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Reap What You Sow

By Tony Marsh :  16/08/2008 :  Comments (90) :
So there it is in black and white for all to see... "Blame me for no signings this summer," says Moyes. ? Daily Mirror, 16 August 2008. Finally, the Ginger One admits to dithering.

I have banged on for years now about the lack of leadership and know-how from DM and all I ever get back is "Marsh is a Kopite", "Marsh is a Knobhead,", "Negative fans like you we don't want" ... blah blah fucking blah. Well, after today, what now???

WTF is going on at Everton these days when a so called Messiah can't be arsed to sign any new players in to a squad that limped across the finishing line last season?? Are we all fucking daft or something? Why has this so-called saviour been fucking about with his contract all this time? If this the best a God like Moyes has to offer the wonderful Evertonian fans then fuck it. Dundee awaits...

This season is already over after today's result and I don't give a shit if anyone thinks that's negative because it's true. It is there for all to see if you look hard enough. Shit dour unattractive football played to the request of a manger who knows nothing more than how to wing-and-a-prayer it. If we don't get lucky, we don't win, and that's the Moyes way.

No big characters wanted in the Moyes dressing room. No Big Duncs or Rooneys required just little short-arse players who won't say Boo to a Goose who DM can bully and scould when he sees fit.

When David Moyes got us in to touching distance of the Holy Grail with a fourth-place finish a few years back with Walter Smith's side, he fucked up bigtime by dithering in the summer. Cue the summer of 2008 and no lessons have been learned. The trouble is loads of our lot will lap this shit up and won't have a bad word said about Moyes or BK... FFS WHY?

All summer as the club went in to meltdown and started roting like a Leper's foot, all I read on here from some of our followers was, "It's a disgrace the socks on the new kit are just plain white," or "My new kit hasn't arrived yet and I am taking the kids to Majorca next week." Who gives a fuck? Get a fucking grip will you. Kenwright and Moyes are killing this club and I jus't cant take any more of this tolerant understanding.

Either there is money or there isn't money ? bottom line. If there is no dosh, then the man many of you claim to be irreplaceable should come out and say so and tell BK where to go. If there is cash available then Moyes is a Grade A tosser for allowing us to get in to this position. 16-year-old kids and midgets is all the Messiah has to offer. It's Total Bollocks.

A long hard season awaits and still many of you will blindly follow this clown Moyes and the puppet-master Kenwright but you do so at the detriment of the club. Tonight, Moyes and Kenwright should be legging it out of Goodison Park as the hoards tear down the main stand brick by brick, but you know what: it won't happen because we are Evertonians and we know how to take it in the Jackzi with the best of em...

Nil Satis... don't make me fucking laugh ... Moyes and Kenwright out! Well something's got to give and at this rate the fans will be first to go.

Please, is there no-one out there to save us from this nightmare? I would even take Taxi For Frank Sinatra from Man City right now....

Reader Comments

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Steven Duffin
1   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:19:31

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Could not agree more, Tony. If money was spent and we got the same result then fair enough, but this takes the piss. Oh we have the kids for the future but we would only sell them on anyway ? where is the AJ and James McFadden money? Tell the truth now, BK, or fuck off back to Corrie...
Ian Edwards
2   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:19:22

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Yes , we had injuries and a reduced squad but Moyes picked the wrong team. His first choice defence were all available but he decided to put Jagielka in midfield. Why was Valente in midfield? This should have been the team:

Neville Yobo Jagielka Lescott
Arteta Osman Rodwell Baines
Yakubu Jutkiewicz.

We should have played two up front. We had too many square pegs in round holes.

Asfor signings ... Moyes does dither. We could have signed Malbranque or Gilberto. Don’t we need a bigger squad?

I think Tony makes some good points but saying Moyes took us to 4th with Walter Smith’s team is complete bollocks.

It seems to me that Moyes is unhappy with the Kirkby call in. he always supported the move.He has wanted the move and the potential investment. We’ll remain also rans and thanks to KEIOC whingeing about a boundary we’ll probably end up as tenant’s in the new Liverpool ground.

I don’t think Moyes will sign a new contract and will leave at the end of the season.
Linda Heap
3   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:19:34

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I might have known that Tony Marsh would race to post something negative as soon as the final whistle was blown. Admittedly tha first half was rubbish and the second not much better and, on balance, Blackburn probably deserved to win although they were no great shakes either. Tony Marsh’s glass must be forever empty; mine isn’t. Mind you, at the present momemt it doesn’t feel as though there is much in it but I must be one of life’s optimists. Maybe we won’t be chasing 4th place as hard this season. Maybe we have no money. Maybe our stadium is falling down. In some ways I don’t care as I will support Everton no matter what. In other ways I care very much. I want us to be pushing for the Leaguw never mind 4th place. I want us to have a decent stadium. I just don’t think we can have everything all at once over night. I am one of those apologists who still remember deciding to get my season ticket the next season even if we were in the Championship, and that wasn’t even that long ago.
I realise a good start is important and hope that we can be better in the next few games. I hope that we can sign some good players. And finally I hope that Tony Marsh can find his own hope - he seems to have mislaid it along the way.
stephen stuart
4   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:27:37

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I’ve followed your comments and the ridicule they have engendered over the years. You are a passionate man and an honest follower of the Blues. You have done all you can to warn of the impending doom at Goodison. I know because I have felt exactly the same. And, there comes a time when you have to let it go - I have.

Part of me still wants the Blues to win everything but looking at the mess they are in now, I can’t see how they will get out of it. And I don’t care that much anymore. Other things deserve more of my time and effort. Maybe, this is something you have to consider. You can’t be this angry and disappointed all the time. All the best.
Barry Bragg
5   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:27:12

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Tony you must be soooooo! happy to have started the season with a loss so you can get back to spouting your usual garbage.........I am only suprised it took you so long.

As with most other seasons I am sure Moyes and the team will make you eat your words and shut your fat trap before too long and let the rest of us genuine fans get on with the job of getting behind the boys.
David Banner
6   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:38:38

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best make sure your membership for the Carra bar is up to date and you booked Rome for end of season. You are one of those people who would moan if you won the lottery cos a previous winner won more than you... Sometimes wonder with some of the lame brain parttime fans on here...
Andy Morden
7   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:19:54

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I have to question the acceptance of Moyes?s statements in the press that he is to blame. I?m not questioning whether the quotes are genuine; I am questioning the truth of what Moyes says and the intended effect. Frankly Kenwright has been getting stick for his role as chairman and overseeing a shambolic summer. If Moyes publicly slated Kenwright the fans would be seething all the more, and would really be baying for blood. For many Evertonians (Tony excepted) many Moyes?s stock is still high, arguably he can deflect some of the heat heading for Kenwright and head off more instability. If I were Moyes I would be looking for some level of stability to operate in. A febrile pressure cooker atmosphere is not good for players and match preparation. I am speculating. Moyes could well have really got it wrong. The point I am trying to make is that there is so much spin and obfuscation hovering around Everton FC it is difficult to know exactly what is going on. If this is the case we know not why Moyes failed to get the players in. Is it genuine incompetence, or is this failure down to the best intentions? Could it be because he is concerned not to dilute the quality of the squad so has refused to move for players he could sign, but didn?t rate? Have agents let him down? Are clubs reticent to release their star players? Did his demeanour fail to impress would-be signings? Has haggling over terms undermined the recruitment of targets? We just don?t know.

