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Moyes can't hide from Boom and Bust

By Joeynkoo Ludden :  30/08/2008 :  Comments (15) :
Well here we are again. Last year surprised me more than the year we finished 4th. Why? Because we were due a bad season under Moyes?s boom and bust cycle. Moyes seemed to have broken that cycle ? which had underlined his tenure at the helm at Goodison Park, last year. Oh dear, did I forget about it too soon...?

I?m a gambler, not a good one, but there?s something great about being right, being right and winning money for it. So here goes my prediction for 2008-09. Agree, disagree, slag me off for daring to criticise the untouchable Moyes, but here it is. The end of the season will see me proved right, or joyfully wrong. The writing however, is firmly on the wall after the first 3 games:

  • This season is gunna be a long hard haul. It will not see our first trophy under Moyes arrive. It will all be over for us by the time the turkey leftovers have been used up in the last new year sandwich. We are going to struggle big time in the league ? somewhere around 13th-15th is my guess.
  • Standard Liege will send us packing from the Uefa Cup, but we can moan about them being tough opposition though.
  • Blackburn will send us out of the Carling Cup.
  • Perhaps, if we are lucky, some side with a little more pedigree than Oldham will be the ones to do us in the FA Cup.
  • Liverpool will double us, or if we are really lucky, just take 4 points.
  • The Sky 3 will take 18 points from their jaunts with us.
  • Hard nosed toffees will tell others to stop moaning, to get on board, and that there is not another single manager on the planet other than Moyes.
  • I?ll be told to leave BK alone, he?s a blue after all.
  • I?ll be accused of instigating, neigh actively contributing to our poor season by being pissed off with all things remotely attached to Kirkby.
  • Saha will be injured.
  • That Ecuadorian chap will prove to be, well, Ecuadorian.
  • The Yak will get pissed off and stick a shed load of weight on, fall out with Moyes and sit on the bench for a bit.
  • Vaughan will pick up a season threatening injury.
  • Phuck-off Neville will pass to a blue shirt ? but only when we are in the away kit.
  • It will be agreed that Rodwell is not good enough.
  • Jagielka will at last be declared as not a midfielder.
  • We?ll pick up for a few games, then Nigeria will have a qualy and we lose half the side, and enter a bit of a rut.
  • Moyes will blame the international fixture schedule while at the same time announce the signing of a promising young Nigerian to be completed the following summer.
I?m not 100% anti Moyes, and I hope to be wrong with the above and hope that we can turn this around overnight. But this is not a knee-jerk reaction to a bad start to the season, this is a stomach churning reaction to three absolutely awful, football-bereft performances that, no matter what the personnel, lie right at the door of the manager and his staff.

It?s not about losing, it?s the nature of our performances. A total lack of desire, direction or understanding. A total lack of football. I can?t see any side fearing a visit from us right now. I fear badly for West Brom, because if we can beat them?.

Reader Comments

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Justin Widdop
1   Posted 30/08/2008 at 19:31:50

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Glad to see you are staying positive!
Nick McCay
2   Posted 30/08/2008 at 19:38:19

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Or............... We could make 3 half decent signings, get Timmy, Peanutts and Saha fit and playing well. Beat Stoke/Hull and Liege in the next 4 games and say, "It was just a blip."

Brian Finnigan
3   Posted 30/08/2008 at 19:49:26

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Joeynkoo.....disagree with your assertion that Rodwell is not good enough. He does things (at 17) that more senior players cannot/will not do.....that is, try to find team-mates with passes that do not leave the ground. That will do for me for starters.
Pity some of our older, more esteemed, better paid players don’t take a leaf out of the young lads book!
Jay Harris
4   Posted 30/08/2008 at 20:02:44

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Our problem (after just 3 games) is fairly obvious.

Rodwell is not the problem!!

Jagielka is only a John Terry blood and guts type centre half.HE IS NOT Premiership quality MF.

Lescott is not a centre half. He makes too many lapses in concentration to be risked there. He is far more suited to left back where he can maraud up and down the pitch and chip in with some goals.
Joeynkoo Ludden
5   Posted 30/08/2008 at 21:07:49

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Oh George, it's been so long since I heard that. Would you like to point out your issues with the Luddite movement anyway? Considering we are the peoples club, is the term Luddite a negative, or do you simply not know your history???? Ignoramus.

Re Rodwell. I?m NOT attacking the kid, I'm not. He just ain't Premier League material. No apologies for calling it as it is. He is seriously lacking, in my opinion. Being 17 is not a defense, and I know it?s not his fault he gets picked, but he ain't good enough!! Simple.

Bazza, you old sand loving fella. Get your head out of it long enough to take the tinted glasses off. I?ve stated my predictions, based on the first 3 games, the summer, and the activity of other clubs in England and Europe. I am on the record now with my predictions. Come May, you can chastise me. Can we have your predictions right now too for this season??? Are you the sort of blue who is happy that, well at least we ain't going down, so you should all be happy?? Hmmmm. That?s not the blue that my Pops raised....

Honestly, do you think we will be in the Uefa Cup this time next year? Because a lot of blues were kinda hoping to break into the Sky 4 let alone just hold on to a cameo in the Uefa Cup? but hey, I'm just a doom and gloom merchant...

