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An Open Letter to Bill Kenwright

By Steve Callaghan :  30/08/2008 :  Comments (101) :

Re: People?s Questions

Dear Bill,

I wonder whether you would take time out to please answer the following questions for the fans of our great club. I appreciate that it is highly unlikely that these questions (and answers to same) will be discussed during the impending EGM next week so I wonder whether you would consider these for ?any other business?? Or, to simply respond to many, many of us outside of that meeting who ponder these questions often forever hoping that you (and only you) will answer these honestly with integrity.

We have assumed the motto of the "People?s Club". With the many good things that the club does for the local and international community there is a huge gap of late of clear, honest and concise correspondence reaching the Supporters on the matters below. I believe only you can answer these questions and I would ask that you please do so to restore my faith in our Club and get me again to come to Goodison Park and to take up a seat which I gave up reluctantly last season due to my disillusionment with the way the Club was communicating with the fans and the seeming lack of any progress during the close season.

The questions are straight forward and should be able to be answered by you clearly and succinctly with honesty and integrity devoid of PR spin. Straight facts, straight talking are necessary to restore my faith in our club. I believe that answers to the following questions are in the public interest. The questions are in no particular order of priority or chronology.

Q1. Why did CEOs Trevor Birch (Summer 2004) and Keith Wyness (Summer 2008) resign from their roles at Everton FC without any reason given?

Q2. David Moyes quoted in the National Press and on the Official Website stated on 3 August 2008 that he hoped regarding his unsigned contract ?maybe we can try and get together in the next week or two and sort something out.? Why does it remain unsigned still on 30 August 2008 and do you have a contingency plan in place in case the Manager does not intend to sign this contract?

Q3. Have Everton now received additional payments from Manchester Utd (£6M so far? breakdown follows) as a result of the Rooney sale:-

  • £1M as a result of Utd winning the Champions League;
  • £500k for Utd winning the Premier League;
  • £1.5M for Rooney extending his contract with Utd;
  • £3M as Rooney is still with Man Utd (Everton will receive an extra £3M, paid in yearly £1M instalments starting on 1 August 2006, provided that Wayne Rooney remains a Manchester United player during that time.)

Q4. Have Everton now received the outstanding £500k from Perugia which represents the final instalment of the £3M transfer fee the Italians agreed to pay for Marco Materazzi in 1999?

Q5. The transfer fee for Andrew Johnson to Fulham was undisclosed. How much cash have Everton received up-front from Fulham and how much cash has been given to Crystal Palace as a result of this transfer?

Q6. On 1 July 2008, Ian Ross stated regarding Destination Kirkby and money available for transfers: "The Government's decision won't have any impact on the manager's transfer budget." Considering in the manager?s own words on 23 August 2008: ?I now have to look at bringing in five or six who would cost no money,?  and, so far, he has brought in three (confirmed) for ?no money? then what on earth has happened to the transfer budget? Please clarify, with 48hrs of the transfer window remaining, does David Moyes have any budget to sign players for money? If so, has that money been available throughout the entire close season?

Q7. Why was Lee Carsley, after arguably his best ever season in a blue shirt, allowed to leave the Club before a suitable experienced replacement was found? Likewise, why was Andrew Johnson allowed to leave the Club before a suitable experienced replacement was found considering a lack of strength in depth and lack of numbers?

Q8. In June 2008 Keith Wyness stated ?We know the manager and his targets but a lot of things have to happen to get deals for the types of players we are looking for. Every day we are on the phone.? ? Why were these phone calls not successful in securing the services of one, just one, of David Moyes?s targets? It begs the question were these targets realistic in terms of cost, if so, surely there was an ?A? and a ?B? list if not also a ?C? list of targets to allow for the uncertainty of the market..?

Q9. Why does the Club continue to ?mud-sling? in the direction of Liverpool City Council and insist on hanging its dirty washing in public with regard to the Ground debate? Would it not be more fruitful to sit around the table on a regular basis, discussing every proposal there is out there, instead of placing all your eggs in one basket?

Q10. In light of David Moyes?s after-match comments today quote  ?We are not in condition to win Premier League matches.? ? Where does this leave us in terms of a constructive plan for future team development? To us, the fans, this is very, very worrying indeed and we now need a statement of intent from you to address this problem and tell us just what is the plan for the coming months to get the team which was ?the best of the rest? at the end of the 2007-08 season back to a position where we can compete and be in a condition to win in the Premier League.

As stated above, honest answers to the above questions would go a long way to restoring my faith in Everton FC (the company). If they are ignored then simply I and probably many others will continue to be disillusioned and won?t know who or what to believe.

I, like you, live, breathe everything in terms of my thirst for knowledge of everything EFC. The lack of transfer activity dominated my thoughts on holiday and often determined my moods during the day. I am struggling to come to terms with this summer?s events. Please help in clearing up these matters and give me back my peace of mind!

If we have no money say so ? don?t make bids for players we seemingly cannot afford. Otherwise, please immediately dispel any rumours of bids or links with decent players if they are not true ? the sense of expectation and then resultant let-down is so deflating and we have endured enough sorry news this year.

Let?s draw a line under this summer?s events and let?s have a more open, honest People?s Club. If not, instead of the banner above the Park End Stand then you might as well replace it with a new slogan such as ?FOR SALE?, ?THE LOAN ARRANGERS? or even ?EFC ? Ever Failing to Capitalise?.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. S Callaghan

Reader Comments

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James O'Hare
1   Posted 31/08/2008 at 02:30:00

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Mr Callaghan, this is a very well thought out and very well documented letter, I belive your questions are honest and justifiable, They will however go un answered as Blue Bill has never been able to cope with being placed on the spot.

It's beyond a game, it's what we believe in and live for...
Jason Broome
2   Posted 31/08/2008 at 02:36:34

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I know that I am not the person you are waiting to hear from, but I stand in support of this excellent article.
Matt Gibbs
3   Posted 31/08/2008 at 03:23:49

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I have to be honest, Steve, I thought about sending something into the club this evening after that shower.

I?d like to see you get some answers, but I suspect that this ? like so many others ? isn?t going to get anywhere.

No harm in trying though!
Colin Grierson
4   Posted 31/08/2008 at 04:08:57

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I?d love to see you get answers. I don?t think he can deflect them forever unless he slopes off back to Luvvyland.

Good article though and I look forward to the outcome of the EGM! Something has got to happen and soon. I suspect its all about the greedy Spurs fans, Green and Earl.
James Corbett
5   Posted 31/08/2008 at 04:45:13

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A question for you, Steve:

What makes you think that the chairman of a private company should divulge private business matters?
Jay Harris
6   Posted 31/08/2008 at 04:44:16

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Dont expect an answer or if you do it will be "Watch this space".
Mike Bateson
7   Posted 31/08/2008 at 06:01:16

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Great article Mr Callaghan, well written and thought out. I hope Bill will give an answer, I am the same as you this summer has been one of the worst in recent history. We want answers and fast. I am beginning to lose my faith in it all at the moment after DM?s recent comments, I think it's time for new BIG MONEY investment and I don't care who or where it's from I just want to see Everton be where they should be, winning games!
Steve Carter
8   Posted 31/08/2008 at 06:18:39

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Won’t these, and more, be able to be put at the forthcoming EGM?
Peter Barnes
9   Posted 31/08/2008 at 06:32:14

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The current employers of both Mbia and Moutino have shown Everton how to conduct business when faced with a situation when not wanting to lose players when it does not suit your club.Whereas Everton have lost both Johnson and Carsley when they could ill afford to.
Jay Mckenna
10   Posted 31/08/2008 at 06:46:36

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In relation to James Corbett’s comments. No disrepect but what other private company has over 40,000 diehard fans watching it every week ? Steve’s questions are very straight forward, So dont start goin into one about company rules.
Jay Mckenna
11   Posted 31/08/2008 at 07:16:07

