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Soccer Dreams or Soccer Nightmare

By Kristian  Boyce :  13/08/2008 :  Comments (4) :
A couple of weeks back, the Soccer Dreams reality TV show started over here on Fox Soccer Channel. The show, which is similar to the Football Icon programme back home, takes the most talented young players in Canada, and offers them the chance to win a contract at Everton. The kids that are trying to win, are fully kitted out in Everton kits, and Ray Hall , our Academy manager has a prominent role as he is one of the judges.

Probably most of you have heard about this, but what you might not know is the huge amount of publicity it's been getting from the channel. Fox Soccer Channel (FSC) is the main soccer channel on the tv over here, beaming into the majority of homes that have cable or satellite. The increase in interest in the game over here means that this channel is increasing getting more and more fans. Leading up to the show the amount of adverts for it was immense, and the best part of it was the Everton name and badge were on prominent display.

A couple of weeks ago I was on a business trip in Washington DC, and whilst we were in a sports bar after a meeting, a huge Everton badge came onto the big screen tv that was playing the channel, which gave me great delight as I announced drunkenly that they were my boys.

The marketing of our club through this show means our exposure to a population of people with a growing interest in the game is second to none. This is one of the greatest pieces of marketing any sports teams have used in this country, and that includes its MLB, NFL & NBA teams. The show is in the process of recruiting its players for the American, which is going to increase the clubs exposure even more.

The sad fact is that the club is shooting themselves in the foot at the moment. The amount of negative things that surrounds the club at the moment, can't really be helping the recruitment of new fans to the club. There are many American fans new to the game looking to get an English Premier League, and with our exposure over here we should be able to to compete with the 'big 4' for them. Unfortunately the amount of negative crap that's stuck to us over the summer, is probably going to effect interest in our team.

Imagine that your watching the tv show and want to find out more about Everton. Most people would go online and check out websites about them. If I was a new fan to football, I'd be petrified of anything to do with this club from what I'd be reading recently.

Just a side note about the programme. On the credits at the end, it gives its special thanks to this and that person which helped the show to be made. Obviously there's a big thanks to Everton FC, but a separate thanks to a certain Keith Wyness ? pisses me off every time I see it.

Reader Comments

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Dave Rinehart
1   Posted 13/08/2008 at 17:20:14

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I couldn’t agree more with these comments. I am a Yank who came to the sport 2 years ago. Picked up on Everton because of their youngsters (Anichebe, Vaughn, etc.), and then fell in head over heels after last season and learning about their history. There really is something special about being an Everton fan, but this summer has been very frustrating. It is also sad that whenever i go into a soccer store here in the U.S. i can’t get any Everton merchandise (once I found a scarf). Sadly i will probably stick with Everton since i have so much of my heart and time invested with the club (which is why mgmt. probably does many of the things they do, becasue they know the fans will support regardless of their actions). There is something magical about this game that American sports just don’t offer, i just hope Everton can sort out their problems and be competitive this season. As a side note, my brother started watching soccer at about the same time as i did and by shear dumb luck picked Liverpool as his team. I’d like to say i can’t wait for the derby next month, but i am very nervous at this point.
Michael Hunt
2   Posted 13/08/2008 at 17:45:08

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Keep the faith Dave, you’ll not regret it as the downs make ups even the end! COYB!

Sounds a great initiative afoot across the pond, quite a contrast to the current media exposure at home.
Trevor Lynes
3   Posted 14/08/2008 at 21:00:27

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Hi,.Im a lifelong EFC fan from Liverpool and Ive supported the blues since 1950. Ive cheered the great sides of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and its so sad to see the present board totalling mismanaging the present team who showed so much promise last season. We have the smallest squad in the premier and just desperately needed an injection of cash (which Im sure the club has) to purchase quality players to drive the team into the top 4 places...As a diehard blue I will continue to support my team as all the rest of the fans do..but we deserve better investment.
Jim Lloyd
4   Posted 14/08/2008 at 21:40:32

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Hello Dave, they always reckon its darkest just before the dawn, so maybe we’ll see our luck change soon. Its great that you’ve picked the First club in Liverpool and I’m sure you’ll have a ball if you ever make it to the match one day.

Trevor, bang on the button. Sir John Moores would never have dreamt that the club he turned into the best in the land, would be going through what we’re going through now.

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