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Another Idea.....

By John  Hughes :  14/08/2008 :  Comments (79) :
Ready for you to blow out of the water....

Right, I, like all of us concerned with Everton and the current goings on have been racking my brains to come up with an Idea which can actually help the club.

I?m a normal supporter like all of you out there and hate the fact that I can?t do anything to help the club. I know someone is no bound to say what makes me think the club needs helping but I think from the silence coming out of Goodison and the whole debacle which is played out in the media and on sites like this are obvious signs alls not well.

So for my next idea, this is something I have been thinking about for along long time. People have suggested share issues, fans buy out of the club etc etc but all have been shot down for one reason or another. I?ll put another one up there then so this can equally be shot down.

Right then, let's say there is a company which has 100,000 (nice round number) shares. It will sell 1 share for £1,500 in the company. Every person will be limited to owning 1 share. The company is planning to build a stadium (for Everton). The company will own the stadium and will run the stadium. Everton will be tenants of the stadium. The company will be owned by 100,000 share holders. The stadium will be available for Concerts exhibitions etc. Any profit would be shared between EFC and the shareholders. So if the stadium company made £10M profit then 100,000 shareholders would receive £100 dividend for their shareholding.

This is possible. All the same naming rights, Stadium sponsorship, usage etc would be as any other Stadium. Also this doesn?t have to be a brand new stadium. It could be used to redevelop Goodison. Everton would pay a nominal Fee to rent the stadium and it would contribute towards policing on match days only and It would use all of the facilities and rooms and shops free of charge. Why, because we are doing this for the club.

How would we do it? Talk to Everton, Buy Goodison off them for a nominal fee. Say £1. Talk to the council. Get them to do everything in their power to give us the improved footprint we required. Cause so much shit for them if they don?t after allowing the shite to building the park. Commission a design competition for the New Goodison and Start developing the stadium in phases.

How would this help the club? Well, for one they would get a Stadium which is fit for purpose for nothing. They would make their profit from all home games. The stadium would make profit from non-football related activities.

The stadium employees, that is the ones responsible for marketing/managing the stadium and its potential use outside of football would be chosen by the Shareholders. There would be a vote from Candidates wishing to take on the position and they would be selected based on their track record and expertise for stadium management. The design of the stadium would be voted for by the shareholders, the shareholders would vote for everything. 1 share = 1 vote. It would be run by the fans (shareholders) with the club's best interests at heart.

Now this is a thought. The redevelopment option has been used as the example because it?s the most cost effective in that you wouldn?t have to spend all the £150M (providing you got 100,000 investors) at once and at only £1500 per share it gives EFC fans an affordable opportunity to break new ground. To be innovators of the modern football set up. Our Club were the original innovators in the early days. Why can?t we (supporters) be the same today? Then we truly would be ?The Peoples Club?

It?s been done by someone wanting to buy a team not so long ago so the model works. Why won?t it work for a stadium to?

Reader Comments

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Ryan Jones
1   Posted 15/08/2008 at 07:44:02

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There will probably a lot of people who will shoot down this idea but to me the only flaw is find the 100,000. I am not rich but i know i would fight hand tooth and nail if this was a viable option to raise my own portion of the cash.

then again i am already spending this amount if not more on EFC and not much comes from the cash. The proposal would have to be run by someone not looking to line there on pocket. no dodgy wyness running the show.
Derek Turnbull
2   Posted 15/08/2008 at 08:15:13

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It’s all very well saying vote for the best stadium design, but surely the best stadium would be a mix and match of various plans.

I would only put in after I seen the final proposed stadium. There is no way I’d want to put money in for a stadium that was voted for just because some idiot from the Echo picked the one that was coloured in best and used that as one to feature, misleading loads to vote for that one.
John Hughes
3   Posted 15/08/2008 at 08:48:45

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Derek, If you read the above again it actually says that the share holders would vote for the stadium not someone from the Echo. 1 share = 1 vote. If the guy from the Echo buys a share he can vote for what he likes but without a share in this model you wouldn?t be voting anyway. Because you wouldn?t be elilgible.

Ryan, there?s more than 100,000 of us out there. Ok, not all of us would have the means or desire to buy a share but have you ever been offered the opportunity to do something ground breaking with football before? I certainly haven?t.

I?m like everyone else. I come on here moaning about this and that and how the clubs being run. We haven?t got the funds for anything. Well here?s an Idea. It?s raw I?ll grant you that but christ at least it?s an idea. If we truely want to help the club, shouldn?t we explore the possiblility?
Paul OHanlon
4   Posted 15/08/2008 at 08:57:37

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Interesting idea John and much more plausible than a share issue for the fans to buy the club itself. Whereas that would fail due to the continued investment needed by the club for transfers, new contracts, etc, this wouldn’t apply so much to a new ground. Once it’s built the only additional costs would be running costs and maintenance along with any upgrades/expansions needed in the future which could all be subsidised by profits made.

I do agree with Ryan though that we’d struggle to find 100,000 fans willing to dig that deep to help the club. Maybe reviewing the 1 share per person would help as there’s bound to be blue’s with the capacity to invest more than £1,500.
John Hughes
5   Posted 15/08/2008 at 09:20:31

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I agree, like I said above its a raw idea at the moment. There are many plus points to this idea than actually buying the club. I would agree that the 100,000 1 share option is a bit far fetched but I needed a start point. However there would need to be a limit on shares bought to prevent a problem like the club currently has with it’s shareholders now.
Lewis Aldrich
6   Posted 15/08/2008 at 09:02:49

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If only we came up with an idea like this years ago, we would of been playing at the Kings Dock now. Good idea but not sure we?d get 1000,000 people. Why not go for less people, say 30,000 who would contribute £2,000 or £3,000 this would make us £60/£90 million depending on what figure we decided to contribute leaving the club to contribute the rest to make up the £150 million. A similar figure if not less to what they would have had to contribute to Kirkby
John Hughes
7   Posted 15/08/2008 at 09:42:25

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Lewis, yes it’s not written in stone that it has to be 100,000 people. (100,000 is a nice round figure). I’d be open to idea’s. I’ve got a load of them and they spill out when my brain is on overload. This is one that I have been thinking about before for a long time. I just needed to clarify some parts of it in my head.

