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Pick Me, Pick me...

By Jamie Rowland :  15/09/2008 :  Comments (44) :
After a good result and some decent performances from the debutants against Stoke, a story emerged across the TV channels about Mike Ashley putting up his ?beloved? club for sale.

This comes some weeks after our own infamous chairman admitted that he was looking to offload his share in Everton FC. After the EGM (and indeed before if we include the so called ?white flag? article in the Mirror), there was lots of press across the usual channels about EFC being available for takeover. Since then there hasn?t been much in terms of a buy out or rumour (apart from one Indian guy) of one.

What is interesting is that the moment Mike Ashley formally announced that the skunks are for sale, the former chairman Freddie Shepard came to the fray. Immediately he told Sky Sports News that he had two offers available to buy back the club.

That?s enough of the introduction. Last night, after celebrating our nail-biting affair against the leagues minnows, I started to wonder (again) why Bill Kenwright?s public admission of wanting to sell EFC had not sparked the same response (business wise) that Newcastle?s had. I think I can safely say (without bias, and also with bias) that Newcastle United is NOT a bigger club than EFC. It doesn?t have the history, it doesn?t have the achievements of late and it's certainly not in any better shape other than having a more modern Stadium. So why do investors seemingly look towards the North-East?

Even our one and only rumour regarding a Billionaire Indian mentions that he looked at us AFTER negotiations with Newcastle broke down (which I am sure are now back on). The Abu Dhabi United (apt name, United) group didn?t even consider us and yet from my point of view we are primed for a take over and a bit of good fortune.

The ADUG said that they picked City as they offered the ?best challenge??Well what challenge do we offer then? We are skint, need to build on a team that is almost there and we most certainly need a new stadium. Is that not a challenge? Is that not a bit of hard work with clear milestones of achievement for anybody looking to put a smile on their on and a set of fans faces?

Baffled by all of this (which I am sure you are too), I attempted to figure out why EFC is so unattractive...

Bad Points

  • We have debt? but then so do our neighbours
  • We have a poor Stadium? but then so do our neighbours
  • Our fan base is low? but then so is Man City?s
  • Our Merchandising and brand name is small? but then so is Man City?s.

Good Points

We have a good manager
  • We have a good team (just outside of the top 4)
  • There are many other points I considered and many other points I wrote down? but they all pointed to us being a good premier league investment.

    So why do they not want to purchase us? Is it because of our neighbours' success (but again, overtaking them is surely a challenge and it didn?t put off Man City?s new owners). Is it because of our spiralling debt? LFC has much more ? they service an interest charge that is probably more than our debt.

    Ii can?t be because we are not in the Champions League ? neither are Newcastle, Man City, Villa etc.

    The conclusion of my exercise is that I am no more the wiser as to why no massively rich businessman wants to buy EFC? Can anyone else shed some light onto the situation (preferably not the standard ?BK just wants it all to himself? argument)?

    Reader Comments

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    Chris Stewart
    1   Posted 15/09/2008 at 14:28:01

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    Be careful what you wish for.....
    Andy Crooks
    2   Posted 15/09/2008 at 14:18:35

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    Jamie, I believe that we certainly have been a bigger club than Newcastle but the key point of your article is, in my view, that they are "not in any better shape other than having a more modern stadium"

    Billionaires want to see results pretty quick. They want to buy a dream team and watch them play immediately in a super stadium. I am in favour of the redevelopment of Goodison Park but I cannot believe that a rich buyer will buy the club, invest heavily in the team, build a new ground and then for years watch their fantasy team play on a building site.

    Nor, I suspect, would they want to invest in Kirby. Now, Kings Dock. That would have been something...

