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Agent Kenwright: Mission Complete

By Sean Lloyd :  01/09/2008 :  Comments (32) :
I'm going out on a limb here at the moment, such is my disgust with being glued on this computer all day in the hope that something spectacular would unravel itself in the few remaining hours of a highly frustrating window. Having spent most of the day looking around what most other clubs have accomplished, it really did show what a complete sham our club is currently being run at. We are the jokes of the league and the blame for this solely lies on your doorstep Bill, yes you.

I have been often supportive and defensive of you over the years Bill but you have continued to test the patience as ordinary fans such as myself, stepping over us and kicking us down in the process. I thought this was part of the general thesis of being an Evertonian but now I understand it is nothing more than how you conduct and treat us in this sham business you call a respected footballing institution.

"Watch this space." I saw a video of a guy recording that from Sky Sports and follow it up with his own sincere comments at the end. I first thought "Surely not, Bill wouldn't stick his neck out in fear of becoming a fool without backing his words up." How very wrong I was indeed. Do you have no shame for our club anymore?

If Man City can complete a takeover and throw bids around for some of the games top players in the space of 24hrs do you really expect me to believe that things are somewhat more complicated at Everton (A more recently successful club than City) and that you are looking to help us progress? Is Nash progression? Free.. best price eh.. It really insults the idea that we may have let Carsley go on the basis we didn't offer more than 1+ years on 30somethings whilst such seasoned pro's like Nash can wet his lips at the prospect of a 3rd optional year.

You have insulted everybody associated with this club, I see you now as nothing more than Peter Johnson, fused with several more years of experience we have allowed you down the line. I respect the fact that you helped us out when we were down and you will always be accredited with that but the writing has been on the wall for a while Bill, I fear you have only added to it when you should have been looking for a graceful exit strategy.

The money promised for the summer transfers, well, where is it? or did it exist on the pretense of a Mr Samuelson winging it in on the 11th hour through some red tape that never got untangled? I wonder if he or any of his associates managing unheard of parent investment groups will be attending the next EGM to deflect some further attention from the real issues at hand? I hope for your sake Bill that you either have a very good production up your sleeve or you conceed defeat at this meeting otherwise I fear we can mark on the calander the day we started to decline... again.

I will look blankly right up to the death at some more potential below par bids that selling clubs wouldn't entertain in a month of Sundays (Hunt, Moutinho etc) just so you and the board can pull the spin of "At least we tried." A dramatic ending (yet wouldn't be suprising anymore given the luck we've had) would be your defection over to the dark side with a secret stash of cash you burrowed on the failed Kirkby project, signing Barry for Benitez 5 minutes before the transfer window closed.

Come home Agent Kenwright -Mission Complete.

Reader Comments

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Jarrod Prosser
1   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:35:29

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Oh, please!

Sean, we know Kenwright can’t take us any futher - tha man himself has admitted that.

Comparing him to Johnson, though? You have to kidding me.
Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
2   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:39:24

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Really, Jarod? Johnson’s legacy: tried to move the club outside the city, plunged the club into debt, and forced the manager to sell players to make up financial short-falls. Sound familiar?

If Kenwright wasn’t a Blue, there would have been a sea of people on the pitch after the Pompey defeat calling for his head a la Coventry at home in May 1998.

Sean Lloyd
3   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:39:38

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I don’t see much different between the pair, one sold out on his terms (Got the best he could from the sale) Kenwright is looking to do the same.. I imagine why no one has entertained a sniff at us, or maybe he’s being greedy and wants a sugar daddy to put money in for 0% return or asset. ?

Johnson started as sweet as pie too remember, a top business man who promised us all sorts yet delivered very little. Kenwright delivered himself as a lifeline, grew into the role and has now insulted us all by saying it’s not on his terms anymore. Perhaps he should have been looking more closely at relinquishing rather than telling every man and his dog the thesis surrounding modern day football?

We have failed to deliver yet again, like anyone in a huge business. Someone has to held accountable. You cannot continue to hold hands with Bill because he put some minor investment into us all those years ago.. try looking beyond the mediocrity now Jarrod.
Dan Walker
4   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:36:05

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I share your disgust at being glued to the computer all day. I don’t know whether I’m more disgusted at the club, or at myself for actually clinging onto the hope that the club would acrually act any differently.

Take Carsley out of the equation though. His main reason for leaving was to be closer his family in the Midlands. On top of that, we couldn’t guarantee him 1st team football (at that time, Moyes probably was planning big name replacements).

