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Arteta For Sale

By Kevin Knight :  02/10/2008 :  Comments (43) :
Now before you start ranting and raving about how this guy is the best thing in a Blue Shirt hear me out......

I, like most, think Arteta is a very gifted player but his performances last season and so far this season clearly shown that he is not the player he once was. Something has changed but it's hard to know what. It seems strange to describe him in this manner as he is only 26 and still developing. However, he seems to have gone backwards recently. We all know he has the skill but the performances we saw in his first couple of seasons are just not there anymore.

Arteta is a major player for Everton, but he is in my opinion not contributing enough in games, especially the big ones such as tonight's UEFA Cup defeat. He is just not stepping up to the plate. Let's face it he's never gonna beat people with pace but he used to take people on with his skill and make our midfield tick, creating chances and generally raising the standard of the players around him. Arteta was lovely to watch and got the supporters off their feet.

His delivery from set pieces has also declined to the point of shocking, especially considering his ability with the ball. Again this is something that he excelled in during his early seasons, and gave the supporters confidence for free kicks and corners.

Arteta was never a great goalscorer but this perhaps was where he could improve his game, he had pretty much everything else at his disposal. But yet again this appears to have declined, to such a point that he hardly even shoots anymore. Someone with his skill should be able to hit the target, but instead he will always play the pass, no matter how open he is. The old Arteta at least attempted shots here and there, which is what the fans want. The fans want their favourite players to score goals so they can celebrate with them, we even loved it if Carsley shot and the chances of him scoring were slim to none. But remember that derby goal, he will and so will we forever more, and that all come about coz he had the balls to have a dig. If only Arteta had more of this instinct !

I also feel for our manager David Moyes who has assembled a very able squad considering the financial constraints and the difficulty in bringing people to a club outside the "Top 4" (Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City (not Liverpool)).

When you have big players like Arteta, Cahill, Yakubu you can expect a certain standard, and for them players to produce the goods on the big stage helping along thier fellow team mates when things are not going so well. With Arteta it's been a long time since he was at the centre of Everton's good play, It's more likely you would find Leon Osman dragging us out of a bad performance than Arteta, and quite frankly in terms of footballing ability, Osman is no where near Arteta's league.

On that note the likes of Osman seem to have the will and desire to win like they would die for the team. Arteta does not come into that category, which is not what you expect from one of your so called star players.

He just does not seem the same player anymore and I can't help but feel the best thing for Everton Football Club would be to cash in on our asset before his market value becomes so low that we give him away for a poultry sum. Given the £15 million we paid for our new signing who knows what an Arteta could generate in todays market.

This could help us replace Lee Carsley (who me badly miss so far this season) and bring in a new rejuvenated midfield playmaker. If there is any change a decent winger or striker would also be a welcome addition. I know which option i'd take at this point in time, but saying that I still would miss "The best little Spaniard we know".

Reader Comments

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Ian Edwards
1   Posted 02/10/2008 at 20:54:09

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Having just watched the club go out of Europe in a lacklustre fashion, it has to be said that Arteta is clearly playing for a move. He loses the ball, doesn't run into space, and his dead balls are shocking. The corner at the end was appalling as was his other two which went out of play or hit the first man.

How longer are we going to see him turn 360 degrees on the ball and pass back to a central defender? If he wants to go back to Spain then send him on his way.

Ped Pearl
2   Posted 03/10/2008 at 05:45:15

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It is inevitable that we strike out at someone.. anyone really - for the way this season has started. Kenwright? Moyes? We just were not ready for the season to start. You need to get the new players into the squad early so they can gell together. We just didnt do that and now we are paying for it.
Arteta doesnt deserve your posting. I believe his best position is in centre midfield... but he is good enough to shine anywhere, and he has done that in wide positions. We have the players - now lets turn the season around and forget who is to blame and just get behind the team..
I doubt very much that will happen on this website that seems to revel in anything negative.
It is obvious that Moyes should of sorted out his contract by now... for he is our continued passage to bridging the gap between us and the top 3.
It is obvious that Kenwright must be backed and appreciated... for he is the only one able to take us forward on limited funds... even though he has broken our transfer record every year for the last few years! Could you do better?
So lets forget the mistakes and just concentrate on what we do best.. supporting the Blues through thick and thin... cuz it can only get better - and we all know it will!
Lets string together a few good victories and concentrate on qualifying for europe again and a good F.A. cup run. COYB
Steven Nikolovski
3   Posted 03/10/2008 at 06:40:17