What I do agree with is that we need players. Enough on this has been written over the summer, so I am possible reiterating much of what has been said already. Yes, we need strength and steel in midfield. Yes we need some width. Yes we need some pace, preferable in attack. Even if we get the first 11 (minus Carsley) from last year fit and available we have no depth. We have no variation. The premier league is a dynamic place. As much as the obvious need for bodies we will not evolve by signing three players to plug gaps. We need options and the potential to do the unexpected. Smart opposition managers will know what is coming when the play us this season. Tony is right to mention the standard of football we played today, and this reinforced my point about the need to provide extra options. Without evolution and fresh impetus our standard of football will not improve. I don?t think I would like to be the manager of our club at the moment!
Tony Marsh
8   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:37:45

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For the record, Walter Smith players who played under Moyes during the season 2003/4 when we finshed in 4th place.

Wier,Stubbs,Hibbert Pistone,Carlsey,
Osman, Graveson,Ferguson, to name a few.Nearly a full side I would say.
Tom Campbell
9   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:44:47

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Have to agree its a disgrace we havent signed anyone yet

Were a laughing stock

Ha and skysports predict us to finish in 6th place

not a hope unless we sign 5 players

ie- Michael Johnson.Stephen Ireland,Tiago,Alan Smith,And a half decent striker
Mark Cassin
10   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:46:31

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Tony is right about the lack characters in the dressing room.

What I’m amazed at, (and Ian Edwards hit the nail on the head) is what was the team all about?

Surely the side in pre season has not been the one put out today--bizarre.

I would say Tony that lets wait for the transfer deadline.
Marc Williams
11   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:40:37

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Tony - I think you are a little over the top on this BUT you are right to point out that Moyes does have some big faults.
I think on balance he has been very good news for us BUT I do think that his transfer dealings for us have been far more mixed over his time with us than the gloss put on by many. He’s certainly dithered this summer & on todays showing Baines ( £6 mil’ ? ) may soon be added to the Beattie, VDM, Kroldrup list
Also his man managment skills at times have been questionable. The MOST WORRYING thing for me today was the information that Vaughn is not injured but that Moyes is cold shouldering him.
He needs to learn from past mistakes that this in NOT the way in modern football.
I can understand his frustrations but he needs to see the wider picture as things already look pretty desperate.
NO DOUBT we should have offered Carsley whatever he wanted ( we did it for Pip & he’s crap ! ) you can already see how our defense miss him and Birmingham are now keeping clean sheets.
Shane Corcoran
12   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:53:53

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Tony, although I feel your pain, surely some of your views are a bit simple. Dithering is one thing but if Moyes has definite targets and a budget to work within then isn’t it natural that he won’t use up funds on players quickly just incase he doesn’t get his targets? I imagine it’s a dilemma for him and it’s backfired hugely this summer. Everyone is throwing in names such as Gera (although he would have been free so it wouldn’t have been a bad option) Johnson, Malbranque etc but Moyes surely has a vision of the type of player he wants and they most likely don’t fit the bill. The frustrating bit for me is the lack of communication with the fans. All we get is the usual "working 24/7" and "in daily contact " quotes from BK which don’t get any more believable. I’m depressed to the point where I’m not that bothered anymore. Maybe make your posts before the end of the game though as it will lend them a little more integrity.
guy hastings
13   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:53:53

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Thank fuck the internet wasn’t around when we went 1-4 down on the opening day against Spurs. ’Kendall out’, eh, Tony? Having said that, I think we’re in deep shit - and I thought that even when we finished 5th. Carsley was my player of the season and his spot was the most crucial to cover. Given the fact that those within the club must have known he was on his way, that it hasn’t been done is unforgiveable. My gut feeling is that we don’t know the half of what’s going on financially and we’ll be praying for someone with the nous of Ridsdale to make a move before too long
Graham Brandwood
14   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:46:22

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I think the cracks are starting to show between Moyes and Kenwright. We all walked away at the end of last season optimistic. Replace Carsley with a more technicaly gifted player, add a couple of gifted extras and move forward. Moyes identified the players. We know who they are, they have been listed in the papers. Kenwrights job was to go and get them.He has said we have a transfer budget. He has said ’watch this space, but still we have no new players. Kenwright keeps making positive noises, but Moyes appears as dejected as the fan’s and i guess by now the players. The reality is no money no new players. Its time for Kenwright to be honest and tell us what is happening. Stop the speculation and allow Moyes to target some realistic targets that might keep us in the top half. If not the squad will beso thin we will be fighting relegation.
Jason Lam
15   Posted 16/08/2008 at 20:09:14

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The season is not over yet but I do agree with one aspect of Moyes that is seriously lacking: his ability to attract and sign players. I am beginning to believe that Moyes is totally unforgiving and relentless in only signing players that will fit in his close-knit dressing room culture. Any player that borders close or outside those strict school rooms won’t have a look in. Look, Mr. Moyes, we all need to work with people we don’t necessary get on with, all projects work that way. Sometimes we’re stuck with fuckers but if they can do the job, what’s the problem? The point of ’management’ is to get the best out of your players (and signings), and reduce their weaknesses or damage to the group to a minimum. Who gives a toss if they like to shower in the limelight or like a quick fag? Fucking hell this the toughest league in the world - admit it - you NEED TO SIGN PLAYERS. What’s with all this stubbornness, get over it!
John P MacFarlane
16   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:42:42

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I think Tony has reacted in the right way to a situation which is threatening to get out of hand (if it hasn?t already).

Like many supporters at the match today I bought my season ticket prior to the deadline set by the club in April. That is almost 4 months ago. I paid up front because foolishly i believed it would give us the time to purchase new players.

But it looks increasingly like our season ticket money added to the money recieved for Johnson and McFadden are being used to buy Blue Bill breathing space to keep the club liquid.

Is Blue Bill gonna ask us to buy 2009/10 season tickets as Christmas presents to keep him going for another season.?

Everton have been in far worse situations on the pitch, but there is a nagging doubt running throughout most of the fanbase that something really really terrible is about to happen to our club.

The whole lead up to today?s game was wrong , Moyes says next to nothing for the whole of the summer and on the eve of the match spouts off about what is wrong with the squad regarding lack of numbers.

These utterances albeit truthful were far from helpful in setting the tone for the players and fans prior to today?s game.

Mr. Moyes should also decide sooner rather than later if he wants to sign a new contrract or not.

His loyalty should not be given solely to the players it should be to the Football Club as a whole. The Club do after all pay his wages.

If a manager cannot commit to the cause then how can we ask players and fans to do the same?

guy hastings
17   Posted 16/08/2008 at 20:17:26

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Oh - and it’s ’sow’ not ’sew’, though a repair job is certainly needed.
Derek Copson
18   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:21:23

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Whilst it is topical to pile heaps of opprobrium on Bill Kenwright, I believe the real villain of the peace is David Moyes.