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We must be the only club in the premier league where the chaiman actually supports the club. But its just not enough,were gettin left behind Bill its time for you to sell and I do appreciate thet you will not just sell to anyone. It never done United or Chelsea any harm. So do us a favour and sell to the highest bidder.
Bill Kenwright
12   Posted 31/08/2008 at 07:39:33

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Dear Mr Callaghan


Trevor Lynes
13   Posted 31/08/2008 at 07:36:52

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Fully agree with all the questions and I think they are well intentioned and do not have any negativity.It is absolutely no use calling the board names apart from promise breakers (it sounds better than liars) I honestly dont think DM will resign as manager for a number of reasons.I think he wants best for the club and lets face it, if the club dont give him money then he cannot be blamed for anything. That said..I honestly believe that the team tried to play football for the first time this season..they actually kept possesion..BUT, Arteta is not yet up to his best and basically we lack real cutting edge near goal and a real goal maker is missing..DeFoe was brilliant as was James...Watched Arsenal afterwards and marvelled at their all around skill..Fabregas cost nothing, Toure cost £150,000..Clichy cost £250,000..these 3 are definitely amongst the best in their positions in the world..where is our scouting system ? Why dont we ever find anyone apart from Rooney..the others are just journeymen by comparison.I am an EFC fan since 1950 and if I performed in my job as badly as the backroom staff at Goodison I would have been sacked long ago..The amazing thing is..DM got a 2nd in command BEFORE he increased his squad..surely the priority was to strengthen the team..Im afraid the horses have already bolted and we haven’t even reached the stable yet.
Another angry,ashamed and totally demoralised fan.
Cameron Hanover
14   Posted 31/08/2008 at 07:50:31

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Many of us understand "not tipping one’s hand," but surely we are now past that point. The bluff only works every so often in poker and, as we have seen in two games at Goodison this season, not so well in football.
After last season’s brilliant steps forward, ones we must thank Mssrs Kenwright & Moyes and the club for having engineered, this summer has opened a faucet of despair which has become contagious among the fans. After two seasons of challenging for honours, we are now all wondering if Everton can or will survive in the top echelon of English football. It is a question none of us even expected could be raised just a few months ago. We are eager for Mr Kenwright to allay our collective fears.
We are all willing to go to the wall for this great club. Please, just throw us a bone, preferably in the form of answers to the well-constructed queries above, by Mr Callaghan. We may not be shareholders or business partners in a traditional sense, but few businesses are as closely aligned with their customers as football is, and we are eager for answers. We are eager for hope during a period of great worry and concern.
Simon Skinner
15   Posted 31/08/2008 at 07:52:39

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The problem is Steve that most of these questions can’t reasonably by answered in public without affecting the business.


Question 1: If there’s something negative to say about Birch and Wyness, you don’t say it in public. That just professionism. If you want to attract staff in future, you don’t slag off former staff. Put yourself in the shoes of a possible future CEO: if the club was publically shaming the last guy, would you want the job? Probably not, because you’d be worried about having your reputation destroyed.

Look at every major business in the world - when somebody leaves, no matter what the reason (unless it’s criminal or something), they thank him for all his hard work. You never, ever, get details.

Question 2: How can the chairman talk about the possibility of Moyes leaving in public? And do you want Kenwright to say "I’ve spoken informally to Bilic about taking over if he leaves"?

Question 3: Not an entirely unreasonable question. However, it’s pretty rare for a business to disclose such detailed information about another specific business unless there’s a good reason too - indeed, it’s pretty unprofessional to give out information about another business (which that woukld be) unless theres a good reason (e.g. they paid very late, or the amount is vitial to our business).

Do we have any reason to suggest the richest club in the world didn’t pay? It’s not the sort of information that should be made public because you’d like to know.

When the accounts are released, they will show the total cash received in the year in respect of transfers. It won’t be broken down by transfer, but the total will be there. Do you need more information than that?

Question 4: This is a perfectly valid question, for the reasons explained in 3.

Question 5: We don’t want clubs to know how much money we have sitting in the bank. It would be stupid to annouce the specific details.

Also, it’s pretty unprofessional to say how much Fulham paid. If you want good relationships in future transfer negotiations, you shouldn’t say - that’s just good business sense.

Question 6: You want the board to announce how much money Moyes has to spend publically? Really? I mean, yeah, I’d like to know too. But surely you see how self defeating that is?

Question 7: The reason seems pretty obvious: Moyes didn’t expect Carsley to be first choice this season. Carsley wanted to play and be nearer to his family. Carsley couldn’t afford to wait, because otherwise Birmingham would bring somebody else in. So he left.

So what, you want Kenwright to release an official statement saying "Lee Carsley was no longer considered good enough for Everton going forward"?

Question 8: Once again, you can’t announce these kind of things in public without it affecting your negotiating position. Let’s say Everton announced in public that "We really want Moutinho - there’s no alternative that’s even nearly good enough - but M’Bia we’re aren’t really that bothered about. There’s loads of other players as good as him". Suddenly, Lisbon won’t negotiate on price and M’Bia doesn’t really want to come anymore. But you feel better about yourself.

Question 9: The first question where you want less information from Kenwright. If Kenwright said nothing in public at all, would you be happy? Or would you just have a different question 9, demanding to know what’s going on with the LCC?

"please immediately dispel any rumours of bids or links with decent players if they are not true"

But these rumours strengthan our negotiating position, whether they are true or not. Also, Moyes probably has players in mind that he would only buy at the right price - so we ask about availability for, let’s say, Topal, and get told £12m. Moyes thinks he’s worth £6m so we don’t go any further. Meanwhile, you are AWFULLY excited that Topal is coming, and ANGRY when he doesn’t arrive.

What do you want, a press release saying "He’s OK, but not that good"?

Basically, as has been pointed out by Michael on many occasions, people need to grow up. Don’t believe every rumour that you read.

We’d all love to know what’s going at Everton, but frankly, if they provided every piece of information that you want, we’d have no chance. Every player we buy would cost 10% more, at least. Every player we sell would be for 10% less, at least.

Is that what we want? People slag Kenwright off for not running the club as a businessman would. This may be true in some cases, but if you are also going to slag him off when he does run the club as a business, then frankly I don’t know what you expect from an investor.
Simon Skinner
16   Posted 31/08/2008 at 08:44:01

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Jay Mckenna:

"It never done United or Chelsea any harm. So do us a favour and sell to the highest bidder."

Sorry, but that’s wrong. It HAS done United harm. Glazer takes money out of United that could otherwise be spent on players - about £60m a year in interest payments.

You don’t notice, because United still win things. United have such huge income (far, far bigger than any other club in the UK) that they can actually afford to lose that amount of money and still be the biggest club in England. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that they would be far, far better off without him.

So what you are actually saying is it didn’t do Chelsea any harm, which is true. All we need to do is find another billionaire who is willing to just give it all away with no hope of a return.

And that’s NOT the same thing as selling to the highest bidder. An investor will want a return - i.e. will want to take money out of the club.

The argument that ANYBODY is better than Kenwright is not just wrong, it’s downright dangerous.
James Byrne
17   Posted 31/08/2008 at 08:56:21

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Great article Steve; well researched and well written.