How a about if this went ahead that we called it "Goodison The Peoples Stadium"
Mike Cheshire
8   Posted 15/08/2008 at 09:40:38

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What a great idea!! It’s very refreshing to see some positive suggestions to try and solve our current dilemma.
I agree it’s a fair bit of money to stump up but as some of the guys have said we probably give more to EFC on an annual basis anyway.
In order to get the 100,000 investors you could drop the cost to £1,000 per share and this would raise £100m and should be more than enough to redevelop.
As John Hughes said in his article this would not only be very positive way to support our beloved blues but it would give us great press exposure, re-establish us a ground breakers and innovators and wouldn’t point the finger at anyone.
We really would be really put us and the brand of the Peoples Club out there.

Count me in!

Simon Williams
9   Posted 15/08/2008 at 09:53:54

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I think this is a really interesting idea - and I also think its a really interesting PR/Media opportunity for the club.

If you took this idea to a TV production company I can imagine Channel 4 with that bloke from Grand Designs doing a whole spiel about an idea like this- would steal the thunder from some other clubs with grand stadium projects.

Would make a change to see the club doing something brave, interesting and in harmony with the fans rather than the current regime?s cloak and dagger stuff.
Jimmy Ianson
10   Posted 15/08/2008 at 10:22:12

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Great idea. I reckon we would be be more likely to get the numbers needed if it was paid over say 12 months at £100. This would make the opportunity available to a wider group of people.
James Cadwaladr
11   Posted 15/08/2008 at 10:38:14

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Brilliant! I vote for you to chair the committee John!
Jimmy Ianson
12   Posted 15/08/2008 at 10:45:10

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Come to think of it, if the Kirby stadium was supposed to give us an extra £10m a year despite the massive debt then this stadium would give us substantially more considering there is little or no debt.
Marc Williams
13   Posted 15/08/2008 at 10:50:57

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John - I?m sure your idea is better than Kenwrights lastest.
Rumour has it he?s going on ?Dragon Den?
to raise some cash.

Tom Campbell
14   Posted 15/08/2008 at 10:51:08

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Its easier said then done

but id support it 100%
Jimmy Ianson
15   Posted 15/08/2008 at 10:59:51

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Nice one Marc - I can just picture it

Duncan Ballantyne - So Mr Kenwright ,what is your projection in year 1.
Kenwright - Er don’t ask me i’m just the chairman.
Duncan - Kenwright your an idiot , i’m out.
Lee Penswick
16   Posted 15/08/2008 at 11:14:48

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Fantastic idea john. I would jump at the chance to buy a share. So now that youve suggested it are you going to act upon it and make this a viable option for Everton football Club. You would be an Everton legend.
Vincent Steele
17   Posted 15/08/2008 at 11:02:03

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That is a very good idea and i’d support it as much as i could. However as a recent graduate with a large slice of debt i’d struggle to come up the funds unless we implemented Jimmy Lanson’s idea of raise the collateral over a twelve-eighteen month period etc. This way a large slice of our younger fans could be included in this scheme.
Michael Hunt
18   Posted 15/08/2008 at 11:31:16

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This is a VERY GOOD IDEA. Interestingly I know a fellow blue who emailed a very similar proposal to Keith Wyness last year and did not get a reply!
One way to make it very feasible is to make it possible to buy more than one share (but not so many as to have a majority holding). E.g. Up to 25,000 shares per fan would mean those that can afford 5 grand can back the club more as they are willing and able to, but also mean blues will more cash e.g. millionaires but not billionaires can financially back the club, but not lose their shirt, whilst getting something in return.
To make it safe and secure, an account can be set up with a solicitor and held in a trust account pending the target funding being reached. If we ended up failing to raise the target capital by a specified date e.g. by end of season e.g. May 08/09 (which I doubt we would, as I think we have plenty of fans who would love to support the club in this way :-) ) then supporters can be refunded the amount invested, so we/they do not lose out if it fails.
Count me in!
COYB, lets put our money where our mouth is and make sure Everton remain the pride of merseyside for generations to come, doing the legends (past, present and future) of Dean, Lawton, Hickson, Labone, Kendall, Harvey, Ball, Young the justice they and we deserve!
Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.
Tom Hughes
19   Posted 15/08/2008 at 11:42:05

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It is certainly the seed of a good idea. However radical it may sound it is not outlandish nor even without precedent. Who knows what the potential is, and what the ensuing kudos alone could generate? "The People’s club" would actually mean something. A much smaller amount is certainly achieveable to help fund the first phase of redevelopment which could then snowball with further share-issues and enabling schemes on club owned and council owned plots around the existing stadium. Expansion of the existing Parkend could readily add 5-10,000 seats at £3-4k per seat. Similarly, the Bullens could have a new tier added behind the existing structure adding 40 boxes and/or 2-5,000 seats for similar cost per seat. This could all equate to more seats than DK, and more boxes too, and would also allow us to measure actual demand for new seats before committing to them which can’t readily be achieved at a new-build. Most of the problems around the rest of the stadium can be eradicated at minimal cost. The result would be a unique combination of old and new stadium architecture. It needn’t be piece-meal nor addlibed. History and modernity funded and owned by Evertonians. Well in John, us Yozzas know the score!!
John Hughes
20   Posted 15/08/2008 at 12:37:49

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You know what fella’s I’m amazed no-one has shot this down in flames. Which makes me think that there is a very very good chance of this becoming a reality.

