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A Time for Calm

By Anthony  Jaras :  02/09/2008 :  Comments (29) :
So. Here we are. The transfer window has slammed firmly shut. All the speculation is over and who we have on our books now will be the ones who get us through the next few months which leads to the question;


All summer we have been begging for signings. We were desperate for the following;

A back up keeper

A striker to replace McFadden & Johnson.

A defensive midfield player to fill the void left by the impressive Carsley.

A right full back to pressure/replace Hibbert.

A left winger.


Well we have signed a back-up keeper and although Carlo Nash is not the calibre of goalkeeper we could be happy about, let's face it, what keeper of any real quality would want to come and sit on the bench for 2 years. None.

Lars Jacobsen has arrived to try for the right back spot and this is not a bad signing as by all accounts he is a decent player. As we already have 2 players in front of him (Hibbert & Neville) he cold prove to be a decent aquisition.

We got another striker in to replace the two we let leave and quite frankly, if he can get fit and stay fit then I am more than happy with Louis Saha. He is a first class finisher and has proved that over the years for every club he has played for. Again I re-iterate that this is all down to whether he can get fit so here's hoping, and praying.

When Carsley left we all knew we were desperate to replace him and now we have done just that, and more. We have signed 2 players with great track records. Castillo comes in with a good reputation, albeit not in any top leagues, however we have all seen many gems unearthed in our time and this could yet be another. He is described by many reports and being powerful, fit and fast and has a decent goalscoring record of about 1 in 8 and could yet form a partnership in midfield with our record sigining.

The big Belgian comes highly rated and we have been screaming out for a tall powerful central midfielder for years now and Saturday typified that point to the max. Pompey's African warriors battered our little fellas every time they got the ball but this won't be the case when we play them again with this guy in the middle. Allegedley he is one of the strongest players in Europe in the air, I will have that!!!!

So, for now, crisis over. We not only have bodies, we have replaced if not bettered the players that left us in the summer.

All this with no money????

Let's look ahead and stop the whining for least for now.

Reader Comments

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Andy Crooks
1   Posted 02/09/2008 at 15:31:16

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Anthony,I agree with much of what you say.I feel,though,that our position would be much stronger had even the frees and loans been done weeks ago.I also have believed for some time that any "big" signing would be made as near as possible to the EGM.
I think it’s time to be as positive as possible and hope DM feels the same.
I still feel .however.that this has been a summer of wasted opportunity.
Lars Esbjeg
2   Posted 02/09/2008 at 15:34:03

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At last, a balanced view. In recent weeks, there have been too many comments that have taken a black or white approach to all things Everton.

Lars Jacobsen struggled last year at Nurenburg, but has excelled in a right-back position at FC Copenhagen. He is strong going forward.
Alan Ross
3   Posted 02/09/2008 at 15:30:41

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All we need now is for DM to sign a contract. That will at least allay my worst fears of him ending up at Newcastle now that Keegan’s got the sack. I sincerely hope he’s got thicker skin than it appeared during the past month or so. Lets hope he realises that criticism needs to be looked at constructively and he wouldn’t be happier anywhere else anyway.
EJ Ruane
4   Posted 02/09/2008 at 15:39:03

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Agree ’hostilities’ need to be suspended.

I have personally been very vocal about Kirkby (against) and Kenwright (er...also against) but right now, we need to back those on the park to the hilt.

Anything else, right now - self-defeating.

Next five or six games VERY important.

Simply no other choice.
Dan McKie
5   Posted 02/09/2008 at 15:53:30

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We also have some youngsters who stepped up and did well, they may not be ready to play week in week out but I wouldnt be worried if they had to be thrown for the odd game here and there.
Alexa Dunne
6   Posted 02/09/2008 at 16:07:28

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Well put. I think we have a very strong chance of getting through to January in good league and cup positions. Reports this morning are that Vagner Love will be coming to us in January as his current club wanted him to finish the season with them. If true, that will add another striker and strengthen our attack.

