be moulded into the Carsley role. The lad was class once and
that doesnt just disappear.

Roll on next Saturday and lets get back to talking about an actual footy match.

Ciarán McGlone
37   Posted 08/08/2008 at 12:53:28

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Maybe the author of this piece ought to have a look at the state of this club at the moment and then realise that we are not singled out for ridicule in the press...and that the press Usually reflects the situation of the club...

I’m sick and tired of all this ’woe is me’ evertonian garbage...

Any chance we could stop the tide of erroneous grief at the way we are purported to be treated in the media....its a load of bóllocks.
Steve Ashton
38   Posted 08/08/2008 at 13:29:26

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Man Ure have signed a young lad from Roma I think £2.5 - £3.0m
Gareth Cooper
39   Posted 08/08/2008 at 13:49:34

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Ciaran McGlone;

I don’t think that what I have written is ’woe is me’ evertonian garbage. I am disgruntled at how we are shown in the media but I think my last few paragraphs outline how I feel about Everton. I think that we are going places, if we have unity, belief and are ready to stand up and be counted.

I’m sure you will agree that a ’woe is me’ attitude would be more fitting to someone who is happy to take this rubbish and just moan about it. I will be at goodison cheering on the team next Saturday, looking forward to a winning start. We are on a level start with everyone as it’s a new season. I want to see us win as many games as we can. I do not subscribe to the attitude that we can not challenge those above us.
Steve Ashton
40   Posted 08/08/2008 at 13:58:52

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And 2 Brazilian 18 year olds this week.
Trish Heneghan
41   Posted 08/08/2008 at 13:48:39

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I absolutely agree with and applaud your article Gareth. Radio City is one of the worst for reporting negatively for Everton and yet in an all glowing manner for Liverpool, in all sporting news reports. I have several friends who support Liverpool and when I say that we as Evertonians always get bad press etc etc, I am told I am a bitter blue!! Which is infuriating. Also I agree that we should give Smith a chance if he comes to us Moyes will prob get the best out of him.
Chris Lawlor
42   Posted 08/08/2008 at 15:18:11

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Steve, these were all young players already on the club’s books.
Ciarán McGlone
43   Posted 08/08/2008 at 15:34:59

Report abuse


Your perceived paranoia about how everton are singled out is misplaced...It is a bizzarre idea that seems to have now gathered pace with the proliferation of articles giving credence to the ridiculous idea.

We are not singled out for ridicule, and the sooner you realise that the sooner you can write articles about things which are real!
Jamie Hitchmough
44   Posted 08/08/2008 at 16:37:53

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I think for £2 million you can’t go wrong with Alan Smith. Moyesey will get the best out of him even if he is a squad player. Obviously we do need the quality but a few squad players like smith won’t go a miss
Will Cooper
45   Posted 08/08/2008 at 16:16:36

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Gareth, great article, couldn?t agree more. If all the players and the fans had your competitive spirit EFC would move to the next level. NSNO.
Steve Grimshaw
46   Posted 08/08/2008 at 18:20:15

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Sorry if it upsets some people when I choose to aire my worries about our paper thin squad and the problems this could create in the up coming season! But as anyone of us knows, injuries are going to happen and they do not occur conveniently one at a time. They also seem to happen at the same time to players who play in the same position. Therefore I would say I would like to have at a minimum the same number of players as we had last season, preferably more!! At present that is not the case, and no amount of cheer leading can change that fact. Admittedly Moyes has come through at the last minute before (Yak), but he has had transfers hijacked at the last minute also. Furthermore a team needs time to gel. If we were to miss the champions league by a couple of points at the end of this season because the team dropped points at the beginning of the season before they had geled as a team. Would those slight savings on the transfer fee?s seem good business then. Of course this is all speculation on my part, and things could go either way. Anyway whatever everyones opinion is, remember winning isn?t everything.................its the only thing. (I stole that line)
John Vanderwerff
47   Posted 08/08/2008 at 21:02:13

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Fact - Our first signing was Steven Pienaar!

Smith would be a good squad player for £2m - can cover up front and midfield.

I absolutely agree that the club needs to project a more professional outlook from a marketing perspective. I am rapidly reaching the stage where any money is good money but then that reminds me of Johnson and I have a change of mind!
Jim Lloyd
48   Posted 08/08/2008 at 22:16:29

Report abuse

You’re right; but don’t let your frustration boil over. There are certain people in the media and in the admin of the game, who seem to believe that Liverpool have some kind of divine right to be given some kind of super star status. To a degree they’ve earned a right to be respected as one of the most successful teams over the last 40years .
You’ll always get the sort of hero worship that Alan Green gives them. He is a biased little tosser.
However, we are Everton, we are THE FIRST TEAM of the city and each and every one of are an ambassador for what it is to be an Evertonian. Act with dignity and you’ll win friends. Its not easy, when we continually get the last two minutes on Match of the Day but if we want people’s respect, then we have to earn it...all of us not just the team.
So a good post with lots of good comments. I especially liked yours Marco. You’re right, the whole world isn’t against us and I enjoyed your reminiscences, Bloody Hell, I’m even older. I can remember Youngy, Roy Vernon, Bobby Collins and the rest of that wonderful team...broken up too early by Catterick IMHO. Beginning to ramble there. Gareth, your heart’s in the right place, just be proud your a Blue, we will get that respect. Well done for a good post
Jay Campbell
49   Posted 09/08/2008 at 07:43:25

Report abuse

Steve Ashton honest to god I struggle to get to grips with the like’s of you.

Ability wise they are just as bad as each other in fact they are both shite and you are making comparisons about height, weight, previous clubs ex-birds etc.

By the way Brett made several top flight appearnces for EVERTON given your vast knowledge i was surprised you left that out.
Mike McLean
50   Posted 09/08/2008 at 14:31:12

Report abuse

Resent Heysel? I think there are a number of Italian families who resent it a bit more.
Steve Ashton
51   Posted 09/08/2008 at 19:05:07

Report abuse

Jay - I was comparing their records prior to joining Everton, if indeed Smith does.

I remember all too well Brett Angel joining us on loan, to think we had all that time to look at him and we still signed him.

You just can’t compare him to Smith who is a proven top flight player who has not been quite as good as he was since a serious injury but would definately be worth a punt at £2m.
Jay Campbell
52   Posted 10/08/2008 at 15:39:33

Report abuse

Steve how are we going to compete if that is the calibre of player we are signing??

We never will and unless Moyes is given serious amounts of dosh we can expect 1 more trophy in the next 20 years if we’re lucky.

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