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Borrow Me Pen, Davey?

By Jack  Randell :  26/09/2008 :  Comments (23) :
In spite of stories that Our Davey would put pen to paper today, it looks like the lads will go into tomorrow's Derby with their manager's future still not resolved.

Let me make it clear that I have been a great admirer of Mr Moyes, believing him to be the sole reason why we are a `European Club` after so many years in the doldrums. However, since his proposed new contract was put on the table at the end of February, things have gone swiftly down the pan with our man.

It's as if he totally went into his shell as last season ended. The team's fortunes declined and apart from some sound bites at the Euros we heard nothing from him. As our frustrations at the lack of summer transfer activity grew, Davey remained silent. The Chairman said money was available and `they` were working on a list of potential signings. Then the Chief Exec `resigned` and no end of rumours flooded the media. But still no word or action from the man himself.

In pre-season (a bad one), Davey's demeanour and body language was downbeat, to say the least, and responses to media questions were monosyllabic. Things got no better when the big kick-off came and the team had to be made up with kids who really should have still been in school. Then, as deadline day brought last-minute action on the transfer front, we heard that another record signing had been acquired although most of us had never heard of him. But still no public rallying speech from Davey and only the occasional "I'm still looking at it" comment re the new personal contract.

Two weeks ago, it appears that Kenwright attempted to spur some action from his manager by leaking the broad details of what was on offer. Again, this was met with "I'll get round to it in a few days," but still nothing seems to have been settled.

So we go into the Derby on the back of an uninspiring start to the season and continuing uncertainty over our manager's intentions. In recent days, impatience over the issue as well as early elimination from the Carling Cup has changed the mood of the masses and people who previously revered him are beginning to ask if it's time for a change. Defeat tomorrow will see this become a crescendo.

Now I know not whether the delay is because he's holding out for even more than the astronomic sum on offer, an early release clause in the contract, or there's the promise of a job at Man United. But what I am sure of is that it is just one more sign that `The Moyesiah` is not as comitted to Everton as he once was... and that's no good for us ? and more importantly ? to his team.

It's time to make thee mind up lad ? before it's too late. Want to borrow me pen, Davey?

Reader Comments

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David Edwards
1   Posted 26/09/2008 at 13:47:40

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I was going to initially submit this post on Tony Marsh’s thread, and then as it’s length increased, raise it as a possible article. However, after reading Jack’s article, I thought it might rest easier here, as it’s closer to my view that Moyes is still the way forward, but that he also needs to take some of the blame for our current state.

If you take extreme positions on Toffeeweb on how our club is doing ? Tony Marsh?s unremitting negativity, or Richard Dodd?s eternal optimism ? there will be times in most seasons when they will have more validity. Often it?s amusing to see how each ?camp? reacts when it opposes their fixed view, such as TM?s grudging praise of the team during our ?golden? period of last season, or RD?s certainty that things will improve and we just need patience, etc.

It is indeed Tony?s time, and the number of posts which indirectly say ?I don?t normally agree with TM, but this time?.? support the general groundswell of opinion from most Evertonians that we are not a happy bunch at present. Things are not right at the club at present, both on and off the field, and the results reflect it. We head into probably the most important week of the season with low morale, hoping that it?ll all gel together on the pitch for once and raise our spirits. Unlike Tony, I am desperate to extend our UEFA Cup run (otherwise what?s the point aiming for at least a Top 5/6 spot ever season?) and I actually presume that our League Cup exit mid-week hurt me and like-minded fans even more than Tony (although given the depths of his angst, it?s hard to believe).

We stumbled across the finishing line at the end of last season, but with the promise of a busy summer of transfer activity, a supportive board showing some ambition to take us to the next level, and Moyes signing his new contract at long last, we had enough optimism to cover our concerns about DK.

What we got instead was boardroom shenanigans, no decent communications, reluctance to invest appropriately on the right players at the right time, contract dithering, some unnecessary departures and some rushed last-minute buys. Some lousy pre-season form as well!