Any gaps we may have can be held together until then... What happens in January transfer window will (I think) dictate how our 2nd half of the season goes.

We have 2 weeks "off" for the new guys to acclimate to the team, and Cahill is back in full training per the official site. Things are looking up, at least on the field. Now if only the off-field stuff could be cleaned up and sorted out!
colin grierson
7   Posted 02/09/2008 at 16:42:53

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The most important signing of the summer STILL hasn’ put pen to paper yet fellars!
Dominic Murphy
8   Posted 02/09/2008 at 16:51:00

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Agreed, a temporary cessation of hostilities. Happy about the signings, less so about the manner in which it happened. It seems that Moyes went the extra mile for Fellaini, and has been tracking him for a while, so i have faith in this one although i feel the price is very high.

However this all goes to show that we had no real money whatsoever before selling AJ. That we had to get 4 players on frees before pulling off the big one for rougly the estimated money we had of AJ and Faddy transfers i still thing that BK has been up to his bullshit. I hope Moyes signs but i wonder how he can put up with it
Andy Maher
9   Posted 02/09/2008 at 17:09:17

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The signings should have all right minded Evertonians in a far more positive state of mind, in effect the season starts now for us.

Dominic it doesn’t show we had no real money, you dont know that, Moyes in the Echo says there was more money to spend and he missed oput on other targets but said it would be available to him in January
Rick Gifford
10   Posted 02/09/2008 at 17:16:21

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Wait a minute, Anthony -- weren’t you the guy who posted the big "I Am Sorry" post a few days ago? Your turnaround seems as incredible as the turnaround at Man City. I take it you’ve now un-ripped-up your season ticket? Amazing what a 6ft 4" Belgian can do for a man’s spirits. Or were you just being a bit irrational with your original post, I wonder? *Cough* I’m happy you’re happy now, anyway. Come on the blue boys.
Paul Gavin
11   Posted 02/09/2008 at 17:17:42

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I agree with most of what you have said, however I think a big signing had to be made as mentioned in a comment above to appease shareholders at the EGM. Still believe a lot of answers are required, Stay calm for now but dont forget this summer, it has been a bad one
The club needs direction
Anthony Jaras
12   Posted 02/09/2008 at 18:04:01

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Yes, I am the author of the ’I am sorry’ article and make no secret of that fact, hence me putting my name to both articles.

However, saturdays article was a statement of my feelings after the Portsmouth game and at that time were fully justified.

Since then, the club have promised to do what they said they would do and have given us all fresh hope.

This new post is my assessment of where we are now but I make no apologies for my post on Saturday, I meant every word.

It’s true that a few days can make a big difference, and so can a big signing.
Alex Robinson
13   Posted 02/09/2008 at 17:46:30

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Gotta say that, although there is massive disappointment that we didn’t get a so-called "big sighning" e.g. Moutinho, it appears we’ve got players, albeit not universally known, that will fit straight into the side. Mellaini will be the midfield general we’ve been crying out for, with Castillo as the back-up. Jacobsen has come in to add weight to the defence, allowing Pip to move into midfield if necessary (preferably with ten mins to go after either of the two lads aforementioned has gone off!) We’ve now got four strikers with Premiership experience, so Moyes can swap and change depending on the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses.
And, here’s my point, when was the last time we won anything with "star names"? For me, as a child of the 80’s, we won those titles in ’85 and ’87 with a team of relative nobody’s at the time. We buy a star name in ’85 i.e. Lineker and we finsh second in both comps. We got rid of him, and we go on to win the title the following year. Same goes for the Cup win in ’95 - our only star name at the time - Big Dunc - was injured and barely played the final. It was the illustrious "Dogs of War" who won that game for us, in particular in the second half when Giggs was rampant.
I think we’re possibly returning to those heady days when we didn’t have the individual star names, but by God as a unit we were phenomenal!
Here’s hoping :-)
Tony Marsh
14   Posted 02/09/2008 at 18:35:58

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Anthony why are you even considering Saha as first team player when he has hardly kicked a ball for 4 years?He is a terminal basket case and once again the Mancs off load one of there crabs on to us and no doubt get out of paying the £2 million
they owe us from the Rooney add ons we are due from Man Us successs last season.