Brian Finnigan
6   Posted 30/08/2008 at 21:26:25

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Joeynkoo.......what are your credentials? Have you got such a tutored eye that you can dismiss somebody aged 17 as being unable to achieve Premiership status at some future date? If the answer is yes then you should be on the Staff of a Premiership Club. Are you?

Whatever criteria you are using, do you measure some of our established stars (both present and past) by the same yardstick? What is there about Rodwell that makes him fail your test? Is it his ball control? Is it his passing ability? his calmness under pressure? His vision? His athleticism? His effort?

I can think of players who have played many games for Everton who have been lacking in most of these categories but they have managed to bluff their way into the team. Just as well you weren’t the recruiting Sergeant when the likes of Angell, Hottiger and Unsworth were auditioning. How do you rate the distribution for example of Cap’n Pip, Jagielka and Hibbert as compared to Rodwell?

If you reply be specific in the reasons/categories that Rodwell fails.
At 17, he is an easy target for fans who delight in slagging off our youngsters whilst turning a blind eye to worse faults in some of our imports. Give the lad a chance!
Remi Murray
7   Posted 31/08/2008 at 03:10:01

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I getting pig sick of all the negative comments on this site! Not because they are simply negative, but because they never offer alternatives. So let?s imagine that Moyes goes, who do we replace him with? Come on then, let?s have some answers.
Derek Thomas
8   Posted 31/08/2008 at 05:01:26

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Judge you in May, fair enough. I happen to think that you will have more ticks than crosses against your 18 points. It?s going to be a long hard winter.
Joeynkoo Ludden
9   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:27:24

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I?m not attacking Rodwell, it?s just my opinion, that right now, he is not premier league standard. I?m not about to list my credentials, though I do have some in this area, as I?m simply stating my opinion, as a fan, and not fact. I also don?t wanna bang on about Rodwell, as I agree with you that there are others in the side who should bare criticism. The fact Hibbo isn?t playing has meant he is escaping right now. I already picked up on the worst one of all ? the captain Neville. I have predicted that come the end of the season, the above points will all come to fruition. I also said right at the top, that it will please me if I?m wrong about it all ? that includes Rodwell. Perhaps, losing more bets than winning, I?m subconsciously trying to help the reverse of everything I have said above be bore out come May. However, I?m on record, and come May, you can dig this up and tell me how wrong I was. I just fear that won?t be the case.
Joeynkoo Ludden
10   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:42:13

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7th point down. You got me? I can?t think of any other person on the planet qualified to manage a premier league football team. Would we have to wind up the club if Moyes was in an RTA?

For the record Remi, I am not saying get rid of Moyes (I battle with myself on this one). I am just saying if you praise him for the good results, then you chastise for the bad. The first 3 games of this season have been awful in terms of performance. Paul Ince out thought Moyes on his first day in the office. WBA hardly gave us a kick of the ball, and it was all too easy for Pompey.

I am not being negative for the sake of being negative. I being negative because that?s what our performances are. We turn this round and thump Liege, and I?ll be he first to hold my hands up. But we wont?
lee rogers
11   Posted 31/08/2008 at 10:59:46

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joey why do you surport everton .it’s doom and gloom merchants like you that will stop us moving forward,unless you have the money to buy the club i suggest you sit down you dime bar.
Brian Finnigan
12   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:21:41

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Likely scenario for Rodwell: more retreads will be conscripted... Rodwell will be sent out on loan... Rodwell will be allowed to leave... a few years later Everton will pay millions to re-sign Rodwell. Unlikely? Don?t think so! This Club has form!
Peter Nickson
13   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:10:36

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Our booms and busts need to seen in relative terms. Both historically ? and even recently ? we are one of the few English football clubs to retain top flight status and remain competitive (02-03 7th, 04-05 4th, 06-07 6th, 07-08 5th anyone?) Sure there have been two seasons when we finished lower, and throughout the Premiership era we have been mediocre (on the back of spectacular success in the eighties remember?) This is not boom and bust.

If you want to see real boom and bust look to the history of our opponents at the weekend since the war. From back to back league winners to the fourth division and from cash injections to administration and protracted periods of lower division football. Their recent good fortune is due to their latest cash injection and the ability to pay for some quality players. They?ve only been in the Premiership for about five seasons I think.

It is understandable to look enviously on the latest spate of clubs to be baled out by rich foreign businessmen. I wish we had the cash to splash, so to speak, as well, but let?s not get carried away by one bad result (or two!). We?ve had bad results before, we even had them in the eighties! Even our recent record is the envy of all but the top four and clubs are seeking to emulate us.

Let's get behind our great, proud and old club and have faith in what EFC stands for, has achieved and what we are working towards. Sometimes you just need to be patient.

Alan Burnham
14   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:34:27

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It?s a pity when someone spends time and thought in setting out his views (and substantiating them with a good deal of logic and reasoned argument) that the best that Lee Rogers can do is say "I don?t like what you say, stop it". Have a try at reasoned argument, putting forward your own analysis and the evidence to support it. And try to understand that it is the very essence of following a team (and I?ve followed this lot since 1962) that you express passionate views ? about the downs as well as the ups.
Ian McDowell
15   Posted 31/08/2008 at 12:54:59

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It will be agreed that Rodwell is not good enough.

Bit harsh on the young, I think he looks a good prospect, he is only 17 imagine how good he would be if he played alongside a Gerrard or someone.

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