What self-respecting manager would allow himself to be associated with such lying propoganda as is put out by the self-styled "People's Club"? That is unless the pain of deception was tempered by the promise of £3M a year? OK, Davey took us to fifth place and compared to Walter Smith he`s a bloody genius. But so bloody what? He`s taken `The Queen`s Shilling` and is more than happy to go along with all the lies and misinformation that his boss puts out.

He admits he`s had money to spend all summer but is such a ditherer that when he got back from his money-earner in Europe, he`d missed the boat with ALL his so-called targets. Now I know the man`s a hero to most Evertonians but isn`t it about time that some of the faithful wised up and recognised that ANYBODY who would allow the team strength to be dissipated to it`s present level would have done one before now in disgust?

That`s unless, of course, you are holding out for a bumper rise who no bugger else would pay you!

Roman Fedkiv
19   Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:29:26

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I watched the game on tv and specifically paid close attention to DM's reactions and body language. Normally, he is pacing up and down the touchline and is extremely vocal. Today he seemed disinterested and not himself. Did anyone else notice this? I'm afraid this could be the beginning of the end for him.
David Foster
20   Posted 16/08/2008 at 20:20:51

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Could’nt agree more Tony great post at least you have got the bollocks to come out and speak your mind unlike some people at this club.
Michael Mulhall
21   Posted 16/08/2008 at 17:52:59

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Just heard from someone very well connected that Utd and Arsenal are to bid £18M for the Yak! I am not starting a he said/she said, just passing on what i have heard! If it does come to fruition then I may well wash my hands of the club!
Mark Reid
22   Posted 16/08/2008 at 21:00:09

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Amit Vithlani
23   Posted 16/08/2008 at 20:50:04

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I am no Moyes apologist. But having been at the game today, I have to say I am astounded at the vitriol thrown in his direction. We played poorly no question and deserved to lose. Arteta and Yak showed glimpses of their ability but there was very little else to take from the match. But what more could the Manager have done with the resources at his disposal? What side do people think he could have named which would have made a difference? Playing more than 1 or 2 youngsters in such a pressurised situation could have had a seriously detrimental effect on the team and the young players. I think the entire team played badly because the team was horribly balanced. If Moyes goes, who will replace him? Why would any half decent manager want to join the club in a such a disastrous position?

The fact is, we are lumbered with this situation and the Board is culpable. However, there appears little the fans can do about it - unless we take drastic action such as protesting and forming a supporters trust to try and take over the club.Until that juncture, I think there is little point in being vitriolic against the Manager. We all suspect that there is very little money available to sign quality players. Analysing the clubs finances has left many supporters aware of the sad truth that the club is dependent on borrowing to finance the larger transfers and with the Credit Crunch lines of credit are probably hard to come by. It is at these times that the clubs owners need to put their own cash in (as at other clubs) and clearly this is where we have come unstuck.

As for suggesting it was Wally’s players who got us a Champions League please do not make me laugh. If it was squarely down to the players why on earth did they not do the business the season before.I am down in the dumps but I had a sense of foreboding for some time. That does not mean I will stop supporting the side on the pitch. The resources we have are pitiful but we must get behind the team. Seeking the manager’s head is totally moronic as the fundamental problems at the club will never be resolved unless the Owners get their arses in gear. If Moyes fails to produce the goods when he has been given the backing then we have every right to turn on him.
Joey Delahunt
24   Posted 16/08/2008 at 21:23:54

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Tony I have to agree, for a side to finish 5th last season wilth a small squad & Months later we start the seaso with a even less depleated squad. & a Manager for some reason will not sign a 60k contract! DM recons he gave our Chairman & ex CEO 25 names & wanted top quailty not cheap frills players! Have any EFC fans forgot we have a pay limit of 45k per week ! DM has always got his best players in the bargain basement, the Cahills, the lescotts, Jags IMO alls he had to do was look at the relegated premier sides & do some shopping there first, Kitson, Hunt, Barnes,etc all could have been attainable months ago. Or did DM get side tracked with us finishing 5th? Big money players are not always sucessfull ask Spurs today!
Stewart Marsland
25   Posted 16/08/2008 at 21:30:58

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Moyes looks so depressed ? would anybody blame him if he walked? Surrounded by by bullshit billly and his cronies...
Yusuf Bobat
26   Posted 16/08/2008 at 21:26:59

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I’m with Tony on this 1, it’s time for Kenwright and Earl to go, I do believe Moyes is capable of taking us to the next level provided he has the funding to bring in quality players, unfortunatly the club is run by amateurs and untill a serious investor comes with a good business sense we will never progress and that’s the sad truth.
Carlos Camacho
27   Posted 16/08/2008 at 22:22:53

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This is how the season will play out...

I see us doing rather poorly for the next 7 games. At that point, we will be #13 in the league table.

Perhaps 2 names coming in, one from lower leagues and one on loan.

At that time, Moyes will be approached by Newcastle, after their sacking of Keegan. Moyes will resign and move to New Castle.

I don’t know why but this feeling is so strong in my mind.

Matty Dawkins
28   Posted 16/08/2008 at 22:15:25

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Michael Mulhall:


Stan’the wife beater’ Collymore made a nothing comment on Talksport today and said, " Alex Ferguson is in the crowd today, maybe his money would be better spent on Yakubu or Santa Cruz rather than Berbatov".
Simon Chester
29   Posted 17/08/2008 at 00:37:22

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I totally agree with the article, well done for writing it.
Ask yourself just what the hell has Moyes done this Summer ? .... I’ll tell you ...... he’s given Neville an embarrasing 4 year deal and apart from that he’s given the biggest waste of space on the planet the number 7 shirt ....... thats been it. Now h’s admitting its his fault, well if that isn’t gross incompetance I dont know what is !!!
We are unbelievably seven (yes 7) players down on last season Johnson, McFadden, Carsley, Graveson, Fernandez, Gardener and Wessels, the same squad that just limped over the finish line last season, we were short on numbers then so God help us now.
I see no way back, I dont know where points will come from, and I cant think why anybody would want to sign for us now.
Prepare yourselves for the worst.
Steve Taylor
30   Posted 17/08/2008 at 01:04:17

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It’s not often I agree with Tony "Kneejerk" Marsh - but on this occasion I think he’s hit the nail on the head in parts of that piece.

Moyes has always been a ditherer in the transfer market & Tony is quite right to point to the summer of ’05 which was a complete disaster - following our fanstastic 4th place achievement - that should been a lesson learned - seemingly not.

Our squad is threadbare & not all of the blame for this can be put at BK’s door - there’s undoubtedly been issues surrounding funding this summer - but we bid £5M for Ramsey in June, so there was at least some cash available at that stage - why no squad players Moyes????

Bosmans, low cost older players, loan deals???? He’s been playing fucking politics over his contract all summer IMO - that’s why - his insistence that he wanted players capable of raising our level to that of the Big 4 - completely admirable - however, he ignored the fact that aswell as a few headline signings - we desperately needed squad players, as we’ve ended up having to field untried (& largely unready) teenagers FFS! which makes his strategy look a tad flawed.