    Trevor Lynes
    3   Posted 15/09/2008 at 14:34:18

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    I truly wish I knew myself ?? John Moores certainly made us into the merseyside millionaires for a while and I reckon that we played proper football then....plenty of guile and flair. Im disenchanted with the present team who generally rely on effort and for my money we have very little flair excluding Arteta and Pienar occasionally. I looked for something special in Castillo and Fellaini and even making excuses for it being their first games with the club..I really did not see anything other than at best two more drones. No vision from either and the ball control was adequate but no more. I feel we missed the boat with Arshevin and Moutinho and I really dont see Fellaini and Castillo ever being more than decent at best...We had to work tremendously hard to get the result against Stoke and lets face it, they will be annihilated by the better footballing sides during the season. Strangely enough I reckoned we played our best football this season versus Pompey and the defence let us down that day.
    Mike Edwards
    4   Posted 15/09/2008 at 14:47:47

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    "The problem" with us is that we have a combination of issues that you?ve highlighted -

    Run down stadium
    Low national recognition

    Whereas the teams you?ve mentioned only have one or two of those problems in isolation. The Abu Dhabi group who have taken over City are reputed to have turned down buying out Hicks and Gillett because they considered the cost of building a new stadium for them. We?ll suffer from the same problem.
    Michael Brooks
    5   Posted 15/09/2008 at 14:51:33

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    Call me what you like, but the reason there is no interest in buying Everton is simple, Kenwright has no intension of selling! Simple as that, it was just one of his soundbites, to keep people happy.
    Harry Meek
    6   Posted 15/09/2008 at 14:52:07

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    I suspect Andy Crooks got it in one. Had King’s Dock now been our home,Kenwright would have a queue round the block if he wanted to sell up.As it is his own lack of vision sees him seeking a buyer who would need to find c£400M to aquire stock,pay off debts and build a new ground.
    It just ain’t gonna happen,old son!
    He-and we-are buggered!
    Rob Hollis
    7   Posted 15/09/2008 at 15:10:58

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    I am not sure about wanting Everton to be owned by somebody who does not give a toss about the team, but will willingly sign up for the European Super League or Martian Elite or whatever makes most cash.

    I do not want to see the Manager replaced because of one bad season, I want to see the team built on solid ground rather than buy-in this seasons fashionable names (although there has to be an element of that) And would like to see a team who at least know who they are playing for and understand what an English Football Club is.

    It is difficult to put into words but somebody who might buy Newcastle or Everton or whatever placates their billionaire ego this week does not fit the bill. An Arab owner who will not entertain Jewish players is wrong (see Rod Liddle in yesterdays Sunday Times).

    BK is a custodian of the club who cares about it, whatever you think of his business management. Would you rather see Moyes win something under BK?s ownership or some big name foreign Manager who buys the football equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters.

    The latter would actually not be Everton and would not be earned. I would be cheering with the rest but in your heart you would know it is a sham.

    Hang on Bill!
    Martin Cutler
    8   Posted 15/09/2008 at 15:14:22

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    I?m clueless as to why we (apparently) aren?t more sought after by people with money. However, on the one hand, we desperately need the money for sure but as several have said" "Be careful what you wish for", what if somebody came in and got rid of Moyes? Cleared the squad of our favourites?

    For example: would Cahill be the player he is without Moyes, would we be the team we are without Cahill (granted a fit Cahill). And so on... I could add more to this but I?m sure you get my drift. Bottom line is that I don?t want all new players, foreign players bought in because they are flavour of the month! And demanding high salaries etc.

    Yes, I want to watch an Everton team winning, playing exciting footie (haven?t seen it yet - not consistently) but I would much prefer to see David Moyes take his team (with a few added quality players) to a final or top of the league!! Few clubs with a rich owner have made it work smoothly ... Villa and their owner come to mind (oh, Stoke beat them didn?t they???).

    Man Utd appear to have done it but they were already incredibly strong before their new owners took over.

    I did read this morning one reason why Newcastle could be sought after and I quote: "exploiting the commercially valuable land surrounding the stadium". Aside from needing a stadium (which Newcastle don?t), we don?t have valuable land surrounding Goodison for sure and presumably there wouldn?t be anything at Kirkby either. What isn?t ours is Tesco?s I guess.