In an effort to help you get your response from Bill, would it be a good idea to have all the people who read it, print a copy off and pop it in the post to him via Goodison Park; surely at least it will get his attention.
garry martin
18   Posted 31/08/2008 at 08:55:21

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Excellent & well thought out letter, however, I, like many, believe giving to much information to your competitors would impact on our EFC.
A common ground therefore, should be more likely - i.e. " we have no money " then tell us, we can then all get on with supporting what we have & expectations are not raised and, people will respond differently, yes we will ask why.
Simon Chester
19   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:09:07

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I’d like to add 3 more questions if I may.
1. Why was Neville given an embarrasing 4 year contract, when he’s clearly not up to it now ?
2. Why was the biggest waste of space in Evertons history given the coveted No 7 shirt instead of being shown the door ? ....... and how much money has he bled from the club during his stay ?
3. Why does the Manager continue to pursue foreigners we’ve never heard of when the likes of McCarthy, Bullard, Sidwell, Milner, Scharner, Gera, De La Cruz have been available ?
James Moran
20   Posted 31/08/2008 at 08:40:14

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Frankly the naive nature of football supporters never ceases to amaze me. It seems that many Everton fans want the club to ’splash the cash’, but they want to deny the club the opportunity to generate the revenues needed. They expect the board to be professional and astute investors, but throw their money away like confetti at a wedding. How much money would the supporters be willing to throw into a transfer fund, and if they did raise any significant amount, how cautious would they be about the player it was spent on.

Do Everton supporters and the board of directors deserve each other? The board should have made the ground move decision based on the majority shareholding, and eliminated the fractious and divisive supporter debate. By opening up the decision it will not go away, even after a season ticket holder vote. Did any other club ask their supporters about a ground move? some with just as illustrious a history as Everton (Highbury, Roker Park, Maine Road), of course not. The board did its job at those clubs, and I do not remember any great clamour from their supporters to stop their move.

That is why supporters should be left in the dark, if they knew everthing then the ’for and against’ arguments would spread to who the hell supplies the pies.

Simon Skinner
21   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:45:03

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"Frankly the naive nature of football supporters never ceases to amaze me. It seems that many Everton fans want the club to ?splash the cash?, but they want to deny the club the opportunity to generate the revenues needed."

I’m reminded of the American state (I forget which one) which, fed up with it’s politicians, allowed the public to vote on specific issues that were usually reserved for the politicians themselves - including the budget for the year.

The public almost unanamously voted to increase spending and reduce taxes.

Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

For some reason, it didn’t work in the long term.
Anthony Newell
22   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:52:30

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Steve, don’t ask Bill, he’s JUST the chairman
Anthony Newell
23   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:52:30

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Steve, don’t ask Bill, he’s JUST the chairman
Larry OHara
24   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:48:12

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Excellent set of questions in the initial post, and answers to these would be very useful. On the other hand Simon Skinner has given a persuasive answer as to why they cannot be answered publicly. What we really need is an investigative analysis to attempt to answer them..A very tall order! But, clearly, something is badly wrong, and lack of money seems a key part of it.
Alan Ross
25   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:37:12

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What a brilliant world it would be if all told the truth without the need to cajole and that each of us accepted our own responsibilities and conducted our lives without predudice or spin. Sadly Steve the world is not like that. It is full of self-interested cronies who would rather deceive if it meant avoiding embarrasment. Pissing in the wind I’m affraid Steve, just pissing in the wind without any hope of a change in the weather.
Cool Chang
26   Posted 31/08/2008 at 09:49:36

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Worrying times for all and I sincerely hope the spiral has not begun, as I can foresee desperate times ahead.

Any one of the following, right now, would result in a crisis: -

1. Manager walks or, worse, loses the dressing room.
2. Major stakeholders lose interest & sell.
3. Any prospect of success, bar FA Cup, removed before mid September.
4. Quality players become targets for other clubs ahead of January transfer window.

STRONG LEADERSHIP is now essential..........Is anyone listening?
Rod Boud
27   Posted 31/08/2008 at 10:15:02

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I agree with you 100% Steve.
Doubt if we will ever get to the bottom of it.
Steve Wissett
28   Posted 31/08/2008 at 10:25:22

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I stopped reading at the Point " I gave up my seat last season"
Lost all credibility for me, shallow springs to mind.
Cast your mind back and see how far we have come in just the last few years, and just in case you havn’t noticed, the current financial market is hurting the corporate world and maybee we are trying to box as clever as we can with what we do have.
No Thanks.
29   Posted 31/08/2008 at 10:52:37

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I hope Ian Ross read that.
Gavin Ramejkis
30   Posted 31/08/2008 at 10:39:17

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Excellent questions and well worded but expect what we have had all summer; silence. I’ve also posted on these pages about BK remaining silent rather than churning out the most blatant lies imaginable, he should use PR to his advantage just as all large businesses do, unfortunately the "Everton Way" is as unprofessional as a Village Fayre but at least a Village Fayre wouldn’t dream of claiming to be what it simply isn’t.
Joeynkoo Ludden
31   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:11:56

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What about the missing payments from Rangers over Michael Ball?? Did we ever get those? No point putting any questions to BK though, he’s just a fan like us you know.
Mike Fisher
32   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:05:15

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I suspect the questions asked reflect what many fans would want to know. In reality any business, and Everton is one at the end of the day, would never be so transparant as to answer for fear of undermining what they are trying to do or highlight mistakes they have made in the past.

By midnight tomorrow we will know if the board have been patient and sussessful in team building or as many fans seem to suspect there is much wrong at EFC. If the latter then our league position at the next opportunity to improve the team may reflect the lack of quality in depth that we have. Let?s give it 36 hours before we make final judgement on recent transfer activity, or lack of it.

Jason McCormack
33   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:21:20

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A bit of a pointless excercise really as you are extremely unlikely to get any full or concise answers. Besides, speculation is so much more fun.

And why go on about Trevor Birch and Rooney? Its hardly relative to our current situation. We?ve made a number of big money signings since the Rooney deal so it comes across as muck-racking.

The article's all over the place.

Will you renew your season ticket if Bill writes back with answers that you like?
Tony Kelly
34   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:13:43

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Kenwright left his seat yesterday after 20 minutes. He never returned... Has he got his sick note in early before the EGM?
David Anderson
35   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:39:08

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Even if you get a response it will just be lies lies lies, that's all we ever hear. Don?t they always always let you down?
Steve Callaghan
36   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:33:19

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Agree that it is highly unlikely I will ever receive any response to any of the questions posed. In response to Simon Skinner?s post:

I would simply say that for Q1 - having two CEOs leave a company in closed period is very worrying indeed and to never hear another word from an outgoing CEO not even a ?good luck Everton? is very odd indeed and promotes incessant rumour and conjecture.

Q2 - Just want Bill to say he is still working around the clock to secure the services of Moyes for the future and should Moyes not sign then we have a Plan B although we don?t have a great record with Plan Bs.

Q3 & Q5 - yes, need more information please because many fans believe we have £10milion - £15milion sitting in the bank and are wondering why it has not been spent - disclosure helps set realistic expectations.

Q6 - I want to know whether there is an actual budget for spending on new players, whether it has been there from the end of last season and why not one player has been purchased by the Club. This will help to dispel the views of many that any transfer money has been earmarked for the stadium public enquiry or loan ?call-in? by creditors. Yes, I appreciate that it would be counterproductive to announce how much we have ? but if there is a decent amount then serious questions need to be asked of Moyes also if this money has been available throughout the close season in terms of identifying realistic targets for the money available.

Q7 - With respect, I want Bill to respond on this as I am not really interested in your opinion ? fed up to the back teeth of opinions (no offence) ? let?s hear the facts and reasons why we are letting decent players leave without any replacement.

Q8 - Ian Ross is quick to come to the fore with public statements when it suits ? he should be engaged much more during close seasons to ensure the fans are kept up to speed with developments and reiterate that we have our targets and are actively pursuing them ? not name them ? and ensuring that the fans have realistic expectations.

Q9 - Simply get around the table and consider all available alternatives is what I?d like to see ? no more ?they?ve not done this, that etc? quotes ? let's act like adults instead of playground children.