Players have been available - he’s just chosen not to sign them - he’s had his head up his arse all summer IMO - & we’re now seeing the consequences - it’s a fucking disgrace & he IS largely responsible - as budget not being available for players of the pedigree of Moutinho shouldn’t have stopped him signing players who could have provided much needed cover & done a job for us - for next to fuck all or even nowt.

He’s fucked up & he’s got 2 weeks to put it right.
Robert Coumbe
31   Posted 17/08/2008 at 01:03:55

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FFS what is with the negative attitude. We have lost one game via bad defence. Does anyone remember last year. We had one of the best defences in the league.

Moyes knows he need players, he has said it often enough. He will bring them in and we will again be boss this season. Anyone who says otherwise is a worser blue.

Have heart.... ok, he may make the move late but Moyes will make the move. Any doubters need to hark back to the Walter Smith approach of 10 defenders on a pitch at any one time.

Moyes will bring in the right players eg Arteta, Cahill and Lescott. Oh you forgot about them stalwarts did ya?
Darren Corless
32   Posted 17/08/2008 at 01:21:01

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Everybody with excuses can just fuck off, there are no excuses for that pile of steaming shit we had to watch today and there are no excuses for the shite we have had to put up with all summer. I'm so angry at the amount of useless spineless fuckers that rant day-in, day-out about the fuckin disgrace that has become of this great club. Then today it all come together and we all sit in amazement at how fucking shit we are and no fucker says a word.

Up at the final whistle and off to the pub to have a fuckin moan then back home to slag everybody off on everything from kipper to ToffeeWeb but no fucker said fuck all at the match. WHY? because we don't want to be seen as fucking Kopites.... well, maybe that's why them dirty fuckers are capable of winning something and we are shit.

Because we are the People's Club! A family club, a fucking also-ran that shouldn't expect anything else ? what a load of shit!!!

Paul Walsh
33   Posted 17/08/2008 at 01:30:05

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I think last season and indeed the whole period of David Moyes? tenure, will in the fullness of time be recorded as a "high water mark" in Everton?s history. I believe as others have observed, his body language of late isn?t looking good. I think he?ll go sooner than later and I hope his departure will persuade Mr Kenwright to do the honourable thing and follow him through the door at the earliest opportunity. I will be devastated if Moyes does go because, imperfect as he is, no man could have done a better job for this club given the circumstances and restrictions (financial and otherwise) he?s had to work under since the day he started. With the right backing, he could have been our Shankly. All things considered, perhaps the best manager Everton have ever had...
Mark Davies
34   Posted 17/08/2008 at 01:46:45

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Give Moyes a break, bargain basement is what we need. The last time we had no Carsley is when he did his knee and we nearly got relegated, remember you can't win anything with kids?
Sean Condon
35   Posted 17/08/2008 at 01:49:50

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Sometimes when we lose, I immediately look for Tony?s posts because I know that he?ll say exactly what I?d like to but don?t because I don?t have the balls... and besides, I?m far too grown up to throw my toys out of the bassinet.
I completely agree with his sentiments today. Is there any fucking money, or is there not any fucking money? Just fucking tell us so that we know who to throw the toys in the general direction of. Is this fiasco the fault of BK or DM? There is no excuse available for that threadbare squad of 13 year olds.
The performance today was horrific. Surely that was Lescott?s worst outing in an Everton shirt. Osman appears to have shrunk in size to about 3?9" so easily was he repeatedly pushed aside. And i?ve said it before but, although he wasn?t directly to blame for any of the goals, Tim Howard is a goalie who will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER bail the back four out when they fuck up.
It?s early, but the omens are all bad.
Leon Thomas
36   Posted 17/08/2008 at 02:07:12

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What a load of bollocks! It reminds me of a few seasons ago when people where calling for DM?s head but then changed their tune soon enough when the results went our way. Do we really want to end up like Newcastle etc, who sack their manager after 2 or 3 bad results?
Remember Alex Ferguson who was one bad result from the sack? If you want to blame anyone, blame the board. DM has done a fantastic job; anyone who knows what he's talking about will say the same. When weve signed a few players before the window shuts, we will see if the same people who post negative comments have anything to say then. Get behind the team and DM ? let's not go down the Newcastle route.
Steve Edwards
37   Posted 17/08/2008 at 01:45:39

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The bottom line is...this club is going nowhere with Billy Liar running it and David Moyes has been hand in glove with him. The Peoples Club... you must be joking. All you people above who support Everton haven’t got a clue whats going on, your just guessing. Your fed lie after lie after lie. The truth is simple... if you have no money you can’t be successful. Thats what modern football is all about... Money and we haven’t got it!
John Andrews
38   Posted 17/08/2008 at 02:22:10

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It must now be time for Moyes to decide whether he wants to manage Everton Football Club or not.
If he does then just sign the bloody contract !
Have to agree with the majority of the thread especially as Moyes has admitted to a feeling of letting the players down by not signing anybody.
I would normally blame our illustrious Board for this debacle but on this occasion it would appear to be Moyes’ fault.
Ian McDowell
39   Posted 17/08/2008 at 03:04:52

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This contract business is dragging on too long ? just like Wayne Rooney's; the trouble is I don?t know who to believe about anything because there is so much crap and lies that comes out of Everton.
Vincent Siow
40   Posted 17/08/2008 at 03:06:13

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I?ve never been a fan of you Tony, but for all the debacle that has happened in the preseason I think you are absolutely right on many accounts.

I can?t help but think there is some form of conspiracy theory out there. We?ve worked so hard to solidify 5th, 6th places in the past few seasons. Why are we trying to wreck the foundations with such poor management? Even clubs like Hull have signed players like Geovanni and we have done nothing at all but sell our best players like Cars and AJ. Not signing anyone is ridiculous. Saying we are in only for world class players is ridiculous too. Can we afford them? Moyes and the board have to look at themselves in the mirror.

This is going to be a long season for us if we don??t do something soon.
Steve Carter
41   Posted 17/08/2008 at 03:33:09

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All negative as usual Tony; although I do admit you have some points. Although let’s point out a positive: I’m not suggesting that he is our immediate saviour, however, Jose Baxter - a 16 year old for goodness’ sake - showed the sort of enthusiasm, determination and, indeed, skill that really impressed me. In my view played better than just about everyone than Arteta. Well done Jose.
Doug Nestor
42   Posted 17/08/2008 at 03:46:44

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How can any of you NOT agree with what Tony has stated???........He is totally right........if he isnt why are we in this state? ...........please enlighten me.........To me it is total mis-management right through the club and any one who tries to find positives out of that display are kidding themselves..........
Chris Bailey
43   Posted 17/08/2008 at 03:46:42

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Calm down everyone.. it's only one result. The real issue is the transfer money. Is anyone really suggesting Moyes hasn?t bought anyone cause he is dithering? He is patently aware of the squad size, the injury status of the players, and likelihood of having to field a bench of kids. No matter how slow, surely he would have brought in some squad players at a minimum.

If there truly was transfer money there, or money for extra wages for Bosmans, it would have been spent. To me it's obvious, BK had been banking on the ground move to get approved, which would allow him to borrow more against the promise of future revenue (however spurious that is). The smoke and mirrors have run out for BK...

