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Jerome is Right?

By Jonathan Fogg :  29/09/2008 :  Comments (10) :
Ok, so Saturday was not good. In fact it was disgraceful to be fair. Liverpool were better in every department and deserved to win the match. Nothing insightful about that I am sure you will agree.

My issue is the feeling around everything Everton at the moment. I wrote an article a few weeks ago after the Portsmouth game wondering if anybody else was a bit sick of football in general. But maybe now this feeling is being multiplied many times over at our club. Jerome seems to echo these themes in the mailbag today.

The stadium, the transfer issues of the summer, the manager?s contract, the issues with the board and the lack of investment coupled with the massive investment in other clubs is leading to worrying signs of apathy. Take Saturday for example. All week there hasn?t been any build up, no banter with kopite mates to speak of. Even they weren?t too interested in us.

One of my red mates said to me ?what are your thoughts on Saturday?? Now usually I would take a defensive approach and say ?I reckon Liverpool will win? while in my heart I?m thinking, ?Maybe we could nick this.? This time I said ?I reckon Liverpool will win.? And I meant it.

I got to the ground as always about an hour before the game. However, there was none of the usual anxiety surrounding a derby for me. Not any butterflies, not any fear, not any passion; just not that bothered. I looked around at our fans and to me it had the feeling of ?I don?t really want to be here? about it.

Then the game got underway in a stadium that wasn?t sold out (after our 28000 attendance for the Liege game) and the atmosphere was just pathetic. My season ticket is in the lower Gwladys and to be honest, most including myself couldn?t be bothered with any of it.

When their inevitable first goal was scored, the stadium began to empty; this was accelerated by the second after an hour. This no doubt transmitted to the players and they also gave up and quiet frankly the last 30 mins was just painfully boring. I have never left a game early before but I have never been closer in my life to doing that on Saturday.

I went to Blackburn in the Carling Cup and it was the same. People want to be interested, they turned up en masse to that game but you got the feeling that as soon as we went behind, everyone (including the team) lost hope and were just waiting for the final whistle.

The summer's events seem to have sucked all the life out of Everton as a club. It just feels massively deflated. It?s understandable really and I?m not judging anyone because I feel the same way. I am just interested to know if mine and Jerome?s thoughts where isolated or does everybody else feel the same way?

Reader Comments

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James Brand
1   Posted 29/09/2008 at 21:42:23

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Couldn’t agree more really. Can’tbe bothered at all at the moment. Inevitable result on Saturday.

Moyes said in his interview that it’s his job to pick the players up and encourage them etc.

Q. What better possible way could there be for a manager to do this than by signing the damn contract!?!

This must SURELY be on the players minds. What’s the point in impressing a manager who can’t really be bothered himself and could well be off next summer?

I love Moyes. Massive fan. Hope he signs for life. But if his heart’s not in it and he has longings for pastures new, this is damaging to our football club and he should leave now.

I’ll be gutted but I love Everton...with moyes a close 2nd.

Get someone in who has the desire and passion that Moyes had as I have not seen it once this season...

Sean Condon
2   Posted 30/09/2008 at 02:10:39

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Yeah, I?m getting sick of football alright. What I?m sick to death of is the ridiculously uneven playing field that exists in, well, virtually every professional league in the world.

I used to read the Rothman?s and chuckle to myself about how silly it was (read: non-competitive) that most of the leagues in Europe had been absolutely, utterly, completely dominated by two or three clubs for well, the last fifty years at least. Italy, Spain, Holland, Scotland, pretty much everywhere except England.

Not any more.

I don?t need to moan about the Sky4 on here...but the financial disparity between the haves and have-nots has reached just fucking stupid proportions and something really needs to be done. The Premier League?s pursuit of every fast-buck motherfucker on the planet, be he oil-gangster, Asian human- rights abuser or whomever makes me just about sick to my stomach.

The league is becoming less and less compelling every week.

But am I sick of the Blues? Fuck no. One day this whole global branding bullshit that the PL is obsessed with will implode and maybe we?ll start again. With revenue sharing (it?s made the NFL indecently healthy for many years) and perhaps a salary cap.

BK may be dishonest and DM tactically restrained and naive, but our problems this season are largely not their doing. We?re swimming against a current that is growing stronger by the week.

Kenneth Kee
3   Posted 30/09/2008 at 03:00:41

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Whilst I have been a massive fan of Moyes the day he stepped in with those famous words "the People’s Club", I beginning to think that we should start looking around for another manager.

In every interview he gives, it seems strange from his demeanour that he doesn’t seem to have anything new to offer to the team. Ofcourse we should let the results speak for themselves, but when they don’t, Moyes’ downcasted look doesn’t speak well for the club’s future.
John Roberts
4   Posted 30/09/2008 at 06:29:17

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People seem to be missing the point here! Yes DM is/has made mistakes!! But the club was on a high at the end of the sesason with great expexctation for the new season and true to form Blue Bill does what he does best and cons us all to renewing our season tickets earlier than ever before!!

Promises us new signing etc, what happens? Nothing! not even a penny spent! you mite say £15 mill!!?? but of that £10 million for Johnson £5 million of McFadden money clubbed together to get s Fellaini! panic buy? Time will tell were's the sky/league position /season ticket money gone!!??

The one big fault of DM is he s decided to take all the blame for the goings on why?? I don't know! While Blue Bill sits in London organising his plays!!
Why DM is /wants to do this I do not know! But it's about time we copied the poor GEORDIES and let our feeling be known to the so called board!! They have been taking the piss out of us for a while now!! WE NEED TO STOP BEING LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER AND LET SO CALLED BLUE BILL KNOW HE IS RUINING ARE BELOVED CLUB!!

Bilbo Baggins
5   Posted 30/09/2008 at 07:36:07

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I hate Evertonians at times, look at Newcastle they organised a march to the ground and showed banners in the ground, what do we do sweet FA.
Lets have a go on Sunday and give Kenwright and the board the ear bashing they deserve
Kevin Fitzsimons
6   Posted 30/09/2008 at 08:39:34

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Couldn’t agree more... It really has got to the stage where my family don’t desrver the bad tempered fool I become after every Everton .... er can’t use the word Match as we sledom Match anybody in any department these days.... let’s saying Outing coz for some of the players that’s just what it seems to be.
Even the latest Johhny Foreigner of the Billionaires club interest in Everton (according to the Red Tops this morning) has me wondering what has happened to the beautiful game.
I think the white flag taped to my Everton coffee mug in work sums it all up!!
Kevin Fitzsimons
7   Posted 30/09/2008 at 08:44:32

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See....I can’t even be bothered checking for typos and syntax these days....
Darren Boyce
8   Posted 30/09/2008 at 08:56:45

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Great thought provoking article, I guess I mirror a few earlier responses in that I am a bit sick with football in general but i’ll never be sick of Everton.

Did get me thinking whether Moyes demeanour of late would suggest that he is currently sick of football in general or Everton or both.
mark seeley
9   Posted 30/09/2008 at 15:43:44

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No question the bubble will burst. Even the most simpleton of sky sports news viewers must be getting sick and tired of lack of balanced reporting and air time. I think the clubs who are £100m’s in debt will pay dearly over next few years and this could benefit the likes of EFC. With capitalism on its knees, a level playing field may not be too far away. Bored of footie? yes a little, but EFC allways in my heart.
Ciarán McGlone
10   Posted 30/09/2008 at 16:16:00

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Would we still be blaming footballs problems on rich owners if we had an Ambramovich type buying us a Robinho?

I very much doubt it.

A somewhat far-sighted apportioning of blame for a problem that essentially lies much closer to home.

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