The previous Moyes philosophy of offering no more than a 1 year contact to 30+ players also went out out of the window earlier ithis summer when "Captain Fantastic" put pen to paper on a new 3 year (or was it 4 year) deal.
Andrew Hicks
5   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:42:08

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I hear your frustration.....but just a side note concerning the Nash vs Carsley contract mention....

I think the Everton policy of not offering 30 + yr olds a multi-year contract is different for keepers. That makes sense because they can play well up into the high 30’s.
Sean Lloyd
6   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:47:44

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I see the principle of that Andrew, but looking at it in a wider context, who offers more, I know which i’d choose any day. I think Carsley went beyond being a ’30 something’ in his time at our club, he was much more valued than his age, which is a shame.

Captain underpants got a fantastic deal though as mentioned too.. he’s the Blue eyed boy though so it was kind of expected.
Mike Haslem
7   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:48:05

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If Man City can complete a takeover in less than 24hours then why cant we? Is it because Bill will only sell if he remains in a position of power at the club???? How can we expect to attract more fans to buy season tickets, let alone get people to renew them, when we sign no one serious???
Ash Passmore
8   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:46:41

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I am delighted with the transfers so far’, a reserve goalkeeper from Wigan, a crocked forward from Man U, a dane I had never heard of, an Ecuador international (how many had to look in an atlas to find out where that was). Why on earth should we be peeved at Man City being taken over and shelling out on some class, after all they only scraped thoughn the Qual rounds of the Euro Cup.

I live out in NZ and can think of more unknown internationals in this neck of the woods that Bill can arrange to sign.

At first there was hope with Kenwright but I now think that he has managed to lower himself and the club to the levels of Peter Johnson. I hate to admit this but I have even had thoughts of 42 pts and survival
John Charles
9   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:56:24

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Man City can complete a take over and make £40m offers in one day because

a) they have a fucking big stadium

b) they don't owe their bank £60m


Sorry pure facts. But just say No to Kirkby, hey chaps?

Seems the same guys who were so against it are the ones crying we have no money.
James O'Hare
10   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:58:29

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This is totally unbelievable.
What has happened to our club, the players read what we read and notice this and will be impacted by the lack of progress from the blues..

Very sad day.
Lee McIntosh
11   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:54:17

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Please... I have been a proud supporter since I was 3 years old (I’m 31 now) and I can’t see anything attractive to an investor about us... Squashed in a dingy area of Liverpool with a stadium that is falling apart, competing with another local team that has worldwide recognition and fan base compared to relatively average fan base - Come on, would you buy us!?

Take a look at City’s new stadium (be it not really there’s), it’s beautiful, it’s a landmark, they have a huge fan base of supporters similarly as passionate as us with trendy famous fans like Oasis, we have a fake ageing Stallone!!!!
Rich Jones
12   Posted 02/09/2008 at 01:14:48

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John and Lee, according to Ross, the new stadium had fuck all to do with what money was available, so don't bring that old fucking chesnut up.
Peter Bould
13   Posted 02/09/2008 at 00:49:00

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Johnson: 1- built new stand (Park End)
2 - built boxes
3 - raised finance for club by underwriting share issue
4 - won FA CUP

1 - took on £25m of debt on long term loan over 25 years with total repayments amounting to in excess of £70m -
2 - blew the chance of a lifetime for the club (Kings Dock) because we couldn?t raise £30m. Why? Because of the £25m long term loan.
3 - raised finance by selling home grown youth team players (Rooney, Dunne, Ball)
4- refurbished the ladies toilets
5 - brought morale in the supprters to the lowest point we have ever known
6 - won FA Cup.
Come back Peter Johnson! All is forgiven.
Paul Columb
14   Posted 02/09/2008 at 01:11:25

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I’m sorry lads, but I’m sick and tired of hearing that BK himself admitted he can take the club no further; so you hold onto it for nearly a decade, do sweet FA to attract real investment (24 hours a day my arse), treat the fanbase like shit, throw in the towel to the RS and then blither (again) that ’I told you so’. The guy is the most disingenuous actor who seems to have an issue with compulsive lieing and who could potentially drag us into a relagation battle THIS season. And don’t tell me how much better we are than the agent Johnson remains a constant kick in the teeth to be an Evertonian. I’ll stick it out but don’t expect the next generation to even consider siding with this shambles. He’s got to go.
Mo Brown
15   Posted 02/09/2008 at 01:03:26

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Of all the reasons to really dislike Kenright is because he is a liar. This man went onto Sky Sports News and blatenly lied to all of us on television.