    Jay Harris
    9   Posted 15/09/2008 at 17:43:14

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    IMO and I?ve said it many times even when "he" said "he was looking for investment 24/7" BK was wanting someone to approach him and retain his stewardship.

    Every investor of the proportions we?re talking about would want to put their own team in.

    Additionally if you are a willing seller you should appoint a proper broker not the Liverpool Echo to get a buyer.

    The likes of Shepherd and Shiniwatra, although I have no time for either of them, know how business works and were able to generate interested parties quickly through using PCP, run by Amanda Staveley, and which has been involved in negotiations for the successful purchase of Manchester City by an Abu Dhabi group.

    I dont believe it?s anything to do with EFC?s financial position nor stadium.

    Look at West Ham, Portsmouth, Sunderland, QPR, Villa and even Newcastle who haven't won a trophy in 50 years.
    Colin Potter
    10   Posted 15/09/2008 at 18:16:17

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    Spot on, Michael Brooks! Billy Liar strikes again!!!
    Paul Niklas
    11   Posted 15/09/2008 at 18:12:26

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    Their will be many reasons why there is nobody knocking Bill's door down to buy the club and we will all have different opinions as to why. In my humble opinion I would mention two very obvious ones that would be an issue for a potential buyer.

    1, I personally do not believe we have the pulling power even if we won everything to get attendances in excess of 50,000, which financially is limiting to a prospective buyer wanting a return.

    2, I really do believe Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester have attractions because they are big city names not necessarily big Clubs but from a branding perspective and global identity far stronger than Everton.

    For example if you started a new team tomorrow and called it London I think it would be a different proposition.

    Liverpool have the city name and that makes a difference particularly with branding, we are percieved to be a small club from a suburb of Liverpool, history, success does not matter if this is an overiding requirement.

    Even Portsmouth has the city name to it self as do Sunderland, West ham is in London as is Fuham as is Tottenham and that also is an attraction by association alone.

    We need someone who does want the challenge, same as the Manchester City lot, but they go the city name also so that was the bonus versus Everton.

    Maybe we need to change the name to Liverpool 1 or something. (I know, sacrilege and I should be shot for even suggesting it) but if a new buyer came along and said, "Here's £250 million to build a new stadium and as much as you want to buy players but the name changes to Liverpool 1", for example... what would you do?

    There are no doubt lots of other reasons but I can tell you one reason that is not in the way, that is Bill's desire to sell; he would do it tomorrow and I would suggest for not that much of a profit.
    John Andrews
    12   Posted 15/09/2008 at 18:28:56

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    But would Kenwright actually leave the club? I suspect that he has ideas of selling the club and still remaining on the Board. This would not really solve the problem.
    Would it?
    Ray Robinson
    13   Posted 15/09/2008 at 18:39:49

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    Paul’s comments echo with me. Even with the debt, lack of success etc we do not have the brand recognition that comes with the name Liverpool. Cue everyone to point out that Juventus, Ajax, Benfica etc do not bear the city name. However, they are high profile names in their own right - which we are not - added to which we’re neighbours of a team that’s won the European Cup / Champion’s League 5 times (hate mentioning that!)

    And before anyone mentions Aston Villa, well yes you would struggle to have achieved less than Birmingham FC over the years.

    If we had Liverpool in our name it might be a start! At the moment we’re the Espanol of Barcelona.
    Neil Scott
    14   Posted 15/09/2008 at 20:42:17

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    Within all of this lies the truth.

    We missed out on Kings Dock.

    Our best current prospect is DK

    The RS dominate international recognition

    The RS dominate local marketing.

    This happened on BK’s watch.

    BK loves to negotiate futile deals.

    Billionaires aren’t stupid.

    Deal done. Not.

    Mike Allison
    15   Posted 15/09/2008 at 21:15:14

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    Change the name to Liverpool 1? I get the point you’re making but can you imagine the derby scoreline? Liverpool 1 1 Liverpool 1...
    David Alexander
    16   Posted 15/09/2008 at 21:43:22

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    The issues are 1) rubbish stadium (much as we all love it) and 2) limited fan catchment area (see endless Deloite reports on football finance). Those factors make us less atractive.

