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The Missing Link

By Matthew Lovekin :  27/09/2008 :  Comments (9) :
Although we have had an indifferent start to the season, I firmly believe that we have just have one missing link to the team.

Defensively, we not so long ago had a reputation as being strong and tough to beat, with the same players that we have now. Attacking we are good at the moment.

Howard is a very good keeper but lacks communication skills and needs to take charge of his area more, just lacking in confidence at the moment.

Neville is solid if nothing else. Captain that shouts a lot on the pitch but lacks organisational skills, hence his lack of ability in a defensive midfield position.

Yobo is a great tackler, good reader of the game and not bad at passing, but quiet on the pitch. Doesn?t make as many mistakes as he used to, and could benefit if made captain, if it made him more vocal.

Jagielka is a great positional defender and great reader of the game, just terrible at passing. Every team needs a great defensive central defender who just defends, but then needs someone to take the ball off him before he passes it away!

Lescott is still learning for the Premier League and still potentially a great defender, but not yet a top 6 club central defender. Good at going forward but unreliable in the centre, hence a better left-back.

Castillo is getting better but only on loan for a year. Good defensively and not bad at passing but I don?t think he will make a top 6 club defensive midfielder. Lacks communication skills at the moment due to the language barrier.

Fellaini? cost a lot of money, but potentially very good and has the missing attributes the team needs. Jury out if he will be a defensive midfielder or a central midfielder. Again, he lacks communication skills due to the language barrier. Long-term, he can be a big asset, but definitely one for the long-term.

Arteta is our main creator, we need to get him involved even more in the game, and to keep him at the club. Inspirational but not a leader.

Cahill can?t pass or tackle and he is not that fast, but one of the very best at getting forward and scoring goals and leading by example and loves the club. Still think he?s better coming from midfield rather than playing just off Yakubu. He would make a great captain if he could stay fit.

Osman is technically very good, has quick feet and can score and create. He can also mix it in the middle, probably better there than on the wing but would need the right players around him in the middle. A bit quiet on the pitch though.

Yakubu is best goalscorer at the club in twenty years. He will score if playing as a lone striker, if there is enough creative midfielders in the team, and he will score in a partnership. Vocally quiet. Keep him happy and feed him!

Other players: Saha (can be a great partnership with Yakubu). Vaughan (needs to curb his enthusiasm but potentially very good). Baines (will probably make a better left-midfielder than left-back due to height and tactics). Pienaar (probably replace Osman in first-team when fit, similar to Ossie).

You probably get the jist by now. The one missing link is a vocal captain, a leader on the pitch, an organiser... a Lee Carsley! Technically the team seems fine, it?s still the same as last year when we did well, if not better due to the additions of Fellaini and Saha. It?s alright having the right players on the pitch like a computer game but in reality football is different and we?re missing Carsley, a leader and an organiser who the players respect.

In my view, I?d make Cahill captain who leads by example and would demand the best from his team-mates. The only downside is that Cahill is an attacking player and the best captains are defenders who can see the game in front of them. Therefore, I?d make Yobo vice-captain for when Timmy gets injured! This should also make Yobo even better and one of the best central defenders in the league.

Play a 4-4-2 with Felliani and Cahill in centre midfield and Yakubu and Saha up front. Arteta and Pienaar on the wings. We need something done and done now before it gets worse. Let Timmy lead the team out, Mr Moyes.

Reader Comments

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Mike McLEan
1   Posted 27/09/2008 at 15:03:24

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It just got worse. Or funnier, if you have a dark sense of humour. Fiddling round the edges won’t do the trick. Some sort of serious intervention needs to take place.
Stephen Stuart
2   Posted 27/09/2008 at 16:06:30

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Is this David Milliband writing....?
Liam Young
3   Posted 27/09/2008 at 16:25:59

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One missing link to the team?? You definitely wrote this before the derby game... I just got back, and it was a dismal performance at best, the team's morale is down, and even our manager won't commit his long term future. Forget the captain of the team, if the manager can't lead by ultimate example and sign, what hope have we got?

We are going into the Liege game on Thursday on a big negative; if we lose that, our season is all but over already. There is something wrong other than just the players we have, we need our manager to sign his contract, just look at how things have changed since last season. Whatever the problem, it needs solving and quick, if Moyes stalls on signing, we need to get rid of him NOW. I hope he stays, but you can't have a Premier League team with a manager who doesn't know whether to commit his future or not.

The referee was a disgrace today, Cahill got sent off for nothing, and I seriously question the integrity of the Premier League (Top 4) as it's now called. What a fucking joke, ifs that's football, then we're in trouble.

Whatever happens, we need to act fast on this, cos things aint gonna get any better.

Ste Barton
4   Posted 27/09/2008 at 17:51:19

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I agree 100%, just ask Bolton supporters what they think of the refs decision to give manure a penalty. It stinks if you ask me.

But never mind them, we had the best ref today, what a joke, you?d have thought after last weeks performance he wouldn?t get a game for a few weeks!!!! Oh no, lets give the twat the Merseyside derby. Fuck them scousers... fucks sake. Cahill out for three games for a straight red that never was and the whole of the world switching off from the BPL because the refs are ruining the game, because thats what they?re doing and something needs to be done.

I live in China and watched the game with a red shite mate at home, didn?t go to the pub because I got so wound up last season listening to all the wooly Liverpool supporters in the boozer wouldn?t believe it!

Anyway forgive the rant, Everton were complete shite today and just weren?t up for it. Not one shot on goal over 90 minutes, what does that say?

I?m a Moyes supporter before, but now I?m beginning to lose patience. We?ve taken one huge step backward this season ( I know its mainly BK fault). How cruel can it be, all we expected was to take a small step forward from last season... I might take stick for this but to release Carsley without a firm replacement stinks of negligence and I think thats what we have been missing so far.

Anyway, David Moyes either,

1) sign your contract
2) tell us why you don?t want to sign your contract.
3) fuck off

We?ve got one game coming up on Thursday and I think it is all or nothing, as we have nothing to lose. This is make or break time, DM sort it out... you do actually have a midfield and it is unnecessary for the keeper or first defender to hoof up to the Yak, who is usually outnumbered by either 3 or 4 to one. It's fucking embarrassing!!

Derek Thomas
5   Posted 27/09/2008 at 21:30:40

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Matthew: one missing link? you listed about 10 AND all their faults.

Reality check... The arm band doesn?t make the Captain, the man makes the Captain, as Mr Gump said.? Captain is as Captain does!?. Sad to say you?ve only got to look at Stevie Me.
Mark Cassin
6   Posted 28/09/2008 at 09:40:10

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We need another player box-to-box to play next to Fellaini.
Ste Kenny
7   Posted 28/09/2008 at 16:04:59

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We're missing more links than a Chinese Rolex!!!
Stephen Cowdy
8   Posted 28/09/2008 at 21:24:59

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Moyes should get rid of Steve Round, and get Stubbs as assistant. Osman is too lightweight... he's useless when the big games come along.
John Martin
9   Posted 28/09/2008 at 21:30:57

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We do have one missing link... it's called a midfield.

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