Matt Grice
44   Posted 17/08/2008 at 05:54:32

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I think the key issue is as i read all these views, is that the main problem is not being told the Truth whether we like it or not!

We would be less angy, upset, & worried if we knew regarding the finicial troubles we have, if we knew what issues DM has to resolve before signing a new contract or the truth behind the new stadium. We are constantly told that we are "the Peoples Club" the trouble with that is the people know balls all!

My Plea to Bk is this, we thank you so much saving us from Johnson, and bringing in DM. BUT do the right thing and tell us the truth, let us know whats going on, if you have been using all the transfer money to pay off debts, then great stability! If we have to put up with youth for rest of season then fine as True Blues we will get behind the team. BUT please, please, please dont bullshit us. Dont get DM to take the flak, he will go and that is us finished.

The question i have for you is this, when you took over in 1999 you said you were looking for investors in the club, what on earth have you being doing for nearly 10 years, its time to stop asking you thesbian mates and start talking to business investors, & BK I no you dont understand the word "business" look the word up!!!
Andy Crooks
45   Posted 17/08/2008 at 01:24:20

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As I don't live in England I am restricted to seeing Everton half a dozen times a year at home and maybe a couple of times away. So here's the first day of the season for a typical overseas supporter.

I was working today until 4pm and went to my local to watch results unfold via BBC. At 4:50 I left with the Everton score at 2-2 and went next door to the bookies. Backed a loser but was informed that Everton had finished 2-2. Walked home through the rain (did you see the news) but thought, "Thank fuck I can at least watch match of the day safe in the knowledge that a depleted squad had salvaged a point..." Second game on; brilliant I thought, finish my beers and have a reasonably early night.

Well, what a fucking kick in the balls that was. Stuffed four minutes into injury time. Now, I wasn't at the game so am in no position to make any comment but will someone who was there tell me that it really wasn't as bad as it looked. The last time I felt as down as this, Mike Walker was in charge. The starting line-up today will struggle to beat any team in the Premier League.

I've been reading all of the posts on the site and I believe that I should apologize to Tony Marsh. Tony, you were right all along. Now I'm off to earn myself a hangover.

Jay Campbell
46   Posted 17/08/2008 at 06:54:09

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The club is a fuckn joke.

The shite that has gone on this summr is totally unacceptable and someone has to be held accountable.
Mark Wilson
47   Posted 17/08/2008 at 07:27:23

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Christ on a bike. Every last bit of faith I had that there were some sensible Everton fans still left following the ridiculous result of the Kirkby vote has gone. DM is the best thing about this club. Why on earth would he sign a new contract when he is being dicked around by BK et al? For all his failings, BK knows what a fantastic manager we have in Moyes ? and won?t want to lose him. Thus not signing gives Moyes a little leverage. Why throw away the only card in your hand?

This club is a joke ? agreed. And the biggest joke is the fans.
Neil Scott
48   Posted 17/08/2008 at 07:51:48

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Incorrect Mark. And shame on you for making a knee-jerk sweeping statement of a group that even includes yourself.

I would say that the only blameless party in the growing fiasco that is now Everton Football Club is the fans.

The support for that excuse for a team yesterday was wholly undeserved by a grossly incompetent board of directors and our formerly great manager who must have been complicit in much of the inaction that has been our summer of non-preparation.

Don?t blame the fans mate. They just turn up regardless.
Matt Grice
49   Posted 17/08/2008 at 07:58:43

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In responce to Mark Wilson, who if by calling the fans "the biggest jokes" surley is either menatly puddled or a kopshite! If the fans do not know the truth, and are not told what is happening and why, then we will make assumptions.

We are all passionate about Everton, and want us to build on last year, but if all we get told is lies by the club and BK then we want to know the truth.

I agree that DM is one of the best things about the club, but he has not even signed squad players for this season, never mind superstar signings. You look at Geovanni going to Hull on a free etc why were we not picking up these type of players. Going for Ramasey when Arsenal & Man U were going for him was mad. We lost Johnson, Carsley, Fernandes, Wessels, Graversen & Gardner from our squad last season. I admit that most of these (exception Carsley & Fernandes) were worth getting rid of but we havn?t even replaced them never mind adding to our squad.

So this is why Us Evertonians are speculating and having the balls to question DM, because being fans gives us the right, acutally Wilson the best thing about EFC is not DM its the fans!!
Ged Simpson
50   Posted 17/08/2008 at 08:16:00

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Tony....... your post was really about YOU and deciding how to allocate blame. Fair enough if it helps you. But the really depressing reality is as follows:

1. Get rid of Moyes? And replace with who? Would you move to take over as manager of Everton if you were any good?

2. BK must go. And who will replace him and the Board? Can?t see a queue.

3. Sign new players of quality. Yeah....that would be a great career move.

So my prediction is a mid-table finish and a season where TM and others tirelessly justify themslves and waste another season allocating blame with decimal point accuracy.

I would be the first to shout out alternatives to our stuation but apart from signing some mediocre players, the grim reality is I see no alternative to the current situation. Anyone have ideas?
Jeff Spiers
51   Posted 17/08/2008 at 08:46:17

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Can someone please let me know players who WANT to sign for us?
Allan Fry
52   Posted 17/08/2008 at 08:36:16

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Should we replace the Park End with a grassy knoll? Conspiracy theories abound and here's one more.

What if the reason DM hasn?t signed is that the contract is acceptable but there is no guarantee that we as a club can honour it. If the banks have called in our credit (no Kirkby) we wouldn?t be able to buy players without collateral for their salaries and DM would stall on his contract. To me the only reason we would allow ourselves to get in this mess is because we?ve been borrowing off mates which is great when everyones flush but not so easy when things get tight. Is this also the reason Bully left, because his job was to get financial backing and BK?s mates have stopped taking his calls.

I sat in Moscow watching BBC text and getting SMS messages yesterday all through the game and was sick at 2-2 but thought, at least we didn?t get beaten. It?s going to be a long season.

If I?m right (God forbid), we will buy two or three cheap players to maintain our PL status and stave off the creditors another year because the people we owe money too cannot afford for us to drop too far, it will reduce their chances of getting anything back.

I just hope that I?m wrong and next week we have Mouthino, Johnson, Fernandes and a couple more.

Tony Part
53   Posted 17/08/2008 at 09:20:55

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I think the whole point of the matter is that every season we start off with an even smaller squad than we left off with and this has more or less been the case every season under Moyes. If we keep getting told money is available then fucking spend it and stop putting out more third rate shite like yesterdays starting line up... Jagielka after last season hates playing in midfield so why not just put Neville there and Jagielka right back? No, the thing with Moyes and it always has been is that he must litter Everton's starting 11 with at least six defenders ? even at home..
Andrew Brown
54   Posted 17/08/2008 at 08:57:03

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I must admit after this performance I am starting to think it?s time for a change. DM is bloody obsessed with playing 4-5-1 ffs. We?re supposed to be making year on year progress, but yet again we can?t attract anyone decent, even offering European football.