Speaking of playground children, Everton?s bench is more like a crèche than a Premier League standard subs bench. Quite frankly this is not good enough and there has been a huge failure this summer. Let?s have some honest answers from the People?s Club.
Steve Callaghan
37   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:59:40

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Jason Mc - Yes I will. Or, at least I will no longer vote with my feet and will attend games again. Basically, If I see our fans being treated with respect and I see truth and honesty coming from the Club then I will be happy. Even if they say there is no money actually and this is why....that?ll do for me - I will take honesty and integrity anytime. Somehow though I am not sure that anyone really cares about us anymore. So we all have a choice.
Andy MacFarlane
38   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:54:44

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Steve Callaghan and Simon Skinner. Congratulations to you both. You have eloquently and without abuse presented two opposite ends of a spectrum of opinion. It has restored somewhat my former preference for ToffeeWeb as my first port of call for all things Everton. Such a refreshing change from the "lies lies lies thats all we ever hear" brigade (ahem, David Anderson, but you are unfortunately not alone). Now I?ll get back to watching the "News Now" website every 10 minutes between now and midnight, Monday!!
Steve McDarby
39   Posted 31/08/2008 at 11:12:49

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I shouldn?t be shocked but after a disappointing start to the season, we have the inevitable frustration and knee-jerk reactions. Maybe what?s needed is a ?real-world? check. Would we rather have a chairman who?s a die-hard supporter and a manager who?ll get on with the job to this best of his ability with whatever tools he?s provided with or owners full of false promises continually at loggerheads with a manager who (allegedly) threathens to resign if he?s not given umpteen millions more for transfers ?

Football is no longer a sport, or at least it?s no longer a sport played on a level playing field. It?s now, and has been for some time, a game of monopoly played by wealthy men with the rules set down by SKY and UEFA.

Unfortunately for us, SKY and UEFA have their ?pets? and EFC are not one of them.

The inception of the so-called ?Champions? League (has there ever been a bigger misnomer for a tournament ?) coupled with the lucrative TV money on offer from SKY has unjustly swelled the riches of their ?pets? to such an extent that those clubs are able to attract managers which such credentials and insight that they realise their best chance of winning the premiership is via the medium of the cheque book.

For the managers (and chairmen) of those clubs not sponsored by UEFA, it will continue to be a battle against the odds (and the prejudices of ?the system?).

If there is any Evertonian who doesn?t realise this, I can only hope you?ll give it some thought next time you?re watching a match on SKY ? I sincerely hope it isn?t one of those ?Champions? league matches whether it be on SKY or any other channel.

The ?Champions? League : how did they come up with that title?
As far as I know at the end of our season, we only have one ?Champion?.
Why should England, and UEFA?s other favoured leagues, have multiple entrants?
Is there any fair and just reason why a team who haven?t won their own domestic title for nearly twenty years are afforded near certain perennial entrance to the goldmine?

Given the almighty financial advantage bestowed upon the UEFA-sponsored clubs, it begs the question :

Who actually achieves more ? the manager who finishes fourth out of the four UEFA-sponsored clubs or the manager who finishes fifth in the Premiership ?

Unless of course the club finishing fifth is one of those UEFA ?pets?.

OK, I admit it, I?ve gone off on a bit of a tangent here, and I feel that David Moyes may have to look at his team selections in a couple of positions but let?s not forget :
If we didn?t have David Moyes, who could we have that might do a better job in terms of a season-long battle against the UEFA ?pets? ? Who is there that might have done a better job for us during the period of his tenure? If we didn?t have Bill Kenwright,
the same questions apply.

It?s easy to whinge and moan. It?s no so easy to come up with answers.
connie Francis
40   Posted 31/08/2008 at 12:12:59

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Was sat behind Bill yesterday in the Braian Labone suite, and he walked out afoter 20 minutes... feeling unwell.
Dont expect him to attend the EGM this week, as he will use the grounds of ill health to ustify his absence...

Simon Skinner
41   Posted 31/08/2008 at 12:05:52

Report abuse

Just as an overall point, I’m not denying that there are advantages to this information being disclosed, transparency, fan trust etc. However, the choice for the board is one of two things: disclose, or not. They have to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.

Q1: Yes, 2 leaving promotes conjecture. It does in any industry. However, the fact remains that the professional thing is not to say anything.

Advantage of disclosure: we know what’s going on.

Disadvantage: it severely decreases you chances of acquiring a quality CEO to replace him.

The existance of rumour is just something everyone has to live with.

Q2: He did say that he talks to Moyes about it often. You chose not to believe him.

Advantage of saying we have a plan B: you feel slightly better.

Disadvantage: it’s essentially a vote of no confidence in Moyes. It makes it look like Kenwright isn’t too bothered about Moyes staying. Moyes feels less wanted. Moyes would be pissed off and less likely to sign. Moyes looks like a lame duck to the players.

Come one, publically saying he has a backup would be crazy.

Q3 and Q5: The club releases their accounts every year. You could look at those, and see that the club breaks even each year, and conclude the club doesn’t have £40m to spend.

Or you could just expect it until Kenwright specifically gives you a figure.

Advantage: Yes, realistic expectations. You feel slightly better.

Disadvantage: You get told we have £15m, which is suddenly only worth £10m when other clubs find that out. We get lower quality players as a result.

Q6: You were told that there was money. You were told that the Johnson money was added to the kitty. You were told that the money is not earmarked for Kirkby. You appear to have chosen not to believe it.

The accounts show the amounts due to banks within the next year. Last year, this amount was £1.3m, the overdraft. No other amount was due. The loans are secured, and cannot be "called in" unless we miss interst payments.

Q7: You want the club to make a public statement that a player whose given 6 years wonderful service to the club wasn’t good enough for us anymore?

Just use a bit of common sense. Why do you think Carsley left?

What’s really happening here is it’s obvious that what the club did wrong is not get in a replacement in good time. Releasing Carsley wasn’t the mistake. You want somebody to come out and publically say that, so you know who to blame.

Q8: You’ve been told upteen times that we are looking for players. Again, you are chosing not to believe that.

Q9: There was a report the other week (reported on Toffeeweb) just after it was announced the Kirkby would be called in, that the council and Everton were going to have another meeting. Everton didn’t say anything in public.

Isn’t that EXACTLY what you are asking for?
steve callaghan
42   Posted 31/08/2008 at 12:40:52

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Indeed it is.....and I await public disclosure of the results of the meeting with baited breath - or, at the very least, a message to fans stating that the meeting DID take place. Anyway - that’s my last word let’s hope things get better from here on in eh? Can’t get much worse.
Mick Fleming
43   Posted 31/08/2008 at 12:36:49

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I like some others thought that the letter lost all credibilty when you said that you did not renew your season ticket after last season. I was happy to renew the three that I hold in the Park End.

I think its time for some reality checks because we are becoming part of the farce that is now Everton. Whilst I am totaly against what is going on at our club I can confess to booing yesterday because I like many others expect much more from my team.

I do hope that you don’t get any answers to your questions because if it was me I wouldn’t entertain them. Some things are best left unsaid as the answers can cause even more unrest.

It is obvious that arses need kicking but do you think BK is on a mission to ruin the club he loves. Lets show any potential investor that if they make a mistake we the fans will bully you, slag you off, question your integrity and make your life hell.

Well done my fellow Evertonians and I use the term loosely.

Jay Connor
44   Posted 31/08/2008 at 12:24:06

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in response to s.chesters questions,
Q1. why was Neville offered a 4 year contract? whats with the continued Neville bashing? fair enough as a midfielder Neville is found very wanting but he remains our best right back at the moment.His judgment and composure also leave a lot to be desired..and although the length of contract for a 30+ year old is out of character for Moyes it is clear that Neville offers a lot more behind the scenes, on the training ground and in the dressing room than he does on the pitch. maybe this was in Moyes thinking.

Q2. VDM’s ability on the pitch i dont think has ever been in question. the question marks are over his temperament and application. if we could get him fit and a run of 6 or so games we would definitely see the benefit of it and would be like a new signing. all wingers are confidence players but he has never had a run of games. something is keeping him at the club because we paid next to nothing anyway so why hasnt he been released because he must be nearly out of contract, we would lose nothing in releasing him.