However, I wasn?t expecting (even given a number of key injury absentees) an indifferent start to the season, with a team that has dipped in confidence (and seemingly ability) since the summer and a defence (from goalkeeper outwards) that bares little resemblance to the fortress that it was last season (with the odd exception). Given the unsettled nature of our midfield, the only real positives were our ability to score a reasonable number of goals, and seeing Tiny Tim back for us (I have similar hopes that Peanuts might add a missing ingredient when he comes back as well).

What I honestly don?t know, is why we are in this position? I don?t think it is premature to ask such a question ? I remember us delaying such analysis in the mid-90s and finding out come the last match that things had not improved and we were in a last-ditch battle for survival in the top-flight. Tony Marsh is putting the blame almost exclusively on Moyes ? which I can?t buy (well not completely, anyway).

I think Blue Bill and the board need to take the full blame for this summer of discontent and the bad vibes we have started the season with. BK saved this club from Agent Johnson and he?ll always have my admiration for that ? but my confidence in his ability to take our club further, attract the investment we clearly need, and to tell us fans ?how it really is? is now completely shot.

The players also need to look at themselves and take some blame for some pretty inept performances. Lack of marking, the own goals, loss of on-field structure and formation, a propensity to the long-ball can?t all be put down to team tactics, training and planning, once those players cross that touchline.

However, I do think Moyes has to take some of the blame at least for where we are at present, and while I?m uncomfortable in giving the anti-Moyes brigade too much support, I think our Davey needs to get his act together to a greater extent than he has so far. Firstly, his depressing, almost sulky demeanor needs to change sharpish. His contract dithering is either because he?s holding out for more money (which I don?t buy), he?s uncertain about the direction of the club and the future support of this board or any future one (which has more validity for me), or he senses a shift in public opinion or perhaps his own ability to progress the club further, and is looking for the ability to move elsewhere without being fettered by contractual obligations (I don?t think Manure is now a possibility ? if it ever was ? but the likes of Celtic etc. might be). Whatever the reason, it is destabilising the team and not only causing players to lose confidence, but possibly affecting our fabled team spirit. I think it is a loss of that dressing room spirit that he needs to oversee which says more about our current standard of play than anything else. Add the loss of a dressing room/on-the park leader like Carsley, the addition of a number of non-native speakers, a new assistant manager, and the sight of a boss uncertain about his future, unsure about his best team, and inherently conservative in this tactics and strategy (although to be fair, given his lack of resources in past seasons, the grinding out of some results at times has always been unwelcome), and voila! - A shaky club from top to bottom and us fans at an understandably low ebb. I?m not having mid-table mediocrity as an acceptable option ? I want us challenging the Sky 4 ? and I think we have a right to expect that based on recent seasons.

What?s the solution?

1) Moyes out? Then what?s the alternative? Don?t get me wrong, there will be alternatives, but I don?t think it?s the way to go still. Of course, Davey might make that decision for us in the next few weeks?

2) Blue Bill and the Board out? I?m starting to think that any alternative is a viable one given this summer?s (lack of) activity and this blinkered approach to Kirkby (let?s been more open about the alternatives, please). I?ve always opposed the ?Sugar Daddy? route, but I think I need to take off the ?rose-tinted, jumpers for goalposts? specs and start seeing football as it sadly is nowadays ? money-driven!

3 The players rolling up their sleeves and realizing what playing for Everton is all about ? and capturing that ?all-for one?/?against the odds? spirit we?ve always had in previous seasons? Definitely ? and there is no better place to ?get stuck-in? than in the cauldron of a Merseyside Derby. We should be getting the RS shaking in their boots about what?s to come in the next 90 minutes, rather than giving them unnecessary confidence based on our current form.

IMHO I think our full-strength team (which I think becomes more an option when Peanuts return, and the likes of Saha and the new boys get fully-fit or acclimatized to the Grand Old Lady), playing in a positive, high-tempo way, with renewed confidence from a rejuvenated manager, can find our great form of last year and kick-start our season at last?.and that is where Davey does need to start getting his act together and take on the responsibility of managing out club properly.