I watched the footage from you tube again this morning. The man twitches his way through the whole interview, adjusting his glasses, looking away when talking about transfer activity...... classic behaviour of liar.

You have really let us down Bill.
Lee McIntosh
16   Posted 02/09/2008 at 01:25:12

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Rich... I wasn?t saying it had anything to do with the new stadium, I?m against it being out in Kirkby as well, I was simply pointing out that we are not an attractive proposition to an investor, so people should stop complaining that we don?t get bought out like Man City and given millions to buy players with.

I don?t care what has happen with the money from McFadden and Johnson, neither of them can class themselves as strikers so whatever we got for them was a bonus... As long as the team (whom we have some perfectly capable players that aren?t performing at the moment) do a job on the pitch and get a result...
Philip Bellp
17   Posted 02/09/2008 at 01:45:04

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Just a touch premature with your outright condemnation of Blue Bill, Sean. It has been confirmed on Standard Liege?s official website that we have signed their 20-year-old Moroccan-born Belgian centre midfield dynamo, Marouane Fellaini. The fee could be as much as £15m. Everton made contact with his club over a week ago. Ironically, whilst watching their game last week against Liverpool, I remarked to the missus that he was just the sort of player we needed!
Philip Bell
18   Posted 02/09/2008 at 02:05:24

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Just a touch premature with your outright condemnation of Blue Bill, Sean. It has been confirmed on Standard Liege’s official website that we have signed their 20 year old Moroccan - born Belgian centre midfield dynamo, Marouane Fellaini. The fee could be as much as £15m. Everton made contact with his club over a week ago. Ironically, whilst watching their game last week against the Redshite, I remarked to the missus that he was just the sort of player we needed!
Bob Parrington
19   Posted 02/09/2008 at 02:38:04

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Good point Phillip. I think a few will be eating their words but will be happy and relieved to do so. The whole summer saga has been a nightmare for most (if not all) fans and it is understandable that we blow off our frustration every now and then. 3 games in with lousy performances and, for some reason, not being able to attract enough new, quality players to replace the ones we?ve sold...Ccan we blame any fellow, passionate fan for screaming from roof tops? Thankfully, the important and empty midfield role is filled at the last minute, so let?s see what we can do from here on in.
Jarrod Prosser
20   Posted 02/09/2008 at 03:12:20

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Well I feel a bit better, now.
Callum Wilson
21   Posted 02/09/2008 at 02:50:26

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Now Philip, I knew this would happen; we would sign one player for £10+ million and suddenly the Get Bill Out campaign would stop. Well, no, i am sorry ? just because we get one player for £15 mil does not mean that he is now a saint again; the man is sabotaging Everton.

From the whole Moutinho saga and Destination Kirkby along with everything else, it's just not good enough. Watching Man City purchase Robinho for £35mil after being bought out and supplied with immediate investment just rubs salt in the wounds. They haven't even been in the Premier League for that long and could attract investment.

No, sorry, not good enough ? not for Everton. I for one am sick of the only line being able to say to other fans, "Well, at least we aren't buying our way to the top," and having some plastic moral high ground. The thing is we will struggle over the next few years and now the game is about money. And you know what, until we get some we are buggered.

Peter Bradshaw
22   Posted 02/09/2008 at 03:26:56

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Ever heard the expression about eating your words? I think everyone will be happy with the BIG signing, and if we get the comments regarding the transfer fee £15 million now and £2 million after appearances, also cant play against them in the Uefa Cup games. Just remember the saying, "Is it your money?" no it's not, great signing and what we needed.

Saha also a great signing for the Rooney money, Castillo will be the back up in the middle for nothing with option to buy, and Jacobsen, well we all moan about Hibbert, so here is an option. Can't really say anything about Nash though except he is reliable on Championship Manager. UPWARDS and onwards COYB. Season starts against Stoke.

Bob Parrington
23   Posted 02/09/2008 at 05:10:42

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Yep, Callum, none of this last minute stuff changes the basics. This is a now big money league and, if the club is going to really prosper, the sentimentality has to make way for the money to come in to support the dream. No arguments.

