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The final straw that broke the camel's back.....

By Joe  Wightman :  14/08/2008 :  Comments (21) :
I?d like to think my record speaks for itself. Most of the articles I?ve had published on Toffeeweb have been positive, feel good pieces. And I?ve written them from the heart. For once, though, the air of positivity has faded away and the mindless optimism has been beaten to a pulp by the big stick of reality.

There is no leadership at the club. No accountability. I remember feeling this depressed during the summer in which we sold Rooney (but we went on to have our greatest season in years). I also felt like this the day Duncan Ferguson was sold. It?s a horrible, gut wrenching feeling, that the club you love, and would do anything for, is being run by morons.

What the hell is going on at Goodison? Once again, a season of fantastic achievements is followed by a summer of complete ineptitude. We all expected (nay, demanded) that following our 5th place finish, which was astonishing, that the club would keep the momentum going. We hoped for one or two signings before the European Championship, and then a few more at the end. So that by the time pre-season rolled around, we?d have a large, unified squad to kick on for the new season.

But no, no, no, no, no. The squad shrinks and we lose our most influential midfielder, Lee Carsley. Fair enough, Wessels, Gravesen, and (much as it hurts me to say) Manny Fernandes, all looked out of place last year, and neither seemed good enough to stay on. And maybe injuries to Cahill and Vaughan could be papered over. But after losing McFadden and then Andy Johnson, our squad looks pathetic.

I mean, compared to any other top Premier League team we look like a bunch of amateurs. But when Spurs, Aston Villa and even bloody Fulham make significant improvements to their squads it just adds to our woes. We are so far behind every other club and there is no excuse for it. None whatsoever. So who is to blame?

Lets look at the evidence....

David Moyes has hardly said a word all summer. He makes sound bites about expecting goals from Arteta, but that?s it. No confirmation that the contract is signed, no photo?s of him next to the latest new signing, holding the Everton scarf aloft. His silence speaks volumes and it has spread fear throughout the whole fan base. Fair enough, we come to expect silence from the boardroom when things aren?t going well, but Moyes never ducks a punch. He is honest and straightforward, but this summer he?s been in hiding.

Bill Kenwright. Ah, poor pauper Bill. He was honest enough to admit that he needs to find a Billionaire Evertonian to keep the club going, but even I have lost patience with him. I?m not expecting him to pull £50m out of his wallet, but I do expect the money from Sky, the money for our 5th place Premiership finish, and the money from the sale of Johnson to be made available. What the hell is the money, Bill???

Keith Wyness. I will never need to sing ?who ate all the pies? ever again. It was bloody Keith Wyness, that?s who. A supposedly astute businessman, who put all his eggs in the Destination Kirkby basket, then sodded off at the first sign of a problem. His absence will not be mourned.

Robert Earl & Phillip Green. Both of whom seem to be advising Kenwright without providing any financial clout. This situation has probably done more than anything else to cause the confusion around the club. Who does David Moyes turn to when he needs money to sign someone?? God only knows.

It?s been a complete shambles, and the club has become an embarrassment, when we were just on the verge of greatness. Last season was amazing ? a Semi final, a long and entertaining run in Europe, and confirmation of our place as the ?best of the rest? in the Premiership. Now we go into the opening game of the season with 10 (TEN) available senior players.

But we?ll all be there on Saturday, because that?s what we do. And the club know that. In fact, they?re counting on it. Shame on all of us.

Reader Comments

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Mark Kearns
1   Posted 15/08/2008 at 07:20:58

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Yes it has been a long and very disappointing summer. Given now that we are desperately short of first team players, I would have least expected the Andy Johnson money, an estimated £10m to have been spent on some midfield and striker cover. Sean Davis and Alan Smith maybe all we could afford but I’d take them now over nothing at all. Sad very sad.
Christine Foster
2   Posted 15/08/2008 at 07:25:35

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Joe, as one of those voices that have repeatedly condemned the management of the club (and generally been roundly castigated for it at times) I can well understand your feelings of frustration. I believe more than anything that we need Moyes to sign a contract asap even if no signings eventuate. Without his leadership on the field I really do fear for the immediate future of the club. The impact of his signing would give at least an indication that he is committed to the club despite the shambles in the boardroom.

I think personally that messers Green and Earl are playing a key role in determining what money is being spent. I suspect also that loans may well be called in from them as a prelude to the pull out from Kirkby. This means they may well be holding on to the purse strings tighter than ever.

BTW I have yet to see ANY statement from our new / acting CEO, any reasons? Or is he purely filling the chair until a clear direction is sought?

I have said for the last 6 months that the management of the club has been dreadful and have sadly been proved right. The fans deserve better, Moyes deserves better, the players deserve better. The Directors don’t. They got us into the mess, sort it out and quick.

Tomorrow I will be watching as we run out and continuing to hope for stability and direction both on the pitch and off it.

Good luck to the team, Band of Brothers indeed.
Jay Campbell
3   Posted 15/08/2008 at 07:45:41

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No suprises I’ve known for over 10 years that Kenwright is a complete nugget.
neil scott
4   Posted 15/08/2008 at 07:53:49

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Read Alan Clarke’s article.