So?Davey ? get that contract signed pronto! It?s more than generous enough for someone still searching for their first piece of silverware and you won?t find any club to manage that is a better one than ours (and so patient!). Forget about the muppets in the boardroom, get that smile back on your face (even some of your fiercest football critics acknowledge you?re a nice guy and a man of integrity), start taking a more positive approach to team selection and tactics (let?s try losing the ?hoofball? tag for the next few games), get that team spirit back with some positive encouragement to some players, allied with a constructive ?kick up the backside? action or bench-warm for others, and basically start doing the job many of us know you can do.

If you can?t?.then perhaps it is time to move on, because even ?glass half-full? fans like me, won?t tolerate what?s been on show on and off the pitch over the last few weeks for much longer! The time to get things started is now?.?LET?S ROLL!?

Jay Harris
2   Posted 26/09/2008 at 14:14:36

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Jack and Dave,
Couldn't agree more although I suspect there?s far more in the cupboard upstairs than we know and maybe after 4 chief executives and share holding shenanigans Moyes is now torn between loyalty to the lads and his own principles.

I?ve always felt that Moyes was not a great manager but a very principled and dignified man and a great ambassador for EFC.

But as we?ve all said this Mexican standoff of not signing his contract has to end.

He needs to either sign or resign and ......well you all know my opinion of Bullshit Billy. The sooner he bites the dust the better.

It is really interesting how the barometers of Doody and Tony fluctuate.

We?re doing well and Doddy is doing his "I told you so" and Tony bites his tongue.

Then we?re doing badly and Doddy becomes anonymous and Tony posts 2 articles in 2 days.

I?ve always leaned towards Tony?s view but blame the board as opposed to the manager.

However right now the players need some psychological massaging and not signing your contract is not good for that.
Harry Meek
3   Posted 26/09/2008 at 14:26:13

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Just to say thanks to Jack and David for two sensible, well balanced reads (without a rant in sight). I do agree that Moyes?s uncertainty over contract renewal does give us all scope for concern and just breeds rumours. It is certainly doing nothing to promote morale amongst players or us supporters. There comes a time to either shit or get off the pot.
Sorry! I?ve lowered the tone on a very serious debate.
Andy Crooks
4   Posted 26/09/2008 at 14:42:55

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David, the contract on offer is way beyond what David Moyes is worth. Keep your pen in your pocket.
Ted Kessler
5   Posted 26/09/2008 at 14:52:29

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There are so many rumours as to why the signing is held up. Only this morning I?ve heard that Moyes wants the same money but over 4 years not 5 whilst another ?reliable source? tells me he is demanding release if approached by a Sky4 or top European club.

So who to believe? I honestly thought he would put pen to paper when Wyness left as the two were never best buddies. It's certainly doing nothing for morale!

David Edwards
6   Posted 26/09/2008 at 14:49:11

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Actually, Andy...Jack was offering his pen. They only allow me crayons here at work!

Seriously, I also think the contract is more than generous, which makes it more difficult to understand Davey’s reluctance to sign. Perhaps Jay’s opinion that there are matters of principle here concerning the board and the future have some validity.

Whether you’re pro- or anti-Moyes, I think we all agree that we need some resolution, as this uncertainty helps no one.
Kevin Bennett
7   Posted 26/09/2008 at 15:00:28

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David Moyes was supposed to sign his new contract before the merseyside derby. Unless he does so in the next 18 hours that will be another lie coming out of Goodison. This time next week we will be out of the uefa cup and our season will be as good as over before its began.

My message to Moyes is give everyone a lift before tomorrows game and more importantly before next Thursdays game - sign your contract or piss off and let us find someone who wants the job with some enthusiasm for the task ahead.

Eliot Howley
8   Posted 26/09/2008 at 15:47:45

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I wonder if Mr Moyes will be keen to sign that contact if we loose the derby and go out of Europe on Thursday?
Howard Neill
9   Posted 26/09/2008 at 16:05:11

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Moysey can?t lose, can he? If he signs up, the club will have to honour his £17M deal even if we got relegated - god forbid. Similarly, if a new owner takes over and wants rid, he?ll have to pay him off. I?d do the job for £17k a bloody year given half a chance!