Michael, I have investigated exactly what you said with regards to the solicitor holding the trust funds before and until a required amount is reached. Ebsfleet did the same thing with My football club initiative.

I have also done some research and found that rather it be a shareholding company it should be a membership society. This way anyone can become a member. There will be no limit on member numbers unlike a shareholding company where any increase in shares would mean dilutiing of the value of existing shares and we would not be disqualifying the "new" members, that is our younger fans who as they grow older could also be interested in membership and also people who would just be interested in it. (They are out there too) Also depending on the number of members the actually membership price could be reduced therefore making it more affordable to a wider range of people???

Tom - I agree with you on that mate. haha!!
Mike Cheshire
21   Posted 15/08/2008 at 12:53:21

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As I said in my earlier reply, I’m all for this idea. However, if we were able to get the stadium from the club would we also inherit the debt that the club has leveraged against it (assuming thy have!)

Professionalism would be the key to this working with every idea and proposal being extremely well thought out and well presented and the help of people with expertise like Tom Hughes will be invaluable.

Let’s get this idea going. How can I help?
ed fitzgerald
22   Posted 15/08/2008 at 13:03:07

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A brilliant idea if only the leadership at Everton could think a little more laterally and creatively. They are stuck in a mind set of conventional business thinking that is not serving its customers us! Many Blues I am sure would be willing to stump up some cash to help ground redevelopment. If this could get off the ground we could harness the power of the internet to attract many small shareholders. For those doubters out there who think its all rhetoric, look up the company Goldcorp and see how they transformed their business practices.
The only problem John is getting someone at Everton to listen! So my question to all Toffeeweb posters is how we would market such an idea through the local, national, global media to make them listen.
23   Posted 15/08/2008 at 13:24:39

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A great idea!

Has an element of something ’our’ board lack TOTALLY - imagination.

I’m in, deffo!

ed fitzgerald
24   Posted 15/08/2008 at 13:20:25

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For those who want to know how this company transformed itself follow the link, below the story I think resonates with our current plight, if BK can’t get investors maybe we can!!
Michael Hunt
25   Posted 15/08/2008 at 13:19:53

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Good on you ’Yozzas’, hats off to the ’Boys from the Blue Stuff’! Mike, Goodison itself and the site on which it stands is not mortgaged, the site is one of the few assets the club has yet to sell off.
At a key point in our history, we need to seize this great idea (which is meaningless unless put into action) and start putting our money where our mouth is.
John, it is great that you’ve researched the solicitor held trust fund. We need to get it going straight away and help solve the stadium issue once and for all. Such a mechanism would not only be worthwhile for all the reasons mentioned, but would for me feel like a great weight is lifted off my shoulders at being able to have a small part in doing something worthwhile and crucial in such a vital area for the sustainability and growth of our great club, EVERTON FC.
Just let me know the account details....I’m keen that, straight off, support is up and running for this key Evertonian cause.
John Hughes
26   Posted 15/08/2008 at 13:45:09

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Ok lads there seems to be enough of us interested in this and I have information on how to set this up and what type of organisation it should be. I also know of an organisation who can help us set this up. Hopefully with a bit of funding too but I have to clarify this.

Don’t worry about the club yet, we don’t need their permission to do this. When we have solid foundations we will go to the club and submit our proposals. We do need to act quick though. Also I am out for the next few hours only possible to log back on tonight after 7. If we are going to do this there needs to be a professional attitude towards it straight away. So before we start does anyone no how we can exchange e-mails without actually advertising them on here for the world and his spambot to see?
I will log back on tonight. For those interested maybe we can discuss meeting and finding a way forward.
Anyone else getting excited??
Paul Gallagher
27   Posted 15/08/2008 at 13:47:56

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If we could set up a direct debit scheme and have fans contribute 10 quid minimun up to say about 40 quid a week. every week for the next two years. I dont think thats fiancially too challenging for supporters, who are willing to pay 40 quid a week for matches. That would raise atleast over 1k for every fan that participated in the scheme. we should beable to garnered 100,000 fans, maybe more.
Paul Milner
28   Posted 15/08/2008 at 14:00:49

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Great idea, but it would need a figurehead, otherwise it would just peter out
A number of former players came out against Kirkby and in favour of redeveloping Goodison (Duncan Ferguson springs to mind). If someone like that got on board to champion the idea, it could have a strong chance of succeeding (provided Everton are willing to listen).
Steve Green (Canada)
29   Posted 15/08/2008 at 14:22:20

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An absolutely brilliant idea. If this gets off the ground (and I really hope it does), count me in.
Tony Y
30   Posted 15/08/2008 at 14:10:27

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I think the idea sounds good and I don’t want to be the first to shoot it down, but does EFC not have Goodison Park ’mortgaged up to the hilt’ as stated on other recent threads.

Don’t know whether this is true, but will be a stumbling block if it is. EFC could not then sell the ground for a nominal fee.
Paul Milner
31   Posted 15/08/2008 at 14:36:26

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That is the major issue. Even if Goodison is not specifically mortaged, the club will almost certainly have granted a debenture to its lenders to secure its borrowings. This would prevent the sale of Goodison without consent - which I am certain would not be forthcoming from the lenders.