    We also don't get linked with buyers left right and centre because we like to try to do our business in private ? something we should thank the Chairman for.
    Barry Scott
    17   Posted 15/09/2008 at 22:06:14

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    Newcastle Utd have the media attention because one of Rupert Murdoch’s subsidiary companies owns a stake in the club. It really is that simple.
    Ed Fitzgerald
    18   Posted 15/09/2008 at 23:33:31

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    Newcastle fans are knobheads the performance out of them over the past couple of weeks has been pitiful. Ashley's big mistake was appointing Keegan, someone who thinks tactics are little mints given his managerial record. If you want to attract buyers you have to be prepared to relinquish control ? BK, please note. That's what stopping us getting investment. Let's hope his current flirtation with selling up is for real this time; credit crunch or not, we need money!
    Joe Aylward
    19   Posted 16/09/2008 at 01:16:07

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    Paul Niklas: Interesting suggestion regarding Liverpool 1 mate but lets hope BK doesn't see it as he may call us Liverpool 33!
    Bob Parrington
    20   Posted 16/09/2008 at 05:38:05

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    Paul Niklas might be on to something here. The place "Everton" is little known south of Watford Gap. So if we move to Kirkby, that great city overtowering Liverpool, we can change our beloved club name to ............ THE KIRKBY BLUES! Come to think of it, somebody might make a song with the same name and then everybody around the world would know where we are and who we are! BK would be ecstatic. Tesco shares would soar.
    Paul. Good post. I know you had tongue in cheek on that one.
    Mike Sanders
    21   Posted 16/09/2008 at 08:33:57

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    Whilst on holiday in Dubai, I got talking football with a group of natives. Not one of them knew that Everton was a club from Liverpool although someone got warm when they suggested we were the sporting arm of a sweet factory!

    I do think we lose out to our neighbours on this score but their outstanding record in Europe probably has more to do with it in all truth. Anyway, it didn?t stop the Villa finding a mortgage did it? And did Roman think he was buying into a cake factory? Perhaps when we become KFC we shall see a queue round the block!

    Michael Wylie
    22   Posted 16/09/2008 at 10:27:57

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    I’d rather be shite and in the old 2nd than be a billionairs play thing.

    You can keep your celebrity over paid faggots, and if that means we drop into the realms of real football then so be it.

    BK might be skint but he is still a blue. Have we all quickly forgotten the Johnson years, not me!
    Tony Clements
    23   Posted 16/09/2008 at 11:44:00

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    Couldn?t agree with you more, Mike!
    When you?ve only had the occasional taste of glory in fifty years as an Evertonian, you tend not to lust after fame and riches.
    I hate the way the Prem is going and the sooner it all goes tits up the better. Give me an Everton with a true Blue owner-and playing at Goodison - and I?d take playing the Championship anyday!
    Gareth Lewis
    24   Posted 16/09/2008 at 12:08:25

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    I trust the posts by Michael Wylie and Tony Clements are sarcastic?

    In the 60’s we were the rich club, buying players left, right and centre.

    That is part of who we are.

    If someone were to come in now, and we did the same, why would it be any different?
    Karl Masters
    25   Posted 16/09/2008 at 12:20:25

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    These are all good points regarding awareness of our location.

    But you still have to qestion why the Club have not realised this and, more importantly, done something about it.

    Everton’s PR machine is like a clockwork train in comparison to what it could be. For a start, we should be majoring on our close proximity ( across a park ) and historic rivalry to our better known neighbours. Much as we don’t like them, we can ride on the back of their publicity. We should be making it clear internationally that the Merseyside Derby is the oldest, most matches played, biggest derby game in England. That Everton were here first, that Liverpool came frrom Everton etc, etc. All promo material should mention it somewhere.

    The sign outside Goodison should not say the bland, ’ Goodison Park, Home of the Blues’, it should be saying, ’ Goodison Park, Home of Liverpool’s Senior Football Club.’