Q3. does anyone really care about foreigners weve never heard of? who do you think we are - Liverpool? we dont need to spend £20m on big names just to hang onto man utd’s coat tails. At some point nobody had heard of Kaka. Henry was a nobody when arsenal picked him up and look at them, their policy is to pick up ’nobodys’ for small fees but do their fans complain?? Its what you do with them that counts - just look over the park. Did you complain when we picked up foreigners Cahill and Arteta for £3.5m? One thing is for certain and that is that Moyes has been severely let down by every person above him at EFC. Our negotiating tactics are nothing short of abysmal. whether its the boards inability to secure targets without penny pinching or the agents we employ to negotiate. Our board need to ask themselves serious questions as to whether they’ve served the club as they should because Moyes has more than done his job on the pitch but the board fail to match him off it by capitalising on our sustained progression in being the best of the rest.
Jay Connor
45   Posted 31/08/2008 at 13:13:06

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is Moyes really to blame for lack of transfer activity because lets get this right.....the managers role in transfers in this day and age is to sit down with his backroom staff and provide a list of names to his board where he will then be told certain names are obtainable or out of reach. the chairman or chief exec then conducts the negotiations with the help of appointed agents...the manager is not even present when ’talking terms’ so how do we blame moyes for lack of activity....hes done his job by providing names and cant do anymore until those names step on the finch farm pitch.
Tony Doran
46   Posted 31/08/2008 at 13:28:57

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As he said at the recent london supporters gathering, He?s only the owner ? ask someone else. (CLASSIC)
Philip Carlin
47   Posted 31/08/2008 at 13:44:10

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Great debate, well thought out comments by intelligent Everton supporters who care about the club and see the bigger picture. I just wish you were all there when KEIOC and Liverpool Council representatives met to discuss the best way in which to sabotage the Kirkby move. This will go down as the turning point in our history, we will always be also best.
Ian Edwards
48   Posted 31/08/2008 at 14:40:35

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We are all sore after the opening results particularly yesterday but this is what we will have to get used to.

We have no investment and will not get any unless we make the club more attrractive and that means moving 3 miles to kirkby.

Forget all the shite spouted about municipal boundaries and leaving the city to the reds. That hasonly been mentioned because they sing the city is all ours. Whatever happened to we dont care what the red shite say.?

Lets stay at Goodison and each season we will fall further behind the top four.

Or why dont we ground share.? We cant afford the money....and if we do go to a shared Anfield it will be as tenants sitting in their ground with red seats.

The only chance we had of taking the club to a higher level has been fucked over by supposed Everton fans.

All because of an invisible boundary line.

Well done lads. Good work.
Joeynkoo Ludden
49   Posted 31/08/2008 at 15:49:37

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It’s started already!! We lose, and its KEIOC’s fault! I really don’t wanna get into it, but had the scaffolding been up in a dark field in Kirkby on saturday, would the Yak have scored his pen?? I take it the stumbling block with the Mountinho deal is not how much we offer, its him waiting for the result of the call-in?? Dear God.

Kirkby is dead, get over it.
Ian Edwards
50   Posted 31/08/2008 at 16:11:29

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You miss the bigger picture.

We are also rans

We will remain also rans as we have no investment.

The onkly chance of investment will be Kirkby and it is not dead. It will move forward after Novermber.

KBc want it
Everton FC want it
Tesco want it
Everton fans who care sensibly bout the future of the club want it.

Colin Martin
51   Posted 31/08/2008 at 16:19:26

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Steve, there's no way Blue Bill will give you the answers you seek.
Let's hope fingers crossed we still have 24 hours to bring in quality midfielders.

Gavin Ramejkis
52   Posted 31/08/2008 at 16:43:15

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Ian just to remind you and you have been before, Kirkby is 4.5 miles from GP. The majority of fans if you add those who didn’t return their voting forms and those that voted no were greater than the yes votes. If you read the answers you have had to your similar postings in other earlier threads you might have digested that.

You should also note as you appear to have selectively forgotten that the GONW called in the application as it is in breach of the various planning regulations in situ and had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the stadium element of the proposal. Yes KEIOC campaigned but so did a large number of supporters and residents in Kirkby to the GONW, to say that any one of those in particular given the published reason for the call in are to blame is childish and plain ignorant. So please before we get another preaching of KEIOC or Everton supporters have killed the club I suggest you look closer to reality in the call in and consider if you will how Everton FC as a business is being ran both on and off the field.
Alex Humphries-French
53   Posted 31/08/2008 at 16:23:12

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Is there not a way of getting this put in front of Kenwright?s nose?
I just want answers like the rest of us! It's not fair to be treated like this... we deserve better!
Thomas Fearns
54   Posted 31/08/2008 at 16:11:11

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Remember befor BILL ,the red agent Johnson,we should be thanking Bill for what he has done for EVERTON. let me tell you i have supported EFC for 71 years and i have seen ,the good, the bad, and the very ugly, so lets wait a bit longer and see what happens, in MOYES we trust.
Chris Jones
55   Posted 31/08/2008 at 18:12:09

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You stated in the letter "The lack of transfer activity dominated my thoughts on holiday and often determined my moods during the day."
This is just sad you need to get a life!
Phil Taylor
56   Posted 31/08/2008 at 18:39:37

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Everton manager David Moyes:
"We are not in condition to win Premier League matches. We have not got players in the right slots and senior players are not playing the way they should be.

Sorry, Tom, but just cos you?ve supported Everton for 71 years doesn?t make it right... Moyes has put up the white flag. Why didn't he get free transfers in and Bosmans earlier on in the summer? Surely he was always gonna have to do that to beef up squad... he doesn't appear to have had no plans in place...
Steve Callaghan
57   Posted 31/08/2008 at 18:44:19

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Yes, Chris Jones, perhaps I do - but that is just me and it?s probably the same for a huge majority of those who support this enigma of an institution. Thanks nevertheless for your deep, thought-provoking critique.
Dave Wilson
58   Posted 31/08/2008 at 19:11:42

Report abuse

Ian Edwards

This is what you voted for, no plan B.
Looking for someone to blame ? look in the mirror lad
Alex Humphries-French
59   Posted 31/08/2008 at 18:58:09

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Chris Jones, was there really need for that comment?, some people are just emotionally attached. Steve was merely showing some feeling. quite obviously upset by the whole situation, as am i....
Theres nothing wrong with that.
Paul Entwistle
60   Posted 31/08/2008 at 20:00:39

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I agree with Alex; it may not have bothered you, Chris, but being abroad for three weeks reading every paper I could get hold of and phoning mates back home only to hear the same old "no signings yet" DID SPOIL MY HOLIDAY!!!
Neil Adderley
61   Posted 31/08/2008 at 20:13:15

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I believe the shareholders may well be serious;

Shareholders letter;

And new EGM petition;

The Directors/Company Secretary
Everton Football Club Limited ("the Company")
Goodison Park
L4 4EL


(Section 303 Companies Act 2006 and Article 10.3 of the Company?s Articles of Association)

Dear Sirs

We, the undersigned, being not less than one-fifth in number of members of the company as at the date of this notice REQUIRE you forthwith to proceed to convene a general meeting of the Company for the purpose of

1. Obtaining from the Board of Directors their comments on the financial performance of the club over the past eight years and under the chairmanship of Mr Kenwright and his fellow directors, specifically;

1.1 the effect on the football club of the decision to implement a policy of outsourcing commercial activities.

1.2 the effect and current status of implementing a policy of asset disposal and utilization.

1.3 the current level of debt and the club?s ability to service that debt whilst operating as a football club in the English Premier League.

1.4 the effect of relocating or not relocating in respect of the club?s ability to generate sufficient funds to meet current financial commitments.