This aspect need some serious legal thinking - any lawyers out there?
Jimmy Ianson
32   Posted 15/08/2008 at 14:46:57

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Anyone know how much has actually been borrowed against goodison.
I thought it was only valued at around 20 m which shouldn’t really stop such a good idea coming to fruition.
From acorns great oaks grow.
Tom Hughes
33   Posted 15/08/2008 at 14:58:38

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Could it not still be a stadium development fund, with some fancy accounting or legal meandering averting issues of the current stadium’s credit rating......? Perhaps shifting that debt somehow or enveloping it in any enabling scheme at the Park end or at the school. I’m not sure the club has ever admitted openly to any extra loans secured on the stadium, although I believe it is fairly common knowledge that they have done this at some point.
Jimmy Ianson
34   Posted 15/08/2008 at 15:01:38

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This idea needs to be out there in the public domain otherwise nothing will happen.(I still know good Evertonians that don’t know about the David Frence collection.)Anyone with any media connections?
A good start would be headline news on Toffeeweb.
Michael Hunt
35   Posted 15/08/2008 at 14:41:31

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John, (and Michael or Lyndon of Toffeeweb) I guess the esteemed gents of Toffeeweb Towers could link the emails up and avoid spambot issues. I’m excited about this initiative and keen to see it succeed.
Re getting a figurehead, getting Everton onboard and any consent issues re ownership of Goodison: I don’t think those issues need to be addressed at this stage and all are potentially irrelevant anyway i.e. Once we have a ’Membership Society’ (which seems most appropriate as per John’s note) that has 150million quid at it’s disposal for the purpose of Everton’s new stadium surely that gives us the ear of all relevant parties and a much improved position to enable Everton to achieve a fitting stadium for the future of our great Club.
With that size of support and financial clout, apparent ’barriers’ become mere stepping stones in overcoming the hurdles/challenges to acheive the solution of a stadium and structure for the best interest of a successful EFC for generations to come. One that can live up to the motto NSNO and provide the innovative stadium solution so desperately needed.
Jimmy Ianson
36   Posted 15/08/2008 at 15:12:15

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Maybe change John’s headline from Another idea to A Great Idea
Graham Atherton
37   Posted 15/08/2008 at 13:47:41

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Trying to find an example of this happening I came across this:

Stockport County are trying to do something similar They are trying to raise 1 million to buy their ground and currently have £67 000 after 6 months

OK Stockport may only boast 5 - 10 000 fans that attend matches but that still represents 1/8 to 1/4 of Everton’s support.
Do the sums and in a similar situation Everton might raise £0.5 to £1 million a year?
ste kenny
38   Posted 15/08/2008 at 15:48:07

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I havent got £1500 quid but i’ll find it for this!!!! A fucking brilliant idea. I think a good starting point would be to decide on a figure you want to raise, conduct a survey on how many people are seriously interested and then we would know the amount that has to go in.
Roman Fedkiv
39   Posted 15/08/2008 at 16:34:24

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I like this idea but would have to think it through to see if there are any pitfalls/hurdles, etc. In live in the States. How can I help at this point?
Mike Smith
40   Posted 15/08/2008 at 16:48:30

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Great idea. I think the following would be helpful:
1) Draw up a list of required professionals (e.g. solicitors, surveyors, financiers)
2) Canvas Everton supporters to find such individuals who can put time in on this project for free - as a hobby?
3) From any response "interview" (for want of a better word) the candidates to see who can offer the most.

Otherwise I have a feeling that professional fees could cost a large chunk of whatever is raised.

Just another idea....
Charlie Francis
41   Posted 15/08/2008 at 17:38:32

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John, well done, you’ve shown a strong argument to develop a system to help the club. The club clearly needs help and what a wonderful raw idea, you have presented it well as a template idea that can be tweaked in order to make it feasible. It is simple and thats why it can become a reality, I think once fleshed out the only hindrance could be the Chairman, but if he shows an open mind it could be launched easily and quickly, with the support of the fans sites, the official site, and the club’s own database of fans. I am sure that raising approximately £100m of fans money is feasible, naming rights are circa £10m and local/national public money would possibly be available too. I think it is feasible and the Chairman would need to see it as a viable system and then show willing. The main problem as you know it that he has tended to avoid logical progress in the past. I would be keen to help but unfortunatley the Chairman must first publically denounce the Kirkby scheme before any of us look at solutions for the future. Though it is clearly not in the club’s interests to pursue Kirkby, we know its not really ’in him’ to show the necessary strength required to manouevre himself and the club out of his friend’s (CEO of Tesco) plan for a suburban development that would kill us. A growing majority of us feel we are being led by the retail chain and not by the club’s owner and this will hang over us for some time. Lets hope the club shows some real substance and stops Kirkby ASAP!!!!
Charlie Francis
Andy Drake
42   Posted 15/08/2008 at 17:58:51

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This will obviously come up against the conventional view that rasing this amount is impossible. To see if there is any realistic chance, an option is to establish an ESCROW account (a centrally administered fund that sits securely whilst financial committments are made) where I believe fans would have to donate money rather than pledge. My limited understanding is the funds in an ESCROW are water tight and if there is sufficient momentum, the case (for the Board) to poo poo and others would be blown away and if the reality is the Stockport County example above, those that have placed in ESCROW get funds back (perhaps minus the cost of adminstering). Interesting idea but reality says 20 quid on the drip examples would with sincere respect blow the idea out. Peoples Club or noe, it would probably require multiples of 1k minimum. Putting balls on the line, I would commit a minimum 10k. To have any chance. it would absolutely require hitting the EVERTONIAN diaporia worldwide.
43   Posted 15/08/2008 at 18:29:21

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After making my first post, I got really excited about this proposal. This idea is the first bit of good news this summer. I dont want to get ahead of the game, but thought that if this is going to work, I would like to make a suggestion. First and foremost there has to be support from the fans. I propose that John spearheads this project but I also think that regional committee chairs be put into place to work on the logistics and planning. Since I live in the States, obviously I cannot help over there, but would be willing to take this news to the Everton support club in Chicago and get their backing. This could done all over the globe and would allow all Evertonians to participate in the project if they so choose to.
Michael Hunt
44   Posted 15/08/2008 at 18:36:36