    Get the Liver Bird onto our badge in some way. Get a City Centre store ( even if it made no profit, it’s worth a fortune in promoting the brand, although we have already missed this year’s golden opportunity on that one ), get serious News coverage of the fantastic FITC work in Liverpool, the groundbreaking former players charity - a world leader - , and just insist that all media coverage has Everton being in Liverpool mentioned all the time. Furthermore, improve the scouting system so we pick up even more of the best local young players. With Liverpool getting youngsters in from abroad all the time that is a great opportunity for us.

    Get rid of the People’s Club banners ( not true anyway it seems ) and re-brand everything from the signage and stationery to the website with, ’Everton - The Senior Club in Liverpool’ or similar.

    It requires a real effort from the Club, but they seem to assume that everybody knows EFC is in Liverpool, because we all know it. Clearly plenty of the ’new age’ fans in the UK have not grasped that fact and nor have many of the new international fans.

    Awareness is vital.
    Barry Sherlock
    26   Posted 16/09/2008 at 13:09:40

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    I agree with most of what you are saying, the marketing is crap but.....
    the Liver Bird in the badge - steady.
    Tony Doran
    27   Posted 16/09/2008 at 13:01:06

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    Major factor is the ground issue. Any invester coming in is not going to be dictated to that they must go into a development with a bunch of faceless grocers who are used to riding roughshot over anyone they can to get their stores built. Everton must drop this exclusivity shite and put the ball firmly in the court of the council to put their efforts into finding a site that any buyer would jump at (eg, the garden festival site).
    Paul Niklas
    28   Posted 16/09/2008 at 13:20:21

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    I would go as far as a poster on every billboard in Merseyside and marketed around the world with Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Jamie Carragher, Steve Mac and Gerard who wore the blue first all in Everton kits with the slogan even the Liverpool greats support Everton.

    Or something like that, its factual, you might need some type of permission but hey its worth a try,.
    Alan Willo
    29   Posted 16/09/2008 at 13:14:54

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    Very interesting too see peoples thoughts on brand EFC. I have been saying for years we lack imagination in this field and I don?t know how we can break the deadlock. Firstly get rid of ?if you know your History? as quite frankly apart from us fans nobody gives fuck. The People's Club, whilst amusing at the time, is far too parochial and looks inwards so this is negative for a global brand.

    We need identity and this is going to be difficult, the only way I can aline EFC to the city is the fact Paul McCartney and John Lennon both attended the cup final in 66 or 68 (can't remember which one) but my late father told me so we must have this photo in the archives? Karl has some good ideas but the brand name he suggests could be difficult if we move to Kirkby, but to the outside world its Liverpool anyway.

    I have some old photos of King George visiting GP and backing EFC so maybe QE2 could pop in and present the old players with award but publicity like this doesn?t have a long term effect. EFC are doing the X factor with kids in America & China and this should yield us some air time so if we backed that up with the Beatles and the City?s senior club then maybe we could give it some credibility.

    Changing the name would make the Kirkby debate look tame, so if you had too move that way why not add ?Mersey Everton?? all just points for debate but very interesting and also very difficult to get it correct which is probably why we have chosen the easy and most obvious routes.

    Shaun Brennan
    30   Posted 16/09/2008 at 13:57:53

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    I?m sorry but, since the introduction of the Premier League, Newcastle are a much bigger club / brand. Maybe not in terms of success, but they trump us on more or less everthing else.
    Dave Gouveia
    31   Posted 16/09/2008 at 16:00:31

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    Andy Crooks - sensible points. Trevor comes to his conclusion too quickly about Saturday’s debutants. Perhaps they are not so well known as Arshavin and Mountinho, but I saw enough to give me heart. They are both quality. Give them a chance.

    2 issues I see:

    Brand: Lots of discussion about that here. Bottom line - you cannot build a strong brand without success on the pitch. The top 4 have it. Newcastle owes some of its brand visibility to its success in the Champions league under Keegan v.1. They didn’t win it, but they achieved European exposure at the highest level of competition. Outside of these 5 (with perhaps Spurs as an exception) show me a top flight team with a stronger brand than Everton. Unfortunately we are caught in a vicious circle where success means brand awareness, and comparitive mediocrity means stagnation.