What about Mendes, Geovanni (he went to HULL, BY CHOICE???) or Mailbranque? They were available to other clubs, so either we weren?t interested, had no cash or were too tight to pay the going rate, inflated or not. To be down to the bare bones at the start of the season is a fucking disgrace!

We need to beat West Brown and Stoke and get a least a point against Portsmouth and hope we get more players in by the end of the transfer window. I don?t care who?s to blame, I just want it sorted. It?s bloody embarrassing to say the least. I?ve got 6 bloody redshite living next to me and I?m dreading the rest of the season if it?s gonna be like this.

Maybe the way forward is the Barcelona way, were the club is part owned by the fans and so have a representative on the board. At least then we?ll know what?s going on.

Simon Chester
55   Posted 17/08/2008 at 08:44:32

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........ and following on from my earlier post, this morning Moyes’s got the temerity to say ’we were rubbish’ ...... well I wonder why ? ....... maybe because we’ve got no players and had to field 16 and 17 yr olds !!!!!! ..... then ask why that was ? .................. because Moyes sat on his arse all Summer doing nothing thats why, its unbelievable the mess he’s dragged us into.
Darrel Pugh
56   Posted 17/08/2008 at 09:43:31

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There was a time when having 5 promising home grown youngsters on the bench actually meant progress! Just shows what has happened to football when we are all up in arms because our team is not packed with foreigners mercenaries all on £100k a week out to skin the club alive for two years then piss off the to one of the top 4.

From a wider perspective is it worth supporting this game anymore? It?s not what most of us bought into, fair enough we are not as bad as Chelsea, paying fat over the hill failed england players £151k a week or as bad as the redshite, they might as well turn anfield into a tapas bar.

It's sad when we measure progress on a load of overpaid arsholes turning up who haven't even heard of Everton but are quite happy to take £100k from the club every week.

Anyone been watching the Olympics?
Ron Cooke
57   Posted 17/08/2008 at 10:04:34

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Absolutely spot on: Moyes is an idiot. He is a ditherer and takes and cannot make a decision. His football hurts your eyes it's so bad and he is negative in everything ? not just football. How can a man with such a dour demeanour inspire players? He can't. He has repeatedly lied about signing his contract being two weeks away... yet, weeks down the line, he still can't decide. Either it's right or not and if not and he is so valued by Kenwrong why has it not been sorted? I am glad cos I can't stand the man, his dithering, his negativity, or his boring football. MOYES OUT and I have said it for years. WAKE UP WILL YERS!!!
Ray Roche
58   Posted 17/08/2008 at 10:24:19

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Tony Marsh.
You say, "with Walter Smith's team"... Below is the team for Moyes first match and beneath that the team for the last game of the 2004-05 season away at Bolton. Moyes team is no better is it? Prick.

Everton: Simonsen, Pistone, Weir, Stubbs, Unsworth (Blomqvist 75), Hibbert, Carsley, Gemmill, Gravesen, Radzinski (Moore 45), Ferguson.

Everton: Wright, Hibbert (Vaughan 80), Yobo, Weir, Watson, Carsley, McFadden, Cahill (Osman 59), Arteta (Stubbs 71), Kilbane, Ferguson
Les Haigh
59   Posted 17/08/2008 at 10:47:36

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I note Ferguson was in the crowd at the match. Was he there to look at players or was he looking at how DM managed EFC? I bet IF he asked DM to go to MU to become his Deputy, DM would be off like a shot. Is this why DM hasn?t signed his contract. As most Evertonians will know, AF fancied DM as his possible No. 2, after his good work at Preston NE, before he chose Steve McClaren instead.
Garetg Fieldstead
60   Posted 17/08/2008 at 11:48:11

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Sorry but it is Moyes fault. The guy has done well for us but this close season has been the worst I have known. Money is available but he expected us to be competing with the likes of Chelsea and Spurs. There was plenty of players available who would do a job but he has hung his hat on players who did nothing at the Euros nor the fucking Olympics. What is wrong with Johnson, Nolan, Bullard, Lennon or Milito? He wont buy anyone, he wont sign a new contract and he will fuck off at the end of the season if not before. He has let everyone down, not Kenwright.
John Cottee
61   Posted 17/08/2008 at 12:43:14

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Remember when Tony Marsh used to complain that the youngsters at the club were never given a chance?

Everton now have more youngsters coming through then any other team. It's gonna take awhile for them to develop.
Lee Rogers
62   Posted 17/08/2008 at 12:42:20

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FFF, I?m so angry with not getting any players in before the first game ? how am I supposed to go to work on Monday being beat by a second rate team? FFS, sign some fucking players in!!!
Amit Vithlani
63   Posted 17/08/2008 at 13:25:40

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I am astounded by the comments from some posters. How is the manager supposed to buy decent players without money? Do you guys seriously believe the club’s spin that hard cash has always been available ? Did the club not complete the transfers of Johnson, Lescott, Jagielka and Yakubu before the start of the first game of the season in years before when money - borrowed money - was freely available? If the manager had £15m of hard cash available to spend it would have been spent by now. My belief is he only has the Johnson money - which remember was only banked a couple of weeks ago - and we all suspect that only 60-70% of the transfer fee has been paid upfront, with the rest paid on pay-as-you-play. So effectively we have a tiny pot. The cash from last season including the player sales have gone towards servicing debt levels, and Banks are getting edgy over lines of credit. Previous friendly loans from wealthy inviduals are also probably no longer available. With 6 players needed and only £6m-7m to spend, if I was manager I would be extremely careful how I spent the cash - as poor signings will be heavily criticised (remember Simon Davies and the Danish centrehalf who couldn’t head - the manager truly wasted what little cash we had that summer and was rightly heavily criticised - I don’t think we can financially afford any further mistakes such as these).

Finally, take a look at the Sunday Times today. Total transfers in the Premier League in 2008 are a staggering £230m BELOW last season, and roughly on a par (adjusted for inflation) with 2004, when the Sky contract was signed.

Face it folks. We’re back to 2004. We’re skint thanks to our Board’s terrible mismanagement and are dependent on selling players to raise cash. So turning vitriolic on the manager is completely facile. Moyes can afford not to sign his contract and walk away because he can. He is a valuable commodity in today’s premier league. Someone in the same bracket as Martin O’Neil and Mark Hughes - who can produce top 8 sides from very little cash. If that is not good enough for Everton fans, fair enough, but without significant INVESTMENT from the club’s owners I fail to see how we will achieve anything better than what Moyes delivered. Our vitriol should be reserved for the Owners, who have blown the momentum gathered overed the last couple of seasons with truly appalling mismanagement.
Steve Rewth
64   Posted 17/08/2008 at 13:41:03

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If our lack of signings is not due to a shortage of funds, which BK and even DM insist not, then its incompetence. Dave back to his dithering ways; our negotiating team’s ineptness - misled by Love’s agents!?? when all noises from CSKA were screaming that there was no loan deal on offer; and with Sporting saying they wouldn’t accept anything less than £18m for their prized skipper while we continue offering a meagre £13m. Yet the likes of Carlos Cuellar goes for £8m a bit pricey maybe but a good Carsley replacement. What happened to talk of Manny coming back? I am certainly not against giving youth a go but the over reliance on a young and inexperienced bench is frightening. If we don’t get reinforcements before the end of the month our season is as good as over. I don’t know who’d we replace Moyes with (who would come!?) but time for BK to start thinking hard because I think before being pushed Moyes may well jump.
Paul Gladwell
65   Posted 17/08/2008 at 14:24:09