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Yes, ESCROW account, that is the method (I was unaware of the term but that is essentially an account held by a trusted third party e.g. solicitor).
The admin costs are minimal and such a method would enable us the structure to build the capital necessary to give real power in solving the stadium conundrum so key to the future development of EFC.
Let’s get the ball rolling, until we put our money where our mouth is this great idea is worthless.
There must be ways to publicise this initiative and I am sure once it is known about there will be EVERTONIANS far and wide willing to back this. I agree with Andy though, there has to be real financial commitment perhaps on the drip is feasible if the money target is time bounded e.g. Xamount by one year from now minimum investment of 1 grand, e.g. if paid on the drip it would be 80 odd quid a month, which equals a grand over 12 months. This way, fans that don’t have a grand in hand can still get a grand invested within the year.
PS. On a possibly flippant note: IF we raised over 100 mill within a year and the stadium was not viable for whatever reason we could perhaps have a vote on whether to return the investment to the evertonian investors or invest it in players! That way next summer we could get all the targets signed up in time for pre-season in readiness to bring the league title back to the grand old lady! (Goodison could at least be touched up with a lick of paint and maybe some nano technology used to make the pillars invisible and mean no restricted views!)
Neil Kudrycz
45   Posted 15/08/2008 at 18:46:09

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This is my first post, i have followed Everton for 35 years and am a current season ticket holder. I like most of the posters on here are genuinley worried about the current state of affairs our club seems to be in. I think this idea is a fantastic way of helping support the club we all love, and i for one would be very interested in buying a share or shares in this once the legal technicalities have been sorted out.
Derek Thomas
46   Posted 15/08/2008 at 20:40:51

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Top idea, in fact all and any ideas need to be on the table at the EGM, just so long as Bill isn’t sitting at the table. There needs to be a clean out and let somebody who is not bound to, tainted by and can’t let go of failed policies.

But why limit our selves to 1.5K per person, like some others that is a lot to me and though I could scrape it together it would be a struggle (especially if the wife found out ) ...there may be those who can do 3K or 15K for that matter, fine, with the proviso that you still only get ONE VOTE...after all you/we are doing it for the club not to gain power over the whole train set ego Bill?

Desperate times call for desperate measures and as I have said before on here. Those in power mostly know what needs doing when times are bad but can’t justify/bring themselves to do it isn’t REALLY that bad ( is it?) and it WILL get better ( won’t it ?) then 3-6mths or whatever down the track end up doing what they turned down anyway.

The problem is, as always, the will, political or otherwise to do it.

The hour has cometh....where is the man???
Derek Thomas
47   Posted 15/08/2008 at 21:02:19

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I’m in and so will my 2 lads be.

Don’t worry about the Club, when we walk into the make or break meeting and slap 100mill on the table, that will concentrate their minds wonderfully.
Lewis Aldrich
48   Posted 15/08/2008 at 22:04:25

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This idea deffinately needs to be put forward at the EGM and BK needs to understand how serious we are. It would be interesting to see his reaction.
John Hughes
49   Posted 15/08/2008 at 21:14:10

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I’m glad we are getting somewhere here. I’ll post tomorrow to guage feeling on a meeting locally (I’m on the wirral). Then we can start the organising. Let’s do it....
Jim Lloyd
50   Posted 15/08/2008 at 23:29:39

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I looked at this thread(Very quickly I might add!) while I was at work today. On previous threads I’ve talked about us doing a sort of Celtic/Barcelona style share issue but I’ve got to admit, I know bugger all about any kind of business or legal stuff. I can’t help but feel though, that this is the right way for EFc to go. It’s got to be from the "widows mite" to the rich benefactor and everyone in between. It could then be truely called the People’s Club.

I was thinking about what a number of people have said about a figurehead. We definitely need one and, if he could be persuaded to become that figurehead, I’ve a suggestion... Lord Granchester.

He’s the grandson of Sir John and in him we could place our trust. Big if I know, but we could ask him.
I also think we need to have a "board" "panel" "committee" whatever the name is, we would need one. Two people spring to mind, Tom Hughes and Trevor Skempton, these two men have, imo carried the torch of what could be achieved if we put our minds to it. I know I’m blabbering, but like so many others, I’ve hoped, felt, believed that there was another way. Destination Kirkby was a frightening scenario and maybe its woken us up. Until now, we mightn’t have been able to construct a practical aklternative.
Well John, I thinkl that now...we have. Lets have a go. NSNO
Jim Lloyd
51   Posted 15/08/2008 at 23:50:46

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Bloody Hell, I’m geting excited now, so much so I can’t even dream of sleeping. We’ve got fellow Blues all over the world.

Roman, your post is just what the doctor ordered, you hardly have a chance to go the match, yet your a Blue and willing to help. Absolutely what it is all about.

Trying not to get too carried away here but this is the most heartwarming and inspiring bloody thread I’ve seen all Summer.
Jim Lloyd
52   Posted 16/08/2008 at 00:05:03

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Bloody Hell, I knew I should have gone to bed. However, I decided to read each and every one of the posts properly. The vast majority are overwhelmingly enthusiastic and its bloody great.
Money is obviously a very major consideration and thats why I’ve come on again. If it could be done, along with all the other hurdles we’d have to jump, would it be possible to allow everyone who loves Everton, a part in our future.
What I’m trying to say, is that some blues will be well able to contribute funds in the tens of thousands. At the other extreme there will be many thousands of blues who could only contribute "the widows mite" that I mentioned before. There are many others who would be able to contribute £1500 or so, but would have to do it over a period of time (say twelve months).
Can we accommodate every blue who wants to help?
Don’t know but bloody Nora, wouldn’t it be great to have a go.

