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An expose of Green and Earl

By Jay Harris :  23/08/2008 :  Comments (19) :
As these two characters appear to have so much influence over our club, I thought I would publish some extracts about the two of from various sources:-

First of all, Phil Green, whose wealth has been assessed at over £4 billion and is said to be Britain's 4th wealthies person:

The retail entrepreneur Philip Green has banked £1.2bn after awarding himself the biggest pay cheque in British corporate history. The huge dividend has come from the Arcadia fashion business, which has 2,000 outlets and spans high street names including Top Shop, Wallis and Burton. It is more than four times the group's pre-tax profits of £253m. Mr Green's £1.2bn will not be taxed as it will be paid to his wife, Tina, who lives in Monaco. Mrs Green is the direct owner of Arcadia.

Four of his Arcadia chains ? Top Shop, Wallis, Evans and Burton ? had a record year. Miss Selfridge, he said, had shown a small improvement while the contribution from Dorothy Perkins and Burton had declined slightly.

Journalists Stewart Lansley and Andy Forrester have written a compelling biography of Philip Green. They point out that Green has tended to present himself as a self-made outsider in a rag trade to riches story, which blurs some aspects of his early days.

His skills are those of the intuitive trader. The pattern of his success is as the quick-witted entrepreneur who prefers to hunt alone, drawing on a network of allies to finance deals as unquoted companies. He has leveraged the scale of his deals, but as he repeatedly incorporated experiences to play with bigger and bigger stakes. The game remains largely the same ? which is far easier to describe than to achieve in practice.

Green plays the indomitable ruthless outsider. A UK resident, Green is based in the week at a London hotel, while his South African wife Christina is a Monaco resident with their children Chloe and Brandon, in a multi-million pound apartment.

Green plays tennis with Prince Albert of Monaco and counts as his friends, David and Simon Reuben, Lord Hanson, Tom Hunter, Mohamed al-Fayed of Harrods, Ian Grabiner, Bill Kenwright, Simon Cowell and Michael Winner. He is also real life friends with John Cena. He is known to be a keen football fan and is a Tottenham Hotspur supporter. He is heavily involved with Everton Football Club due to his friendship with chairman Bill Kenwright but has no intention of formally investing in the club.

He arranged for another friend, Planet Hollywood's owner Robert Earl to purchase shares from former director Paul Gregg during a struggle for control of Everton in 2004. He offers business advice to the club alongside Tesco CEO Terry Leahy and helps negotiates player transfer fees with agents.

(So we now know who to blame for the agent fiasco)

Robert Earl, whose wealth is assessed at about £200 million, is a relative pauper and said by some to be just "holding" the shares on behalf of Green. Fearless maverick, savvy business man, grand schemer, magnanimous host, jet-setting entrepreneur ? Robert Earl is one of the most charismatic and best-connected characters in global entertainment, hotel and casino business.

Most famous as the proprietor of the formidable Planet Hollywood restaurant chain, he is now concentrating on the casino business. With Las Vegas now established as his operational base. Aug. 22, 2005 - A year after a Robert Earl - led investor group bought the Aladdin, the re-branding of the property is under way and the renovation work is about to start.

Earl, chief executive officer of Planet Hollywood International and co-chairman of Aladdin owner OpBiz, said reconstruction of the hotel and casino complex in Las Vegas will begin in October and take a year. OpBiz is a partnership of Earl, Bay Harbour Management and Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. Billboards saying "Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Coming 2006" stretch around the casino's upper levels. Gradually, interior signs are changing. The original $90 million construction budget has been increased to match escalating costs and more comprehensive plans, but Earl declined to say by how much. Las Vegas-based MJ Dean Construction Co is general contractor.

One criticism of the current casino is that visitors walk past without seeing any clear entryways into Desert Passage or the casino. Earl said the essential element of the redesign is to correct that shortcoming and ease access. "The reconstruction will completely, 100 percent address the Strip. It'll make a massive entrance in the middle, converting the whole front into one, huge plaza," he said. It will also include a more visible entry on Harmon Avenue, which Earl said is important because every inch of the street from the Strip to Paradise Road is being redeveloped with condo projects.

Earl expressed confidence that with the renovation, a large number of the guests will spend at least part of their time in its casino, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shopping areas. Whatever its long-term fate, Earl said it's been a successful year for the new owners.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas professor Bill Thompson, who specializes in gaming studies, said the biggest problem for any owner is location. "No other single location has failed as often or repeatedly as the Aladdin has," he said. Still, Thompson said the longer they wait, the more they miss out on the boom going on in the Las Vegas market.

Jim Medick, chief executive officer of the MRC Group, Nevada's largest market research firm, took a wait-and-see attitude on how long Planet Hollywood will wait to start delivering on its public relations announcements. "However, the longer they wait, the 'behinder' they get as construction costs continue to climb and the competition locks in their market shares," Medick said.

