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By Kieran Fitzgerald :  13/08/2008 :  Comments (15) :
A lot of people have written a lot of good articles recently on the site about how bad things seem to be at the moment. Should we panic, should we keep the faith, should we tune it all out and just watch the Olympics til 3pm Saturday. My own current spin on things is simply to wait and see how things pan out over the next couple of months, possibly until Christmas and the half-way point of the season.

Kenwright might find investment, he might not. He could walk in the morning, he could fight to the bitter end. Financially I don't how much better or worse off we are than any of the other clubs outside of the top four. I also don't know how solvent we are or how close to the baliffs knocking on the door we are. So until something actually happens on the money side of things I'm certainly not in any position or hurry to worry about this now.

Moyes might sign his contract, he might just walk. Moyes doing anything will depend on any number of things happening over the coming months. He may or may not get the contract he wants. He may get loads of money for players, or none at all. We might be top of the league by Christmas and he's the hero, we might be relegated by Christmas and he's been sacked. Who knows what will happen.

The squad might come together and play out of it's collective skin. We could be top of the league by Christmas and have every cup game won by a couple of goals. The sqaud could fall apart and we could be drifting aimlessly in the lower reaches, already knocked out of all the cups. I certainly know which one I want to happen, but speculating and predicting on this point is certainly something I don't want to do, for the sake of my sanity if nothing else.

My one genuine worry at this stage, and the one thing I will speculate on, is what level of discontent there is amongst the players. Most of them are old enough and settled enough to be considered senior pros. They are old enough not to have to prove themselves but are still young enough to be very ambitious. By Christmas, if things have worked out more on the negative side than the positive, the players will have had a full close season and half a regular season of their club being messy and unsettled on several key issues. If they become unsettled themselves at that stage, with the January window nearly upon us, the fear for me is that they may start engineering moves away. That, or the vultures start to discretely circle.

Anyway, that's hopefully my one and only piece on all that's gone on over the close season. Here's to a blindingly brilliant season, and hopefully an end to the fear and the bitterness.

Reader Comments

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David Carroll
1   Posted 13/08/2008 at 13:01:09

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Sorry can't agree with your comments. We may be out of europe, carling cup and poss no chance of getting into europe again. Our squad was stretched at the end of last season and we are six players lighter now. Plus Pienaar out for poss seven weeks. Plus I never want to see Pip play centre midfield ever again and why did we give him a four-year contact at 31 years of age???

ps I will be there on Saturday with my two sons giving it plenty.
Dave Childs
2   Posted 13/08/2008 at 13:25:08

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Really don’t see the point in this post.
I will also be there on Saturday giving it plenty.
I was hoping to be there excited by the prospect of a new season, with a few new players in the team.
Instead I’ll be there worrying. Already we are just hanging on, rather than progressing.
As an addition why has Moyes not signed?
3 days from the start of the season and our manager hasn’t signed the contract.
Plus Neville in Midfield!! oh dear....
Richard Harris
3   Posted 13/08/2008 at 13:40:56

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We won’t get relegated with the current team but unless there is some major transfer action for quality players (or David Moyes invents a brand new system for the team) then we won’t win anything either. And if Phil Neville is a regular in midfield then we won’t get 5th place (or better) again this season. Spin it all you like, but we have to beat the top teams to win anything and last season we couldn’t do that and we haven’t improved the team since that time.
Terry Smith
4   Posted 13/08/2008 at 14:12:35

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My biggest fear is if we continue to mess up off the pitch and continue to have a depleted team with a good chance of mid to bottom half of table finish you can put your money on having no manager for next season plus our big players Lescott,Cahill,Arteta etc etc wanting a transfers which will be understandable.And what pisses me off even more is that Bulshit Billy the so called Evertonian is just letting it happen.
shaun croker
5   Posted 13/08/2008 at 15:24:37

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Can anybody tell me when is Cahill expected back?

Also, where is Baines going to play?
Alan Ross
6   Posted 13/08/2008 at 16:17:39

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Given the ’state of play’ I know what scenario my money will be on.
Jonathan Tasker
7   Posted 13/08/2008 at 16:45:43

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Hate to be negative , but we must be the only team in the Premiership that are cast iron certainties to go backwards from last season. It’s depressing and I’m not looking forward to the new season.
Steve Hopkins
8   Posted 13/08/2008 at 16:51:21

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Someone else posted on another thread, and I have to agree, that its not about the 11 that start the match which isn’t all that different from last season but its about the match changing decisions (subs and tactics etc.) now moyes has never been great at these things but he’s got even less changes available now. I cant see anything but a struggle I’m afraid, I’m not discounting an OK start but I cant see us getting through the winter in a good way
Richard Osborne
9   Posted 13/08/2008 at 16:54:21

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J Tasker, we will be cast iron certainties to go backwards if the fans turn on the club at this critical point in our history.