Well done to all Blues who’ve shown thatnthey’ve got the enthusiasm to give this a go and to John, you might well have started the ball rolling which gives us all the chance to save our club.
john colfar
53   Posted 16/08/2008 at 02:32:23

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A great piece John. I suggested a few weeks ago that after speaking to some LFC mates (sorry !!), that what they were trying to achieve with Share Liverpool and Spirit Of Shankly, was unfortunate for them, very probably too late, in as much as that if they were ever to realise their aims,well their optimum time had gone. They should have tried to buy into LFC when David Moores was chairman, and there was still that historical/local connection running them. I feel that this applies to us. If ever some sort of ’Share/membership/partnership’ or whatever plan or idea you want to try to instigate, was ever going to have a chance of seeing the light of day, (and not being too late) then surely now is the time to examine all possibilites. My suggestion had a few flaws with it, but the overall idea of fans owning, running or whatever you want to call it, was’nt a million miles away from what John has suggested, and what most on this post have agreed with. Also a few more suggestions have been added that make sense. The idea of £100 per month for a year would surely be useful for most of us, especially if we got organised, constituted, mandated and recognised because we could have people’s £100 monthly payment going into a Bank Account by Direct Debit long before any £100m gheques had to be signed !! All it takes to at least get these ideas up and running is a few serious, dedicated and sensible people who can begin with organising meetings and such. from the early meetings temporary officers could be elected to oversee opening a Bank Account, sorting a constitution and other legal matters and that would be our first step. Canvassing ideas would then follow and i know that there a lot of intelligent, responsible professional Evertonians out there who could contribute positively towards at least looking to get this idea off the ground. One final (and good) thought, is that we don’t need any millionaires at the outset to start this ball rolling, just ordinary fans like John Hughes (who may be a millionaire for all i know !) but who have the interest of EFC at heart, rather than some foreign investor on the lookout for a new plaything. By the way, if we can organise an initial meeting, i would suggest not in a pub (for obvious reasons) and i have access to community facilites free of charge that may be suitable, depending on numbers. Anyone ready to meet John Hughes and Co ??? Over to you...
Gary Sedgwick
54   Posted 16/08/2008 at 02:14:25

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Bloody good idea. I could pony up the money myself. I live in the US where commercialism of all sports is ripe.
John wrote ?All the same naming rights, Stadium sponsorship, usage etc would be as any other Stadium."

Here is a thought based on those words. I in no way want to dilute the positive comments so far. I am for John?s suggestion wholeheartedly.

Let?s say I personally can contribute $3,000 but I want to contribute more. I can?t because of my finances. EPL matches are viewed globally. My mate in Harlingen watches an EFC match and we see the advertising hoardings. None have relevance to where we reside. I approach a business here and say, ?I watch EFC when they are on TV. If you could contribute +/- $ amount to my pledge your business will be given an advertisement hoarding spot (size depending on the pledge) for twelve months.?

My mate and I now see advertising relevant to where we live for twelve months. It may be small but we see it. I approach the business again in ten month?s time. I ask them how the advertising went. They either say, ?It was no good? at which point I say, ?Thank you. I am sorry it did not work out better.? Or they say, ?It is working. We are gaining customers.? If they say this I counter, ?If you contribute the same this year you will keep your current advertisement spot. If you are willing to contribute more you will receive a larger advertisement hoarding.?

My suggestion would demand a separate ?Advertisement Holding? account within the framework be created but it could work.

A suggestion only. If we supporters were to own the ground would we not own the advertising rights as well?
vincent chan
55   Posted 16/08/2008 at 04:26:11

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I’m sure KEIOC would be more than happy to help us to conjure up support and to publicise the project, then the Echo are bound to jump on board. How much would it cost us to build the loop site stadium? Could we raise anywhere near enough? Could be worth looking into properly if Goodison has loans borrowed against it. the loop site is at the heart of the city, it would one of the major tourist attractions in the city centre bringing in huge revenue and Everton will be known around the world, people will have pictures of themselves outside the stadium in their holiday snaps from when they came to visit liverpool. how many tourists are going to travel out to stanley park? if this all pans out either way, one day there will be a bronze statue of John Hughes outside New Goodison whether it be in Walton or on the Loop. I’m in, John. Make it happen mate, We all love you
steve flynn
56   Posted 16/08/2008 at 06:22:52

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John,what a simple idea but BRILLIANT,it will be interesting to see Kenwrights response to it as it would make a huge difference to his share holding(and the other shareholders)on the value of their shares in Everton FC minus the stadium.Count me in.
Derek Turnbull
57   Posted 16/08/2008 at 11:38:55

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Re John your reply from earlier:

’Derek, If you read the above again it actually says that the share holders would vote for the stadium not someone from the Echo. 1 share = 1 vote.

Only just had a chance to read it now. My main point was that we could have 50 plus design entries for a new stadium. The best stadium would be a composite of a number of the entries.

I mentioned the Echo, because there will need to be a forum to publicly view each entry. The Echo in featuring these stadiums will only pick upon a handful of those entries and their criteria will be what one is ’coloured in the best’. Fans will be more likely to vote for the one that is the most professionally drawn, that does not mean it is the best stadium though.

Your second remark was that I wouldn’t be able to vote because I would like to see the winning vote first. How are you going to get the 100,000 fans to put money in when they don’t even know what their getting out of it?
Jimmy Ianson
58   Posted 16/08/2008 at 11:39:37

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I was thinking exactly the same steve but surely the value of the shareholders shares would increase.A top 5 team with a brand new stadium that it rents for next to nothing.
Although if i’m right it would seriously piss me of to think the cunts who own the club would make money out of this.
Tony Ianson
59   Posted 16/08/2008 at 15:18:24

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Language Jimmy! You may be correct in your precise definition, but we have to keep it professional from the outset.

We have been Evertonians for 30+ years and even dreamt of playing for the Blues during our early childhood. Anyhow, not all dreams come true, and I ventured into business spending the last 20 years in Stirling, 15 of which I have been in business.

I like the Derek Thomas idea of 1.5k per person, but donate more if you have it. Eg a share for 1) the dad 2) the lad 3) the wife would cost £4.5k.