Rothman was skeptical of the Planet Hollywood brand. "As for Planet Hollywood, its purchase of the Aladdin is one declining brand buying another," Rothman said. "As a brand, Planet Hollywood has seen much better days, roughly about 10 years ago." But Earl expressed confidence the Planet Hollywood brand will enhance the property's long-term success.

(And who was leading the charge to Kirkby)

And as a post script note:-

Anil Ambani (born June 4, 1959) is an Indian businessman. As of October 6th 2007, he has a net-worth of US$42 billion, making him the 6th richest person in the world. His was the world's fastest-growing multi-billion-dollar fortune in percentage terms as his wealth tripled in 1 year. Both the brothers are worth around 85 Billion US dollars

On August 3rd 2008, it had emerged Ambani has become a leading conteneder to take over English Premier League team, Newcastle United in a £230m deal. Should this bid fall through, it has also been rumoured that he would be interested in a takover bid of League One club, Leeds United.

Eagle-eyed viewers of Setanta Sports spotted his son, Joi Anmol conversing with Bill Kenwright and Rober Earl, the majority shareholders of English Premier League side Everton FC, during their final preseason game against PSV Eindhoven on 9th August 2008. Kenwright has recently confirmed that the club is looking for investment and is potentially for sale (sources for this include the club's official website) but it is not known if Joi Anmol's presence at the game indicates any interest in acquiring the club or simply reflects social connections...

Reader Comments

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Andy MacFarlane
1   Posted 24/08/2008 at 16:18:33

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Jay, unless there is some underlying attempt to undermine the reputations of the two men in question merely by the allegation that they are successful businessmen, in what way, exactly is your article an expose? Or is the title merely titliation for the Anti Board brigade?
Jim Kelley
2   Posted 24/08/2008 at 16:37:11

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Umm, you’re suggesting that a copy and pasted newspaper article is an expose?! Interesting...
Steve Hogan
3   Posted 24/08/2008 at 16:54:20

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Wow, read all about it, successful businessmen have ruthless streak!!

Not exactly expose of the year is it Jay?

Any other revelations you have?nt told us about yet.

Can?t really understand the point of this ?article?. Good job you didn?t submit it as an academic contribution, otherwise it would have been thrown out on the grounds of blatant plagiarism!!
Ajay Gopal
4   Posted 24/08/2008 at 17:02:01

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As an Indian Toffees fan, it would be satisfying if Ambani were to indeed buy into EFC. Very successful, very ambitious and very, very rich !

There was talk last year that Mittal (the steel magnate and richest Briton ?) was interested in buying the Blues. But, didn’t he put his money into QPR ?
Nick Entwistle
5   Posted 24/08/2008 at 17:34:03

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What is the difference between friends and real life friends??
Greg Murphy
6   Posted 24/08/2008 at 18:21:53

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It’s quite clear from Jay’s opening line that this wasn’t going to be an original narrative; nor did he intend it to be interpreted as such.

What he has done, though - and pretty successfully I would say - has been to crystallise things into one handy reference point.

For example, I knew some things about Green. I knew other things about Earl. I also knew I’d read "something somewhere but couldn’t remember where".

Jay’s now gathered everything together and I, for one, have certainly increased my knowledge base of these two men who, it can’t be disputed, are absolutely central to the executive affairs of EFC right now.

I think the more we can learn about Green and Earl the better.

Jay’s piece is a perfectly executed use of Toffeeweb, in my opinion.

I see it that he’s provided us with a service.

And a good one at that.

Jeff Leahey
7   Posted 24/08/2008 at 18:43:45

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Jay, very interesting read,and i don’t want to sound I’m being funny, but i couldn’t give a fuck about the wealth of these characters,as it doesn’t seem to make any difference to the overall state of the club.We haven’t a pot to piss in,so as far a I’m concerned there massive personal wealth wont make a jot of difference to me until just a tiny amount of that cash is ploughed into the club. To be honest Jay,i wish the club was in a position to say ,"start helping out or piss off and let us be"
Jay Harris
8   Posted 24/08/2008 at 20:22:30

Report abuse

thank you.
You are the only person who understood what I was trying to achieve i.e. provide a bit more information on these 2 characters that now seem to be in control of our club.

I decided to do it when one of our posters described Earl as a multi - billionaire and thought we really dont know enough about these 2.

I also thought it was interesting that Ambani’s son was a guest of Kenwright at the Newcastle match

For those of you who thought it was something more than that I’m sorry to have disappointed you.
Karl Masters
9   Posted 24/08/2008 at 20:58:01

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If the Indian billionaire’s son was only at Goodison 2 weeks ago you would hope that perhaps, just perhaps, something was in the air. I can’t really see what he’d be doing at the PSV friendly in a 3/4 empty stadium in the pouring rain from asocila point of view. It’s not like Royal Ascot or Wimbledon is it?

