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Terry Leahy for CEO

By Paul  Lally :  12/08/2008 :  Comments (3) :
Editor's Note: Apologies for the horrible style of Paul's overly long unedited 'article'. Terry Leahy ? Evertonian. Extremely capable and intelligent business man. In 2005 he was selected as Britain's most admired business leader by Management Today and a Guardian Unlimited Politics panel found him to be the most influential non-elected person in Britain in 2007.

Extract from interview by Dominic Lawson in The Independent ? July 13th 2008.

One of Leahy's friends has described him as "a Scouse lad who has done exceptionally well and never forgotten it". Is that a fair summary?

Leahy?s answer ? "Yes, it is. My roots matter a lot. I'm an immigrant in a way. My parents are Irish Catholic, but I grew up in Liverpool; there I benefited from a free education, an outstanding Catholic education. Some people leave a place like Liverpool and never want to go back. I'm not like that. I'm quite loyal. One religion, one football team, one wife, one firm."

Question that I would have liked to have added - So why try to move Everton FC out of the city when it is the first club of the city and you obviously love both the club and the city? Does Leahy truly believe that Everton will not be able to attract new revenue streams by staying at Goodison or within the city? This would be very hard to believe from a man who since becoming Chief Executive of Tesco in 1997 has stretched its lead as the UK's largest retailer and has grown Tesco significantly internationally.

Very, very hard to believe indeed that Leahy could not take the unique history, tradition and heritage of Everton FC and football itself in the city and not be able to produce a very attractive investment package and a marketing / branding campaign to match. Whether you like it or not the way he has promoted and manipulated Kirkby shows what an asset he could be to Everton in a full time role.

With Leahy as CEO he would be able to apply his experience of marketing and promotion of a major brand to bear on Everton FC during the City of Culture year before it is too late. His loyalty at the moment has to lie with his wage payer ? Tesco. However as CEO we will get his loyalty and understand his true beliefs for the future of Everton FC. We would get, possibly, the best businessman out-there who is also an Evertonian, with the drive and business acumen we now so desperately need.

What would he say about the redevelopment of Goodison/staying in the city if he was no longer employed by Tesco and the job of Everton CEO was on the table? My solution ? interview Leahy for the CEO role.

One question ? how does he truly feel about taking Everton out of the city? Ask him if he would drop Kirkby and start working on finding new investment, a city centre location or redevelop Goodison and to apply the Tesco model to our marketing and promotional departments.

Leahy?s experience and expertise put to use as CEO could transform Everton FC. At the moment Leahy?s motivation = Tesco first, Everton FC second. Will he really want to take us to a Tesco Dome once he no longer works for them? We all know we need restructuring from top to bottom. Leahy is an Evertonian and ideally suited.

Then he could sort out the rest ? Sit down with Davey and get the contract signed. Take command and find out the true intentions of Green and Earl and make them invest or move on. Leahy is a man who is listened to and can handle politicians and other skilled business people. His reputation enters a room before him.

I am sick and tired of being told at every turn that Everton FC is not an attractive investment opportunity just because Kirkby has been called in. It is the custodians of our club who have continually told anyone who cared to listen that without Kirkby we will die as a club. Custodians all with their own agenda and all who seem to want what is best for them and not Everton FC. Remove Sir Philip Green ? Spurs supporter. Publicly stated that he does not want to invest in football. Part of the Tesco development in Kirkby was to include a number of premier shops.

Green owns the Arcadia Group which in turn owns Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Outfit, Topshop/Topman, Wallis and BHS. Emergency meeting with Wyness after Wyness resignation ? their plan has failed and Green needs to ensure Wyness does not go public regarding all details re Kirkby. Wyness, eventually, agrees to silence. Kirkby ?Called in? ? Green closes cheque book. Motivation = shops not what is best for Everton FC.