Barring the sky 4 the money is dropping out of the game and it has DROPPED out of everton football club.

Loans are being called in and with DK gone the investors that have propped up the last few seasons now want some return. End of story.

BK may use ’i’m just a fan’ as a smokescreen but when it comes down to it there is some truth in that defence. He is almost as powerless as the rest of us to make a difference right now (and dont even go there on the ’acting’ CEO) as he is completely beholden to the individuals and institutions that call the shots.

And so it passes down to Moyes and then the team...

I personally have no doubt they do want to ’sort it out, and quick’ but you know what?

I don’t think they know where to start....
Andy Wilcock
5   Posted 15/08/2008 at 09:27:22

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nice to know that Keith?s being looked after, this sort of deal should tide him over until his compensation comes through eh?

I would for once like one of those apologists for Wyness to come on here and admit how wrong they were about him, and for all the aggression at Evertonians who were pointing out the greed and self interest of the man.
Christine Foster
6   Posted 15/08/2008 at 09:51:23

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Andy, thanks for the link. Incredible. Seems like messers Green and Earl had every right to be annoyed with Wyness. What a guy.

Its hard to justify even for Doddy or other apologists, but then I guess the response will be that My Wyness did a good job and deserves to make a living.

Wrong on both counts
Art Greeth
7   Posted 15/08/2008 at 09:55:31

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Andy and Christine... just what is KW’s crime here? You - he - anybody - has the right to be a ’non-executive director’ of pretty much as many companies as you wish AND do your day job.

The man has left Everton. Isn’t that what you wanted? Let it go...
Andy Wilcock
8   Posted 15/08/2008 at 10:51:20

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Art, to me the crime as you call it is the club as it is seen by the majority of Evertonians at this moment. The result of a self serving CEO who put his own interests ahead of the club, with the boards blessing, but took it too far.

Even at levels of business as heady as that the speed and efficacy in which he has been appointed are beyond the normal timescales. There had to have been contact some time ago, business men from the mid east don?t appoint without a full checking of credentials and a fit for purpose mentality. Pushed? Shoved? Or armed with advanced wraning of the call in, Mr Wyness has walked away from EFC without loss, and all the while the EFC Politburo Propaganda machine keeps pinning the blame at his door. Is that the price of compensation from the club?

Art Greeth
9   Posted 15/08/2008 at 10:58:07

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Andy... heaven only knows why you are trawling the net to dig up presumed dirt on our EX-CEO, given everything else going on around the club at the moment, but having found this (IYO) "condemning" piece of evidence, you clearly haven’t taken the time to read the announcement carefully. Let me give you further evidence of KW’s "crime". I quote from the announcement:

1. Following the announcement made on 2 July 2008...

Shock! Horror! The bastard made this move even BEFORE he quit Everton, a full month later!! And... your point is exactly...?

Read here what a non-executive director does, if you are apparently such a keen student of the genre.

Enjoy your cynicism and conspiracy theories of all things Everton.
Russ Quinlan
10   Posted 15/08/2008 at 11:07:28

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This summer is exactly the same as the one following our top 4 finish, The club sat back basking in the glory of entering the Champions League and didn’t stregthen the squad, we all know what happened that season but even then the squad was bigger than it is now.
The management of the club (not DM!) are completely useless and have only their self interests at heart, they have no thoughts about us supporters and I fear for the future of the club in their hands.
David Shepherd
11   Posted 15/08/2008 at 11:34:07

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You seem to be mistaken about Keith’s role at Everton FC. He was CHIEF EXECUTIVE! He was paid to do a job FULL time. He shouldn’t really have had much spare time to do all of these roles.

Normally non-executive directors hold many similar positions as they are PART time.

See the difference?

I can’t think of a Chief Executive who would hold a position on another board. And certainly not one who had a difficult job.

And before you say it, I am not a conspiracy theorist and at one time actually defended him. I just think he should have committed all of his time to Everton and more considering the mess we were in.

But then again, outsourcing things, takes the work away, doesn’t it?
Christine Foster
12   Posted 15/08/2008 at 11:39:45

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Art, its hard to let something go when you see the shambles our club has been left in. As it happens I am a non exec director of two companies so I know what is entailed. I don;t actually have a problem with that except of course the denied relationship beteen KW and Paul Davidson is the point in question and as has been reported, the links between KW and Davidson during club time that incurred thewrath of Messers Green and Earl, enough to sail to Majorca to confront KW. It gives credence to the comments at the time that KW was lining up a deal with Davidson.

BTW, even IF it could be established that KW had no conflict of interest, his total priority should have been on managing the club. Thats what he was paid for, thats what he didn;t do.

Its my last comment on the man. He is not worth debating.
Fred Smith
13   Posted 15/08/2008 at 12:11:01

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KW was the same here in Aberdeen, he was completely useless and also walked out on them (apparantly when he was reportidly seen trawling the docks looking for ladies of the night!) I can see where his money went !!
Art Greeth
14   Posted 15/08/2008 at 11:58:39

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David, I have made no comment AT ALL in this thread about KW’s role at Everton FC, so don’t attribute to me observations I haven’t made. Thanks.