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When you have one creative player and a bunch of "team" players, guess who the opposition is going to close down.
Arteta is class but does have no other player with an ounce of creativity to play alongside
John Andrews
4   Posted 03/10/2008 at 06:37:59

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Unfortunately Kevin even Arteta cannot do it all on his own.
i could not agree more that his set pieces seem to have gone to pot and for whatever reason he still does not shoot enough. However to blame Arteta for the defeat last evening is, to my mind, a bit harsh.
Also due to the now famous "Credit crunch" I don’t think that we would get quite as much for Arteta as you may imagine.
Not that I would want him to go anyway.
David marsden
5   Posted 03/10/2008 at 07:39:32

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I have to say he was poor last night. Gave the ball away far too much (and Osman) end good attacking opportunities and putting the defence under extra pressure. He might not be right to go yet but his cards are out.
Iain Thomson
6   Posted 03/10/2008 at 08:12:41

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I think Arteta is a gifted footballer, I think the "he has flair and can beat a man with a trick, whacp him out on the wing" attitude has hurt him as a player...I think if he left and played elsewhere, or was managed by someone else at Everton, you would see him playingin the middle and play going through him. Also he wouldnt be taking corners, as his suck.

Castillo and Arteta in the middle of a 442.....seems sensible.

If he goes, we will just get to watch him excell somewhere else.
Magnus Holm-Gjerde
7   Posted 03/10/2008 at 08:05:12

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All of them were poor tonight-maybe withthe exception of Howard.

Baines-useless going forward and hopeless defending.
Hibbert-not ready after injury and lost concentration for the first goal.
Lescott-could not find a teammate with a single pass all night.
Jagielka-Probably our best player, but still he has to hoof the ball.
Everyone in midfield not willing and able.
Neville-fascinating to watch the Liege tactic of not pressuring him in possession. Probably because they knew he was no treat and most likely to misplace the pass.
Saha-could not be bothered.
Yakubu-see above.

This season will unfortunately once again be a fight to survive.
David King
8   Posted 03/10/2008 at 08:32:35

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Arteta was poor last night and gave the ball away too often (as did Osman).He does not look interested to me and seems unsettled. i believe we should keep our best players but i have a bad feeling that he will not be at EFC come February.
Our midfield is still too lightweight and I agree that we miss Lee Carsley,who although he had limited ability, was very effective at what he did.
Ped Pearl
9   Posted 03/10/2008 at 08:51:01

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Fight to survive? I dont think so... and neigther do you... just admit it. You know as well as I that once again we will be fighting for the top 4 - 6 once we gain a bit of confidence. COYB
Magnus Holm-Gjerde
10   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:04:15

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Well I certainly hope to be in the 4-6 or even 5-8 bracket, but we need to get confidence from somewhere. At the moment I cannot see where. We play poor football, have a manager unwilling to sign new contract, the chairman wants to sell-but cannot for some reason. Our CE resigned (thank god). And then there is the whole DK issue.