1.5 the ability of the board to generate sufficient revenue to enable Everton Football Club to be competitive in a transfer market dominated by wealthy football club benefactors.

1.6 clarification concerning the sudden departure of both Trevor Birch and Keith Wyness from their role as CEO of Everton Football Club.

2. Obtaining from the Board of Directors actual details and a full account of past, present and future investment in the football club, specifically;

2.1 the level of actual investment into the club made by each individual member of the board directors above and beyond their acquisition of shareholding.

2.2 actual details and a full account of the search for additional outside investment undertaken in recent years in relation to the aforementioned financial performance of the football club.

2.3 clarification of approaches made to the board concerning any interest to acquire a major shareholding in the club and also clarification of the board?s interpretation of investment and whether or not the club is genuinely open to offers of external investment.

2.4 the extent of Sir Philip Green?s involvement in Everton Football Club.

2.5 an overview of the financial strategy that the club intends to implement over the next three years in relation to the aforementioned financial performance in recent years

3. Obtaining from the Board of Directors clarification of the situation to secure the services of David Moyes beyond his current contract in light of media statements that Mr Moyes wishes to work at a club that can match his ambition.

4. Obtaining from the Board of Directors further comments on the stadium issue, specifically;

4.1 the benefits of the exclusivity deal that is preventing the club from fully exploring alternative solutions to the stadium issue.

4.2 the concerns raised and potential effects on the clubs business strategy due to anticipated problems with the proposed transport plan at Kirkby which may deter supporters from attending football matches.

4.3 in light of the chairman?s comments that Goodison Park may soon struggle to attain a safety certificate.

5. To have a show of hands to pass a resolution, on receipt of the answers given by the board to the aforementioned questions, in relation to the shareholders confidence in the ability of the board to act in and secure the best long term interests of Everton Football Club.
Jay Harris
62   Posted 31/08/2008 at 20:07:49

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Lets just get a couple of things straight.

1. We are not talking about getting NEW players in we are talking about replacing those that have been sold off or let go. We no longer have a squad of Premier League quality players.

2. Kirkby call in was not decided by EFC "No" supporters nor KEIOC. The board were made well aware of the fact it contravened most planning policies, was a diabolical design and had major transport problems at the time they submitted the application. So if you?re going to blame anybody blame the board for an ill-conceived application.

3. According to Billy Liar, there have been significant funds there all summer and it was not affected by Kirkby.

4. Everton?s real problem is not that BK has no cash, it?s that we make continuous operating losses and don't generate sufficient "Off the field" income.

I?m afraid 8 years of BK?s incompetent, deceitful, fantasy world has come home to roost.
Ian edwards
63   Posted 31/08/2008 at 20:30:09

Report abuse


I’m not interested in the reasons for the call in. I’m only bothered about Everton putting a trophy winning team on the pitch.

That will only happen if we get investment. We will only get investment with a new ground.

The only new ground we will get is in Kirkby.

Artguing about municipal boundaries is pathetic.

I’m sure we all want the best for the club.

I presume you’re related to Kerry.. if so say hello for me
Martin Edwards
64   Posted 31/08/2008 at 22:27:41

Report abuse

Kenwright has to go, Everton fan or not. Francis Lee was a City fan he took them down. Please, Bill, get out now while we still have a good manager.
Michael Casey
65   Posted 31/08/2008 at 23:24:59

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The source of all our discontents is that there are a multitude of clubs with a much much much lesser history to boast about than our own (Portsmouth, Sunderland, Villa, City, Spurs.....) who are suddenly being taken over by rich investors. I personally believed Kenwright did not have the money to take Everton forward ("forward", here, meaning ’winning trophies’) when he originally took over. He milked it in the aftermath of the Peter Johnson era and now, i’m afraid, his time is nigh. To come out and say this PUBLICALLY (at the end of the summer) is an absolute joke (’...the business of Billionaires not Millionaires...’ ).

Personally I blame the board of the 90’s and Philip Carter for the situation we are in now.

I want to win a major trophy before I die. I’m 27. What dya think my chances are?
Vincent Latimer
66   Posted 31/08/2008 at 23:20:15

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I know we have mostly been discussing off the pitch pitch problems but i would like to bring up a on the pitch problem which would be the way that injuries are affecting the way we play because if you think back to when we went out of europe we won just two games and one of them was against dearby county and we only just scraped through that one and if were paying players like Tim Cahill and James Vaughn ridiculous amounts of money to just sit at home for a couple of months while were struggle then its not good enough. Obviously out of commen sense its not their fault if they get injured. It happens in every day life people cant go into work because of injuries and i think Tim Cahill is one of the premierships best players. But whats the point if hes injured all the time and i know a lot of people will disagree with me when i say this but we may as well just sell them and get some money for them because whats the point in having them if they cant play? because were struggling while were waitin for the likes of Pienaar and Cahill to get back and by the time they have done the confidence will be down and it will be hard for us to win games even when we havent got injuries. Thats probably one of the main reasons why we lose most dearbys because we always have injuries and we need to get some players in who can help us cope even when were short of players. We might already be missing Piennar for the dearby worrying times.
Alan Ross
67   Posted 01/09/2008 at 02:36:17

Report abuse


When they are fully fit and in training it’ll be like having new signings.

Seriously though Vincent, how could you suggest we get rid of Cahill. It would be like asking the board to get rid of Kenwright
Jay Mckenna
68   Posted 01/09/2008 at 07:14:19

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I blame LFC for the state we're in: anyone remember 1985.
Jason Lam
69   Posted 01/09/2008 at 07:18:06

Report abuse

I think we all share your pain and fustration.

This summer has been nothing short of surreal. We placed 5th, release half a dozen players for upgrades, lies, deceit, confusion, links to almost 100 rumoured players, CEO gone, DK called in, chairman’s ’watch this space’, no signing come game 1, bench full of teenagers, deflated manager. And now less than 24 hours for Moutinho to save our season.

All this going on on the most watched football league in the world. You couldn’t make it up really. Talk about the theatricals.
Alan Willo
70   Posted 01/09/2008 at 07:39:51

Report abuse

Simon Skinner, excellent reply to what is basically a letter put together in a pub that is so naive it?s ridiculous. BK is dammed if he does and dammed doesn?t, if you have to blame somebody then is Moyes I blame but his heart is in the right place. EFC are or have been trying to go to the next level with top players bud sadly we don?t have the resources to pay the fee and wages combined. We have a budget and Moyes is reluctant to blow it all in one swoop, simple as. We have chopped and changed to try and fit the budget thus making us look uncertain and in most cases losing out to other clubs like Villa, Spurs & City who pay double what Efc pay in wages. It all comes back to lack funds and no Billionaire investor, whilst we stay at GP we cant sustain the current market condition by the small revenue (in comparison to others) we pull in so we always move back to square one once we have reached our overdraft limit. No point blaming BK, it?s the problem of the Premiership in General, big clubs need big investors as it stands at the moment we don?t qualify as either. You can send as many open letters to Bill as you wish but unless it?s an open cheque then its business as usual, understanding EFC Financial reality is the first step everything thereafter is just a consequence of the poor shape we are in. COYB

Sandra Paine
71   Posted 01/09/2008 at 08:15:37

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Apparently you say that you", breathe everything in terms of my thirst for knowledge of everything EFC" yet fail to know the family reasons why Carsley left.