We will be lucky if Saha plays 10 games all season.Very lucky.
kevin molloy
15   Posted 02/09/2008 at 18:51:35

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Saha has averaged 30 appearances a season for United.
Steve Ashton
16   Posted 02/09/2008 at 19:04:57

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Get your facts right Tony, Saha has played 86 times in the last 4 seasons scoring 28 goals.
Anthony Jaras
17   Posted 02/09/2008 at 19:10:07

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Tony Marsh, re-read it;

"We got another striker in to replace the two we let leave and quite frankly, if he can get fit and stay fit then I am more than happy with Louis Saha. He is a first class finisher and has proved that over the years for every club he has played for. Again I re-iterate that this is all down to whether he can get fit so here’s hoping, and praying."

I mention twice that my statement applie if he get and stays fit.
Tony Marsh
18   Posted 02/09/2008 at 19:16:25

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Steve Ashton how may of those appearances have been in the past 2 seasons?I dont know for sure but I bet most of those 86 you speak of came in the first 2 seasons at Man Utd
Shane Corcoran
19   Posted 02/09/2008 at 19:23:31

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I agree with the general positive mood and I also think that Cahill back training is hugely important. However, I feel given the fact that we’ve already lost two league games plus the fact that we’ve been incredibly unlucky with the draws we got in the UEFA & Carling Cups that the season, or the prospect of success of any kind this season, may have already slipped away. By the time we get Cahill, Pienaar, Castillo, Saha & Van Der Meyde (!) MATCH fit it may be too late. I reckon we’ll see a stronger side out in this years FA Cup third round.
Alex Kociuba
20   Posted 02/09/2008 at 19:38:10

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Louis Saha all competitions at Man Utd... (apps/goals)

03/04 14 / 7
04/05 22 / 2
05/06 30 / 14
06/07 34 / 13
07/08 24 / 5

total 124 / 41
Trevor Lynes
21   Posted 02/09/2008 at 19:50:01

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Big Dunc had a far worse injury record than Saha, he only played over 30 games in one season with us and scored 22 goals in his time with us.Cambell scored twice as many..Fact.Linekar scored more in one season with us than Dunc in his career with us..Fact. We did not dump Linekar..he left..please do not call Dunc a legend it insults our true greats..when he played it was just hoof ball and our disciplinary record was awful..Fact..The team DM is hopefully putting together will keep possesion and pass I hope.
Alex Kociuba
22   Posted 02/09/2008 at 20:09:54

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Isn’t the ’fact’ that we played hoof ball when Ferguson played, part explanation as to why he didn’t score as many as he did?

I’m pretty sure that if Ferguson played in the 85/86 season he would have score more! Likewise LinekEr woulnd’t have scored as many with the ball hoofed up to him.

Furthermore, Ferguson scored a total of 59 goals in an Everton shirt (Lineker 30).

Moyes has been at Everton for 6 years, yet only now is he is ’putting together’ a team that can pass?
Steve Grimshaw
23   Posted 02/09/2008 at 20:06:21

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The proof will be in the pudding. I reserve my judgement on these transfer dealings until the results come in. But from a management perspective, what with the team not being ready for the start of the season, I think it is a disaster. Where specifically to lay the blame, I don? t know, because all the facts have not been released. But I believe we will rue giving up these 6 points at the end of the season!!
24   Posted 02/09/2008 at 21:37:24

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Tony Marsh.. Tony Marsh. My dear Evertonian friend. How I wish something would happen for Everton, or for anything in the WORLD, that would enable you to chill out and get a bit of happiness and contentment. How about you and I put a joint Euro Lotery Ticket on, and, if we win, we offer it all to BK to buy him out, and run the Club?
Mark Scarratt
25   Posted 02/09/2008 at 21:59:48