Newcastle at home might be the right medicine right now-please. COYB
James Boden
11   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:09:45

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Once again Arteta was woeful. Shocking delivery, lost in possession, lightweight in midfield. I dont see what he offers us. Cant cross, cant pass, cant head, doesnt score. I think hes shite. In fact he may be even worse than Osman who at least gets a goal every now and then, Arteta doesnt even do that. 15 million for him, are you kidding me. I wouldnt pay 15 p, never mind 15 bloody million.
Ian Hams
12   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:04:57

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I’m not making excuses as I was as disapointed as anyone last night, but I think your all forgeting one important fact we were playing a class side last night who I believe will do well in that competition, and we didn,t get played of the park. Ok we didnt play brilliantly but I don’t think this the time to be selling our better players.
Robbie Muldoon
13   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:14:27

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Stuart Thomas
14   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:10:58

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I agree that Arteta has not been himself so far, lost his desire, passion and aggression that made him a hero at Goodison. Personally I think he’s lost his confidence but he can get this back! The weak link in our team and I hear this week in week out at Everton is Phil Neville, dont get me wrong he is a true professional but he is just not a good footballer! Get rid of Neville, Make Cahill captain and sign another Lee Carsley and a playmaker then we should be back!
Marc Williams
15   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:06:50

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Ped Pearl - ’ fighting for the top 4-6’

At least you made me laugh, which I needed, after just having run the gaunlet of taunting kopite gobshites as I took my kids to school.

As to Arteta he’s a flair player who relies on confidence, his own & those around him. He’s not good at the mo’ BUT who is ?
He’s our one bit of potential creativity & I think the pressure of carrying the ’hoofballers’ is getting to him.
Rumour is he has complained to the manager before about needing creative help in midfield. Indeed it was suggested that Kenright himself promised him personally that this summer he buy a creative player to partner him and take the pressure off.

I guess he feels as let down as the rest of us & if he wanted a move I wouldn’t blame him.
Tony Williams
16   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:23:11

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Well said Robbie.

Arteta, along with Pienaar are the only two players we have that can actually get past a man and frequently do, my two biggest concerns for Arteta are his corners very rarely beat the first man and he will not shoot when he is near the edge of the 18 yard line, many a time I have almost lost my voice screaming for him to have a dig.

People suggesting he is playing for a move FFS...just think what you are saying, according to you he is playing garbage...yeah that will have the big boys come arunning to sign him won’t it?

Usual story, our better player gets the blame, as he didn’t shine on the night. What about our disorganised and leaky defence, we would better to look there, as we are still scoring goals just conceeding more than we score.
Bradley Nolan
17   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:30:38

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Arteta is our best player, by some distance.
Joe Wightman
18   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:30:36

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Just like last season, Everton and Arteta?s form will improve with the appearance of Steven Pienaar. A lot of you have stated that Arteta cannot do it all on his own and you are right. So we need to go back to basics, use a formation which is tried and tested (4-1-4-1) with Fellaini or Castillo behind Arteta, Cahill, Osman and Pienaar and the creativity will flow back into the team. Things are bad at the moment, but the darkest hour comes just before the sunrise.
Ciarán McGlone
19   Posted 03/10/2008 at 09:37:54

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I?ve never read so much garbage in my life... Arteta may have problems with his deliveries from dead balls... but he has (BY FAR) been our best player this season...

His display in the first Liege match was pure class.

Some of you people are brainless. He is the only shinning light in a bottomless pit of doom.

Behave youselves.
Stephen Stuart
20   Posted 03/10/2008 at 10:15:10

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Sell the lot of them - including Kenwright and Moyes - all unbridled rubbish!!
Craig Ashford
21   Posted 03/10/2008 at 10:07:49

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Arteta is awesome, but I feel he?s been rubbing shoulders with Yak and is sometime lazy. They both wind me up something cronic because they can be little dynamos at times but utterly useless at others e.g last night.

They both need a kick up the ass...
Troy Bayliss
22   Posted 03/10/2008 at 10:00:17

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I fullly concur with all the pro Arteta comments. He is our best player, one of only 2 players (peanuts) who can actually beat a man, and our only player that can play wide right.

Fucking hell sell him? If billy Bullshit came out and said "tell you what guys - I have got a great plan. I?m selling Arteta cos I think he sometimes doesnt play as well as we know he can" there would be fucking uproar.

I think when Fellaini settles in we are going to have a class midfield. We can then set up for a match with the oposition worrying about us, rather than the current "lets play 451 so we can change it around when we go a goal down" that we currently employe.