However, there is no reason why the team that did so well for much of last season, won?t do so again.

People go on about how much other teams have ?improved?. I?m sorry but this shite gets wheeled out every season. How much did Spurs ?improve? last season? Newcastle? Man City? Blackburn?

As far as I can see the only team, along with Everton, that truly improved last year was Pompey and even they have lost Sully Muntari. Same again this summer. Spurs spend loads,Villa spend loads, the shite spend loads - but will they improve? Questionable.

In summary, every club will have a view of where they want to finish and most will want what we got last season, 5th place. Its up to them to take it off us and I say bring it on!
Bradley Nolan
10   Posted 13/08/2008 at 17:29:59

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It seems M?Bia will be staying at the Olympics for the time being

Cameroon drew with Italy to go through to the next round.

What type of player is he anyway?

"I don?t see myself as a taller Makelele, even though I think he?s a great player," he said. "I see myself more as an Pirlo-type player. Yes, I play in front of the back four, but I like to be a playmaker, to supply the midfielders and strikers who go forward, rather than being defensive-minded."
Lee Mandaracas
11   Posted 13/08/2008 at 18:49:09

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I am afraid that your one-word-entitled post inspires me to a one-word-description of it; insipid.

No real substance to it at all. I may win the lottery on Wednesday but then again I may not. I could go for a beer right now or I could have a cup of tea. I don’t really see you point in such an elaborate post. Allow me to put it more succinctly for you.

"Wait and see what happens before you panic."

I wonder if that’s what Captain Smith’s perspective was in 1912.
Sean McKenna
12   Posted 13/08/2008 at 19:18:21

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The whole place stinks at the minute, and I want answers, you want answers I want the truth, you can't handle the truth. The truth is somebody has to get the chop over this summers disgraceful management of our club. We all have theories why we haven't brought anybody in. My version is a little different. I think the reason is (wait for it) to save money!! I mean really, if we did buy someone like Love who would be on £50 grand a week, why not wait to the end of the window so you don't have to pay his wages for 2 months!! Think about it? Now if we brought 4-5 in at the start of the window and paying their wages over a 2 month period, the club would be out of a lot of money wouldn't they!! Now there's a theory, and knowing our miserable board, that's the reason for the hold up, I hope I'm right. However, we need players in and we need them now. I think players will come in eventually because, if not, I think Moyes would have walked by now.
Trevor Lynes
13   Posted 14/08/2008 at 08:23:53

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For the money DM makes why should he go ?? Not many people leave jobs as well paid as his...and he cant be seen as a failure even if we flop this season..he has already covered his a..e by saying the club need 5 or 6 players...its now down to the board to produce the money they most certainly have got...It appears that Love wont be coming on loan and DM is furious at being mislead by agents..whats new ?? Every season we are fobbed off by tales of only bringing in quality players..does this include Stubbs, Gravesen, Gardner, Beattie and lets face it AJ is no world beater...DM has also to take his share of blame as he has trod the party line since he came..they are all as prudent as Mr Brown at number another Scot..DM has done a good job on a shoestring...but it has suited this boardroom. Imagine what an injection of money would have done to improve the team, excite the fans and provide some f.....g AMBITION !!!!!!!!!!
Blair Johnson
14   Posted 14/08/2008 at 08:58:28

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how’s the lineup for Saturday looking Mr Moyes?

We look like Turner, Irvine, Kissock, Agard, Rodwell, Gosling, Baxter and Jutkiewicz will be in the squad of 18.

Have Moyes and Kenwright misread the memo from the FA... it said squad OF 18...

not UNDER 18!!
Steve Grimshaw
15   Posted 14/08/2008 at 13:21:57

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We may not get relegated with the current team, but we will not always have the current team available, not to mention the effects of a long season! I really find it hard to fathom the total mismanagement of this team over the last 3 months. On the face of it, it appears total incompetence on a grand scale!! The work and lessons of the last few years seem to have been totally ignored. Thankfully the season starts in a couple of days, so the team can make me eat my words.

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