    Secondly: partly to account for where we are, are the folks who own deal negotiation - whether it be for players or investor/partnership opportunities, have demonstrated consistent ineptitude. Everton has consistently lost out on players due to lack of acumen/decisiveness and sheer lack of know-how. This same trait is evident in the brand/marketing aspects of the club. I believe Moyes’s frustrations rise from this.

    I think we need a new owner/chief negotiator...but as someone once said..."be careful what you wish for"
    Joseph Moore
    32   Posted 16/09/2008 at 20:49:14

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    Build a shared ground on Stanley Park.

    Amalgamate boths clubs and call the team ’Merseyside’.

    Kit: 1/2 Blue 1/2 Red.

    Everybody happy!!!!
    Joseph Moore
    33   Posted 16/09/2008 at 21:25:45

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    Badge: River with Two hands shaking above it.
    Dominic Tonge
    34   Posted 16/09/2008 at 22:03:54

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    The Fans. That?s the "problem" at Everton.... good. We are what has stopped a quick investment. The fans, who haven?t panicked and been screaming for Moyes's head after a few bad results or loss of form; the Evertonians who forced an EGM, who have had such levels of input in the ground move - and that is those on both sides. See, we ain't like Newcastle fans.

    Would we buy into the hype of a manager who played for us, was good once, then fucked it a couple of times? Buy into the hype of a number 9 enough for one player's form or fitness to cost a manager a job? Would we put up with an ex-Chairman who slated and lied to the fans while slowly asset stripping the side..... no?....... well, not anymore, thing is we have realisied too, we just did it earlier, and although wedge is attractive, those who care about a club want whats best....

    Me, you, and to be fair Blue Bill, I think he will say yes if an offer is right, but no if it ain't, and again, good. I mean, what if Special Agent Johnson came into money again?

    Jay Mullarkey
    35   Posted 17/09/2008 at 11:29:16

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    I agree with Rob Hollis. Everyone seems to be taking the view that an Arab, Indian, yank or whoever coming in and buying us would be great for our club but like Rob I don’t. Look at the state of our red friends. They are doing okay at the moment on the pitch (wont last long), apart from that all the talk is of their in fighting and protests over the ground/debt/transfer kitty etc... And what do all the loyal kopites do while this is going on? Prostitute themselves in the name of DIC or any other shark who may come their way. All of a sudden they have remembered Shankly again. When the Yanks came to save their once proud club he was the furthest thing from their minds. Supporters from any club behaving in this way deserve everything they get. I’d rather stick with BK anytime!
    Iain McWilliam
    36   Posted 17/09/2008 at 14:39:00

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    I never bought the ’24/7 speech’ but I suspect BK does now want to sell but only reluctantly so . I think the main problem is that our debts are more crippling than is being made public and also our team is so god awful to watch.

    In the past a wealthy businessman would be content with an expensive yacht moored in St Tropez harbour. It would have to be one of the biggest and he would have to have it full of beautiful people to attract the attention he so craves.

    These days, a businessman buys himself a football club. A big one, preferably in London and preferably one with a team that alot of people want to see.

    Everton is or was a big club, but its not in London and it certainly is not a team that lots of people want to see outside of the 50000 people hardcore fans we have. Add to that the massive debt we probably have hiding away in the accounts and Bills reluctance to sell its not surprising we havent been bought.