I would like to comment about the payment mechansim side as I have been involved in this for over 10 years via the Internet. If you go down the route of memberships per month, then PAYAL offer this service so you can take a monthly payment off your "subcribers" (in this case EFC Stadium members) which can then be passed to the ESCROW trustee as mentioned earlier.

But, if we approach PAYPAL and offer to give their brand much publicity when the campaign takes off, they could waiver their small transaction charges. This keeps all the money in the pot.

I would also suggest for complete transparency, that each member who has parted with their hard earned cash to be given a login on a dedicated website where they can see ALL details of records of funds and where they are and where they have gone.

I will offer more comment after the match.

I can also donate to the cause the following websites and where fans can email me any of their video blogs off YouTube etc and I can post on to the site. I will have these websites live and ready to go by tomorrow. This will help on the media coverage side of things. So you can see what I mean, have a look at

More to come. I’ve got my credit card ready to put in my bit.

Tony I’Anson
Managing Director
Stirling Internet Ltd
Scion House
University of Stirling Innovation Park
Tony Ianson
60   Posted 17/08/2008 at 22:29:20

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Thats the websites live as promised.

I’ve put up a few videos for now from relating to EFC. Is this going to be an idea that goes nowhere, or have there been any developments. I’d like to hear from John Hughes.
John Hughes
61   Posted 18/08/2008 at 11:41:55

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Another Idea ? Update

I?ve been looking into this over the last few days and I have been trying to dilute my thoughts into something readable. I?m bloody excited and scared too as this really seems to be a viable Idea.

Right, just brief information on how this can work. My suggestion is that we set up an IPS (Industrial & Provident Society)

A IPS basically has the following attributes

Community orientation ? intrinsically part of the framework of the Trust.
? External Regulation - the Financial Services Authority will not register rule changes that conflict with the requirement to operate for the benefit of the community.
? Robust Constitution - crucial rules such as the Objects, Powers and Application of Profits, may only be altered if there is a 75% majority in favour.
? Effective and versatile - experience has shown the model to be adaptable and powerful in varied circumstances.
? Not For Profit motive- Safeguards against ?carpet bagging?.
? Growing Supporters? Trusts movement ? offers additional ?political? weight and influence in the wider world of football.
? Community of Mutuals - offers opportunities for additional funding and partnerships with other co-operatives. Provides affinity with other organisations committed to benefiting the local community; and offers a reassurance to the supporters and the club of the community orientation and not-for-profit objectives of the Trust.
? Start-up Grant funding - Supporters Direct pay for legal costs and expenses subject to eligibility criteria.
? Limited liability for members - no need to put your financial security on the line; members are protected.
? Financially responsible - Effective in circumstances where significant sums of money have to be raised by public offer.

? Rather than have a ?shareholding? we have a ?membership?
? Memberships are renewable and there is no limitation on numbers
? Renewals would be at a lower cost then the ?initial? cost of membership. For example:
? Year 1 memberships = £1000 at £100 per month for 10 months.
? Year 2 Memberships = £500 at £50 per month for 10 months.
? Year 3+ memberships = £250 at £25 per month for 10 months.
? You can be a member for 1 year or for ever. The choice is yours. You would have still done your bit.
? All board members would be elected
? A dedicated website (with member log in) will allow you to vote for the most important decisions
? All information including payments will go through the website
? All members will have the opportunity to make decisions
? All membership money will be used to run the trust on a day to day basis and to obviously invest in the stadium. I calculate that about 8% of contributions will be needed to fund the day to day activities of the IPS company. This is admin and advertising and general up keep. Remember there is a lot of work to be done and no-one on the board should use this as a means to personal gain.

These will need to be advised but if they can be done as I have mentioned above but I have seen no reasons why it can?t be done as above.

I have contacted supporters direct today to find out what we have to do as they have helped Celtic and many others start this type of thing up. If any of you want to have a look at this then they can be found at

But is Everyone OK with the basics of this idea so far?

Michael, Lyndon, can I ask that you forward or provide me with the e-mail addresses of everyone who has expressed an interest in this please. I have added my e-mail address in the correct field on the form.

John Hughes
62   Posted 18/08/2008 at 12:45:11

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Derek Turnbull,

I know what you meant but this wouldn’t be a decsion for the general public to make. If you became a member of the IPS then you would be given a secure log in to a dedicated website. This is were you would cast your vote. Only the members of the IPS would get a vote. If you did not buy a membership you wouln’t get a vote. Plus the idea that we "cherry pick" Idea’s would not be commercially viable to the design competition entrants. A winning design would have to incorporate criteria as decided by the members. The wining design would be a whole stadium (re)development.

Hope this clears this little bit up.
John Hughes
63   Posted 18/08/2008 at 13:00:08

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Tony Lanson - Had a quick Look mate and I’m on my dinner hour now. If your interested the website would be the focal point of this and initially would be used to gain expressions of interest from Evertonian and football supporters in general. Can we do something?

I’ve sent you an e-mail.
Phil Bellis
64   Posted 18/08/2008 at 13:51:53

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Well done Mr Hughes...some random ramblings follow...
Anyone pally with a Celebrity Blue? I know we’ve not got many but those we have seem a cut above most hangers-on
It might be useful to contact some of these and approach them for figurehead support (or investment)
I’m thinking of the likes of Claire Sweeney, John Parrott and Ian Hart (Harry Potter etc) who was linked to the proposed Dixie Dean film
How about offering Paul McCartney the chance to name the stadium after his first wife or his dad? (c’mon Paul, just give us one year’s Yesterday royalties, we won’t tell anyone!)
John Hughes
65   Posted 18/08/2008 at 14:14:53

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Phil Belis and all figure head idea posters - A great Idea but why stop at one figure head? If this is going to get off the ground then we need all Evertonians both normal and celebrity to get on board so to speak. I’m working on getting a website started so we can all register our interest in this scheme. I will let you all know when it’s up and running.
Neil Blackledge
66   Posted 18/08/2008 at 14:26:39