I do not know the full finances of the company I work for, is it really feasible for a football club to disclose these details to the average fan, many of which probably let the missus do the banking? Maybe there should be an ongoing balance sheet in the corner of the official site, or text alerts direct to your phone everytime a pie is sold?
Steve Hinds
72   Posted 01/09/2008 at 10:50:30

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In answer to Trevor Lynes comment earlier about Everton recruiting DM’s No.2 Steve Round before strengthening the squad....
While Moyes is out and about meeting with potential new signings and wheeling and dealing on the run up to the end of the transfer window - who do you think is taking training??? The appointment of such a fine coach as Round was a fantastic move - the man is renowned throughout the UK coaching community as a leader of his field. There is no-one better in this country to leave in charge of on-field activities than him as Moyes goes about the business of trying to kick-start the blues season.
Personally, I’ll be glad when midnight tonight has passed, and Moyes can do what he’s best at, and that is working with the squad he has and blending the new additions he’s acquired into fitter and technically better players than they already are.
Let’s get behind Moyes - has he let us down before???
Paul Burns
73   Posted 01/09/2008 at 12:29:22

Report abuse

Moyes let us down in 2005 when his arrogance and laziness in the transfer market ruined the previous seasons good work in the first two disgraceful months of the following season.
Surprise, surprise, we?re there again.
Either Moyes criticises the shambolic Kenwright cartel, Everton FC becoming the worst run club in football, or he goes with the sinking ship.
There is murder at Liverpool as Benitez is denied yet another £20m for players.
These are one of our rivals and, as so, the benchmark, along with Man U, Arsenal etc.
The same rules apply to us as them and anyone making any excuse for the diabolical performance of the clown(s) ruining our club are part of the problem.
Ian Mitchell
74   Posted 01/09/2008 at 12:51:48

Report abuse

"I, like you, live, breathe everything in terms of my thirst for knowledge of everything EFC".

And you give up your season ticket after we have just reached a semi-final, finished 5th in the best league in the world, had our best run in Europe for years and played some of the best football again for a VERY long time. How is you giving up your season ticket going to help? Joke.
Joeynkoo Ludden
75   Posted 01/09/2008 at 12:55:09

Report abuse

Ian - why does new investment ONLY come from moving ground?? Clauses in the Kirkby deal state the board will NOT sell up. Not until we have moved, by which time, oh, they might get more for their stakes. Does that sound like in the best interests of Everton FC or to some lowly deceitful money grabbing directors to you? 34,000 v Pompey on Saturday. We so desperately need a 55,000 stadium.

Kirkby was called in by the government, not by EFC fans. If every single man woman child dog and cat who calls themselves blue was 100% behind Kirkby, guess what? It would still have been called in. You want to blame someone? Try the guy who dreamt it up.. same chap who gave us Kings Dock, Fortress Fund, 4 CEO’s in 9 years, and the same chap whose best known phrase is: Sorry I aint got a clue - Im just a fan like you.

We are also rans at the moment because there’s a guy called the Chairman who wont budge, wont sell up, but tells us the exact opposite. Any due diligence into EFC would show we are a viable option for investment, with our history, size of fan base, GP etc. Strange how club after club are being bought out but we aint. We finished 5th last year, you don’t think investors would start there? Cant afford a sky 4 side, well buy the 5th place team then............ no one is answering the phone...
Richard Starkey
76   Posted 01/09/2008 at 13:21:23

Report abuse

Well constructed letter, but you have not addressed the two main questions?

1) Is it time to sell the club, get some investment and become a challenger for the premier title instead of your (Bill?s) dream of being the owner of ?The Peoples Club? albeit 3rd rate?

2) Is it time for David Moyes to leave the club? He obviously has no ambition other than being ?the best of the also-rans?
Alan Ross
77   Posted 01/09/2008 at 13:26:18

Report abuse


far worse than AGENT ORANGE

completely strips to the bone!

Chris Jones
78   Posted 01/09/2008 at 13:36:15

Report abuse

Mr Callaghan,

My Comment was not ment to be deep or thought-provoking. I love football, going to the games and will always support the blues. However, the fact that we had not signed anyone would never ruin my holiday. Each to there own though!
Simon Skinner
79   Posted 01/09/2008 at 14:33:37

Report abuse

"Clauses in the Kirkby deal state the board will NOT sell up."

Untrue. There is no clause in the Kirkby deal preventing a sale.
Joeynkoo Ludden
80   Posted 01/09/2008 at 15:49:47

Report abuse

Simon - I’m too busy waiting for the news that Owen, Moutinho, Milto et al have all signed in to trall through the DTZ stuff again. There was clause about the board being unable to sell as they would be directly benefiting from the circa £50m odd value of land KBC would be giving EFC for nada as part of the redevelopment. Its all written down.. somewhere... if my memory is serving correctly...

F5 F5 F5 on the bbc transfer deadline live text page now... anyone else think the moutinho thing is complicated by the fact he is captain? Maybe he wants our armband too but Phuck-Off Neville aint having it...
Simon Skinner
81   Posted 01/09/2008 at 15:57:49

Report abuse

"Simon - I?m too busy waiting for the news that Owen, Moutinho, Milto et al have all signed in to trall through the DTZ stuff again."

To repeat, there is no such clause.

There is a COMMENT that the board are currently not looking to SELL their shares. It goes on to reference another document for further details - that dispite the other document not mentioning anything at all on this issue.

A few points:

The document is written by DTZ, on behalf of Tesco. It is not endorsed by Everton at any point.

It’s a comment, and is in no way binding. It’s just an indication of the current position.

Again, the document referenced does not mention the directors position at all, so there’s clearly an error somewhere.

The information contradicts Kenwright’s statements.

This suggests that the statement is in fact an error on behalf on DTZ.

In any case, the same document elsewhere states that Everton are looking for investors to purchase shares to fund the stadium.

Still, why let the facts get in the way?
David Thompson
82   Posted 01/09/2008 at 15:44:29

Report abuse

I think he meant to say ’Statements made in the Planning Application documents state that the current owners have no intention of selling’.

It does not prevent a sale, but the statement was required to try to avoid a call-in on the basis the owners wished merely to profit from the cross-subsidy.
Neil Powell
83   Posted 01/09/2008 at 16:21:42

Report abuse

While we can all agree with the sentiments in your open letter, simply answering these questions won’t do more than open wounds still further. We really need to draw a line under past events and look to the future and this can only be done by bringing in new investment into the club as soon as possible. If a new investor can’t be found, and in this matter I trust Mr. K. to act in the club’s best interest, then we have to accept a bottom 10 finish and a recognition that we cannot challenge the top 3. It’s hard not to be deeply hurt by this option and even harder to retain faith in Mr.K. - but we must keep faith in Bill as he is one of us. Feeling sorry for Moyes and every Evertonian, including myself. Believe that Bill will get it right - we have to, else we have nothing.
Rob Shaw
84   Posted 01/09/2008 at 17:13:44

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The transfer window is grinding to a close and we are acting like a boy chasing soap bubbles, they all burst just when we think we have them. The lack of planning at this club is staggering and now we hear that MCFC are being bought by investors, who according to Bill are nowhere to be found. It?s not the fact that we aren?t spending millions on players that upsets it?s the apparent lack of decision making. The decisions that have been made are not those you?d associate with a well run organization and that I?m afraid is the biggest impediment to attracting any sort of interest. We have wasted the opportunity of a lifetime by not using the relative success of the last few years to improve our profile in the game. We had a manager (and I use HAD deliberately) who was capable of taking us further but has been taken in by the ?Hail fellow well met? attitude of BK and has the air of a man who has had the enthusiasm rung out of him. BK is someone who is ill suited to running a football club and unfortunately has the type of personality which refuses to recognize the fact. He?s the type of person we all came across at school who was always on the fringe of things and who thought that the best way to become accepted was to make up outrageous stories. The theatre was an obvious destination. This doesn?t make him a bad person just bad for us and he?ll take us all down with him.
Tony Sinclair
85   Posted 01/09/2008 at 17:15:26

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Kenwright out. It really is as simple as that. Just look at todays events. Man City who dont even own their own ground anymore have been taken over by billionaries. THere is no reason why Everton could not have got some sort of offer. Kenwright must just be power crazy.
Brian Wolf
86   Posted 01/09/2008 at 17:28:29

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As previously stated elsewhere, after the West Brom game I refused to go back to Goodison Park until Kenwright goes.