    From a businessman looking for an ego trip there is little or no glory to be got in buying Everton at the moment and it will cost alot of money to wipeout the debts in a economically turbulent time so the list of potential buyers is actually probably very very small.
    Colin Grierson
    37   Posted 17/09/2008 at 15:40:42

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    All I’m arsed about is that we don’t end up in Kirkby. I don’t really care all that much who buys us and makes money or loses money. I just want to see us playing footy in Liverpool where we belong and if we win, we win; if we lose, we lose. We’ll still be Everton, the 1st team of Liverpool! Nil Satis Nisi Optimum!
    Beware the genie of the lamp fellas!! He may not grant all of your wishes!!
    Colin Grierson
    38   Posted 17/09/2008 at 15:48:13

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    Joseph Moore,

    We could all sing you’ll never walk alone with half blue, half red scarves. We could call ourselves Liverpool City United! We coud maybe have half a Carlsberg mixed with half a Chang (An elephant-bite!)
    Its a tough dilemma. I’ll sleep on it!
    Mike Oates
    39   Posted 17/09/2008 at 16:26:39

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    Investment criteria -not in any priority
    1) Geographical position
    2) State of ground
    3) Current marketing performance
    4) Debt Level
    5) Identity
    6) Speed of delivering good investment

    Any investor wont take a gamble if 2-3 of the criteria above are issues.

    We have ground, marketing and identity issues. Forget our history its absolutely meaningless with the type of investors out there. I do feel Bill wants that comfortable feeling that any new investor must acknowledge our past and pay notice of it in any future management.
    Paul O'Meara
    40   Posted 17/09/2008 at 15:32:57

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    I think Kenwright wants to sell and has a possible buyer, but billionaires don?t build stadiums.

    Ambramovich bought Chelsea when all the construction of corporate facilities were completed. The Stadium was also capable of housing a lot more fans that Chelsea had at that time

    Same for Man City, they have a brand new stadium they don?t fill.

    Villa have a stadium which they don?t fill, ok it?s not that modern but it?s far from needing to be rebuilt and it has good corporate facilities.

    Liverpool are the only club who have tried to attract rich benefactors to build a new ground and look how well they are doing at it

    Kenwright?s Plan is simple:

    Make the club a more attractive investment by moving to a new ground, because we can?t afford to redevelop GP. The fact is that we can?t afford to build a new ground on our own; so pair with a strategic partner and share the building costs. Then sell the club to someone with much bigger pockets.

    I don?t agree with it but I believe that?s what is happening. Personally I?d rather stay at GP as it is and stuff the prawn butty brigade!
    Paul Niklas
    41   Posted 17/09/2008 at 17:11:51

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    Prawn butty brigade????

    You mean more than likely the brigade that you want to finance Everton, even staying at GP requires considerable investment both on and off the pitch.

    Whats wrong if you can afford to have a nice meal and drink before the game, sit in a vantage point and leave an hour after the match after a few more drinks.

    Animal Farm was fiction and communism was wiped out, bitterness is even worse, get over it, its here to stay.

    Hypocritical supporters are the worst of all.
    Trevor Lynes
    42   Posted 18/09/2008 at 09:02:23

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    Really I'm not jumping to conclusions about our new signings and I will of course give them a chance... BUT ball control and being comfortable on the ball is inherent to a top class player. We have Pienar and Arteta for example. Arsenal have everyone in the team. Im afraid that I did not see that in either Castllo or Fellaini.... that is there with every top player instinctively.

    I'm sure you would see a vast difference if we had Arshevin or Moutinho even in their first game... players of top standard will LIFT the fans and the other players in the team. I played at decent pro level and always envied the best players because they had the spark of magic that the run of the mill players do not have. Wenger has some way of finding top talent for buttons and I rate him above the Benitez and Mourinho?s of this world. I really do not see anything to get excited by in Fellaini or Castillo... I truly wish I did.

    Dave Wilson
    43   Posted 18/09/2008 at 12:58:33

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    You start your post by saying "I?ll give them a chance"

    Castillo came and took the ball of the back four time and again last week, that's got to be better than leaving Yobo Jag or Neville to hoof it, let's give them half a dozen games at least...
    Simon Templeman
    44   Posted 18/09/2008 at 18:44:35

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    @ Paul Niklas,
    How about we call ourselves the True Blue Beatles? (with our wealthy benefactor's permission of course ;-) )
    Just a thought.

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