A final comment - and this is not meant to have a go at KK who started this debate off, but I tell you what we havent half got some moaning tossers for fans on these boards. We might have a lot of fans but I am not sure how many "supporters" we have at the moment - as in get beind the boys not just moan. You have all heard it at the ground - people moaning about hoofball and then as soon as a misplaced pass happens you get the ARGH! comments from the crowd, which almost induces a long pass next time so the player doesnt get grief again.

These next few weeks are going to be tough and I think we need to step our game up as a set of fans rather than give it all the usual "it was gash Moyes/the board/neville/arteta/etc out!"
Richard Harris
23   Posted 03/10/2008 at 10:28:34

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Bradley Nolan wrote " Artetta is our best player, by some distance".

Steven Nikolovski wrote " When you have one creative player and a bunch of "team" players, guess who the opposition is going to close down. Arteta is class but does have no other player with an ounce of creativity to play alongside".
So why can’t Arteta seem to get the ball past the first defender on a regular basis when he takes a corner ? When you are playing badly then there’s always a chance for a fluke goal from a corner or free kick but only if it gets into the penalty area !!
Alan Poss
24   Posted 03/10/2008 at 10:42:13

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We need David Moyes & BK sat in a locked office & neither to come out until the new contract is signed. Once this is done, we can then move forward. Good players play well when they have good players around them. We need to stop picking Neville because he’s the captain & a model pro. Put Arteta in the centre of midfield because we need the creativity. Get the contract sorted & give the players the confidence of knowing whats happening tomorrow.
Mike Oates
25   Posted 03/10/2008 at 11:44:09

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What we?ve been missing is the confidence we had when we were flying last year. Arteta and neville at right back combining, overlapping, beating men, crossing from goal line. Same on the other side with Pinnear and lescott/Baines. We just havent got the movement off the ball to let the likes of Arteta the space and time for him to pull the strings.

We are having to play players like Hibbert who are only 70% fit, Baines who hasn?t been given the confidence of his manager, and also having 2-3 new guys trying to fit in to a team which had a wretched pre-season. All in all a terrible time ? but I do think we?ll come good, but will probably be after the Man Utd and Arsenal matches.
Paul Kellett
26   Posted 03/10/2008 at 11:50:34

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He can?t be bothered ! He is happy taking his millions by just turning up. Do you think he would ever do an Etxtberria who at 31 has decided to play this season for NOTHING.

I am haunted by his poor delivery at corners particularly the one in the dying seconds last night. If ever there was a time to step up to the mark last night was the time.

I just feel that we are banging our heads against brick walls... we have no money and are our expectations are too high??


Mike Keating
27   Posted 03/10/2008 at 11:57:43

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The one thing that we should agree on and Moyes ought to sort out is Artetas insistence on taking every corner and free kick. Sometimes it comes off but most of the time he can?t even get past the first man on the post. Last season Manny Fernandes deputised and the difference was refreshing. Don?t tell me we have no one else in the squad who can take a corner.

ps: Any team wearing the strip we had on at Blackburn deserves a good thrashing simply as a matter of taste.

Kevin Knight
28   Posted 03/10/2008 at 12:18:53

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Just to set the record straight, I was not soley blaming Arteta for last night’s performance, it a team game and the team must take responsbility, including the manager. My basis is his current form and last season, not just one game.

You do need your quality players to influence such games and those around them. I hate to look across the park, but as much as I dislike him, SG has constantly played with rubbish players alongside him but you see him constantly digging them out of games, even one’s they clearly don’t deserve to win.

Unfortunately I don’t see Arteta stepping up in such games when we need him most. We may not have the most gifted players around him but surely that should make him stand out even further.

I understand teams mark your best players, it’s the nature of the game. Quality players will always get that and it’s because they are so gifted that they should still be able to influence things.

Don’t get me wrong I think Arteta is great but last season and the current campaign show he’s not the player he was. Perhaps it is confidence or the lack of quality around him but whatever it is we need his ability.
Arse teta
29   Posted 03/10/2008 at 12:40:53

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Grossly over rated player....