You are saying his role as CEO was a "full-time paid job". Others on here say he had a contract with the club that allowed him to continue his other interests. I don’t presume to know the truth of the details of his contract. Do you?

I am fully au fait with what a non-executive director does and I believe you are COMPLETELY wrong in your assertion that a CEO would not hold a position on another board.

Without knowing his agreed contract and job description with the club and whether he fulfilled the terms of that contract, everything else is speculation.

Personally, I don’t give a dying duck about what KW is up to now. I took umbrage at Andy Wilcock’s tone to fellow Blues on what is essentially a dead subject.

Christine... hold yourself to that promise. You’ll feel healthier for it.
Damian Wilde
15   Posted 15/08/2008 at 12:22:30

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I must admit I pissed myself laughing when I read ’Lee Carsley - our most influential midfielder’. For many seasons he was superb, but last season, he was shite. Whenever he went in for a tackle, the other guy came off lucky that he didn’t have a broken leg (did you see some of his challenges last year, how was he not red carded more??), his passing was dreadful and whenever he shot, it often went out for a throw in. More influential than Arteta, Cahill, Pienaar, Osman? I don’t think so. At present, he is average at best, that’s why he plays for Birmingham in the Championship. If he was as good as you say he is, why is he not in the Premiership. Same goes for JM - in the Championship, average player. AJ - playing for a side normally near the bottom of the league. Get the picture? And before anyone says ’I’d want him in the squad as numbers are low, blah, blah (thinking short term and not long term) - he’s injured!
Andy Wilcock
16   Posted 15/08/2008 at 12:29:15

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Art, you speak of my tone towards fellow blues, I believe I have nothing to defend there, you may have taken umbrage but perhaps that is more to do with your sensibilities than my tone.

The point of the link, which I didn?t trawl for ? it was posted on another forum btw, is a further example to those who defend, and in your case, still do, this man and his role and performance at Everton FC in light of the situation the club is now in.

His attention was obviously elsewhere, CEO part time or whatever, he was paid handsomely by the club to underperform by his own yardsticks in each but one year of his tenure, and that being the Rooney year, yet he is held up as having done a ?good job? or ?no wrong? when history, and statistical evidence plus plausible reports have shown him to have done neither.

Your tone, Art, is that of someone trying to defend the indefensible, and if you believe the link has no relevance to the situation at the club at the moment, fair enough, plenty do.

Art Greeth
17   Posted 15/08/2008 at 13:37:50

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Andy, your words:

"I would for once like one of those apologists for Wyness to come on here and admit how wrong they were about him, and for all the aggression at Evertonians who were pointing out the greed and self interest of the man."

You flagged up this link to have a pop at fellow blues. You now justify your attack on them by arguing that this announcement is "...a further example to those who defend, and in your case, still do, this man and his role and performance at Everton FC..."

In truth, you have proved .... well ... nothing really. Other than your flawed logic and false accusations against fellow blues. Assuming there are people on here defending KW (about as common as a pork chop at a Jewish bar mitzvah, I would suggest...) based on the content of this announcement, you have not proved any one has anything to apologise for, assuming those people exist anyway!

And in that regard, please show me anywhere in this thread, or on this site, where I personally have been an apologist for KW.

You say I am trying to defend the indefensible. You say I believe the link has no relevance to the situation at the club at the moment. Again, you attribute to me attitudes and comments I have not expressed.

To spell it out for you Andy? I was having a go at YOU! KW is history? let it go.
Joe Wightman
18   Posted 15/08/2008 at 15:20:36

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Damian Wilde, you may well have incontinence issues, but please don’t blame them on my article.Sure, Osman, Cahill and sometimes Arteta played well and scored some important goals. However, the also went missing in some very important games last season.But if you look at results with Carsley in the team, compared to results without him (i.e. the whole of 2005-06) then it shows how influential he was.And to answer your question about why he isn’t in the Premiership now, it’s because he wanted a move to the Midlands to be with his family, gawd bless him. So there!
Damian Wilde
19   Posted 15/08/2008 at 16:19:12

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2005-6, that’s a few years ago, does that mean you can’t provide any evidence of him being any good in recent seasons? Enough said. He’s at Birmingham because they’re not the best and because they were the only club willing to offer him 1 2 year contract. On the shitting on the guy because he was brilliant for many seasons but not now.
Damian Wilde
20   Posted 15/08/2008 at 16:24:28

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Sorry, was supposed to say ’a 2 year contract’ and ’I’m not shitting on the guy...’
Dave Wilson
21   Posted 15/08/2008 at 19:05:00

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Damian Wilde

Arteta and Osman did nothing for lengthy periods last season, Cahill was injured for most of it and Pienaar tailed off really badly after the Euro exit
Carsley has been our most influential midfielder for several seasons now, by a mile last season

You’re about to find out just how important he was to us.
Trust me, you wont be pissing yourself laughing

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