Thanks, Jay. An interesting read. With 2 Spurs men doing our negotiating and Tottenham sudenly needing a new striker or two, I wonder waht would happen if both Clubs were after the same forward? A very unsatisfactory state of affairs isn’t it?
Gavin Ramejkis
10   Posted 24/08/2008 at 22:06:03

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I can’t see anything wrong with this article as it doesn’t appear to claim to be an expose just some facts Jay has bothered his arse to locate, even drawn from press/media cuttings it’s a whole lot more than available from the club itself. I already knew a great deal about Green from a previous job in banking and he is very clever with where his wealth goes.

I’ve said in another posting that I wouldn’t have any problem for any other race, creed, colour or nationality taking over Everton if they were a better businessman than BK and the Indian’s I have worked with again in banking (TCS) had greater wealth and acumen than BK could ever dream of.

I also knew Earl had been bankrupt from his Planet Hollywood work and had resurrected the brand but it’s novelty value had wained.
Gavin Ramejkis
11   Posted 24/08/2008 at 22:18:50

Report abuse

Doh moment on not reading the title before I get smart arse comments.
Karl Wiseman
12   Posted 24/08/2008 at 22:08:04

Report abuse

Our club needs real investment to survive, why have clubs like Villa, Porstmouth, Man City, Newcastle etc overtaken us where investment is involved? Is Kenwright actively blocking bids? Why has it taken years for our club to even create interest for proposed investors? i know these are obvious questions to each evertonian but Mr. kenwright has created an illusion for us all.......................
Stan Sheppard
13   Posted 25/08/2008 at 02:29:07

Report abuse

Cheers for the info Jay.

I found this to be a good overview of two of the key players in the GP hierarchy.

Its a pity Mr Green couldn?t be tempted to make a mere token investment as he is obviously a very rich man.

Probably more chance of Sly Stallone investing than Mr Ambani, but ya never know.
Jason Lam
14   Posted 25/08/2008 at 03:41:30

Report abuse

Very informative thanks. I guess one way to look at it is that if these men took ownership of the club from BK I’m sure our business acumen (whatever that means) would have a healthier outlook. Plus we could get all the Spurs rejects we ever wanted!
Oliver Molloy
15   Posted 25/08/2008 at 13:14:16

Report abuse

Green is all about making money..If he thought he could make a pile of money from buying EFC he would do it!!
Jason Broome
16   Posted 25/08/2008 at 14:52:24

Report abuse

I tend to agree with Greg on this one. Personally I feel that it is absolutely essential that we know more about these two due to the fact that they have as much influence over the affairs of the club as anyone.

Due to the lack of visibility of the pair we have had (in my opinion) severe and misplaced criticism of David Moyes who has had to endure a lack of ambition from at least one of these two.

As a die hard Evertonian, Moyes has looked increasingly angry and frustrated, and has personally endorsed Bill Kenwright while quietly and subserviently criticising the aforementioned. David is more than aware that if he wants to keep his job then any overt criticism leveled at the pair would mean his arse!

Last season we saw John Cena wearing a Tottenham Hotspur kit at White Hart Lane.
Thanks to this article I now know that he is a friend of Spurs fan Sir Phillip Green (coincidence ? maybe).

However it disturbs me to think that one of our senior board members is marketing and moonlighting for the enemy. It has also made me aware that the people running the club have no interest in her as a traditional institution. For them it?s not personal, it?s just soulless, financial mathematics? or at best, a play thing!

We have witnessed the institution being sold off in almost every aspect and are aware that the power and the problems do not all lie at the feet of one Bill Kenwright.

Further I was not aware that Robert Earl had only £200 million as apposed to the £1 Billion that I had heard elsewhere.

What Jay has done is what any good Journalist or student would do... gather the facts and educate others.

I for one have no problem with that and am more than happy to use this as a reference point for future threads.
Jay Harris
17   Posted 25/08/2008 at 15:24:28

Report abuse

I am grateful that some people made this post a worthwhile excercise.

As a major critic of this current board I did not seek to denigrate Green nor Earls’s achievements nor their contribution,questionable though it may be’ to EFC.

I firmly believe that the chairman by the very nature of his position is the one the sets out the culture and ethos of the club and though we question the involvement of this pair I believe there is only one person accountable for the results of their involvement ,good and bad.
Andy Willox
18   Posted 26/08/2008 at 13:45:16

Report abuse

Jay, I believe what you have done is given people information and allowed them to make of it what they will, no need to chastised for that. IMHO it should display that neither of the current ?investors? or potential suitors should be seen as a panacea for the club's ills, far from it, it is apparent that an investment in Everton is not exactly that but in the sense of a seperate entity from the club with both Earl and Green achieving returns via outside consequences ie DK.
At least you have had the decency not to pass of the work as your own.
Dean Eccles
19   Posted 30/09/2008 at 15:55:40

Report abuse

I know this is a long shot but the Andy Mcfarlane who posted the latest comments are you the same lad I knew in London around 94 to 99? We went to France 98 with a few others, ring any bells? Sounds like you.

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