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Since when was our side of 84/85 not packed with stars.
Neville Southall, world;’s best goalkeeper at the time.
Gary Stevens, England right back
Psycho Pat was Psycho Pat
Kevin Rat. Wales captain and fast as f**k
Degsy Mount, scored 14 goals
Peter Reid, Engalnd midfielder and player of the year.
Tricky Trev, England winger
Paul Bracewell, England midfielder and mustard.
Kevin Sheedy, best left foot ever and Eire international
Sharpy, 30 goals and Scottish international
Andy Gray/ Inchy, both top notch.

No stars, you havin a laugh.

the equivalent of that team today would be something like this

Peter Cech (Nev)
Micah Richards (shagger)
A crazy welsh belgian left back (psycho)
Kolo Toure (Rat)
John Terry (Degs)
Steven Gerrard (Reidy) (ouch)
Frank Lampard (Brace) (ouch)
Ronaldo (Tricky Trev)
Fabregas (Sheeds)
Drogba (Gray)
Berbatov (Sharpy)

No stars indeed.

Barry Bragg
26   Posted 02/09/2008 at 23:19:48

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Mark I think Alex’s point was that Kendall assembled a team of unknowns and turned them into a team of stars. None of them (with the exception of Andy Gray) were household names when bought but even Gray was considered past it when signed. In that respect Kendall was the Arsene Wenger of his day I suppose. To puit it into perspective the team that won the FA cup in 84 cost about £2m to assemble and of that Adrian Heath cost 700K.
Alex Robinson
27   Posted 03/09/2008 at 00:55:19

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Thank you Barry B. My point exactly. And as much as I’d love to compare the great Trevor Steven with the Potuguese ponce, Trev didn’t quite have the individual skill of the future Real signing. He DID know about his role in our team at the time, plus had a sublime right foot.
Mark S, I’ll give you the fact we had the best keeper in the world bar none at the time (Big Nev), compared to Cech now, but Rats quick?! His positional sense was what made him great, with a bit of pace to boot. He’d take Eboue to the cleaners in his pomp! ;-)
Anyway, here’s hoping Feillani makes half the impact Reidy did.

Nil Satis...
Jason Broome
28   Posted 03/09/2008 at 04:05:50

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A nap, a shower and a hot meal is all it takes for some to forget.

However good the capture of Fellaini might seem, we failed last night. The club lowered expectations to the point where the signing of anyone over £11.25m would ease fears and bring relief (and for some it has).

Fellaini is not the ?cure for all our woes? he is a good and young prospect but poor compensation for a disastrous summer of unbelievable failure. If Fellaini WAS the ?big one? then why do I feel calmer knowing that we also signed Saha?

Ask yourselves why Moyes would spend £15m on Fellaini if he truly believed, days before, that Neville was good enough for that position. Come to think of it, Moyes rated him at £8m in March and was prepared to pay double that now!? The Fellaini deal has ?any port in a storm? written all over it!

Moutinho was THE big one. Moutinho was akin to the capture of Robinho or Deco and should have been signed weeks ago! However, had he?d been on Merseyside at the weekend to hear the boo?s and see the weak capitulation of his future at the hands of Portsmouth, then who could blame the boy for tripping over the exit!

Now I expect he will arrive in Manchester or London next year and set the stage for what might have been.

As for us, the hardest league in the world just got harder. The newly formed Sky 5 are now hoping to be the big four in a league of Europe?s finest. Where do we stand in all of this? Well, we have 11 men, a football pitch and a ball. All we need now is a manager prepared to sign on for the fight of his life.
Mark Scarratt
29   Posted 03/09/2008 at 15:35:58

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Alex Robinson

Kevin Ratcliffe was the quickest defender in the league. I don’t know if you actually saw him play in his pomp, but he really was that fast.
Also did you ever see Trevor Steven play. He was awesome.

Anyway life is all about opinions.


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