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Dazed and confused

By Dave Cooper :  01/09/2008 :  Comments (0) :
Usually it doesn?t take me a couple of days to put my feelings about the Blues down onto paper? but after watching Saturday?s debacle ? you can?t even call it a ?performance? (maybe that it is rather harsh because if the football ?goalkeeping gods? had played true to form, we might have scored a couple of goals before the 3rd one went in). ? after that it was? well words fail me. But if we had escaped with something and given our ?performances? in the two earlier games, we would still have been a disaster waiting to happen?so perhaps its better the disaster happened now. Much has been written already about what happened and with a myriad of reasons why it happened. In no particular order here are too of my thoughts???

Firstly Moyes is a VERY stubborn bugger even when things are going well. Like all successful managers, he thinks he has all the right answers?. if he didn?t then he wouldn?t be a top class manager, which I still think he is (well... maybe). As I have mentioned several times before, the combination of Lescott and Yobo is ALWAYS going to cause defensive problems. All the success we had last year was with Lescott being forced to play left-back, allowing Jags to play the only position he shines in which is centre-back making last ditch heroic efforts usually to cover the positional mistakes of Yobo. Now it is clear that Lescott sees himself as a CB (being selected by Capello today won?t have helped dispel that myth).

For the longest while we have all been waiting for Yobo to become the commanding defender that we want him to be but after 6 years (??) he is not going to be that. Yes, he is an outstanding athlete? good in the air when jumping alone (not so good when he has a forward in front of him) and amazingly quick to cover any positional mistakes but he is not and is never going to be what Moyes desperately wants him to be ? a commanding defensive leader.

So what do we have, 3 players who want to play 2 positions; at the moment Lescott is getting his way with Jags having to move and consequently looking terrible playing in the ?Carsley? position. Do we hear Jags complaining? No, after years of playing every position in the book, he does what is asked of him and what the team needs him to do? not so with Lescott.

When you throw Baines into the mix as someone you paid £6 million for, and is not up to the defensive duties of left back, you feel as if you have to justify your decisions and we end up with the crap that has passed for Everton in the past 3 games and being STUBBORN, Moyes is not going to change that until... ???

Secondly?. like all of us, we are at a complete loss to understand what is going on behind the scenes. You would not or could not expect Moyes to come out and tell all but something is clearly not right. Reading between the lines I think Moyes and Kenwright have for the first time in 6 years fallen out about broken promises. Hence no signing of a contract? how long for fuck?s sake does that take???

Moyes's body language for the whole match on Saturday was one of a man knowing that things were not going to get any better and all his and our dreams of a team to challenge the Sky 4 were now gone. No passion, no evil eyes and anger and frustration?.just a resigned look of defeat. Yes we can say that he is paid more than enough NOT to look like that and despite everything still put on a positive face to inspire the players and fans?. but the guy is only HUMAN!!!! How would you feel if the promises made by someone (Kenwright) were now just ?piss in the wind????

Obviously things have gone totally pear shaped since the stadium issue got referred back?Wyness suddenly departs, who knows what Green has done (called in his loans????.....hence no transfer money) and the return of the legendary Sir Philip Carter. The ?golden goose? has been royally fucked and there is no plan B so all those who pledged money have very quickly jumped ship leaving Kenwright clueless and everton broke?. now perhaps we would have some empathy with him if he came clean and told the fans the truth ?but in this day and age who tells the truth????

I have no answers??..or even suggestions?..just a dread of the old relegation fears returning?.

But when all is said and this transfer window closes (thankfully)?.would you rather be in our shoes?despite the fact they are ?soulless? or be Man City supporter??? You have just had your club sold by a corrupt Thai business man to a group from the UAE so that you can go and buy Berbatov??? Dazed and still confused!!!

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