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The Party's Over?

By John Sreet :  01/09/2008 :  Comments (7) :
Henry Ford once said...'whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can't you're right!'. Last year David Moyes believed he could, believed they could and they did! This year he's already said he can't, they can't and therefore they won't! I for one am saddened to see a young manager who's equity is at an all time high trying to patch up a potentially excellent but paper thin squad with vinegar and brow paper.

As a staunch supporter of David Moyes, in my opinion one of the best post war managers Everton have had, it's sad to write this article, but with his spate of recent negative comments, David appears to have lost faith in the Board, has positioned himself as a victim, and therefore positioned the board and the chairman as the problem.

Clearly he is unhappy and my guesss is that his relationship with Bill Kenwright is stretched to the limit, perhaps beyond that. Should this be the case then the writing may well be on the wall for our fantastic manager as it seems that Bill Kenwright will sacrifice everything and everyone including the truth, to hold onto his badge of Chairman. His 'don't ask me I'm only the Chairman' comments fool no-one as manipulation is a part of the game for Bill.

He did well to rescue the club from Johnson but he's forgotten that the intellectual that is Everton is owned by hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of fans around the world, and he has turned the Peoples Club into the Private Club and no-one not even the manager seems to know what is going on.

Bill was never a very good actor, and his recent silence would suggest that he has run out of lines, leaving David Moyes free to publicly vent his frustrations.

David Moyes appears to be very close to his players, I guess that's why he's still there, but I fear that he may now have gone 'indian', and if that's the case there's no way back! January may be his Waterlooor or should I say Bill's Waterloo, and I suspect he has until the end of January to conjure up the magic that may just secure Moyes's future at Everton, but my guess is that Bill is out of ideas, if so look for a February exit, as Moyes Walks!

Just my opinion of course!

Reader Comments

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james ohare
1   Posted 02/09/2008 at 01:06:50

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what has transpired today is a total disgrace. We have money or so were told but its not spent. How can the club treat us like this its pathetic. They say they need us but its like a cheating wife she gets fucked and so do we.., time for heads to roll

moyes is just to blame as everyone else

Eric Myles
2   Posted 02/09/2008 at 02:44:14

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Unless we’re planning to spend big in January it now looks obvious that the only money available was from the sale of Johnson and what was left over from the McFadden money.
Eric Myles
3   Posted 02/09/2008 at 02:44:14

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Unless we’re planning to spend big in January it now looks obvious that the only money available was from the sale of Johnson and what was left over from the McFadden money.
joe 90
4   Posted 02/09/2008 at 10:28:18

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LOAN signings, never-never pay backs, One yr Deals, and one BIG deal a year .10 to 15 million that should take about a decade to achive a world class team I can here thoes words again "yes you got it! A Ten year Plan
joe 90
5   Posted 02/09/2008 at 10:45:37

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We need a new theme song, we will have to Ditch Z Cars. Billy Bullshit needs our support we need CASH and plenty of it ,so i think we should come out to PENNIES FROM HEVEN
Dave Wilson
6   Posted 02/09/2008 at 13:28:58

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Not another DM’S leaving post

he’s just where he likes to be, in a no lose situation

Keith Richmond
7   Posted 02/09/2008 at 22:31:27

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Joe 90: Billie, Louis, Frank or Bing?

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