Kenwright should have called his bluff and said, ?Sign by Derby Day or the offer is withdrawn.? Bet the bugger would have put pen to paper then but he knows he?s got BB by the bollox!

Harry Proctor
10   Posted 26/09/2008 at 16:28:55

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A massive contract like that could act against Kenwright as he seeks to sell the club.A potential new owner might not be happy about taking it on board.
But is the owner serious about wanting out?
Ken Stevenson
11   Posted 26/09/2008 at 16:18:23

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Moyes for Man U.... no chance. He hasn?t got the quality or the pedigree. But, being a blue nose exiled on Tyneside why do I get the feeling Moyes will sign his contract in October.... but with the new owners of NUFC. Would we miss him... don?t think so. And for those with long memories.... maybe it would be a Gordon Lee in reverse!! Anyway, that said... bring on the shite!
Jez May
12   Posted 26/09/2008 at 16:31:52

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Great articles that i hope may spur some thought amongst supporters, players and those in charge (probably won’t though), if Moyes wants to recapture the fire of when he initially joined us there is one easy solution, sign your contract on the pitch 30 minutes before kick off, it would bring the fucking house down and inspire a team lacking in confidence.

Garry Martin
13   Posted 26/09/2008 at 18:28:21

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I am a great admirer of DM; however, we have been hearing these contract-signing deadlines (too many to mention) for too long now. If he & other people continue to tell me he is a man of principle & standing, why not sign? He is not above our great club and if he continues to tell lies (because that's what they are) I will fast become a 'DM Out' man. So, either sign or go, you are not doing our club or players any favours by not signing.

Vinny Garstrokes
14   Posted 26/09/2008 at 18:32:15

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Lee - That is exactly the reason why we have no focus or direction at the moment. DM won?t sign, I am not sure where he will be in a few weeks' time but I doubt very much if it will be in the Premier League in this country. It's not insider knowledge or some scrap of gossip heard at the bird who does the groundsman's son's hair, but John Collins?s name has definitely been mentioned within the boardroom of EFC as a highly rated alternative should things go Pete Tong in the next couple of weeks. Remember where you heard it first... and I am deffo not winding anybody up !!!!!
Troy Bayliss
15   Posted 26/09/2008 at 21:20:29

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Whilst being pro Moyes, I think he is officially now taking the piss. If he can?t bring himself to sign for whatever reason then I will be the first to thank him for everything he has done, but we aren?t a fucking charity and I am not going to beg him to stay with us.

There was an efc long before him and there will be one long after him. I want him signed but it should be an honour and a priviledge to be our manager and the sooner he remembers that thebetter.
Dave Randles
16   Posted 26/09/2008 at 23:36:14

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Over his whole term, I?ve been pretty inconsistent in my view of David Moyes, though for the past couple of seasons I?ve tended to view him as a definite positive. (My opinion of him fluctuates with our finishing league position ? who?d have thunk it?!)

Whatever his reasons are for not signing the contract, and God only knows what a horrible time the club and all connected with it have been having of late, it tells us one thing ? HE?S NOT AT ALL CERTAIN THAT HE WANTS TO REMAIN AT THE CLUB!

What would our reaction be to a player who took so long to sign such a lucrative deal? I believe it would be one of widespread condemnation. The old adage that ?no individual is bigger than the club? must apply to everyone employed by Everton Football Club, Moyes included, and my frustration with him is growing daily.