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I’ve lived in Chicago for the past couple of years, where I have been following the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Last year they offered fans the chance to buy a small paving stone outside the ground engraved with their name and a short message. If the share idea described above was to come to fruition, maybe Everton could do something similar for all those fans that contribute to the new ground? I realise this is a bit of a gimmicky idea, but maybe it would be a nice touch for our new ground that would be inkeeping with our reputation as ’The Peoples Club’?
Phil Bellis
67   Posted 18/08/2008 at 14:25:52

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Thanks, John
I think Kipper had a Celebrity list (some of whom were still alive!)
Amongst the regular posters on here we have company directors, Web, media, PR people etc; hopefully they and others will respond to any requests for unpaid advice
John Hughes
68   Posted 18/08/2008 at 15:57:48

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I need help on this lads and lasses so if you want to help let me know. I know loads of you above have expressed an interest so let me know if you want to be involved.
Ian Roberts
69   Posted 18/08/2008 at 16:11:48

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Fantasyland! If this wasnt so sad it would be hilarious - and it is! C’mon John, Everton fans dont attend testimonials for our legends or adequately help towards fundraising towards things like the David France Collection - all of which are at least as worthy than your ridiculous idea, an idea coming as it is in the teeth of an upcoming recession and a never ending credit crunch lol.
John Hughes
70   Posted 18/08/2008 at 16:19:13

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Maybe your right Ian - I?ll put it down to "wanting to do something but why the fuck should I syndrome"
Fuck..... hitting the ground that hard doesn?t half hurt. What was I thinking? How stupid of me to think Evertonians might want to actually do something rather than moaning all the fucking time... Ah well..... back to the medicine cupboard for me.
Michael Kenrick
71   Posted 18/08/2008 at 16:36:23

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John, Can you post that big thing as a new Fans Article please.

Charlie Martin
72   Posted 18/08/2008 at 16:47:29

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I’m with this idea, mainly because if Everton pressed ahead with Kirkby it spells the end.

Where can we find direct contact details for you.

Like many I would back it with money and various advice, but your recent detail which included the proposal for a rolling paying membership may not be the most practical (ie in terms of imediate fund-raising) nor perhaps is it the most attractive proposition to gain maximum backing. That said its impressive what you’ve done in a quick space of time so this is not criticism just opinion.

You’ll probably agree this now needs a business context for direct discussion before it becomes a bit disjointed. There’s alot to flesh out but the system you propose generally stacks up well. I have experience working in marketing within football, not within a club but independently, so hopefully would have something strong to offer.
What a response - lets all give this a crack..

PS well done to Tony Ianson, your response says alot about the idea’s potential for working.

Hopefully Michael or Lyndon will give you my email.
Charlie Martin
73   Posted 18/08/2008 at 17:38:00

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By the way, a note to the site Editor..


The following is VERY relevant within the context of discussion here.

Your recent poll regading what next for the stadium plans.. are you considering putting it on a press release for the Echo / Post? Its vitally important that we also show to the off-line main fanbase and club board that there is a groundswell (scuse the pun) of opinion that directly contradicts the Yes vote mandate 12 months ago.

IE we as fans could and should call for a new mandate to be held regading Kirkby now that it is 12 months old and has been officially called in. Fans opinion has changed.

The Chairman has always said he would listen to the fans first. Lets make sure he is quoted on that once again and give him the facts, then press for a new mandate if he continues persuing Kirkby.

Alternatively BLUE Bill, save us all the bother and publically declare that the malconceived Kirkby scheme is a gonna!!
Tony Ianson
74   Posted 18/08/2008 at 17:55:06

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MESSAGE SENT TO JOHN DIRECT. He managed to get my email from my business website. Anyone else who wants to get internal emails going, just do the same.


My brain won?t stop thinking now.
Assume that the following is in place: Company/trust is set up. Dedicated website is set up. A few fans have registered their interest, but fewer have parted with cash.

What next?
Introduce testimonials to the website from the likes of ? Bob Latchford, Peter Reid, Duncan Ferguson, Greame Sharp, Howard Kendal, Mike Pejic !, Alan Stubbs, Andy Gray etc who made their money out of Everton.

And why would they do this? ? because they have each parted with £1,500 for a share each in the trust.

We could then get them on video recording their comments for the website and why they think it is a brilliant idea and why the fans should support it.

It would make the project SO believable to the fans as these faces are still idolised as legends.

This would definitely generate much media interest and exposure and have a real impact on the fans in terms of credibility of the project.

In fact, the first correspondence about the proposal should be sent out to every living ex Everton player and all current ones to part with £1,500 after all they are the ones making a killing out of the game.

100 ex players = £150,000 which would be a nice start.

What do you all think?

Tony Ianson
John Hughes
75   Posted 18/08/2008 at 18:08:52

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Michael K - Have done mate. You should have it soon.

Charlie, I dont’ particulary want to put my e-mail address in the public domian. However I have put it where it should go on the submission form so Michael or Lyndon should hopefully be able to pass it on to you.

Any help is much appreciated.

Andy Lockett
76   Posted 18/08/2008 at 22:31:02

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I think it’s agreat idea I’d love to help in any way I can.
Tony Ianson
77   Posted 18/08/2008 at 23:03:47

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A bit of serious fun about this subject - I couldn’t resist posting this.
The current EFC corredors of power are Grasshoppers and us Fans are Ants.


What can we do? Watch out for famous "Ant" John Hughes.
John Hughes
78   Posted 19/08/2008 at 13:03:08

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Have a look at the updated post on the main page it has e-mail details so you can contact me.
Brian Kane
79   Posted 19/08/2008 at 20:52:42

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Count me in.

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