I was laughed at and mocked then.

How interesting that you all jump on my bandwagon now.
Alan Willo
87   Posted 01/09/2008 at 18:18:43

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EFC is not a good buy! That ’s why nobody wants us. The reason why City have sold is its clean transaction just pay for the club then spend on players. We need new stadium!!! so that puts £300 million on top of the price. my god dont you thick people understand why we have to move, GP is a dump, club in debit all adds to a price tag around £ 4/500 million. The arabs today have paid less than £200 million including clearing the debt, doh!! but we are better than City la, mate. Wake up to reality we are poor investment!!
Jay Harris
88   Posted 01/09/2008 at 18:39:03

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Alan willo
Have you ever been to any away games.

To call GP a dump compared to many other stadia in the prem is a joke.

Portsmouth (19,400),
Bolton (28,000),Fulham (19,250),Blackburn (31,367),West Ham (30,056),Middlesborough, (35,100),Tottenham (36,200)
West Brom, Stoke and Hull.

All lower capacity than GP and even in the case of the new grounds not a beter match experience than Goodison.

I wish you guys had been around in the 60’s when Anfield was a total shed and 60000 plus used to pack GP and mostly stand for the whole match.

Yes there may be restricted views at GP and some of it may need a lick of paint but to blame Goodison for all our ills is to put a pair of blinkers on.


Jay Harris
89   Posted 01/09/2008 at 18:58:56

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this is the clause that people are on about:-

"6.10 A further point that is of relevance to any debate on the options that might be available to the Club to fund a new stadium, is the willingness and abilities of the Club?s directors to sell some or all of their interests in the Club in order to attract an investor who or which might have the ability in financial terms to fund a new stadium in its entirety or at the very least fund the shortfall that exists in the context of this proposals. As is pointed out in greater detail in the financial statement document 26), this is not an option as the current directors have no intention of selling any of their interests in the Club."

Now if that’s not a clear indication that we were NOT looking for investment 24/7 then I dont know what is.

Or is it just another lie from the board.

Scott McAllister
90   Posted 01/09/2008 at 18:44:41

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Very good set of questions Steve. Id be very surprised if Kenwright even reads this though. I have emailed Graham Sharp asking him, as the fans liaison officer, would it be possible to arrange a meeting for me with Mr Kenwright to voice my concerns (which obviously are the same as thousands of fellow Evertonians), but got sod all back. If I was a fan of a certain other club across the park I bet this could have been arranged. The Yanks have proved on more than one occasion they are willing to speak with "True Supporters" about the future of their club. I am not for one minute suggesting Bill should follow the lead of the Yanks by doing all his dirty laundry in public, but we need answers, and fast. To me Kenwrights silence speaks volumes. He is great danger of letting all the good work done over the past 6 years or so going to waste.

Oh well, I suppose we had to go back to mediocrity sometimes, only this time we cant blame anyone but the people running our football club. And we call ourselves the People’s Club eh?.........
Simon Skinner
91   Posted 01/09/2008 at 19:03:08

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I know.

"As is pointed out in greater detail in the financial statement document 26"

As I said, document 26 does not mention at any point the directors intentions, which is why I said that there is clearly an error somewhere.

The document was produced by DTZ on behalf of Tesco. It’s an error by them, get over it.

The same document states that they are looking for someone to buy shares as one method of funding the stadium.
Bill Parker
92   Posted 01/09/2008 at 19:13:21

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How does this man get away with it. Johnson was quite rightly hounded out and it is about time this man got the same treatment. When he took over the general feeling was that he would look to move on within a year or so. Enough is enough Bill go now while people are still abit gratefull that you got rid or PJ. If Man City and Newcastle can attract billionaires then im sure someone somewhere would want Everton. On a side note how has the team lost all its fighting spirit over the summer?
Joeynkoo Ludden
93   Posted 01/09/2008 at 19:38:34

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Thanks Jay and David. That was what I was referring to.

Big Al Willy - you make me laugh. How are we more attractive with a £130m debt and a ground we lease as opposed to where we are right now? BK has said in the past that the redshyte influence is scaring off investors (hence maybe why he wants to move us out of the city??) - but that doesnt seem to affect Man Shitteh - who happen to share a city with, oh, the biggest club on the planet. hhmm. BK = bullshit. You = regurgitated bullshit.

Any fan at WBA last weekend trying to get a beer at half time can tell you GP aint that bad!
Barry Sherlock
94   Posted 01/09/2008 at 21:48:32

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I just can’t get it in my head.....
BK says he is "looking for investment 24/7"....
erm, try the richest man in the fucking world - he was in the market for a PL football club.

Bill thanks for all your efforts but the time has come to hand over to someone with more money and more of an idea.... My 7 year old son has just emptied his piggybank and found £11.90 - that’s cash Bill.
Christine Foster
95   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:05:28

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Midnight. Not a cent, not a brass farthing spent. Huff & puff.

Watch this Space

We are, its called our midfield.

Christine Foster
96   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:15:20

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Lets ask the serious questions:
1. Did Moyes have a fixed budget or not?
2. When were those funds made available?
3. Where the funds actually available when they were promised?
4. Who did the negotiating for players transfers?
5. Who had the final say on how much the club paid for a player?

Just those five questions will answer
an awful lot thats at the heart of this club.

Sounds like The Weakest Link but I bet it will be Moyes who will carry the can.
Christine Foster
97   Posted 02/09/2008 at 02:58:26

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Word has just come through regarding Fellaini. My apologies to messers Kenwright and Moyes. Perhaps the space in midfield has been filled after all.
Jay Harris
98   Posted 02/09/2008 at 04:25:04

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Christine why should you apologise.

All we have apparently spent is less than what we got for AJ and Faddy.

It does not change the fact we must be the worst administrated club in History.
Mike Donning
99   Posted 02/09/2008 at 10:25:10

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’It does not change the fact we must be the worst administrated club in History’

Not quite but we’re up there and it gives me no pleasure whatever to say so.
Christine Foster
100   Posted 02/09/2008 at 11:16:26

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Jay, I feel I am watching a repeat when I see the comments, feel the anger and know exactly why so many fans are disillusioned by the way the club is being run.

I have ( in Michaels Kendricks words) "crusaded" many of the same points and opinions for the past 9 months and (as you have) been slated, abused, patronized, ridiculed and accused of everything from being a kopite to "That woman"

Well I take no pleasure in seeing how the summer unravelled and how Moyes has been publically demorilished. I don’t apologise to BK because I have been proved wrong but because we did, in the end buy a player. I didn’t think we would.

BK has a million questions to answer, but then all we ever get is silence. Yes it gives me no pleasure to say the club is so badly run. Moyes needs a breather, the board need fresh air. Winds of change required. But that will only happen when Kirkby is nailed shut. God help us if it isn’t.
jay connor
101   Posted 02/09/2008 at 19:36:56

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how the hell can somebody swan into man city and aquire them for 150m when everton are constantly being overlooked for a measly 55m!!! aswell as kenwright being useless at attracting investment even when his phone is ringing constantly with offer our stadium has to be a factor, or not necessarily our stadium itself but our ’wanting’ of a new one may leave potential investors thinkin ’ill need to pay for it’. as special as goodison is that fact is that shes old now and really showing her age. there is a need to move on an although most people will hang me for this...the answer must lie in a joint stadium on stanley park.

now i hate the reds as much as the next man but a joint ground means we both have THE best stadium in the country, council built so as not to cost each team. a stadium that will also provide a higher capacity than the echo arena for the really big concert names. a stadium that is still in our geographical homes and and the money saved goes to the team. this is the answer and something like the colour of seats shouldnt get in the overcame that one

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