By the way, am I just being sentimental in wanting us to redevelop Goodison Park? It’s a big corner block and, with some real imagination and council flexibility, I reckon the ground and immediate surrounding area can be converted to
be a great development. OK - it needs money. As it is it would be a great "pick-up" for somebody with a few billion wanting to take a PL club right to the top.....................inexpensive now, more expensive later if there is a new ground..................and that ground might be in the wrong place. I can’t understand why there’s been no creditable offer for us yet! Or has there been???
Trevor Lynes
24   Posted 02/09/2008 at 05:38:38

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AT LAST a chink of light in the signing of one decent player that other teams were competing for... it's saved BK?s bacon and given us height and energy in midfield. The guy is 6?5" and is very mobile. Perhaps Arteta can concentrate on creating things now and perhaps the team may be lifted out of their misery. I still think waiting so long has cost us over the long term and let just pray we have no further injuries.
Dave Johnson
25   Posted 02/09/2008 at 06:57:39

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The bottom line after the sales of Mcfadden and AJ is that we spent nothing.So much for transfer money being ringfenced and DK having no affect on this,I have had enough of this bollocksGoodbye
Sean Lloyd
26   Posted 02/09/2008 at 09:08:34

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I knew I wrote this prematurely, to the comment above. It was my intention and statement in the opening line. To me, as good as signing as Fellani may be, he is only one person and it’s ridiculous we couldn’t paper over more cracks in the process. Ilike most will now have to wait to January praying to God that no further injuries are going to force our season into meltdown. So Bill pulled one rabbit out of his hat, per usual, it doesn’t mask the fact that there has been a motive behind that, which my friends is Fan pressure.
joe 90
27   Posted 02/09/2008 at 09:37:26

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THE man behind the MAN-CITY takeover is a FootBall fan, he said the reason why he took over was the "GREAT fan base!. When city where in the Championship the crowed never went below 25,000, now its over 40,000 "We can match that! so that puts bills 24/7 statement in the bin, I also think the player we have just got for 15,million will only be here for 2 yrs then sold to one of the big 5 thats what bill meant when he said "watch this space!
Phil Harris
28   Posted 02/09/2008 at 12:29:13

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Yes, just papering over the cracks ! BK should put himself in a big hat and ****** disappear !
Gary Creaney
29   Posted 02/09/2008 at 12:44:27

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It obvious that the new owners of Man City are not " in it for the money". Their fortune eclipses Abramovich’s. They have bought over Man City despite having the world’s biggest club as their neighbours.
The point i’m making is that these guys fancy a challenge.
Surely there is no more interesting a challenge than ours. A new owner comes in and builds us a world class stadium within the city (or re-develops goodison to world class standards) our attendance doubles, all the while adding quality players, and aspiring to become the city’s most successful team.

I refuse to believe there isn’t a consortium out there who would fancy it.

I understand a lot of you will be saying you don’t want someone running our club who "fancies a challenge" but let’s face it, Abramovich and Abu Dhabi are running these clubs as side project entertainment.

Traditionally I loathed the thought of buying our way to the top but such is my frustration with the summer we’ve just had, with the same 4 teams finishing top 4 and the same 4 teams used for all advertising of the premier league, I now believe that the more clubs with multi billionaire owners, the greater the chance of the league become a level playing field.

I refuse to believe we are not an attractive proposition.
Graham Atherton
30   Posted 02/09/2008 at 14:11:29

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i have a lot of sympathy for Gary & Jo’s points of view - we are a decent investment proposition. Unfortunately there are still better bets out there - or there was until yesterday.

Man City’s new owners wanted a plaything and to make an immediate high profile impact. They will want to show off their team to their associates in a modern new stadium with top class entertaining facilities while it is still fun to do so.
Why bother with a club that needs 3-4 years of building a new stadium before you can do that when there is one prepared earlier?

There were lots of rumours about new owners prior to Kirkby being put on hold (with confirmed sightings at the match), and then there was apparently a big pause before money was available for transfers with references to ’things that must remain private’ as part of the reason from a clearly frustrated manager. Perhaps he had had his hopes built up earlier this year?

What is there that Man City have that we don’t apart from a modern stadium?
Sean Lloyd
31   Posted 02/09/2008 at 18:30:03

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The answers nothing Graham, they are in no shape or form above us in any way, perhaps they have a bit more clinical and ruthless day to day operation than we do (That’s down to the board I suppose) but they do not eclipse us in anything glaring.

It just further begs the question, just what is the sour milk in our club that is pushing people away.
Bob Parrington
32   Posted 04/09/2008 at 00:27:45

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Sean, That’s the 64 thousand dollar question. What is it that has made us not so attractive. With such a brilliant fan base and "not so bad" published accounts (compared to most).

We might never find out. But let’s hopw we get some transfer market capability sooner rather than later.

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