Slow’s the play down at every opportunatey.... wanting to stop the ball dead then try a smart arse flick down the line....

Corners are crap... struggles to get the ball past the first defender....

Free kicks arn’t much better, scores the odd one a year...

’IF’a good offer comes in for him.....


Joe McMahon
30   Posted 03/10/2008 at 12:53:00

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OK - He can’t do it all on his own, I agree. BUT- He can’t even take a decent corner FFS, WHY do they never even clear the first man, it’s pathetic, like the whole bloody club. 32 years I have been a blue, and NEVER in that tiem have we been in such a shambles, after all Moyes has only had the job 6 years!!!
Espen Arntsen
31   Posted 03/10/2008 at 12:50:18

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I agree the theam isn’t at best now. But that can’t be one mans fault. Arteta has two goals and four assists in PL, and works hard to. That seems to me he’d playd his part this season. If he goes, what player would replace him? Remember the pre season. Not to many class players who will go to Everton at the moment...
Carl Rimmer
32   Posted 03/10/2008 at 13:07:54

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Haven’t read all the post so don’t know if anybody has mentioned that Moyes played Arteta out of position firstly on the left then nin the centre of midfield. Play him on the right and stop switching him. Play to your own strengths rather than trying to negate the oppositions. Also drop Cahill or Saha, don’t try and accomodate both in a 442. Either player 451 with cahill in his best position or don’t play him at all.
Aide Dews
33   Posted 03/10/2008 at 13:45:20

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He’s the best little spaniard we know!!
Anthony Millington
34   Posted 03/10/2008 at 14:16:09

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Arteta was bought as a replacement for Gravesen and to play in the middle, where he could dictate the tempo of the game for us, but the last couple of seasons have seen Moyes opt to play him play out wide where he is still a good player, but that’s not his best position and so by playing him there we’ll never see the best of him. I remember when we finished 4th and towards the back half of that campaign Arteta and Cahill linked up brilliantly together in the middle and the following season Moyes brought in Simon Davies to play on the right, who turned out to be a poor acquisition but Moyes never replaced him, so Arteta has been there ever since! We need another wide player, because the problem now is if Moyes was to move arteta into the middle who have we got out wide? Pienaar will do a good job on one side, but we’ll struggle on the opposite flank, because the only real option is to play Leon Osman there, who isn’t brilliant anyway but hasn’t go the pace or ability to take players on to hold down a regular place there.
Neil Daly
35   Posted 03/10/2008 at 14:51:49

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Last nights game proved one thing more so - We need a serious injection of pace in the side. The number of times we stopped and turned to play a ball due to no-one making a run on either flank never mind an itelligent little move to create space in the middle. I agree with the post regarding Cahill also. As good as he is we can’t continue to play only one system in this day and age of football. Maybe the manager has taken our great club as far as he can? He looked very lonely at the final whistle.
Wayne Bannon
36   Posted 03/10/2008 at 15:42:02

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CONFIDENCE & BELIEF, that?s it in a nutshell, right from the top, how can you expect the players to play with confidence when above them there?s no stability, possible sale of the club, new stadium or no new stadium? And the worst of all a manager that will hardly inspire the players to play for HIM if he wont/cant sign a new contract, we?ll get there and get better (lol we have too) just needs a few things sorting and quickly, as soon as DM signs i?m sure that will lift the whole dressing room, and with a little confidence and belief we all know we can do it COYB
Connor Rohrer
37   Posted 03/10/2008 at 17:41:36

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Just shows how clueless a lot of Evertonians are to be honest.

His set pieces are the only things I can fault him for to be honest, his performance was fine yesterday. He looked for the ball and he kept us ticking in the middle of the park.

Any creative midfielder would?ve struggled to create against a team playing so deep and the fact that we had no movement whatsoever.

Alonso and Gerrard struggled and Arteta and Osman did for us. They?ve have a very good back four, they are tactically good and they played very deep cutting off all our space in the final third.

How is he overrated? He?s been getting alot of stick ever since last season to be honest Evertonians with half a brain would see whilst he?s is a very good player he?s not a world class player. That?s just the way it is, deal with it.