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Darren said it all, why was there nothing from the crowd at the end? I was begging for some Billybull stick but it never came just trooped off to moan to or mates, this fraud continues to get away with murder and the shit about no wanting to be like kopites is wrong, at least they bother to get off their arses and try to have a say about their club and it seems to work too, us dickheads just except it the endless lies and shit we are spun.
Ray Roche
66   Posted 17/08/2008 at 14:28:28

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Steve Rewth

Steve,there HAS been a shortage of funds, the money has only been available since DK and AJ’s sale. Moyes has towed the "party line" , trying to keep a steady ship and trying to prevent any dressing room disharmony or alarm. Manny has stated that he wants to stay in Spain (who could blame him in this Summer wether?) and has apparently impressed the new coach at Valencia. Lets face it,we haven’t got a pot to piss in,but that’s not Moyes fault is it? All these prats coming on here and saying "Moyes must go" want to name a readily available replacement who will improve things.
Connor Rohrer
67   Posted 17/08/2008 at 15:03:05

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I remember a very similar post after the Wigan game last season. We where supposedly going to have a hard season and wouldn?t get anywhere. We ended up finishing 5th and had two cup runs.

Tony makes some very good points but I do think he?s going over the top. I said last season let's see what happens when we get the likes of Cahill and Vaughan back last season and I?ll say the same this season. Give Moyes a chance to get a settled squad and see where he gets us.

I agree the club is unorganised to fuck and Moyes and Kenwright have really let us down so far, the positive is they have time to make it up to us and improve the squad. Hopefully we can do that and push on.

So no, not Moyes out after one game, thats a knee jerk reaction to be honest and it a load of bollocks. Let's see how the season pans out an what Moyes can do to improve us.
Steve Rewth
68   Posted 17/08/2008 at 15:21:21

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Ray Roche
If BK and DM both say there is money then they should be judged and held to account for what they say. Moyes has already publicly linked money for players with signing a new contract. Why having seemingly challenged the Board so publicly would he then feel compelled to tow the party line as you call it or even go so far to admit he has let the team down by his absence of signings? If DM is conspiring with BK with what are tantamount to fake and unrealstiaclly low offers for players as sheer pretence then that makes DM as culpable as anyone else running the club. BUT if there is money it doesn’t say muuch that unable to secure his first choices he had no plan B. It was his public contrition for leaving an already weak squad made even more so by failing to replace Carsley AJ and Manny (of course Manny is going to make overtures to Valencia when there no signs of Moyes coming back for him).
Eric Holland
69   Posted 17/08/2008 at 16:01:33

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Well said Tony Marsh.
Rob Burns
70   Posted 17/08/2008 at 15:56:06

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Meltdown is imminent, anyone who thinks we will recover from this disasterous summer must be fucking deluded. That cunt Wyness has overseen the asset-stripping of the club and now done a Lord Lucan as the shit hits the fan, leaving Billy Bull up to his neck in it. Moyes and the senior players look totally demoralised and with no money to spend and no players coming in we are going to be fighting relegation. Expect to see Arteta, Lescott and Yakubu heading for the exit door ASAP, they will have been on to their agents already to check their options. We no longer have a pot to piss in, our only assets being the playing staff, Goodison Park and the undevelopable Bellefield, it's going to be a Leeds or Man City job for sure. We're up the creek and never mind a paddle we havent even got a canoe.
Bill Goodall
71   Posted 17/08/2008 at 16:10:16

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As much as I am the optimist I have to say I am worried. When Cars went i thought we had someone lined up to replace him as he was in out top 4 players last year. As most of you on here were looking forward to the signings so was I. But Alas no one has arrived and while the heart was present yesterday there were no legs to carry it. Rodwell will be a good player but is not up to being the go to man in a midfielf of defenders. Jags is a great centre back, thats it. Baines is a wing back not a full midfielder. Moyes has to accept some of the blame. If there is no money there is still loans to be had. I am rambling but its what I do now. My Mrs is laughing her arse off at my mutterings. Some fucker come play for us we need you, bring back Gazza, Get hime weekend release from the nut farm
Dan Mortimer
72   Posted 17/08/2008 at 16:24:57

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I agree with some of Tony’s points...

"Marsh is a Kopite", "Marsh is a Knobhead,", "Negative fans like you we don’t want"

Moyes is the best thing to happen to this club for decades, we are making it into the top 6 regularly now with little or no cash to spend. Shut up you mug!
Paul ONeill
73   Posted 17/08/2008 at 16:33:09

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You?re an absolute fool. Everton have no money and that isn?t Moyes?s fault.
Ray Roche
74   Posted 17/08/2008 at 17:15:01

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Steve Rewth
Surely you can see how counter-productive it would have been for Moyes to come out ranting about not having any money? You only need to read his interviews in the Times etc. to see how thoroughly jacked off he is.I think it’s pretty big of the man to adopt a "the buck stops here" approach when it clearly shouldn’t. We all know it’s Kenwrights lack of cash and his ability to be economical with the truth that is to blame but, for Heavens sake, give Moyes a break. As for the "unrealistically low offers for players" I doubt if you have any more idea than I have about what has been offered.
Maybe Marsh should put himself forward for the managers job should it ever become vacant. He seems to have all the ’effin answers.
anthony hughes
75   Posted 17/08/2008 at 16:58:00

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Tony, you are spot on with everything you say, the ones who disagree need to open their fucking eyes.
Rod Boyd
76   Posted 17/08/2008 at 17:28:47

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I agree with Tomy Marsh.

If David Moyes is aman of integrity, he should have resigned when he realised that HIS team was being broken,up with nothing coming in.

He is the manager of THE TEAM,not BK.

This must be the weakest squad in the blues history.
Ray Roche
77   Posted 17/08/2008 at 18:44:16

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OK Tony Misery Marsh. Let’s just imagine that YOU are now in David Moyes place. What would YOU do? It’s fine, a constant critic like you whinging and moaning every day about Moyes,Kenwright et al, but there’s an old saying, "Those that can do,those that can’t teach" ,or , in your case,criticise. Who would YOU have bought,who would YOU have sold, where would YOU have got the money? Don’t hide behind your computer screen like a little mischevious schoolboy...answer the question. You are always on here with your miserable comments. Stand up and give us the wisdom of your vast knowledge. It will be interesting to see if there is any substance to your criticism.
John Stevenson
78   Posted 17/08/2008 at 20:08:33

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More and more Evertonians are saying the same thing, I genuinely believe Moyes is not a top draw manager. He just happens to be employed by a equally non-top-draw chairman. Grand scale clearout needed!
Mike Price
79   Posted 17/08/2008 at 20:02:58

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Clearly we are in big trouble..after the events of the weekend we already look one of the weakest outfits in the league and I would already take 5th from bottom for this season if it was offered!