It wouldn?t surprise me if the PR machine that is Everton rolled him out in the centre circle, pen in hand, 10 minutes before the derby kick off. Equally, it wouldn?t surprise me if we went into Christmas with the whole thing no nearer to being sorted. Which brings me to my point. As Hughie Green once said, ?It?s make yer mind up time folks?. So, to David Moyes, if you don?t want to manage our club, go now, because a sulky and sullen influence is the last thing we need.
Kevin Molloy
17   Posted 26/09/2008 at 23:46:23

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Moyes?s behaviour has been a disgrace, and I?ve always been one to support him. If he was planning to leave, he should have cleared off in the summer, but he can?t spend £15m of our money on some bloke nobody?s heard off whilst leaving the door open to clear off a few weeks later. I think the lack of confidence in the team is as a direct result of Moyes's equivocation. I really did believe he was due to sign before the derby so that the signing could give everyone the boost we needed. But actually, it looks like he?s just dicking us and the players around.
Bill Goodall
18   Posted 27/09/2008 at 04:43:30

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I am a David Moyes fan for the simple fact that we are in a better league positon now that for a while no matter what our financial problems are. But if Moyes wants to leave then he can fuck right off as Everton will still be here with or without him. I am an Everton fan above all else and if Moyes thinks he is bigger than the club he will soon find out otherwise. Go to the old firm and at least he will win a trophy, not hard up there! So come on Everton live up to your potential and beat these fuckers so bad they will never forget it! In Everton I Trust.
Stan Maitland
19   Posted 27/09/2008 at 09:16:50

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I truly believe that Moyes is hanging on for the Celtic job. Everybody up here in Glasgow knows Strachan is hanging by a thread and will walk anytime soon. It?s just taken a little longer than Davey expected!
Gerry Western
20   Posted 27/09/2008 at 09:52:42

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Jay, I think you’ve summed things up pretty well there. Moyes is genuinely a man of integrity and such people often expect relationships with those they trust to be reciprocal and I believe this is why in the past he has been successful at motivating a squad short in numbers and at times technical ability to achieve things some would deem beyond them.

I believe however that his relationship with BK and the board has faltered of late and he now feels betrayed. He was let down of that I have no doubt and the situation continues to fester I do believe it is affecting his mindset. The time has come however where he needs to draw a line under it and move on. He either needs to sign the contract or if he has reservations look elsewhere. I’ve been highly critical of Moyes at times but wouldn’t wish him to go. The uncertainty however is feeding through to the players and we simply can’t continue in this mode. It is as someone else has said very much make your mind up time.
Dave Wilson
21   Posted 27/09/2008 at 10:24:42

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We’ve got a million gobshites to silence in a few hours time.

DM is taking the piss, but I’ve listened to some shite this week . thought I’d get away form it this morning I planned a long soak in a hot bath, I took a newspaper, no escape though.

Carragher - again - + the fat waiter are gobbing off bigtime and the horrible twat next door is shrilling at the top of his horrible twat voice

I’ll forgive anything if Moyes can send our boys out today full of belief and determination and we get a memorable win


I’m off to get my bet on - always nicer when William Hill pay for the celebrations
Andrew McGreavy
22   Posted 27/09/2008 at 15:21:38

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Please do not let him sign, imagine the compo he will be due if our current run continues.
David Edwards
23   Posted 27/09/2008 at 21:56:15

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Hmmmm.....I said LET’S ROLL, guys, not LET’S ROLL OVER!

Like seemingly everyone on Toffeeweb today/tonight (except for Doddy and a few of his friends), I’m very down about what position our club finds itself in. Davey’s selection, tactics, the lack of both heart and ability in much of the team, is very depressing.

In my heart I didn’t expect much from today - but I expected a bit more spirit - and like many others I have to consider Davey’s role in this. Has he taken us as far as he can, or will things begin to sort themselves out if he signs? I’m less sure now - I even understand those posts on other threads that suggest Blue Bill withdraw the contract now, until Easter.

As has been mentioned on another post, the Florentina defeat seems to have marked a watershed in our clubs, and therefore Davey’s, fortunes. I look into the crystal ball tonight and I don’t see much light - perhaps tomorrow or Monday I’ll be able to pick out some positives from this weekend - but I’m not hopeful!

I still think the contract delay is a key cause of our current problems (even if it’s a symptom of more fundamental issues within our club). Moyes must sign this week, or walk away - my fear is that even if he does sign now, he seems on have lost a hell of a lot of support in recent weeks and today - which means he’s probably on a bit of a hiding to nothing now!

God, it’s tough being a blue at the moment!

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