This big game shite is bollocks aswell. Arteta very rarely gets the ball at his feet in attacking positions against the top four. We boot it over his head and stick it outwide where he can?t get into the game.

Cahill seems to be the wonder boy on this website, I know who I?d rather have to be honest. Arteta by quite a distance.

Cahill can score a goal and dissapear for 80 minutes and he?s our best player. Arteta has to get on the ball, create and make things happen. There roles are completely different, Arteta?s is a lot more demanding. He also has to cover his fullback.

Arteta is the least of our problems, sadly people see him as an easy target nowadays.
Karl Masters
38   Posted 03/10/2008 at 17:57:05

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You’re right Connor.

Get off Arteta’s back.

Neville cannot pass to save his life. It’s frightening!

There’s three things wrong at the moment.

1/ Moyes: Get your contract signed and stop messing around. How can you expect players to sweat blood for you when it appears you don’t know yourself if you want to even be there?

2/ Kenwright : Explain why nobody wants to buy our Club yet they are falling over themselves to buy Newcastle - the biggest circus in football. The uncertainty off the pitch does not help the buzz about the place and leads to poor performances.

3/ We signed players 2 months late and they are only just getting used to England and Merseyside never mind the Premiership. Not sure who is to blame for that although I reckon I have a pretty good idea.


Derek Thomas
39   Posted 03/10/2008 at 19:38:03

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Knee jerk, Arteta?s symptoms are the same as the teams, poor form leading to lack of confidence, giving poor form leading to....

New broom, more proper football, increased confidence leading to better form...

Tim Mongiat
40   Posted 03/10/2008 at 21:38:24

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Arteta’s poor peformance last year was down to the fact that he was carrying an injury for half the season. He hasn’t been great this year but then the whole teams suffering and its early on. He is our most skillful player and in my opionon, valueable commodity. Talk of selling him is absolutely absurd, when his playing well he would play in any midfield in the country, with the possible exemption of chelski. Give Moyes and the team a break, they will come good.
Mark Freese
41   Posted 03/10/2008 at 22:11:47

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All the gear (Arteta, Cahill, Osman, Yak, Saha, Lescott, Baines, Neville) NO IDEA!!!!!!
Norman Ludgate
42   Posted 04/10/2008 at 00:36:42

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Great players show their class in big matches. Arteta failed to influence the game against Liege. He had loads of possession and made little or no use of it, and I’ll restate what i’ve been saying for the past year - his dead ball delivery is atrocious. Having said this I like Arteta but I think he is overrated by many Evertonians. He is a good player but he’s not a world class player - if he was he’d be playing for Spain, don’t doubt it.
Kevin Morris
43   Posted 03/10/2008 at 21:39:58

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It may be stating the obvious but a failure to keep a clean sheet all season is the reason we are having, let's face it, a horrible start to the season. So, with that, the defence rightly comes under question. But breaking them down individually, other than Lescott, I feel no-one in the defence is playing that poorly at the moment. So what's the problem?

I feel we're missing Lee Carsely big time. So many times this season, opposing teams have had too much time around the edge of our 18-yard box then ever before. Times I've seen attacks being built (especially in the derby) with that few seconds extra in midfield that I know Carsely would have and did snuff out before they had a chance of being built. This has put extra presure on our back four than ever before, thus creating our defensive problems at the moment.

So what's the answer? Carsley is gone and modern day football demands now every team must have a specialist defensive holding midfielder in their line up. We all know by now Jags is not the answer ? he's a defender not a midfielder ? and Neville is (in my opinion) completely useless in this position.

So that only leaves the two new boys, Castillo and Fellaini, and from what I've seen Castillo looks more comfortable in that role than our record buy. But since he has arrived he has been in and out of the squad. We need someone in that role to be given at least a five-game run, in order to establish some sort of rhythm with the back four and give them the extra protection they sorely need at the moment. Until someone becomes our new Carsley, I fear our problems in defence will only continue.

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