Moyes was unrealistic in the transfer market, gradual improvement and consolidation would have been within reach if we?d have signed players like Diarra, Malbranque, Chimbonda and Diouf. Sunderland signed three of them FFS and dont tell me they wouldn?t improve our squad. Moyes is the architect of this... his man-management appears shit... refer to AJ, Rooney and Beattie, he plays dour football, he has a dour personality and no star quality to appeal to players. The sooner he goes the better and if that means going backwards to eventually move forwards then so be it.

And for all those screaming we couldn?t get anybody any better I?d have Redknapp any day over Moyes... he has actually won something and can operate intelligently in the transfer market.

Dave Jeanrenaud
80   Posted 17/08/2008 at 20:41:51

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Tony Marsh,

Complete and utter bollocks from you as usual. You can?t help but shoot from the hip can you!

First day of the season two season?s back you labelled Lescott as the new Krøldrup after 45 mins! I?m still laughing at that one.

You continually trot out the line that Moyes finished 4th with Walter Smith?s side as if this somehow detracts from the achievement. I would suggest that turning around Walter?s boys and inspiring a 4th place finish was a hell of an achievement!

You slag Moyes at every turn. I?m sure you nailed him for his team selection in the Anfield derby last season and when pushed suggested that he ought to have started Tommy Gravesen!!

Do you believe David Moyes has had a transfer kitty available all summer? Really? It?s pretty obvious that our summer spending has been pending dependent upon the Kirkby decision. I suspect he does now have a confirmed kitty and that he will make efforts to sign the players we need in the next few weeks.

Maybe you would prefer it if he bought any old shite just to pack the squad. Of course you could then slate him for signing shite couldn?t you!!

If you cannot see that David Moyes is the single best thing to happen to Everton in the last 12 years then you are blind.
Dave Teesdale
81   Posted 17/08/2008 at 20:46:15

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These people attacking Moyes are beyond belief. ?Ginger tosser . . .?, ?fucking idiot?, ?clueless . . .?, etc. His record over the last six years speaks for itself. He?s transformed us from being perenial relegation candidates into a side regularly challenging for Europe. On the budget he?s had, it?s hard to see how he could have done much better.

Yes, the situation at the moment looks grim, and as Moyes has said, there are a number of different reasons for that. But once we get Cahill, Pienaar, Vaughan and Anichebe back, plus a few new signings on top, I?ve no doubt we?ll be competing again. We aren?t going to go from being one of the stronger sides in the league to one of the weakest over night.

Thank heavens we do have Moyes running our football club, and not these armchair ?experts?.

John Martin
82   Posted 17/08/2008 at 21:27:30

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It?s not all doom and gloom lads, we moved up 2 places today and we didn't even play, we are only 4 places below Liverpool and they have spent over £30 million this summer ;)
John Martin
83   Posted 17/08/2008 at 21:40:01

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The above comment was a joke btw, I?m as sick as anyone with the shambolic way our club is being run.
Peter Pearson
84   Posted 17/08/2008 at 20:57:23

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It's great to have differing views but we all agree on one thing that we are being kidded daft. All we want is someone from EFC to tell us the truth about what is going on in the boardroom.
Oliver Molloy
85   Posted 17/08/2008 at 21:19:10

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I do not think we will sign players of the likes of Moutinho while BK is in charge of the club. I am also of the opinion that players at the club such as Arteta, Yakubu could start looking for moves shortly.

When a club has no money and rumoured to be in financial difficulty other it is quite common for other clubs & agents etc etc to come looking and turning players heads... If Man U or Arsenal made an official enquiry for instance about any of the above players what do you think would be the outcome?

I believe BK has let Moyes with the money end of things and has made false promises which is why he has not signed the contract.

I also believe that Moyes should come clean and tell it like it is no matter how loyal he is to BK.

Over this last 6 weeks in particular Moyes has made some silly statements regards players such as the AJ going nowhere and then saying he wanted to go-that is a nonsense...

Even more silly are the latest comments from him regards "certain things must remain private" when trying to tell us why players have not been signed
He says that he was only looking for players that would improve Everton but now might have to lower his expectations!!

I mean look at Martin O'Neill?s handling of the whole GB saga he said one day the deadline has passed and Barry was going nowhere ? the next day Barry & his agent go marching into his office and tell him we still think this move will happen and Barry himself wants it to O?Neill gets on the blower to the papers and tells them exactly that!!
This is what DM should be doing ? he should not under ant circumstances feel he needs to cover for BK.

I am grateful to BK for signing Moyes, I won?t be when he will be ultimately responsible for making the man walk away.

Why did KW resign,why did Earl & Green cut a holiday short to come and see KW and apparently tell him to keep his mouth shut. Why did AJ (if true) want out of Everton?

These and other question will undoubtedly be high on the list of this EGM when it comes around, I would imagine Kenwright is not looking forward to that!!

Steve Rewth
86   Posted 17/08/2008 at 22:03:01

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Ray (Roche)

Good to exchange views without resorting to some of the infantile stuff on here.
I agree none of us know what the hell is going on behind the scenes. But if one or other BK or DM makes any public utterance it must have some purpose and simply cannot be ignored and interpreted selectively. I don?t buy into this Moysiah stuff and that he?s the best manager for donkeys years/ever. He has won precisely zilch. Kendall gave us success and whereas Royle may have given us dogs of war he also won the FA cup. But nor do I subscribe to the sack him immediately brigade. I just don?t accept he is not culpable in this opening season cock-up and not beyond crticism. I think it was right he got booed after the Spurs game that time - it showed that we aren’t prepared to tolerate and think he saw it as a salutory lesson. I think its time he and BK to get a long and loud raspberry again. Hopefully we get reinforcements and pretty damn quick else we will continue to struggle and badly if thats the best we put up against B/burn.
Steve Rewth
87   Posted 17/08/2008 at 22:31:29

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Oliver Molloy - agree whole heartedly.
Richard Flynn
88   Posted 17/08/2008 at 22:45:04

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I agree with this article on the whole. I wish people would stop getting confused! and understand the difference between what?s negative and what is reality! The situation at Everton is a total disgrace, the fact is the brand of "football" we have had to suffer under moyes is simply not good enough and BK is a total joke. Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? don't make me laugh.
Darren Dempsey
89   Posted 17/08/2008 at 23:00:29

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Here we go again are you an absolute chunk or what? Moyes is blaming himself because he has left that tool Wyness and the lovey Kenwright to try and sort out the deals for the players he wants. It's not Davy Moyes?s fault that the club is run by inept people. This club of ours has been run badly for years long before Moyes came along and Kenwright for that matter! Would you rather Smith still be in charge playing left backs on the right again? Get a grip! We need investment we all know that but were it's going to come from we have no idea! COYB
Jarrod Prosser
90   Posted 18/08/2008 at 00:27:48

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If you went to the corner store to buy some milk but didn?t have any money in your pocket, you would come home with no milk. There is no decision to be made - you don?t have the money.

?Dithering? Davey doesn?t have the money to buy any players, so there is no decision for him to dither on.

Get a grip, Tony.

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