Robert Earl ? Spurs supporter. Founder of Planet Hollywood which had to close a number of sites and is now left with less than 20 worldwide. Planet Hollywood has gone bankrupt twice. Was Earl brought in by friend Green re Kirkby for a possible hotel/casino. If he is so interested in seeing Everton move forward why has he not considered the proposals of a hotel/casino for a redeveloped Park End? A man with vast marketing/promotional experience who you would have thought would have taken Everton FC into the City of Culture year with a full marketing/promotional programme in place. Not interested. All quiet now Kirkby ?called in?. Motivation = hotel in Kirkby not what is best for Everton FC.

Bill Kenwright ? Evertonian Theatrical producer. Has he been manipulated by Green regarding Kirkby? He looks up to Green the businessman, and managed, in his eyes, to find a compromise re Kirkby by bringing in a fellow Evertonian in Leahy and lots of false promises. Why didn?t? he bring in the Public Relations company he uses for his theatre productions to market and promote Everton in City of Culture year? Why does he want to remove our existence from the city? Why does he want to hand the city over to Liverpool FC? Why does he not have the faith to see Everton being great again staying where we are? Lack of personal wealth can be the only answer. He wanted to remain Chairman and moving to Kirkby was the only way he could do that. After the ?Call in? he immediately admits he has not got the money to move the club forward and wants to sell. Motivation = Gone. Tired and hopefully woken up to what was happening around him.

Leahy as CEO could underpin Kenwright?s confidence for a while until a new investor is found. Despite Bills faults he is a true blue as is Leahy and if Bill could prise Leahy from Tesco could this then be the partnership that we all want. Open, honest, pulling in the same direction as the fans and both avid Everton supporters? Leahy has a proven track record as a winner and a forward thinker and although I am very against Tesco/Kirkby this is business not personal.

Once away from Tesco is it too much to believe that Leahy may want Everton in the city and taking on LFC/Premiership/Europe/World in every possible way?

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Andy Wilcock
1   Posted 13/08/2008 at 14:30:00

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To be honest, the thought of having Kenwright and Leahy as a dream ticket is as appealing as Thatcher and Tebbitt was. Enough damage done already, no thanks.
adrian c
2   Posted 13/08/2008 at 14:30:40

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Interesting comments , definilty Terry Leahy would be better as a CEO, Kenwright crying out for investment , what is the situation with the everton board is there anyone there with a brain and some money who wants the club to move forward???? I intinally thought Kirkby was great new 55,000 seater stadium , but when you look at the small print , its a heartless piece of corporate crap , which takes away everything Everton stood for in the past and wipes out the history of us being the first team in liverpool, i wonder is there anyone on the board willing to help move the club forward?? why cant someone take us over??? pompey , villa , newcastle , city , all more attractive than us , no way !!!!! someone wont sell cos they want a bigger slice and its tearing us a apart , if we lose Moyes, welcome back the dark days of the past , fighting relegation and buying aload of second rate players on the cheap, I honestly thought this was the season to move our club forward , How wrong i was , no-one on the board has the brains or the bottle to get us were we desverve to be. Kenwright out , Moyes please sign a contract and hopefully someone will come forward with the money and the drive to help us forward, nil satis nisi optimum!!!!!!
oh and by the way if Kenwright was a real blue he could easily find away to redevelop Goodison, instead of ripping our heart out !!!! Kenwright out , Kenwright out, and if he was a fan , why is he so f’’’’’ing negative bout our club.........
Derek Thomas
3   Posted 14/08/2008 at 06:18:10

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Adrian c...Basil Brush would be better than what we have had.

It didn’t take Birch long to suss out BK for the chancer he is.

STL as CEO, why would he quit Tesco now. Not age, he is in his mid 50’s. I don’t know what he is worth per annum or total net.

If he does ever leave Tesco in say 5 or 6 yrs time he would more likely come in as joint chairman/CEO.

But the point is we need him in 5 or 6 DAYS, not 5 or 6 yrs.

Cue Minder theme song....on that thought whats Arfur doing nowadays...

Or even Delboy, ’ this time next year we’ll all be millionaires’

I for one have had enough of plonkers

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